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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  October 24, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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and hello. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm natalie allen. >> welcome back. i'm errol barnett still here with you. topping the headlines first confirmed case of ebola in new york city. >> there is no reason for new yorkers to be alarmed. >> officials try to calm potential fears after a new york city doctor tests positive for ebola. we'll bring you the latest information. also police in that city are on heightened alert after four of their own were attacked by a man with a hatchet.
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what was behind this unprovoked act of vice? in can -- officials piecing together answers after wednesday's deadly shooting. the same time they hailed the hero who took him down. >> the hero does not want to be a hero. we'll get to this in a moment. quite touching moment in parliament when new york officials are telling people not to fear for their safety after the city's first confirmed case of ebola. >> yeah, woo he want to undercon that but people will naturally be aware and concerned of what's happening. dr. craig spencer contracted the december after returning from treating ebola participates in guinea. he is in isolation in a new york hospital and had been in new york, though, six days before developing a high fever thursday morning. >> we know that during the time
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that the patient was home before he became sick that he did leave his apartment. he -- we are aware that he went on a three-mile jog, a sign thaefs feeling quite well and he also took the subway system. we know that he's ridden on the a-train, the numbering 1 train, the l-train. we're still getting more information about this but we owe that yesterday that he went to a bowling alley in williamsburg. he was feeling well at that time. except for his feeling of fatigue. >> miguel marquez is outside dr. spencer's apartment there in new york. you've been there for some time, miguel. any activity or anything changes as people learn about this situation slowly?
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>> reporter: well, certainly there is an uptick in concern here in the neighborhood. there is -- i can tell you -- a heightened police presence we've seen for some hours and as soon as that positive result came back people in the neighborhood, the mood changed very quickly. there was sort of a jovial mood earlier in the day about, you know, concerns about ebola but as soon as that positive result came back people did, some of them, expressing ebola would be in their backyard. people who live here in the building say they're going to be a lot more caution and think about what would happen if they have to deal with somebody themselves or somebody in their family getting the disease. throughout the neighborhood and the day -- public health workers have been handing these out in spanish and english informing residents of what it's takes to get ebola and when you have to be concerned essentially. trying to caution them. because of the number of trains
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he took, because of the activity that he's had, bowling alley in brooklyn, went to the park in new york, as well. people are concerned. it's a bit of a double message that they are getting. don't be concerned, you can't get it unless he's experiencing symptoms but they're tracking everywhere he's been. one thing he did not do is go to work, to blocks away from columbia presbyterian hospital. did not go to work during those ten days and they say he followed all of their protocols for an individual who returns from an infected area working with those infected with ebola. he checked his testimony and more or less stayed out of public view. and then once he did experience those symptoms, he immediately
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called health provigfessionals locked himself into his apartment. health officials will go through there and see if they can bring anything to him or get rid of anything. for now it's quiet in north manhattan. >> thanks to miguel marquez for being us. as you heard miguel us dr. spencer traveled to to getting doctors without boarders. >> that's right. the group has strict protocols for all-star returning but the keep question we keep circling around is should more be done. don lemon talked about that with dr. sanjay gupta. >> shouldn't health care workers ander peep treating those patients shouldn't they though to go out in public and possibly risk verying this series? >> here is the dichotomy, the
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run, don, you are not going to transmit the virus until you are sick, right? you're going to -- you're more likely to transit when you are more sick so it's going to be -- you're not really a threat to the general public. but having said that, you know, if someone has had an exposure that one has ebola, a health care worker taking patients up heres are opposed to africa might be the thing to do. i was in west africa. my colleague was. there was no guidance when we come back. this is the world -- the new world in which we live. the guidance will need be clear. travel bans may not work and people being ju disht about their exposure to other people i think is important and the fact that, you know, i'm sure dr.
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spencer is a very meticulous responsible guy but he was on subways and bowling and a restaurant having returned from west virginia and having pati t patients with ebola. this needs to be aggressed and answered clearly. >> a lot of questions. only three other people who had contact with dr. spencer are under quarantine. his fp and two close friends, none showing any ebola symptoms. >> he did take an uber car in manhattan. officials say the driver of that vehicle rode them -- didn't have close contact so that driver is not at risk. returning to our story, closely in new york, authorities investigating a terror attack and why this man attacked four delivers with that hatchet in his hand. surveillance cameras they'll show with the acts on a street in queens. police say he had been hiding
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behind a bus shelter as if waiting to attack the police officers. >> now, officials are concerned that attack may have been linked to terror. it's still early to know whether or not that's the case but here are the latest details from chief u.s. security correspondent jim sciutto. >> reporter: this was a brazen attack. in broad daylight on the streets in queens. four new york city police officers, they had paused to take a photo when what you're seeing right now, this man ran up and attacked them with a hatchet and critically struck one in the head and one in the arm. we're learning more about the attacker. zale thompson with a criminal record in california and discharged from the navy for misconduct. they looked at his social media, facebook page as well as postings on youtube and saw things which gave them suspicions this could be tied to recent calls by islamic groups,
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to target law enforcement like we saw in the two attacks earlier this week. a bulletin has gone out to have a heightened level of awareness like this one right here and this is the attack i've been told for some time by intelligence officials, counter terrorist officials concerned about lone wolf attacks, people who are radicalized on their own and take a chase to carry out attacks. all you need is a hatchet, the attacks in canada one with a gun and another with a car that he used to attack and a canadian soldier. the learn of concern in canada but here in the u.s., very high for these kinds of attacks. jim sciutto, cnn, washington. let's pick up where jim left off in canada. police in ottawa are piecing
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together the gun hurricane in pence's parliament shooting. michael zehaf-bibeau was a convert and his mother told police he wanted to go to syria. martin savidge reports. had been in trouble with the law before. >> reporte >> reporter: prior to his deadly rampage he had connects with one who went to fight in syria. authorities have a moment-by-moment record of his attack on parliament hill. yet much of bibeau's life is a mystery. authorities say he moved an the country and lived in question beg, ottawa, calgary and his mother was a high ranking immigration official and his parents divorced and other records show he had a criminal past mainly for drug use. it was that history which recently caught the attention of
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the royal canadian mounted police when he applied for a pass popth. >> we were aware that he had applied recently for a passport and were contacted to conduct background checks. >> reporter: his request was still being investigated when he traveled from vancouver to ottawa, said to have been begun living at the mission just block as way from parliament hill. this map who would only give me his first name as brian said he saw him several times at the shelter and bibeau really wanted that passport to go to libya. >> he wasn't talking iraq or syria. he was talking lib? >> he wanted to go back to libya. i don't know if that's where he was from or wanted to go -- to take part in whatever is going on over there. >> reporter: he was never among the 90 or so names on the travelers'trave travele
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travelers' list. speaking to christiane amanpour, the foreign minister says there are no signsisming bibeau to a terrorist organization. >> no evidence for us to know that obviously there is an investigation going on. we hope to learn more in the coming days. it was clear police authorities announced he was acting alone yesterday. >> have you rule you had ruled it out or still looking at it. >> reporter: a imman leader harshly condemned his actions. he didn't worship at your mosque? >> that kind of person should not have any place in our community. if the -- if they were able to come to our community we would like to change their mind. >> reporter: but brian says he did witness bibeau praying in the homeless shelter the night before the attack. >> he was doing this little
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chanting in the hallway, whatever, and i kind of insulted him by singing a christian prayer. >> reporter: did he react? >> i didn't even really react. it was like he was in a trance. >> reporter: bibeau would die the following day. few who knew him have come forward to speak. even his mother had little to say about him only apologizing to canadians. "i am mad at our son. i don't understand and part of me wants to hate him at this time." martin savidge, cnn, ottawa. >> well, we have this just in to cnn, the swedish military says it is calling off the search for a suspected foreign underwater vessel in the waters around stockholm. it began about a week ago after swedish intelligence picked up an emergency radio call in russian. according to a swedish newspaper, helicopters, battleships and mine sweepers
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were combing the waters amid reports the vessel was spotted but now the swedish military says the search is off. so i guess we don't know what -- >> mystery unanswered there. >> continues. all right, more girls have been kidnapped in nigeria. coming up here why people say boko haram is behind its later attack. and what it could mean for the cease-fire, nigeria says had been agreed upon. plus, many countries outside of west africa have taken precautions over the ebola outbreak. why china seems to have taken everything one step further. stay with us.
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north korean state television has just released new images of the country's leader kim jong-un. they show him guarding a military drill. that was since his reappearance this month. yet we have not seen him appear on video. 4:17 in the afternoon. that's the afternoon broadcast where these messages and images are shown. i haven't seen a cane that was visible in previous images but there he is, the so-called supreme court leader of north korea all smiles leading a military drill bringing those images to you now. there he is with the cane.
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so obviously still suffering some kind of health issue. >> certainly since the reports of his absence we've been seeing more of these staged photographs. >> i'm not sure what to make of that. meantime, let's bring you the latest out of nigeria. dozens of women and young girls taken from their hopes in the country. >> yes, locals blame boko haram terror group and tell cnn heavily armed fighters left cola nut nuts and the equivalent of 9 u.s. dollars as a bride price for each of the females taken. 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped near there back in april. isa sesay has covered that story. we were reporting that it looked like there was a breakthrough and getting the girls back and more are taken.
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what are you learning there. >> reporter: it is all very bizarre. we got this announcement last friday saying the government had struck a cease-fire deal with boko haram and as part of that deal those 219 girls that have been missing for some six months now would be released. we got to nigeria a couple of days later and in speaking to a senior government official, the government official stressed no deal has been finalized. in other words, talks under way in chad were still slashing out the details that would end the long-running insurgency and bring about the release of these girls. then we find out that following that announcement we have seen a number of attacks and more women and girls have been taken. local residents, as you point out, blaming boko haram saying they are responsible for these latest abductions. but there is a consensus here as to who is responsible or there isn't.
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one thing say locals but others say it could be the work of nonstate actors looking to destabilize attempts to bring about peace before the elections. cnn cannot end pi verify who was behind them but have heard from local governments 60 women and girls were taken. where does it leave talks? the question we put to senior government officials and say the talks continue and those are still going on in chad and officials say those talks are on track and saying they believe that they will get a deal. but events on the ground complicating matters. >> absolutely. and just before we go here, is nigeria still getting international help ever since that campaign bring back our girls went global? didn't more international countries try to help nigeria with this crisis? >> reporter: yeah, you're absolutely right. a number of international parties came to nigeria among
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them the united states, the french, the british, all lending their support to nigerian efforts to locate the girls but worth pointing out that help, that assistance was always advisory in nature. where things stand now remains unclear but the talks in cad are between the nigerians, the chadians and boko haram militants we're told. >> isha sesay, thank you, in abuja, nigeria. a hero's welcome for being edited for saving lives in the canadian parliament. how he's downplaying the attention he's receiving, kevin vickers. s uk is trying to stop protesters from turn nothing extremists but is deradicallation even working? stay with us on cnn. ♪
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be prepared. make sure you have auto alert. if you or someone you love would like information about philips lifeline with autoalert, call now and we'll send you this free brochure, and ask about free activation when you order. call this number. call now. north america was treated to this show. a partial solar eclipse was seen in most of the states and in canada as the moon clipped the setting sun. now, this lasted for two hours. if you missed it, don't worry, be patient. be very patient. nasa says a more rare and dramatic total ellipse will occur over north america in three years. we'll put that on our calendar because i missed it. damaging storms are taking a toll on the northeastern u.s.
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and probably did not see the partial eclipse. >> yeah, unfortunately, karen maginnis joins us from the national weather center with details on that and more. karen? >> yes, we have kiquite a few vw of what is a happening in new england with all the big storms but a wig swath of the united states very quiet. northwest has been battered by storms but it's new england that has fared the worst over the last 24 to 48 hours as an area of low pressure continues to track towards the canadian maritimes. that area of low pressure pull as way but there's a secondary low right behind it moving across eastern canada. as a result we'll start to see the wind pick up into the eastern great lakes. but also into nova scotia, prince edward island and further toward the east. leftover precipitation from boston to new york. these are called nor'easters for a couple of reasons. one, those areas of low pressure follow that northeastern
12:26 am
coastline but the left quadrant produces the moisture that moves back onshore and seen wind gusts 70 kilometers per hour and will gradually taper off never the next day or so. in some areas of mara schiavocampo, 100 to 200 millimeters. this used to be a hurricane and moved across bermuda. uk but now looking at it moving across southeastern sections of europe, heavy flooding, heavy downpours and gusty winds and colder air. natalie, errol, back to you. >> quite a mouthful. a u.s. doctor now infected with ebola reportedly took an uber ride, even went bowling with friends before showing simms. >> right, so should a health care worker know better? our chief medical associate weighs in right after this.
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i'm errol barnett. i'm natalie allen. in our headlines this hour, officials trying to why this man attacked four new york police officers with a hatchet. surveillance video shows zale thompson with the ax. he struck one officer in the arm, another in the back of the head. and employs fatally shot him at the seen. a man runs with a rifle toward parliament. the gunman michael zehaf-bibeau had online connections with jihad diss and wanted to go to syria.
12:31 am
>> a doctor has tested positive for the virus. craig spencer is in isolation at a new york hospital. officials say he contacted shorshor authorities after developing a high fever and the public is not at risk of catching the disease. >> spencer landed last friday and made it through the enhanced screening procedures there and up until yesterday he was symptom-free? over the past week he rode the subway, visited a bowling alley and a restaurant but the major a few hours ago reassured new yorkers they're not in danger of contracting the virus.
12:32 am
new york city has the most advanced medical equipment and we have been preparing for months for the threat posed by ebola we have been preparing for months and clear and strong protocols being scrupulously followed and were followed in this instance and bellevue hospital is specially designed for isolation, identification and treatment of ebola patients. every hospital in the city is prepared in the event that other patients come forward. >> new york officials wanting to reassure new yorkers they have it under control. at the same time the bowling alley that spencer visited is closed as a precautionary measure. the gutter as it's called in brooklyn says on its facebook page it's been in constant contact with the health department and they determine there was no risk to our
12:33 am
customers. a 2-year-old girl has just become mali's first ebola case. the world health organization says she was taken to mali from neighboring guinea after ebola killed her father. she's being cared for at a hospital in mali. there are 10,000 cases there in west africa. now, while west africa battles the worst ebola outbreak in history most of the world waits wondering if the next virus will reach them. in china they've been preparing for months even pulling people off planes to prevent the disease from spreading. david mackenzie joins me with a bit more of a discussion on this. china is a country of more than a billion people. cities are a major transit hub so what happens there is felt around the rest of the world. david, what's been taking place? >> reporter: well, that's right, errol. most researchers say asia will inevitably have at some point a case of ebola landing on its
12:34 am
shores particularly china with the world's second busiest airport here in beijing and certainly china has learned from painful experience about the dangers of not preparing. >> reporter: it could be ebola but these are from the sars end deckic. at first they hid it. dr. peters says sars caught china by surprise and changed their tactics dramatically. >> they were flat-footed and unprepared and learned they had to do reporting and have a system and clearly learned how to stopped to public health disasters. >> reporter: with sars the response was often da conian. mandatory quarantine for continues of thousands in hospitals and apartments. closing off of schools, office,
12:35 am
entire communities. since sars deadly outbreak of swine flew and bird flu have rocked china. the response is rapid and centralized with mass animal and bird exterminations carried out without question. the response to ebola is no different. in guangdong province where many trade more than 5,000 people were put under mandatory medical observation before being released and while the u.s. has begun some airport screenings china has been strictly policing entry points for months. interest at least august, chinese authorities have been inspecting passenger manifests and pulling people from the plane right at the gate who come from ebola-affected areas to test and question them. [ speaking a foreign language ] "the population of china is so big, so they need to be strict"
12:36 am
says mr. shu. the international community should follow china's example. china has learned the hard way to control end democrat seconds. the true test will be if ebola lands on its shores. >> and if ebola does arrive here there's another thing to think about. china and the communist party, errol, obviously controls the media here. there is very little free press, of course, it's all owned by the state. so that can work in the country's advantage if local and national officials are truthful about any ebola cases but as we saw in sars it could lead to a disadvantage. the key with communication release the information so people stay safe but not to spread panic. errol. >> one of the benefits of a single party government is whatever they diecide to do the can do collect link i.
12:37 am
thanks. natalie. canadians are paying tribute to the reservist killed in wednesday's attack. the mayor of nathan cirillo's attack says he believes it will include full military honors. this was taken a short time before he was killed. political leaders in the canadian public pause at the war memorial thursday to pay their respects to corporal cirillo. prime minister stephanie schriock -- stephen harper brought flowers to the site. >> it is not a happy day for everybody in particular. terribly sad day. for the family, loved ones of both. >> and in the halifax chronicle herald a touching political cartoon shows soldiers on the national war memorial reaching
12:38 am
out to cirillo as he lies bleeding on the ground. canadian lawmakers are back on the job led into the parliament by sergeant at arms kevin vickers who shot the sustained gunman, michael zehaf-bibeau. >> he got a lengthy standing ovation as he led the procession into the house of commons. you know he seemed to downplay the situation releasing a statement thanking the security team at parliament. now, the uk is trying to recount it with deradicallation programs. some say it doesn't work. ateak atika schubert from
12:39 am
london. >> reporter: this is what put romanoff in prison. he joined a demonstration against a danish carton depicting the prophet muhammad calling for quote another 9/11. his charge, he doesn't see as a crime. >> the proof you're trying to do a crime will hurt anybody but rather is targeting what you believe. >> reporter: he served his sentence and paired with a mentor at a youth lub. it does not seem to have worked. >> to be honest with you, my entire time involved involved visit, play pool with sometimes i was in prison with for awhile before then i would go home. >> reporter: he was arrested a few weeks ago on suspected terror offenses and continues to spread his extremist beliefs. >> he's one exception that didn't want to engage, didn't believe he had a problem with
12:40 am
extremism and just felt that we were reporting him. >> reporter: he was once an extremist himself and now he heads the active change foundation, the not in my name campaign to denounce isis. it went viral. he has mentored dodds of muslim youth but rahman was not a success. >> we accept there are those that cannot be helped who have been so radicalized, so brainwashed that they just don't want to change. >> reporter: so can anyone really be deradicalized? what about the 500 estimated young british men and a few women that have joined islamic groups in syria and iraq. as they have questioned the programs, british fundings for acf has plummeted. in 2008 the british government spent $140 on countering extremism and dwipdled to $1.7
12:41 am
million. meanwhile, rahman's online audience swelled to 11,000 followers on twitter and insists he is open to debate. >> i'm happy to sit down and argue -- as an open, fair, structured debate. i'll present my argument and let them present their argue. so definitely uk needs change and needs to have something changed and i believe the best solution for all of these programs is islam. >> reporter: this challenge is a ploy to get a wider audience. for rahman there is no quick fix. >> it's not a put it through the washer machine and let it come out clean. it can go on for a number of months if not years. >> reporter: in the battle for harts and minds, it seems victory is elusive, atika schubert, cnn, london. >> the ironic thing open debate
12:42 am
is possibly in western countries like the uk and not in others. they want that to criticize it. >> and taking advantage of it. still to come what is life really like under the rule of isis? coming up we'll take you inside the military group's self-cleared capital city and syria. defectors and prop gaganda into north korea via balloons. not even death threats seem to stop them.
12:43 am
12:44 am
coalition forces launch the strikes agains militants in kobani, syria. >> the u.s.-led group hoping to
12:45 am
beat back the terror group's relentless assault. however the extremists have the border city surrounded on throw fronts as they move from the west. >> if isis seizes kobani it would control a major chunk of syria stretching all the way from the turk other border to the group's de facto cap, the city of raqqah. >> nick paton walsh gives us a rare and grisly look inside this isis stronghold, i have to give you a warning, some of what you're about to see is disturbing. >> reporter: isis rules raqqah but not every soul there. only in the dead of night, though, do those who resist dare spray anti-isis slogans. filming could get you killed. they distribute leaflets. at dawn they put up this poster.
12:46 am
syrian president bashar al assad says a two sides at the same coin. syria is free, free, isis get out. these images filmed secretly by activists inside raqqah documents life under isis. its quietest streets. there is no corner. no generation they do not impact upon. they call children here to listen. to ignore or not tell their parents and come. notice here what they have to say to the youngest. [ speaking a foreign language ] "i swear to god we will see a caliphate based on the prophecy," he says. "the state is a ship fueled with the blood of the martyrs. be with this state or i swear you will be with the ones who get killed, who get killed because they fought god and the
12:47 am
prophet. i swear you'll be killed like a sheep and chicken, a cow. i swear to god that if you do not accept the religion of god." daily life infected with fear. gruesome images ahead. when it's not possible to woalk through the center of town without seeing their victims. they killed and then beheaded. their bodies on the streets heads on spikes. this is the town center. these are normal people going about their day. however, possible under isis normal is. nick paton walsh, cnn, shg. >> i didn't look. well, now we move to south korea where activists are trying to change things by sending propaganda across the border. low tech, using balloons. >> but as paula hancocks reports
12:48 am
they're being shot down and could get worse. >> reporter: this man is well aware he's on a hit list but won't stop. renowned for sending propaganda leaflets across the border in balloons. two weeks ago his balloons were fired upon by the north sparking an exchange of fire between the two countries. we are criticizing kim young un, the third generation dictator who abuses the rights of 20 million north koreans. they're shooting at letters that denounce the leader sent along with cash, dft vds and sometimes food. oth defectors also question his legitimacy. it looks like they another book
12:49 am
tracing the regime but once you look up side it's criticizing the leader and questioning his claim to the throne. it's likely this book that has annoyed pyongyang the most according to them. this man was almost assassinated when south korean police arrested the man these weapons were found on him including a ball point pen that fires bul t bullets filled with poison. the intelligence agency tells us this would cause muscle paralysis followed by suffocation and death. just this april says park, somebody sent me a dead pigeon with its head cut off saying they would kill me the same way. in june they sent me three dead mice saying i would suffer the same fate and yet he continues. with round the clock police protect. he's convinced it makes a difference spreading always ji little information in the most isolated country on earth. paula hancocks, cnn, seoul. serious balloon campaign.
12:50 am
>> yeah. >> isn't it? well, here's one, the chinese government said jazz musician kenny g was participating in illegal activity after this picture of him in front of pro-democracy protesters. they are fueled by outside agents. >> now he quickly deleted that picture and sent out this tweet saying, reading, it's unfair that i'm being used by anyone to say that i am showing support for the demonstrators. i am not supporting the demonstrators. >> i always knew he liked to travel. football on the weekend is nothing new in the uk but can this ever catch on across the pond? key question, answer is coming up.
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a first for chain. they have just launched an experimental spacecraft that will orbit the moon and return to earth. this is a test run for a future unmanned voyage to the moon. china intends to land a craft on the moon in 2017, have it revived lunar samples and then return home. see how that goes. well, the national football league holding the second of its three international games. we are exporting your football -- >> i think it's kind of cool. >> -- to london. my friend lynn went to london for the game.
12:54 am
detroit lions and our own aftat falcons will square off. >> it will start in the afternoon local time but fans in the states, means an early wake-up call and this is a gamble for the nfl. all of it in an effort to build a worldwide audience. >> on display in do it -- >> a few minutes ago -- >> we're excited because it's going to be breakfast in america, so to speak. >> touchdown. >> i think it's cool. it's unique and it's exciting to be the ofirst ones to do it. >> everybody gets an opportunity to watch us play and see how the crowd is over here. >> reporter: now that nfl teams are used to flying across the atlantic for games there is a new innovation as the league looks to expand globally and become richer. east coast kickoff time of 9:30 in the morning.
12:55 am
>> let's go. >> the clear focus see how it works in the uk. see what it does for the teams themselves from the logistical side of things and benefits in terms of exposure to the states and new kickoff window and also expanding into it with a more suitable time slot is a good thing for us. >> reporter: a risk but nfl bosses hope this new, american breakfast time slot could be as successful as monday night football untested when it was launched in 1970 it's now an institution. the second longest running tv show in the u.s. and with an average of more than 30 million viewers per week, topping its time slots ahead of world famous shows like "the big bang theo theory," "dancing with the stars" and "the voice." >> there is a history of watching in the early morning hours, "breakfast with
12:56 am
wimbledon" for years. they will get 1 to 1.5 million viewers on a saturday/sunday morning. compared to what else is on air at that time, clearly the nfl will do much better and get 5 million, 6 million viewers. >> reporter: with its reputation hit by the domestic abuse scandal it might seem a strange time for the nfl to experiment, but so far that crisis has affected the league's commercial value and they're gambling on an early game living up to its tag line of history in the making. >> and hopefully we will export tailgating as he will with. >> that be great. let's send that overseas. >> thanks for watching. i'm natalie allen? and i'm errol barnett. for our american viewers "early start" is next. for those watching internationally "cnn newsroom" is after this. have a great day. >> see ya. q.
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breaking overnight, ebola in new york city. the deadly virus now in the nation's largest metropolitan area. the victim on the subway, in a bowling alley, with friends just hours before the symptoms surfaced. health care workers and city officials now tracking his every move since returning from west africa. >> new york police on high alert investigating possible links to terrorism after a man attacks police officers with a hatchet. new information on a gunman who killed a canadian soldier.