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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 23, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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jihadist. yesterday's chaos in the hall of parliament gave way to this. tears and a standing ovation for this man. kevin vickers. vickers was the man who took down that shooter but not before the gunman shot and killed corporal nathan cirillo at that war monument. his wife taken by the man we now know to be michael zehaf-bibeau. he converted to islam. a law enforcement official tells us his passport was confiscated by canadian authorities when they learned he planned to fight overseas. his mother telling the associate press she's crying for the victims and not for her son. we all wish to apologize for the pain, fright and chaos he
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created. we have no explanation to offer. let's take you to ottawa. you talked to members of parliament who saw this with their own eyes. what did they share with you? >> the words i would use is strength and bravery. everyone out here somber tone because of the death of corporal nathan cirillo. today it was back to work and they also opened parliament to members of the media to also do our jobs including getting an opportunity to see inside the hallway where a lot of the action inside parliament took place. we want to show you that video. we also witnessed bullet holes in the grass panes in there and parts of the stone walls along this hallway that's called the hall of honor. on both sides of this hallway where this gunman busted through the doors and went running down the way, members of parliament,
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all of the members of government including the prime minister were meeting in rooms just off to the side. but this man ran straight toward the library, we're told. he hid behind an archway at the end of this hallway and there was some gunfire exchanged. in the meantime, that sergeant-at-arms, the hero in this, kevin vickers was in his office a few feet away around the corner. he heard the gunshots. he grabbed a gun. at this point as the suspect was hiding, he eventually kind of crawled along the wall, we're told, and was able to get in a position to take multiple shots ultimately shooting and killing michael zehaf-bibeau. listen to what members of parliament describe hearing, seeing and feeling during this. >> suddenly the door barged open. this one. it was a security guard who is usually manning the door. he runs in and he shuts the door and locks it and starts to tell everybody to get down and as he
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opens that door to come into our room, the gunshots fire. >> it took us a few seconds to realize what they were and i think it was just panic and instinct and so we all kind of went in all different directions. it was very scary. >> if the gunman had turned left or right a little earlier, this could have been a massacre. >> reporter: as you heard, it could have been so much worse. gratitude is another word to describe how these members of parliament are feeling today. gratitude for vickers and the rest of the team and the country and they'll continue to do their jobs without fear and they will not be shaken. they have steadfast resolve to be able to move forward in the canada they love and know and not let the bad guy win. >> just seeing those bullet
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holes is chilling. thank you. canadian foreign minister telling christiane amanpour that there is no evidence at this point that this gunman here had ties to jihadists but u.s. forces tell jim sciutto and pamela brown he did indeed have connections to others in canada who share this radical islamist ideology. jim sciutto is joining me now. let's play sound from the canadian foreign minister. >> we drill down on who exactly this zehaf-bibeau is, is he as reports are indicating linked to a wider network of jihadies? >> there's no evidence at this stage for us to know that. obviously there's an investigation going on and we hope to learn more in the coming days. it was clear that police authorities now have announced he was acting alone yesterday. >> have you ruled it out or is that something you're still looking at? >> i think that's something the
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authorities are looking at right now. >> so that was the foreign minister. what are your sources telling you as far as this gunman and possible connections? >> reporter: that he had ties and communications via social media online with other known extremists in canada. they were able to identify one of those extremists that he had conversations with. he was charged in july of driving to syria to join and fight for a terror group. he's still at large. these are communications. are they operational connections with a known network of jihadies in canada? no. that's not what u.s. sources are telling myself or pamela brown. but links, communications, via social media online and keep in mind that these are fairly common things. there are a number of online forums for people with this point of view sharing islamist extremist propaganda and
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supporting groups like isis and that's one of the troubles here. you have so many of these things where people can communicate and so on but it doesn't mean that they have to organize together. that's another trouble with lone wolf attackers. they don't have to tell anyone frankly that they are planning to do anything. they could do it on their own and that's one reason they're so hard to track. thank you. canada's role here in this global fight against isis makes this country a target of this terrorist organization and one way isis is retaliating is through its recruiting and it's working. this summer isis put out this video. i want you to watch this. look at how this is edited and put together. it features a canadian baiting recruits and you can see rife with beauty shots from canada and in it this guy paints himself as a man who gave up this good life of comfort to join jihad. >> i was like any other regular canadian. i watched hockey. i went to the cottage in the
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summertime. i love to fish. i wanted to go hunting. i liked outdoors. i like sports. >> there is no indication of any connection between that video we just played for you and the attack yesterday in ottawa. here we are now 24 hours later putting pieces together. you heard the foreign minister. no evidence that this guy was linked to a wider group. possibly just acting alone. knowing that and seeing that at least this individual was inspired enough to act certainly is frightening. >> it certainly is frightening. the question is was he inspired by isis propaganda. the spokesman of isis a month ago put out a tape where he called on canadians to launch lone wolf attacks in canada. possibly that he might have acted on that. we saw an attack earlier this
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week in canada where a guy rammed his car into a canadian soldier. he was consuming isis p propaganda. the question is whether the gunman was consuming isis propaganda. >> if he was, it appears that it's working. i was talking to kimberly dozier earlier and that's a victory for isis even though this guy may not have been talking to a broader group that these videos and beauty shots and this online forums is working so how does the u.s. counter that? >> it does appear to be working. there are believed to be 30 canadians now fighting with jihadist groups in syria and iraq. a good number of them are believed to be with isis. some have returned to canada so there's a lot of concern about that. with regard to the united states, it's believed about a dozen americans are fighting with isis. also concerned that some are now coming back, brooke. >> on that point of the numbers, the number i had according to a government report from august,
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130 canadian citizens have gone over. that's fewer. the number from the u.s. is smaller. why is that? why more canadians? >> that 130 refers to all of the different jihadist battlegrounds overseas. 31 comes to syria and iraq. they are very concerned about these individuals. one of those canadian fighters just early this month called for attacks in canada in response for canada joining this anti-isis coalition. >> why is it more canadians? >> well, there's been significant problem radicalization in canada over the last ten years. we've seen a string of terrorist plots in canada. a lot of concern of second and third generation immigrants who have become radicalized looking for a purpose and identity. >> thank you so much for your expertise always. now, to this. >> i know no one deserves to die at a young age or whatever but
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he didn't deserve that. >> this is the uncle of that soldier who was shot and killed in canada just yesterday. has this emotional message from his family. we'll play that for you. also ahead, we'll talk with an fbi analyst about this new dash cam video which appears to show that gunman in ottawa moments after the shooting at that war memorial. and questions surface about how isis is recruiting these westerners as we were just discussing, new details about the three teenaged girls in colorado accused of playing hooky from school. no. they wanted to join isis. all kinds of details on them. stay with me. for all the distinctions they've earned in life there's a higher standard of home care. brightstar care.
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you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. i just have to share this piece of video with you. this sound is from the uncle of canada's fallen soldier breaking down into tears as he described his beloved nephew. he was shot to death yesterday while standing at the war memorial. cirillo's mother is absolutely shattered by her son's death. >> she called me. she's saying she doesn't believe it. and i says -- i told her, it's true. my son just called me. she went on the internet and she saw it and she -- i don't know how she didn't pass out. she's completely broken right
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now. and now for him to sort of get shot and pass away, i don't know if life is fair. i don't know if -- i know no one deserves to die at a young age or whatever but he didn't deserve that. i don't know how someone could have picked him out. and just did that. >> the mayor of cirillo's hometown visited the family and says the fallen soldier's funeral is expected to include full military honors.
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the fbi is trying to figure out if those three american teenage girls were coerced into allegedly trying to join isis in syria. the girls as young as 15 were caught in germany after skipping school leaving their homes in denver, colorado, just a couple days ago and we're learning about how they were caught. here's evan perez. >> reporter: teenage girls 15, 16 and 17 years old played hooky from school. two of them stole $2,000 from their parents. instead of spending the day at the mall as many teens would do, they grabbed their passports and flew to germany. the destination was turkey and syria to join isis. here's what happened according to police reports. last friday two of the girls 15 and 17-year-old sisters told their dad they were sick and stayed home from school. their dad last talked to them around 10:30 in the morning and
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they said they were going to the library. across town their 16-year-old friend also skipped school. her dad got a call from the school to find out why she wasn't there. he called his daughter and she said she was only running late for class. the dad called authorities later on and when they couldn't find their girls and saw their passports were gone. the father also discovered that he was missing $2,000 in cash. the fbi flagged their passports and german authorities detained them at the frankfurt airport and sent them home over the weekend. the case is causing concerns for federal authorities because it shows that slick propaganda videos by isis and other terrorist groups are drawing a really young audience. there are no charges expected in this case because of their ages. but the fbi already has its hands full with dozens of investigations of americans who either plan to travel or have returned home from syria and iraq. but the fbi is now trying to determine who they are in touch with online and who lured them
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to travel overseas. reporting from washington, i'm evan perez. >> evan, thank you. and now any moment just heads-up police in canada getting ready to hold a news conference on what more they know about that shooter and what happened yesterday on parliament hill. i'll talk live with a former director from the fbi on this dash cam video that shows the gunman holding something in his right arm. how will fbi and canadian authorities go through this? we'll explore those questions coming up and a story i am so mad about today. this massive cheating scandal at my alma mater, the university of north carolina at chapel hill. cnn broke the story that involves thousands of students and athletes, fake class, automatic grades. i'll talk live with one of those athletes and students involved. don't miss it. financial noise
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>> let's look at a piece of video just into cnn. this is the car that appears to be the gunman to the left of the car opening up this driver's side door with his left hand. appears that he had something in his right hand. he's got a white scarf and he's getting into a car without any tags. that said, that's all we have for now as far as time line is it after that initial shooting, perhaps before parliament, we just aren't totally clear. tom, let me bring you in, cnn law enforcement analyst joining me here. there's a lot of question marks. when you look at the video, does
12:23 pm
anything jump out at you? >> the only thing that jumps out is he doesn't seem to be in too big of a hurry. i would say that he's not done the shooting yet. maybe he got out to look at the place and then went back to the car. maybe he moves the car if he had the shotgun, maybe it was in the trunk of his car. he gets it out later. too little to tell from this. what the police will be doing is getting every video camera together that they can, all of the videos taken by bystanders with their smartphones and they'll piece together a time line of everything they can do going as far back as when he arrives at the general compound of the war memorial and then the actual attack at the memorial and then how he escapes from that. we heard from witnesses that they thought he did a carjacking taking a car away from someone driving that car up to the entryway of the parliament and storming inside where the shootout took place.
12:24 pm
they'll have plenty of cameras to look at and they'll be trying to set those in a chronological order to piece together every second of his day leading up to the attack. >> it's interesting hearing and reading this detail about the car not having plates. i remember specifically hearing one of the members of parliament on tv with ashleigh banfield when this was unfolding yesterday and he said there was something fishy as i was heading into work. there was a car in the middle of the parliament hill area without its flashers on, without any tags, and so when i hear no tags to your point according to maybe an eyewitness, this was a car that was car jacked. we just don't know. it would again go in with that line of a plan. a plan for carrying this out. >> that's true. the problem is so many of the eyewitness reports is it's not their fault but they just don't realize in some cases what they're looking at and if it matters. for example, that's why you think there's multiple shooters in all of these cases people after the initial shooting see other people running around with guns that aren't in uniform and
12:25 pm
it's authorities, it's police in plain clothes but to the average citizen, it looks like more bad guys so we had this with the navy yard shooting in washington recently and we've had this in almost every other shooting. people see people running around with guns and think that there's a large group of bad people attacking the facility and it may only be one and the rest are law enforcement. >> that's why initially you hear reports possible multiple gunmen and 24 hours later we know it's this one guy. final thought? did i cut you off? i didn't mean to. >> i was just going to agree with you. >> appreciate you coming up. any moment here staying on the story of ottawa, police are getting ready to hold a news conference on more details and what more they know about the shooter and shootings that happened yesterday. also, just in, we're getting word there is a patient in new york being tested for ebola
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. we're getting breaking news here. on ebola in the city of new york. not that it has happened but that there is a possibility that there is a doctor being treated right now at a hospital in the new york city area who just came back from one of the three western african nations. doctors without borders doctor. >> this is a doctor. this is not a positive case of ebola. this is a test for someone that's exhibiting symptoms that
12:30 pm
are like the ebola symptoms. this is a doctor from a hospital here in manhattan. he was in one of the three countries affected with ebola. we know he returned to the united states within the last ten days. what we also know as i said he's a doctor here in new york city, we know that he called the fdny this morning saying he had a high fever and then they went to his apartment using all of the hazmat suits, et cetera, put him in an ambulance and transported him to bellevue here in new york city. that's the designated hospital in a situation like this. they are prepared. he's in isolation now. they are doing a test. it's going to take up to 12 hours for us to know if this is a positive case of ebola or not. what we also know is that he was showing a number of symptoms including according to a law enforcement official briefed on
12:31 pm
this, nausea, fever, pain and fatigue. they can be symptoms of ebola and also something else. >> which we have seen many false alarms in multiple hospitals across the country. it's good that he called up authorities to try to see what's going on. how recently did he return? >> what we're hearing from our sources is about ten days ago. you are talking about a 21-day period when someone can be affected by this or show symptoms. he would fall within that. this is very important always but this is new york city where people live very closely together. we all ride the subway, et cetera. there is heightened alert when you talk about something like this. we also have some interesting details in terms of what he's been doing while he's been home. a law enforcement source with background on this said that investigators are taking this very seriously because they are concerned that he didn't self-quarantine. we know that last night apparently he took an uber cab
12:32 pm
to a bowling alley in brooklyn. we also know that he was out in public and that the authorities are now looking at possibly quarantining his girlfriend who he of course spent time with. they haven't done that at this point in time but the issue here is if he does have ebola, he was out in public with other people as recently as last night. >> okay. hope it's a false alarm. hope it's a false alarm. now we have this testing happening and they should know in 12 hours. thank you. appreciate it very much. now to that ottawa shooting attack. we want to return to that any moment. live pictures here. we're waiting for ottawa police, royal canadian mountain police to give us any update on what they know about motive and filling fill ing in blanks from yesterday. as for the gunman himself, this
12:33 pm
was the young man who was shot and killed, as for the youngm mn himself, he was on the radar. the canadian authorities had confiscated his passport. as we wait for that press conference, let me just take a moment and just play something for you. this is an emotional tribute for the man responsible for shooting and killing the gunman, sergeant-at-arms kevin vickers being hailed a hero at canada's house of commons earlier today. take a look.
12:34 pm
[ applause ] >> mr. speaker, i would be remiss if i did not conclude in acknowledging specifically the work of the security forces here on parliament and the great work of our sergeant-at-arms.
12:35 pm
>> those are moments earlier this morning. this is the prime minister stephen harper and kevin vickers. i talked to his little brother, he said he was a visionary and spectacular individual and he recounted back in the days when they would drive their father's milk trucks saying his big brother commanded respect even at 17 years of age. we'll take that police conference live coming up next from ottawa and also ahead, a story about my alma maters th t has everyone shaking their heads. cnn broke the story involving thousands of students and athlete, fake classes, automatic grades. i'll talk live with a former basketball player who was involved in this next. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress
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the cheating scandal at the university of north carolina, let me be transparent, my alma mater broken wide open with the school admitting to a long running scheme to keep athletes academically allegeable. the academic fraud includes requests from counselors granted by contacts in the african studies department for passing grades and sketchy courses to keep these tar heel athletes eligible to play. the chancellor calls this shocking. >> it was an inexcusable betrayal of our values and our mission and our students' trust.
12:40 pm
the length of time that this behavior went on and the number of people involved is really shocking. >> she says it went on for a little while. this report says the scheme started way, way back in 1993. went for 18 years and was blatant. here's one example. let me show you something. this is be a e-mail. a counselor to a basketball player as this go-to source, yes, a d will be fine. it's all she needs to stay eligible according to this counselor. we are joined now live from chapel hill. you broke the story. are people there surprised at the breath of this cheating this report exposed? 18 years, 3,000 plus students. >> reporter: here's the thing. on campus this has been talked about for five years since this was originally announced as some
12:41 pm
kind of scandal. unc officials were trying to say up until a couple months ago that there was no possibility that this was bigger than just a few people when you say are people surprised, some people on campus are not. they believed this was much, much bigger. i talked to people who track these scandals and say this is by far the largest economic fraud scandal in all of college sport history. this involved almost 1,500 athletes. 1,700 classes that were fraudulent that were taken. surprised, that depends on who you talk to. one of those people that i talked to today was the whistle-blower who has been talking about this for five years, who we talked to in january shortly after we talked to her. unc was forceded to reopen their investigation. she's been saying for years a lot of people knew about this. this was an open secret soo speak that people talked about
12:42 pm
all the time. i want you to take a look at what she had to say today about how she feels now that everything that she has said has now turned out to be true. >> everyone keeps using this word valid aate. it was a system. it was the carolina way. >> reporter: i asked her if she felt validated. some of these people she worked with. four people were fired yesterday. five are being disciplined and that doesn't include the head of the department fired four years ago when this broke and the former football coach who was fired shortly after the scandal broke, two head coaches admit to
12:43 pm
knowing about this two. >> makes me cringe. thank you so much for bringing this to light. it's so important to talk about. we have to go to ottawa. let me tell how is standing by. we'll go there in a matter of minutes. former superstar standing by talking openly about what exactly he participated in when he was at carolina. we'll talk to him in a second. first to ottawa we go to get more information on the shootings from yesterday. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. our first speaker will be ottawa police services chief. >> good afternoon. ottawa is a safe city. the members of our service are committed to protecting this community and all residents. just as members of the canadian forces protect our country abroad, we're here to protect them at home and to keep this city safe, we have strong
12:44 pm
partnership with law enforcement partners. we train together. we work and operate together on a daily basis to deal with threats to public safety. that partnership is strong and residents can be confident in our abilities to protect them. yesterday we saw the reality of the threats that cities across canada face. following the senseless events, we work to secure the area in the downtown core and parliament hill. first to eliminate the threat and then to ensure that no other suspects or threats were in the area. when that was confirmed, and the area was safe, we lifted the safety perimeter. i want to extend my condolences to family and friends of corporal cirillo. i also want to thank the police officers and members, fellow soldiers, paramedics, security staff on the hill, and the citizens who responded yesterday. their actions are a testament to our common resolve to protect
12:45 pm
our city. at this time, the area around the national war memorial continues to be cordoned off. it will be reopened soon. all ottawa police facilities have been reopened to the public with our regular services being offered. as the investigation continues, and in the days ahead, we must continue to remain vigilant to the realities that we face. our officers are supporting the investigation into this matter. i have reached out to our multifaith community leaders with a message of support and a reaffirmation to a commitment to everyone's safety and security. we ask the entire community be vigilant and to report suspicious incidents by calling police. you have already seen an increased presence of police in key areas of the city. that increased presence will continue in the days ahead as we ensure all necessary resources are deployed. our members are fully committed to the security of the community
12:46 pm
and we will keep this city safe. [ speaking french ] >> quick break. we'll take you back to ottawa just after this. narrator: these are the tennis shoes skater kid: whoa narrator: that got torture tested by teenagers and cried out for help. from the surprised designers. who came to the rescue with a brilliant fix male designer: i love it narrator: which created thousands of new customers for the tennis shoes that got torture tested by teenagers. the internet of everything is changing manufacturing. is your network ready?
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let's take you back to
12:50 pm
ottawa to this police conference on yesterday's shootings. >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us. [ speaking foreign language ] we want to provide an update on certain aspects of the terrible events that unfolded yesterday in downtown ottawa and on parliament hill. i want to express condolences to the family of nathan cirillo. our deepest sympathies are with his friends and our friends who have tragically lost another member of their family this week to senseless violence. our thoughts are also with those who sustained injuries in yesterday's incident and those who were kept from their loved ones during the tense hours of lockdown while police searched for other possible suspects. [ speaking foreign language ].
12:51 pm
>> all right. we're going to pull away, speaking in french, obviously. but just briefing members of the media here more than 24 hours after the deadly shootings on parliament hill and that war memorial in which a 24-year-old soldier was shot and killed. we'll stay on it and bring you more information. want to pivot back to the disgrace that has befallen unc chapel hill. with me, rashad mccants. he starred on the team. we were all watching you and that team. 2005, you guys beat the fighting illini in that national championship. thank you so much for taking a couple of minutes with me. >> no problem, thank you. >> you have been very outspoken.
12:52 pm
you have said, yes, i was part of this. i enrolled in these phony classes at unc and had tutors do some of my work. can you explain, how did that work, those classes? >> i think all those things were pretty much discussed in all the espn "outside the lines" interviews. i think right now, we need to -- >> can we just focus on that for people who are not aware and were not on espn? can you explain to me briefly what that involved? >> that involved all the athletes that were high-profile athletes being steered to these no-attendance classes, called paper classes, to keep our gpas up to stay eligible to play and continue to bring in revenue for the university and the coaches and the a.d.s and things like that. those classes, the process was pretty much go to the adviser, an adviser has the classes for
12:53 pm
us. and we went to those classes and those classes as far as attending those classes or pretending to attend those classes all existed for all athletes. >> so you said the word -- you were steered toward those classes. you had the option of saying, thanks, but no thanks, i want to do this the right way, right? >> i don't think so. i think once we went to these advisers, these were the classes that they'd given us. and once we found out exactly what the capability of these classes were compared to our work schedule that you can say as far as academic schedule, it made sense for us. i think any athlete and any student as you see the report stated that there were regular students that attended these classes also. >> absolutely. >> it made sense for you. >> i understand. we shouldn't just say it was all athletes. it was almost half athletes, half regular students. and i applaud you 100% for
12:54 pm
having this conscience and coming out and being honest and forthright about it now. but forgive me, i'm pissed off about this because i got my degree about this. i love the basketball team, you guys are gods on campus and to think for so many years you all were complicit in this whole -- it was a lie, it was cheating. at any point did you say, i should raise my hand and say something? >> it was a system. you have to understand. this is not just at carolina. this is at all universities all across the country. this is just an example of what the ncaa allows and it's not excusable at all. it's not excusable for carolina or for any other university. but this is the main university in america that gets a lot of prestige, that's been hidden under the rock a lot. so i think it commends the authority to allow this thing to come out and allow it to be exposed, allow it to be so naked
12:55 pm
and how it to have room to take the band-aid off and allow the solution process to start. i think that everybody's accountable at this point. and raising your hand when it happens and raising your hand ten years from it happens, i think right now it's about thinking about the youth, thinking about the future of athletes that are coming about, knowing when i was there, i didn't get educated. so now i think that -- >> would you go back? would you be willing to go back and get a legit degree? would you take real classes and get a degree? would you actually like to do that? >> it's not something that i considered. i think that right now, my time and my experience that i had at university of north carolina has gone. i think if i would have gotten the right education, i would be ahead of the curve right now of business, finance and economics and the things i was interested in. it's always beneficial to go back and get that degree or that stamp of approval for society. but right now, there needs to be
12:56 pm
reform. there needs to be change. there needs to be athletes and their parents coming forth saying, look, my kid needs a real education, not some hidden agenda for economic advancement for universities and their sponsors and so on and so forth. >> rashad mccants, thanks for spending a couple of minutes with me. i truly appreciate it. forgive me. i get emotional. i love my alma mater. >> no problem. take you back to ottawa. >> we have learned that this individual has been in ottawa since at least october 2nd, 2014, that he was in town to deal with a passport issue but that he was also hoping to leave for syria. we also learned yesterday that the beige vehicle used by the suspect was purchased on october 21st, 2014. there were concerns at the initial stage of the energy
12:57 pm
response that there may have been more than one individual involved. our partners at the ottawa police service agreed that yesterday, zehaf-bibeau acted alone. he perpetrated both acts at the war memorial and on parliament hill. the investigation is ongoing. we have no information linking the two attacks this week -- our investigation has not revealed any link between zehaf-bibeau and the individual who perpetrated the attack against the member of the canadian forces in quebec. [ speaking foreign language ]
12:58 pm
these are difficult threats to detect. there is no way of knowing where or when such an attack could take place. i can provide you with a brief time line of events as we understand them at this point. let me start, though, by playing for you a video on how events unfolded yesterday. and then i'll explain more in more detail. the video you'll see is the scene at the entrance to the parliamentary precinct on elgin. you'll see individuals who seem to be recoining westward down the street from the incidents at the memorial. you'll see shortly a vehicle pull up.
12:59 pm
this is the suspect carrying a weapon, running up towards the east block. another view of the same transaction. again, the individual seemed to have recoiled or backed away from the disturbance at the memorial.
1:00 pm
the same entrance, different view. the circle indicates the car as it approaches. one of the pedestrians even approaches the car. as the suspect exits, bearing his firearm, people run away. you'll see now the view to the east block. he runs towards those vehicles that are parked there. the lead vehicle is a minister's vehicle that is occupied by a driver. the suspect goes around to the front of the car. there's some exchange with the