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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNNW  October 31, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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which republicans think slavery isn't over? an explosive charge that just begs for discussion. >> the state of maine taking the next step to force a nurse to stay indoors. does this mean no more bike rides for kaci hickox? >> hello, everyone, happy friday, happy halloween, i'm john berman. >> i get nothing to be happy about. i'm happy enough to be sitting beside you, john berman. i'm michaela pereira.
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we're down to the wire. four days left until election day. just four days until the day that decides who controls the senate. this could determine a key part of the president's legacy. huge stakes. so where is the president today? is he in a state with the key senate race that hangs in the balance? well, there are ten states with races that are super close so is the president campaigning in any of those ten states? no. >> no! he is in rhode island. so blue it's more like navy or cobalt. which is bluer? >> cobalt. >> it's a cobalt state. his speech, which starts any minute, is on the economy which is always important but, again, where is where he is giving it, rhode island, and when, four days before the election shows how toxic he has become for some democratic candidates in these close races. >> republicans need a net again of six seats if they want to take over the senate which would give them control of both houses of congress. >> and while the president may
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not be in these key states physically, dana bash tells us as we sit here today the president's political shadow is in every single one. >> reporter: from kentucky -- >> a new face to vote for barack obama. >> reporter: -- to kansas. >> a vote for greg or man is a vote for president obama. >> reporter: to colorado. >> he's voted 99% of the time with president obama. >> reporter: across the country republicans are trying to take control of the senate by tying democrats to an unpopular president. new hampshire's gop candidate barely speaks a sentence without saying incumbent democrat jeanne shaheen votes with the president 99% of the time. >> the president said a couple weeks ago he's not running but all of his policies are on the ballot. i agree with hip. >> reporter: i bet you do. >> i absolutely do. >> reporter: shaheen gives the quintessential 2014 democratic response. is the president a drag on you? >> this race is not between the president and scott brown, this
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race is between me and scott brown. >> reporter: still, even democratic strategists admit obama's negatives help make new hampshire senate race neck in neck. now one of nearly a dozen dramatic too close to call contests from coast to coast. north carolina, georgia, arkansas, kansas, iowa, colorado, alaska. to be sure, these tight battles are much broader than obama. they're about government failures in general. washington not doing its job. >> senator kay hagen, absent. >> reporter: a big reason incumbents in both parties are getting pummelled for missing committee hearings, from democrat kay hagen in north carolina to republican mitch mcconnell in kentucky. >> mitch mcconnell who has been absent from nearly every committee meeting for the past five years. >> and challengers emphasize they are far from washington's sensibilities, like republican joni ernst in iowa. >> i am the one that remains connected to my community, my roots and iowa.
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>> democrats are trying to hold on to the senate majority by turning up voters in all these critical contests who stay home in midterms, especially single women. it's why the iowa democrat introduced his opponent as too extreme. >> she introduced a bill to ban all abortions. >> reporter: voters are so discussed with washington, the ultimate weapon is trashing both parties. it helped independent greg or mantei up the race in ruby red kansas against the republican. >> both mitch mcconnell and harry reid have been far too partisan for far too long. >> reporter: but many voters are so turned off it's hard for any candidate to break through. in south dakota, democrat rick whyland got creative, turning to song. ♪ so i'm running for the senate but i ain't a big deal ♪ don't have an army, just my automobile ♪ >> this whole election is worth it far. >> dana bash joining us now from
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washington, d.c. dana, how confident are republicans they'll pick up the six seats they need? >> they're cautiously confident. but because as is illustrate sod many of these races are so locked up they can't be sure. anything can shift the atmosphere on the ground. particularly the whole question of get out the vote. republicans feel much more sort of robust about their abilities than they have in the past by one of the things they're battling is the disgust. the most telling anecdote from my travels, i was in dubuque, iowa, and i was talking to a cashier and she said -- i said "who are you going to vote for in the senate race:" and she said "whoever calls me the least. that to me says it all. >> wow. >> any story that begins "i was in dubuque iowa talking to a cashier" and ends like that, a lucky, lucky news report. dana bash, thank you for being
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with us. joining us, progressive activist sally kohn and anna navarro. i want to start with you, sally. stu rothenberg says when all is said and done president obama could go down as one of the losingest presidents ever in terms of midterm elections. he lost so badly in 2010, a shellacking as he said coupled with what losses may come on tuesday. the question is, how can he and his team be so good at running for president and so bad at electing members of congress. >> well, we step back and think of the profound history of six-term elections, in other words, the midterm election when a two-term president is in the middle of his second term. the president's party generally always lose s loses i think onl maybe three times. so i think fact that the
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republicans -- and the president's approval ratings are pretty darn low, the fact that republicans are not already far and away sealing this thing up says more about the democrats and their strength than it does about this dynamic. the fact is that when republicans open their mouths and say what they believe in, the voters do not like that. and that's what we're seeing over and over and over again in this race and you can't win just by bashing the president. it's not enough. it's not working. >> sally, they're doing that to the tune of probably picking up seats in the house, maybe as many as ten seats in the house and six to nine seats in the senate depending on what happens. so they're failing up. >> in incredibly red places. let's look at the -- reince priebus, the head of the republican party said this is now a party that cannot lose a midterm and cannot win a presidential race and that is true. these positions are unpopular with the american people and, look, in iowa, in colorado, in wisconsin you actually see the republicans backing away from, for instance, their positions on
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anti-women policies. trying to talk like democrats to woo voters. >> i'm curious how you're feeling going into into tuesday. probably more confident than sally is. >> i think dana captured it just right. i've seen this slip from our fingers way too often to feel very optimistic and i think's only one way to run all the way to the end of an election and that's hard and that's scared and that's how everybody should be running i think what we've seen this time around is that republicans have had better candidates. we haven't had the foot in mouth disease that we suffered the two years ago. it's been a lot of democrats who are highly afflicted by that. you've got a governor's nominee
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in south carolina calling nickie haley an escort who out the door. you've got mary landrieu saying that the people of her state are not very friendly to african-americans or women. you've got all of these gaffes that are being said by democrats for a refreshing change. for a lot of us republicans we have fields a strong field of primary -- that came out of the primaries and are now in the general. >> what about the criticism, ana, that you can do this in the midterms but not a presidential year. can you carry whatever success may be happening to 2016? >> you know, john, i think that, yes, the president's unpopularity is a factor in a lot of these races, particularly in some of the deeper red states. but it's very tight also in a lot of purple states and states where it shouldn't be tight. when you have tight governor's race in the blue state of illinois, then you have to start
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wondering. when you've got tight races going on in purple states like florida, like new hampshire, like iowa, these are not deep red states. yes, you've got them going on in arkansas and louisiana but it's much more than just -- the problems for democrats go far beyond deep red states. i think you have to look at races one by one and you have to look at what's going on locally. all politics is local. what kind of races have they run? what kind of campaigns have they run? what kind of candidates have they been? there's been a lot of self-inflicted mistakes. >> sally, ana, we'll leave it there for now and obviously folks at home remember tuesday is the big day. get out and vote, midterm elections on tuesday. you can watch cnn right here for the results. as we said president obama is due to speak any moment in the cobalt state of rhode island. does he have something up his sleeve? a big speech that could seal the deal for democrats? stay with us.
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economy. the dow soared by triple digits to a new intraday high on news of stimulus from the bank of japan. >> the real focus this morning, though, politics. midterms as we've been talking about. just four days away. the president isn't anywhere near states that could be decided to determine l control of the senate. rhode island, as cobalt blue as it gets, maybe it is navy. i think we'll go with navy. just another sign of how toxic the president has become. let's stay on the topic of politics and some controversy brewing -- slavery and 2 confederacy. still alive and well. at least that are the latest comments from a controversial democratic congressman. >> charlie rangel made these comments about members of the republican party, nameless, faceless members of the republican party. he did this when he was out on the stump campaigning for new york's democratic governor andrew cuomo. let's listen.
8:16 am
>> we have to win. and we're going to be able to send a national message with andrew cuomo. and the thing is, everything we believe in, everything we believe in they hate. they don't disagree, they hate. they think that if you didn't come from europe 30 years ago we shouldn't have immigration. some of them believe that slavery isn't over and that they won the civil war. >> slavery isn't over that's what they believe. i want to bring in cnn commentator and cnn commentator l.z. grander son, republican strategist ana navarro. l.z., i'm not sure what there is to discuss. that seems like a fairly outrageous comment. which republicans believe that slavery should exists. >> you know, i'm looking at him and, you know, god bless him, he served our country in the
8:17 am
military, he's been a strong voice for the african-american community over the decades but i'm trying to figure out why he's still in office. after he's been busted on 11 counts of ethics violations, why is he still in office? the type of things he's doing right now, saying those kinds of things are absolutely ridiculous and have no place in politics and has no place in the democratic party and if you think what he says is true then i'm going to tell you the truth, you're an idiot. because slavery -- and that time period it doesn't exist today. is there racism? absolutely. but it does not exist in the same way it did during slavery times and i'm sick of people comparing president obama to hitler and people comparing the gop to racists back in slavery times. it just isn't true. >> ana, aside from the fact that governor cuomo's office is likely making a call to rangel's office himself, what yo r your thoughts? you heard passionate comments from l.z. there. i can't imagine that you feel that differently.
8:18 am
>> you know, my problem is that i just have a hard time taking anything charlie rangel says with any seriousness. this is a guy who's totally discredited. he has been in congress since dinosaurs roamed the earth. frankly before i was born. he is a guy who, as l.z. mentioned, was found guilty of 11 ethics violations, was stripped of his chairmanship of ways and means. president obama wouldn't even endorse him in a heated democrat primary that he faced so i question the sanity of the people that continue voting for him and also i think there's a lot of democrats that wish he weren't there because he does and says things that are embarrassing to their party and to our country, frankly. he has no business saying these kind of irresponsible comments but i just -- my expectations of him are so low and i just find him so discredited i have a hard time even reacting to it. it's charlie rangel being charlie rangel.
8:19 am
>> i suppose you could say it that way. l.z., it's hard. it feels so non-productive give an tone and a conversation that has been going on in this country for some time. as you were mentioning, he's done a lot for the african-american community but at a time when we see what's going on in ferguson, we see what's going on in other parts of the country, this doesn't seem like a productive thing to be saying. >> i'm probably going get a lot of flak for this in social media and frankly i don't care because it needs to be said. we often talk openly about the different generational views when it comes to same-sex marriages and how he cavalierly says as the older generation die off, so does that hatred and perspective die off in our country as well. it needs to be said the same thing about race, when it comes to certain aspects of talking about people of different races, certain ideas and perspectives is time to die off. i'm not saying people need to die off, but those attitudes
8:20 am
need to die off. if you're still saying nothing has changed in society and we have an african-american president in the white house, than i don't know what to say to you rationally to get you to change your mind. that's not to say racism doesn't exist, that's not to say that institutionalized racism and the remnants of segregation and jim crow laws do not still exist but you cannot say that we're on the same exact playing field or level as slave. not if you know actually what happened during slavery times. it is not productive to make those correlations, it is anti-productive. not only that, it's disempowering and i'm sick and tired of politicians doing that on the democratic side as well as republicans doing that to president obama on the other side when it comes to hitler. >> l.z. granderson, ana navarro, thanks so much for being with us. appreciate the time. >> thank you. >> thank you. short break here. ahead i guess you could call it the main event. the state versus a quarantined nurse. we have brand-new developments coming up in a live report.
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i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! major developments just happening right now, this hours, in the case of the quarantined nurse up in maine. kaci hickox, she, of course, made good on her threat to leave her house. she went for that bike ride. now we have learned that the state of maine has made good on its threat to get a court order. but to do what, exactly? >> yeah, we want to understand what this all means. we turn jean casarez, she is at the house right there in maine. so, jean, break it down for us. what do we know that the order says?
8:25 am
>> well, we can tell you a temporary order has been filed and signed by the chief judge of the district court here in maine and it's actually filed yesterday. this is a temporary order from a court specifically saying that kaci hickox cannot go into public places, cannot take commercial i have a united nations, cannot take public transportation, cannot go into a workplace, she can go outside of her home, she can walk, she can run, she has to stay at least three feet from any person. now, this is not by the state. these the most recent recommendations by the federal cdc when you have someone that can be possibly at risk. but now the difference is now this is in essence a mandatory quarantine issued by a court temporarily until there can be a hearing but it no longer is on a voluntary basis. now, this order was based upon a sworn affidavit by the chief
8:26 am
medical officer for the maine cdc her name is sheila pinnette. and in in this sworn affidavit she says many things that we have not known before. one of the things that really struck me was she specifically states that the roommate of the respondent -- which is kaci -- in africa became infected without knowing how she became infected. she also goes on to state that when kaci was being transported from new jersey to maine, the cdc tried to contact her, asked her to contact them, she did not return the call to maine's cdc enroute to maine, but responded by an e-mail saying she was not going to go to the home here, she was going to go someplace else in maine but then changed her own plans and ended up here. another thing that i think is interesting on a medical basis, what this chief medical officer from maine's cdc states is that
8:27 am
when you are preliminarily tested as she was in new jersey, that that is not the end of the story. that someone can be more infectious during the second week when someone is within that 21-day quarantine. and this that this is the second week right now. so they believe that it is of essence that this order be followed at this point of time. also, the closer you are to the most seriously ill people, the people that are dying, that the more you can contract the antigen that makes you sick. and they say that she was with patients that were very, very ill until october 20 and today is october 31. we are will confirm with you. an order has been filed signed by the chief judge of the district court here in maine. >> quickly, any reaction from kaci hickox yet in. >> she's not out of the house. she has not come out of the house and that may be because she's following this order.
8:28 am
. we've seen her boyfriend today but we have not seen her at all and people aren't talking about it, but if you read the order it says that a hearing will be scheduled but that hearing probably next week should be seal sod it may not be a public hearing so this is a public health issue. >> the question is her mandatory -- well, her quarantine, i think, the time, the 21 days doesn't expire until i believe november 10. so how they're going to handle that next week remains to be seen. jean casarez, excellent reporting. thank you so much for that. just moments ago we got this tweet from the ambassador the united nations, samantha power, who went to these west african nations dealing with ebola. she was being checked for signs at the airport. >> she tweets "back from west africa, part of standard cdc protocol, screened at airport on arrival, will report/report health for 21 days. we know power has been vocal in
8:29 am
her need to fight for ebola. >> it was the forehead test which is the one that kaci hickox had. >> and had a temperature. hickox later said when i took an oral test, i had no temperature. >> here's the other thing, the 21 days she's going to monitor, will she removal herself? >> well, how close was samantha power? i don't think she was treating patients. >> no, she wasn't. good point. >> a lot more to discuss on that subject to be sure and a lot more questions to answer. we'll keep you abreast of any developme developments, especially in kaci hickox leaves her house. a seven-week manhunt is over. the dramatic moments that a suspected cop killer was caught and the symbolic moments just after surprising a lot of people. we'll have that just ahead.
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dramatic developments overnight an entire community can finally sleep easily knowing an alleged cop killer is in custody. the manhunt for eric frein lasted seven weeks. it cost millions of dollars and fray add lot of nerves. >> so much tension. frooen apparently when he was captured was caught unarmed in a field near an airport hangar. he apparently surrender without a fight so no drama from the suspect but plenty within the arrest itself. law enforcement didn't just put him in any handcuffs, they used the very handcuffs that belonged to the state trooper he is accused of killing, brian dick son, he was driven away in dixon's car. >> and lots of raw emotion for people in the community. you can hear it as people
8:34 am
cheered, law enforcement, and they jeered frein when he was brought to court just a short time ago. >> coward! you low life! [ cheers and applause ] >> did you kill that trooper? [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah! >> wow wouldn't make in the the military. >> wow. frein is charged with first degree murder. he is also accused of wounding trooper alex douglas. prosecutors say they do plan to pursue the death penalty. >> let's bring in defense attorney page pait. i can't get over the symbolism and the personal nature of this page. using the dead officer's handcuffs, the car in the arrest. we know that there was something like 30 state troopers and other law enforcement officials in the room during hearing today. they took this very, very
8:35 am
personally. >> well, they did and you can completely understand why. wherever a law enforcement officer is killed or injured in the line of duty, they react. i mean, they react as a family, but it can go too far. i was involved in a murder case here in georgia where the cops packed the courtroom for every court appearance for the defendant and eventually that case got reversed, because the presence of so many officers could be an influence on the jury. so i really think that although i understand the emotions, i understand why they want to do this, they need back up and handle it by the book because the more they make it personal the more there's a chance this could later be overturned on appeal. >> page, it's so interesting that you say that because i don't think i've ever heard something like using the handcuffs that the belonged to the deceased officer there. that seems like such a deliberate move and, boy, i mean, can we all understand that the pain and anger among these law enforcement officials. but can it put their case at
8:36 am
risk? >> i think so. it's very weird, honestly, for them to have done that. and the more it becomes personal, the more they can make mistakes and they can let their feelings get in between what the law is and the procedural requirements, especially if it's a death penalty case. i mean, you really have to be careful because this case will be on appeal for perhaps a decade or more if he's convicted and sentenced to death. >> one has to wonder how this guy gets a fair trial. this will be those who say "he doesn't deserve it but he gets a fair trial." that community is so on edge, traumatized by this event. >> right. you know, anybody can move for a change of venue. i think most judges, though, will wait and see just how pervasive the media coverage is as we get closer to trial. if this is is going to be a death penalty case, we're not going to trial next week or next month or perhaps even next year. >> that's true. >> so usually you'll let people come into the jury, you'll question them about their exposure to the case and just
8:37 am
because they've heard about it doesn't mean they're disqualified. they have to already have formed an opinion about the case. so i think we'll see when we get closer to trial. >> i feel there will be a lot of opinions. there have been. it's been a very difficult time for that community and glad to know that they can sleep well and the kids can go out trick-or-treating without fear and danger. thanks so much, page. >> fascinating succession of events since he was captured last night. >> seven weeks. >> not over just yet. 37 minutes after the hour. we're going to go to ferguson, missouri, the site of so much unrest. so much anxious over the last few weeks. we have the latest. the police chief speaks to cnn. will he step aside? that's ahead. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater?
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new questions about the future for ferguson, missouri,
8:41 am
police chief thomas jackson. he says he is not quitting, not going anywhere. that despite reporting from cnn that he is on his way out, maybe not by choice. this, of course, comes months after michael brown, an unarmed african-american teenager was shot and killed by a white police officer. listen to the new comments made to cnn's jason kerik. >> i report to the city manager, period. as long as he and the council support me, than i intend to stay. i certainly have the support of the police department and a lot of support in the community. >> some people have been told it would be nice to have a fresh new face in if ferguson police department. >> i see that as dumping a huge problem in somebody else's lap and that's not my style. >> he says it's not his style but government officials say they don't want him around anymore and whether he wants to g or not, they say he's got to
8:42 am
go. it's interesting, evan, we had the mayor speak to cnn few days ago and it was interesting the way he chose his words. he said we're not pushing him out, if he chooses to go that's on him. it's not about choice, we just heard him. but it seems to be other pressure to make him resign. will they do that? >> well, you know, some of what the chief is saying is for public consumption. i'm sure none of us want to be pushed out of our jobs publicly. the hope was that the police chief would go quietly and would go on his own but he's been part of these discussions with state, county, federal officials and the decision has been made that the ferguson police department will move ahead without him. the st. louis county police department is handling a lot of the police work including the
8:43 am
protests that are going to go on. so i've met the chief, he's a nice man. it seems very well meaning he didn't cause all these problems. this police department seems to have been messed up before he got there. it is the fact that he's going to have to step aside for this department to move forward. >> evan, inside this interview with jason carroll, which was a fascinating interview, he was also very critical of attorney general eric holder. i'm wondering if you have been in touch with the attorney general's office? >> they're not saying a lot. the feds from their perspective, they want reform of the police department and you heard the attorney general in his comments a couple days ago call for wholesale change of the police department. so i think that's pretty much all they're going to say about that. they are leaving it to the local officials, the state officials to handle this but the message is clear, that part of the reform of the department will be
8:44 am
without tom jackson at the leadership. >> well, as chief jackson says, he wants that community to heal, some are going to believe that they can only start healing without him there. evan perez, thanks so much for your reporting, we appreciate it. ahead for us at this hour, people dressed up as clowns carrying weapons, assaulting people. this is no joke, folks, this is really happening. happy halloween. >> well, that's a nice thought. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. great rates and safety working in harmony. open an optimizer plus account from synchrony bank. service. security. savings. synchrony bank engage with us.
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the suspect in the killing of university of virginia student hannah graham was arraigned in a separate 2005 sexual assault case. officials red the charges against jesse matthew. he did not have a plea. apparently he did not have a court-appointed attorney with him. he appeared via video conference. there will be another hearing held in two weeks. matthew is charged with abduction in the hannah graham case. her remains were recently found on an abandoned farm. the rocket that exploded after takeoff earlier this week, it was deliberately destroyed when it became apparent there was a problem with the launch. this thing was going to go down anyway. the company that operated the flight hit the destruct button. experts say it was the right decision to prevent it from crashing into a populated area. the rocket was carrying 5,000 pounds of supplies for the international space station. an unprecedented number of children have crossed into the
8:49 am
u.s. from mexico after fleeing from violence in guatemala. this week's cnn hero is a teacher trying to battle that culture of violence. >> my country's violent history has created a very violent presence. gangs are every. kids are exposed to drugs, to violence, and to the lack of opportunities for them to improve their lives. i was a teacher in the same community that i grew up. my students were dealing with the same problems that i was dealing 20 years ago. i wanted to change that. the best thing for me to do was open my house doors and bring them here. eight years later, i'm still running the program in my family hous house. >> we provide classes they can find their own passions. we give them a decent plate of
8:50 am
food. children are powerful, just they don't know i created a safe place for them to realize that they actually can change their lives and their community. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> it's the only weapon we can have. it's love. i still believe that we can change this country. i see potential in kids and their ideas. they are the ones in charge of writing the new history in guatemala. >> the only weapon we can have is love. that's powerful. so who will be cnn's hero of the year? you decide.
8:51 am
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of course, being halloween, there are going to be costume aplenty and a few clowns in the crowd. clowns are the stuff of nightmares. it tissurns out, people are capitalizing on that fear. it's really turning into something completely different with clouds terrorizing neighborhoods. this, folks, is nuts. stephanie elam shows us what is going on. >> reporte
8:56 am
>> reporter:s a the popularity of the horror stories, 33 young men and boys in the 1970s, the image of the happy go lucky performers has turned increasingly more sinister. >> i will kill you all. >> reporter: they've become some of our most widely used popular villains to the horror classic poltergeist. >> you might say it makes it difficult to gauge and what the emotions are, what the motives are and it went requiviral in october. as the sergeant of the police
8:57 am
department describes, the photos dressed in clown garb sent social media ablaze leading to a number of copycat pranks in neighboring towns. meanwhile, the clown became a local celebrity. the events in and around wasko sent praise to new mexico and florida, as shown in this video taken in jacksonville. it's taken a dark turn as it spreads worldwide. french police have arrested multiple people dressed in clown costumes, some carrying deadly weapons with others actually assaulting independent people. but why clowns? it all comes down to an element of mistrust. >> there's the movement and bright colors and put all of that together and, again, i don't know who that person is. that brings up fear. >> reporter: if the trend continues, aka, the fear of
8:58 am
clowns, may claim more victims. >> i didn't have that fear of clowns until now. thanks very much, stephanie elam, joining us from l.a. joking aside, we saw what happened in france. are police arresting people? >> well, it's more of the crime of being supercreepy and jumping out and scaring people. not on the scale that we've seen in france where they've gone so far, michaela and john, that they are banning clown costumes of any sort for any adult in these small french town because people there were actually assaulting people. so they are taking it way further than we are. what we've seen here, people with the sort of creepy little clowns posed in parts of town, that sort of thing. but in general, i ask you, does anyone actually like clowns or do we just tolerate them? they are freaky. >> i used to. >> first of all, we apologize to the kids out there for the years
8:59 am
of therapy that the international association of clowns, they say their numbership is plummeting. the fact of the matter is they can't find people to be clowns because they are so stigmatized around the world which i think you can understand, based upon what is happening. again, i'm curious, what do you arrest people for unless they do something, right? >> no. and it was really like harassment or chasing somebody, some assaults, that sort of thing, dressed up as a clown. part of the reason clowns are so spooky is because you don't know who is behind all of that face paint, the masks, the crazy
9:00 am
hair. so the merging of those two entities together is the folklore. >> stephanie elam, thanks, dear. happy halloween. >> love you. happy halloween. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." for the first time in exactly seven weeks, the people in northeast pennsylvania woke up today without fearing the crazed and heavily armed cop killer that might be lurking outside. instead, captured. eric matthew frein, a self-styled survivalist who was cornered last night and taken in without a shot being fired. the ordeal now is just the


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