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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  October 28, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit ebola controversy. from quarantines to travel bans, the politics are getting uglier around the world. but is any of it help stopping the spread of the disease? also coming up -- >> an american school shooter may have lured his victims into a trap. new details about the killer's text messages before the attack. take a look at this. a river of molten lava is oozing toward a village in hawaii. also coming up. in four more years, you're going to see another example of the ford family never, ever, ever giving up. >> it's election night in toronto, and believe it or not,
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rob ford has won another race. >> welcome back to cnn newsroom. i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm errol barnett. let's begin with what's happened in the state. kaci hickox says her quarantine in new jersey violated her basic, human rights. now the nurse who treated ebola patients in west africa is expected to be at her home in maine today. new jersey governor chris christie ordered her released from isolation after she tested negative for ebola. a 5-year-old boy in new york who had a fever, has also tested negative for the virus, but he'll remain in the hospital in isolation for now at least. also in new york, dr. craig spencer is now in serious but stable condition. he tested positive for ebola last week. and take a look at the american mood toward ebola. a new poll shows 8 in 10 americans believe someone in the u.s. will become infected with
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ebola in the next few weeks. but a majority, 54%, believe the u.s. government is doing a good job handling ebola. 42% say it's doing a poor job at the moment. >> no matter what the polls say, there's increasing scrutiny over chris christie's decision to quarantine kaci hickox. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie not backing down from his mandatory quarantine order. >> i have no second thoughts about it. >> reporter: but his handling of kaci hickox's quarantine in netwo newark is getting slammed. christie announced abruptly that he was instituting a 21-day mandatory quarantine for all health care workers returning from west africa. >> i just came back from one of the most difficult months of my life, and to make me stay for 21 days, to not be with my family,
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to put me through this emotional and physical stress is completely unacceptable. >> reporter: the toilet wrapped in plastic and sitting on a locked removable box. to stay clean, a foot pump, but no shower. is this a fitting way to treat a health care worker who just completed a tough, month-long assignment treating ebola patients in sierra leone. >> i want to be treated with compassion and humanity, and i don't feel like i have the past three days. >> the new jersey governor says tough, it's a public health issue and insists hickox appeared sick. >> the reason she was put in the hospital in the first place is because she was running a fever and was symptom attic. >> her service and commitment to this cause is something that should be honored and respected. and i don't think we do that by making her live in a tent for
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two or three days. >> and after a weekend in quarantine, hickox is suddenly being released. >> why did you reverse your decision? >> i didn't reverse any decision? why are you saying that? >> because -- >> if she was continuing to be ill, she'd have to stay. she hadn't had any symptoms in 24 hours, and she tested negative for ebola. there's no reason to keep her. >> but the aide worker who helped those struggling in sierra leone where 1,300 people have died, says politics and ebola just don't mix. >> this is so frustrating to me. first of all, i don't think he's a doctor, and secondly, he's never laid eyes on me. and thirdly, i have been asymptomatic since i've been here. >> and you do have some officials on her side. former u.n. secretary-general kofi annan is speaking out against the quarantine of nurse hickox. he said similar new measures in other states are overtly
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political as midterm elections approach. and told cnn's richard quest, part of the reason the disease has spread is tied to geography. >> the only way we can get ahead of this game is to contain the epidemic in west africa by getting additional health workers in, getting in helicopters, medevacks, and all the equipments we need. if we discourage the health workers from getting in, we are not going to be able to contain this, and we'll all be at risk. if that happened elsewhere other than africa, the response would have been faster. and if the disease had been in a richer country, we would today have a medication or vaccine. we've known about ebola for 40 years, but it's a poor man's disease. >> kofi annan speaking there with our richard quest. well, australia is trying to protect its people from ebola, by imposing new travel
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restrictions. they include suspending immigration from ebola-affected countries. let's turn to our andrew stevens, he's in hong kong. he has information on this. andrew, these new restrictions have not been without their critics, it has to be said. let's look at that, but first we need to go through what the restrictions are exactly. and how they're intending on protecting their citizens. >> fundamentally, they are closing the borders of australia to people in the ebola-affected areas, the hardest hit ones, sierra leone, liberia, guinea. anyone applying for a visa from those countries will be denied. now, if you already have a permanent visa to visit australia or to live in australia from one of those countries, you will have to go into a 21-day quarantine period before you travel to australia, just to make sure. so it's quite a dramatic step to close the borders for anyone wanting to get out of west
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africa, who doesn't have the rec zit visa so far. certainly it's been criticized, the immigration spokesman for the australian green party calls it shameful and cruel, and says it does not reflect the national character, what australians are all about. we had sarah hanson young speaking and this is what she said. and it is quite a strong quote. banning refugees from fleeing west africa is like shuttering up the window while a house burns down. that coming from sarah hanson-young. and there's also been criticism aimed at the abbott government about how it's dealing on the home front with this issue as well. it's interesting, tony abbott has quite clearly said, rosemary, that the fight against ebola, the policy in the fight against ebola in australia, is all about protecting australians at home, and not about dealing with it at the cause, at the root of the problem, which obviously is west africa.
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there's been criticism from the opposition, from the main opposition party as well in australia about that approach to ebola. >> and so how prepared is australia should there be a situation where -- and there have been a couple of false alarms, where someone arrives and it's shown they do have ebola. how prepared is that nation to deal with that? >> it's a great question. it really depends on who you ask. if you ask tony abbott, he would say that the australian authorities, the medical services, are very well prepared indeed. there have been some 12 cases of suspicious symptoms, which could have been linked to ebola. people have been tested. but it's important to know that there has not been one case of ebola in australia. as i say, tony abbott says that australia stands prepared and ready to deal with the issue. but the australian medical association, this is an august and influential body. it represents doctors across
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australia. it says the australian government's response is chaotic. it says the australian government's claim that there's some 20 highly trained caregivers ready to react at a moment's notice, they can't confirm or deny that, the medical association, because they're saying they're being kept in the dark. they don't know who these people are, or how they're being trained. so that coming from the doctors representative body is damning indeed of the australian government and its preparations for dealing with ebola in australia. >> yes, suddenly very similar stories from other nations, as countries struggle, really, to deal with the possibility of ebola breaking out in their nation. so many thanks to our andrew stevens there, reporting from hong kong. appreciate it. and rosemary, it seems many nations are dealing with the politics of battling ebola, not the necessarily the science. some u.s. troops, in fact, who
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were helping in liberia, are now isolated in italy. barbara starr reports on why the timing of this could be tricky from a political perspective. >> reporter: u.s. army major general darryl williams, ended his command of the u.s. military operation in west africa, and flew right into quarantine. williams and his military team show no symptoms of ebola, but the army ordered the 21-day quarantine in italy for them and dozens of others flying out of west africa. after they worked to set up operations to fight ebola for the last 30 days. the timing could not be politically worse. the administration doesn't want quarantines. >> you have got to make your decisions and your policy based on the scientific data. and the scientific data and the evidence tells us that people who are not ill, who don't have symptoms, with whom you don't come into contact with body fluids, they are not a threat.
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>> but for troops, there are other considerations. >> infections go through the military at a much quicker pace than the civilian population. everyone's living in very close quarters, working in very close quart quarters, and it's been well shown how even mild infections within a military unit can lead to very debilitating and interruption of their capabilities. >> reporter: now the joint chiefs of staff is considering recommending an across-the-board quarantine for nearly 900 troops already there. a number that could grow to 4,000. >> we have insured the highest medical and safety protocols are in place before, during, and after deployment. >> reporter: a full military quarantine would be a stunning reversal. in an october 10th memo, the pentagon said, as long as troops show no symptoms, they may return to work and routine daily activities with family members. as the administration grapples with the issue of quarantine,
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u.n. ambassador samantha power is about to return from west africa. the state department says she will obey any state health laws. >> and that was barbara starr reporting. still ahead here on cnn, we are learning new horrifying details about the teenager who opened fire inside a u.s. high school. how prosecutors say he used text messages to gather his victims together. and isis puts british hostage john cantlie in the spotlight once again. what the militants made him say after this break.
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welcome back. police have released new details about the events leading up to friday's shooting inside a u.s. high school. >> a student, jaylen fryberg, shot five people, killing two of them. he also shot and killed himself. pamela brown reveals more about the photo and text message police say he sent before that attack. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells cnn jaylen fryberg sent a selfie to his ex-girlfriend, showing him holding a gun shortly before the rampage. and tonight, officials say he lured the five victims to one spot in the school cafeteria through a text message before he walked in and opened fire. >> we know that the shooter had arrange to meet with friends at the lunch hour on friday. witnesses confirmed that the five victims were at the table when the shooter opened fire.
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>> tonight investigators are searching fryberg's computers, scouring his social media and talking to witnesses, trying to piece together why the popular freshman homecoming prince would turn so violent, targeting his best friends and family. on twitter, a trail of ominous messages. it breaks me. it actually does. i know it seems like i'm sweating it off, but i'm not, and i never will be able to. his most recent tweet just a day before the attack. it won't last. it will never last. sources say fryberg may have acted out following a family dispute. >> jalen pulled out a gun and shot his friends, his cousins. >> why do you think he did that? >> um, him and one of his cousins got into a fight a few weeks ago over his ex-girlfriend. >> breaking overnight, a second victim, gia soriano, died from her shooting injuries. her doctor read a family statement at the hospital. >> gia is our beautiful daughter, and words cannot express how much we will miss
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her. >> reporter: the first victim, g zoe galasso was remembered for her brilliant smile. heart-broken students are suffering a loss. >> i'm in shock. never thought i'd lose my best friend at such a young age. >> she grabs his arm, got a hand on him. it happens in seconds. >> pamela brown, cnn marysville, washington. now to other major stories we're following for you. the fighters battling to save kobani from isis will get support, but apparently not combat support. peshmerga government in iraq's kurdistan region tells cnn its military will go to kobani to help syrian kurds battling isis, but it's role will be strictly advisory. this marks an apparent change in the mission. one kurdish leader said it had been understood the peshmerga would join the combat.
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the latest propaganda video shows british hostage john cantlie inside kobani. it's another slick production, and contrary to u.s. and kurdish reports, it claims the militants now control most of the city. nick paton walsh has the details. >> hello, i'm john cantlie, and today we're in the city of kobani on the syrian/turkish border. >> this is an isis propaganda video, but it is chillingly sophisticated. taking a british war reporter, john cantlie, who has been their hostage for many months now, to war-torn kobani. he does, in many ways, seem relaxed, as he talks through isis's point of view of how they believe the battle is going inside that town, despite the fact that in many ways he clearly must be under duress. you can see from the positions in which he talks, that he is inside that city, quite clearly recognizable landmarks there and he talks about how isis believe
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they are simply mopping up now, that the half a billion dollars the u.s. has spent in coalition air strikes simply haven't stopped them from taking most of the town. he does, as i say, seem warmed to that role and in many ways, dressed in black, has become perhaps a voice for isis. but you have to bear in mind, as i say, how complex the psychological stress he must be under, after so many months in captivity. the video begins too with a chillingly sophisticated use of a drone flying over kobani and showing, again, recognizable landmarks, using equally sophisticated graphics. this tells us some things, though. it tells us that this is valuable, kobani, to isis, that they are willing to expend these resources and put a propaganda video like this out as well. and it also shows us who, perhaps, their audience are. much of his rhetoric is aimed to direct the western propaganda
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that they get from kurdish officials and the white house as well. this is spoken in english and perhaps aimed to excite those recruits they'd like to bring in from western countries. but after weeks in which the coalition laser-guided munitions have landed on isis, this is perhaps their adept use of another form of hi-tech nolg, social media to make their point. ni nick paton walsh, cnn, southern turkey. >> stand-out report from nick there. take a look at the image you see behind us. in one village in hawaii, there aren't many options but to get out of the way. the fiery approach of lava, coming up. ♪ this is a woman hesitating on a life-changing decision. at university of phoenix, we know going back to school is a big decision.
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which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. ♪ welcome back, everyone. the lava flowing from hawaii's kilauea volcano is gaining ground, consuming everything in its path. >> the footage is stunning. the volcano began erupting in 1983. but in june this year, the hot stuff began to move toward a village nearby. here's more on the precautions. >> reporter: the kilauea volcano engulfed a cemetery and now residents hope it doesn't kill off a town. civil defense authorities reported the flow moving 10 to 15 yards per hour, heading toward pahoa, population, 950.
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>> it's burning through thick brush, fern, a lot of smoke coming off the front. a lot of methane explosions are going on. so, it's a noisy situation out there, just from all the burning vegetation. >> reporter: the lava is swallowing fences as it moves inch by inch to the townspeople who are on an evacuation advisory. the lava is chest high in places, criss-crossed with ribbons of cracks. geologists explain the dark mass inflates as more lava accumulates under the upper crust. why has the governor signed a request asking for a disaster recollection and federal aid? >> as it gets closer, the key is communication, keeping people informed and people working around the clock, just to minimize as much as possible the impact on the people. >> this lava flow is expected to
12:24 am
displace 900 children in the greater area. some people say they fear they will be cut off. to combat this, they've built alternate roads around the expected path of lava. but getting around this lava may be so difficult, pahoa's clinic is prepared to dispatch a mobile unit on the other side of the flow. people down wind from the smoke, especially residents with respiratory problems have been told to take precautions and head indoors. for now, there's no end in sight to this gray and orange advance, as the hawaiian volcano observatory says, kilauea is still erupting at its summit on the eastern side of the volcano. for this community, kilauea represents the ultimate dangerous beauty. cnn, los angeles. we do want to get more on this lava flow and it's expected arrival in that town or village. meteorologist ivan cabrera joins us now from the cnn weather center.
12:25 am
and as we've been reporting, this has been erupting since 1983. but it wasn't expected to take this turn. describe to us what happened here. >> so the main volcano, you're absolutely right, has been flowing and erupting since over 30 years ago at this point here. we're talking about the big island of the hawaiian chain here. here's the volcano. it has been flowing, that lava, to the south. and the south is where we have the ocean. so it's not been an issue. in the summer, what we had along this crater, some events opened up and cracks developed. so essentially we started getting lava coming out from the other side here. the problem is, that was flowing east-northeast and we have towns here and pahoa, specifically, one of the first towns as far as the impacts here. so that's what we've been covering. we brought you the story back in june, but it has now taken this while, this long, for the lava to now threaten these homes here
12:26 am
and pass through the cemetery over the weekend and now it's approaching the main road here. as of last check, still waiting for an update but it was about 60 yards away. so we're talking about five, six hours away from the front itself, of the lava approaching and hitting one of the first homes there. so we're talking about burn scars that are seen from up above. i want to take you to some aerials as well so you get perspective of what's going on on the ground. this is not like a situation of wildfire where the weather controls the thing on the ground and they go all over the place sometimes with erratic winds. no, the lava is carving out its path and taking these cracks along the way, and so we have an idea where its headed, but which homes it will hit, we just don't know. that's why they're evacuating most people out of there. and of course we've had the reports there of the methane
12:27 am
explosions as well, as all that activity rolls through and disrupts power services as well. flow bearing anywhere from 7 to 10 meters an hour. that puts it near the first home in about five hours' time. we'll let you know when that happens. of course it's still early there in hawaii. >> wow. >> eye-opening stuff there. >> it certainly is. >> people think, oh, it's not going to take the entire town. because it's only 50 meters in width here. so it's going to take? homes, probably, but a lot of others will be spared. >> slowly moving through. thanks very much. still to come for you on cnn, more on our top story, ebola and the controversy over measures to stop his spread in the u.s. why critics say opportunistic politicians are turning it into an election-day issue. plus, we'll trace ebola back to the first patient and take you to his village, which is now said to be free of the disease.
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that's all just ahead. we're back in a moment.
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this is cnn. we appreciate you staying with us. i'm errol barnett. >> and i'm rosemary church. we'll check our main stories right now. law enforcement officials say a u.s. high school shooter, jaylen fryberg, sent his ex-girlfriend a photo of himself holding a gun shortly before friday's attack in washington state. it's unclear if it's the same weapon he used that day. two students were killed. three were wounded. fryberg also killed himself. the canadian army reservist who was shot dead last week in ottawa will receive a full regimental funeral today.
12:32 am
thousands of people are expected to line the streets as his casket is carried to a field of honor in hamilton, ontario. north korean state media have released photos of legion kim jong-un, visiting an orphanage in pyongyang, it's a different side of the leader than we usually see. he was seen looking at a hello kitty tea set and smiling as he looks at children's cots. >> a nurse placed in isolation in new jersey has tested negative for ebola and is expected to be back home in the u.s. state of maine today. kaci hickox says the isolation ordered by governor chris christie violated her human rights. hickox has since been released and apparently will stay inside her home in maine for the time being. new jersey is one of three states, along with new york and illinois, ordering mandatory 21-day home quarantines, for health workers returning from the ebola hot zones. as jim afecosta tells us, ebolas
12:33 am
becoming an increasingly politicized issue in the united states. >> reporter: doctors and nurses in the ebola hot zone in west africa will need a careful examination of u.s. quarantine rules back home. the white house says if the state wants to confine a nurse to a tent in a hospital, as in the case of kaci hickox, so be it. >> in tents, they can do that. >> subject to the laws of these individual states. what we hope, and what we think has been true in the vast majority of circumstances is that these kinds of policy decisions should be drink by science. >> reporter: despite new ridiculous guidelines on how to deal with the returning health care workers, the obama administration is leaving it up to the states, some already stepping forward to come up with their own policies. >> i think this is a policy that will become a national policy sooner rather than later. >> the white house slammed new jersey and new york governors after imposing mandatory quarantines that led to the
12:34 am
quarantine of kaci hickox. >> why are you saying i reversed the decision? >> administration officials refuse to say whether they were consulted. >> is that a yes or no? >> what i'm telling you is i'm not in a position to detail all of the phone calls. >> and they wouldn't say whether the nurse's rights were violated. >> her commitment to this cause is something that should be honored and respected. i don't think we do that by making her live in a tent for a few days. >> reporter: adding to the confusion the pentagon, sending soldiers to west africa, is imposing quarantine policies of their own. all of which worries top health officials. >> you don't want to make a blanket change in something that might have negative consequences. >> ebola, inside the u.s., americans alarmed about national security -- >> reporter: eight days before the mid terms, republicans argue ebola is only a symptom of a bigger problem. >> i think governors of both
12:35 am
parties are reacting to an absence of leadership. >> all right, thanks to senior white house correspondent jim acosta for that report. meantime, spanish health officials released ten people who were on ebola watch monday, including the husband of teresa romer' ramos, the nurd's aide who contracted the virus but is now ebola-free. hur husband is angry at the treatment of both romero and their dog. >> reporter: the husband got out of hospital on monday with a defiant attitude, promising to undo the damage he says his family suffered during this crisis. especially his wife, the nurse's aide, who remains in hospital. she was a member of the medical team at the hospital that treated another ebola patient, a missionary from africa, who came back and died here. the husband demanded the resignation of a senior official from the madrid regional government even though this official has already publicly apologized to the family.
12:36 am
>> translator: we want people to be held responsible, and i'm talking the regional health minister, mr. javier rodriguez. he put words in teresa's mouth, claiming she didn't know how to put on the protective suit. >> the husband also sharply criticized the decision by madrid authorities to put the family's dog to sleep on fears that it might also have the ebola virus. the husband, while he was still in hospital, mounted a campaign that got 400,000 followers on social media, in support of the family's dog. >> translator: excaliber was executed without giving me a chance to appeal. as we've seen in the united states, it wasn't necessary. we lost a scientific opportunity to see the disease develop in animals. >> the family's new lawyer promised to explore legal action on three fronts. first, damage to the family's honor. second, putting the family's dog to sleep. and third, the protocols for the health care workers like teresa
12:37 am
romero. were they the right protocols? were they followed correctly? these protocols, he says, may have put teresa romero's life in danger. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is in sierra leone where she is trying to build more international support to fight the virus. samantha power is in the capital freetown to assess the shortcomings of the global response to ebola in west africa. she's urging people to follow safer burial practices. listen. >> if people can follow the protocols now, about how to deal with a deceased person in their community, in their family, even their closest loved one, even their child, if people can discipline themselves to follow those protocols and resist the temptation to hug their loved ones and to treat them in the ways that sierra leonians have been treating their loved ones for many, many generation, if
12:38 am
they can resist that, they can be part of the solution and can avoid infection. >> sierra leone is the second leg of ambassador power's trip to west africa. the place where ebola is thought to have started is now free of the deadly virus. but it's after-effects will linger for years to come. cnn's linda kincaid reports. >> reporter: a tiny village in southern guinea, virtually unheard of until it became ground zero for the current ebola outbreak. researchers from the new england journal of medicine believe this 2-year-old was the first to contract the disease almost a year ago. emile decide december 6. soon after ebola claimed the lives of his mother, sister, grandmother and others. unicef visited the village and spoke with emile's father. >> before my children and fila mean died, they loved to play
12:39 am
with the ball. my wife liked to carry the baby on her back. >> the village midwife passed the illness on to her family members and a health care worker caring for her in another village. that health care worker was treated. the doctor who treated her, contracted the disease and passed it on to his brothers. they all died. the pattern continued and now more than 10,000 people have contracted ebola. unicef said melan due has been ebola-free for several months, but the trauma it has left is indisputable. >> translator: we noticed that with this crisis, which is almost a humanitarian catastrophe, people flee their villages, and abandoned their children. that's why unicef's response ranges from direct support of the children, to accompanying the family to avoid stigmatization and facilitate reintegration. >> reporter: it's a challenge
12:40 am
that many communities affected by the virus will face. both eradicating the disease and picking up the pieces once it's gone. linda kincaid, cnn. well, russia's president depicted as an olympic super hero. >> is this meant to be ironic? is it a joke? >> yeah, it's joke, but i don't think so. >> but despite the russian public's love affair with mr. putin, the west has some unsettling concerns. the details still to come.
12:41 am
12:42 am
welcome back, everyone. nigeria's government says talks with boko haram are moving forward in chad, despite a recent surge in violence. local leaders say the group invaded a town in borno state over the weekend, kidnapping 30 boys and girls. and there was another attack last week where 60 women and girls were taken. human rights watch estimates boko haram has abducted
12:43 am
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12:45 am
z ironic? joke? >> i don't think lpi]so. [ inaudible ] --fáxd and of course these prof active t-shirts suggest one light-hearted sign of what many in the west regard asjñ( at(w3 darker trend in oish. this man, vladimir i]putin, the areg befá slipping back toward = and that after years, russia is
12:46 am
12:47 am
>> may soon have a new russian owner. loyal to the kremlin. >> translator: we're not an opposition newspaper, but because we're independent and because we can't be forced to write in favor of them, that's already enough of an inconvenience. >> back in the t-shirt shop, the absence of criticism has become a fashion accessory. >> my favorite, putin is my hero. >> putin is my hero. is he your hero? >> yeah. >> matthew chance, cnn, moscow. >> well, he may not be their hero, but he's certainly a topic. mr. putin being mentioned in speeches on the u.s. congressional campaign trail at the moment. >> house speaker john boehner is attacking president obama's foreign policy, accusing him of being weak in response to russia's annexation of crimea. >> when you look at the chaos,
12:48 am
does anybody think that putin would have gone into crimea had george w. bush been president? even he's smart enough to know george w. bush would have punched him in the nose in ten seconds. >> mr. putin did invade the blk of georgia in 2008 and mr. bush was criticized for not reacting forcefully enough. police hope a giant balloon will sped up their search for suspected killer eric frein. he's on the fbi's ten most wanted list for shooting and killing one state trooper and wounding another. he's been evading police for over a month now. and this is despite a number of sightings. the search has been focused on the pocono mountains. reporter jim hamel is on the trail. >> reporter: in the course of this more than 40-day manhunt. troopers on the ground, and helicopters in the sky have not
12:49 am
been able to bring eric frein to justice. under this white balloon. equipped with cameras and floating high over the search area. psp's newest tool in the search effort. >> charles king pulled over on his way home just to get a photo of the hi-tech gear overhead. >> when i saw it, i couldn't believe it. i said they're not using a balloon. because if they are, i want to fly it. >> according to the company that makes the balloon, helium can keep it in the air for three days at a time while cameras can scan the area for the elusive frein. >> i have no idea what to think at this point. i'm hoping it will help. >> police are using that balloon on loan to them from ohio's equivalent of pendot. and officials say it can pick out an individual up to three miles away. >> i hope they just this guy
12:50 am
already. >> if it's any indication of how long state police plan to be stationed in this part of the pocono with this balloon, a porta-john was dropped off. >> at least they got surveillance 24/7, so if he moves, they'll be on him. >> troopers say the balloon will be used in addition to other equipment, but for charles king, it's the latest spectacle in this lengthy search, one that can be seen from all around. >> to prove to people. because they know nothing really happens around here. not to this extent. >> thanks to jim hamel for that report. the scary thing about seeing the balloon is that eric frein is still on the loose. >> most definitely. let's take a short break, but coming up a landslide victory for rob ford, the scandal-plagued politician is a winner, but not for the office of mayor. we'll explain. back in a moment.
12:51 am
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what's the password. uh,synergy? datafication! gamification! university of phoenix has had alumni at every fortune 100 company... we can help open the door to your future. go to to get started today. he's not going to be toronto's next mayor, but rob ford did win an election monday night, a seat on the city council, for the same ward he represented in the past. he dropped out the mayoral race after he was diagnosed with cancer. >> tori will be sworn in december 2nd. it's not clear if doug ford's defeat will end the family's
12:54 am
political aspirations. rob ford talked about the future in his victory speech for city council. >> my brother did an absolutely phenomenal job. [ cheers and applause ] >> and the situation, i'm not even quite sure if it was eight weeks. i think it was less than that, that we were put in a position, i guess i put him in a position, and said, listen, we've come across a severe problem. you know, we either pull my name off the ballot and have the other candidates have a free walk, or we sit here and i run for council, and doug, you run for mayor. if you know anything about the ford family, we never, ever, ever give up.
12:55 am
>> there you go. the city council stripped rob ford of his mayoral powers last year. he admitted to smoking crack cocaine, went into rehab, before his cancer diagnosis. so it's been quite the life-altering year for rob ford. >> certainly has. we'll see what happens there. but let's turn to the weather now and tropical cyclone is getting stronger in the arabian sea. where is it headed? i know just the man to answer that, ivan cabrera. what do we know? >> this thing is intensifying in the last several hours. we'll have a new update from the joint typhoon warning center for our interview viewers coming up in the next hour. and i do believe the winds will be jacked up. we are not at 165 anymore. look at this eye that's developed just in the last six hours, intensifying, getting its act together. not that well organized at the beginning of the frame here. in this loop and then towards
12:56 am
the end, the eye really comes into play here. so basically the storm continues to strengthen. as we talked about yesterday, it will do so safely over open water. watch the clock, tuesday 1300 local time, as we continue to move this forward towards thursday, it will make a pass at oman, but it will not strike oman. in fact, i don't think we'll get any significant effects here across the arabian peninsula. as it moves north and east, the upper level winds are going to begin to increase. so that will essentially stop its intensification. another thing that's going to happen, we'll get dry air working its way into the storm. and because of those two things, we are feeling pretty confident about this forecast in that it will weaken before it arrives in a very populated area here in pakistan and parts of northwestern india. and so by then, we're talking now, friday into saturday, it should be the equivalent of what we would call a tropical storm
12:57 am
of the western pacific or the atlantic basin, but should peak to about a category 4 across the arabian sea and then head north and east. if it changes, we'll let you know. but at this point it looks mainly like a rain threat for pakistan and india. >> all right, thanks for the details. fans of the jennifer lawrence -- chris martin pairing, we're sorry to say it's over. "people" magazine reports she split from the coldplay front man. >> it had only just begun. the two were first linked back in august. they were spotted out several times, but neither has confirmed the relationship and now they don't really need to. >> the thrill is gone. and it becomes like a regular relationship, who wants that? >> exactly. thanks for watching cnn. i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm errol barnett. "early start" is next for those
12:58 am
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