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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 30, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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10:00 p.m. in ferguson, missouri. this is cnn tonight. live with breaking news here. awaiting a news conference on the capture of eric matthew frein, suspect in the ambush shooting at pennsylvania state police barracks in blooming grove, september 12th. that ambush left corporal bryon dickson dead and alex douglass wounded. frein was captured tonight. taken into custody without incident. armed with two guns. a pistol and rifle. law enforcement officials are telling cnn knives were recovered from frein's hiding place. a u.s. marshall service special operations team tracked frein to the abandoned airport in the process of clearing the area according to a law enforcement source with knowledge of this capture. i want to go to cnn's miguel marques. in holly, pennsylvania where this is all going to happen.
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miguel, help me as we walk through this. bear with me. i want-up to, to weigh in as well. the u.s. marshals'team spotted him, the suspect walked out. had his hand out. identified himself as eric frein. they also say that the u.s. marshall confiscated a sniper rifle tested to see if it was used in the trooper shooting and a handgun, miguel, the source says he was not carrying the firearm when he was taken into custody. but it is interesting, according to, sources, that, that he did not put up a fight. and it was thought he might. he had tactical training of sorts. again, press conference starting very shortly as new details come in, miguel. >> reporter: yeah, the press conference may be delayed don. that special operations team, the u.s. marshalls was in some
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ways lucky. it sound like in any event. this is an area they searched before. abandoned airport next to abandoned resort. south of the delaware forest where they had done a, put the bulk of their searching. what they're telling us is that, intelligence sources and other sources in the area had lots of spottings of him down there. they had returned to this area in order to search for mr. frein. they saw him out there. cross the runway. shut down airport. most of the runway is, growing, has, overgrowth on it. they saw him come offing across the runway. a very specialized team. just as good as any, most of them are, ex-special forces from the military. able to set up a perimeter. surprise him it sound like. no gun on him at the time. were able to finally cache inside the hangar, operating out of a huge, huge get for them. just talking to the few police
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officers i have seen here and a lot of the state officials who are beginning to gather behind the cameras you, can see the relief on their faces. some of them hugging. you can tell them congratulations. great job. great since of relief over their faces. there were hundreds itch not thousands of law enforcement involved in the search for this man. this is, gorgeous area of pennsylvania. a lot of people were very on edge. that he was out there. there were sightings throughout a very, very large area of this place. the fact he is in custody tonight is huge, huge, news. don. and going to the press conference. governor tom corbett will speak as well as law enforcement officials in pennsylvania as they get ready there. they have again been searching for the suspect almost seven weeks now in pennsylvania for the shooting death of that, that corporal.
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and also, also injuring another corporal. again, you can see, it is the, pike county communications there. and they are holding this in holly, pennsylvania, not at the, barracks where the shooting was. let's listen in. >> tonight at 6:00 p.m., fugitive eric frein was captured. now, as you know, he will face justice here in pike county. we will not rest until his capture was made. i am so pleased to say that tonight we have made that major step that has to be taken down the path of justice. due to the hard work of everybody that has ben up here. for the seven weeks this has been going on. all the different law enforcement official who stand behind me. and they represent the, the hundred if not thousand of people who have been involved. everybody has been working very, very hard out there looking to see this day come.
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and when this day did come. has had been talked about since the day after the shooting. placed under arrest and handcuffed with the handcuffs of corporal dixon. which i think was very appropriate. which also should be noted while everybody was out there. nobody else got shot. after that day. and corporal douglass, is doing better. our prayers are with him. our prayers are with mrs. dick son and her two sons. with trooper douglass' family. i can't tell you on behalf of a grateful state. thank all the partners involved with the mission to capture the individual. how much you have given your heart and soul in the name of justice. i want to commend the great work of the commissioner of the state
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police frank u.. nunen, in contact with me sometimes hourly in the progress of the manhunt. and up here leading many of the, the conversations from the podiums. but together with the entire team they have been working extremely hard. many, many long hours in days and now weeks. and the pike county district attorney, raymond tonken here with us. who now takes over in this prosecution. which is now going to be a prosecution. and all of the federal and local law enforcement officers who have been involved in this also. and i know that the -- the commissioner is going to name all of those. and in additionally, law enforcement agencies from around the country that participate, volunteered to participate in this. but i particularly want to thank the residents of northeastern
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pennsylvania. particularly the pike monroe county areas. whose patience whose tolerance and whose perseverance have been a tremendous support and lift to all of the law enforcement personnel that have been working out there day and night on this mission. you demonstrate the very best of pennsylvania. just today in the western part of the state, from here in pike county, a couple on their way to a western county. they talked about nothing more than, what was happening here and their support for -- for all law enforcement and what they were doing during this period of time. sat part in the community has been instrumental to all -- to all of law enforcement and stop here and turn it over to -- again to the family of trooper
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dickson, to the family of trooper douglass and trooper douglass let me assure you from everybody here, justice will be served. >> colonel. >> thank you for coming. a great day for pennsylvania state police. and for all pennsylvanians. and it is only appropriate that i bring up lieutenant colonel with me who has been leading this entire operation. just done a fantastic job. and you see people behind me from various law enforcement agencies. the fbi, the atf. the united states marshalls. and -- border patrol was here. we have the -- the township police chief with us. many municipal police officers. scranton police department. too nine count. the state agencies from -- from, surrounding states.
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new york, new jersey, virginia, ohio, connecticut. all of them have sent help and been part of this. it is truly been a team effort. and a pleasure to work with so many great dedicated people. and the one thing i just would look to point out because there were so many. several thousands that took part in the manhunt. the reason this was so important is because eric f rechrein was dedicated to killing law enforcement members. he had at least one sniper rifle we knew of. we knew he had a handgun. we knew, at the beginning that he had explosive charges with im. i can't think of a more dangerous occupation than going into the woods after this individual. yet my biggest problem was telling people i deon't need an mr. help. that is truly significant.
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let me tell you how this arrest took place a but 6:00 p.m. this evening. at the birchwood poconos air park, we had been broken down into many, many teams, a lot of them s.w.a.t. teams and been assigned areas in the woods at various locations to sweep and to search. we have been doing it over 40 days. it is a hot. tiring, dangerous job. today, the united states marshall service had one of their teams out. the abandoned airport. when they approached they saw an individual that they thought was eric frein. they order him to surrender. get down on his hand and knees the that's what he did. once they approach. he admitted his identity and was taken into custody. turned over to the pennsylvania state police as the governor said, corporal dickson's
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handcuffs were placed on him and placed in his car and transported back and is currentlien currentlien -- currently in custody. search warrants trying to search on areas we believe he may have been staying at. the thing i want to emphasize -- it took so long it was a big wooded area he was familiar with and had a lot of places to hide in. we had to be very careful houn we search it. we would plot out areas. a lot of cameras in there. it was the marshalls going out there today. a lot of other people out there searching areas that came upon him. that's why he is in custody today. i know that this has been a real trial for many of the community -- and, for all of my people and the people that are standing behind me and the
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people that have helped us. but let me explain to you. eric frein had a mission that was to attack law enforcement. if he got out of those woods we were very concerned that he would then kill other law enforcement and if not them, civilians. that's why we had to keep the pressure on. now when the governor talked about calling me. i am not saying he was a pest. but i will say he would call me, four, five times every day. he always ended with the same question -- what else do you need? how how do we get this done is? there anything else i can do. that's been great. i can tell you too, that all of the federal agencies. i talked to the head of all of them. that have been participating with us that if sul sa. they all said the same thing. what can we do to help? we are in this for the long haul.
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this made a difference in this case. we weren't going to stop until this, this fuj tich was, was-- arrested. glad it ended without any loss of life including his. that way the people will know exactly how our justice system works. and i know that you are going to follow it. and i hope that it brings some closure to the families that have been so seriously affected. i know many of you were at the funeral of corporal dickson. and i have had an opportunity to talk to his wife tiffany and to -- to trooper douglass and assure them we would not stop until he was apprehended. and it makes me very proud to say that today, he is apprehended. let me introduce, well so many people here. the fellow in the really nice suit, united states marshall, marty peyton. very good frivend miend of mine. the first one to speak,
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gentlemjanell miller. >> my name is janell miller, assistant special agent in charge of the fbi philadelphia division. on behalf of the men and will in of the federal bureau of investigation i would look to thank the pennsylvania state police. and all of our partners for their efforts and professionalism in this trying time in eastern pennsylvania. tonight the public can sleep soundly knowing this dangerous, fbi top ten fugitive has been apprehended. i want to thank this community for your help as the search was conducted. and also thank the media for spreading the subject's photograph far and wide in the interest of public safety. while we find comfort in knowing a dangerous threat to the community iss ein custody we wi never forget corporal dickson who will remain in our memories. and our thoughts and prayers
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remany with trooper douglas. thank you. >> next i'd loike to bring up te sac of the atf who has been with me -- throughout this entire ordeal. >> my name is sam, special a jenlt agent in charge, out of our philadelphia division, atf. you heard through press conferences we shed we would not stop until frein was brought to justice, and held to answer for his allege heinous crimes to. night a sense of closure for the families of trooper dickson and douglas and the community itself. an alleged cop killer has been taken into custody and placed in handcuffs. this individual is no longer a threat to this community. and is now behind bars. he has been stripped of his guns. his bombs, and now, his freedom.
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as he sits in a cell. inside the state police barracks where it began seven weeks go, the senseless is where it was committed. he can no longer hide behind his rifle. he can no longer hide in the woods. he is no longer on the run. now he will have to answer for his violent actions. thank you. >> as the governor mentioned, during a manhunt law enforcement, the police, the state police, the -- the federal agenci agencies, we were driving the search now. we shift to a new phase. that is going to be represented by the district attorney, who will speak to you now and after he is done we'll take questions. ray? come forward. >> thank you, governor. >> my name is ray, the district attorney here in pike county. i want to begin by commending
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law enforcement. the pennsylvania state police. the fbi the a tf. and the united states marshall service. p.a. municipal police officers. and other law enforcement officers from multiple jurisdictions outside of pennsylvania that really worked without rest to successfully apprehend eric frein. they're to be commended for their professionalism. persistence and resources that were all regard to bring mr. frein into custody alive. i also want to thank governor corbett whose support during the search and this phase of the investigation has been invaluable. now it becomes time to find answers on behalf of the fallen officers, families, and the truth on behalf of justice. based on the facts and evidence we already have, mr. frein has
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been charged with murderen the first degree, homicide of a law enforcement officer, attempted murder, in the first degree, possession of weapons of mass destruction, discharging of firearm, into an occupied structure, and reckless endangerment. among the charges being murder in the first degree and homicide of a law enforcement officer are capital offenses. it is my intention to file notice to seek the death penalty for airing frein in this case. i know that this arrest is a relief off to all residents of northeastern pennsylvania. and i want to personally thank the brave, tireless efforts of all the law enforcement officers involved in the investigation in manhunt to bring peace now to those communities. also, the community itself. i would look to thank. including all of the volunteers for your patience and cooperation.
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in the medical professionals who have attended to trooper douglass and assisting him on his road to recovery. we are a small, tight-knit community here. and whether it was through ribbons of support, donations of food, cards of encouragement or calls and tips, that helped narrow the search, and allowed progress in the search. we have all demonstrated what this community is all about. and thankfully now, because eric frein was arrested to night the children can go on and have halloween tomorrow. i would also like to thank the red cross. i see jeff banks down here who i have seen here, on multiple occasions. i can tell you personally, that he has been here as much, probably, as any law enforcement officer has been here taking care of law enforcement so they can go about their duties in the
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woods. i would also like to remind everyone that while the suspect is in custody the investigation is still on going. the tips and calls we have received throughout the search have been instrumental in getting us to this point. i ask for the continued support of the community so we can build the best case in order to achieve justice on behalf of corporal bryon dickson, alex douglass and their families. the families of corporal dickson, trooper douglass and pennsylvania state police have suffered an unimaginable harm, unspeakable proportion. they mapt never be the same. they may never be the same. but today everyone can find some comfort as we take these next steps towards justice. >> thank you. >> i want to reiterate what ray said about the red cross and
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also the -- barrett township fire department. this has been a huge undertaking. we have had -- up to 1,000 people involved in this manhunt at one time. and just -- feeding and lodging them, is a huge problem for us. and it was made easy by these agency that really helped us. now if there are any questions, if you just raise your hand. we'll take some. yes. >> how long do you think he was in the area of the airport? what did you find on him and inside the hangar? >> well, we are searching a search warrant on the hangar right now. i can't tell you what was in there. how long he was there, i am not sure. i know he was in the general area, we have been searching. i believe since the shoot owing kurd. yes. >> describe his condition at the time of his arrest? >> yes. he was in good physical condition. he is not damaged at all.
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and -- he did not require any medical attention. he looked, fairly healthy. healthier than i would have expected. >> what about the nose? >> he had a scratch. he had that before we got there. >> did he say anything? >> that will be for the district attorney atsome to xh some futuo discuss. well, obviously when we serve warrants, it's a secret. we are not going to tell people where we will serve them. it is basically just to search, line up our case. >> is this a location -- [ indiscernible question ] i lead a very good life. and i think that must have play aid role in it. actually, we have this all gridded out. and it is, it is such a huge area. and we have been, just been basically sweeping every every
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square inch of the wooded area that we could. it is acres, and acres. the problem is once you clear an area he can come back in. so, i think we'll know that. but i don't know that right now. whether he was always there or whether he moved before. >> had no indication he was there before? >> i don't have any in kags of that, no. i don't have any indication of that, no. [ indiscernible question ] >> -- is it possible that it was, and cupped that leould tha possibility people were helping him out. >> anything is possible. that nay be possible. i have no reason to believe that. as you might have known if you were, might know if you have been following this case ch. he was quite well prepared. stashed various items for the situation. i don't think it is necessarily true that anybody helped him. in fact, right now i have no indication that any one followed him. >> was he take be in surprise?
8:24 pm
>> yes, definitely. taken by surprise. >> any indication that anybody was helping him. >> no there is no indication that any one was helping him. >> yes. >> what was on his mind. i don't know. he was away from the hangar in an open field when we apprehended him. >> how much of a relief was it that -- [ indiscernible question ] >> i can tell you this. the governor, and i, when we talked that was always our biggest concern. because like i said, he had a sniper rifle. he is pretty good. in an open field. 500. 600 yards. not impossible shot for him. you wouldn't know what hit you. as, as did corporal dickson, and trooper douglas? s. you wouldn't know. and i was especially concerned by the explosive devices thet had been preparing. because, once again, you walk in through the woods. it would, it would have been a, it presented a great threat to
8:25 pm
us. so i was very relieved that this ended peacefully. >> did he have arms with him? >> i do know. i can't say right now. he is being processed now. and i believe, ray, eventually. he will be, at the pike county jail. yeah. that's where, that's where he will eventually wind up, i believe. >> we are working on the process for that now. because of the interest in this case. >> we are working on the process for that now. because of the interest in this case, both, both, media and -- and law enforcement, we are working on a location. that will be able to fit everyone. while also providing security. we will be making an announcement of that, but there are details to be worked out, with the pike county court system. i believe it will be in person,
8:26 pm
yes. >> yes. possibly. friday. i wouldn't imagine it would be any later than sometime tomorrow. i will tell you, there are investigative steps taken. he will be finger printed. photographed. and then we will be ready to be arraigned before a district judge here in pike county. >> tonight. middle of the night? >> it could possibly be tonight. >> what was -- trooper douglass' reaction? >> well we have been in contact with trooper douglass and his family. as well as corporal dickson's family. and, relief and gratitude were their reactions. they had been, we have tried to keep them abreast of what the devil developments in the case. we have all visited them many times. the governor.
8:27 pm
the colonel, major, all of us, actually have gotten very close to them. so it is, it is really -- a great thing. also, there is always that element of fear. you know, what else is this guy going to do that, that hopefully now that they dent have to think about it any more. who is representing him? >> matter of yards. he couldn't get back to it. he did not have access to the hangar when they approached him h, they they were about to move. he had no chance to get back. i have no knowledge. [ indiscernible question ] did he isaisa say anything? indicate anything? >> he di not just give up because he was tired. he gave up because he was caught the he had no choice to give up. as far as what he said that will come out later on through the district attorney's office. >> have you talked to frein's family sense he was arrested? >> i did not. >> did he have a gun on him?
8:28 pm
>> no. he did not have a gun on his person. actually, the -- very shortly after the incident took place, myself and -- the -- the troopers that he worked with, and also the governor and i all discussed it would be. if we had the opportunity, that it would be fitting to use corporal dickson's handcuffs to place them on frein when we caught him. >> thank you. [ indiscernible question ] >> no, nothing said. we dent have to say anything now. thank you all so much. i appreciate it. >> all right. that is it. you are listening to the press conference in holly, pennsylvania. they of course capture of eric frein been on the run really for seven weeks now after he killed a corporal and shot a trooper.
8:29 pm
the prosecutor there, in pennsylvania, saying he will seek the death penalty for eric frein. of course the governor and the police commissioner there saying that they are, they are happy that, that he is caught. they're saying that children now can, can, go, for halloween and feel that they're safe. they said they have had so much interest in this. and not only from people around the country but really from law enforcement all over the country as well. and the biggest thing they have had to do besides search for eric frein was say they dent need any more help. they have all the help they need. cnn's miguel marques at the press conference. this evening, miguel. relief. again he is going to possibly get the death penalty. >> well they're certainly going to seek the death penalty. we may see him in court as soon as tomorrow. next 12, 15 hours or so. incredible relief. palpable emotion in the room tonight. as the the governor and, the head of the state police here in
8:30 pm
pennsylvania, describe how airing frein was taken down. the, the big take away from this. this is, clearly how, close they held this to their hearts. is that he was, when he was arrested. they slapped the cuffs of corporal brian dickson, put him in dickson's car. that is the corporal who framed, ambushed. hunted done and killed as though he were an animal in the letter he released some weeks ago. also saying he was completely by surprise. area gridded out. going back through it. they saw him. imed me yme imed me yachtly -- immediately went after him. told him who he was. he has a cut on his nose. see the pictures so far in the back of the police car. they're saying that was a cut that he suffered but wasn't particularly bad. this is a person who had been on the run for seven weeks. alluding police. absolutely, massive area that
8:31 pm
they had been searching through. and to find him in that, abandoned hangar, next to that abandoned resort, a lot of these, these, different buildings and resorts he had been using over the time. you know. if they got lucky. they make their own luck. this was a very, very good night for law enforcement officials here. don. >> absolutely. again almost seven weeks. the cut you are seeing. back of the police car. again folks at the press conference. miguel saying he had the cut before. again, he surrendered. did not put up a fight. found weapons. not on his person. miguel marques will stand by for us. we'll be right back with much, much more on the breaking news tonight. the capture of fugitive eric matthew frein. we will be back in just moments. well, i ran 4.2 miles. well, i climbed 11 flights of stairs. well, i drank a smoothie that had 362 calories in it.
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( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. hello, everyone. don lemon in ferguson, missouri. covering two stories that have to deal with the law. one here in ferguson, missouri. as we wait and announcement from the grand jury as to what happens with officer darren wilson.
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the other story we are covering. it is out of pennsylvania where the suspect in the ambush shooting at pennsylvania state police barracks in blooming grove september 12th. she he has been captured. eric frein. captured in pennsylvania tonight. i have a lot of people helping me out with this evan perez, mark o'mara, and tim clemente on the phone. want to got to you, mark. i thought it was interesting, that, that they're going to seek the death penalty. is that noshgts real-- not reale in the case tonight. they're announcing that. they're going for that. >> not much of a surprise in a case. this was an assassination of a police officer with intent. planning ahead of time. doesn't get much worse than that as far as first degree murder case, law enforcement officer. so it makes sense in this case. since pennsylvania has the death penalty. they'll keep it in the state system. and charge him like that.
8:37 pm
>> evan perez, corporal deckson's handcuffs were placed on frein, transported in corporal dickson's car. and law enforcement thought it was significant for the community that those two things occurred. >> well, don, for seven weeks the community has been living in fear that if had to cancel halloween. there were days where the schools were afraid the kids were going to be shot at. you know. so this was a big relief for this community. and especially for the families involved. the two, two state troopers. very symbolic thing. obviously this guy had, had prepared for this. he was, he knew that these woods. he had prepared apparently he had, dug some burrows. where he was able to hide out. they, they did not where he was, where he was. and, he kept apparently moving positions. so it was, something that, you know you had hundred of officers looking for him. he was able to allude them for
8:38 pm
all the time. found signs he had study the area. prepared to allude police for some time. they still don't know really why he had it in for, law enforcement, for police officers. >> uh-huh. susan, let's talk a bit more about his condition. it was mentioned, the cult on his nose was talked about, addressed, in the press conference. see his hair had grown quite a bit. he looked scragly. had been out there for seven weeks. >> yeah, for sure. and, certainly the first thing that all of us noticed was, apparent cut on his nose. bridge of his nose. authorities making it clear they said that that was a minor cut. and that it happened before he was arrested the i till you, don, nothing like, the element of surprise. such a huge area. when going for it again they spotted him before he saw them. they were able to quickly set up a perimeter.
8:39 pm
approach him. they said he gave up without a fight. get down on the ground. identify yourself. that's what he did. and they immediately took him into custody. and, i think one of the other thing that is important here that we are going to be learning more about are weapons that they recovered from him. including that high-powered sniper rifle. obviously they're going to be testing that to see whether that was the very same weapon used to shoot and kill corporal dickson and injure trooper douglas. don. >> during that press conference. the governor mentioned, tim clemente, no one else was injured during the manhunt and apprehension. wondering as some one who has worked with people of this profile is that a surprise to you that he di not fight back? >> it kind of is, don, a surprise that he, he allowed himself to be captured. normally in circumstances like this, a lot of these individuals take their own lives. when they, when they have time to either reflect on what they
8:40 pm
have done and it sinks in the gravity. they'll kill themselves. in this situation, alone in the woods. maybe he thought, maybe he thought they'll give of on me. and they won't continue this pursuit. the fact that he didn't have the weapons with him. shows he wasn't always prepare. i know everyone is saying that he had prepared for and planned this out. obviously didn't do it well enough if he was walking in the woods or whatever he was doing this evening without a weapon with him. so, for law enforcement sake. you know, grateful that was the case. because -- even if they would have the drop on him. doesn't mean they couldn't have got off a shot and inskrird or killed some one else. it is a bit surprising that -- that he didn't -- didn't offer more resistance thought. he would have fried to run or do something. but, good work on, part of the marshall service for taking him down the way that they did. >> hey, tim. tim, can i ask you this. because he is a survivalist. and people, you know, concern
8:41 pm
that, that, he, may have taken longer to find him. if you kid the place where he was found. it was abandoned. walking apparent leap to, to, an abandoned terminal. abandoned hangara peered to be hiding in plain sight. >> it is plain sight. again, don, the problem with searching an area like this. and i believe one of the members of the press conference mentioned it once you clear an area there is no way to secure it. ordinarily, doing a home search. a raid. we go room to room. clear a room. leave officers back to make sure the rooms don't become occupied again. and to ascertain, okay this is clear. that end is not clear. and in a situation like this where you have miles and miles and miles of wooded areas, there is no way to secure it once you have cleared it. so this, they mention that this, abandoned airport had been searched prior. they came become to it. because, either they had new intel, or they were going around
8:42 pm
again. to research, there is no way for them, even if, imagine this, the size of this airport. woods around it. so it is an impossible task, or even thousand of officers to cover hundreds of square miles continuo continuo continuously. they have to sweep and then come sweep again. he is moving. responding to what they're doing. he has the elements to his advantage. although we can use things like thermal imaging at night. and blood hounds to search for somebody like this. he has advantage of being able to move freely. one individual moving very lightly. not carrying a lot of gear. whereas law enforment have to always be wary of the fact that this is an individual that wants to kill us. so you can't just move out there quickly. and put yourself in the situation where you are in the line of sight of this man's sniper rifle. >> all right. tim, evan, susan, stand by we are going to be right back with much more on our breaking news tonight. the capture of eric frein.
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back now with breaking news on cnn. want to get become to pennsylvania the site of the press conference and capture of eric frein. joining us is cnn's miguel marques. a victorious night for the people, law enforcement in pennsylvania. you are standing there i understand with the commissioner from pennsylvania state, frank noonan. sure he is happy about the capture as he expressed in the press conference? >> i think happy, victorious, doesn't even begin to say how individuals feel in pennsylvania tonight. colonel frank noonan. thank you for joining us. what is the sense of relief right now for you? >> tremendous sense of relief for my sef. pennsylvania state police, law enforcement, the community every day going to bed wondering where is eric frein. what will he do next? i'm happy for the family of corporal dickson, trooper
8:48 pm
douglass and his family. this gives them a sense of closure >> why was it important to could him with corporal dickson's handcuffs and put him his squad car. >> wasn't important, but to us we thought it was fitting. all us in the state police and the governor corb techett, if w the opportunity it would be a fitting tribute to corporal dickson, message to law enforcement and pennsylvania state police we are a brotherhood and we would never rest until this, this fugitive was apprehended. >> how, i don't want to say that they were lucky to catch him. butten these cases you do make your own luck. you had a lot of guys out there. but you had the right folks in the right place at the right time. how fortunate are you at the way this cam together? >> well as the you said you make your own luck. we have had several thousand people that have been working on this manhunt. and it has been very thorough.
8:49 pm
and i don't think people appreciate how remote and -- difficult this terrain is. especially with the leaves and the trees. really negated a lot of our technical equipment that we could have used. so it's, it's basically just keep, keep pushing them. and then the reason that was so important. from his statements what we believe. eric frein was going to kill again, law enforcement officers, a sniper rifle. he was accurate up to 500 yard. we couldn't allow him to get his feet under him and do it again. >> did he say anything when he was taken into custody? >> he may have said some things. but that would have to come from the district attorney. that will be coming out in the trial. >> colonel. thank you. congratulations to you and your folks. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> don, enormous since of relief, the emotion flowing. you deon't see cops hug each other very often. tonight you see that happening
8:50 pm
throughout the area here. and i think in the hours ahead you are going to see this area come alive with, with gratitude and thanks. don. >> well said, miguel marques. thank you to our commissioner for joining us here. when we come back, there are more questions we are going to answer about this story and ferguson and whether the police chief will step down here. he tells cnn why he won't go.
8:51 pm
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8:54 pm
we are live in ferguson, missouri tonight where the city's police chief thomas jackson insists he won't step down. he talked to our very own jason carroll earlier. >> i am just trying to stay focused on the job at hand. >> staying focused and staying on the job at least for now. ferguson's embattled police chief tom jackson says he wants to stay. >> i am going to stay and see this through. i know there is a lot of politics going on behind the scenes. and it's. >> what do you mean by that, politics going on behind -- are you talking pressure coming from the federal government? what are we talking about here? >> it's not pressure coming my way. i report to the city manager,
8:55 pm
period. as long as he and the council support me, then i tend to say. >> there are a number of people in the community who say "it's time for a change. it times for you to step down." why stay? >> i do have a lot of support in the community. as i said, this is my job. this happened -- on my watch. i intend to see it through. >> one of those know behind chief jackson, is airi ieric ho after seeing weeks of unrest, said a wholesale change is needed. it sound like there is not a lot of confidence there. i am wondering how does that sit with you? that's got to make you angry? >> i just think he's -- hasn't informed. >> choosing your word very carefully. >> i am. there has been a lot of change. there has been a lot of positive things that have happened. and we have talked about those.
8:56 pm
there is a lot of positive things ongoing. when you use a word like wholesale change. i think actually that is not choosing words carefully. need to be more specific. >> do you think the attorney general is out of touch. how would you define it? >> i'aw >> i don't know. i know that wholesale change is a very broad brush. and -- you know i wonder if that means we can get rid of our community oriented policing programs, is that what we do? is that what he means? >> fair to say he at the least means a new police chief in ferguson. >> i can't speak for him. if that's what he means that's what he should say. >> reporter: jackson suggests some mistakes were made after wilson shot brown. meaning the body was left on the street for four hours. >> in the end it was way too long. >> jackson apologized to brown's
8:57 pm
family. the unrest has continued. ferguson is predominantly black, its police department mostly white. long standing feelings of mistrust now spilling into anger on the streets. people don't seem to be talking to each other. >> i think a lot offing prorets is being made -- i think a lot of progress is being made. just not in the public. here locally it is. >> that's the first time i heard from a official that progress is being mate. you really feeling proreis being made? >> yes, i do. yes, i do. >> the problem is that it is being overshadowed by the ongoing -- protests. >> reporter: more protests are expected when the grand jury announces its decision whether or not there is evidence to indict officer darren wilson for shooting brown who was unarmed but who had struggled with wilson after the officer stopped him and his friend. what do you think will ham pen if the grand jury decides not to indict officer darren wilson?
8:58 pm
then what? >> i think we will see more protests. i think we will probably see a lot of anger. >> reporter: i think a lot of people are, you know, are already predicting that the grand jury will come to a decision not to issue any charges at all against darren wilson and that this community will react in some ways violently and the thought is that the police specifically you are not in position to be able to control what inevitably might happen? >> we're -- we're talking a lot about how we are going to address that. it will be a unified command again. we will have, the st. louis county police department, you know working with highway patrol, to -- and all of the municipalities put together, comprehensive plan to address, use as they come up.
8:59 pm
>> reporter: jackson says police are prepared to protect peaceful demonstrators but will do everything to prevent looting look they saw in the early days of the protests here. he is also hoping more communication with those in the community will help going forward. in the meantime, he will follow his supporters who gave him this advice. >> stay. finish the job. >> nice job. cnn's jason carol reporting. i want to bring, cnn legal analyst, mark. o'mara, all along he said he is not going anywhere. the police chief from saint louis county mentioned consent decree, that could happen. the likelihood of some one taking over the department is pretty slim. >> we have to be realistic though. he was the police chief at a time when he cannot defend the racial disparity between the community and the number of black police officers he has in his department. so that's one concern. but more specifically to this case, he had an opportunity to
9:00 pm
explain to the community why mike brown's body was there for four hours and he waited weeks to do it. that was a leader position he didn't take. he also -- let's not forget one of the people who talked >> i've got to run. >> i think he needs to go because he's lost the confidence of the people. >> of thank you, mark omara. we appreciate it. antho anthony bourdain, "parts unknown" starts right now.