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tv   New Day  CNN  October 27, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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carnage. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate baldwin and michaela pereira. >> good morning, it is monday, 6:00 in the east. we are joined by alisyn camerota. >> happy monday. >> what to do about ebola workers from ebola-stricken north africa. people say quarantine them. experts in the white house say, they're going too far. this morning, new york state modifying its mandatory 21-hospital stay. the new rule, you can do that quarantine at home. >> for some, new jersey is clarifying its strict quarantine process, which is under fire from a nurse, she has been kept in isolation since arriving back from sierra leone. she says she is not sick, she has no signs of ebola, telling
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cnn, her basic human rights are being violated. we begin with cnn's elizabeth cohen. >> so one side of the controversy says the quarantine is to protect the public health. another side says these quarantines will lead to more cases of ebola. the morning the governments of new york and new jersey are offering clarification on their day's old policy of the quarantine, do health care workers returning from treating ebola people in africa will be quarantined for 21 days. in addition, those staying in hot zones who haven't come into contact with ebola patients will be actively monitored. for nurse hitchcock, isolated for three days, the new policy has been a nightmare. i spoke with casey on the phone. >> i don't think most people understand what it's like to be alone in a tent and to know that there is nothing wrong with you
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and that the decisions are being made that don't make sense. >> reporter: she was quarantined inside this tent after she arrived at newark, libberty national airport. she currently shows no symptoms and tested negative for ebola twice. >> my first and foremost obligation is to protect the people of new jersey. >> reporter: the mayor of new york city blasted the decision, which some say deters health care workers from taking part in the fight to contain ebola abroad. >> this hero coming back from the front, having done the right thing, was treated with disrespect. >> her lawyers are fighting for her immediate release. >> we believe that infringes on the constitutional liberty interests. >> they are imposing in in new york, new jersey and illinois. the policy was abruptly
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implemented friday one day after new york doctor craig spencer who treated patients in guinea was diagnosed ebola. >> some people say we are being too cautious. i'll take that criticism. >> reporter: the cdc was surprised but acknowledges the state official versus the prerogative to set tighter policies. now, critics say these quarantines are too broad. they're unclear some say they're unnecessary, because few are not sick, you can't spread the disease. >> it's also confusing. we will get into it this morning. there are mixed messages. >> one very strong message is coming out of the white house. officials there are urging states to enact ebola quarantine policies based on science, not fear. they are expressing concerns. medical workers may be deterred from going to hot zones if they know they will face three weeks of confine. when they get back. what do we do about them?
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white house correspondent joins us with more. not an easy one here. the science and the fear very much at odds. >> reporter: two very strong side. we see the state wanting to have mandatory quarantine instead of monitoring. in most cases, that can be done at home. it's not clear how that would deter people from helping out. that's how the white house has been portraying it's own fears surrounding this. we see five states, new york, new jersey, illinois, 52. going above and beyond what the cdc is doing. some of those governor, yes, including democrats rshlgs staunchly defending theiring as. new york's governor cuomo is saying the white house has not pressured him to change course. the white house, though, has made its displeasure very clear, saying it is letting governors know it has concerns about the unintended consequences of policies that are quote not grounded in science.
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but the white house says it's now going to work coming up with its own new guideline. in fact, that was the subject of a big meeting here at the white house yesterday, the president meeting with public health and national security teams, apparently the white house feels those new restrictions that go into effect today requiring workers to self monitor for 21 days might not be enough. this is something we have seen several tiles now the white house changing things up when there has been a public outcry. we saw it with why done you apoint. an ebola czar? why don't you have more travel restrictions. now, why don't you do something more about returning health care workers. >> michelle co zin ski, you put your finger on the right concerning it's not the science, consistency breeds confidence. when you don't have it, you have fear. thank you for the reporting. now, one of the people really drawing attention to this is that nurse under mandatory quarantine in new jersey. she returned from west africa,
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fighting the good fight. now, she calls her 21-day quarantine inhumane and a knee jerk reaction by politicians. she spoke by phone, she says she was initially in shock. now she's just angry. >> once i got to the hospital, they, of course, tested by blood, confirmed it was negative and i know that there have been reports of me having a fever in the airport, but i truly believe that it's an instrument error him they were using the forehead scanner. i was obviously distressed and a bit upset and so my cheeks were flushed and i think there has been some evidence that that machine is not very accurate in these situations, so when i arrived in the ambulation unit, they took my temperature orally, it was completely normal. >> does it remain normal? >> yes, it has also been
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completely normal. i heard from my mother last night who called me concerned and said governor christie just said in an interview you were quote/unquote obviously ill and this is so frustrating to me. first of all, i don't think he's a doctor, secondly, he's never laid eyes on my me, thirdly, i have been asymptomatic since i have been here him i feel completely strong. emotionally completely exhausted. i have not been communicated a clear plan. my quarantine order written by the new jersey health commissioner. even to this day no one told me what it means or what's the plan. for the one told me how long it will last. i don't know if i'm going to be retested and if so why i would be retested. i'm completely asymptomatic. the test is not even accurate if you don't have symptoms. no one has communicated with me.
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you have put me in an isolation unit, i am not able to communicate in a scientific logical chain of events that ned to happen next. this to me is completely unacceptable. >> do you understand the need of governors, be they from new jersey or new york or illinois to say, we can't take this risk that somebody is out there with a fever, will spike a fever eight or nine days after they arrive. we need to make sure that they're in isolation until we know they are passed the danger zone. do you understand that psyche? >> it is not understandable to mechl it is not based on any clear public health evidence. it's not the recommendation of public health and medical experts at this point. you know i think we have to be very careful about letting politicians make medical and public health decisions and all
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of the evidence about ebola shows if you are not symptomatic, you are not infectious. i understand people feel they are at risk. i think we can have a conversation about what mertz u further measures might look like. but i think this is an extreme that the really unacceptable. i feel like my basic human rights have been violated. >> all right. here to discuss the medical and legal implications now of being quarantined, let's bring in a representative from the infectious disease society of america and a legal analyst and criminal defense attorney. thank you gentleman for being with us. doctor, what do you think of these mandatory quarantine teens of people returning from west africa? >> i am not in favor of them. when the government uses force to restrict individual rights like is happening with these quarantine teens, the burden of proof is on them and what we
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know about ebola they clearly aren't, ebola is not contaminated during its restriction period. these measures won't add to anything to what is being done. these individuals are already being monitored by public health officials. this is being driven by politics, not my swooivens science. >> here's the problem, some people are not self quarantineing, for instance, dr. craig spencer who we know was bowling, he was riding around on the new york subway. that makes everyone feel nervous and feel as though they are somehow in jeopardy when they're on public transportation. let me play for you what chris christie, governor of funl said about why quarantines are required. >> the fact of the matter is i don't believe when you are dealing with something as serious as this, we can count on a voluntary system. this is government's job, if
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anything else, to protect the safety and health of our sids and so we've taken this action and i absolutely have no second thoughts about it. >> doctor, he is basically saying self quarantine can't be trusted and we've seen examples of that. >> these people are getting active monitoring. they are in contact with members of the health community. they are tracked and known and given instructions on what to do. the other thing is even if dr. spencer's movements, during that time, he wasn't contagious. he wasn't a typhoid mary going around the city. there is a threat misconception going on among the public. >> dan, we want to ask you about the legality of all this. legally, can a state force somebody to stay in quarantine for 21 days? >> yes. for over 100 years the supreme courts and other courts have upsed held the state's police power to infringe on the right
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of citizens to protect the public health, welfare and other things. it's the exact same logic that got us bicycle helmet laws, even at its extreme in the last century, cases where they would sterilize people based on their mental disabilities to avoid more cases like that. so be be not mistaken, the police power to infringe on individual liberties in times of public health crisis is tremendous. it's not completely without restraint, though, of course. if it's unreasonable, if it goes too far, if it's not tailored to the situation, then it may be unkwons institutional. but i think it's because of cases over the last 20 years that have recognized individual liberties and health care like the right to choose or, for example the right to refuse end of life care. well, those have certainly developed legally. however, those cases are markedly different from the case where someone else may be affected by the decisions and we
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have seen if cases like tuberculosis, somebody will take them and stick them in maricopa county jail. so its not without precedent. it happens. the state's police power as stamped with approval by the supreme court seems to allow it. >> well, doctor, casey hickock, the nurse, who is now in an isolation tent in new jersey says it is unreasonable. she says she doesn't have a fever. she's not sick. for many hours, she was sort of treated like a criminal, she says, she was denied any possibility of leaveing. here's what the governor's office in new jersey now says about quarantine. let me read it to you. the protocol is clear, a new jersey resident with no symptoms who who has come into contact with someone with ebola would be subject to a mandatory quarantine order and quarantined at home, non-residents would be transported to their homes if
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feasible and, if not, quarantined in new jersey. this woman is not from new jersey. why isn't she put in an ambulance today and taken to i believe her home state is maine, why isn't she taken to be quarantined at home? >> that's a question for governor christie. she doesn't pose any risk to anybody. she should be released and undergo this active under surveillance we are doing. she is right. i feel horrible that she's stuck there. >> doctor, tanks so much for all information. we will be exploring it all morning if anything develops over these next three hours. we appreciate it. let go back to chris. >> all right. alisyn, we have the debate. let's take a step back, for all the fear, the debate the need for solution we don't want to forget people at the center of it are fighting for their own lives against one of the worst viruses we know. remember, craig spencer here in new york, one of the people that set off the debate now, he's still in isolation at bellevue
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hospital. spencer remains in serious but stable condition. they do think he is starting to look better. he is experiencing the expected symptoms of the virus. spencer has received a plasma transfusion from nancy writebol. you remember her. she contracted it if west africa and survived. he's not out of the woods yet. we have to remember he was doing the lord's work in west africa. >> they want to make sure people aren't afraid to go because they won't be able come back or be if quarantine. we will discuss more of this coming up. good morning to all of you at home. we begin with breaking news, prosecutors want the death penalty for the captain of a south korean ferry that capsized in april killing around 300 people. many of those people high school students. a man is facing homicide charges for apparently abandoning the
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ship. prosecutors want life sentences for three other crew members for their roles in that disaster. officials say they have discovered a video recorded by the man who shot and killed a soldier if ottowa last week. they say he was driven by political and ideological motives. they say they will not release the footage. apparently, it was made shortly before he gunned down that canadian soldier and stormed parliament. the 32-year-old was shot dead by sergeant at arms kevin vic ars. in brazil, the president celebrating re-election. she won an incredibly tight race. coming away with just over 51% of the vote after a bitter campaign, defeating the opposition candidate in a runoff. this is the tightest race brazil has seen since returning to democracy some three decades ago. i might read this a little slowly just because i can. the san francisco giants just one win. a peer when away from their
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third world series title in five years. the giants inked bumgarner. >> that puts the giants up three games to two. they can win the title in game sick. when is that game, chris, tuesday night in kansas city? >> i don't know, i'm not paying attention. >> more on the world series coming up in our bleacher's report. >> i hope it's a good game. >> i think it has been tremendous. super fun. all right, let's get to meteorologist indra petersen. >> good morning, i have to ask, would it be dodgers if you had a choice? >> i will not answer that, there are a lot of dodgers fans watching. >> right here. that's what we're talking about. all right. weather wise, we are definitely looking at high pressure on the east coast. that will start to change. we are watching a frontal boundary make it through the mid-west. going back even in through
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texas. light showers will come along with it. meaning by wednesday, we will see showers, not a lot. though, an inch or so, heavy amounts down to the south around arkansas today. either way, you will notice a big change. look at these temperatures, as our system goes through, look at them drop back down, ahead of the cold front. the temperatures are climbing. it is fall, yay, we are still talking about 70s out in new york city by tomorrow. let's take it day-by-day. not just a little bit. almost 20 degrees above formal. look at chicago, 77 degrees today it doesn't feel right. 20 degrees cooler down to just the 50s. all that making its way to northeast by wednesday we have rage and milder temperatures. we are talking 70s. we're doing good. >> thank you. evernight, a second teen
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ageer has died in the marysville, washington state shooting. how a popular student could take such a violent turn and open fire. >> all right. let's deal with what's obvious. you know people are talking about ebola. they are worried. does that mean a quarantine is going too far or too bad for anyone who has been expoesd potentially? tweet us with your ideas. experts will give you the lo down coming up.
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel more than a mile. that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at are looking at now, she died on the scene, three other victims are still fighting for their
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lives right now, hundreds came towing sunday night in the school gym shedding tears offering comfort to one another, very needed in a situation like this and more details are worried about the shooter's motive. why this happened and there is information about a teacher who helped stop the bloodshed moments before the teenager was able to take his own life. so she at least tried. she's also the author of something that's very relevant for this discussion today. screen smart parenting. that's how to find balance and benefit iffure child's use of social media apps and digital devices, is this an area we parents don't know about social media, kids are two steps ahead. we don't have the time the inclination or the fear, very
3:25 am
key to this story. we'll take a step back there seems to be a profile. this kid was isolated. they were upset. peep knew it. they didn't know what to do. he was mentally ill. he wasn't treated, he had access to a weapon he shouldn't have. then this hammond. this is not this kid. how so? >> i don't think of this being a typical school shooting. to me this seems like a targeted shooting that happened to happen at a school. >> that's a distinction with a difference? >>y. because we seen a profile of school shooting, the typical school shooter is angry andal yen nated. this child was very successful if high school. he was a football player and a homecoming prince he was angry and pissed off at his friends. >> i think it sound like he wassal yen nated and angry and acted impulsively.
3:26 am
>> that's not normal. he was above normal when you look at it. public esteem, how he was perceived, how he perceives himself, objectively, doing well, had community around him, people who loved him. so how about that. i'm mad at my friends, the guys i thought of loved me the most, hurt me the most. to this. >> it's hard to wrap your mind around it. this is a lot about teenagers and impulsive behaviors. it sound like he was betrayed and couldn't pod late his emotions. people reached out to him. but obviously he was rageful. he is only 14 or 15-years-old, he had access to a gun. >> when the uninitiated here, only 14, 15, this is not a way
3:27 am
for a 14 and 15-year-old to think to behave. that's because we don't understand the development of the mind as well as we should. it's not an excuse, you are saying it's science, where is the head of a kid that age? >> he was 14 or 15 his intran not as developed, his ability to have executive planning, to think ahead, to be thoughtful, is not the same as an adult. its not an exexcuse you be it's a window and understanding. >> that takes it into an area of your particular expertise the social pedia, when you go back and look, it was more than just it won't last, it will never last. that's supposedly the last woke from the shooter. that's kind of vague, but you say few had been on the social medio of this kid and tracking it you would have seen things, how so? >> i think you would have seen things, i don't think there is anyone to blame or warning signs, usually we can see the
3:28 am
manifestos, through their twitter or facebook. i wouldn't say that's completely true. i think we saw a week or so his behavior changed a bit. it was a reflected-his twitter feeds. i'm not sure anything he posted would have caused a huge alarm. it wasn't a call to arms. it sound like he was hurt and betrayed and angry. >> the one ting we try to respect the victims and we try to figure out how to do it better. >> this is a hard one he did reach out to twitter. i think we have to take from this, his take, portrayal and emotion seriously, as parents, when you see a change in behavior, especially a boy has been hurt or portrayed in a relationship, he has to take it
3:29 am
serio seriously. you should check out social medi media. the point is the kids know better these days tan the parents. that's why parents back off. it's very strong out if washington right now to help the people who need it most. i think it's maybe the flu don't go forward. >> i think the teenagers should listen to what they see online. don't pretend to be somebody else. if you are hurting and need help and you post it on twitter and facebook, i hope your friends and family will take it seriously. >> one of the hardest things in life is be honestant yourself. >> thank you very much.
3:30 am
it's a horrible experience to learn from. >> thank you so much for having me. >> back to another top story, new york eases its mandatory ebola quarantine policy saying health care workers can now quarantine at home. but in new jersey, a quarantine nurse is still being kept in an isolation tent. she says her human ritz are being violated. we will talk more about that controversy and the giants a win away from making it three titles in five years remember don't count out kc. details ahead in our "bleacher report." your fidelity green line and you'll see just how much it has to offer, especially if you're thinking of moving an old 401(k) to a fidelity ira. it gives you a wide range of investment options... and the free help you need to make sure your investments fit your goals -- and what you're really investing for. tap into the full power of your fidelity green line. call today and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity rollover ira.
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. >> new york state is stopping its policy for health care workers returning from the so-called ebola hot zones, they can be quarantined at home. new jersey's governor, meanwhile, is sticking by his decision to keep nurse casey hickock in a hospital isolation tent. she calls her treatment inhumane and plans to sue to end her quarantine. changing the ga ready in afghanistan, the last u.s. marine and his troops are officially entered camps to afghan control. the american and british flags were lowered, pulled up for the last time, marking the military milestone. the vice president exiting polls are proof of his path to
3:35 am
europe. he says the parliamentary elections showed support for his peace plan, millions in separatist controlled areas were not able to vote, leaving 27 of the 450 seats in parliament vacant. the first official results are expected as early as today. i got to show you crazy video, a group of people take down a man who taunted and attacked a fellow passenger. he had been shouting expletives for wearing a pink shirt. other passengers jumped, intervened, quickly followed by airport police. when asked why he attacked the passenger the pan said, quote, these are his words, not mine, because this is america. >> in america, we don't kick like a punk in a situation like that either. >> we don't treat our fellow americans leak that. >> everything he did was ugly in that situation. >> i think he was reading the constitution. >> he didn't read it is where the problem is. other people, better people
3:36 am
stepped in. >> the san francisco giants beat the royals 5-0 just one win away from the third world series tile in the past five years. andy schols here with this morning's broocher report. what do you think? >> it's hard to beat the giants. one in 2010, now they're up 3-2. -royals are headed home for game six. they will not have to face this guy, madison bumgarner, he was great last fight again dominant during a four-hit shutout. in his career, he is 4 and 0 with a .29 e. rchl a.. >> that makes him statistically the best pitcher ever in the world series. you got to have this they want to force a winner take all game seven. it's sad news to report to you this morning. 22-year-old cardinals outfielder
3:37 am
died yesterday in his home country. his 18-year-old girlfriend was in the car. she died as well. she made his debut before the season, he was the third ranked prospect in all of baseball. very sad news. all right. to the nfl, you probably had a good day yesterday, for example, drew brees threw for 311 yards, three touchdowns. the saints continue their dominance at home. they beat the packers 44-23 on sunday fight football. if in pittsburgh, ben roethlisberger threw a year high touchdown. he's the first quarterback ever to have two 500 yard passing games. the steelers crushed the colts 51-24. >> one of the ugliest uniforms ever. >> ever. >> last but not least, tom brady, vintage brady against the
3:38 am
bears. he dominated 51 to have 23. a lot of high scores yesterday. my favorite stack was brady, he threw five touchdowns, he had five incomplete passes, nearly perfect on the day. i just only have envious watching those great quarterbacks, we have to deal wi with. >> at least you are in the hunt for that first pick. >> we need to end on a high note. before we go, show andy's socks. there with is a side to this kid you just den know. >> greatest center in history. >> on his foots. >> love it. >> thank you very much. i appreciate.
3:39 am
so we will tell you this morning. we got to get into these concerns about ebola. the white house says quarantine teens, a mistake, a trend. new york now says we will modify our quarantine, you can do it at home. the question is, will quarantines hurt or help the situation? that's next. helps you find a whole range of coverages. no one else gives you options like that. [voice echoing] no one at all! no one at all! no one. wake up! [gasp] oh! you okay, buddy? i just had a dream that progressive had this thing called... the "name your price" tool... it isn't a dream, is it? nope. sorry! you know that thing freaks me out. he can hear you. he didn't mean that, kevin. kevin: yes, he did! keeping our competitors up at night. now, that's progressive.
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make for the best dutch apple pie. marie callender's. welcome back to "new day." new york and new jersey are now enforceing quarantines for health care workers returning from west africa. although, new york says they can be quarantined at home. the federal government says the could actually hurt the fight against ebola. it wants the quarantines scaled back. so the bottom line, will quarantineing health care workers be effective or harmful? joining us via skype is shawn hoffman. he has been training healthcare workers. good to see you. >> good to see you, alisyn. >> we are know you are coming to us from dubai, you are helping people contain infectious diseases, including ebola. what do you think of these
3:44 am
mandatory quarantines that we are now seeing here in the u.s.? >> well, it's a good thing that i'm not a part of these mandatory quarantines, because i wouldn't be able to continue to dopy job, with i is actually training folks to work with ebola. i don't like them. i think they are a danger. i think, you know the battle against ebola has to occur in west africa. if we develop policies that prevents us from fighting that battle if west affect, it could come to the united states. >> what you are referring to, two weeks ago, you were in liberia, you were working with patients with ebola, why aren't you self quarantining right now? >> well, it's funny. look, anybody who comes from the front line has to take preventative measures, which means we have to assess ourselves we have to behave in an appropriate manner and we have to communicate. the reality is i am assessing myself. i'm doing everything i can to make sure that if something does go wrong, i will be able to self isolate, keep myself away from
3:45 am
people responsibly and continue to live my life but live my life responsibly, i think everybody that dedicates their life to this mission does the same. >> governor christie disagrees with you, people were supposed to be self quarantineing, they ended up going out to restaurants or getting on the subway or going to bowl or whatever, granted, they were asymptomatic at the time. but it makes people nervous. let me play for what you governor christie said people can't be trusted to do what you are suggesting. >> the fact of the matter is that we, i don't believe when you are dealing with something as serious as this that we can count on a voluntary system. this is government's job, if anything else the government's job is to protect the safety and health of our sids. so we've taken this action and i absolutely have for the second thoughts about it. >> shawn, the voluntary system doesn't seem to work in every
3:46 am
case what do you say to that? >> well, look, these folks that are coming back to the united states should not be treated in my opinion like dogs. here is a nurse who has dedicated her life carrying and offering compassion to patients in west africa to fight the battle overseas. she comes back and is put in a tent next to a hospital for 21 days. i don't think it's ridiculous. i don't think governor christie is leading, i think he's imaging. he is doing a poor job at that. he's not using science, he is simply using fear and trying to get folks to rally up against it, which i agree in the long run will end up hurting this battle against ebola. >> the reason you think it will hurt, if the kwoorn teen is too draconian as we see with casey hickock. she says she was hungry, confused, tired, they were interrogateing her him so you think that will be a disincentive for people to go to liberia or to places like dubai
3:47 am
where you are? >> alisyn, absolutely. look, if i have to spend time overseas in a high stressful situation, then when i come home, i will be treated like this i'm not going again. i'm not going to spend my time overseas and spend three weeks in a quarantine in a foreign place by myself. it's not going to happen. i don't think anybody that has any type of family will allow that to happen as well. look, when we come home, we should be treated like heroes. we can do better than what's done in new york and new jersey. i hope the leadership chooses to do something better as well. >> how about quarantine at home rather than in an isolation tent? >> where does it end, alisyn, does that mane we can be around our kid and our wives? does that mean when we go home, we have to move them out so they don't have contact with us, so we don't interact with the public. we have to use science, science should be our guiding force, not fear, not perception and
3:48 am
certainly not public opinion. science real science. >> shawn hoffman, you are on the front lines there, thanks so much for giving us the perspective from a healthcare worker. we appreciate it. >> thank you. . >> boy, it's about science it's also about politics now, that's just the fact. who would have guessed the hot button issue for mid-term elections coming down to the wire would be ebola. even with an exotic issue the politics are the same. is the leadership there, now urging states to focus on science, not fear. remember, a nurse under mandatory quarantine is the one caught in the middle of all this in new jersey. the question is too much caution better than not enough?
3:49 am
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3:52 am
. >> new york is allowing people to self quarantine, they can do it at home. that's not water going on in new jersey. there was a nurse there treating ebola patients in west africa. now she's really kind of held hostage in this hospital. she told us that she feels the treatment is inhumane. are these state imposed measures necessary or is this as the nurse called it knee-jerk reaction by politicians playing politics with public sentiment.
3:53 am
let's bring in the editor of the day lot beast and market hoover, cnn political commentator and republican/consultant. good morning. >> good morning. >> there is a naked political play. people are afraid. you are doing what you think assuages the people's will, you are not following science, you are victimizing people doing the work. west africa, shame on you. >> look at you. taking a strong line. look, i think public health and personal liberty are often intentioned in the course of the country. right now people are panicking. so you have local officials trying to overreact to restrain that panic. when the doctor came home from west africa and came down a week later with ebola. >> that has ripple effects. it's a kind of an imposition of putting people in the hospital. in the case of this nurse in new jersey, clearly a part of the problem is a lack of communication. she is angry. that's one of the things
3:54 am
motivating the lawsuit. we have to find balance. we are dealing with precedent. >> this is pr. she doesn't have symptoms. she is completely symptom-free. so for pr reasons, politicians are saying, but we have to hold her to make the, quell the public anxiety. >> i don't know it's exactly pr. i don't take chris christie as a blatant political hack trying to gain points in an election year doing this. he clearly has a responsibility for securing a state and securing a state from panic, frankly. i think you have two side of the spectrum here. you could have pure panic or you could, truly, if you have two sides, panic or a strong armed governme government. the balance is somewhere in between. frankly, the obama administration wasn't out in front of this in august when the first patient came here. there wasn't guidance from the cdc or clear communication. >> sometimes i think the white
3:55 am
house isn't leading thing and that's playing politics, but here, confidence is consistency, john, and we've gone from 21 days quarantine, but we know when in 21 you can get it. it's actually 40 days. oh, it's okay for them to come back. wait, it's here now, it's a big problem. there are mixed messages. it leaves people scared. >> look. >> no czar. >> that's a fair point. you have to change your approach to facts oak. this is a place where the white house is messaging especially from the cdc where the goal posts keep moving, i think has undercut confidence. you can't replay that. what we need to do is realize we are in an unprecedented situation. i think the white house and government needs to get involved and set clear standards. it's a part of water baked into our system. the big thing is, eight days from election, trying to politicalize a pandemic on any side is truly foolish and dangerous.
3:56 am
>> let's talk about the mid-terms for a second, ebola is not local, all politics is local. does it play into the mid-terms? >> well, you have really tight senate races where the senate hangs in the balance, it isn't local. there is no senate race in texas, new jersey or new york. there aren't senate races in arkansas. so you know, only to the extent that maybe the next maybe wasn't fast enough. but you are right. it's not a local issue in the key states. so i don't see a massive politicalization of this. >> my governor is the brother of fork state. i'm the one pointing fingers about this policy because if you had, my brother would disagree with this, he's a democrat. he could say, no, no, this isn't about the white house and their policies. how is the not about leadership from the top that is making states now go rogue and come up with their own policies and doesn't that reflect on the mid-term to kind of that collective psychology of whether the democrats are really in
3:57 am
control and doing what they need to do for the people of this country. >> the world is going to hell, it's a lack of leadership on the part of the president doing it. you know most public safety measures are matters for local and state governments. if we want to federalize a pandemic, that moves the ball a lot more towards that -- >> no, what does the department of homeland security does? they absolutely does work on pandemic and the cdc. you do federalize the response. that's the point. the reason narratives get traction is because there is some kind of truth to them. we have seen we know in the obama administration a lack of response to many crises or a lack of quick response so the crises has gotten out of the way or out of the hand of those in administration. you saw it as early as the oil spill. >> it drives you crazy.
3:58 am
>> fair point. >> that was tough to concede right now. >> i can't believe. now i don't know meyiwa to do. -- i don't know what to do. >> john, great to see you guys. >> look, what we do about ebola is big. it's local. it's national. it's international. we will have to keep talking about it to physical out. we clearly don't have the solution yet. one big story we are following, big fuse as well, so let's get right to you. >> backlash from health workers on the front lean of the ebola fight. >> i feel like my basic human rights have been violated. >> my first and foremost obligation is to protect the public health and the people of new jersey. >> we have to be very careful about letting politicians make medical and public health
3:59 am
decisions. >> the quarantine controversy rages on. >> it is totally in the state's authority to implement what that state thinks is appropriate. you have got to make your decisions and your policy based on the scientific data. >> it's a time for everyone to get on the same page and protect our people. >> good morning, everyone, welcome back to "new day." alisyn come rot to along side questions cuomo. overnight, we are responding to an uproar, new york state is scaleing back it's boll la quarantine policy, health care workers returning from west africa who will be able to do their own mandatory 21-day period at home. >> it has a lot of people raising questions, well, can we trust self monitoring? that's why new jersey, governor chris christie, has a different take. he's standing by his ebola rule despite coming under attack to be the first one to isolate a nurse coming back from treating people with ebola.
4:00 am
now the nurse is slamming his policy saying she is completely healthy. she has no sign of ebola. she should be free to leave the new jersey hospital. but she isn't. we need complete cover annual of this. we have it. we will give you the ebola story like nobody can. let's begin with senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. good morning. >> good morning. chris, one side says the quarantines protect the public, but the other side says the quarantines could actually lead to more cases of ebola. this morning the governors of fork and new jersey offering clarification on their days old policy of ebola quarantining. under guidelines, health care workers returning from treating ebola patients in west africa will remain quarantined for a mandatory 21 days, residents of the state can stay inside their homes. in addition, those traveling from ebola hot zones that haven't come into contact will be actively monitored for nurse
4:01 am
casey kaci hickox, the new policy has been a nightmare. >> i don't think most people understand what it's like to be alone in a tent and to know that there is nothing wrong with you and that decisions are being made that don't make sense. >> reporter: hickox was quarantined, se currently shows no symptoms and tested negative for ebola twice. >> my first and foremost obligation is to protect the public health and safety of new jersey. >> good afternoon, everyone. >> reporter: the mayor of fork city blasted the decision, which some say deters health care workers to contain the fight from taking ebola abroad. >> this hero coming back from the front, having done the right thing, was treated with disrespect. >> reporter: her lawyers are fighting for her immediate release. >> we believe that policy infringes on the constitutional
4:02 am
liberty interests. >> reporter: currently officials are quarantining three states, new york, new jersey and illinois. the policy was abruptly implemented friday, just one day after a new york doctor craig spencer who treated patients in guinea was diagnosed with ebola. >> some people are say we are being too cautious. i'll take that criticism. >> reporter: a federal official says the cdc was surprised but acknowledges state and local officials have the progresstive to set tighter policies. now, critics of these quarantines say they are unclear, too broad and unnecessary, if are you not sick, you can't spread the virus. >> it is complicated. thanks so much for breaking it down. we will talk to you again in the show. white house officials enacting quarantine policies based on science, not fear. they are expressing concerns medical volunteers may not go to ebola hot zones to help if they have to face three weeks of confinement when they get back.
4:03 am
consider the case of nurse casey kaci hickox. she finds herself under legal quarantine. she is pursuing legal action now to get out. michelle co zin ski joins us more on the politics of ebomb la. >> let's say you are a health care worker, you are moved to fight ebola, to care for patient patients there. is it go to go prevent you from going at all? it hasn't been clear that would be a deterrent or why to doing something that's already a pretty difficult thing to do. that's what the white house has cited we petedly as its own fear in this. it's interesting, of the five states going above and beyond what the cdc is doing, three of them have democratic governors. new york governor cuomo said he has not been pressured by the white house to change course. the white house did make its displeasure very clear in a statement saying it is letting governors know it has concerns
4:04 am
about the unintended consequences of policies that quote are not grounded in science. but now the white house says that it's working on coming up with its own new guidelines for returning health care workers. clearly, it won't go as far as some of these states have gone. it also indicates the white house doesn't think the new restrictions going into effect today requiring health care workers to monitoring their own temperatures for 21 days might not be enough. so once again, we'll see the federal response to ebola change. alisyn. >> all right. michelle, thank you for breaking that down for us from the white house. >> let's talk to somebody who knows about ebola all too well. he is a doctor who went to treat ebola patients. he became a patient, himself. his first-hand knowledge, in fact, he is still fighting it. he joins us to lend his perspectives. checking in with us on skype. i hope the connection holds up, most importantly, how are you
4:05 am
feeling? we know it's not over until it is completely over. there are different steps to recovery. you had some trouble lately. give us the latest. >> i am feeling pretty good. i am getting my strength back gradually. really feeling better. >> you understand the fear that's out there, doc. a lot is ignorance and inconsistency. what is your take? >> well, you know, any time there is a new or unknown infection that hits us, we have this experience. we saw it with polio. we saw it when hiv came out in the ''80s. there was a lot of fear, a lot of stigma. i think we are seeing the same thing. in each of those other cases, americans overcame that disease and really were able to get it under control through, you know, through following what the science says through
4:06 am
aggressively gathering information and then developing interventions that work, according to science. i think that's what we need to do again with ebola. i think we can. we just need to pay attention to the science, the fact and that, you know, let that guide us through. the fact is that these people who are being quarantined who are not ill are not at risk. when you don't have symptoms, you are not a risk. >> it's simple to say. i get it. i know it's simple to understand for you. you are a doctor, you get the science. i know you don't want to wade into political waters. you are a champion and a survivor from the virus. we have tremendous respect from what you have done. you know that there are questions about this self monitoring. you know, can we trust people to do it? will they really be that aware? maybe we should take a further
4:07 am
step, because you don't know when you will get it. 21 days, there are so many variables. is there a middle ground? >> please don't say 40 days. there is no data to suggest a 40-day window. >> you know why i say that, right? you know somebody came out with a study and said that 21 days is from the 1970s and now it could be longer than. that that's where the number comes from. >> that was based on mathematical modeling, not on clinical data. they don't have cases that came out 40 days later. >> okay. >> it was a mathematical model they were using on the computer. >> okay. let stick with the 21 days. what do you think about these governors? my brother is the government of new york. he came out and said i will quarantine them. then he started getting questioned about it. he said, all right, we'll let them quarantine at home. chris christie across the river says, no, no, no, this nurse is in the hospital. that's the safest way, everybody counts more than she does for temporary inconvenience.
4:08 am
is one of those solutions better than the other or are they both bad? >> let's keep this in mind. we want, you know, governor cuomo said he wasn't comfortable with an honor system when he made the initial announcement. let's keep in mind, these health care workers are coming back in through an airport and being asked what activities were you involved in in west africa. that's an honor system right there. they are being asked to self report their activities, what were they doing? were they in touch with ebola patients? that's self reporting and that's an honor system right there. so you have to have a system that encourages more communication of better relationship between those health care workers and their local health authorities. i think when you put in place a more burdensome quarantine, you are going to start having people not want to be quite so free
4:09 am
about communicating the truth about what they were doing. so let's appeal to the honor of these amazing self sacrificeing health care workers and let them, you know, let them have a role in monitoring their own condition instead of dock it like a police state approach. >> a point well taken. let's end on this before we end this interview. i hope we get to talk to you again. i want to make sure we stay in up the. we're so parochial about ebola right now. it only really matters in the u.s. because we have seen it in the u.s. will you speak to the fact that the ebola scare is not over. >> that it's just really starting. it's about how much and how aggressively we attack it in africa and as as it starts to move in other continents, that's really the focus. >> that's right this past week we had the first case of mollie,
4:10 am
the borders in west africa are porous. this can move across africa or a passenger can get on a plane in westing africa and land in india or somewhere in asia with it. we need to contain it and get it under control where it is now in those three major countries in west africa. we need to do everything we can to facilitate getting people on the ground to bring that under control and to help the people of liberia and guinea and sierra leone. >> thank you for the good work you did abroad. thank god you have gotten over the virus, stay in up the. we want to foe you get back to 100%. thank you for being with us on "new day" and understanding the situation a little better. >> thank you. >> great to see you looking so healthy. let's give you a look at your headlines, breaking overnight, another student has died following a student at a
4:11 am
washington state high school. . three other victims are still fighting for their lives. in the meantime, details are emerging of what happened during that attack. one student says they went up to a table of student and opened fire a. teacher stopped the teen by running umm to him, grabbing his arm before he took his own life. a syrian monitoring group says at least 800 people have been killed in the last 40 days in the battle for control of kobani along the syrian-turkey border. most of the dead are syrian and kurdish fighters. u.s. military are hammering isis targets in syria and iraq over the weekend. in hong kong now, protest leaders suspended a vote to determine the next step if a pro democracy movement. organizers cancelled the vote because they could not agree on a method of voting. this move will have confusion weeks after the protesters occupied the streets in the
4:12 am
financial hub and election reforms. you could call this robbers remorse a. guy held up a station and returned later to give up the.and apologize. he told officers he needed the cash to leave town and make a fresh start. he had second thoughts, though, called the whole thing off. now, despite the change of heart, watson was still arrested. i hope the judge has some leniency on that. >> well within their discretion to do so. >> we'll stay on that and update you when we get it. thousands of u.s. troops lost in battle against ebola. they are building clinics to try to stop the virus in its tracks. how will quarantine rules affect them when they come back? >> as i'm sure you will know the race to see who will control the senate is as tight as two coats of paint. we will tell you what you need
4:13 am
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. thousands of u.s. soldiers are a part of the american mission to fight ebola in west africa. they're constructing field hospitals and labs to try to slow the epidemic. so how could these state mandated quarantines obviously their deployment? let's bring in retired colonel and affairs analyst james reese.
4:17 am
>> good morning, alisyn. >> good morning. soon there will be troops in west africa helping to contain the virus. down they are vulnerable to contracting the virus? >> you know, alisyn, everyone is velnerable. let's be honest. but the way that the military does predeployment the ppe, personal protective equipment the military will have for these soldiers over there and the post-deployment and all the medical providers that the military has to observe and watch their own soldiers, i think that the chances of them contracting ebola are very slim >> here's what we have been told, they will not be treating patients. they will be building clinics, training personnel and they will be testing the blood of patients with ebola. so that sounds like a possible point of exposure. so you are confident that they're doing everything that they need to be doing to stay safe. what happens now when they need
4:18 am
to come home, do you think they should also be subject to these quarantines? >> well, you know, alisyn, you got to remember, the military is a self contained unit. the commander over there right now that i know very well the guy is a stud. he has his own team that will advise him. they will literally lead this crisis down the road. when they have soldiers that are going back, they already have a plan. they'll have a post-deployment plan, how to monitor, how to check soldiers and to insure that they're are squared away, the other beauty is the military has some of the best equipment in the world, if there is a soldier that does get infected, they will be able quarantine them back at fort campbell, fort hood, wherever they are. i think it's a low risk. if there is a soldier affected, the military will take care of it quickly and square it away. >> absolutely t. military knows how to do this. they are the best in the world at doing this. given what's happened this weekend with new jersey and
4:19 am
illinois saying anybody that returns from these west african countries should be quarantined for 21 days. it sound like these 4,000 troops should also be. >> again, keep in mind, let's say tomorrow the 1,500 troops from fort campbell 101st airborne division return. let's fast forward. they will land in fort campbell, couple. those commanders have the ability to keep people on their own base, on their own post and do their own self quarantine. the pentagon will be working with local officials to make sure these aspects are chained away. they help things along so you don't have individuals doing great work on the public side coming back, then you get the friction points between our individuals, the military brings it own self containment to
4:20 am
barbi barbie. ba progress have they been eight make? in there we see people challengying is the military doing this? first off, this is a core military task. as a former commander, this is one operation i'd rather do tan have to go into combat operations. you know, the military brings a plethora and cross aspect of civilian life. you know, there's leaders, there's medical people. there's construction individuals. there's people that know how to do the medical piece, the medical professionals, blood, the blood folks, so what they'll do is tail bring in the key engineers, the cbs in the navy, from spain, they'll set up these camps, they'll also bring if great equipment that can be used for all of the public health people coming in, the other doctors the civilian doctors and nurses that will come in. they'll just be able to backside them. the other great thing for the military in this aspect is the military is in a supporting role
4:21 am
this time, supporting the usaid. again the military are great at crisis leadership. they will be able to coach, teach and mentor the aid workers coming in, really be a great backbone for what we got to do with ebola in west affect. >> that's wonderful. thanks for spelling it all out for us. it must be a great comfort for us to have at least 900 of our military there. it's great to see you this morning. >> you too, alisyn, have a great day. >> let's go over to chris. >> we will be talking about the bush family. they have been a dominant push in politics for decades. now there are new signs that the man on your screen, jeb bush, may be eyeing the white house. will he run in 2016? people have been asking a little on the side, now he's in focus. john king will take him on, a u.s. army vet so outraged by isis' brutal.
4:22 am
he left everything hoo ind to fight against the terror group. we have his incredible story later this hour. you'll want to see it. .
4:23 am
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>> glad to have you back with us here on "new day." we begin with breaking news, prosecutors overseas want the death penalty for the ferry that capsized in april, killing 300 people. he faces homicide charges for abandoning the ship. prosecutors want life sentencings for the other three
4:26 am
people for their roles. the president is staying in power in brazil by the slimmest of margins. she won by 51% of the vote following a bitter campaign, coasting the opposition candidate in a runoff. the tightest race brazil has seen since it returned to democracy some three decades ago. thousands gathering in hungaries budapest in the first known demonstration of its kind, demonstrators held up their devices, illuminated and threw old computer parts at the gates of the ruling party's headquarters, if it passes, they would pay about 60 cents a gigabyte. lawmakers promised to put a cap on that tax. i have said this more than once, singing the national anthem is not easy. when you mess up, oh, millions get to watch you on tv. it is not pretty. take a look. ♪ oh so proudly we hailed
4:27 am
♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars. >> country singer aaron lewis jumped the gun, he sang we're so gallantly streaming. the words come later. lewis was later very apom jettic saying in a statement quote all i can say is i am sorry and ask for the nation's forgives in. >> we forgive him. >> we forgive you. yes. >> oh, except for him. >> i forgive him. i feel horrible. i feel bad we had to play it. i really feel badly for the guy. >> they feed a teleprompter. that's what they need. you need to have the lyrics right in front of you. >> i don't blame them for that. you got to be nice. give them the forgiveness. speaking of forgiveness. mid-term elects are coming up. let's get inside politics. do you think the voters will see
4:28 am
forgiveness for what is raging down there in d.c.? is turnout going to be the same as the occupation of our set right now. >> i think democrats are down. they are working the early voting. we will see what happens. it's a big question. one full week of campaigning left. one full week of campaigning left. i'm sewing you the battle for the control for the united states senate. let focus there as we go inside politics there. this is the state of flight, ladies and gentlemen, 55 democratic seats, including the two independents, 45 republicans, here's what's up this year, there are three dozen senate races, the ones in gold are yellow, those are the races we are watching closely. i will play you out a scenario. this is a hypothetical scenario of how republicans think they are close to the six seats they need. i just gave the republicans for the sake of this argument
4:29 am
democrats say they're at play in arkansas. there could be a surprise, will it's go here. what does that leave you? eight races, colorado, kansas, i, what kentucky, lousiana, georgia, forth carolina and new hampshire, all of them right now within single digits. let's take a look at new polling. these are nbc polls released over the weekend. look at the polls. you go through the key battlegrounds, 1-point races, 2-point races. republicans think that's trending their way. play out a scenario. look at these races, what happens, in colorado, the republicans think they're in the lead. just for the fun of it, i will say the democrats hold on to this blue state here, there is a hypothetical. iowa, we will lay this out. republicans think they will win this one too. let's assume that democrats hold on to the state of new hampshir. then you'd have six left at 47,
4:30 am
47. republicans would have to hold their own. let's play this out. let's say pat roberts holds on in kansas. there is an independent candidate there. i will give the republicans their own. this is a very tight race. i'm headed to kentucky tomorrow to get an eye on this one, then where are we in 49, 47, one, two, three, four left. jonathan martin. i want you at this point, you have to say the odds are with the republicans. if they win half of the races, it looks like they get the majority. but so many so close. >> that's right, john. i think this is why so many democrats are concerned. they have no margin for error at all. if you include the three states you mentioned widely seated at gop pickups, west virginia, south dakota, john, and i'm missing one more, i think it's going to be hard for democrats to hold on because of the fact that it places like iowa, which
4:31 am
for a long time democrats not to come back are looking tougher. colorado still very close, looking for democrats, then you go to the south, places like arkansas and louisiana seem really tough with obama in the white house. >> they do. i la ied this out while jonathan was talking. i gave democrats all the blue states, colorado, i, what famp, forth clone, a lot of frub republicans say that will not happen. i did it to make a point. if all the races break late and go the republicans way, republicans get as high as 55. margaret, look at this scenario, i can get you 49 to 49, two states with runoff. georgia david purdue vs. michelle nun, a lot of people think you need 50% plus 1 in these states. lousiana is december. georgia would be january. what if we had this scenario, 49
4:32 am
and 49 with two runoffs after election day to divide controls the senate. >> isn't that amazing? it made georgia a fascinating to watch. in the near term just because of what it would mean the sort of cliff hangar going down to the wire if january, how you would mobilize anything to boat a runoff then. >> i think if you get those two runoff, the president then, does he become a factor? he's been a pariah layout the campaign. that would be key in the runoff. this week he is playing. he is out on the road. he is not playing anywhere that matters in control of the senate. -se going to wisconsin. >> that is a big race. that matters. michigan, the democrats are winning. he is going up into new england. why, jonathan, still a pariah in the democratic party when it comes to the big senate race. >> a lot of the democratic campaigns have determined, john, there is more risk. they have president obama come out there and at this late stage
4:33 am
in the campaign, they don't want to give their opponents the opportunity to make the race about president obama. by the way, i forgot, montana. >> yes. >> and the president's leadership is at issue. we started this year thinking about obamacare. we thought it would be more about economy. we end on ebola. the president, the white house is in a battle with states, saying don't go further than the federal government. you had new york, new jersey, spoke up with a tougher quarantine policy. new york is listen to chris christie the new jersey governor, saying no, i don't think the federal government is being tough enough. i'm not going to being down. >> as we saw with what happened with some of the healthcare workers in texas with the cdc shifting property coltprotocols had people infected. we can't have that in the new jersey area. now you see they agree in chicago as well. i think this is a policy that will become a national policy
4:34 am
southeastern rather than later. >> you have a feud over a subject that's anxiety ridden as ebola in terms of the politics of it. how does the prediction come out here? >> christie, his biggest problem is he's too friendly with president obama. he gave him tbro hug. at least this is a way to distinguish himself. what are you saying? i'm sorry for this nurse, i got to protect people. >> john the democrats have not concocted a more unwelcome scenario, the final weeks of the election will be played out with a viral disease coming to american shores from africa. it's the last thing they need. >> you mentioned jeb bush. his dad is jeb bush the former governor. there is a big question whether mom, barbara bush is on board, jeb bush's wife is on board.
4:35 am
listen to george p. sort of get a green light. >> is your dad going to run for president? >> i think he's still assessing it. >> do you think it's more than 50%, less than 50%? >> i think it's more than likely he is giving this a serious thought and moving forward. >> that he'll run. >> that he'll run. >> look, he's a young guy, george p., relatively new, he is not saying things like that loose lipped, is he? he's got to mean it? >> no, he does mean it. he knows jeb bush would like to run for president. my colleague has a great story in the "time's" george w. bush is the family cheerleader pushing jeb on here. it seems like with the exception of barbara bush, most of the family is on board, especially the two georges. >> jeb bush? yes? >> i mean. >> that's god. i like that. >> i think it's entirely possible. you continue to look at the
4:36 am
republican field. if you are jeb bush, you are thinking, you know what, why not? >> as we get back to new new york, it makes debate on immigration issues, if you get jeb bush versus the other guys, fascinating debates. >> that republican race would be a lot of fun. >> it does sound like that. it seems like he's leaning in that direction. john, thanks, so much. grit to see you. all right, new york's first ebola patient fighting for his life. how is dr. craig spencer coming along? we will speak with the ceo of the hospital treatment treating him. is it better to be overly cautious? the nurse under quarantine says no it is not as does the white house. will it chaening the mind of state officials? "new day" returns in just a moment.
4:37 am
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. >> good to have you back with us on "new day." andrew cuomo is adjusting the 21-day quarantine for doctors and nurses returning from africa. they are quarantine at home as long as they are symptom free. dr. spencer continues to fight for his life. how is he proceeding? is the fear of ebola good for quarantines. the president and ceo of fork city health and hospitals corporation, which overseas bellevue hospital where dr. craig spencer is being treated. first of all, we are getting word that the daily fuse is reporting a five-year-old child is being treated at bellevue, apparently returning from his
4:42 am
family from west africa with a 103 fever, can you tell us if that child is at the hospital and what is being done? >> we are working with people with a travel history and fever at bellevue hospital together with the department of health and mental hygiene of new york city. we will be probably making sticks. >> observations or being tested? >> we don't know yet. obvations are still going on. >> how long will that last? >> a couple hours. >> can we turn to dr. spencer? we know he received treatment from nancy writebol, ebola survivor, can you update on his condition? >> he is in a serious condition but stable.
4:43 am
he is going through the phase of the disease, which is completely anticipated. we continue to closely mon core him at our specialize lalgs unit at bellevue hospital. >> i got a question. when you are evaluating, why wouldn't you take his blood right away and test to see if he has the virus? is that a part of the evaluation? >> a part of the eraugs is the history of the travel and the contact. is there any contact they had with any patient with ebola in west africa when the kid was there. the question is you are the household contacts doing, also, evaluating the kid for symptoms of ebola. so they will make a decision with the department of mental health. >> why not test them right away? >> if i locate them with a low risk.
4:44 am
there is no travel history. >> there is a travel history. >> there is a travel history. no contact history yet. >> so they haven't been able to establish where the child was specifically? >> yes. >> so, doctor, how confident are you that all your health workers are being protected and not being exposed. we saw what happened in dallas. they were conversation they were not exposed. low and behold two came down with ebola. i don't know if you saw "60 minutes." some of the nurses were on. they had a such a heart rendering story how they knew they might be at rick, but they wanted to do their job and do it well. let me play for you when the nurse first saw the patient thomas duncan. >> i put on my protective wear. i went in and introduced myself to him and let him know i would
4:45 am
be the nurse helping him tonight. i was very frightened. i was. but i just dried my tears, rolled down my sleeves so to speak and went on about my night. >> she has such a compelling story. she says she was very frightened. do you think health care workers in your field feel the same way? in there we all learned a lot from dallas. we have strong, really played it over two-and-a-half months to putting this on and protecting our nurses and doctors and health care providers helping ebola patients. we are preparing it for a while. we have tested our system we have a buddy system if plates. when the nurse comes out of the room, he or she does not take the gear off, somebody is there. now you remove the clothes, it is all done in a very very sistered way of ta-- structured
4:46 am
way of taking it off. i am sure we will have much better results tan what we had in dallas is there we are hearing reports some of the staff at bellevue are betting pushed back in their own communities, some people say i know you work at bellevue, i don't want to serve you. i don't want you to come into my store. is this what you are hearing? how do you counteract is that? we've talked about the science and the perception? >> the man was very effective yesterday in the first conference. he actually compared the health care workers to the people who come back, return from a foreign military duty. so we need to treat them leak this this is the war the health care. so we treat them like that, like heroes. they are not discriminating against them. they are working bellevue
4:47 am
patie patients who are sec you need to say this is something you do not catch. it is absolutely important that all of us have a lot of things to do to make the public feel saf safe. >> thank you, it's comforting to hear from you. >> thank you. >> please keep us informed about the five-year-old. >> we will. >> an army vet quit his job, left his family behind to fight on the front lines. now he wants you to do the same. we have his story next. you're driving along,
4:48 am
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4:51 am
so you may say you're against isis. it's pretty easy, right? what a are you going to do about it? an american army veteran felt the same and went to fight side by side with kurdish forces in syria to destroy isis. he's jouts raoutraged by the br. he quit his job, left behind loved ones and volunteered on the front lines in the battle against terror. now he's recruiting other westerners in the fight. ivan watson is live in iraq with that story. ivan? >> reporter: chris, there's been so much attention on westerner who is have joined isis, but the fact is the syrian civil war has attracted westerners to other fighting in other simultaneous civil wars tearing syria apart.
4:52 am
we traveled into kurdish controlled northern syria and met this american veteran soldier who decided to join the kurds. >> armed men are a common sight. one of the gunmen in this truck is not like the others. >> how do people react to you when they see and realize you're from the u.s.? >> they ask if i will come over for dinner and stay at their house. >> he's a 28-year-old former u.s. army soldier from wisconsin. for the last month, he's also been a volunteer fighter in the kurdish militia known here as the wpg. >> i got in contact with the ypg on facebook, soul searched and said is this what i want to do? eventually you know, decided to do it. >> soon after arriving here in
4:53 am
syria, he says he ended up in a battle against isis. >> the second day in i got hit by a mortar. >> while recovering from shrapnel wounds, he went to work online recruiting foreigners to help the ypg fight against isis. >> i've had ex military from eastern europe, western europe, canada, united states, australia. >> he lives in places like this former restaurant converted into a militia camp. >> what are the pictures? >> all men who have died fighting against isis. >> the ypg are very lightly armed gorillas. >> is this a flak jacket? >> no. this is a vest to carry ammunition. >> basically people are running into battle without armor? >> yes. >> and wearing sneakers half the time? >> yes. combat adidas is. u.s. law enforcement officers
4:54 am
say it's illegal for an american to join a syrian militia. he says being here fighting along side the kurds is a dream come true. >> all my life i wanted to be a soldier. i'm at peace being here. >> matson says he's at peace in a war zone. he also says there are at least three other americans there fighting along side the kurds in northern syria. i've covered a lot of conflicts around the world. if there's one common thing i've seen, it's that they tend to act as magnets, attract adventurers, mercenaries, idealists and mistmi misfits. this is no exception. >> what a story. thanks so much for telling us his story. great stuff. meanwhile, concerns over ebola spiked this morning. word of 5-year-old monitored in new york city.
4:55 am
this has states quarantine implements come under fire. one nurse calls her treatment inhumane. we'll tell you what she says she's enduring. from fashion retailers to healthcare providers, jewelers to sporting good stores, we provide financing solutions for all sorts of businesses. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. engage with us.
4:56 am
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quarantine fall out, fear driving policy. officials in several states under pressure to reassess policies for health care workers returning from west africa. now a nurse quarantined in new jersey pull nothing punches about her prison like conditions. are her rights being violated? is this overreaction? the white house urging state as not to go too far. they're concerned it may hurt effort tops send medical staff to west african nations forcing new york to make a change. another student has died from injuries from friday school shooting in washington state. new details emerging about the chaotic scene inside as shots rang out. we're going to tell you of one teacher that put herself at risk trying to stop the carnage in the cafeteria. your "new day" continues right now.
5:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "new day." it's monday, october 27, a about 8:00 in the east. chris cuomo joined by alisyn camerota. not another health care returning, this is a kid 5 years old. he is just back with his family from guinea we believe. he's now at a designated ebola center evaluated, not tested. they have to check, to see his symptoms, see if he was near anyone who had ebola in the first place before they take that step. this comes as concerns about the virus coming in more volume in the united states as politicians push for mandatory quarantines. >> new jersey is clarifying the strict quarantine process under fire from a nurse who has been kept in isolation since arriving back from sierra leone. she says she's not sick, has no signs of ebola and wants out of
5:01 am
that tent. she's telling cnn her basic human rights are being violated. our coverage begins with cnn elizabeth cochecohen. you can't blame the nurse. >> she's not allowed to go home. she's not sick. she's tested negative twice now. folks that advocate for quarantines say they'll protect the public. folks that criticize say look, they could lead to more cases of ebola. >> this morning governors of new york and new jersey offering policy ises. under the guidelines, health care workers returning from treating ebola patients in west africa will remain quarantined 21 days. residents of the state can stay inside their hopes. in addition, those traveling from hot zones who haven't come in contact with # ebola patients, they'll be actively
5:02 am
monitored. for the nurse, the poll say has been a nightmare. i spoke to casey on the phone. >> i don't think most people understand what it's like to be alone in a tent and you know nothing is wrong with you. it doesn't make sense. >> she was quarantined inside this tent after she arrived from treating ebola patients in sierra leone. she currently shows no symptoms of the virus and tested negative for ebola twice. >> my first and foremost obligation is protect public health and safety of people of new jersey. >> the mayor of new york city blasted the decision which some say deters health care workers from taking part in the fight to detain ebola abroad. >> this hero coming back from having done the right thing was treated with disrespect. >> her lawyers are fighting for her immediate release. >> we believe that policy
5:03 am
enfringes on the constitutional liberty interests. >> currently three states, new york, new jersey and illinois have the policy. it was abruptly implemented friday after dr. spencer was diagnosed with ebola. >> some people will say we're being too cautious. i'll take that criticism. >> a federal official says the cdc was surprised by the mandate but acknowledges state officials have the prerogative to set policies. >> critics of quarantines say they're too broad, unclear and unnecessary. if you're not sick, you can't spread the disease. >> we're going to debate all of that in a moment. >> then you go on the other side. they say 21 days, you have to wait the full to know if someone is sick. we have to deal with that as well. let's get back to kaci #, the nurse under mandatory quarantine
5:04 am
in j new jersey. he's not a criminal. she is a champion that went to do the one thing to keep ebola from coming to the u.s., fighting it in africa. after her evaluation sunday, her infectious disease doctor did not recommend she get tested again today. she's gone public with harsh words for chris christie and the system preparing legal papers for her to get out. take a look. >> once i got to the hospital, they of course tested my blood and confirmed it was negative. there are report of the me having a fever in the airport. i truly believe that it was an instrument error. when i arrived in in the isolation unit, they took my temperature orally and it was completely normal. >> does it remain completely normal? >> yes, it has also been completely normal. i heard from my mother last
5:05 am
night who called me concerned and said governor christie just said in an interview that you were quote, unquote, obviously ill. this is frustrating to me. first of all, i don't think he's a doctor and secondly he's never laid eyes on me. thirdly, i have been a symptomatic since i've been here. i feel completely strong and emotionally exhausted. i have not been implemented a clear plan. even to this day, no one has told me what it means. this to me is just completely unacceptable. >> do you understand the need of governors from new jersey, new yo york, illinois to say we need to make sure they're in isolation until we know they're past the danger zone. do you understand that?
5:06 am
>> i completely don't understand it. we have to be careful letting politicians make public and health decisions. i understand people feel they have a risk. i think we can have a conversation about what further measures might look like. i think this is an extreme that is really unacceptable. i feel like my basic human rights have been violated. >> all right. let's figure out if this is extreme. let's continue the conversation with dr. kent, infectious kz specialist and contributor for the daily beast. and robin, cnn analyst and commentator. doctor, does this woman need to be in the isolation tent for the next 21 days? >> certainly not. ic -- public health authorities
5:07 am
would not have put her there. the danger of this is we might need mandatory quarantine in a different scenario. it's going to be hard to get us back to making that acceptable. >> what's is scenario? >> it is as follows. you can have a false negative ebola test if you have symptoms for up to three days. in other words, if she had fever and was negative on day one, we would want to keep her with fever, which she did not have. we would keep her quarantined up to three days. there might be a need going forward. i think this is going to make it very hard for mandatory quarantine to happen at all. she does not need it. >> she has no fever, no symptoms. she feels she is just being punished because she went to west africa. she is 100% correct. we're talking about an issue alisyn where it's public health
5:08 am
concerns versus individual liberties. the law is clear. in matters of stopping the spread of any kind of disease like the this, particularly around border patrol. federal and state governments have tremendous powers that are given to them to fight this kind of infection. however, you still as a citizen of the united states and even to somebody visiting the united states, you have individual liberties. what she's being robbed of is due process. they have put forward this quarantine alisyn which in myids ridiculous. more are going to die from the flu, probably thousands more people are going to. i don't see a quarantine or matter like this from stopping the spread of it. >> let me play why.g governors
5:09 am
cuomo and christie have to justify this. >> i've always aired on the side of caution. expect the best but prepare for the worst. >> our job is protect the safety and health of our citizens. we've take than action. i have no second thoughts about it. >> see doctor, the problem is you can't always rely on people to self-quarantine. we saw with dr. nancy snyderman case from nbc. she was supposed to be in quarantine in her home but went out driving around, going to meet a friend at a restaurant. dr. craig spencer was self-monitoring but going bowling and on the subway. it makes people feel better if anyone with possible exposure is kept in isolation for 21 days. >> i understand that entirely. i think though there's a need for us to get the message across about what does constitute true risks and what does not. i think the governors have a lot
5:10 am
to worry about. i don't envy their job at all. i think by moving us away from a scientific evidence based approach to these decisions and toward, well everyone is nervous, let's make them less nervous, i think that's a big mistake. it's giving in to unjustified panic. >> i 100% agree. there's alternatives here. you could take anybody coming back that's had direct contact, been working with ebola patients like kaci and put her in quarantine. give her a specific caseworker from the cdc. give her self-monitoring. >> there's longer monitoring period than a day. >> i completely agree with what doctors say. it feeds into irrational panic on the part of the public. for governors to come out and say we're being super cautious here. there's a 21 day incubation period. the only people that contracted this here in the united states
5:11 am
have had direct contact, typically caring for patients. all of them except for mr. duncan have been cured. >> let me read you kaci's experience. she wrote a letter this weekend. she says this when first coming to the airport. i was tired, hungry and confused. i tried to remain calm. my temperature was taken using a forehead scanner. no one would tell me what was going on or what would happen to me. eight police cars were there. sirens blared, lights flashed. i wonder had i had done wrong. >> she does not have terms in getting damages. her course is to say there's been no due process. there's no hearing, no chance to
5:12 am
appeal this, no court system to go to. that's part of the problem. you create policies based on public fear and don't provide the corresponding protection for an individual now in lock down. >> maybe she can be sent home to maine in an ambulance today. >> with eight cars escorting her and sirens blaring. >> thanks for coming in with the information. we appreciate it. let's go to michaela. >> thanks so much. here are headlines now. the final u.s. marines and british troops have ended operations in afghanistan. they transferred control to afghans. the flags were put up the last time marking that military milestone. residents in the eastern part of hawaii are on alert, high alert as flowing lava races towards the town. officials in the region of the big island say lava from the volcano is moving 15 yards per
5:13 am
hour. residents are repairing to evacuate. that occurred in june but picked up speed in the last few days. we'll keep watching that. an ohio man held captive in north korea for months arrived home. he is seen shaking hands at church in ohio. he said it's good to be free and prayed for quick return of two of americans held there, miller and bay. a new study suggests a natural compound found in cocoa can reverse memory loss. the study found it can improve connectivity in part of the brain that works with memory. naturally researchers warn the compound exists only in minuscule amounts. overeating chocolate to help your memory is probably not the wisest. >> oddly, i do not remember the
5:14 am
last part of what she said. i remember eat more chocolate. especially with the weekend coming up. got a pregame going this weekend. >> did you say the weekend coming up? it's like five days away. i'm not trying to -- >> halloween lover. >> don't kill the dream. he's excited for halloween. we got it going this past weekend. >> what's your favorite? >> costume? >> candy. get over the costumes. >> new mentality, can't go with nuts. it's up there with ebola in terms of parents fearing. twix strong. i'll go with almond joy. sometimes i feel like a nut, sometimes i don't. he was a popular freshman and homecoming prince with a bright future. what prompted him to open fire killing two classmates injuring two more? >> the key is to know why so we can see signs in others before it happens.
5:15 am
we're going to speak to one of the victim's friends obviously hurting very much right now.
5:16 am
dovisit tripadvisor new york. this is the life. with millions of reviews,
5:17 am
tripadvisor makes any destination better. to dan simon live in
5:18 am
marysville with the developments. >> reporter: school is closed for the entire week. when students return, it's not clear if they'll ever eat in the
5:19 am
cafeteria again where the shooting took place. no shooting makes sense, but this is more perplexing because he targeted friends and cousins. >> over night, gia soriano died from injuries. her family releasing this statement. >> gia is our beautiful daughter. words cannot express how much we'll miss her. >> an emotional tribal song to mourn for the community trying to heal. >> looking for answers, answers that might not exist for us. >> reporter: many still asking why the popular teen would want to target his best friends and own a family. it was friday morning when freshman jaylen fryberg entered the cafeteria, walked up to a
5:20 am
table where two cousins were sitting with friends and opened fire with a .40 caliber handgun. >> he came up from behind and fired about six bullets into the backs of them. >> reporter: three others remain hospitalized in intensive care. shaylee chuckulnaskit and cousins. zoe galasso was the first to be killed. we all loved her so much. >> the first year social studies teacher ran towards gunfire and confronted the shooter. >> she grabbed his arm, hand on hand. it happened in seconds. >> reporter: moments later, fryberg is dead from apparent suicide. exactly why this happened is unclear. the new york daily news reporting that students say jaylen targeted the group after he was spurned by a love
5:21 am
interest who chose one of his cousins over him. a friend of zoe galasso tells cnn that the victim was dating one of the victim's friends. >> he snapped for no reason. >> recently elected homecoming prince, he was a well liked student. on twitter he had a darker personality. >> i know i seem like i'm sweating it off but i'm not. and i will never be able to. it won't last. it will never last. >> we need to know why this happened, how to heal and how to help others. we have a family friend of zoe galasso, the first victim in the shooting. we have the pastor at the church in washington. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. i wish it was under different circumstances. we have learned overnight gia
5:22 am
soriano has lost her life. how are you this morning? >> i'm doing fine. i'm just really feeling the weight of the entire circumstances that are going on, especially on behalf of my friend and their family. >> pastor, for all of the flowers behind you, each one represents a gesture and also one person who's very confused and hurt about how this could ever happen. what are you telling congregants? >> it's day by day, moment by moment. whether it's grief that's expressed or grief you don't feel right away. we're going to get through this together. it's okay however you feel. we're going to navigate this day by day. >> it's not about the event. the media gets caught up in the details. it's about the people involved not just the shooter. corey, tell us about zoe.
5:23 am
>> well i'm really familiar with the parents. didn't get a great opportunity to be close to zoe. knowing the parents, it's a clear representation of the type of person zoe is. the outpouring that's happened simply in the short amount of time speaks to the type of people that they were in the community which is why we are doing everything we can both spiritually and tangibly for the family. >> why, the most important question and most frightening thing to consider. it takes you closer to what happened. what are they coming up with? why their daughter? >> i know there's a lot of tears. i had a chance to spend time with the family, and it's a thick feeling there. it's just sad. there is a lot of just holding and crying together. i don't know if they've really
5:24 am
reached the why question yet. >> they're just trying to hold it together. that's very understandable. pastor, when these happen -- and they happen too often -- we see a pretty distinct formula. this kid was troubled, maybe mentally ill. he was ignored, an outcast, supposed to get treatment. he was getting it and didn't take it seriously. he didn't take plmeds, angry. he had access to weapons and then the tragic event. this situation seems to check none of those boxes. >> i think it's a mystery that we sit here and get into the why and what. i'm sure as people continue to dig, they're going to come up with theories and ideas and thoughts. i don't know where he was at as far as processing life. i don't know what stories come out of this that become clear heart ache was so heavy or
5:25 am
burden he bared was so terrible. i don't know. we're all different as individuals. it's hard to see how everybody processes everything all the time. i don't think it's a stereo type or way to put a person in a box. i don't think we can do that at this time. >> from what you're hearing, was this kid's reputation consistent with what we've been reporting that he was seen as a good kid, seen as somebody who had things going for him? >> yeah. you have a guy who's part of the tribe, young leader in his tribe. that was evident from people that did know him and recognized this guy has gifts and talents to be a real leader. that's a pretty incredible thing to have said. as well as students he played football with and mingled with. that's part of the shock of the situation. on one hand with the stereo
5:26 am
types, you could say we could see this coming. with this here, this is one of those you go, this is a kid we're not sure exactly what he was processing. that's tough about the whole thing. >> we know other kids hit by him in this are still struggling. couple are stable, one in serious condition. we have to keep prayers and thoughts going for them. we'll monitor the situation going forth. corey, you set up a go fund me page for zoe's family. obviously a lot of what they're dealing with is emotional. there's no price to pay to get past that. what is the need now people should know about? >> i don't even know if the family can wrap their mind around what their needs are. i just know that so many of us in the peer group and around the community were looking for a way to really help in a way that
5:27 am
could be present. if you couldn't be there to wrap your arms around them and hold them, that was the only other thing a lot of people were looking to do. i know they will be experiencing things much long after the cameras are gone. they really, really need some support to make sure they can see it through. >> corey, i think that is a point that really will bear repeating in the days, weeks, months ahead. corey, pastor, thank you for joining us. as somebody who's experienced too many of these from the outside, it begins when the media part ends. they're going to need you there for them much more in days ahead. i know you will. it's a tight community. let us know what we can do. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. there's another headline we've been following this morning. a developing story. a 5-year-old boy in new york city is being monitored for
5:28 am
symptoms of ebola. he is not being tested yet. he's evaluated. they're watching his symptoms. on top of this is the fight about quarantines, fear of what happens when somebody has the virus. which are right decisions and which are wrong? we'll discuss it. foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier and emerging markets. if you convert 4-quarter p/e of the s&p 500, its yield is doing a lot better... if you've had to become your own investment expert, maybe it's time for bny mellon, a different kind of wealth manager ...and black swans are unpredictable. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, shopping online is as easy as it gets. carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers.
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all right. here we go with five things you need to know for your five day. at number one. a 5-year-old boy is monitored for ebola symptoms at bellevue hospital as new york state revises the the quarantine policy so people without symptoms can stay home three weeks and self-monitor instead of doing that within a hospital. a second student has died after freshman opened fire inside a washington state high school. three students including two of the gunman's cousin remain hospitalized. in the meantime, a vigil was held sunday night. u.s. marines and british troops have officially ended combat operations in afghanistan transferring camp leather neck
5:33 am
to afghan control. brazil's president celebrating re-election after winning an incredibly tight race. she beat the opposition candidate to win. speaking of winning, just one away. the giants shut out royals 5-0. tuesday game six in kc. we always update the five things to know. always visit for the latest. it's cnn money time. christine romans with what's going on with stocks today. this is usually a rhetorical question. >> last week was one of the best for stocks in almost two yoears. dow climbed 2.6% in one week. s&p 500, 4% last week. that's why you don't bail when
5:34 am
things get rough. you miss the big moves. talking about retailers declining apple pay. cvs stores no longer taking apple pay following rite aid's lead. there could be a mobile pay fight. watch this. gas prices plunging. the average price for a regular gallon of gas 3.03 dollars. that's the low nest almost four years, down 30 cents from a month ago, 60 cents from the prices over the summer. why oil prices are plunging because we are producing a heck of a lot of energy in the country. >> you make me feel like driving somewhere. >> you're getting an extra couple of a week. it's a tax break for consumers. if it lasts, we could see more in economic numbers. people have a little more money to spend. you'll spend less on heating bills this winter too. >> thanks so much.
5:35 am
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good to have you back with us on "new day." we're getting word a 5-year-old boy is monitored for ebola symptoms here in new york city. all of this has new york state adjusts mandatory 21 day quarantine. four health care workers returning from the ebola hot zone in west africa. new york allowing quarantines to be served at home. is this all about public health or has it deteriorated into a political postering? joining me political commentator and anchor. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i'm sure you're watching this with a keen eye. you're a new yorker, concerned about public health here. do you view all of this going on with governors of new jersey and
5:40 am
new york being politically motivated? >> always. it's not a bad thing. they're supposed to be responding to public, aware of what they want. they do indeed adjust positions in order to appeal to public. big election coming up in new york next week. it's no secret chris christie wants to be considered for president. a lot going on. >> to that end, we know now there's the potential case in new york, a 5-year-old boy returning with his family from guinea. tested with a 103 degrees fever at bellevue now being monitored and observed. they haven't tested him yet. they're going to go off on their checklist until they decide when they're going to test. makes you wonder, are you potentially going to see governor cuomo reverse decisions or pivot again? >> one would hope everybody would be most concerned about a 5-year-old with a 103 temperature. whether the flu or anything
5:41 am
else, got to feel for the family and kid. i think what we're going to find is the governor has acknowledged by actions he may have jumped out too quickly. he sat next to the governor of new jersey. they announced this quarantine. absolutely no details that were included with it. it led to this nurse being basically imprisoned. now legal issues are flowing from it. the governor of new york walked it back and said we're not doing the tent thing. we're going to let people go to their homes, try to allow a protocol so they can be with families and not overreact. clearly result of political pressure. >> the fact is, this is somewhat unchartered territory. is there a case to be made for an overabundance of caution? >> there is and isn't. if you go back and look at what happened with the aids scare.
5:42 am
it was an absolute panic in new york. came through here in the 1980s. people had to invent protocols and figure what to do. the public played a big role. gray and lesbian took the lead in preventing protocols, creating self-help and self-care possibilities in the community that helped us through what was in the end a tragic time with a lot of lives lost. there's absolutely no excuse to say we don't know. let's do whatever we feel like or whatever the latest poll suggests would be popular. that's what we've seen in texas. a little bit in new york and a lot in new jersey. >> new york is reasonably prepared. we've seen for example a few weeks ago they're sending actors to er units. there were drills being done, preparations. we've had medical professionals here. it didn't catch them completely
5:43 am
by surprise. that's always going to be a debate. >> new york city has extraordinary resources. we have 11 public hospitals. it's unique in the city. i interviewed ron. he said we have a certain amount of swagger. we're ready for this. mary basser spent 13 years running health systems in tanzania. she admitted yesterday it's going to be a long fight. why not give her a call? she was not contacted before the quarantines popped up in her backyards. >> too many eyes on the midterm elections and not enough on what's happening here? >> too many eyes on the midterm elections and 2016 elections. too many eyes on trying to outmaneuver other people, who's in charge and who can show charge and leadership and not enough time doing what politics
5:44 am
say they're going to do. this fight is going to have to take place in africa. we've got to get workers over there. the world health organization has said at the end of the year, if this isn't stepped, there could be 10,000 new cases per week. that will overwhelm everyone's systems. there's no quarantine anywhere in the world going to contain that. >> great to have you as always. thanks so much. chris? here's one you may not have heard of. democrats say they have an amazing woman who could have president. the big question is, is she going to run? i'm not talking about hillary. i'm talking about senator elizabeth warren on the road in dema demand. we have an interview with the candid senator next. it's a must watch. ♪ tum, tum tu. smoothies! only from tums.
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well, she said out right she's not interested this the white house in 2016. that's not stopping massachusetts senator elizabeth warren from upping her national profile ahead of midterms and help democrats keep the senate. even with popularity, warren remains a renegade in her party. we spent time with warren on the campaign trail. she joins us. >> hi. how you doing? she's an interesting person elizabeth warren. her latest campaign stop was this weekend for new hampshire
5:49 am
democratic senator. while everyone else is whispering about her future, warren made it clear to me for now she's just working on 2014, trying to keep democrats in control of the senate. but the more she's out there and out there a lot alisyn, the more speculation there is about 2016. she's a democrat in demand on the campaign trail. >> it's about making sure nobody steals your purse on main street or pension on wall street. that's what we believe. >> rallying the party base in states where the president and his dismal approval rating are not welcome. as in colorado with endangered senator. >> you mark me all of us. that's how we're going to build the future. >> warren is an unusual
5:50 am
nomination. a soldier and inside agitator, a party star that takes on her own party. >> what democrats have to do is be willing to stand up and fight. >> i just think we could use a little more of that. we could use a little more of standing up and saying this is what it's about. i'm willing to do it. >> she's willing all right. always has been. complicating her relationship with president obama whom she manages to praise just before slinging arrows his way. >> if president obama had not been in the white house, then we wouldn't have a consumer financial protection bureau today. this is an agency that has forced biggest banks in the country to return $4 billion directly to people they cheated. that's been in just three years. >> i hear a but coming. >> of course there's a but coming. there's another half to this. they also chose an economic
5:51 am
team. when the going got tough, the economic team chose wall street. they protected wall street over american families. that's just something that i think is fundamentally wrong. >> you've also said in the past that hillary clinton is somebody who has likewise protected wall street. do you think she's still too close to wall street? >> i have said i worry about everyone who is too close to wall street. when i described what this race is about and it's about who does government work for, i worry everywhere. >> not exactly a ringing endorsement of clinton although warren encourages her to run. today warren is all about selling her own populist message. on the road she comes a loud and clear. >> when conservatives talk about opportunity, they mean opportunity for rich to get richer and powerful to get more powerful.
5:52 am
she's become the liberal's anti hillary. >> planted his feet and stood firm. >> there are some who say you energize republicans as much as you do democrats because you're so left wing liberal, populist -- >> whoa, whoa. wait, wait. i believe we should have a higher minimum wage. because i believe women should have access to birth control. because i believe the united states government should not be tens and billions off backs of kids on student loans because i believe social security shouldn't be private xizeded. that's what i'm fighting for. >> does that have appeal in a red state? you bet. it has an appeal anywhere there are working people. >> she says that's the winning democratic agenda for this year and beyond. >> you think if hillary clinton
5:53 am
is a nominee, she can make that case? >> what i care about now is focus in 2014. this is the key election. 2014, right if in front of us. we shouldn't take our eye off the ball on that. >> i didn't get a yes or no to that. >> i want to be clear, this is about the 2014 race. >> she is determined not to look beyond. while her supporters want the 2016 door open, warren wants everyone to stop talking about it. really, stop. >> why not think about running? >> i'm not running for president. i am not running for president. i am not running for president. >> but if hillary didn't run, you might give it a shot? >> i am not running for president. >> she is on the run. >> off to minnesota. >> to her next state, 16 in all, campaigning for other democrats, at least for now. >> interesting profile gloria. we understand on friday, both
5:54 am
elizabeth warren and hillary clinton appeared at campaign event in massachusetts. something unusual happened. >> it was a warm, public embrace from hillary clinton. the two women chatted backstage apparently about being grandmothers. hillary went on stage, warm public embrace. their relationships have been complicated as we pointed out in the piece. elizabeth warren gave no such warm public embrace to hillary, just welcomed her. it was clear hillary was reaching out to her, talking about how important the things that elizabeth warren stands for are to the democratic party. nothing like that from elizabeth warren which of course raises all red flags. everybody whispering about, maybe elizabeth warren would take her on sooner rather than later. we don't know. >> hard to read. >> thanks so much.
5:55 am
>> sure. hard unless you listen to her that says i'm not running. sometimes the people asking the questions, not those answering it. >> she said it four times. >> she'll say it 50 more. take a picture of this. why so cute and cuddly? there's a story to that. it's really about the watch on my wrist. look at me. he's cute and cuddly. i look scary. it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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time is on my side. yes, it is. we often time for a good cause. this is mike's personal watch. i told him i liked hit when he was here earlier. he rolled eyes and gave it to me. i said listen mike, i'd rather give it away than wear it. that's what we did. we put the watch up for sale. it goes for the mike rowe foundation. the winning bid $4,050. the winning bidder said she bought it for her 9-year-old
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son. that's good stuff. he gave it away for a better kauchltz he cause. he had been wearing that watch. >> fantastic. i love that story. >> one for both wrists. time for more news in the newsroom with carol costello. >> thanks a lot. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the newsroom, quarantine night. she's contained to a tent, no shower, no flushable toilet. is a 21 day quarantine breaking her constitutional rights? plus heart break in washington. a teen injured in the shooting has died from her injuries. this as we hear tales of heroism. the teacher rushing the gunman in the


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