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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 23, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i'm brianna keeler and thank you for watching us here in "the situation room." erin burnett outfront starts right now. up front next, the nation's largest city on high alert, a possible case of ebola in new york city. an american doctor just back from treating patients in west africa with ebola and it appears did he not self-quarantine and he is now hospitalized with a 103 degree fever. and a new york city police officer injured after being attacked with a hatchet. there are questions on whether this was a terror attack. and dramatic surveillance video just released of the canadian gunman in hand running through the ottawa streets as the investigation continues for the link to possible jihadist. let's go "outfront." good evening.
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i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, breaking news, a major scare in new york with a possible case of ebola. that hour a 33-year-old american doctor just back from treating ebola patients in west africa is awaiting test results at new york's bellevue hospital. the doctor is craig spencer. spencer, who he will show you, in full protective gear, this is how he was treating ebola patients, had left the country and he was helping in guinea with doctors without borders and he was rushed to the hospital in this ambulance. as you can see here, he had 103 degrees temperature, nausea and fatigue. and those are the symptoms. he returned to new york from guinea, one of the threes on the planet hardest hit by ebola. investigators are treating this case seriously because of his symptoms but because they believe he did not quarantine himself when he returned.
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even though he just recently treated the ebola patients, he traveled freely around the most densely populated city in america. last night he took a taxi to go bowling in brooklyn. and poppy is outside of the hospital and what more are you learning about spencer tonight? >> reporter: what we are learning at this hour is that according to the mayor of new york city, he is in, quote, good shape. he is being tested behind me here at bellevue hospital. this is the designated hospital for anyone with ebola-like smom -- symptoms. they are prepared for a situation like this. the cdc has sent a team, they are on their way right now to new york city to be here at the hospital to help in case this test comes back positive. a few other developments to tell you b. the heightened concern here is because as you mentioned doctor spencer was out last night bowling in brooklyn and took a cab to go there and out with people. his girlfriend is in isolation at this hour.
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but the mayor also more importantly said he has very little direct contact with many people. just a few people that he apparently came in direct contact with, given what we know about how ebola is spread, that is an encouraging sign and the mayor said it is encouraging that this is a public health official and knows about this disease and has been treating the disease and has been very commuting. and the hospital where he works out coming out saying he is a committed and responsible physician and noting he has not treated any patients or worked at the hospital at all in the past ten days since he's been back here in new york city. >> and poppi, i know we understand that dr. spencer began feeling sluggish a couple of days ago so he perhaps was feeling under the weather and kind of reminiscent of what the nurse amber vinson may have been feeling so perhaps the symptoms may have started but the fever
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came on this morning. do you know when we will get the test results on dr. spencer. i know they are testing where you are and at the cdc? >> yeah, the results are going to come tonight. it is just a matter of when. at about 4:00 this afternoon we were told they would come in the next 12 hours so they are going to come by 4:00 a.m., hopefully sooner. tests here right across the street from bellevue hospital where they do the testing and the samples are on the way to the cdc to do second testing. and we'll know tonight. and at his apartment, they are totally sectioned off his apartment in case this test comes back positive. so people here in new york city and the new york health commission is saying do not -- basically do not freak out because it is very unlikely that people in new york city are going to contract this because of the way it is contracted. so we want to alert people but at the same time, erin, we don't have the results yet. we don't know yet. >> thank you very much, poppy har low.
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and to give you an idea the officials are going to the great lengths to keep peoplin formed. this flier is being handed out to people who live near dr. spencer. it asks, are you at risk and have you had direct contact, and did you visit a country within the last 21 days and the answer for the doctor is probably yes. we are outside of spencer's apartment building. miguel, what is the reaction where you are? >> reporter: well, those flyers are outside of the apartment and this area is flooded with public health officials and politicians, people trying to alay the concerns of people in this neighborhood. and also the public health officials going door-to-door trying to figure out who mr. spencer had contact with over the last ten days. taking their information, making sure they understand how they are doing, making sure they don't have any symptoms whatsoever. getting their information and more importantly enough when the
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tests come back, everything hinges on the test, when they come back they know exactly who had contact with him and they can spring into action. his apartment here at 147th street and broadway has been isolated and completely blocked off. they will not do anything with that apartment until those tests come back, say health officials. we spoke to one department of health official from the city of new york a little earlier today. >> the health department and other city agencies have been working since late july preparing for this potential eve eventuality and what i'm doing here is just reassuring people that we are investigating this case and it is a potential case and we don't know yet, but that they are safe. >> reporter: now one thing the officials are quick to say is they were prepared for this. they had police on hand very early in the day. i think we had video of that and they had gloves and masks to go
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up and check the apartment and seal it off. residents that we spoke to in the building who know dr. spencer and live on his floor say, this is a great guy. this is the person you would want as your neighbor, he is a responsible guy. the one thing we don't know about dr. spencer in his case and doctors without borders is not saying yet whether dr. spencer spent time in quarantine -- self-quarantine in country, where ever he was coming from. we don't know whether he came directly back here to the u.s. from where ever he was. that is the one piece of information we are waiting from, from frontier or doctors without borders. people here in the neighborhood are waiting to find out what that test is before anybody gets too concerned. >> thank you, miguel. and crucial point about the quarantine. and i want to bring in mark levine, he represents harlem where the doctor lives. i know you've been in the neighborhood throughout the day. i know there is discussions about possibly evacuating that
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building and where does that stand? >> well the building is sealed off. it has not been evacuated. this virus doesn't live long outside of the body. so unless an individual had intimate contact with dr. spencer or a medical worker who might have been exposed to body fluids then they are not a risk. >> so cnn was told it doesn't appear he was self quarantined since being in the united states. he's been back in the country for ten days, the sweet spot of what doctors say it is within 10, 11 days and how concerned are you, from his own reporting, feeling sluggish for a few days and got the fever, sort of like the nurse we heard flying during that time and now they are notifying everyone on the flight, that there were days when he was out in the city and not feeling well. >> certain is the right word, not panic. we do need to retrace his steps and everyone he came in contact with. but the key point is until you
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have significant on set of symptoms, you are not contagious. >> and he went to a bowling alley last night and we spoke to someone who works at one of the two bowling alleys in brooklyn and the first we toke to was not aware of the story altogether and the other main bowling alley is saying they have not been contacted by health officials either. that is a little concerning? >> well they are retracing steps. they've interviewed him and he is cooperating. public health officials have prepared for this. they have excellent procedures that they have reviewed top to bottom since the dallas outbreak. they are on top of that. they have all of the resources at their disposal. interviews are underway at the moment so i'm confident they are speaking to everyone who is appropriate to contact. >> thank you very much. the councilman for the district where dr. spencer lives. and even though the test results won't be released for hours or it could be any minute, because
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there are two tests, the team from the cdc is racing to new york city and how quickly can it be contained. >> and two new york officers attacked by a man with a hatchet. when you look at events in oklahoma and canada, was it terrorism? >> and as more convert to extremism, is it possible to find them before attacks. and michael zehaf-bibeau, as others try to run away. we'll show you that next.
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breaking news, a potential case of ebola in new york city. a doctor who just returned from west africa is in the hospital after developing symptoms of the deadly virus. investigators are taking the case extremely seriously. the doctor identified as craig spencer did not quarantine himself when returning to the united states. after feeling sluggish for a few days, he took a uber cab to go bowling. and our correspondent is out outfront from the cdc tonight.
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what will the cdc do? >> when they get to new york, they will have certainly purposes. one is make sure all of his contacts have been tracked down. that so so important because they might be ill and they might be able to spread the disease. the second thing is that they are going to, i'm sure, visit with the folks at bellevue hospital and to look at their infectious disease practices and to look at the protective gear they are using and to keep track of the healthcare workers who are working on dr. spencer. that was something they didn't do terribly well in dallas and they special don't want to make that mistake again. >> elizabeth, they are trying to track down everything they can. we were saying he went to a bowling alley and we called the bowling alleys in brooklyn and one who is now answering their phone said they didn't know about this and they found out about it from us. and this is just to point out, that even in a place like new york, which has been drilling for this and supposedly prepared for this and now getting the benefit of dallas, you still can have problems.
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>> reporter: right, you can. what i would want to know is how sick did this doctor feel when he returned and did he share that with doctors without borders and what did they tell him to do? i would be concerned if a doctor had been treating ebola patients and came home and was feeling sluggish. that is not a great sign. and i'm wondering if he shared that with other people and what advice they might have given him. >> and crucial because he said he had been feeling sluggish for days before the feefb happened and then -- the fever happened and then called the hospital at that time. and i want to bring in dr. ivan walks, along with our medical analyst, dr. alexander von tellkin. and alexander, let me start with you, a doctor treating ebola patients and people sick and dying and around the bodily fluids and feeling sluggish for a few days and he called the hospital today when he got the very high fever.
4:17 pm
we don't know the results of the tests or what it will show but what is your take on the situation? >> my take on this, erin, we've heard it is the fever. then we heard a few weeks ago, maybe it is the sluggish. doctors, or those close to folks with ebola, have to pay attention to that. science doesn't stay static. we understand more as time goes by. if now the understanding is that sluggishness may be a symptom and you know that you've been treating ebola patients, you've got to be pro-active and understand, hum, maybe the fever is not what i wait for. and then the guidelines have to catch up with that. now we're saying, huh, what are those guidelines. the public wants to know how do we stay safe. so those people making guidelines, the public health leadership need to keep updating those as we learn more about the science. and for goodness sakes, if you are treating someone with ebola, please be more aware. >> dr. van tellkin, i this is
4:18 pm
that is surprising. this is someone who knows the symptoms and knows what happens and had direct contact with people and feeling sluggish and sick. when you come back and there is a doctor treating ebola, i think there are doctors saying, you're kidding me. there isn't a quarantine. that is surprising. >> it is easy to look at this and say he may have been irresponsible or maybe he ignored his symptoms for a while. >> but he could have called and told him and they could have called and told him to stay. >> we don't know if he has the ebola and we don't know the details, the sluggishness. with the hours he's been working or the kind of work, sluggishness would be normal. this is exhausting. >> but he's home for over a week by the time he's feeling that. >> but he may have had other health issues or symptoms as well. but this is someone doing unbelievably difficult work to keep us safe and to ask those
4:19 pm
people who have other lives to come back and quarantine themselves for 21 days and this is the only organization mounting a response. >> and shouldn't there be support so make sure they are taking precaution and they don't take the personal hit to their lives? >> absolutely, erin. i think we all want to recognize this very important work. we all want to support the folks willing to go and do that work. as a part of that, we can say, from the day you start treating someone with ebola to the day you stop treating someone with ebola, there is a 21-day period after that where you are going to take certain precautions. those guidelines need to be very, very clear. because this is -- this is public health. and we aren't only concerned about the folks we're going to treat in west africa, a critical part of it. but when we come home, we have to come home carefully. >> and elizabeth, in terms of where -- what the situation might be with dr. spencer, as we
4:20 pm
await the results, obviously this could be a negative test. if it is not, he's been back for ten days, he started developing symptoms on wednesday evening, this is the latest that we know, taken to bellevue hospital this morning for isolation when he got the fever. so what stage of the disease will he be at. you've looken at the stages and if someone at this stage had ebola, what would it look like? >> it depends on when he was exposed or when he got infected. we don't know how long he was working in guinea. did he get it at the beginning of the work period or on his last day of work? that makes a big difference. so what we dough no about ebola -- we do know about ebola is that it enlters through mucous membranes, through your eyes, nose or mouth or a break in your skin and it goes inside of your body and that warm-like virus attaches to cells and starts replicating. and in the beginning, you don't feel it. there is a period of time you don't feel anything at all and then a period of time you feel
4:21 pm
less severe symptoms and then you get really, really sick. and so it is hard to say exactly where he's at. but if he does have ebola and that is still a big if, if he is feeling the high fever, that means it is relatively far along. >> and doctor, the question has is if ebola hits a maimer city, and new york city has a proand so -- protection and sophisticated health care system and ebola coming into a big city where people are coming into close direct personal contact with people they don't know. their hands touching on the subway. these are the fears that people have. >> what i would say is i live about five blocks from dr. spencer and i have no concern about going to a bar tonight and i would go bowling at the alley and take a taxi home. the risk is so low as to be negligible f. you want to panic about ebola, panic about the desperately bad response in west africa. people like him are the only
4:22 pm
people keeping us safe and at the moment we left it to one medical charity. so i wouldn't blame him or them. i would say why aren't there many other people going and giving money to msf. >> thank you to you and to dr. walks. we lost his shot but thank you to all three of us. and next breaking news, two new york city police men attached with a hatchet. the mayor mentioning what happened in canada and israel. and the canadian gunman seen running from a car into parliament. we have the just-released video and it is chilling. we'll show it to you in the entirety. and the lone wolves, authorities say they are almost impossible to track, but is that true?
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breaking news, two new york city police men seriously wounded by a man wielding a hatchet. one of the officers is in critical condition tonight. investigators fear this may have been a terrorist attack. the police commissioner bill bratton just addressed that. >> i think that certainly the
4:27 pm
heightened concerns relative to that type of assault based on what just happened in canada and recent events in israel. >> jim sciutto is out front tonight. you've been speaking to your source and what are they telling you now. >> we're learning more in the last few minutes. but a random attack on police officers in upper manhattan, this man charging them with a hatchet. officers -- first two officers injured, officers firing back. the man was killed. what is concerning new york police is what they've seen on his facebook page, things indicating extremist views. and as a result of this attack, especially following the attack in canada yesterday, they have since issued a bullet advising new york city police officers to have increased situational awareness for attacks like this. so this is really the kind of scenario that you and i, erin, have been talking about for a couple of weeks but particularly this week, lone wolf attacks
4:28 pm
like the one we saw in canada, difficult to predict and it doesn't take much to carry one of these out. one person with extremist views, and a simple weapon in this case, a hatchet, manages to wound two police officers before they were able to kill him. but right in broad daylight on new york city streets. and again, it is what they see on his facebook page that is concerning them about extremist views and why they are suspecting -- suspecting at this point, and it is very early, this just happened, but suspecting an extremist motivation for this. >> and jim, you are talking about things on his facebook page. are they giving any indication of what that might have been or how much? any kind of color on that? >> no details except it wasn't in english, presumably in ara c arabic, but concerning and enough for them to, one, have a suspicion of extremist motivation, and two, put out a warning to other new york city police officers to keep a look out for this kind of thing.
4:29 pm
>> and as you and i have talked about, and isis saying attack those in uniform in any way you can, which is a motivation and part of what happened in canada, twice this week where two soldiers lost their lives. when you talk about the writing on the facebook page perhaps being arabic, do we know about the profile of this person? >> we don't. we do know he had identification on him but the new york police -- police sources have not confirmed that is correct for him. they are still running that through all of the traps they would do in this situation. when you look at this week, two in canada and one in the u.s., three different weapons. a hatchet in new york, if it is:cluded this is the -- it is concluded this is the moatation. a gun in ottawa and a car elsewhere in canada. it shows any kind of weapon -- and another point, it is not just isis, but al qaeda, and the leader of al qaeda has also put out a similar call to arms for
4:30 pm
muslims, extremist muslims to take up arms any way they can to attack people in the west. >> jim sciutto, thank you very much. as jim is breaking this news, i want to bring in our law enforcement analyst tom fuentes. and phil mud also joining me and former jihadist, monthman sheikh. and now that we have this horrible development, after what jim is reporting, this hatchet attack on two new york city police officers and now looking at this individual's facebook page and are seeing links to extremists possibly and in arabic. >> well, if an individual, erin, wants to attack the united states or the government, the most visible symbol of the government is a police officer in uniform or a military officer in uniform. and that is what we have here.
4:31 pm
we are soldiers in canada and here in new york city you have, in fact, four uniformed police officers that this individual attacked. and i understand one is in surgery and critical that was hit in the head with that hatchet. >> yes. >> so this is a serious attack. and more will be found out about it. >> so let me ask you moman, to give people color, you were someone like this and you had a change of heart and became someone who has dedicated your life to fighting extremism, but you were motivated to attack the west and you understand both sides of this. and the thinking that goes on here. when you hear they are now seeing on this individual's facebook page that there are links to extremism, this is something that doesn't surprise you, right? >> does not surprise me, no. >> and when they say -- and we keep hearing, we can't find these individuals because there are so many things out there like this so it is impossible to find them before this happens,
4:32 pm
do you agree? >> well i personally agree because the u.s., you guys have a population of 300 million people. we have a population of 30 million people. it is easier to find from a pile of 30 million than 300 million. so it is going to depend on the kind of people. are they online? there are screening tools that can be used. the university of liverpool has been working and implementing and using the ivp, identifying vulnerable persons guides which has a success rate and tested for five years but that is assuming the individuals are online and dropping signs online. based on that we can pick them up. but if they are not there, we can't. >> but, phil, when you hear this individual, we don't have the formal i.d., but links on his facebook page and the beheading in oklahoma, you saw a facebook page that turned into a pro-9/11
4:33 pm
osama bin laden chat room. this is online. it is horrible to imagine that you can't see these signs in advance. >> look, if you are trying to find someone who is vulnerable, in my old life you have to look for indicators r. they getting money to dirty people? are they talking people in the united states? are they communicating with people overseas. and i didn't mention the internet. you can find people like. this but multiply 330 million people by 200 or 300 texts or e-mails every day and you are talking about billions of messages every day to sort through and civil liberties issues. so i don't think just by looking at people's facebook page you won't find people like this, not systematically. >> and so this is terrifying to people in the united states and canada, and coalition countries, the people who are the heroes, the police and soldiers and
4:34 pm
guarding the memorials and those who go to work with pride and put on the uniforms are now at risk. >> that is right, erin. and it is almost impossible to stop. the fbi and the cia cannot read the minds of an individual to know when they are going to go from thinking bad thoughts to carrying out bad actions. in this case, this individual could go to a home supply place and buy a hatchet for $25 and wage war against new york city police department. so that is what you have. this is virtually unstoppable and the answer is this will continue as long as the motivations for people keep occurring to convince people to do it. >> and i'll give a final word, tell us our viewers what it was like to be on the other side? >> well, i mean, i agree with what mr. fuentes is saying, if the motivations are the same, moral outrage, grievance based ideology, if we don't deal with
4:35 pm
political issues, people will continue to become angry and out out politically in extreme manners. so we have to deal with root issues and can't keep treating symptoms. we'll just bleed out to death. >> thank you very much to all three of you. and out front next, the canada gunman minutes after killing a soldier. that is just ahead. and recent converts to violent jihad. it is possible to identify and track them?
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breaking news on the canada terror attack, we are learning new details about the soldier who kept the canadian parliament on lockdown for hours. michael zehaf-bibeau told authorities he wanted to be in jail and then said that was the only way he could over-come his addiction to crack cocaine. and martin, what else did you see in the information. >> reporter: the suspect has a criminal past. and in one case he was arrested for theft. and prior to his trial, the question was brought up, is he
4:40 pm
mentally fit to stand trial. so he to go through the psychological evaluation. let me read it. the evaluator says that he wants to be in jail as this is the only way he can overcome his addiction to crackco cain. he is a devout muslim for seven years and believes he must spend time in jail as a sacrifice to pay for the times in the past and his mistakes that he hopes in the future to eventually be a better man. the evaluator deemed him to be mentally fit to stand trial and wasn't suffering from any kind of mental disease. but you know what, we know so very little about the suspect in this case. authorities can tell you what he did second by second on parliament hill, but they can't tell you why. prior to his deadly rampage, u.s. and canadian officials say michael zehaf-bibeau had connections to other radical
4:41 pm
jihadists in canada, one that went over to fight overseas in syria. authorities have a moment by moment record of his attack on parliament hill. just much of his life is still a mystery. born in montreal in 1982, authorities say he moved around the country, lived in quebec, ottawa, calgary and vancouver. his mother a high ranking immigration official. his parents dif orsd when he was 17. other court records showed he had a criminal past, mainly for drug abuse it. was that history which caught the attention of the royal canadian mounted police when he applied for a passport. >> we were aware he applied for a passport and contacted to conduct background checks. >> he was being investigated when three weeks ago he travelled from vancouver to ottawa and living at the ottawa mission just blocks away from parliament hill. this man, who would only give me
4:42 pm
his first name as brian, said he saw the man several times at the shelter and he wanted the passport to going to libya. >> so he wasn't talking iraq or syria, he wanted to go to libya? >> yeah, that is where he wanted to go, to take part in what is going on over there. >> police say he had converted to islam. a leader in the ottawa muslim community harshly condemned his actions and told me he didn't attend any local mosques. >> you don't know who he is and he didn't worship at your mosques. >> i didn't -- and that person should not have anyplace in our community. if they are able to come to our community, we would like to change their mind. >> but brian said he did witness bibbo prayering in the homeless shelter the night before the attack.
4:43 pm
>> he was doing this chanter a little bit and i sang a christian song as i walked by. >> did he react? >> he didn't react. it was like i wasn't even there. >> few have come forward to speak. even his mother had little to say about him, only apologizing to canadians. i am mad at our son. i don't understand and part of me wants to hate him at this time. >> reporter: many canadians would say they don't want to hear the media talking so much about the suspect. they would rather they hear the media talking about the victim, the soldier gunned down, and also about the hero, the sergeant at arms that brought an end to the rampage. erin. >> thank you very much. and i want to bring phil mudd back in. phil, the more that you hear and you hear now about the psychological evaluation and the desires to go to libya, when you hear that, what do you think?
4:44 pm
>> it looks to me like a lot of cases i wilted at -- i witnessed this at the bureau. there are part of this i understand and part we don't understand. converts are more emotional and attached to their religion. sometimes they get radicalized faster. misfits want to join something bigger and that tells me why he wanted to go to libya to fight with militants or a place like iraq. he wants to join something that validates he is not just a drug addict and a bigger personality and sometimes this can be measured in days or weeks, that might tell you why he moved to ottawa. he only recently decided, this is a guess, that he wanted to do that and we saw the tragedy of that yesterday. >> and when you look at it, there was online record that they had and he tried to get a passport. he wasn't on a list that canada keeps of people they think are going to jihad but the man on monday who did successfully kill a soldier was.
4:45 pm
should they be doing more to track every single person they are worried about? >> when we talk about this, erin, we are looking at this backwards. we are taking a couple of cases and saying what can we learn from the individual cases about how to stop these people. my life, and what you have to understand is flip that around. look at a thousand people, 5,000 people and ask a question. have you seen an indication of money transferring from a terrorist group or conversations with people about acts of violence, have you seen direct communication with a terrorist in a place like toronto or ottawa, or london? if you don't see those and you want to weed out people from a sea of 5,000 who might be extremi extremists, trying to figure out when the switch goes on in their mind to tell you when they will kill somebody is impossible. >> phil mud, thank you. something that the law enforcement people around the united states are now thinking about in a whole new world tonight. up front next, a lone wolf responsible for gunning down the canadian soldier. and thousands quarantines
4:46 pm
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breaking news, we now know the man who terrorized the canadian capital yesterday, he had ties to jihadists. officials say he used social media to communicate with at least one other jihadists. tom foreman is out front. >> reporter: out of the gunfire in ottawa, the emerging picture of the shooter is what intelligence services fear most. a largely self-radicalized person who attacks a target he has privately chosen. a lone wolf. >> this is something the president talked about before this incident in canada. it is something we talked about before we saw isis become a significant threat to the united states. >> reporter: the massive security and surveillance surge after 9/11 made it harder for groups like al qaeda to pull off
4:51 pm
large assaults involving many foreign players. and this is what has risen in the wake. smaller attacks by terrorists who live in the countries they target. authorities say they are inspired by jihadist websites and sometimes train during brief trips to extremist camps. and they act alone or in very small groups. officials say the boston marathon bombings are a good example, but so are many others. in 2009, an attack at fort hood in texas leaves 13 people dead. and in arkansas, a soldier is shot dead at a recruiting station. in 2012, three soldiers and four civilians, including children, are slaughtered in france. in 2013, a british soldier is butchered on the streets of london. and this year, people are gunned down in belgium, a woman is beheaded at her job in oklahoma.
4:52 pm
and just before the ottawa attack, two soldiers are hit with a car, one dies. in each case, security analysts say the attacks appear tied to radical islam, often to recent converts. they are also very hard for intelligence services to track. >> one of the reasons is this sort of natural zealousness that the converts have, but also a lack of understanding early on in the convert's life. so people who have grown up with a faith can see that more easily than people who have just converted to the religion can see that. >> arguably, a lot of the so-called terrorists really have a good deal in common with school shooters or other mass murderers. but by attaching themselves to the jihadists, no matter how
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
breaking news tonight, a possible case of ebola in new york city, officials say
4:57 pm
american dr. craig spencer is in isolation at the hospital waiting for tests for ebola. he had treated patients in the guinea hot zone, he was rushed to the hospital with fever, nausea, fatigue and pain. last night, spencer took a cab to a bowling alley in another borough of new york, and the officials say he felt sluggish for days until his fever struck. we were waiting for tests to see if he has ebola or not. he appears to follow cdc guidelines, but in this case, as somebody who dealt with ebola cases, should he have been quarantined. >> reporter: it could be ebola, quarantine space suits and widespread panic, but these images are from the sars outbreak in china years ago. at first, the communist party
4:58 pm
hid the epidemic from the public, making things worse. now, china was caught by surprise and changed their tactics. >> the chinese were fairly flatfooted and unprepared. they learned they have to do a system, and clearly learned how to respond to public it disasters. >> reporter: with sars, the result was often draconian, since sars, such epidemics as bird flu have rocked chinese, now there are quarantines for animals acarried out. where many africans trade, more than 5,000 people were put under mandatory medical observation before being released. and while the u.s. has started
4:59 pm
some airport screenings for ebola cases, china has been strictly policing entry points for months. from at least august, chinese authorities have been inspecting passenger manifests and pulling people from the plane right at the gates who come from ebola-infected areas to test and question them. the population of china is so big, so they need to be strict, he says. the international community should follow china's example. china has learned the hard way to control epidemics. the true test will be if ebola lands on its shores. >> well, erin, another thing they control in china, of course, is the media. and so that can help them sway the public one way or the other on the ebola crisis if it hits here. but that also means if we had a case like you're seeing in new york we may not even know about it. erin? >> that is pretty incredible to
5:00 pm
think about. all right, thank you very much, david mckenzie. well, thank you for joining us, we'll see you back here tomorrow night, anderson cooper "ac360" begins right now. good evening from ottawa, thank you for joining us. the new images are striking and so is what we're learning about the man who is in them. the killer who tried, tried to terrorize this city and country. this is new video of the parliament moments just over my shoulder. we're learning about him and also in the wake of all of this people here in ottawa and all throughout canada do not scare easily. there has been fear here but there is also pride and a resiliency to move forward. we also got information that the attack in new york city as it happened, the hatchet attack that sent two new york city police officers to the hospital with critical injuries, it is now raising concerns whether it like the killing here in ottawa yesterday m h