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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 24, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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friends. that's it for me. thank you very much for watching. join us again monday right here in "the situation room." dvr the show. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. breaking news. a deadly high school shooting. the freshman homecoming prince killing one student, wounding four more and killing himself. some witnesses are saying it may have been over a teenage romance gone bad. all playing out on social media. terror in new york. two policemen wounded by a self-radicalized man with a hatchet. misca police calling it an act of terror. and step by step as a health care worker just back from west africa is under mandatory quarantine by the governor of new jersey. let's go "outfront."
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good evening. i'm erin burnett. breaking news, a deadly school shooting in washington state in the cafeteria in marysville. 35 miles north of seattle. witnesses say the student, freshman jaylen fryberg, walked up to one table, starting shooting students from behind. a young woman was killed, four others wounded and the gunman then took his own life. right now, there are three students in critical condition fighting for their lives with serious head wounds. one witness said the students were his friends, that it was not a random act. witnesses say that fryberg had recently broken up with his girlfriend. his last tweet saying, it won't last. it will never last. his social media account show him hunting, fishing, using rifles.
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he was announced as the homecoming prince last friday. our susan candiotti is in marysville tonight at a nearly church. susan, the story as it played out today on social media, on live television, was one of the most strange stories we have heard in a very long time in terms of their relationship. what more are you hearing? >> reporter: you know, it's certainly whenever any of these school shootings happen, it rattles a community. in this instance, as you said, we have been hearing a lot from people who knew him, who are telling us about what they saw in the cafeteria, and what they know about him. and social media is, as you pointed out, maying ingplaying e in this. and that is where a lot of information is coming from that is certainly something that law enforcement sources tell us they are looking at. in addition to talking to the friends and family who knew him. but erin, we also have new
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information tonight on the weapon that was used in this case. it's described by law enforcement sources as a .40 caliber beretta, described as a high capacity hand gun, semiautomatic. but it did not have an extended magazine on it. at this point, we don't know whether they found any afterwards, but it's something they're looking at. also, this information. the gun we are told has been traced according to sources and it belongs to his father. now, as part of any investigation, a search warrant is now being prepared and is being executed at the family home so that they can look more into what other weapons might have been in the house. you recall you may also have seen there may have been some social media posings, including facebook, that show the suspected shooter in this case posing with guns, saying that his parents had given him guns.
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but we don't know whether that has anything to do with this particular instance. again, social media postings are very critical to this investigation, because there are so many of them out there. but at this time, we want to concentrate on the victims in this case. as you know, two dead, four injured, thee of them critically. people here trying to wrap their arms about what happened here. and at the high school tonight, there will be a vigil in memory of the lives that were lost here. erin? >> and susan, we know that one other student has been killed. we know that was a girl. do you know the other thee students, the ones that are now in critical condition, any update on their condition and whether they are going to make it? >> reporter: no update at this time. but we believe that a news conference will be held in the not too distant future. so hopefully we'll be getting updates about that. >> thank you very much, susan candiotti. the fbi is now in marysville to try to assist in the
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investigation. evan perez is out front. what is the fbi looking for? we just heard susan reporting on this gun, that it was his father's gun, that there wasn't an extended magazine, at least as far as they can figure right now. >> that's part of the investigation, to try to figure out what might have driven this gunman to do this. he did a lot of social media, as a lot of young people his age do. what we have seen is some indication that in the last few weeks, he's seen to be really signaling that something big was happening. so that's going to be a big part of what the fbi does, which is to look at maybe some behavioral analysis of this kid to try to understand and maybe try to prevent these things. >> certainly so many watching saying it is incomprehensible that this could happen yet again in this country. a country that is so far failed
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to pass more gun legislation. thank you very much, evan perez. the cafeteria was filled with students at the time of the shooting. nate is a junior in marysville and joining me on the phone is ri rachel, a freshman. i'm sorry for both of you and what you saw and endured today. i know that you -- rachel, i know you know both jaylen and one of the victims. can you tell me what happened today in that cafeteria? >> we were sitting, eating lunch and we heard about five or six gunshots. as soon as that happened, everyone -- most of the first instincts were to run out of the cafeteria. >> and i know you -- where did you go then? how close were you, rachel? >> i was pretty close. i was a couple tables away actually from jaylen and we all -- most of us ran out the
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back door. we ran pretty far away from the scene and went to the church nearby. >> rachel, i know also that you knew jaylen, but you know one of the victims, a girl. can you tell me about her? >> yes, i do. . she's a very great person. she was very caring and she was always very comforting person and always loved the people around her. she was -- she was very supportive of all of her friends and very open to be there for her friends at all times. >> do you know anything about the relationship she had with jaylen fryberg? was this a relationship or do you have any senses to why he shot the people he shot? >> i don't. i know they were all pretty good friends, and i have no idea why
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he would go for those people at all. >> what do you know about him? the country is now hearing about a young man that ostensibly seemed happy, a young man that loved to be outside, a young man who was the homecoming prince. what did you know about him? >> i knew that he was -- that's what i knew. he was a really nice person and he was athletic. he loved hunting, and he loved, you know, the people around him and he was just a great person. he was very outgoing. yeah, he was just a great person. >> obviously not something that you would expect to hear. i think a lot of people when they hear you talking say that it's not what they expect to hear either. nate is with us now. nate, you were also in that cafeteria. i know that your cousin knew jaylen, the man who did the
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shooting here. what do you know about him? what kind of person was he? >> well, i was actually on the outside of the cafeteria. i heard the gunshots go off, and he was actually my best friend's cousin. but you know, i know the shooter. i know he's a good kid. he is well respected in the community, and like i said, he is a good kid, he was homecoming prince. so a lot of people had good hopes for him and thought the best of him. >> so there's nothing from how you see it that would explain something so horrific happening? >> you know, i didn't even see him -- i saw him this morning actually. before first period i got to see him today and i just said, you know, how are you doing, buddy? i hope everything is going okay, because recently there was a suspension involved. so i just talked to him, told
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him he could come to me any time he wanted to. he said okay, thank you. he did a little hand shake and he was off. he looked pretty content with life, so i didn't think anything of it. >> how do you feel tonight, to both of you? nate, you both are speaking so clearly and so concisely and so honestly. but i can't imagine what you're feeling right now. >> you know, i'm shocked just like everyone in this community is. my prayers go out to the families of the victims, the shooter's families and my prayers go out to the witnesses who also saw it. we're all going to come together from this. >> rachel, how are you doing now that -- you were just two tables away and you saw this happen. >> yeah, definitely really heartbreaking and disturbing kind of to know that this happened in our school and that this is a good friend of mine. it's just something that is
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going to take time to cope with. i just feel so bad for everyone who this happened to and who experienced this. >> nate, you just said you saw him this morning and that he seemed -- i think the word you used was content. you've been saying you can come to me any time because he had just gone through a suspension. as we're all trying to understand what could have gone so horribly wrong to cause someone to do something so horrific, do you know what the suspension was about, anything is >> you know, there's a lot of stories going about. i don't know the full story, so i don't want to put anything out there. i know there was a couple words said toward him that he obviously didn't like. there was a fight that happened, and he was suspended. >> all right. so that gives us a little bit of a sense. so you're saying it's something he did in response to bullying it sounds like? >> yeah, it was something in
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response to the bullying. i'm not saying the shooting was particularly the reason of that, but the suspension was from bullying and a fight that had broken out between him and another classmate. >> thank you for sharing this, both of you. i know it's hard for you, but we are grateful for you taking the time. next, it looked like a teen love affair gone wrong. in many ways it looked typical when you saw it on social media. but it's ended in such utter horror. a disturbing story, all of it online and in plain sight. new details about where the ebola patient in new york went before ending up if a hospital. we have every single step of the way as new jersey quarantines a woman back from west africa tonight. and was dr. craig spencer a hero or not? should he have known better when he came home? [ male announcer ] some come here
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breaking news on the deadly school shooting north of seattle, a student who was the homecoming prince opens fire in the high school cafeteria, killing one woman and wounds other students before turning the gun on himself. three students are in critical condition and all with serious head wounds. and tnd we are learning more
4:17 pm
about the freshman said to be freshman, jaylen fryberg. so what made his commit this heinous crime? a romance gone wrong. we are "outfront." >> reporter: social media shows two images of jaylen fryberg. days ago he was announced as the freshman homecoming kid. a popular kid. friendly. his facebook account shows his pride in the tulalip tribe and he is shown here on a boat and in other pictures hunting. this shows him holding a rifle. this is not a weapon to be believed used in the fatal school shooting. he loves his family. probably the best birthday present ever, i just love my parents. but turn to twitter and a second more troubling image appears. in recent months the freshman
4:18 pm
tweeted multiple times a dave. it breaks me. i know it seems like i'm sweating it off, but i'm not. and i never will be able to. i'm tired of this [ expletive ]. and then he says this, it won't last -- it will never last. cnn was told this horrific incident came out of nowhere. >> i think his girlfriend broke up with him app the tweets everyone has been re-tweeted of their conversation has been pretty -- pretty brutal, honestly. so that could have been affecting it. >> when you hear those tweets and many others full of expletives, have you come across
4:19 pm
this yet or are the tweets between him and the girlfriend? >> it seems to be reacting to the girlfriend and the reason we are interested in the social media postings, these are more direct flags. they will say they will do x, y and z, and so lawmaker combing through the social media postings. we haven't come across any direct threat but certainly having those answers about why is so critical in trying to prevent the next one. erin. >> thank you very much. and now "outfront," a former special agent in charge, matt whois and psychologist, wendy walsh. good to have both of you with us. let me start with you, matt. you used to live right here near marysville so you are familiar with the area and it is a personal shock when people say this could never happen and it has happened where you were from. when you hear about what we're now learning, it appears there
4:20 pm
is a social media trail and full of expletives and full of anger, does this surprise you? >> it doesn't surprise me. this is the 74th school shooting in the last 18 months and it thinks of us to look at aspects of what with is going on with our children. there are tweets and facebook postings and pictures with guns that could have alarmed someone along the way. in this case it didn't. to unfortunately, we are yet again at another school shooting with more death and carnage and left to answer, why, how and who was responsible? >> 74 in 18 months is a stunning number. you just heard the report and the posts on social media. i wanted to read another one. he tweets, all right, you [ expletive ] got me. that broke me. it breaks me. it actually does. i know it seems like i'm sweating it off but i'm not and
4:21 pm
i'll never be able to. and you see these and see what happened. and it is aching to read these. when you hear these tweets, what do you think? >> well, my first thought as a parent is why aren't his parents reading these tweets, why aren't they following him on twitter? it is a public broadcast around the world, and why aren't school officials watching them? we as parents need to follow all of our children's soeshlg media. and looking at the twitter feed, remember this is not a fully developed brain. this child was a middle schooler not too long ago and a lot of sexual frustration and obscenities and loves of guns. so if you take that whole cluster, a youthful young brain and worshiping of guns and loving hunting, angry and suspension from school, you have to start to look at it in context. >> i want to ask you about the suspension. we just heard from a young man,
4:22 pm
a junior who said he had spoken to jaylen this morning said i know you're back from the suspension, let me know if you need anything. he told me the broad outlines of what happened. there was an incident where he was bullied and he had a fight with somebody and then he was suspended. but we don't know the details here. but we have only known he was the homecoming, quote, unquote, prince. when you hear that, you think about a popular kid, which everybody likes and that is what we are hearing from the other kids but that doesn't fit the profile about the loner kid over in the corner that people associate with these things. >> and there is something else we can add to an over-arc with that is that he was going through a break up. a rupture in a critical moment of need. he's being bullied and there was a suspension because of it and
4:23 pm
perhaps this was part of the rejection by this girl. i'm not going to hang out with a guy who is going to be suspended or getting into fights. and not to blame her. no woman should be forced to go with anyone. but here is a young developing brain who is slowly shifting his secure base of the parent into a young adult -- not even adult, adolescent romantic attention and because he was predisposed, this could have erupted into violence. >> matt, what do you make of this, the suspension and possible bullying from another student and someone around the quote, unquote, the home coming kid and popular. >> everything was not as it truly seemed in this case. and at the end of the day, this is a young man who apparently had problems at some point in time, he had access to firearms and he used a firearm to kill other children in a school. a place where people expect their children to go to school
4:24 pm
and be safe from things like this from happening. and at this point, unfortunately, we have deceased victims and the perpetrator who was deceased and all at the hands of a firearm. >> thank you very much matt and wendy. up next, trains, tacky, a bowling alley, ebola doctor spencer was all around new york. we traced every step. and now there is a mandating quarentine from some coming from the ebola zone. we'll tell you what the new rules taking effect tonight are. and he unselfishly volunteered to treat ebola patients but did he selfishly expose others to the virus. and a hatchet yielding man, and now it is not random, they are calling it an act of terror. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked.
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built for business. breaking news, the governors of new york and new jersey announcing a mandatory quarentine from anyone returning from the ebola area and had direct contact with an ebola patient. meanwhile dr. spencer is now in stable condition. his fiancee and two other
4:29 pm
friends are still under quarantine. and those new rules would mean spencer wouldn't have been able to do what he did the last couple of days. they are tracing what he's done since he returned from guinea and jason carol traced those steps. >> the doctor's apartment is sealed, off limits to all except health department officials who sent in experts to decontaminate his unit. all of this as they piece together spencer's whereabouts prior to being diagnosed with ebola. >> we've been tracking down and seeking to account for every minute since 7:00 a.m. on october 21st. >> spencer returned to the united states on october 17th. after treating ebola patients in guinea. feeling fine, he was checking his temperature twice a day. on tuesday, october 21st, 7:00 a.m., again, no fever. but spencer tells investigators that morning he was feeling
4:30 pm
fatigue and exhaustion. still, around 3:00 p.m. on tuesday, spencer stops here in the greenwich village at the meatball shop, a popular chain here in new york city, as of noon they were closed but there is a sign that said by tonight they will be open. >> and he heads to a popular walkway on the manhattan west side and stops at the blue bottle coffee stand. >> the health department came in this morning and just to make sure that we were safe. i don't think anyone is unhealthy. everybody is healthy and happy. >> spencer takes the one train back to the station near his home. wednesday, october 22nd, still no fever. 1:00 that afternoon, he goes for a three mile run along manhattan's riverside drive and west side highway. 5:30 early wednesday evening, he hops on the subway, destination,
4:31 pm
williamsberg, brooklyn. he took the l train to williamsberg and they also know at that point i was feeling fatigued but still not running a high temperature. >> and the train like most trains can get crowded but when spencer took the train, he was not exhibiting any symptoms and therefore, they say, he was not contagious. >> two of spencer's friends join him on the ride to the gutter bowling alley and now temporarily closed for cleaning. >> i would definitely not voluntarily go there right now. >> on wednesday, he left the bowling alley and took the taxi service uber, and then the next day he reports a temperature of 103 to doctors without boards and the city health department was notified. he was immediately transferred to bellevue hospital and
4:32 pm
isolated. city officials are confident spencer was not widely contagious. >> casual contact cannot lead to acquiring this disease. the only threat is if one has come in contact directly with the bodily fluids of someone that has this disease. >> and erin, despite the mayor's words, there are still people we spoke to today that are still feeling uneasy about an ebola patient being here in new york city. and i spoke to just as many people, whether they are on the sub way or the high line today who feels the city health officials have the situation under control. erin. >> jason, thank you. joining me now is the new york city health commissioner dr. mary basset. dr. basset, thank you so much. this is a day you have prepared a long, long time for. i new new york city feels like it is ready. the question a lot of people
4:33 pm
have is dr. spencer wasn't going to work during the incubation period because he didn't want to be around patients and checking his temperature twice a day as he was told to do but this is the second health care worker who was doing the self-monitoring that got ebola but he was using mass transit and going to restaurants. and here is common sense, if you are treating ebola patients and told not to go to work, why are you going to restaurants and using matt transit. >> let's keep in mind dr. spencer was well. he was well when he left africa and well when he left for europe so when he came through he had no fever and felt good and checking his temperature twice a day. i think it is a policy of doctors without borders that they ask people to self isolate. it doesn't mean that you don't leave your house it. means you restrict yourself to -- well to seeing a few people. at leasts that what he d. b s s
4:34 pm
is what he did. but if they are not symptom attic, they are not at risk. >> and i know he was feeling sluggish as did the nurse. and they are look at those times but they feel that is low risk. and the governor of new york and new jersey have announced a mandatory quarentine that would have applied to dr. spencer. let me read it to you. >> i haven't seen anything in writing about it. >> there will be a mandatory quarentine for anyone in direct contact with an individual infected with the ebola virus. >> that would apply to him. some of the other things, they describe high-risk patients and we don't consider somebody in general who uses personal protective equipment, that is the gear that people have all seen, there is a picture of dr. spencer in that --
4:35 pm
>> hazmat. >> and we don't consider them high risk looking after a patient with ebola because protective gear works. >> and today i spoke with the office of emergency management joe esposito. and ask i if this is just the first case we might see here in new york city? >> do you expect there will be more ebola in new york city. >> because it is new york city and the amount of people that come through this city from other countries we have a high probability of having more cases. will we have more cases? yeah. have we put more things into place to take care of it? yes. >> we are a global city. we have one of the world's busiest airports. we welcome people from all parts of the world. so if there is anyplace where we should be prepared as we are, it should be new york city. so you know, we have had our first patient. will we have another one?
4:36 pm
i think that we certainly will not be surprised. >> well dr. basset, thank you so much. >> thank you, it is a pleasure. and "outfront" next, craig spencer followed protocol but should a doctor who treated people in west africa have known better. and the self radicalized man who took a hatchet to to policemen and he is now being called a terrorist. e financial noise
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breaking news, an american doctor diagnosed with ebola is in stable condition at a new york city hospital. his fiancee and friends are under quarentine. officials are trying to trace any other possible contacts. there is no question spencer was heroic, he traveled by choice to west africa to treat ebola patients, risking his life but many are outraged he traveled around the most populated city in the united states after he was sluggish from returning from treating those patients. miguel marquez is out front. >> reporter: dr. craig spencer, hero or zero. harsh judgment on the doctor working to save the lies of
4:41 pm
other. one wrote why the hell is a doctor without borders not being quarantined after treating ebola patients. is the urj to bowl that overwhelming. he visited a city park and went out to eat, all of that in seven days upon his return. many new yorkers and the internet went just a little crazy. jacqueline k wrote he's a selfish, self-enter manhattan uber doctor who refused self quarantine after he returned from africa. >> people who live in his building, they aren't calling names but they are on high alert. >> knowing it came here now, it is very scary. >> and through this picture, even through full protection gear, you can see the doctor's smile. he post it to facebook on september 18th and then began a
4:42 pm
month long stint for doctors without borders in guinea. then nearly a thousand dead. he went to brussels and on to new york where he was screened at jfk and no signs of ebola. he was where nearly 10,000 has the ebola is heroic. and sarah wrote thank to doctor spencer and the others who put themselves at risk. rachel ray added sad for another doctor suffering with ebola. 24 doctors without border staffers have contracted ebola and 13 have died. they say spencer followed the strict protocols and reported his symptoms promptly, adding as long as the patient hasn't developed symptoms, the risk of can tajous is zero. it has come home and some like mike want a zero tolerance
4:43 pm
policy. doctor spencer, he wrote, i hope your medical license is revoked and you are prosecuted. now after about eight hours of new york city hazmat teams in the doctor's apartment, the lights have gone out and it looks like they have been scrubbing and sanitizing it all day but there is not anything that goes by that you don't know. we ran some tape where police officers were outside and they were wearing gloves and they discarded them in a public receptac receptacle. and any time they put up tape they are meant to wear rubber glovers and they have to wear rubber gloves. in this case they did not go up to the apartment. just because you see a picture doesn't necessarily make something a fact or make something true. erin. >> miguel, thank you very much. people were sending me that today knew. they didn't go near the apartment but people were quick to be afraid of that. joining me now is cnn's medical
4:44 pm
doctor, dr. sanjay gupta. there is a lot of anger out there on social media, you did something heroic, but you are a doctor. why were you doing this? the bottom line question is now there is -- in new york and new jersey, if he came back today he would be put in mandatory quarentine. should he have stayed in his apartment? >> well, look, the doctors without borders have specific guidelines on this. and i've gone through this and they specifically say that quarentine -- self-quarentine is neither recommended or warranted. so it is important to point out this guy comes back from doing the work he's doing overseas and taking care of patients and risking his own line and following the exact guidance that he's been given. live your life. if you get sick or develop a fever and call us and an action plan will be put forth. but he did exactly what he's
4:45 pm
supposed to do. so the idea because he is a doctor he should have somehow quarentined himself, i get that thinking and i understand that fear, but this is a collision of science and social fear. and erin, one of the things is going to change. it is not the science. the fear will change. right now you can understand there is so much fear but over time people will understand that he was really not a threat to the general public. and that is really the largest issue here. >> and do you have any sense on how he could have -- we have pictures of him on the facebook page in a hazmat suit, any possibility of how he could have contracted it? >> it is unclear. the whole organization, they've been doing this sort of work for decades. they really haven't had -- they've had very few people who have gotten infected, most of them this year. most likely it occurred at some point when he was removing his gear. you can imagine contamination on your gloves or gown and taking off the gear and somehow a contamination occurred but that is the most likely scenario.
4:46 pm
but it is rare among the organization. >> it certainly is. they have had a great track record. thank you so much. and up next, a crazy man with a hatchet attacked two people. tonight we learning about his extremist beliefs. and nurse nina pham. this is the wonderful story of the day. healthy and out of the hospital getting a special congratulations before heading home to dallas. we put all the apps you love... inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo innovating for you.
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breaking news, officials now say the hatchet attack against the new york city police officers yesterday was an act of terror, the man charged four officers, leaving one in critical condition. as you watch here, you see the man frozen on the street. the man was self radicalized. a canadian soldier was shot and killed on wednesday, and another soldier was killed in a hit-and-run by a car on monday. deborah feyerick is out front. and deb, i knew when we first
4:51 pm
saw this video, out front, just horrif horrific, that they were unsure what happened. now they say they believe it is an act of terror, why? >> well, it is still up for debate, you're right, new york city's top cop said this is an act of terrorism. he felt comfortable calling it an act of terror, however, he said you know in the suspect's mind it was an act of terrorism and now the fbi is going to launch an investigation to make its determination. and the reason for this, nobody wants to get out ahead and call the crazy acts, acts of radical extremism, what we know is that two years ago, his footprint was on radical government materials. take a listen. >> he has an extensive social media presence we have been able to look at some of that.
4:52 pm
the common thread that goes through the conversations are anti-western. anti-government. and in some cases, anti-white. and in addition, more recent indicators based on the search of his computer show activities visiting websites that are focused on designated terrorist groups, isis, al qaeda, al shabab, as well as looking at different acts of violence, including beheadings. >> so he was really doing something minute by minute or event by minute kind of analysis of what was going on. his catalyst was watching the canadian shooting, the parliament shooting, that is when he decided to take his action and use the hatchet against the four police officers. even in canada, the law is, they have been very careful and very measured. clearly there is an element of extremism, what is sort of causing them to do this.
4:53 pm
in the case of the royal canadian police there, they say look, we have to look at the radicalization, but also the criminal element, the drug abuse, violence, everything, this may have been a very, very bad week. authorities are on guard for other attacks. right now they're sort of testing the waters on this one. we have to hope this is just a few events, deb, thank you. and next, the wonderful story of the day, you all know her, nina pham. right? we all fell in love with her, the first person in the united states to contract ebola. well, guess what? that is her today. she is back. [rob] so we've had a tempur-pedic for awhile, but now that we have the adjustable base, it's even better. [evie] i go up...heeeeyyy... [alex] when i put my feet up on this bed, my stress just goes away. [announcer] visit your local retailer and discover how tempur-pedic can move you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved
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4:57 pm
. it was just a few weeks ago, the shocking news that a young dallas nurse had contracted the deadly ebola virus. today, though, the amazing news, nina pham is better, and going home. but not before president obama got a chance to meet her. >> nina? >> for health care workers fighting ebola it was a signature moment of triumph. 26-year-old nina pham, the first dallas nurse to contract ebola in the united states, heading home, free after the virus. >> i feel fortunate and blessed to be standing here today. first and foremost, i would like to thank god, my family and
4:58 pm
friends. throughout this ordeal i have put my trust in god and my medical team. i am on my way back to recovery even as i reflect on how many others have not been so fortunate. >> but before the trip to washington, d.c., a presidential hug. it was a very different scene with nina pham, seriously ill in a dallas hospital bed. pham contracted ebola, while treating thomas eric duncan, she tested positive for ebola on october 11th, five days later surrounded by health workers in full hazmat suits she was flown to the national institutes of health in bethesda, maryland, still, doctors were cautious. >> this is a serious infection, she is getting the optimum care.
4:59 pm
it would not be appropriate to predict when she gets out. she will get out when she is free of virus. >> what is next for nina? she will be going home. >> so i ask for my privacy and my family's privacy to be respected as we return to texas and try to get back to a normal life and reunited with my dog, bentley. how sweet, we wish her the very best, anderson starts now. thank you for joining us, there is a lot to get to. all of it very serious, a deadly school shooting north of seattle. we will be begin momentarily and want to bring it to you live. also, the police now consider the hatchet attack on the four police in new york city an act of terror, and new york and new jersey are toughening the airport screening beyond the federal guidelines, and what a lot of experts are causing
5:00 pm
over-reaction tonight that may actually hurt efforts to stop the spread of the virus in west africa. and hannah graham, her remains have been identified. we begin with the high school shooting in marysville, washington. >> was reported by an anonymous cell phone call. at 10:41, the school resource officer was on scene, at 10:43 we confirmed the shooter was down, at 10:49, acars entered the scene. we then called for a full s.w.a.t. team. and the snohomish county team is on ground, on campus conducting the investigation. students who witnessed the incident are still on campus being interviewed by detectives. at this time we are


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