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tv   New Day  CNN  October 31, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, i'm chris cuomo. >> and i'm alisyn camerota. up first, a real-life boogeyman will not be a threat to trick-or-treaters this halloween because a massive manhunt for one of the fbi's most-wanted fugitives is over. after seven weeks on the run, eric frein in custody in pennsylvania, captured at an abandoned airport hangar in the poconos thursday night? >> police say frein surrendered without a fight. he's accused of killing one pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another and the crime scene was right outside the same police barracks where he is now being held. cnn's miguel marquez is live outside the courthouse where frein will appear today.
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>> authorities say they have a strong case against eric frein. saying the gun they found in his hideout, his stash, matches casings they found in other areas. the manhunt finally over. >> we have stated that early on, we would not rest until his capture was made. tonight we have made the major step down the path to justice. >> after nearly seven weeks on the run, suspected cop killer eric matthew frein now in custody. facing a murder charge. >> it is my intention to file notice to seek the death penalty for eric frein. >> is 31-year-old self-taught survivalist was caught hiding in an airport. a u.s. marshall's special operations team clearing the area, spotted frein walking across an airstrip and surrounded him. according to law enforcement, frein caught by surprise, surrendered, hands up. he was apprehended unarmed.
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but had to guns and knives in a hideout. >> if he got out of those woods, we were very concerned that he would then kill other law enforcement. if not them. civilians. >> the search for the now-captured fugitive began 48 days ago when frein ambushes the pennsylvania state police barracks in bloominggrove. shooting and killing corper bryon dickson and injuring trooper alex douglass. police found personal effects in hideouts, clues to frein's whereabouts, but under the cover of dense woods, he evades capture. an enormous sense of relief for the community with frein now behind bars. arrested in the very handcuffs that belonged to the officer he gunned down. and driven back to blooming grove in his police cruiser. >> all of us in the state police and governor corbett just thought if we had that
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opportunity, that would be a very fitting tribute to corporal dickson and a message to all law enforcement we would never rest until this fugitive was apprehended. >> now there were hundreds, if not thousands of individuals involved in the search for eric matthew frein. and they did catch a lucky break in some ways. of course they make their own luck out here. the unit that happened to be on duty at that time searches through that area, they may have had just a clue, a small clue that eric train was out there. they went in and they were the exact right individuals to bring him to justice. chris? >> miguel, your point is well taken. these manhunts can go on for years. we see it all the time. let's get perspective here, bring in tom fuentes, cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi assistant director. thank you for joining us. what do you see when you look at how the u.s. marshalls were able to discover this man and exactly
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how they did it, really so quickly? >> good morning, chris. well i think one of the keys to finding out how much intelligence they had, how certainly and how much lead time they had will be the officer's handcuffs, that just happened to coincidentally have those handcuffs at that airline hangar to use on him? or did they have a pretty good idea and have that area surrounded that he was within that area and then maybe wait until he walked out of the hangar to get him so eid he'd b away from his weapons. >> they got him even without a shot. people will say it took them weeks, there were thousands of guys, they should have caught him a long time ago. how difficult is it to find an individual in circumstances like these? >> well, i think those people should go out in the woods and look for something and have a personal idea how tough it is. you can walk within a foot of somebody and not see them in that kind of dense forest.
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and the police have the other disadvantage, they couldn't just use large numbers of the local population like you would use to find a lost child, let's say, you had an individual that could kill from 500 yards away. so that any officer crossing a road or standing in an open area could easily have been ambushed by him and that changed a lot of the dynamics of the search for him, knowing he had that capability and had already used it to kill one police officer. >> strong point. they couldn't canvass in long lines as they usually would, both because of terrain and the ongoing threat. does it mean anything to you that for a while he was hiding not far if an area of where his family had a home? does this suggest that maybe this guy got too much credit for being a survivalist? >> i think so. i think when you see the video of him in the documentary, and some of the other pictures of him. you see somebody who is a wannabe warrior, in the military
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uniform with his "top gun" sunglasses hanging. he was as much a wannabe warrior, but not a real one and a wannabe survivalist, but not quite a real-enough one. he didn't have the capability of staying in the woods on his own. especially with winter approaching. and nighttime temperatures below freezing. he had to find shelter. he had to find food beyond his living like a survivalist. >> this means a lot on many levels, let's discuss a couple. let's look at the community first, this was very hard for these folks here, schools were closed. imagine, the symbolism. the eve, halloween, coming up and a real boogeyman in the community. how big a deal was this to remove the threat? >> i think an enormous deal. not just changing the dynamics of halloween, one particular day, that kids enjoy. but just in general, the people in the area, the possibility that especially as i mentioned, him looking for winter shelter. meant that he could easily have invaded somebody's home and taken them hostage or killed a
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family. you know, the closer they got to him. or at least the sense that he would have that they were getting close, the more he would be like a caged animal. so he could hijack a car, he could take over a house, he could ambush law enforcement. he just would become more and more dangerous the longer he was out there. >> my suspicion was he is was not going to make it out of this alive. yet we saw some real maturity here from officials as you pointed out, they had the handcuffs that belonged do the deceased officer. they brought him back to the barracks where the officer had been stationed. this obviously mattered to them and there's clear symbolism in those moves as well, no? >> right. if i could add one thing, we say that it was the fbi's most wanted list, the top ten list. the reason for using that is that it's basically a way to advertise a fugitive on a worldwide basis. and what it also does, is it adds an automatic $100,000 reward to anyone leading to his capture.
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that's not a law enforcement officer. but the actual lead and the actual arrest was made by the marshal's elite tactical operation team. tremendous credit goes to the marshals in their discipline. they made that arrest and they're going to be able to debrief him. and it showed that here you have somebody that gunned down two police officers, killing one of them. and yet, they could have let him get back to his weapons, which would then justify shooting and killing him. but they didn't. they took him down without incident. >> a job well done and done the right way and now we will see the man brought to justice. ton fuentes, thank you very much this morning. alisyn? >> she warned everyone she would not be held in quarantine and she was drew to her word, nurse kaci hickox venturing out of her maine home with her boyfriend, they were going for a boyfriend to exercise her body and her civil rights. the couple was trailed by police the whole way and the media the
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state's governor still vowing to use all of his authority to keep her confined. cnn's jean casarez is tracking the latest developments live from fort kent, maine. good morning, jean. >> good morning, alisyn. kaci hickox remains behind me in this home. a state police squad car remains here also. you know, the governor said yesterday that there had been hours of negotiation to try to reach a resolution in all this. attorneys from both sides, he even seemingly said that he would let her jog, ride her bike, so long as she stayed within three feet of anyone. but this morning, still, no resolution. a bike ride making headlines around the country. >> i'm not afraid. fearless nurse kaci hickox, defied ebola's quarantine, putting some in the rural main community on edge. >> it's just fear. >> it scares me. >> i don't want to bring it home. >> until 21 days go by, she's not going to be absolutely
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positive. so no one else is. >> hickox doesn't complete her 21-day isolation until november 10. it's only been a week since she returned from sierra leone. >> the state police have their marching orders. >> the governor of maine says he is going to use the fullest extent of the law if she gets too close to the public. >> i don't want her within three feet of anybody. >> but lee page also wants to keep hickox herself safe. ordering a police escort to keep guard 24/7. >> tempers get flaring when people get scared. last thing i want is for her to get hurt. >> hickox says she has done nothing wrong. and the boyfriend said they rode in the opposite direction from town and she hasn't stepped foot inside a store. the pair ate in. pizza was delivered to them. >> we are not trying to put anyone at risk. we're not trying to push any limits here. >> maine is now one of nine states with quarantine measures beyond cdc guidelines. whether or not stricter quarantine laws are the right
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move -- may impact mid-term elections only a week away. as several of the state's governors are running for re-election. and governor paul lepage on the republican ticket is in a hotly contested re-election effort. president obama came to maine yesterday for a democratic fundraiser, but didn't mention what's happening here in fort kent. alisyn? >> interesting. jean casarez, thanks so much for the background. and stick around for a few minutes, because straight ahead we'll have a cnn exclusive for you. we're going to speak to one of kaci hickox' best friends to find out what she's thinking today and what she's really like. there's been so much question about who this woman is. is she normally defiant? is she normally this brave to fight city hall on such a public stage? we'll find out. >> did she know what she was getting herself into? >> oftentimes it can start one way and end in another. shall we look at some headlines? >> good morning and happy halloween.
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let's look at the headlines, 11 minutes past the hour. we're learning more about the plane crash, the plane that crashed into a flight training building at a kansas airport igniting a deadly fireball. four people were killed. the pilot and three others who were inside the building. the faa says the pilot reported losing engine power, he was trying to turn around and return to the airport. five other people were injured. israel is partially reopening the temple mount in jerusalem today. officials say muslim men under 50 will still be restricted to prevent violent demonstrations. israel barred all access to the site thursday for the first time in decades. following the shooting of an activist rabbi. the move triggered an angry response from palestinians and from neighboring jordan. the official custodian of that site. in syria, small forces of iraqi kurdish fighter has entered the battle against isis in kobani, the first of a larger troop expected to join the fight to try to save the town. it all comes after fierce
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clashes with isis militants unsuccessfully trying to capture the border crossing point, the only gateway in and out of kobani. i have to show you this, i've seen a lot of things in my time. but this? yeah. this is rocketaway, new jersey, if the postman is in the area and families and children, two massive black bears captured in video in a knock-down, drag-out brawl on a quiet residential street. it apparently went on for six minutes, it happened in august, the video was just uploaded to youtube. wildlife experts who have seen this video, say these are likely males fighting over a hot girl in the area. a female bear in the surrounding area and this is territorial battle. but i've seen a lot of things. i've never seen that. >> it's cool. >> i grew up in queens, i saw guys fighting on the street all the time over some good-looking woman. >> these are bears. >> bears? men? bears are more sophisticated on many levels. >> you saw no shots to the
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groin, fair fighting. >> let the best bear win i say. all right. she vowed she would not be kept inside, nurse kaci hickox defying a quarantine. this morning the state of maine is making her an offer -- to end the stand-off. what is kaci's next move? people in ferguson, missouri, are preparing for word of an indictment or no indictments and the ideas of what may come are scary. right now many there want the police chief gone and he's telling them to prepare for disappointment. chief thomas jackson speaks exclusively to cnn ahead. 6 down. we'll even buy you out of your contract.
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. we did not go into town, we did not go into the grocery store. we are not trying to get anyone sick. we are -- we, we don't believe that we can get anyone sick. and we, we are not trying to put anyone at risk. >> okay, that was the boyfriend of nurse kaci hickox, who this morning is refusing to quarantine herself in maine. her boyfriend spoke last night to cbc's affiliate wcsh. he pointed out that he and hickox have avoided contact with other people, except the swarm of media and the police escort that was following them during their thursday morning brief bike ride.
3:19 am
this is the governor of maine announced that he's prepared to quote exercise the full extent of his authority to confine nurse hickox. joining us this morning, exclusively, is roger ornellis, one of kaci hickox' closest friends, good morning, roger. when is the last time you talked to kaci? >> i actually spoke to kaci last night after her now-famous pizza delivery. >> the famous bike ride seen round the world, the famous pizza delivery seen round the world. can she believe the situation she finds herself in? >> i know she thinks it's all very, very big for her. it's not something that she expected at all. when coming back from her aid work. she thought she was going to come back and just go right into her normal life. that she lived it. approximately a month ago. and she did not expect any of this at all to occur. and neither did us. consequently as well. >> of course, i mean she's
3:20 am
normally a private person. but can you tell us what she's like? because in public, we see this woman, who seems very resolute about her decision. some might even say defiant. some people on social media in particular, have claimed that she's an attention-seeker. what is your friend like? >> she's one of the best people i've ever met in my entire life. i've known her for about 15 years. first met her in college. and when she was in nursing school. and she's just one of the most magnanimous people i could ever talk about. and that's probably why i'm here today. i have nothing but good things to say about her. she's spent multiple times in my house. you know, days after holidays. days before holidays. birthdays. she actually flew in when my son was first born, just to see him. because it's a very exciting tile and she is just part of our family. >> so, roger, how do you explain
3:21 am
what she's now doing? being in the middle of this media maelstrom, how is she so resolute? is she as strong as she seems? >> she, when i actually first was speaking to her when she got back into the country and was in the airport. and they were, i was on the phone with her literally when they came to get her to take her to the hospital. and it was, it was a little scary for me. because she, you know, i hear this voice in the background saying ma'am, you need to come with us. and she said, i'll call you in a few minutes and she hung up and i didn't hear anything from her for about 12 hours. when we talk, she, she's not as resolute as people think. she is just a normal person trying to lead a normal life and that's what she really wants, she wants to get back to her life. but i think that for her, this is, this is something that she really believes in. she believes she is doing good
3:22 am
work. both here domestically and abroad. and she just, she wants to be treated like a normal american person who is doing a job and coming back. and wants to go right back into the same thing that she did five weeks ago. >> well, one of the things, one of the sentiments that's echoed certainly on twitter and social media is, you know what, 21 days, big deal? i mean now, starting today, it would only be 11 more days, why not just stay inside. just sequester herself. even if the science suggests she wouldn't infect anybody else. even the governor of maine was echoing the sentiment and expressing frustration with her decision. listen to him. >> her behavior is really riling a lot of people up. and you know, i can only do what i can do. and we're trying to protect her.
3:23 am
but she's not acting as smart as she probably should. >> he says she's not acting as smart as she should and her behavior is upsetting people. >> uh-huh. when the cdc to me, you know i'm not a scientist. they're the people that we put our fail in. to let us know what we need to do and how we need to do things. the senators for disease control suggest that she's fine. and she, she can be out in the public and not transmit the disease until she's admitting or she is showing symptoms. the fever, the gastrointestinal disorders. and so if we're going to put our faith in science, and look to them for answers and suggestions of how to do things, you know, i put my faith in the cdc and what they say and that she's doing what doctors without borders or msf has also suggested as well. they're the experts. you know, the scientists are the
3:24 am
experts. in what i assume. >> roger, last, what do you think is going to happen over the next 11 days? what do you think kaci is going to do? >> well, you know i was at work yesterday and somebody said hey, your friend went on a bike ride. how did you know that? well, it's on the news. oh, okay. i guess i'll find out when it happens. i know she believes very strongly in the science and what she, what she did over there in west africa and she is, she's not going to do anything to harm herself or others or put anybody else in danger. if she was here in texas, i would have no problem inviting her over to my house, having dinner, giving her a big old hug. you know just because she's one of my best friends and love her to death and to me she's more than a friend. she really is family. my son will probably call her aunt kaci. so -- it's do me she's not going
3:25 am
to do anything that's going to harm herself or others and she's going to be sound in the science and continue to do the good work that she's been doing. >> well, roger ornelas, we appreciate you taking the time to give us insight into what your friend kaci is like. the ferguson, missouri police chief says he is staying, making things even more tense as word of the outcome of a grand jury hangs in the air. does the chief think he can control ferguson if there's no indictment? we have an exclusive cnn interview right ahead.
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marie callender's. ♪searching with devotion ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this... ♪takes my breath away ghastly, spooky, scary. i'm not talking about the costumes, i'm talking about the weather coming this way this weekend. did you get that? >> nice halloween motif. >> it was not me saying this was horrible getting cold. we know it's going to be very cold. arctic air not even just sliding east. but also sliding down to the
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south. temperatures going below freezing and even some chances for snow by this weekend. so let's hash it all out. here we go, already seeing some of the showers in through the ohio valley. but the story is not the showers, it's really about the cold air, we talk about the rain totals, they're only about an inch or so. it needs to be cold enough and that's where things change. so we go through the overnight hours. talking about over a foot of snow in places like tennessee, knoxville, asheville, are you looking for some of the flurries to be mixing in with the rain overnight. here's the key though -- everyone wants to know about halloween. we're talking about flurries around the lakes. in the area i just mentioned, kentucky, tennessee, north carolina, during trick-or-treating time it is still rain. that's a little bit of blessing i have for you. then through the overnight hours, only when it cools off more do you actually get the threat for snow. now for everyone in the northeast, the next thing to watch is where does the low go? this is pretty still uncertain. you'll have to be watching for this, who is going to get the flurries? that's the story yet untold. just all you do need to know,
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it's going to be cold and showers are spreading to the northeast. it's a matter if they're going to be rain or snow. we'll track the low and let you know. >> thanks. >> rain or snow, we're going to track that low, we'll let you know. did you plan that. >> no, i'm that good, that's all i'm saying. >> smooth. >> impressive, indra petersons, well done. i give you a nod. let's look at your headlines at 31 minutes past the hour. we begin with this, a 48-day manhunt is over. suspected cop killer eric frein is now in custody. police say he was captured thursday in a vacant airport hangar. he was not armed. reportedly he had weapons stashed nearby. frein gave up without a fight. he is due in court this morning for his arraignment. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty. a former navy s.e.a.l. is reportedly under criminal investigation for possibly disclosing classified information. in the best-selling book "no easy day" matt bissonnette
3:32 am
claims to be one of the s.e.a.l. team 6 members who shot bin laden. his attorney said the book is focused on revelations, others say feds are more interested in information he shared during paid speeches when he told audiences to turn off their phones so nothing could be recorded. with mid-term elections just four days away, president obama making one final low-profile push on the campaign trail. the president attended a campaign rally in portland, maine, thursday for gubernatorial candidate mike mushow. his fourth rally for democrats this cycle. with only a handful more planned before tuesday's elections. if you haven't carved your pumpkin, you might want to consider getting a squirrel to do that for you. i have no idea how, but watch this. watch this just happen. i'm, i don't understand how you train a squirrel to do this. he had me until the nose and the mouth.
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richard mangin had this guy in his back yard. we don't know, but i got to tell you, good video. >> maybe he put some -- squirrel nip on the eye and nose area. >> that's my thought. there must be something. >> do you know? >> here's a hint -- maybe he lured the squirrel there to the pumpkin and then scared it away and then dug a little hole and then he put the pumpkin back and the squirrel came back because they are brazen little animals. >> have you ever tried to control a squirrel. mind-meld with a squirrel? >> they're not obedient. >> let us know what you think. how that squirrel pulled offer that pumpkin face. meanwhile the most cavaliers fans have been waiting for finally arrived. the return of lebron james to cleveland. the king took on the most storied franchise in nba history, the new york knicks, had grave implications. brian mcfaddon has more in this morning's "bleacher report." >> it's been four years since
3:34 am
lebron wore the number 23 for the cavs. 111 days since he announced he's coming home. more than 20,000 fans welcomed him back to the arena and as they requested, lebron brought back his famous chalk toss it came time for the game and it didn't go well, he gave up the ball eight times and finished with 17 points, maybe emotions got the best of him. the fellows from new york were the ones celebrating when it was over. knicks 95, cavs 90. florida state keeps its winning streak and national title hopes alive with another unbelievable come from behind victory. louisville had the seminoles on the ropes in the first half, leading 21-0. but the second half a different story, jameis winston picked up the pace, throwing 400 yards, three touchdowns, florida state comes back to get the victory, 42-31. the dallas cowboys running back joseph reynolds arrested for alleged shoplifting incident caused embarrassing situation for the organize. but things got worse yesterday
3:35 am
with the release of a post-arrest video. he was quite vocal during his booking at the frisco city jail after his arrest for stealing cologne and underwear. he cracked jokes and asked a female officer for a massage if he gave her $100. back to you guys. >> wow. that's interesting video. >> another video that the league didn't know about in advance, where is the league? this is the moment when you're supposed to show leadership. nothing. all right. meanwhile the embattled ferguson police chief believes he has the support of just about everyone in town, and accuses the attorney general holder of a rush to judgment. reaction to his exclusive cnn interview next. the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing. the quietest or nothing. the sleekest...
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we have a cnn exclusive for you. ferguson, missouri police chief thomas jackson is telling cnn he is not going anywhere. disdes pya despite reports that he did plan to resign next week. chief jackson insists he has the backing of the department and the community. this as the community awaits a
3:40 am
grand jury decision whether to indict officer darren willsen in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. here's what chief jackson had to say to cnn's jason carroll, listen for yourself. >> i'm going do stay and see this through. i know there's a lot of politics going on behind the scenes and it's, it's -- d zbl >> what do you mean, pressure coming from the federal government? what are we talking about here? >> it's not pressure coming my way. i report to the city manager, period. and as long as he and the council support me, then i intend to stay. >> there are a number of people in the community who say it's time for a change, it's time for to you step down. why stay? >> i do have a lot of support in the community. as i said, this is my job. this happened. on my watch and i intend to see it through. >> people don't seem to be talking to each other. >> i think a lot of progress is being made.
3:41 am
maybe just not out there in the general public. but here locally, it is. >> that's one of the first times i can say i've heard from an official out here that progress something made. you really feel as though progress is being made? >> yes, i do. yes, i do. i think the progress though is it's being overshadowed by the ongoing protests. >> perception is often reality. let's get perspective, from someone following developments in ferguson from the beginning. dr. cedric alexander, the president of the national organization of black law enforcement executives and public safety in dekalb county. you've gotten to know the chief and the situation, are you surprised by his defiance of these expectations that he leave, given the troubles? >> well, yes and no. i think the thing we have to think about here that is very important, is that if we go back over the last few months, in that community, ever since the shooting of michael brown, there has been some type of protest.
3:42 am
that event in and of itself suggests to me that people have very strong feelings about what occurred, and they still don't have a very good relationship with the police department. so if that is the case, if we listen to people who live in that community, who are born and raised in that community, and still don't feel connected to that police department, i don't know where this community relationship, that chief jackson is referring to, is taking place. >> that was surprising, jason carroll pushed back on that appropriately. because what we have been told even by members of the police and politicians locally was we can't do anything yet, because it's still too hot here. we can't reach out to a community that's angered. for him to say progress is being made, what do you think he's referring to in. >> i don't know, i would like him to be very specific to the community there and to people around the country as well, too, who is listening in and watching ferguson very closely. and we're going to continue to watch ferguson.
3:43 am
if that's his idea of helping make the situation better, then maybe have some reason which is we're not privy to. but there's nothing to suggest that anything has changed in that community in terms of police community relations, this in and of itself creates some pause. it will be interesting to see how this look going forward. >> if you look at ferguson, missouri, in the basis of your usual come stat things and excessive force statistics. you worked earlier in your career in miami-dade. you know how strained it can be. do you think the place has become somewhat of a metaphor, a flash-point for communities like it in the country? do you think it's drawing attention from other situations as well as what happens there specifically? >> absolutely. it has, ever since august 9th. on that particular day of michael brown's death. it's started to create conversations, particularly in the criminal justice community around changes that are going to
3:44 am
be so necessary in policing going forward. i believe without question as we move forward. we're going to see significant changes begin to occur that i think are going to be better. but here again, going back to ferguson, when you start talking about community-oriented policing, it is not evidence in that community. there's a history of it not being evident and i think at the end of the day. whenever the justice department finish their investigation there, we're probably, i would suspect, based on my experience and training, i would suspect you're not going to see a whole lot of connectedness between the police in that community. so if chief jackson suggesting that he's going to stay, then i think the thing that we all need to be very cautious of, is the fact that we're going to respect that, if that's what he chooses to do. but we're going to watch it very closely. in terms of how that community responds. >> sometimes the person who gets burned by a problem becomes the best change agent. because he's got his own shame, he's got his own reputation to think about. maybe he'll be more aggressive.
3:45 am
they don't even have black cops on that force. think they have three out of all of them. i think some will say, well it's not enough. but it's a start. and so we're going to have to see what happens. maybe there is reason for pause here. because we both know that the moment that matters here is not about chief jackson. it's about what happens with the grand jury. what happens, and this is a curious situation, you've been getting word, i've been getting word that we're going to know soon whether, that's unusual. usually you don't know what a grand jury is going to do. if there's no indictment. what do you think happens? >> that's part of the problem in that community. the fact first of all, many parts of that community have no trust in the criminal justice system whatsoever. >> especially the prosecutor. >> for good or bad reasons. >> for good or bad reasons. i'm not here to make judgment. but the fact that that community don't have a lot of trust in the criminal justice system. and you have these alleged leaks. in that doesn't make the situation any better. now whether those leaks are true or not is insignificant, because you're talking about a community that doesn't trust the criminal justice system, anyway.
3:46 am
but let's make this assumption. that regardless of whatever the verdict may happen to be in that community, it still is not going to fix the relationship between that community and its leadership. and not just chief jackson, who i think is a very nice gentleman. but also that mayor's office, the city manager and that council. because everybody in that community holds some responsibility to that community to make things better. and i don't know how you're going to do that in contrast to what you just said. the same people that were there when this was very much broken, i don't see how they're going to fix it. not the same people. but we're going to see. and we're going to watch this very closely. and i'm going to be very critical of this, quite frankly going forward if there's not some real success that take place. but if they feel that they have success, if they feel they have community support, then we're going to watch it and we're going to see it and hopefully that is the case. but if not, if it is not the case, think we all will see that
3:47 am
there in that community. >> right now the influence of chief jackson is certainly in secondary importance to the men and women on the grand jury. and what their decision is. when that happens, it will be a moment one way or the other and we'll be there to watch that happen and we know you will, too. dr. alexander, thank you very much for your perspective. election day, just four days from now. and it's way too close to call for several senate races, which candidates are in trouble? our analysts give us the most dramatic races. to your company, your customers, and all your data. cyberedge from aig is more than insurance. it's proactive technology and specialists to help keep you ahead of the curve. claims specialists and advisors to protect you as cyber risks evolve. cyberedge -- to help you change the internet of risk into the internet of opportunity.
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3:51 am
race ace cross the country could not be closer. even the ones that should be slam-dunks are not. long-time incumbents are facing stiff challenges from political newcomers. >> we need to discuss. >> let's do that. >> let's bring in jon avalon, cnn political analyst editor in chief of the "daily beast" and margaret hoover, republican consultant. why are they so close? >> i defy the premise. i think there are some of these races that are really starting to pull away. that we didn't actually think a
3:52 am
republican could unseat. >> you're making me dizzy with your spins. we haven't seen anything like this within 15 years. >> there are many within the margin of error. a week and a half ago i was far more nervous than i am today. a lot of these races are starting to pull away. we have seen tom cotton decisively pull away from mark pryor in arkansas. we're seeing corey gardner pull away in several polls in colorado. in iowa, joanie eric's numbers are looking better than 2010, which was a wave election. >> i thought the iowa early votes were more democratic than republican? >> what we've seen in the early voting from republicans in iowa is that it's twice as big as it was in 2010. >> more robust. so the democrats are going to have to go into that election with about 20,000 more votes in order to make sure that they beat her because of the early voting and the absentee ballots that have been returned. >> there's a lot of spin right now and wishful thinking.
3:53 am
i'm not going to get into unskewed poll territories. the only thing that counts is election day. you look at the eight stants that cnn says are toss-ups, they're in deep red to purple territory. democrats are doing much better than they have any right to do in the red states. it speaks to the fact that this is not a wave election. from kansas to massachusetts to the deep south. >> is there any way to explain how democrats have surged? >> i don't think there's a surge at the moment with democrats. what's amazing is they've been able to fight to hold on. that they're in this fight, in these deep red states where they really got no business being competitive in a mid-term election and that's one of the reasons why this is really exciting as well as really impactful. >> we've talked a lot about enthusiasm and how enthusiasm may be a bit depressed. >> we have a poll that suggests that it is in fact depressed. the enthusiasm poll shows that people are not as enthusiastic obviously this year as they have been in a long time. take my word for it republicans
3:54 am
feel 36% enthusiastic or extremely enthusiastic. democrats only 26%. >> hoover looks at these numbers and she sees that republicans are ten points up, guaranteed. >> how could you not? like any rational person would read that poll. but look there are gallup polls as well that have the margins plus 18, plus 19 in terms of voter enthusiasm and motivation to vote. so as we all know, this election this cycle has favored republicans from the beginning, nobody is denied that. but it looks like there is not a course correction, i'm feeling as a republican, much more confident going into election day. >> here's what "the new york times" says about it, it's the best general election in a decade. because there are a dozen super-close senate races and a dozen super-close gubernatorial races. so if you're a political junkies like you guys are, this is an exciting time. anything could happen. >> there are a lot of races that are really fascinating. because people are going against
3:55 am
type. i mean you've got a chance of republican governor in massachusetts and illinois. you've got democrats really you know, fighting much more competitive races in the deep south. we might not know on election night because of runoffs, you've got an independent in kansas up-ending all conventional wisdom. >> it's what is not written in the editorial that may matter most. congressional races, if any election season scream for sweeping change, where incumbents got tossed out, this one does. look at the numbers. however, it won't happen. there will be somewhere around 95% retention rate for incumbents, in the house, and the reason is lousy. >> it's because of the rigged system of redistricting. politicians pick their people, people don't pick their politicians. it's baking the cake. if you win an leaks. the state house rig it is, you're locked into the next decade. >> do you disagree, margaret? >> i agree. i just haven't heard that stock answer through the course of my
3:56 am
entire marriage. but he happens to be right. and it is pro democracy, my husband happens to be right for that. there are states who are reforming this rigged system of redistricting. >> new york is going to try on election day. >> california in all of their primaries does top two regardless of party. so that is necessarily made the candidates need to speak to the majority of their districts rather than the extremes. so this, look, watch california because i think california's candidates are becoming increasingly more i hate to say centrist. but truly representative of their state. >> she hates it when i'm right. >> your date nights must be fabulous. john and margaret, thanks so much, guys. >> happy halloween. >> that's about marriage. nothing to do with politics, i promise you that we're going to be following these races because we have to we really don't know what's going to happen. that's unusual. one of many stories we're following. so let's get to it. the manhunt finally over.
3:57 am
>>s did my intention to file notice to seek the death penalty for eric frein. >> we would never rest until this fugitive was apprehended. kaci hickox is out to make a point. >> her behavior is really riling a lot of people out there. >> we don't need this here. we are not trying to put anyone at risk. >> ferguson's embattled police chief, tom jackson, says he wants to stay. >> this is my job. this happened on my watch and i intend to see it through. good morning, everyone, welcome back to "new day." it's 7:00 in the east. i'm alisyn camerota along with chris cuomo. a huge sigh of relief this morning in rural northeastern pennsylvania, after one of the biggest manhunts in state history ends with the capture of accused cop killer eric frein. authorities say frein ambushed two state troopers outside of a police barracks last month, killing one of them and wounding the other. and then he disappeared into the woods. >> good news, nearly seven weeks later, the fugitive finally
3:58 am
behind bars. police say frein surrendered without a fight when they spotted him at an abandoned airport hangar in the poconos. let's get to cnn's miguel marquez on the scene at the pike county courthouse where frein will be arraigned this morning. miguel? >> good morning there, chris. for as much drama as there was to all of this, it's amazing how easily eric matthew frein gave up. there was a team from a u.s. marshal's special operations team, about 13 members who happened to be in an area of an abandoned air field, next to an abandoned resort in the central pennsylvania here. and when they came upon him, they saw him coming across this air field that had been overgrown. they approached him, he was unarmed at the time. he immediately went down on his knees, told them who he was. they then searched the area. searched his stash inside the hangar. they found a rifle, a sniper rifle and a handgun.
3:59 am
the sniper rifle, officials say, is consistent with the casings they found earlier from mr. frein's reign of terror across this area. back on september 12th. he shot and killed, basically hunted one state trooper and injured another one very badly. when he was arrested they used that trooper's handcuffs, corporal bryon dickson, his handcuffs to put on frein. they then put him in bryon dicks dickson's patrol car in order to bring him to the exact place where he, where he took those shots and killed and injured those two troopers. alisyn? >> miguel, thanks so much. we want to bring in now pennsylvania governor, tom corbett. who announced the capture of fugitive eric frein last night. governor, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me today. >> you must be heaving a huge sigh of relief this morning. >> well, i think everybody in pennsylvania, any law-abiding
4:00 am
people are doing that. we are actually finally caught this individual, it's been a long seven weeks. particularly long for the people of the community up there who as you know, were in support of law enforcement the entire time. strong supporters of law enforcement. a lot of work. lot of man hours put in there. law enforcement for around the country, around pennsylvania, the state troopers and federal law enforcement. we could not have done it without everybody out there. today is a much better day than we've had in almost seven weeks. >> tell us how you got the news and your reaction. >> the commission her agreed he would call me the minute he received it. he called. i was unavailable at the time of the call. i didn't know that my cell phone was going off. and he had troopers come on my detail to come and get me and bring me out of a meeting that i was in. we got on the phone, and i sat down in a chair and just said
4:01 am
thank you. and we arranged to get up there to have our press conference up there. the first thing i asked was, was everybody okay? did anybody get hurt in taking him down? as you probably know by now, that was not the case, he was caught out in a field. he wasn't under any cover at that time. he was caught without a weapon and so what is very good about this is that there was no additional loss of life. there was no gunfire. he was just taken into custody. >> can you give as you little more detail about that capture? how did the law enforcement know to look for him right there? >> well, they didn't know to look for him right there. that was part of a grid system of looking for areas. the marshal service had been assigned to that grid a day or two before they got to it yesterday. they were walking through the woods, came out to the field. the hangar was some distance away. i haven't seen it yet myself. and mr. frein was caught out in the open in the middle of the
4:02 am
field when they came out, 13 people from two different sides. and he nowhere to go. and he did the smart thing, he gave up right then and there. >> governor, you say he was captured without incident. maybe we could pull up the picture we were just looking at on our screen. something happened to his nose. what happened to his nose? >> i don't know exactly what happened. but i've been assured by the state police and the marshal service, when they took him into custody, he already had that on his nose. it looks like a little bit of bruising, a little bit of blood there. but that had already taken place before they had taken him into custody. >> governor, did you call trooper bryon dickson's family last night? >> no, i left that to the commissioner and actually to the lieutenant in the barracks up there and the staff that was up there. i do plan on talking to the widow today. i want to say, i met her soon after he was killed. a couple of days later before
4:03 am
the funeral. one remarkably strong woman and i look forward to talking to her again here today or tomorrow. >> you've talked about what a huge relief this is for the community there in pennsylvania. let me play for you the response that some residents had last night when they got the news. listen to this. >> it's just exciting and we're happy. we didn't go out of school for weeks. for recess. >> actually felt like i was in a war zone. a couple of weeks ago and it was hard to sleep. for a few nights. worrying about where is he at and you know, where his whereabouts are. but it's actually a good thing now that he is caught and we can finally rest again. >> people felt as though they were in a war zone. children couldn't go out to play recess and they weren't going to be able to trick-or-treat. but now everything has turned around. >> well, it is a dramatic change. i was up there a weekend ago.
4:04 am
and driving around, going into different stores and so forth. trying to talk to people. and you can see it, because we had state trooper cars moving everywhere. you could see men in uniform with weapons. so i can understand why it would feel like a war zone. talking to some people up there. they were sleeping at night. they had a more difficult time sleeping at night. you have to understand the area, it is a very heavily-wooded area. mostly secondary roads and small secondary roads. very dark. flying up there last night, i can tell you from the air, you can see exactly how dark it was. so i can't blame them for feeling both emotions. the emotion of the war zone while this was going on. but also the relief now that they are having with the ability to get back with their lives. be able to have the children go out and trick-or-treat today. >> it is going to be a good halloween there. in pennsylvania. governor, thanks so much for making time for us this morning. nice to see you. congratulations. >> thank you for taking the time. thank you.
4:05 am
>> let's go over to chris. to another dramatic situation, kaci hickox, not backing down. the maine nurse and the bike ride seen round the world. an act of defiance. faced with the state-ordered kwaur teen due to her work in africa treating ebola patients, she was trailed by police and media. hours later the state's governor vowing to do all he could to keep her off her bicycle and out of the public. let's get straight to jean casarez live for news fort kent, maine. this is gone from a policy dispute to theater of the bizarre and absurd, jean. >> and what will today hold, chris? as the sun comes up this morning, kaci hickox right behind me in that home, the state police right over here. and you know, the governor has said it's for her protection. let me explain that a little bit. this town is a wonderful town, but they're a little upset with her. and some people and there have been some very rude things and nasty things said. and i think they are concerned for her safety. that someone could just not be
4:06 am
too nice to her if she veered out of the house. but here's the reality. the governor came out yesterday saying that they had had hours of negotiations, attorneys on both sides to try to reach a resolution in that same statement he said, and he wasn't specifically talking about her, but he said those that pose some risk, we will allow to come within three feet of someone. but we don't want them on commercial air travel or public transportation in the community. and then the next sentence is, but all of these negotiations have broken down. so the reality is, there is no resolution. she is in her home. will she come out today? what will she do? if you don't agree to those conditions that means that you can be in close contact with people. so michaela? >> we're having difficulty with jean's transmission of her signal. we'll get back to her. this is a story we're going to
4:07 am
follow as the battle and the struggle for power continues there in maine. let's give you a look at your headlines now at six minutes past the hour. tensions remain high in the middle east as israel partially reopens the temple mount in jerusalem. muslim men under 50 will be kept out to limit the potential for demonstrations. it follows the shooting of an activist rabbi. it moves up the rhetoric from the palestinians who call it a declaration of war. a live report from jerusalem late they are hour. jesse matthew the prime suspect in the disappearance of virginia college student hannah graham has a court appearance, he faces charges in a 2005 rape case including attempted capital murder. matthew has not appeared in court connected to charges on graham's disappearance and death. cnn has learned that a d.c. police officer was injured this morning when he was attacked by a man with an axe. that officer was trying to disarm this man.
4:08 am
a struggle ensued. we're told the officer was not struck by the axe. the suspect, however, remains at large. now all of this comes just a week after two members of the new york police department were injured by a man who attacked them with an axe. that incident was later labeled a terror attack. a dallas nurse who survived ebola, nina pham, she will soon be reunited with her dog. nina pham's dog bentley, has become famous, he's been in quarantine at an abandoned navy base since she contracted the virus. bentley tested negative for ebola and his 21-day quarantine ends saturday. pham was diagnosed with the disease after treating liberian national thomas duncan who died. she was released from the hospital and the reunion with her dog is set for this weekend. >> i hope we capture that on video. >> i hope so, too, and i hope i have a box of kleenex nearby. >> bentley took a very different
4:09 am
course of action than kaci hickox when faced with a quarantine. >> he stayed inside. >> i'm not sure how he is on a bike. >> you make a good point. when i say mid-terms, did you just yawn and not because of the hour? you're making a mistake, my friend and here's why, so many races are so close and the stakes are high. it's control of your government. there's so many different ways this can go that we literally need tom foreman to give you a virtual look at what to look for come tuesday. here it is. >> there are three key things we're watching in this mid-term. the first right here in the u.s. senate. the democrats have been in charge. we're showing them here in blue. along with the two independents who caucus with them in purple. the republicans are expected to gain some seats here. the democrats are expected to lose some. but control of this chamber is going to come down to nine or ten very close races and the democrats have to win six or more of them if they this want to remain in power. on the other side of the
4:10 am
rotunda, the second thing we're looking at, which is the u.s. house of representatives. the republicans have had the majority here. that is not expected to change. the question is, will they lose some seats 0 or more likely, will they pick up some. and if so, how? if they do it with tea party help, that could set up divisions within the republican party. that the democrats might be able to exploit, even from their minority position. which brings us to the third thing we're looking at, which is the white house reaction to all of this. if the president comes out swinging over a big loss and he completely alienates the republicans, they have a perfect excuse to say, we're going to make you the lamest of lame duck presidents with control of both chambers. if, however, he is too conciliatory to republicans, he could make a split in his own party, and that could make it tough for any other democrat who wants to win the white house in 2016. >> that was some cool stuff.
4:11 am
>> i told you. >> is tom foreman real or is he a video game character, i don't know any more. >> tom foreman, he does not exist. >>s did possible. zblif nev >> i've never been in the same room as him. >> that's fascinating. >> we'll talk more about the drama of the mid-terms, coming up. the police chief of ferguson, missouri, says he's not going anywhere as the town waits for the grand jury to decide whether to charge officer darren wilson. we'll ask the slain teenager, michael brown's cousin. what he thinks is going to happen. >> speaking of the unt unknown. it bears repeating. the senate race ace loan have photo finishes in big, big races. there could be one specifically. that could determine just one race, who clols the u.s. senate. john king has the latest incite for you on incite politics. >>
4:12 am
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel more than a mile. that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land
4:16 am
only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at critical as the community waits if are grand jury decision whether or not to indict officer darren wilson. the cousin of michael brown is here joining me now. i'm happy that you're here to talk to us. it's important to recognize that your family lost a loved one. how are you all doing? how is the family doing? >> well, it's touch and go the fact remains we still don't have justice and that's what we're waiting on. the situation with the grand jury is pretty much putting us in the same state of mind as it did when our little cousin, our family member was laying in the middle of the street for 4 1/2 hours. >> i imagine that's the part that makes this so painful.
4:17 am
there's no measure of closure for you until you see justice served. i want to talk about a few things that are coming up in the news now. among them chief jackson. he has been vocal in saying he's not going resign as sources reveal to us that he was set to do i want to quote you what he said. this happened on my watch and i intend to see it through. what are your reactions to those words, ty? >> well, what also happened on his watch was a video surveillance tape that he claimed the media asked for that was released that no one was looking for. what also happened on his watch is that my little cousin was left in the middle of the street to bleed to death. what also has happened on his watch is officer darren wilson, after he murdered my cousin, put
4:18 am
on a paid leave. so as of right now, this guy is a nonfactor. >> you've been pretty vocal about the fact you don't have a lot of faith in the justice system in this case. >>well, here is my thing about that. you got to look at the situation and where we're still living in a country about 40 to 50 years ago a young boy named emmett till was dragged from his cousin's house, beat to death, stabbed, wrapped in barb wire, wrapped in a weight, and dropped in a swamp. we still don't have any arrests for that. >> you also gone to say you don't believe it's a black/white thing. it's a human being thing. in light of what you said referencing the death of emmett
4:19 am
till. >> it's -- i believe that emmett till -- this entire -- let me explain it to you like this. what we need to step away from in this country is every time something happens we separate it. we split as a country on one side or the other. blacks and whites. and that's why our country is going in the direction that it's going. this is absolutely a human rights situation. because when you hit a deer in the middle of the street, you have the common decency to drag the deer from the middle of the street and take him in the woods where he belongs. but we left a human in the middle of the streets to sit and stew in the hot sun for 4 1/2 hours. >> about the human beings, i'm with you all the way. a human being -- human being
4:20 am
were involved in this. human beings also reside in ferguson. human beings are also waiting the decision of the grand jury whether or not to indict officer wilson. how do we keep what we saw happen before from happening again? because we know people feel very wrapped up and very passionate about what happened to your cousin, about what this represents for america, they believe. how do we prevent that from happening again? >> well, let me first explain this. i want to say i live in l.a. i don't live in st. louis. so a lot of what i get i get from talking to my family. i get off social media. and i don't want to veer from what you just asked me, but i feel i have to make a statement -- >> fair enough -- >> and say that i've been seeing a lot of chatter and a lot of posts coming from an organization i believe calls
4:21 am
themselves anonymous. let me go on the record saying there should never ever be any death threats against darren wilson. there should never ever ever be any harm threats against his family. that is not the way our country works. that's not the way this family works. >> right. >> that is still -- and this is why i say this is not a black and white thing. it's not us against the police force thing. i also want to go on record for thanking and commending the job that officer ron johnson has been doing in ferguson and trying to keep the peace. here is what i want. i want a special prosecutor. >> okay. >> i feel that the defense attorney, bob mccalluah the only
4:22 am
thing i've seen him do is defend officer darren wilson. he needs to step down. i don't care about the police chief. >> ty, you know, you're a very passionate and very clear about what you and the family do not want to happen. we hope that, you know, these outside forces that come in and try to stir up trouble they won't and we also hope that tension will remain calm and that community leaders and police can work together in ferguson to maintain calm there. ty, thank you so much. please send our best to the family. thank you so much for joining us today. >> absolutely. allison? >> thank you. the final stretch to election day. will there be upsets this weekend as both parties struggle for control of the senate? john king will have the key 11th hour details inside politics. i was just looking at your credit report site.
4:23 am
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welcome back to new day. here is a look at your headlines. in a few how hours eric frein will be in court for his arraignment. he was captured thursday night after 48 days on the run in rural pennsylvania. he was placed in handcuffs belonging to the state trooper that he is accused of fatally
4:27 am
shooting. prosecutors say they intend to seek the death penalty for frein. four people have been killed after a small plane came crashing down into a kansas airport. the pilot was kill the along with three people in that building. you can see the crash caused a massive fire. parts of the building remain closed over concerns it could collapse. the faa said the pilot reported losing engine power and was trying to return to the airport. the former mnavy s.e.a.l. that wrote a book about the killing of bin laden is under investigation for possibly disclosing classified material. he was one of the s.e.a.l. team 6 members who shot bin laden. his attorney tells the new york times is focussed on the revelation. others say that the feds are more interested in the information he shared during paid speaking engagement.
4:28 am
check it out! the most number three searched halloween costumes. number three, z ninja. number two, zombie. number one frozen. >> i went as a flapper once. >> i go as a flap every year. >> no idea what it was. she told me yesterday. i thought it was dirty. >> how do you not know -- >> he said what are you going as? i said a flapper. >> he said what is that? >> did you ever do the charleston? >> of course not. charleston i did. >> he did not know. >> mark this day down. chris did not know something. >> unlike them i had no problem admitting error. >> i'm ignoring him.
4:29 am
let's get to inside politics now with john. hi, john! >> are you excited to get to me or determined to get away from him. that's what i can't figure out here. >> four days. if you're not excited about this you should pay attention. we have a lot of close races. t look at this the big battle on tuesday. wake up on election day 55 democrats, 45 democrats. two are the democrats are independents that caucus with them. most of them are not competitive. this is with a we're looking at so far. these are 13 races. montana, south dakota, and west virginia. the republicans are pretty confident they'll pick up the three. that would give you 45/45. what ten races -- look at this from alaska to new hampshire. ten races within single digits. two or three points. too close to call heading into the final call.
4:30 am
in alaska you have mark beg gich but sullivan. we might be counting votes into tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> in iowa this is a blue state. president obama won it twice. joni ernst has a slight lead over democrat bruce braley. just yesterday i was in new hampshire the final debate last night. jean shaheen. democrats think that shaheen will eke it out. but you don't quite know. henderson, do you recall a cycle where you have ten, ten, usually they week about a week out they start to break. we have ten races you make educated guesses but yo you can't be certain. >> right. we might not know for awhile.
4:31 am
georgia, louisiana likely go into a runoff. you hear republicans talk abouting for they're able to break-away in the states like colorado or like iowa and win outright victories. that would be a good narrative for them. these are states, of course, obama won. if they are able to win the purple/bluish states that would be a good night. >> that's so fascinating. ten races we can't call. we can make educated guesses. but to her point, if you look at the state of georgia, this is georgia. georgia in what is supposed to be a republican year. michelle nunn has a prayer. david purdue has been losing. if you don't get 50 isn't plus one you get end up in a runoff. we could wait until january 6th to find out. look at david purdue trying to get it together. there's a lot of kricriticism o his campaign. >> the issue is trust?
4:32 am
do you trust president obama and the washington politicians to with the problems we face? too much debt. not enough jobs. terrorism and ebola coming at us from overseas. >> is it enough, jonathan, after a campaign which the republican establishment had been mad at david purdue, mad at his team saying there's no way georgia should be close. >> that race is probably going to be a runoff. all the strategists i talked to believe it. it's going to be decided? january. you're absolutely right about the overall trend. you recall, i think it's for a few reasons. i think that it's hard to poll people now increasingly but i think people are angry and they don't want to vote for either party in a lot of cases. i think that's one of the reasons you're still seeing this late, john, in the election, so many undecided voters. do the folks show up or stay at home? the answer to that could turn the election.
4:33 am
>> and a subplot -- i'll bring up the state of kentucky. the people decided know how they vote if they vote. they don't feel the excitement. whether you sent 100 democrats or 100 republicans to the senate washington won't get much done. i think this is a fascinating test of the two big in the country. it's real. so is anti-washington and anti-incumbent. and mitch mcconnell is the poster child for washington and democrats are saying the poster child for gridlock. brand new bluegrass poll out. allison grimes kept close. african-american said they're going to surprise us in lexington and louisville. if you believe these numbers with, anyway, a lot of races break late. when they break in a midterm year they break in one destruction. -- direction. is that a clue? >> possibly. it's a race going up-and-down with mcconnell mostly in the lead. i think it will break late.
4:34 am
a victory for democrats is if they can do better for bruns lunsford did. mcconnell got something like 53%. lunsford got 47 percent. allison lundergan grimes runs a pretty good climb. it's been a uphill climb for her. >> every candidate will win apparently. everybody tells you we're going win. we're doing great. privately they share their fears. i want to go back to the iowa race. bruce braley is the democrat candidate. democrats hand picked him thinking he would be the best candidate. i think they're having second thoughts. ernst is running a smart campaign. she's on the farm she grew up on saying she want to go washington to clean up the mess. here is bruce braley responding to that ad. >> we need to build bridges and get results. and stop letting the extremists from either party get in the way. i'm bruce braley and i'm running
4:35 am
for senate to make a difference for iowa. >> tell you about a race when you know the midterm election, the biggest thing is get all the liberals and conservatives to turn out. he's talking about the extremists in both parties trying to reach to the middle. >> look, he's trying to appeal to the disaffected obama voter who maybe has concerns about ernst because of her conservative views. the challenge he has in that state is if you look at the two senators they have sent to washington for the last 30 years, they're of a certain profile. they're both sort of down home, very relatable type iowans. she and that question wins out who are they. do candidates in campaigns matter or structure matter more? is there a better operation in the state? we'll see. >> we'll see. at the moment republicans feel confident about the early vote total. so close heading into the final days. it matters who votes.
4:36 am
i know, it's a cliche but it matters. this is about 2014 and 2016. hillary clinton campaigning for the gubernatorial candidate the democrat in maryland. watch this. president obama, remember promised to pass immigration reform. here is latino activists taking it out on hill. >> -- hillary clinton. >> i'm so proud. i'm so proud that governor o'malley, you know, if they had just waited a little while i was getting to the dream act. >> it tells you, a., republicans have an opening but democrats have a credibility problem. that was a huge part of the two big obama wins. >> president obama promised it in the first term but hasn't done it yet. they're fed up. >> they want something done in the lame duck. it's going to be a fight. >> as we get back to you in new york, you apt magic wand or a
4:37 am
magic wall? >> a wall! >> if you want to practice this at home. we have my magic wall at c you can play around. you can take your stylist. pick it up. have a little fun. >> tilt toward us a little more. >> that's awesome! i love the at-home version of inside politics. >> on election nights you get the results as fast as i do. have some fun. >> thanks, john. >> he's moving the mystique. >> nobody is as good as going through the machinations on the moment on election night. with a few days left before the 2014 midterm elections, make sure to join john king and his inside politics panel sunday live at 8:30 p.m. the president and his defense secretary at odds? really? critical memo from chuck hagel
4:38 am
blasting the white house strategy at syria. we'll get with the spokesman for the pentagon and see what is going on here. if are they really not seeing eye to eye and if they are. why? just take a closer look. it works how you want to work. with a fidelity investment professional... or managing your investments on your own. helping you find new ways to plan for retirement. and save on taxes where you can. so you can invest in the life that you want today. tap into the full power of your fidelity greenline. call or come in today for a free one-on-one review. faster than d-con.
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4:42 am
breaking overnight iraqi kurd forces enter kobani. this comes as reports surface of a secret memo written by defense secretary chuck hagel criticizing the president's strategy in syria suggesting a tougher approach is needed specifically with the assad regime. hagel was asked about the memo thursday. here is what he said. >> that's a responsibility of any leader. and because we are a significant element of this issue, we owe the president and we owe the national security council our best thinking on this. it has to be honest and it has to be direct. >> let's get some more honesty and directness frommed admirabl john. thank you for joining me this morning.
4:43 am
why is the pent are they not on the same page? >> look, i won't get into correspondents that the pentagon shares with the national security team. we hear the pentagon, we believe the strategy is working and we believe it's the right strategy. we're having a pretty good bank account on isil on their ability to communicate, command and control. you want to reassess and review and talk about it and make sure in the execution of it it you're doing the it right way. i think that's what the secretary of the talking about it. >> the secretary like it is except he doesn't like it. he doesn't think he's doing enough with respect to the assad regime. >> i'm not getting into internal discussions. i can tell you every member of the national security team has taken the challenge we're facing against isil very seriously. there's a constant robust discussion about the strategy and moving forward every day.
4:44 am
and i think that's what the secretary is talking about. everybody in the national security team o's the president their best most candid advice and recommendations going forward. >> the, you don't want to get into the discussions is -- doesn't it matter we know what the range of options are? >> what i don't want to do is talk about internal discussions in a public setting. i don't think that would be beneficial to anybody. look, everybody understands that the situation in syria is complicated. the situation against isil is complicated. we understand a that aside is a big part of the problem here. one of the reasons why isil has had the freedom to maneuver inside syria, develop safe havens and sanctuary because the assad regime lost all legitimacy to govern. it has been a factor in the strategy. again, we always want to review and assess our strategies to
4:45 am
make sure that we're exec cute g i -- >> didn't happen because of congress. did the pentagon think it was the right move at the time? >> the defense department supports the commander in chief, chris. i won't get into, you know, a past discussion or debates that might have occurred at that time. but our job is to execute the policy the commander in chief sets forth. that's our job. that's what we're focussed on. >> all right. one quick status update now. battle for kobani in the sixth week. the peshmerga just getting in there. isis, so far, able to stand their ground. what does it say about the air strikes and the need for more, or the realities on the ground. >> it's interesting when you asked the question. i thought you were going say the kurdish fighters have been able to stand their ground. that's what happened. we believe the fighters inside kobani are in possession of the great majority of the city. that doesn't mean isil still
4:46 am
doesn't threaten it. we're continuing to conduct air strikes why it's important these peshmerga fighters have been able to get access there with heavy equipment to reinforce them. i have to tell you the fighters in that city we still believe they have the greater majority of it and the situation right now is fairley static. >> let me just ask you about the quarantine quickly. how are you able to get away with one when the white house is so obviously the president specifically against the idea of one? >> it's not about getting away with one. this is a decision that the defense secretary hagel and chairman of the joint chiefs as well as all the joint chiefs felt in the best interest of their family. we are up over 1,000 right now. could grow to 4,000 before the mission is over. that's a lot of people. they're doing a lot of things not connected to actual treatment of patients but they're down there in great numbers. we believe it's a prudent,
4:47 am
safety, conservative approach for right now. i would remind you that the secretary told the joint chief they need to come back with an implementation plan to see if it's something that we can or should sustain. after 45 days we're going to reassess the fols see if it makes sense going forward. may not. given the fact we have the largest number ofs there and logistics of flowing people to and from liberia is critical. it's a safe move. it was supported by member family members. >> thank you for getting in front of the issues today. we appreciate it, as always. >> my pleasure. >> have a good halloween and weekend. >> more international relations to talk about. tensions are rising between israel and the palestinians. we'll show you the latest drama causing another round of unrest in a live report. ♪ the design of the ford escape is clearly intended to grab your eye. ♪
4:48 am
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4:51 am
tensions between israel and the palestinians once again escalating in the middle east. israel has partially reopened the temple mount in jerusalem for friday prayers after closing the site thursday for the first time in decades following an assassination attempt on an activist rah pie, all of from an off-color comment from an official about israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu. erin mchauf lin is live in jerusalem. >> reporter: alisyn there was a concern about possible clashes in east jerusalem. so far i have not seen any evidence of that. the torrential downpours seeming to have driven people indoors.
4:52 am
the situation here very calm outside the damascus gates. security guards passed us and have gone away. there was a heavy security presence earlier in the morning, but now friday prayers are over. now i did see a group of men praying in the streets, this despite the damp conditions, and that's because of the restrictions on the noble sanctuary, also known as the term mount, only men over the age of 40 and all women were aloud inside the site to pray today and yesterday for the first time in 14 years, this site was completely closed to all worshippers, a move that infuriated many muslims with the spokesperson for palestinian president mahmoud abbas saying it was in fact a declaration of war but israeli security forces saying they closed the site based on a security and intelligence assessment. chris? >> all right, erin, thank you very much for the reporting
4:53 am
situation. obviously it has to be monitored and we will do so but right now we want to talk to you about a special feature we have here at cnn, anthony bourdain has another spectacular, great, what do you want to call it, extravaganza coming your way. it's not just about the food. it starts with food but always about culture and this time he's going one of the most obscure landscapes you can go to, he's going to iran and going to try to look beyond the politics and look at the people there, and figure out what they're all about, and of course, also the food. take a look. ♪ >> i'm so glad to be here. thank you, hello, hi. it's good to meet you. people have been ridiculously nice to us. aren't you supposed to be the axis of evil? >> you're demonized by the media outside. you show black and white. people are demonstrating and killing and bombing and this and
4:54 am
that and you see and this and that but you never talk about the real people who are actually living peacefully inside the country. you know? eventually in the future of the world, we and americans have a very special place in this. we cannot play a game without considering who we are, as a friend. >> one of faroque's many passions is persia. how do you pronounce the specialty? >> vizi which is the name of the pot. >> like an earthenware. >> right, and one of the dishes. it goes back to mesopotamia, 6,000 years ago. >> reporter: potato, chickpeas, water, lamb, cooked together, add a little fat, mash it up with potatoes and chickpeas. that's good. what do iranians want to eat today? it's a home cooking culture.
4:55 am
>> yes, we didn't have the culture of eating out. this is a culture of sacred food in the house. things which aren't unheard of, is not in the book. >> reporter: that's really interesting. >> anthony bourdain, one of the few men to ask if iran is the axis of evil and still leave the country. very nice to know. >> it was fascinating, too. >> "parts unknown" sunday, 9:00 p.m. eastern, obviously a journey you're going to want to follow. >> good, we will be tuning into that. after seven weeks on the run a suspected cop killer captured and hauled off in handcuffs. plus a cnn exclusive this morning, talking live with two of nurse kaci hickox's closest friends. they'll tell us what she's going through, what he's thinking, what she's feeling and what she's planning today after being forced by the state into quarantine. turn the trips you have to take,
4:56 am
into one you'll never forget. earn points for every flight and every hotel. expedia plus rewards.
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4:58 am
4:59 am
ñzóó -- captions by vitac -- after several weeks on the run eric frein due in court this morning. the d.a. says he wants the death penalty. where was he hiding and how did they get him? and nurse casey hickox refusing to stay home, defying a
5:00 am
state-ordered quarantine over concerns that she might have ebola. two of kaci's best friends tell us exclusively how the defiant nurse is doing and what she's planning next. is she selfish or a brave hero? pushing for power, with crucial midterm elections now just days away, democrats and republicans battling down to the wire. can president obama get anything done if the gop takes control of the senate? we're going to talk to the president's top spokesman about the issues. your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome back to "new day"ed. it is friday, october 31st. has. pi halloween just past 8:00 in the east, this is alisyn camerota. i am not. we have news to report to you, after nearly seven weeks on the run we're about to get our first close-up look at suspected cop killer eric frein. in the next hour he will be in
5:01 am
court for his arraignment, a little dinged up. police say he was like that when they found him. his capture ends a long nightmare for the people in pennsylvania where he was evading authorities in the woods for 48 days. >> he was arrested without incident though he doesn't look like that. he is accused of fatally shooting a state trooper last month and injuring another. prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty for frein. miguel marquez, how did this all go down? >> reporter: with amazingly little drama. he is about to show up in pike county in order to face his initial hearing. when thorlgts caught up to him yesterday he was out cold walking across an empty airbase when they came on him. he went to his knees and gave up. the manhunt finally over. >> we have stated that early on we would not rest until his capture was made.
5:02 am
tonight we have made that major step down the path to justice. >> reporter: after nearly seven weeks on the run, suspected cop killer eric matthew frein now in custody, facing a murder charge. >> it is my intention to file notice to seek the death penalty for eric frein. >> reporter: the 31-year-old self-taught survivalist was caught hiding in an abandoned airport in the pocono mountains. u.s. marshal spotted frein walking across the airstrip and surrounded him. according to law enforcement, frein, caught by surprise, surrendered hands up, identifying himself, he was apprehended unarmed, but had two guns and knifes in a hideout. >> if he got out of those woods, we were very concerned that he would then kill other law enforcement the, and if not them, civilians. >> reporter: the search for the now captured fugitive began 48 days ago on september 12th, when frein am bushes the pennsylvania state police barracks in
5:03 am
blooming grove, shooting and killing corporal brian dixon and injuring trooper alex douglas. police investigate numerous possible sightings, from pipe bombs to cigarettes to supplies, clues to frein's whereabouts, but under the cover of dense woods, he evades capture. an enormous sense of relief for the community with frein now behind bars, arrested in the very handcuffs that belonged to the officer he gunned down, and driven back to blooming grove in his police cruiser. >> all of us in the state police and governor corbett just thought if we had that opportunity, that would be a very fitting tribute to corporal dixon and message to all law enforcement we would never rest until this fugitive was apprehended. >> reporter: now one of the weapons that they found in his stash in that hangar was a sniper rifle and authorities
5:04 am
tell us that rifle is consistent with the casings and the bullets they found at other scenes where frein operated, so they say they have a very, very strong case against this guy. back to you. >> thank goodness no one else was hurt in this capture. miguel, thank you. to another top story now, kasci hickox backing up her vow she will not be kept inside in the state of maine, defiant nurse taking a ride with her boyfriend while police and the media followed behind. the governor says he will do whatever it takes to keep her in isolation. live to jean casarez in ft. kent, maine, this is still a standoff, jean. >> reporter: it really is and the latest word from the governor along with saying that was that his people have tirelessly and relentlessly tried to find a solution here, a compromise, but all negotiations have broken down. now here at the house, kaci hickox and her boyfriend remain in the house. moments ago her boyfriend came
5:05 am
out to the car and asked "what are you going to do today?" his response, "nothing." a bike ride making headlines around the country. >> i'm not afraid. >> reporter: fareless nurse kaci hickox defying authorities ebola quarantine putting some in a rural maine community on edge. >> it's just fear. >> it scares me. >> i don't want to bring it home. >> until 21 days go by she's not absolutely positive so that mean no one else is. >> reporter: hickox doesn't complete the 21-day isolation until november 10th. it's only been a week since the nurse returned from treating ebola-stricken patients in sierra leone. >> the state police have their marching orders. >> reporter: the governor of maine, paul he will page saysle use the fullest extent of the law but he wants to keep herself safe ordering an escort or guard 24-7. >> the last thing i want is for her to get hurt.
5:06 am
>> reporter: hickox says she's done nothing wrong and her boyfriend says they rode in the opposite direction from the town and she hasn't even stepped foot inside a store. in fact, the pair ate in, pizza was delivered to them. >> we are not trying to put anyone at risk. we're not trying to push any limits here. >> reporter: maine is now one of nine stwats quarantine mesh urs beyond cdc guidelines. whether or not stricter quarantine laws are the right move may impact midterm elections only a week away as serl of the state's governors are running for re-election. and late yesterday there was a visitor to this house complete with the maine state police escort, it was the maine cdc officer that i understand comes once a day, it was a female, she was in the house for probably about five minutes or so, came back out, and that is to monitor kaci and chris, the governor of this state, he is in a hotly
5:07 am
contested re-election effort for next week, but now will he continue to deal with this effort or negotiations over and he just goes on with his re-election. >> well he said something there that's very telling, when people get scared, tempers get flared. that seems to be what he's acting on. jean, what a bizarre situation. let's try to make some sense of what's going on here. we have an exclusive atten kren, joining us this morning to shed some light on what kaci hickox is thinking and why she's doing this, we have two of our closest friends, nier patell and brandon krause. thank you for joining us. kaci hickox knows that you're doing this, wants you to do this, yes? >> yep, that's correct. >> before we get into what she's become as a symbol, let's just deal with who she is. let me start with you, nier. what is she about? >> she's compassionate. she's just an amazing,
5:08 am
compassionate person that you know, truly believes that what she's doing is for the better of, you know, everyone. she's truly selfless. her work all abroad and locally, you know, domestically, she proves that she has a goal in life that she wants to deliver, you know, health care and humanitarian aid to wherever it's needed. >> right. people are, you can clearly distinguish the work she did in africa from the situation right now though, brandon. nier used the word "selfless" but many see this as selfish, she could just suck it up and do the 21 days. what is she motivated by to create such a situation? >> that's a good question. kaci is selfless, and she's always operated under the idea that she wants to be the change that she wants to see.
5:09 am
she is the change she wants to see. she goes all over the world and creates this change and provides care for those in need and what she wants to do here i believe is she wants to have the health care dictate the process that people need to follow especially for these aide workers who are returning, she wants them to follow proven guidelines, scientific guidelines, rather than fear and provide a steppingstone for them to not have to fall in the same situation. >> did you guy, out of good conscience, as loving friends say to her at any point, you need to back up. do you know what you're getting yourself into right now? did she have any expectation she would become this, you know, this controversial figure? . >> no, we support her fight and the passion she's bringing to this is what she puts into her
5:10 am
work. if i had a deadly disease and in a rural area or even here as she was a nurse in the dfw area i would want her pi my side helping me fight this. you know, that passion is there, she will stand by you and fight for you to, you know, make sure that whatever you're dealing is taken care of and is gone. the same passion she fights for not only herself but all aide workers returning home or going or thinking about going abroad to help the millions of people that really direly need that help. >> is it worth it? that's the question. i totally get why it's worth it for her to go and risk literally her life in treating ebola. i get why it matters. she knows that the community is scared. why is this worth it, brandon? >> she has agreed to be
5:11 am
monitored by health officials. this is not about, you know, her wanting to follow scientific guidelines. this is about wanting to follow guidelines based on science, rather than fear, and she's a purely passionate person and this is about doing the right thing for those considering doing something like this, and providing aid around the world, or those returning, and she brings this passion and this fervor to erg that sverything t does. >> has she been asked by the government to take another blood test? >> i don't know the answer to that. >> anyer, you heard anything about that? >> no, only what you reported last hour. >> it's not coming from me, that's why i'm asking you. >> oh, no. whatever i heard -- >> so you haven't heard anything about that. >> yes. >> per hutting you guys to be honest about who she is in your estimation, president obama was in maine yesterday, side-stepped the situation. frankly i don't know what he
5:12 am
could do. it's a state call, so bizarre what's going on, but does she want the president to know about her situation? does she have a message? >> i don't know. >> i don't know. she hasn't given that to us. i think he's probably aware of her situation, and we're not here to speak on policy or science. we're here to talk about kaci and what she brings to this world and what she brings to her friendships with others, and the twhoork she's done for years, and she is extremely educated. she knows ebola. she knows public health, and she has been operating in these types of conditions that are kind of foreign to many of our careworkers here in the united states, and she's the right person for this. >> she puts out a very strong face and confident. this has to be hard. she has to be over her head in terms of what her expectations
5:13 am
were in this situation. how hard has had been for her on a personal level, what we're not seeing? >> it's a difficult situation. i mean, she is a, you know, medical practitioner. she's not, you know, in this public face. we -- i try to keep it light-hearted, i try to keep her motivated to keep going, to you know, support her in what she wants to do, because ultimately, without her, you know, being able to do some of this stuff and even going back and return back and forth, this crisis is going to be hard to handle and it will show up more so at our doorstep and even spread all over the world. >> she's got to know what's being said to her, brandon, i'm sure it's hitting her feelings hard and that's why she needs her friends around her. the good news is the period is coming to an end, the 21 days. the question is what happens after that, hopefully nothing too dramatic happens before. thank you for giving us
5:14 am
perspective on your friend who has become very well-known. >> thank you. mick, over to you. >> a quick look at the headlines now. president obama is getting criticized for his policy on syria by his own defense secretary. secret memo from chuck hagel has been leaked. what is the disagreement and does it speak to a larger issue within the white house. michelle kosinski? >> reporter: defense secretary hagel acknowledged writing this two-page letter to sue soon rice described as very blunt and critical of the u.s. strategy in syria overall. stressing the need for more clarity and what to do about the assad regime since the u.s. is fighting isis and isis is fighting assad. hagel was asked about this letter. he said syria is complicated, that the team is constantly assessing, reassessing and adapting the strategy that it's part of his job to speak directly and honestly about it. president obama has faced deep differences of opinion within
5:15 am
the top levels of his administration before on syria, but when you look at this, this is the second unpleasant leak in the top tier about what they're working on and that's raised questions over is the strategy working, might there be changes in staffing. secretary of state kerry though said that is gossip and that the national security team works extremely efficiently. michaela? >> michelle, those words were certainly blunt, direct and as you say, honest. thanks for that report. in syria meanwhile a small force of iraqi kurdish fighters have entered the battle against isis in kobani, it is the first of a larger group of about 150 troops that are expected to join the fight to work to save that town, this comes after fierce clashes with isis militants unsuccessfully try to capture the border crossing.the only gateway in and out of the border town of kobani. jesse matthew the man held
5:16 am
in the abduction and killing of hannah graham will face a judge in a video conference in 15 minutes' time on charges in a second case. he's charged with raping a woman in fair fox city in 2005, one of several cases matthew has been tied to since he emerged as a suspect in graham's disappearance. a bit of a different story here. if you ever dreamed of getting your java fix without the wait has come. >> don't tease. >> starbucks announced plans for coffee and food delivery services. you can get your triple no fat hazel nut latte delivered right to your home. >> strong. >> the delivery service will be available only hour, i don't want to break your heart with this, only the loyalty program members as part of their mobile pay app that will launch in portland, oregon, next month. i feel there will be some moving trucks heading to portland. don't worry, it will happen for the rest of the nation a little later on. >> game changer.
5:17 am
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5:18 am
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5:21 am
and democratic strategist. it's good we conveniently have one from each side. >> funny how we do that. >> begala, i will not start with you, i'll start with ana, here's why, because i like you more. ana, why do you think there are so many races that are so close? i haven't seen anything like this in recent history. why so many? >> you know, chris, i think some
5:22 am
of it is the national mood and i think some of it you can chalk up to the unpopularity of president obama, the unpopularity of congress, but when it comes to races, it's the old adage, all politics is local. you have to look at the races and these candidates one by one and locally. what kind of candidate have they been, what kind of campaign have they run? some of them have been, you know, suffering from self-inflicted wounds. part of what's got bruce braley in a bind in iowa, a democrat, he dissed remember faer, not a good thing to do in iowa. some have made mistakes and some are evenly patched. >> paul the "new york times" in an op-ed calls this the best general election in a decade because there are a dozen super close senate races and a dozen super close gubernatorial races. what's going to happen tuesday? >> i don't know if it's the best. ana's right, unforced errors. the governor of florida refused
5:23 am
to debate because he was afraid of a fan and david perdue the republican candidate in georgia saying he's proud of his record as a ceo outsourcing jobs overseas, not the best. for us watching you're right, i don't know what we'll see. ana has an interesting point. i understand why the democrats are troubled, first off the map we're running in states where they hunt democrats down with dogs. the president lost arkansas by 24 points, lost louisiana by 17 points, he lost alaska by 14 and yet the republicans can't close the deal there. that's what i don't get. i understand why my people are troubled. president's unpopular, haven't moved the needle on the family income, it's the sixth year. why can't republican states even mitt romney won and mitt romney stuck. i don't get it. >> but paul, let's remember a lot of the states that paul just mentioned are states where, frankly, there are seasoned veteran incumbent democrats. yes, it's the south, but when you've got family legacy names
5:24 am
like pryor in arkansas, like landrieu in louisiana. you have a mary landrieu who didn't have her own home in the state. that is an unforced error. how can in 2014 seasoned political veteran not know enough to have her own home? you can't pretend your twin bed in your mom's basement is your home. >> good point. the same thing in kansas, pat roberts, a long time senator from kansas >> exactly. >> they haven't elected a republican in my lifetime, i'm even older than comeau and the republican is probably going to lose because he doesn't live in the state. >> i'm cutting you off begala. i don't like how you agree and disagreeing. we're wise to the game. here is something opposite of what you just said, ana, my tone has changed on you because i notice you're standing in miami and it's gorgeous there and it's afreezing here, now i'm angry at you and going to ask you this. >> by the way i'm dressed at charlie crist for halloween. >> oh, wow!
5:25 am
>> the fan, begala, you lose on that. >> nice prop. >> that is a nice fan, too. i have the same one. let' ask you this, ana, is it that the republicans are not cleaning up or at least poised to the way they could because of how negative the strategy has been from here, it's really not putting out the republican platform and agenda, it's really about bashing the testimonies and there's only so much space you can make that work. >> chris, i'm sitting in a purple state right now, sitting in a place with a tight congressional race going on for district 26 and tight gubernatorial race going on between charlie crist and rick scott. people talk about the negativity of the republicans, because from where i sit and when i turn on any tv, i can tell you there is negativity going on, on both sides, and it's affected the mood of the voters. people are in a generally bad mood and not feeling too optimistic heading to the polls. >> paul, if the senate goes into republican hands, is that it for the president's agenda? is he a lame duck?
5:26 am
>> well by the calendar he is certainly, but first off i'm not going to concede that. my folks never say that and they have a better return of operations. it puts the president in an interesting position. does he go to them and cut deals? i think he should. i think we can probably move the ball forward on things like immigration reform and tax reform and a whole host of issues, or do the republicans -- we don't know what republican party is going to show up, right? is it going to be the tea party folks who shut down the government a couple years ago or is it going to be the more kind of folks that i worked with when i was in the clinton white house, we had bob dole, we had trent lott, real republicans but also real americans and patriots who were happy to cut a deal. >> well, one of those fancy books that begala likes it was written that the past is prolog and if that's the case the president cutting leagues we've not seen too much of. ana navarro, thank you very much, enjoy the weather and your
5:27 am
fan and begala, always a pleasure. >> thanks, great to see. >> thanks, guy, you, too. one of the things going on with balloting is the status of minimum wage. next week in some states they'll have measures that will be specific. are they going to agree on an increase? christine romans is going to be here with a look at your money. plus ebola and the economy just a couple of daunting challenges the nation and the president is facing. white house press secretary josh earnest is here with us to answer tough questions on many topics. stick around. a party? hi. i'm new ensure active clear protein drink. clear huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got 8 grams of protein. twist my lid! that's three times more than me.
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5:31 am
all right here we go with the five things you need to know for your new day. suspected cop killer eric frein captured after a 48-day manhunt in pennsylvania. he's being arraigned this morning. prosecutors say they'll seek the death penalty. maine nurse kaci hickox defying quarantine by going for a bike ride. hours later the governor said he'll do whatever it takes to deep her from going to public places. four people have been killed after a plane crashed into a building in southern kansas. the pilot reported losing engine power was trying to return to
5:32 am
the airport. embattled ferguson, missouri, police chief denying reports of his resignation. he tells cnn he's staying put months after the michael brown shooting. lebron james' emotional return to cleveland foiled by the upstart new york knicks. they knock off the cavs 95-90. visit for the latest. now we turn our attention to minimum wage taking center as a key issue in next week's midterm election, ballot initiatives asking voters to decide on an increase. our key business correspondent is here with more on how it could impact your money. >> the wage is looking like it's going to be to say yes and for the states they are solidly red states. you look at the polls a majority of people think they want to raise the minimum beige. arkansas, alaska, nebraska and south dakota, also you've got a ballot initiative on the ballot in illinois, that's an advisory,
5:33 am
it's not binding but it's an advisory kind of ballot initiative so prettying interest there. we've seen the states doing this. the federal government has not been able to raise the minimum wage. you see the states do it over and over again and some cities on the west coast raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour for fast food and hotel workers. locally this is something getting done. >> but not on the federal. >> not on the federal level. this is a big win for democrats. some say it will help them in some of their turnout in some of the states. these are many of them solidly red states. it shows you 71% of americans by our polling think that it is fair and right to raise the minimum wage. >> the other side is look if i'm spending more, putting more money into the economy it's good for the economy. >> ceos who are retail ceos and ceos of a fast food and stuff they are officially against raising the minimum wage but acknowledge that would put more money in the pockets of their paycheck-to-paycheck consumers. wages have been flat to lower.
5:34 am
raising the minimum wage is the way you handle the fact the economy is not rewarding workers that much. there are business owners who tell me this is hard for business owners next year have to put in new obamaobamacare ru and deal with higher minimum wages at the same time. i think the tide has turned though. public support to higher minimum wages in the state are moving forward to do it. >> i'll be interested to see the discrepancy in the minimum wage rates in the states. we'll be watching this, on the ballot in several states on tuesday. we'll be watching, christine romans, thanks. great to see you. the president is facing tough issues here at home, ebola, the economy, and around the world with isis and other threats. what are the biggest concerns for americans right now? white house press secretary josh earnest is going to join us live to talk about all of that. (receptionist) gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove.
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you don't need us to tell you there's a lot on the plate of the president these days. he's giving a speech right now about the state of economy, what needs to be done to help really everybody be part of what's moving forward. we're going to have his press secretary, josh earnest is going to sit down and answer the pressing questions right as soon as he can, after that speech. so stay with us for that. we'll take a quick break and put the questions on the table that you need answers to.
5:39 am
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5:42 am
what if we finally had that would be amazing. hey, what if we took down this wall? what if this was my art studio? what if we were pre-approved? shut up! from finding to financing, how'd you do that? zillow. we're joined now by white house press secretary josh earnest, joins us from providence, rhode island, where the president will speak this morning at rhode island college, all about the economy. josh, great to see you. >> good morning, alisyn, how are you? >> doing well. before we get to the economy we have a host of issues to talk to you about. let's start with syria. as you know, there was this blunt two-page memo that was
5:43 am
sent from the defense secretary chuck hague until which he seemed to criticize the president's policy in syria, in relation to bashar al assad. are the president and his defense secretary at odds about syrian policy and what is the policy, by the way, about assad in syria from the president? >> well, alisyn, it won't be surprising to you i'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about private conversations between the president and his secretary of defense. i will tell you a couple things, though. the first is the president's been very clear with every member of his national security team including his secretary of defense that it's important for important policy decisions like the ones related to syria for his team to be very thorough and to constantly being assessing and reassessing the success of those strategies. that means they want to consider a wide range of opportunities to make sure we're doing everything we possibly can to protect and defend americans' interests around the world and that means the president wants the
5:44 am
unvarnished opinion of every member of his national security team and that's the way he thinks we are going to reach the best outcomes. now the second thing that i'll tell you, and i'm confident that my colleagues over the pentagon would say the same thing, the strategy that's in place right now is working. we have had success in working with the 60-member coalition the united states has filmed to take the fight to isil. >> not isis or isil as you call them. we're talking about assad. what is the strategy for dealing with assad overturning him, getting rid of him, containing him. >> well, alisyn, the policy that we have for assad is clear. we believe he's lost legitimacy to lead. the reason we are taking military strikes inside of syria right now the president made very clear we're not going to allow any extremist organization to establish a safe haven anywhere in the world they could use to attack the united states. that is a fundamental principle and why you've seen such robust engagement by the united states, by the united states military in working to build a coalition of
5:45 am
60 nations to take the fight to isil in iraq and syria to make sure they can't destabilize the region and where they can't be in a position to establish a safe haven inside syria that allows them to plot and strike interests of the united states and the homeland. the president and his national security team worked closely on this strategy. the department of defense has an important role to play in the strategy and it is working, affected the way we know isil operates on the ground, degraded their capacity to sell oil and finance their ongoing operations. the strategy we have in place is working. >> it's also helped assad, though. because isis was giving him a lot of trouble inside his own border, coming at him more effectively than the moderates were. while the coalition has attention on isis, it is ignoring assad and not doing anything to help the plight of the people there and the irony here, josh, is that the
5:46 am
president himself had wanted to start by bombing inside syria to affect assad, and now that's being brought back to him as what he should be doing right now. >> well, chris, here's the thing. it's very clear what our national security interests, what our most important national security interests is in this region of the world making sure isil and the corazon group are not able to establish a safe haven in syria, that they can use to attack the you tats, our allies around the world. that is our number one priority and why you're seeing such robust engagement out of the united states at a diplomatic level to build a coalition of 60 in additions to confront this threat and why you see such robust engagement by the u.s. military to execute against isis and other extremist groups that impact their ability to operate in the region. as it relates to assad, you have to ask him what he thinks about the united states and the
5:47 am
international community coming into his country without his approval to take care of a problem there. the other thing that you're seeing is you're also seeing the international community working together to train and equip a moderate opposition force that is also opposed to assad. these operations are being built in turkey, in saudi arabia, and other places around the region, and those forces are not on the side of assad. those forces are critical to taking the fight on the ground to isil. >> josh, you mentioned the unvarnished truth, and the president liking the unvarnished truth and i want to bring up is real and prime minister benjamin netanyahu. there's been unvarnished truth coming from unnamed sources in the administration. as you know some senior official talked to jeffrey goldberg at "the atlantic" and used some off-color language when referring to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he called him a "chicken blank"
5:48 am
and called netanyahu reactionary, obtuse, blustering and pompous. what exactly is the relationship between netanyahu and president obama today? >> well, alisyn i appreciate your self-editing for the family program this morning. what i'll tell you is that the president has had more conversations with prime minister benjamin netanyahu than any other world leader. i would say that's a relatively arbitrary metric but provides an example of the close ongoing coordination that exists between president obama and prime minister netanyahu, between the united states of america and our allies in israel. this week susan rice convened a high-level delegation of israeli defense security intelligence officials where they sat down at the white house with defense intelligence and other national security officials of the u.s. government to continue our close coordination and collaboration of a whole range of issues in the region, including issues
5:49 am
that are critical to israel's security. the fact of the matter is earlier this summer, at the president's request, congress passed legislation that allows us to increase funding for the iron dome program in israel to the tune of like $250 million. that increased funding has supported the iron dome program that was implemented by the united states to protect the people of israel from the rockets that were being fired by extremists in gaza. those are two high level examples of the very close, unprecedented coordination that currently exists between the united states and israel, and let me say one more thing about this, which is that close coordination that, close relationship doesn't mean that we paper over our differences. we've been very clear that we have significant concerns about the way that the netanyahu administration has pursued its policy, about the way they have expanded the construction of housing in some areas of east jerusalem. we consider those acts to be provocative and counter-productive to the
5:50 am
eventual acheemt ievement of a two-state solution. we don't say that because we have some philosophical concern. we believe the two-state solution is critical to the national security and long-term security of the people of israel. >> understood. as we're going through this checklist of issues, they all relate generally to ideas of leadership, whether it's what's going on in syria, what's going on with israel, what's going on with putin which we know there's no answer to now, the guys flying planes through nato air space. let's bring it back here at home. another situation screaming for leadership is what's going on with what the quarantine policy is or is not. the situation in maine, you were there yesterday, the president side-stepped it. this is theater of the bizarre and absurd now. you got a nurse in a face-off with a governor about what's going on, because there's no leadership on this one. should the president be doing more? i know what he said but there's clearly no way forward right now. >> well, chris, it is the responsibility of state and local officials in every state in the country to decide the
5:51 am
quarantine policies or the active monitoring health policies of, that they're going to use to protect the people in their state. that is the responsibility of state and local officials as it should be. what we have said is that we believe these state and local officials should be guided by the best science available to determine how best they can protect the people in their state. so what the president has said is he's going to make sure that we have officials at the cdc who have, who sit atop of this sort of vast store of scientific knowledge how to deal with the ebola virus and make sure they're sharing the information with state and local officials all across the country to make sure that the best policies are in place to protect the people in their state. there have been extensive conversations between cdc officials and public health officials in maine about how exactly to best protect the people of maine. those conversations are ongoing, but ultimately, we can't have a situation where the president of the united states is dictating these specific outcomes in specific states. we're talking about one nurse in one state in the country, and
5:52 am
ultimately, state and local health officials need to take responsibility for protecting the citizens of their own state. the federal government can be there to support them and get the best scientific advice but ultimately they're the ones that need to implement the policy >> josh, let's talk about what you're to be in the state of rhode island with the president there today, he's there talking about the economy and there are some metrics that have shown that the economy has ticked up recently. it's improving. however, polls suggest that the american public aren't feeling that, and they don't necessarily believe that. there's a new cnn poll just out this week that shows that only 38% of respondents believe that the economy is doing well. 62% think it is doing poorly. so somehow the president is not getting the message out to the american people. >> well, i'll say a couple of things about that. we did get recent data related to the gdp numbers earlier this week. it indicated the american
5:53 am
economy grew at 3.5% in the third quarter. over the last six months the u.s. economy has grown by more than 4% which is the strongest sustained six-month period economic growth we've had in more than a decade, so our economy is showing tremendous resilience. this comes at the same time that economies in europe, in ja. a japan and other places are showing weakness. the united states economy is the envy of the world and it is thanks in part to the very difficult policy decisions that this president made at the beginning of his presidency to help his recover from the worst economic downturn since the great depression but the bulk of the credit goes to american workers all across the country who are working day and night, scratching and clawing to get out of this recession america's entrepreneurs have been innovate testify and created jobs good for the economy. that's why the american economy is the envy of the world >> there's no question u.s. workers in america stand at the ready. the question is what is the government doing to help them? we look forward to the speech. wouldn't normally be something
5:54 am
we focus on too much but with the economy and mid terms days away, everybody's going to be listening. thank you for joining us, josh earnest. >> thank you, chris, happy halloween. >> you too. we'll be right back. i'm new ensure active clear protein drink. clear huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got 8 grams of protein. twist my lid! that's three times more than me. 17 vitamins and minerals. and zero fat! hmmmm. you bring a lot to the party! yay! new ensure active clear protein. 8 grams protein. zero fat. 17 vitamins and minerals. in delicious blueberry pomegranate and mixed fruit. there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru.
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so each week we are shining a spotlight on the top ten cnn heroes of 2014. this week's on honoree is tackling crime and gang violence in ga mat ma la. please meet juan pablo romero fuentes. >> my country is violent history has created very violent precedent. gangs are everywhere. kids are exposed to drugs, to violence and to the lack of opportunities for them to improve their lives. i was a teacher in the same community i group up. my students were dealing with
5:59 am
the same problem i was dealing with 20 years ago. i wanted to change that. the best thing for me to do was open my house doors and bring them here. eight years later, i'm still running the program in my family house. [ speaking in foreign language ] we provide classes so they can find their own passions. we give them a decent plate of food. i created a safe place for them to realize that they actually can change that aspects in their lives and in the community. in a violent country, they can have love. i still believe that we can change this country. they are the ones in charge of writing the history of guatemala. >> wow, strong. >> so hard to narrow it down. you get to, though.
6:00 am
>> one thing is consistent, these heroes all do a lot with a little. that's one of the big reasons we have the heroes in the first place. you decide who is going to be the big winner. go to you can vote once a day every day. on subject december 7th, the show will be hosted by anderson cooper. let's get you to "the newsroom" with carol costello for the latest. >> happy halloween. orange and black. have a good day, "the newsroom" starts now. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. community in relief as a 48-day nightmare ends and an accused cop killer makes his first court apar


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