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tv   Election Night in America 2014  CNN  November 4, 2014 4:00pm-8:01pm PST

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up, wolf, mitch mcconnell will be having a solid night in the state of kentucky. >> and we'll getting ready for the first polls to close in georgia and kentucky. stand by. and we have a major projection right now, cnn projects mitch mcconnell the republican leader in the united states senate will be re-elected, defeating allison lundergan grimes. we make this on the votes coming in, you see 55% to 42%. and also on exit poll results, this is a surprise. we were expecting that mitch mcconnell would win. we are not expecting we would be able to make the projections until all of the polls in kentucky are closed. let's go to brianna keeler in kentucky where i assume the folks are about to hear, if they haven't yet, what is going on. they are probably pretty happy.
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a big win for mitch mcchonl. >> reporter: a big win. they haven't heard, wolf. so the viewers are getting the news before the supporters here at the headquarters in the marriott in eastern louisville. when they do find out, this place is going to go crazy. and there is already optimism. this is a bit of a foregone conclusion, this is what folks are expecting but they want to hear it officially. i'm told mitch mcconnell is upstairs and watching -- presumably watched this announcement with his wife and top advisors. it has been a very good night for mitch mcconnell as he retains his seat in the u.s. senate, wolf. >> mitch mcconnell, we have projected, will win. he will be the senate from kentucky -- the senator from kentucky and he hopes to be the majority leader in the united states senate. we have some other key race alerts to go with right now. we cannot make a projection in georgia between michelle nunn,
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the democrat and david purdue, the republican, we don't have enough information yet. and similarly in virginia. mark warner, the democrat billion challenged by ed gal espy. we don't have enough information to make a projection in virginia. but we can make other projections. take a look at this. south carolina for example, lindsey graham easily gets re-elected for another six years. lindsey graham beats brad huddo for another six years. south carolina stays with the republicans. also tim scott, he will have -- actually another six year term. he wins a special election and will fill out the term left by jim demint who resigned to become head of the heritage foundation here in washington. let's look at where it standed right now with the -- where it stands with the mitch mcconnell win. 34 democrats coming back and 33
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republicans. you need 51 to be a majority. 51 for a republican and because according to the constitution, the vice president of the united states breaks the tie. he is the president of the united states senate. as we wait for more real votes to come in, we want to share in our exit polls that they are revealing. and they are are a sampling of voters today and during early voting processes. here is the extra poll result for the state of georgia. look at how close it is. mitchell nun, 38% and -- 48% and 49%. this is the exit poll for georgia so it is -- it shows how tight this race could be. but both of these candidates, according to the exit poll, are -- according to the exit poll are under 50%. that is critically important. here is another exit poll for the state of virginia. mark warner 50% and the
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republican challenger 47%. close in virginia as well. warner wants another six-year term in the senate but this is an exit poll. remember these are estimates based on our survey of voters. the final outcome may be different. we use the exit polls to make projections in noncompetitive races. and we want to be fully transparent and make sure our viewers get the same information we have. it is very, very important. let's check in with jake tapper. jake, you have a projection for a governor's race? >> that is right, wolf. cnn is projectioning that nikki haley, the republican governor of south carolina will be reeelected to another term. and the senator that she beat four years ago. nikki haley re-elected. that is a cnn projection. some talk that she might be a good vice presidential candidate for the republican party in 2016. cnn does not have enough information to make a projection in the georgia governor's race
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with nathan deal facing off against carter, the grandson of jimmy carter. and likewise not enough to make a projection in the vermont governor's race where the democratic governor is facing off against the republican. not enough information. and wolf, i understand you have key races to tell us about. >> we certainly do. i want to go to john king. in kentucky, mitch mcconnell, that is a projection we made at the top of the hour, being reelected leading allison grimes. >> she'll do better when we see the votes come in. this is early. i don't expect this to see red. jefferson county only 2% of the vote in and it is 50% to 49%. i expect it to turn blue. but it is a big battleground down here. a lot of campaigning down in eastern kentucky. if you go back to mcconnell in
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2008, he lost some of these counties in eastern kentucky, so far tonight he is winning them. even if the counties change, he is holding his own in a part of the state that he struggled in when he ran six years ago. and so mitch mcconnell doing what he needs to do. now he has to wait. he wants to be the senate majority leader and he has to wait the rest of the map fill in. it scott brown win in new hampshire. can thom tillis win in north carolina. mitch mcconnell will have a clue he will become majority leader and if they don't, they will keep this coming across the country. and inside of the mood in the electorate in kentucky to see how mcconnell d. this is interesting. evenly decided. 50% men and 50% women. grimes won the women's vote. but they need a bigger gender gap. look at the 51% among grimes and
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mcconnell a much bigger gap in a race people thought would be close. democrats 42%. and grimes won them that is why it is blue and 82% that notified themselves as democrats but mcconnell swamped here among republicans. and among those who describe themselves as independents, i expect tea parties, call themself 54%. so he won among independents. and that was key for his winning. and your opinion of the obama administration. 62% of those voting say they are dissatisfying with the way the obama administration is going. no surprise. 7 in ten of them, or almost 8 in ten of them, voting for mitch mcconnell. so dissatisfaction for the president and the key factor there and this was a big issue in the race. 86% of the voters in kentucky
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said control of the senate was important to the vote today in the grimes and mcconnell match-up and more than half voted for the republican senator and if the nights is expected to go, he'll be the majority leader but a lot of counting to do. >> we do know he will remain in the senate for another six years. big win for mitch mcconnell. >> big win. the democrats wanted to take that state. they wanted to take away the leader. strike that one off the list. >> not happening in kentucky. let's go down to anderson. >> what went right for mcconnell and wrong for grimes. newt gingrich, was it a mistake for her to run so far away and not say whether or not she voted for him. >> when she goes through an entire week and i think five different times refused to say who she voted for when she had been a delegate twice, she was a democratic secretary of state, i mean there is a point where people -- it crippled her
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believability. i think michelle nunn did a much better job in georgia. next question. >> was that a turning point? >> i think it was devastating for her. first of all, john key mentioned, some of the black leaders were able to hold their nose and pretend, but that really angered people at the grassroots level, african-american who she needed. but more importantly than that, much beyond the ethnic community, she looked like a laughing stock. she came on as somebody as this fire brand, tough talker and taking on the establishment and she can't tell you who she voted for. i think it was a political malpractice. >> and let's give mitch mcconnell some credit, and he is not entirely popular, but he took this race seriously from the beginning. and he had a conservative opponent in matt bevin early so that sort of tried him early. and unlike some other incumbents who tend to ignore the races until the last minute or ignore
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them altogether, mcconnell put a lot into this race. and what john was saying about the women's vote was interesting. >> only 51%. >> only 51%. and among men mcconnell got 51%. you are seeing that kind of deficits. democrats down among men at far greater numbers than republicans are among women. in colorado, for example, cory gardner was up among men by 21 points and mark udall was only up among women six points. so i think there has been sort of a willingness to ignore men in this electorate and it is coming back to haunt some. >> was it a mistake to put money in for democrats. >> i don't think it was a mistake to put the money in. but i never thought it was likely mitch mcconnell would lose. he is a republican senator in a red state and the leader of republicans in the senate. but allison grimes in the end started strong but ran a poor
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race. i think it was a done deal before she refused to say whether she had voted for the president but that put the nail in the coffin. >> one more mistake that hasn't been talked about enough, the ad talking about illegal immigrants trying to attack mcconnell from the right saying that he was giving amnesty to illegal immigrants infuriated the grassroots. you see a big dropoff of support and it becomes about her being too tough and wrong about immigration. she's shooting herself in the foot with her own base. >> and kentucky is also coal country. and even though gas prices are down, democrats are not willing to take credit for that because it would mean admitting that fossil fuels are in demand right now. >> and let me say two things about that. one, if you look at the eastern counties that have gone republican, as early as six years ago were going democrat, they fit next to west virginia. so there are patterns much more
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culturally close to west virginia. two, mcconnell deserves some general credit. this is a very tough, very smart professional who set out very early in the year, knew he would be a target and a tough race and methodically did two things. rebuilt himself and demolished his opponent. >> and that was to jake tapper's earlier point which was i think he was saying in four of the last five races he's run, the candidates have never run again for anything. which is pretty devastating. >> allison will. i predict she will. >> one thing that is important because the disparity in the margins with women versus men is important, especially in a mid term year when other demographic advantages that the democrats have are less prevalent because fewer minorities vote as a percentage of the electorate, fewer young americans vote. so the dependence the democrats have among the margin of the women is more important.
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>> do you read more into that the independents broke for mcconnell or is that tea party support. >> those numbers are hard to pars. there are numbers that don't want to identify themselves as either party. they tend to skew one direction or another. they tend to vote regularly republican or democrat. >> i do think one thing is important here going forward. he ran against obama. he has no mandate. i think it was across the board, it was sort of if you don't like obama vote for me. it will hurt republicans. because what is his mandate now? do we know what that means? >> we don't. because i believe jake can talk about this, i believe there is a disagreement about the way to proceed and should republicans take control. i believe that there is a wing that says, you know what, we've got to show that -- extend the olive branch, get something done and then there are people who are saying that you can't do that, there are ways to get things done on corporate tax reform, on infrastructure,
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rebuilding, roads and bridges in this country. that may sound small, but it is actually large. there is an opportunity here. >> i want to continue this conversation but quickly i want to go to wolf. >> quickly to brian todd in manchester, new hampshire, all of the polls close in new hampshire at the top of the hour, brian, but you are getting early results that are being officially shared with our vi vier -- viewers. >> reporter: yes. wolf, this is ward run results readily moderator joseph la chance. >> ward one, 1,056 votes, maggie staten 2,218. scott brown, 1857, jean shat halloween, 1042. congress, frank ginta, 1862. carol shea porter 2071.
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executive council. >> the results here, first results from ward one. according to the moderator jeanne shaheen with 1042 votes. we have our white board, scott brown with 1057 votes. this is from ward one. a snapshot of new hampshire, one ward in the busiest city in new hampshire. the busiest ward, ward one, jeanne shaheen according to the early results has taken it by a narrow margin, roughly 300 votes. >> we'll see if she can keep that up statewide. the polls close at the top of the hour. new hampshire an important state democrats need to hold on to the senate seat. >> desperately. now that mcconnell has won, he is sitting around looking at the map. those are the votes from up in the state. we are very early on. so forget the percentages there. scott brown, the former senator from massachusetts, he was born
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in new hampshire and moved there and ran against jeanne shaheen. she was a former governor. and her defense against the obama drag is that you know me. i'm -- i was your governor. i'm jeanne. she is trying to get away from the national climate. if you talk to her supporters up there or people who voted for the president, they call it the national environment. the hillary clinton supporters call it the presidential drag. and in a state with jeanne shaheen who has familiarity in her state, that would call it -- i would call it a high ripple. if the republicans are winning in new hampshire, that would raise serious questions about what is happening in north carolina and then we go across the country, iowa, a state the president came twice when the republican was leading. and colorado, where the republican was leading in late polls. if the republicans are winning in new hampshire, that means they are winning among independents, winning among
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moderates and if they are winning them there, there is no reason to believe they are not winning elsewhere. >> this is new hampshire a state the president carried twice. >> and i talked to republicans in the state today, their expectation was, let's count the votes, but that shaheen would eek out a victory tonight but scott brown in the final 72 hours put it into play. last week they didn't think it would be in play. and quickly toelina in florida watching the governor's race over there. what is going on? >> we've just learned that charlie crist campaign has filed an emergency motion seeking to extend voting hours at one particular county in broward county, and with people still in line waiting to vote in broward count at three precincts. we don't know what will happen with that motion but they are requesting additional time for these voters. >> that would be amazing, if there is a problem with the voting in florida. a lot of us remember what
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happened in the year 2000. we'll stand by and hear if they get extra time for people in broward county, that is ft. lauderdale and others for extra time. and in the meantime, a key win, with mcconnell named the winner, we are just minutes away from the next poll closing in west virginia and north carolina. and the battle of the democrat could be decided, get this, by a pizza delivery man. but first a look at the big winner this hour. mitch mcconnell. >> our race is the only one in 2014 that has any national significance. >> senator mitch mcconnell could emerge from tonight as one of the most powerful men in washington. he is old-school, unflashy and a master of back room politics. >> so i air dropped into a
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report. >> a man who gets deals done or makes sure they are stopped. he's married to a former labor sect, elaine chow, a washington power couple that may be even more powerful after tonight. if republicans capture the senate, you are looking at the new majority leader. mitch mcconnell is kentucky's choice. election night in america is brought to you by mercedes benz. engineering some of the most advances vehicles on the road today. oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now - but hurry, the offer ends soon. [ho, ho, ho!] lease the 2015 c300 4matic for $419 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. e
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we're awaiting results from two more make or break senate races. >> republican hopes of picking up both seats just might be spoiled. >> just moments from now, one of the senates most vulnerable democrats is in the political fight of her life in north carolina against a top republican state lawmaker. >> i want to go to washington
4:23 pm
and clean up kay hagan's mess. >> tillis has different priorities, the wrong priorities. >> stand by for votes crucial in deciding the vote of the senate. we know west virginia is getting the first female senator, no matter who wins. this is cnn's coverage of election night in america. the fight for congress, the battles for governor and the issues americans care about most. >> reports of the demise of the democratic party are remature. >> i believe we are going to retake the united states senator and retire harry reid as the majority leader. >> the polls are clozing in three -- closing in three more states and anything is possible until the last vote. it is election night in
4:24 pm
america, we are focusing on the fight for power in the united states capcapital. welcome back to the cnn election center. i'm wolf blitzer. we're counting down to the next round of poll closing and the possibility of a dramatic save for the democrats in the battle for the united states senate. we are standing by for results from more key senate races. we are watching 13 key states where the senate seat may flip from one party to another. polls are about to close in west virginia or north carolina. in north carolina. will kay hag gan survive, and tillis' hopes could be crushed by a pizza delivery man. and democrat natalie tenant is in a fight against capitto. this is where there might be the first senate pick up of the night. the republicans need a net gain of six seats to win a majority,
4:25 pm
and we are just minutes away from the poll closings in north carolina, ohio and west virginia. let's check in with anderson for more. >> our correspondents are monitoring the key senate races and we are taking you behind the scenes as the votes are counted. i want to focus on north carolina. rene marsh is here at kay hagan's headquarters. what are the thoughts about her chances? >> reporter: well anderson, i just spoke with both campaigns, the tillis campaign and the haggan campaign, the hagan campaign is feeling good tonight, for two reasons. we know that the early voting results, they came in skewing towards the democrats. also, the haggan campaign is saying they have built the best veteran turnout operation north carolina has ever seen. new numbers just received, they say today alone they knocked on
4:26 pm
more than 4 are 52,000 doors and -- 452,000 doors and spoke to 800,000 people today. and the tillis campaign says they are cautious and they say that democrats at those precincts are under performing. back to you. >> over to jake tapper monitoring more from north carolina. >> and the big question, will the pizza man help deliver the state to kay haggan, for the tar heels. we have miguel marquez in winston, salem. >> reporter: we could use some pizza out here. it is possible he will. because sean hall is holding 4% in the polls and a margin of difference between the two candidates has been one, two, pain dead on even the entire time. we expect the four biggest counties to start reporting their votes. the early and absentee votes,
4:27 pm
and gill ford county said they will be on time at 7:30, just a few minutes. mecklenburg will be a few minutes later. jake. >> miguel marquez, thank you so much. and now let's turn to cnn's john king with the snap shoot of the votes you care about. >> and the break down of the vote by gender. 52% in women, more women than men but that number is down from when kay haggan was on the ballot in 2008. last time the number of women was down. it is an overwhelming 72%. the african-american number. 25%, about on par with past elections. and the latino number has dropped. 2%, down from 3% or 4 % from past elections in north carolina. we'll see if that makes a difference when the results come in. and the young population, 18-29 has dropped significantly. the percentage of 65 and older has gone up a little bit.
4:28 pm
on the surface that tends to bode well for republicans but we'll see when the actual votes come in. one more as we look as north carolina. how is the president handling his job. that is a key issue. thom tillis saying kay haggan votes with the president and 43% dis -- 56% disapproving of the president's job. and we start with the senate wrap. and the republican gillespie favoring here. and let's move down to the state of georgia. that is the hotly contested, just 1%. and remember in georgia state law, you need 50% plus one to avoid a runoff. and exit polls interesting later in the night. and i want to switch. a potential controversy in
4:29 pm
florida, they are asking to keep the polls open in broward county. charlie krifs at 71% and rick scott at 27%. this is absolutely critical territory for republicans to run it big down here in south florida, and the charlie crist campaign trying to keep the polls open, saying there are lines out there. but this is the most critical part of the state, the three southern most counties, miami, dade and broward, and again early counting territory, that is palm beach county, charlie crist ahead, broward county 71% and so obviously he would want to keep the votes open for longer and hoping he can offset in other parts of the state. >> we are watching the florida race very closely.
4:30 pm
but guess what, we are watching two states that are about to close. west virginia, will the democrats lose in west virginia? that will be a pick up for republicans if that were to happen and we are also watching north carolina where senator kay haggan is fighting desperately. stand by. >> we could make our first projection at 7:30 p.m. eastern. we project the first republican pickup of the night and the democrat seat who used to be held by jay rockefeller, shelly moore capitto will defeat natalie tennant. that is a big win for the republicans in west virginia, and that now reduces the magic number for the republicans from that net six to net five to become the majority in the united states senate. we cannot make a projection in north carolina. between kay haggan and thom
4:31 pm
tillis. let's show you what has happened as a result of west virginia and kentucky. so far there will be 34 democrats in the united states senate, 34 republicans. still a lot of races outstanding. you need 51 to be the majority if you are a republican. you need 50 if you are a democrat because joe biden would break the 50-50 tie and with west virginia going republican, the number is down to five from six. as we wait for the real votes to come in, we want to show you what the exit polls are revealing. remember these are estimates based on interviews with a sampling of voters as they left select voting stations. and look at how close it is in north carolina based on the exit polls. 49% for the incumbent kay haggan. 46% for thom tillis. three point advantage for kay haggan. but exit polls are estimates, based on interviews with voters.
4:32 pm
final outcome may be different. we want to be transparent, to make sure the viewers have the same information we have and hear it directly from us. let's go to jake with a governor's projection right now. >> that's right, wolf, cnn is projecting in ohio, republican incumbent john kasich will be re-elected. it is projected he will be re-elected governor of ohio. it was looking as though he might have a tough time, but the cuyahoga delegate threw in the towel. and the votes are still open in some places. some of the vote right now, 36% of the vote, charlie crist is up by 103000 votes. he has 50% of the vote of what has come in so far over rick scott, the republican incumbent governor. but as we know in florida, this will be tight and go all the way to the end.
4:33 pm
as we discussed after, charlie crist has filed an emergency motion with the circuit court there because he feels that in broward county, that is where ft. lauderdale is, there were too many problems with polling and lines and he wants the polls kept open two extra hours until 9:00 eastern. it has already been denied by the broward county supervisor of elections but now going to circuit court. we'll keep an eye on that and watch the vote in florida come in. right now 99,000 seats, going down as the vote comes in. 36%. charlie crist up 50% to rick scott's 45%. wolf. >> jake, thanks very much. we have some real numbers coming in. also key races that we're watching in georgia. we have not been ache to make a -- been able to make a projection early. david purdue, ahead of michelle nunn by almost 6,000 votes, 64% to 34%. but very early. similarly early in virginia. 6% of the vote is now in.
4:34 pm
the republican challenging ed gillespie is ahead by 20,000 over mark warner. 56% to 41%. ed gillespie ahead over mark warner but only 6% of the vote is in. nick valencia is watching what is going on in georgia for us. you got some votes coming in over there, nick? >> reporter: yeah, hey, wolf. just still very preliminary numbers. these are the first votes that we're actually seeing here on the georgia board of elections. as you mentioned, it is still less than 1%. about into.14% and unofficial results. david purdue, the candidate for u.s. senate up against michelle nunn and this is predicted to be a tight race and with the numbers, 65% to david purdue, and 65.02% to be accurate and 33.38% for the governor, najal
4:35 pm
deal the republican incumbent against jason carter who is a familiar name here. deal ahead 61%, receiving over 13,100 votes and jason carter with 13% and you see the poll workers getting sworn in. and we are yet to see gwinnett count show up and that is expected here in the next hour. >> and you are just outside of atlanta in dekalb county? >> that is right. and it is gwinnett county and one of the ten battlegrounds. it is counties like this that the democrats hope will help them become competitive and have a victorious night here in georgia. >> and back to john to look at the two battles under way in georgia and virginia. let's talk about georgia first. >> very early. 61% to 37%. not vital to the conversation
4:36 pm
now because we are only 1%. but as we get closer. we need 50% plus one to avoid a runoff. as we look at the fill-in, going back to the 2010 race won by johnny isakson. this is not a typical. republicans run it up in small counties, atlanta, columbus, savannah do better in the rural areas. this is the biggest place, in clayton count, fulton county, this is where michelle nunn has to run it up and we have nothing. but columbus and augusta in the suburbs critical. >> and let's look at virginia now. >> very early here. mark warner heavily favored, but ed gillespie ahead, 56% to 41%. i want to come to the washington suburbs. loudoun county, this is where republicans with be competitive. 2%. we'll see if that holds. that will show gillespie running more competitive than others
4:37 pm
thought. this race will be won or lost here. in the d.c. suburbs. and go back in time and look at mark warner's last race, warner wanted a cake walk but you see the washington suburbs and you see that. so the question is, to give you a look at a competitive presidential race, 51-47 and the difference is in the suburbs as we watch the result come in, this one coming in for mark warner, 7% of the vote count in right now. but these three or four counties, fairfax, loudoun, they will decide the race. >> recently skproeded -- exploded with population. and stand by, republicans just scored the first pickup in west virginia. will they score a second pick up in the hours ahead. polls are about to close in new hampshire. scott brown is hoping to defeat jeanne shaheen so he can get a second chance in the united
4:38 pm
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we've got a key race alert. i want to update you with votes that are actually coming in to the cnn election center in georgia. no projection there yet, still very early. but david purdue the republican holding on to his lead over michelle nunn the democrat. 60% to 38 percent. about 7,000 vote advantage but only 1% of the vote is in. in virginia, 8% of the vote is in. look at this. ed gillespie ahead of mark warner, the incumbent democrat. 61% to 41%.
4:42 pm
he's up by about 27,000 votes. in north carolina, no projection there. very early. 1% of the vote in, if that. thom tillis the republican 55%, kay hagan, 41% the democrat, tillis up about 3000 votes. no projections in each of the states. i want to check in with brian todd in new hampshire where the polls are about to close there in new hampshire. a very tight race. what numbers are you getting over there. are you getting more information, brian? >> reporter: wolf, we got early results in from ward one just a moment ago and jeanne shaheen took that ward by about 3 hu00 votes. we have just gotten three wards total, including three wards, ward one here in manchester. they come through here in this door at city hall. our photo journalist rick shine is going to show me where they are going to go.
4:43 pm
they've just been brought up to the office on the third floor where there is a big board with results on it. they go up in this elevator so we're about to head back up there. they are being tabulated now and put in the data base and there is a big board up there with the final results from all of the wards in manchester. and only three wards have come in so this is just a snapshot of manchester so far but taking how the ballots come in and how they are processed and tabulated upstairs, we're about to go up to the big board and show you that in just a minute. >> this is a state the democrats desperately need to show on. jean shaw herein, that would be a key state. and erin mcpike is joining us. i think you are in tampa. there is a very important governor's race. >> reporter: wolf, there sure is. and what we know from the early vote. rick scott is going in with a
4:44 pm
much shawler advantage than in 2010 when he won with just 1.2 percentage points. there were 270,000 more republicans that vote and this year that disadvantage is just 100,000 votes. the vote tabulation is going on behind me right now. it has just begun. polls closed here in tampa at 7:00. the rest of the state in the panhandle closed at 8:00. but what we know so far of course is that charlie crist has about 50% with the votes that are in to about 45% for rick scott. that is tracking very closely with what is happening here in hillsborough county. >> charlie crist, the former governor wants to be the governor. he is asking courts to allow to continue voting in broward county where ft. lauderdale is because of a problem in voting. we're watching that closely. and i want to go to jim acosta at the white house. you have some information on what the president is planning on doing tomorrow and the day after these elections?
4:45 pm
>> reporter: wolf, if past is prologue, then we should expect to see the president come out tomorrow and talk about the mid term results. i'm told that the president is realist about what is happening tonight. they are planning for all eventualities, and a cliff hanger. something that might carry on for the next few weeks if we have recounts and runoffs in some of the states. but wolf, i can tell you they do expect there to be a debate inside of the democratic party as to whether or not it was a good idea for the president to stay away from all of the key battleground states. they know that will come up if tonight doesn't work out that well. the other thing they do expect to hear is the questions about whether or not the president with the republican senate will take on a more con silly atory tone, and more of a compromise on key issues and what i heard from a white house official, the better question is whether the republicans want to cooperate with him. a very pug nashs tone.
4:46 pm
no signs of an administration shake-up and one white house official said you can bet the president will take executive action on immigration. they said john boehner had his chance and he blew it and the president will move forward on that. >> john acacosta. thank you very much. and we're getting more real votes coming in. we've seen the exit polls, north carolina, virginia and georgia. let's go to north carolina so far. >> tillis ahead in the county 52% to 45%. and it is too early. so look at what is important. charlotte, mecklenburg critical to kay hagan. she needs african-american support up here. and people if the state said they were worried about the margin. so we'll watch the final numbers there. and also up in the raleigh, durham area, and college educated women, the research triangle critical to kay hagan. thom tillis has to have more in
4:47 pm
the rural areas. and i think the exit poll showed a slight edge for her. but we'll have to wait to count the votes. too close to call. and virginia, only 16% of the vote in, but ed gillespie, who ran a good campaign, and at the moment, 16% of the vote in, giving mark warner more of a race than he thought would be coming. and this is out in rural virginia. >> hold on one second. i want to show our viewers what is going on in florida right now. take a look at these numbers that are actually in in florida, charlie crist, 47.5% and rick scott, the republican governor, 47.4%. nearly 3 million votes have been counted and charlie crist is is ahead of rick 3,421 votes, 54%. more than half of the vote in florida is already in. but this is such an incredibly close race right now. we're waiting for another update on an emergency request for
4:48 pm
extended voting in one florida county, that would be broward county. last polls are scheduled to close at the top of the hour. could the former republican governor make a comeback as a democrat. we just saw how close this race is. stand by. will the current governor stay in charge? more results and more suspense, that's coming up. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line,
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4:51 pm
we're heading into the rush hour of this important election night. >> and get ready for new midterm election results that could influence the next presidential election. >> just moments from now, a critical hour in this midterm election, the most poll
4:52 pm
closings, and a pair of marquee match ups. >> we don't need to import a senator who will export american jobs. >> and in florida, it's a former governor who switched parties versus the man running the state now. >> it's cnn's election coverage in america. the fight for congress, the battles for governor and the issues americans care about most. >> the only thing that counts are those votes. >> anything is possible until the last vote.
4:53 pm
we're live here in the nation's capital waiting to learn which party will be in charge of the united states senate. we're closing in on 8:00 eastern. and the first results from one of the nation's closest senate showdowns. remember, we're watching key races in 13 states where the battle for the control of the senate will be won or loss. so far, two of those states have gone republican. right now we're focusing in on new hampshire where the polls are about to close. here's what we are looking for. will democratic senator jeanne shaheen be sent packing by a former colleague, scott brown. he could score the second pickup by republicans and make a come back in the state. republicans now need a net gain of five seats to gain control of senate. but the number could about back up if they lose any seats in the hours ahead. get this, in alabama,
4:54 pm
connecticut, delaware, the district of columbia, florida, maine, maryland, mississippi, illinois, maryland, massachusetts, missouri, mississippi, new hampshire, new jersey, oklahoma, pennsylvania, rhode island and tennessee. >> the former republican is in a bitter grudge match with the gop incumbent rick scott. as we get closer to the top of the hour and a chance to make some new projections, let's go back to anderson for more. >> we have more than a dozen correspondents all throughout the country, following key races. they are getting new information all the time. i want to go quickly to our correspondent in new hampshire. michelle kosinski. how are things at headquarters for shaheen? >> we expect to see them arriving soon just after polls close. and they tell me tonight they're
4:55 pm
not doing any internal polling but are eagerly watching the numbers come in. what we saw is shaheen, a healthy lead over scott brown. that was in a heavily democratic area. what we've seen in the last 24 hours in polls, scott brown closing that gap significantly. one poll showed him leading by one percentage point. >> a very close race indeed. we'll continue to follow any celisel michelle kosinski. >> do we have any more information on the trying to get an extension? >> reporter: the decision that was filed by the crist campaign asking to extend voting hours in broward county by two hours until 9:00 eastern. this is just north of miami, the home of ft. lauderdale, and it
4:56 pm
is a democratic stronghold. the campaign says there are long lines outside several precincts and that several voting problems were reported. and that's why they made this request. the polls in brow around county closed at 7:00 eastern, and we are told that everyone in line will be allowed to vote. but we are all anxiously awaiting to see what happens with this emergency motion, anderson. >> a lot developing there in florida. jake tapper, we expect a lot of these races are going to go late into the night. >> that's right, anderson. they certainly know from cliff-hangers in florida. our correspondents are taking us behind the scenes as the votes are counted. let's find out exactly what's going in on in florida and in new hampshire. let's go to brian todd in manchester, new hampshire. >> reporter: jake, the results from the 12 wards of manchester are coming in. we've got eight of the 12 wards, maybe nine have just come in. here's one of the wards right
4:57 pm
now, ward three has just come in. they come in on a tabulator that you see here. this is the exciting part of the night. this is where the ballots are counted and tabulated. and you're seeing it live. this is what we love about covering these, all of this ballot cam coverage. what we're going to show you also is the big board up here. that's the tabulation from ward one. jeanne shaheen won ward one. about 300 votes. they're tabulating some of the other wards now. but they come right in here, get tabulated here, get put up on the big board, and people can come in here freely and watch it. >> all right, bryan todd in new hampshire, which is the site of one of the closest races in american history, about 400 votes. let's go to tampa, florida where erin mcpike is keeping tabs on everything. erin? >> reporter: in this room behind me, the votes are being counted
4:58 pm
at hillsboro county. and right now in this particular county, charlie crist is ahead by four percentage point, but in the state overall, it looks like a dead heat. and if at the end of the night the margin is less than half of a percentage point it goes to an automatic recount. i spoke to a number of republicans today who said they are expecting just that. >> we're keeping an eye on that important governor's race, where it's neck in neck. if it's less than one half of a percentage of victory, it automatically goes to a recount. these are battle ground states. let's find out what the voters in those important states are thinking. >> let's go into the mood in new hampshire. 29% are democrats, 27% are republicans. this is a place where the independent population has always been big and it's growing. 44% describe themselves today as
4:59 pm
independent. how's the president handling his job? this has been a big issue. 56% of the voters in new hampshire disapprove of how the president is doing his job. only 44% approve. so there's part of the opening for scott brown in this race. does jeanne shaheen agree request the president too often or the right amount? more than half said too often. so, again, that bodes in scott brown's favor, however, folks are familiar with jeanne shaheen. in florida, look at the even split here, 32% democrats, 34% republicans. 34 independents. what do they think of their candidates? 51% of the voters today said they had a favorable opinion of charlie crist. and 44% unfavorable. if you go over and take a look, these are governor races.
5:00 pm
but we've got a ways to go here at 63% of the vote. but this map is filling in. that tells you, wow, tight race, wolf. >> it's going to be a tight race in new hampshire where jeanne shaheen and scott brown are in a desperate battle right now. and take a look at this. we could not make a projection in new hampshire right now. we don't have enough information even though 9% of the vote is if. no projection in new hampshire, but we can make several other projections. susan kcollins will easily be reelected in the state of maine. as is the case with that, thad cochran beats childers, easily reelected in the state of mississippi in alabama, jeff sessions didn't have an opponent. he will be in the senate for another six years, jeff sessions easily gets reelected. let's see some other republican wins.
5:01 pm
in oklahoma, james inhofe comes back. he remains in the senate. in oklahoma as well, james lankford. so lamar alexander gets another six years. ed markey will now have his first general election win in the state of massachusetts, ed markey wins in massachusetts. and one more in new jersey. cory booker. he came in after the death of frank lottenburg. he now wins in new jersey. cory booker will be the united states senator in new jersey. he gets that win. no projection, surprisingly, in
5:02 pm
illinois, at least for now. no projections in delaware, illinois, new hampshire, rhode island. as it stands right now, 36 democrats guaranteed to come back in the united states senate. 40 republicans. they are ahead right now. as we wait for more real votes to come in, we want to share the latest exit poll data with you. these are estimates. they're based on interviews on a sampling of voters. here's the exit poll for new hampshire. 52% for jeanne shaheen. 48% for scott brown. these are estimates, based on interviews with voters. the final outcome may be different. you want to be fully transparent. make sure our viewers get the same accurate information that we have right now. let's check in with jake.
5:03 pm
he's got an update on governors' races. >> that's right. take a look at florida right now. okay. charlie crist, the democrat, has 47.7% of the vote. rick scott, the incumbent republican has 47.4%. the difference is .3. as we've mentioned already, if the difference is .5 or less it already goes to a recount. an excitingly close race. grueling, expensive, nasty, that's going to continue, i suspect until the last vote is counted. but we also have projections to make in some key governors races. in pennsylvania, a big upset benefitting the democrats. tom wolf, a york county businessman defeats the incumbent republican tom corbett. in alabama, robert bentley easily dispatches with parker
5:04 pm
griffith. and look at this in tennessee, no surprise there, the incumbent republican defeated charlie brown. now let's look at all the races where we projected winners and where we cannot. look at these unknown. yellow is unknown. yellow we do not have enough information to make a projection. look at new england. this gives you an idea of how difficult terrain has been for democrats. we cannot make a projection in new england, in illinois. it shows you just how tough it has been for democrats this cycle. so none of those projections yet for connecticut, florida, maine, maryland. we cannot make a projection. massachusetts, we can't make a projection. new hampshire, oklahoma, and in rhode island, which usually trends blue. wolf? >> thanks very much. i have a coe race alert. these are actual votes that have are wi
5:05 pm
already been counted. 10% of the votes have been counted. jeanne shaheen has 56%. she e's up by 5300 votes. kay hagan ahead by nearly 10,000 votes, 50% to 47%. kay hagan had been, only 15% of the vote has been counted. in georgia, no projection there. 61% for david perdue, michelle nunn, only 37%. in virginia, no projection there as well. the republican challenger, ed gillespie is up by 50,000 votes over mark warner, the incumbent senator. more than 37% of the vote is in in virginia. these are all key states we're watching right now. i think this is surprising. ed gillespie's doing well so far
5:06 pm
with 34% of the vote in. >> surprising as more of the vote has come in the lead has narrowed a little bit. we have nothing from down here in virginia beach. this is a very reliably democratic area. this is back to the race last time. let's peek and see what's missing. ed gillespie doing what a republican has to do. winning right in roanoke city itself with 59%. so in the rural areas, once you get outside of the cities gillespie doing very well. here's where these races are won, and this is only 12%. but watch if this holds up. if he can hold on in loudon coun county, there's the democratic advantage. only 7% of the vote in here. this is a competitive race, but we need to wait on the count. this is where these people live.
5:07 pm
these suburbs have exploded. warner winning big at the moment. so if these margins hold up, as we get from 7% up to 50, 60, 70, 80%, that's where the numbers r so let's be careful as we look at this. but this is not where mark warner was expectig. we will watch virginia. that would be a stunning upset. you have to say wait and see. >> let's see what's happening in north carolina. north carolina's shaded blue at the moment. 20% of the vote in. kay hagan at 52. thom tillis at 45. remember there is a third-party candidate. if you look at the race again, you're looking for anomalies, something that looks different than it should, this looks like an ordinary, competitive race. let's look at 2012 and you look at the romney/obama race.
5:08 pm
romney won the state in 2012, not by much. 51 to 48. this is where republicans have to run it up. but more importantly, here's where the votes are in raleigh, durham, one of keat questions was, would you get african-american turnout, at a time when kay hagan was saying don't come see me, mr. president. as we watch, we have a lot more to come in. but at the moment she's winning in places where she has to went like mecklinburg county. and elizabeth dole is doing the numbers she needs to do there. if you look at this now, we're going to have to count them for a while. it's filling in as you would expect them to. >> at the last minute, she asked the president to do a little radio ad for her, and she approved of that ad. let's see if that helped turn
5:09 pm
out the democratic base. let's go to georgia right now. looks like a pretty important contest there as well. >> pay no attention to the numbers in that perdue has the early lead. no votes at all coming in clayton county here in the atlanta suburbs. fulton county, nothing. so, again, just as we've talked about in north carolina, the key question is, can michelle nunn, she didn't invite the president down. she said he'd be gone in two years. another place you have to watch for democrats over here in chatham county. so you look at this map now, in the rural areas, david perdue, this is what he has to do, run it up. but there's not a lot of votes there. the question that will be answered is when the cities come in. so we have nothing from the big democratic areas yet to give us a sense of how this is going to go once the vote totals.
5:10 pm
>> we are joined from lawrenceville, georgia. >> reporter: just like john king said, not a lot of votes counted here in gwinnett county. let's bring you back over here to the georgia election board numbers. we've got about 250,000 preliminary votes right now. less than 5%. again, these are very early, raw numbers. david perdue, 141,000 for him. and just to show you a sense of how these counties are trengd right now, not official but this is how they're trending. nothing from the atlanta area, nothing fry gwinnett so far. but you see mixed green and blue, with swafford getting less than 4,000 votes still very early in georgia. >> i want to go back to john and take a closer look at new hampshire. this is a race that has great significance. >> you have massachusetts blue. you just projected the ed markey
5:11 pm
race. this one here, the question is, would it be a tough race, with jeanne shaheen with an early lead. i'll show you, let me pull this up a little bit. if scott brown is to win this race, he's going to win it down here. jeanne shaheen will win there, but he has to win this area. a lot of independents, if scott brown is going to went it, the southern belt of this state will be filled in. but jeanne shaheen has the lead at the moment. we're getting them in manchester. remember in 2008, this is a state where people do tend to vote late. 2008 early on, it looked like barack obama was winning, hillary clinton came back late. jeanne shaheen has to win those. that's your gritty, blue collar. then you move up here to the state capital, jeanne shaheen needs to do well there. 100% in, she needs to get 67%.
5:12 pm
you get to the strip of college towns, dartmouth university. if you're looking at what has come insofar, you're feeling pretty good, but we need to sea the seacoast and the massachusetts border. >> i want to show our viewers how close it is in florida right now. this is the governor's race in florida. wreck scott, 47.9% to charlie crist's 47.2%. only 32,000 votes ahead. 32,000 votes, look at this. almost 4 million votes have been counted. 74% of the vote already in. look at how close it is in florida. you've got some news, elena? what are you learning? >> reporter: we've learned according to a spokesperson from the florida secretary of state a judge has ruled on that emergency motion filed by the charlie crist campaign seeking to extend voting hours in
5:13 pm
broward county after learning about possible problems at some polling stations. we're theeld that motion has been denied and from a spokesperson from the charlie crist's campaign we're told that they will not be appealing that decision. we're also told that the rick scott campaign is not commenting on this emergency motion, but it's worth noting, wolf, that the people who were already in line at 7:00 eastern when the polls closed will still be allowed to vote. >> looks like that judicial issue is over with right now. let's take a closer look at virginia right now, once again, because it's obviously a bit of a surprise that gillespie's apparently doing as well as he is. >> we're up to 36% of the vote. ed gillespie continues to hold that lead. only 14% of the vote counted so far in fairfax county, so this is mark warner territory. so we need to watch that at the moment. they're not panicking at warner
5:14 pm
headquarters yet, but they are sweating a little. louden county is a little tighter. if this one stays red, gillespie's putting up a tough fight. again, i just want to note, this is a big democratic strange hold. we have nothing, nothing reported down here. so that's a democratic stronghold, but ed gillespie running very well in the small, rural counties of virginia. this gets you into play, all that red out here. but the way you win is to be competitive in the suburbs. close elections like this are won in the suburbs. >> a suburb of washington, d.c. >> this is a lot of people who work in this town live here. a lot of younger people, lot of latinos. this area has changed dramatically over the course of the decade. post 9/11 you had the high tech and defense industries. it's the fastest growing areas of the state.
5:15 pm
mark warner getting 68%, only 21% of the vote, and a lot of people live here. as the counts come in, the maps will go up. you move to alexandria city, about 70% of the vote in there. there are still plenty of places here. this is a tougher race and closer race than we thought it would be. there are still plenty of places for democratic votes to come in, including here in the suburbs. >> in florida, it's an incredibly close race. >> brings back memories as you and i remember. >> now it's shaded red, but it keeps going back and forth. 75% of the vote count in. luckily, we're past hanging chads and all that. the technology is a little better. but 75% reporting. what do you look at? this is likely to be red. let's take a peek at how rick scott's doing up here in the panhandle. boom, you touch it and vote comes in.
5:16 pm
57% to 38. you see where you do have vote here, again, it's a smaller county, but that's only 5%. wreck scott needs to keep these margins in these small counties and run it up. because you're going to see a lot more red than you see blue in the state of florida. the problem for the republicans is, you start moving down here, as they say, the further south you go the further north you get. this is where you have a lot more transplants. only 8% of the vote in. there are a lot of votes still to come in. if charlie crist keeps that margin, he's going to be tough to beat. move a little further to broward county where there was dispute about keeping the polls open. >> these are absentee ballots. >> if that split holds up, when you get the boat load of votes that are missing here, it could make the difference. and the same difference. rick scott had a tight race the
5:17 pm
last time we went at this. he's getting 41. 27% of the current race here. he got 33% last time. so those three southern most counties could make the difference. >> let's go back to anderson. he's got big surprises at least so far florida and virginia, florida how close it is. virginia ed gillespie doing well. >> potential surprises. let's drill down on both those races. let's talk about virginia first. ed gillespie, a strong showing at this point, still a lot of numbers to come in. >> i think it's a surprise. i mean, you know, if there's always a surprise on election night. ed gillespie may not pull it out. but the fact that he's do being so well is a shock even to republicans i've been communicating with. >> former head of the rnc. >> right. former head of the rnc, worked for george w. bush, was always a staffer and decided to run, which came as a shock to his
5:18 pm
friends, but these are important bratle ground presidential states in the fact that ed gillespie has a race here and is this close in florida has a lot of dth democraemocrats say that interesting for 2016. >> he's a rising star, a guy who works across the aisle. this was the battleground state. virginia was not on anybody's radar screen officially. because they were 7 to 10 points ahead. >> i think there are a lot of political battlefields that are littered with the bodies of former rising stars. eric cantor, defeated in a primary. obviously, that's a much smaller group of voters in a primary than in a general election, but you're exactly right. interesting about ed gillespie, who is a very seasoned
5:19 pm
washington hand. he ran against warner as mark warner has changed. has mark warner was a one term popular governor in the state of virginia. i'm sorry, commonwealth of virginia. i don't want to get tweets on that. washington has changed him. and mark warner ran after ed gillespie, talked about the fact that he was a big, high-priced lobbyist. so they were attacking the other. >> the other race that you've been following closely, jake, is florida. it's evenly divided between republicans, democrats and independents. >> one of the thing that is so fascinating is that both of them were unpopular. both of them were underwater. more people disliked them than liked them. when i was down there moderating the last debate i would hear from voters. they didn't like their choices. they didn't like their options. and this is the reason it's so close. it looks like it's going to keep getting closer and closer. >> the debate you moderated was
5:20 pm
fascinating. just the antipathy. >> and it was one of the reasons, the other guy too slick and the other one not slick enough. >> it could be a very late night in florida. >> it will be. and i was there over the weekend with joe biden. and i think one of the questions people are going to ask if charlie crist does not pull this out is whether the president should be down there helping to get out the vote. they had joe biden talking to a largely african-american audience, getting them out to the polls. >> i've got to show our viewers the numbers. rick scott, 80,000 votes ahead or 81,000 right now,.
5:21 pm
it is neck in neck. and in clinton county, the polls close soon in arkansas. can he save an embattled democrat in his own state or will the republicans get control. that is just ahead on this election night. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality
5:22 pm
for over 19 million people. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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5:24 pm
coming up, one state with high stakes. >> and for the clinton family, this one is personal. >> just moments from now, democrats on the defensive on
5:25 pm
bill clinton's home turf. in arkansas, a senator from a popular political family is being linked by his opponent to an unpopular commander in chief. >> we need a senator who will stand up to barack obama. >> that's the biggest bunch of hogwash i've ever heard in my life. >> and it gets even more intense in the coming hour with three more incumbents in danger, and they're not all democrats. >> i will never give up. >> this is cnn's coverage of election night in america. the fight for congress, the battles for governor, and the issues americans care about most. >> why would you not vote? it's your future. >> the polls are closing in arkansas, and anything is possible. until the last vote.
5:26 pm
congress look very different at the end of tonight. there's a lot on the line for democrats in clinton county. we're standing by for results in another one of those 13 key races that will decide which party controls the senate. the polls are about to close in arkansas. here's what we are looking for right now. will senator mark pryor be toppled by a republican rising star, tom cotton. a win for him would make him one of the youngest members of the united states senate. based on the results right now, the republicans need a net gain of only five more senate seats in order to get a majority and win control. as we stand by for the polls to close in arkansas, we also want to look ahead to one of the most interesting governors races in
5:27 pm
the country, mary burk is challenging scott walker. he survived a recall election and now is seen as a possible presidential contender in 2016. polls close in wisconsin right at the top of the hour. anderson cooper will be watching that race and a lot of others very close. >> that's right. we have the best political team in television spread out from coast-to-coast to cover the most important and fascinating races. we want to turn back to that of battle for control of the senate in cotton's headquarters. >> reporter: the polls are about to close. if tom cotton wins, he would be the first u.s. senator to be born after the bicentennial. he faces mark pryor. he's been a senator for two terms. 12 year. it was very heavy early voting, and both men believe that plays
5:28 pm
to their advantage. >> polls close there very shortly. we want to check in on the wisconsin race. ted rollins is at governor walker's headquarters. how are things there tonight, ted? >> reporter: scott walker is being watched. he is a conservative favorite. they're watching to see if he can get reelected after he imposed those incredible law changes when he first took office in his first of session. mary burke is running against him. if she's elected she would be the first wisconsin female governor. and as you mentioned earlier scott walker not only trying to keep his job here but trying to keep his 2016 presidential hopes alive. burke needs a huge turnout in milwaukee and madison if she hopes to win.
5:29 pm
>> our jake tapper is following a lot of fascinating governor's races. he's checking in on our ballot cam reporters. >> some of the hottest races could be decided by a very small number of votes, including the showdown in arkansas. randy? >> reporter: this is the rum where it all happens. it's going to be very exciting. and this is what we are going to be keeping our eye out for tonight. this big blue bag. this is what the results come in. and what you're going to find in this bag when they open it here is a plastic bag that is sealed which will then have these memory cards and this memory card, one that looks like this from the paper ballots, and these will all be counted on machines called the m-100. they'll be sliding them into a machine like this, it will go into a computer and spit out to
5:30 pm
the secretary of state's office. this is the early voting. this is all of it right here. it's going to be counted in just moments here in pulaski county. >> thanks very much. we're watching what's going on in arkansas right now. get ready for a projection. and look at this. tom cotton, cnn projects will be the united states senator from the state of arkansas, defeating mark pryor, a major, major projection. now the magic number for the republicans, down to four. they need a net gain of four senate seats, seats that were held by democrats, without losing any republican seats. tom cotton. tom cotton will be the unit senator from the state of arkansas. gary tuckman is on the scene for us. gary, i assume this is going to be pretty exciting news for the folks who supported tom cotton. >> it already is, because the tv set is on cnn. everyone just saw your projection.
5:31 pm
they're very happy people here. tom cotton's already in washington. he's a first-term congressman, been there a year and ten months. he will now be switching the sides of the capitol building to become one of arkansas's two u.s. senators. he will be the youngest senator at the age of 37. he has an impressive resume, an army officer, graduated from harvard law school, served in iraq, in afghanistan twice. and what he's done a lot of during this campaign is talked about his opponent, mark pryor and said he's too closely aligned with president obama. mark pryor on the other hand is a two-term senator and is very disappointed in president obama. it has not worked out tor pryor but has worked out for tom cotton. the first time since the 1870s that there will be two republicans in washington. >> we have more projections for
5:32 pm
you right now. in rhode island we project jack reid as fully expected democrat being incumbent will be reelected. jack reed gets another six years in the senate. dick durbin in illinois defeats his yoipt and will remain in the senate for another six years. 38 democrats guaranteed in the next u.s. senate. 41 republicans. still plenty of outstanding races. the magic number being 51. the republicans now need a net gain of four. they started with six. now they need four more wins, net wins in order to be the majority in the united states senate. as we wait for more real votes to come in, we want to share some new exit poll information with you. these are estimates based on interviews with a sampling of voters as they left select polling stations. we're going to get those exit polls in a moment. jake, you've got a projection
5:33 pm
right there as well? >> that's right, i do, wolf. it looks like it's a good night for republicans in arkansas. cnn projecting that asa hutchinson the former bush administration official will be elected the next governor of arkansas. he defeats mike ross, a democrat. asa hutchinson cnn projecting will be the next governor of arkansas. now let's take a look at that hot race in florida where we had 89% of the vote in. rick scott has now taken a lead, 49% of the vote, compared to democrat charlie crist's 46% of the vote. he's up 124,000 votes. but of course that is still not enough information. we're still waiting for 11% of the vote to come in. now i understand you have key races you want to talk about. >> i do have some key races. let me show the viewers. david perdue, the republican, 61%, 3% for michelle nunn.
5:34 pm
in georgia, if you don't get 50% plus one, there will be a runoff on january 6. right now it's still early, but perdue ahead in georgia. more than half the vote is in, 52% for the republican ed gillespie as the challenger to mark warner with 45%. ed gillespie doing very, very well in virginia. a lot better than a lot of the pundits originally thought. they thought mark warner was going to ride this one out. he might based on some of the results that are still not yet in. but with more than half of the vote in, mark warner not doing all that great. in north carolina, no projection, a third of the voters in. kay hagan ahead 52%. she's got a 61,500 vote lead ahead of thom tillis. in new hampshire, jeanne shaheen has 56%. scott brown, 40%, 44% for scott
5:35 pm
brown but only 17% of the vote. i want to go to dana bash, our chief congressional correspondent. you're in the war room over there. what are you learning? >> reporter: well, i'm learning that according to sources from the parties that on friday, the white house had invited a pretty large group of bipartisan leaders to start talking about what's next. we're still on election night we don't know exactly what the outcome is going to be, but obviously where i am democrats are bracing for a loss in the senate. they're almost sure it's going to happen in the house. so they're going to start talking on friday about how to governor in that situation with complete control with republicans. >> so leadership i assume at the house and the senate to come to the white house to deal with the final two years of his presidency. we're watching a surprising turn in the virginia senate race, the democrat mark warner now
5:36 pm
trailing as republican challenger ed gillespie, can he survive. let's take a look at the man who just scored the second senate pickup for the night for republicans. >> a key victory for the gop. new york magazine calls tom cotton, the perfect candidate. he has a resume made for politics. a farm boy with a harvard law degree. he joined the army after 9/11. led combat patrols in iraq, then served in afghanistan. >> some people say i'm a young man in a hurry. well, guess what, they're right. >> 37 year old tom cotton is arkansas's choice.
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
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5:40 pm
all right. let's go to virginia right now, john king. this is a fierce battle under way in virginia right now. mark warner, the incumbent democrat, he was supposedly going to coast to a nice victory, but ed gillespie, the former republican committee adviser, he's doing well in virginia right now. >> he was popular in this one term, it was not something we had on our radar screen. and gillespie still ahead at the moment. we don't know where this one is headed ultimately. but ed gillespie doing exactly what a republican has to do number one.
5:41 pm
in the excerpts, and all throughout the rural parts, a lot of republican red. you look at that map, you think the republican has to win. but what we have to do is stretch the map out a little bit and look at the washington suburbs. this is where the people live. mark warner's getting 57%. here's the big number. only 11% of the vote in. if that margin holds, the maps will change because there's still so many votes to be counted. little, almost 60% of the vote in there, come back out a little bit. take a look at arlington county, only 25% of the vote. so in places where mark warner is winning by lopsided margins, there's still a lot of votes to be counted. if that margin holds, there's enough math to make that up. so, one of the three suburbs we were looking at is in.
5:42 pm
when we last looked at the race we had nothing. 51 to 47. let's go back to this last race which was against a credible candidate but against gilmore. margins sometimes matter in a close race. 64% when he last won. only 51% this time. if that margin holds up, that can matter. when you get out into these rural areas, 61 for gillespie here, 57 for gillespie here. 71% here. not a lot of people here. i just went into west virginia for the fun of it, right? in these areas, i went into west virginia but it tells you something. newt was telling you something earlier. this used to be democratic strongholds. al gore lost it in 2000. this is a changing part of the country. a lot of people thought it had made the transition to a blue
5:43 pm
state. maybe not so fast. >> the next republican senator from west virginia. >> let's switch over to the governor's race. rick scott has pulled out a little bit since we last looked closely at the race. we're at 90% reporting. your question is, there's 10% of the vote out, is it enough? so you look to where it is. this was open last time we looked at this race. wreck sco rick scott had to do well up here. 74% in holmes county, not a lot of votes up here, but he knows what's going to happen. it's critical for the republican to run up the margins in these small, rural counties. these are the three most important counties for the democrats right here. we do it in every race. this is where the votes are in florida. so let's pull them out, palm beach county, here's where it's
5:44 pm
getting a little dangerous for charlie crist, 76% in. he's running a good margin. rick scott had a good race last time. the question is, is the turnout comparable. charlie crist doing what he has to do. the question is, is it enough. only 17% reported so far. charlie crist getting 70% of this county, so you've got 80% of the votes still to come. you look at that gap. >> 10% of the population. >> the mathematical possibility remains, and we only have one third of the vote counted. again, charlie crist getting 5% of the vote. if that margin holds up. can you see, so mathematically, there are still a lot of votes to be counted in places that are shaded blue. and the key question, are there a lot of republican votes left out there. that's why the scott campaign is going to watch nervously. you go to these conservative
5:45 pm
counties, 98% counted. 74. so there are still some votes out here for rick scott. down here's where charlie crist can get votes to make it up. that is a close race, advantage scott at the moment. >> a democratic incumbent in new hampshire and north carolina. can they hold on? >> this is a flip-flop. we thought the virginia race would be shaded blue. in north carolina, kay hagan, i think even most republicans would concede this. the most disciplined. right now with 40% of the vote he in, it doesn't mean it's over. we were talking earlier about rick scott doing what he had to do. thom tillis is doing what he has to do in the rural areas. want to go back to 2008, elizabeth dole did not run a good campaign. it was a presidential year.
5:46 pm
kay hagan doing better in some places where she's not going to win tonight. but at the moment showe's runni up the margins where she needs to. she's doing what she needs to do where the people are, and that late ad by the president maybe will gin up turnout. not enough in yet to get conclusive. 19% of the vote. they're kind of slow in new hampshire. scott brown pulled this one close. the expectation, even for most republicans is that shaheen would pull out a very close race. if you look at it at the moment, we don't have enough data to know. scott brown has to be critically well along here. we don't have enough data here. but jean but jeanne shaheen is doing well in manchester.
5:47 pm
>> the republicans are making huge gains, but they could face a set back. the polls are getting ready to close in kansas where a long time gop senator is in danger. in the battle for senate control. ♪ the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ho, ho, ho, ho] no matter which list you're on. lease the 2014 cla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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5:50 pm
some of the biggest upsets of the night may be just around the corner. >> we're heading into another round of poll closings, and both parties have something to lose. >> just moments from now, three endangered senators await their fate, including a republican
5:51 pm
who's surprisingly vulnerable. >> every square inch of the republican party knows what's at stake. >> in kansas, a powerful gop incumbent is in unexpected peril. also in jeopardy, a pair of senate democrats with famous names. one in louisiana. the other in colorado. both have an obama problem. >> i've stood up to president obama. >> and in south dakota, republicans are counting on a win, but this three-way contest could be a wildcard. >> south dakota is a purple state. you take nothing for granted. >> this is cnn's coverage of election night in america, the fight for congress. the battles for governor. and the issues americans care about most. >> i'm not on the ballot this fall, but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot. >> polls are closing in 14 more states, and anything is possible, until the last vote.
5:52 pm
>> it's election night here in the u.s. capital and across the country. welcome back to the cnn election center. i'm wolf blitzer, and we're closing in on 9:00 eastern. there's more at stake in the battle for the senate than in any hour so far. four ckey races, they are on th line. we are focusing in on these races. these are the races where the fight for the u.s. senate control is being decided. polls are about to close in four key races. south dakota, colorado, kansas and louisiana. here's what we're looking for. in kansas, will an independent candidate hand republicans a painful loss and put the fight for the senate in limbo. greg orman is a serious threat to pat roberts.
5:53 pm
in louisiana, democrat mary landrieu will likely face a runoff that could delay the senate control. she's facing two republican challengers, bill cassidy and rob maness. will mark udall be ousted by the republican challenger, cory gardner. and in south dakota, another crowded field, democrat rick weiland is facing mike rounds and larry pressler. right now, republicans need a net gain of four, repeat, four seats, to win control of the u.s. senate after scoring pickups tonight in west virginia and arkansas. but if they lose in kansas, that number could go back up. the polls are about to close in arizona, colorado, kansas, louisiana, michigan, nebraska and new mexico, new york, south
5:54 pm
dakota, texas, wisconsin and wyoming. let's go back to anderson for more. >> we've been cover louisiana. we have correspondents all across the country covering senate races in key states. tracking the ballots as they're counted. i want to go to louisiana to mary landrieu's headquarters. very possible there's going to be a runoff there. >> reporter: it's very possible. but this is a jungle category. i spoke to a senior aide who says they are very hopeful that they are going to hit that number, but they are prepared for a possible runoff in december. now the senator's going to be arriving very shortly with her family to watch very closely to watch the votes coming in, to tally those votes. i spoke with her earlier today, and she said it's the energy, the crowds that make her
5:55 pm
confident about this evening. but she's got to get a record number of african-americans, women as well as white voters to come and vote for her. the polls have closed. >> louisiana wins for the coolest name for a primary, the jungle primary. jim sciutto is at headquarters of greg orman. jim? >> reporter: here at orman headquarters, they have the balloons, the music. >> the bar just opened. they have everything but definitive results. it is a virtual dead heat with 9% of precincts reporting. remember, kansas is interesting. most of the state, the polls closed about an hour ago. they're in a central time zone. it's a sliver in the west where the polls are closing in a few minutes, and that's when you're
5:56 pm
getting the final results. there are still people in line in many of these districts. and if you are in line, can you still vote. not only is the counting still being done, but the voting is still being done in kansas in a very close race. >> no bar here in washington here. chris? >> reporter: hey, anderson, for the first time in colorado history, the ballots being cast this year are by mail. at least 1.8 million votes have been cast so far. and in the next few minutes, a huge amount of those results will be pouring in. cory gardner's camp feels pretty good, because at least 7% of those ballots so far are republican. but mark udall's campaign says they're counting on late-voting democrats and unaffiliateds to put them over the top. >> and we'll check back in with you.
5:57 pm
we're going to jake tapper now. >> as you've mentioned, we're coming up on two races that have many candidates. the vote-counting process could be very complicated, with the potential for cliff-hangers. don lemon is in louisiana. don? >> reporter: at the secretary of sta state's office, a jungle primary, how interesting. we shouldn't start seeing results probably for about 45 minutes. they say normally if this was a regular municipal election we'd start to get the final results in about two hours. it's going to take longer now because there is a lot on the ballot. quite a big ballot here in louisiana. this is what people are paying attention to. here of course they're voting for senator, congressman and a lot of other things on the ballot. it's going to take some time to tally that all up.
5:58 pm
probably about 45 minutes. all candidates have been going to their social media sites, telling people to go vote. they're the spelling "go." geaux. >> i'm sure they are. >> reporter: we're getting the early results, advanced voting. this is 30% of the people who will vote this evening. and i'm looking over his shoulder, representative pat roberts has how many votes does he have so far? >> right now we have 28,865. and greg orman, 31,000. >> orman's ahead in johnson county, the largest county in kansas. early sign. >> let's go to colorado where we
5:59 pm
find annaa cabrera. >> reporter: it's mail-in votes here in colorado. we're still seeing a lot of people turning out to the polls today. just behind me. in all of these envelopes are some of the most recent ballots that came in. to arapahoe county. they're going through a machine and will be processed in a matter of seconds. >> thanks, anna, appreciate it. with the polls about to close in four states, we're getting a lot of new exit poll information. >> quick look at the mood in these states. let's start in kansas. pat roberts stressed were you
6:00 pm
concerned? the two big questions that play in the kansas race, look at the colorado race, 28% democrat, 32% republicans, 39% independents. so the candidate who wins those unaffiliated voters will win that race. >> let's get a projection right now. and take a look at this. cnn now projects in south dakota, mike rounds, the republican will be the next senator from south dakota. that is a republican pickup, another republican pickup. mike rounds wins in south dakota. no projection in colorado where there's a close race between mark udall and corey gardner. no projection yet in kansas. pat roberts facing a stiff challenge from the independent greg orman. and in louisiana no projection there. mary landrieu facing two republicans. remember, louisiana you need 50% plus one in order to avoid a
6:01 pm
runoff. democrats did well in several states. in michigan, gary peters will be the next senator. he defeats terry lynn land. coons. wins. john cornyn reelected to the united states senate. there are several states where we are not yet able to make projections. take a look at those. no projections, as i said in colorado, kansas, louisiana. minnesota, nebraska, new mexico and wyoming. as of right now, the republicans have an advantage. 40 democrats guaranteed to be in the u.s. senate. 43 republicans. still several outstanding races. 51 needed to win the majority. 50 if you're a democrat because
6:02 pm
joe biden would be the tiebreaker. we want to share with you what our exit polls are revealing. these are estimates based on interviews with a sampling of voters today during the early voting process. here are the exit poll results in colorado. look at this, mark udall, but cory gardner, 50%. in kansas, pat roberts, the republican incumbent, 49%. greg orman, 46%. in louisiana, 45%. bill cassidy 38%, rob maness 13%. if you add those together with she could be in trouble if there is a runoff in louisiana. the republicans need a net gain of three. they started the night with a net gain they needed of six. now it's down to three.
6:03 pm
let's go to jake tapper. he's got an update on what's happening with the governor. >> let's take a look at two of the most hotly contested races in the country. in wisconsin, cnn is not able to make a projection as scott walker faces a challenge from mary burke. in florida, the vote's still coming in with 95% of the vote in, incumbent republican governor rick scott is ahead of charlie crist, 49% to 46%. 120,000 votes ahead with 5% of the vote left. now let's have some projections from cnn. two governors races, new york governor andrew cuomo projected that he will win in new york. le be reelected, cnn projects. in new hampshire, cnn projecting
6:04 pm
nagge has s maggie hassan will be reelected. in texas, greg abbott will defeat wendy davis. that's a race that got a lot of media attention, but ultimately, not a lot of competition for greg abbott who will be the next governor of the lonestar state. in south dakota, cnn project dennis daugaard will be the next governor of dakota. the races we cannot call include arizona, colorado, kansas, michigan, minnesota, nebraska new mexico, wisconsin and wyoming. i understand you have some key races to update us on? >> yes, we do. these are actual votes that have come in, in kansas, no projection there. 9% of the vote is in. pat roberts ahead of the independent, still very, very early.
6:05 pm
in georgia, a quarter of the vote is in. david perdue, the republican 60%. the democrat, 38%. in georgia, to avoid a runoff on january 6 you need 50% plus one. 61% so far for david perdue. in virginia, 66% of the vote is now in. look at this. this is somewhat of a surprise. ed gillespie, the republican challeng challenger, 51%. the democrat incumbent, 46%. 82,000 vote advantage. we've got more votes for you in north carolina. no projection now. 53% of the vote is in. more than half, 50% for kay hagan, the democrat incumbent. 63,000 vote advantage for kay hagan right now. more than half of the vote is in. 29% of the vote is in in new
6:06 pm
hampshire and jeanne shaheen also the democrat incumbent, 53% for jeanne shaheen, 47% for the republican challenger, scott brown. she's got an 8,000 vote advantage. still early in new hampshire. anderson, the magic number is only three, a net gain of three, and they will be the majority in the u.s. senate. >> certainly, the map is starting to look very, very difficult for the democrats. i want to bring in our contributors, newt, you've been following the race in virginia very close with ed gillespie. you've been talking to people there. >> it's a great tribute to ed who ran when no one thought it was possible and kept running when people still thought it was impossible. but barbara comstock is going to be a freshman congresswoman, won her race so decisively in louden county. her folks tell me that he is going to do very, very well in
6:07 pm
her district. that may well be the margin of victory. because her victory is so big that she's probably carrying an extra 10,000 votes for gillespie. >> for those in the white house tonight, they're looking at the map. it's obviously not looking good for them. we've heard dana bash reporting they're going to be meetings with bipartisan groups. >> it's pretty clear unless democrats are able to pick up some senate seats at this point, it's likely the republicans would take the senate. they would have to pick up a seat in georgia for example or peck up a seat elsewhere in the nation, because they're going to have to offset some of these losses. and we know other states that republicans are likely to win, and there are only three left. i think it's likely republicans win the senate. the white house was planning to and will try to engage with the new leaders of the senate and
6:08 pm
the congress and make an effort to demonstrate a willingness to cooperate in a bipartisan fashion. i think we saw reported earlier from the white house one of the cnn correspondents saying that a white house official had said we have to see whether the republicans are willing to do the same. one of the problems i know we felt in the white house working with republicans, john boehner and mitch mcconnell that was that there wasn't the willingness to compromise on areas where there should be arias of compromise available on tax reform, on immigration reform, on infrastructure. this is an area where democrats and republicans have historically been able to find common ground. our nation's crying out for infrastructure and development and there has been nothing but gridlock. >> we'll see how republicans interpret victories that they made tonight. i want to go to statements made by mitch mcconnell. >> so tonight, i pledge you this, whether you're a coal
6:09 pm
miner in eastern kentucky who can't find work or a mother who can't understand why the government took away your health insurance. i've heard your kearns, i've made them my own. you will be heard in washington. [ applause ] >> and look, when you get right down to it, that's what this campaign was really all about. it wasn't about me. or my opponent. it was about a government that people no longer trust to carry out its most basic duties. for too long this administration has tried to tell the american people what's good for them and then blame somebody else when their policies didn't work out. tonight kentucky rejected that approach. [cheers and applause] tonight, tonight kentuckians said we can do better as a
6:10 pm
nation. [cheers and applause] >> you know, jay, to david gergen's earlier point, to president obama who gave a statement about this is a story about a bad map that broke against the democrats' favor, if that's message the president's taken away, is that really enough? >> i'd be surprised if that's the full message that's taken away. i think if you look back at the shellacking that the president described it that the democrats took in 2010, he emerged from that midterm. it was probably even worse than this one will turn out to be and extended a lot of olive branchs and negotiated furiously with republicans to try to get some things done on fiscal discipline and the economy. and in the end, certainly, this is, i'm giving you my perspective. in the end, john boehner, the house republican leader, walk aid way from a deal because he couldn't get house republicans to go along with it. what we'll see, the real test will be, will republicans pass
6:11 pm
the budget and pass it through both houses, and will that become the governing document that they want to put forward, because the paul ryan budget is not a workable document for or budget for the american people. it's just not popular. it was devastating for mitt romney. it rewards wealthy americans over middle class americans, and it's a losing proposition. >> s.e.? >> another key question will be, will president obama sign the keystone pipeline? i don't think there's going to be a shellacking tonight by republicans, but i think republicans will do well, and hopefully the president will take some time for some self-reflect sthun to say okay, some of my policies were on the ballot. and maybe i need to work on things a little more, like the keystone pipeline. >> which will create 33 permanent jobs. we'll talk about that later. if it feels like the curse is
6:12 pm
starting to kick in. we knew going into this thing historically, bill clinton, in his sixth year he lost some seats. reagan lost some seats, but this thing is not over, and i think we need to focus on what's going on right now. what's shocking right now is the struggle democrats are having in florida and virginia. i don't think anybody expected to see 96% of the vote in and you've got crist struggling for his life. democrats came in here expecting to do better in florida. when you talk about virginia, this is the, the curse is there. >> are those votes against the president? or are those -- >> look, i guarantee you right now you've got democrats across the country scratching their heads and worrying about this thing. this thing is not over. i'm encouraged, though, by some of the places where we are doing wetter, i do think orman's going to be able to pull this thing off. i don't want to start talking about tomorrow. tonight -- >> there are a couple of races that republicans were going to
6:13 pm
be really giddy if they managed to pull out. virginia senate was one. maryland governor would be one, and rhode island governor would be one. those are long shots. if any one of those comes true, republicans are going to feel really good about the way the night went. >> newt, i see you shaking your head. >> first of all, notice how rapidly we go back to partisanship. the fact is, if we elect a governor in massachusetts, that is an enormous breakthrough. we're going to win control of the senate decisively tonight. that's a big breakthrough. and mcconnell has said clearly he intends to go back to the way mansfield ran the senate, which would require a bipartisan, rational approach in the senate and a radical change from reid. the real question from the president's going to be simple. is he prepared to meet with boehner and mcconnell, not bring in a gaggle, have a big show, say oh, look i talked, sit down in a closed room with two serious professionals who will
6:14 pm
just have won power and have an honest talk among the three people who have to governor america. >> we're getting some more races here. i'm standing by for a big projection. >> we've got a major, major projection. in the fight for control of the house of representatives. democratic leader nancy pelosi may have some dreams of becoming the speaker of the house again, but john baron and the republicans have been counting on holding on to power in the house, so which party is coming out ahead. get ready for that major projection right now. a projection republicans will keep control of the united states house of representatives. not a major surprise by any means. the republicans had a huge advantage going in, even democratic leaders were suggesting republicans would probably gain some seats, but now enough votes have been in that we can project the republicans maintain control of the house. let's see what happens in the senate. dana bash is our chief
6:15 pm
congressional correspondent. john boehner wanted to remain speak ear speaker. i assume he's going to be the next speaker of the house of representatives unless he decides he doesn't want to run. >> reporter: oh, according to everything he's saying is he's running, the question is whether he will be challenged. democrats here where i am at the democratic headquarters, boiler room, they call it, they're not surprised by this. they all knew that control of the house was not in their reach. the question at this point, though, when it comes to governing is how much of a margin are republicans going to increase above what is already a relatively big margin when it comes to their majority. and what that means for governing, according to some senior republicans i've been talking to tonight, they insist is, it will be easier, and the reason is what jay carney was talking with earlier. it has been hard for speaker boehner and his lieutenants to break deals or cut deals, because they're worried about losing their rank and file.
6:16 pm
now, maybe they can lose more rank and file because they have more, more of them to have. so that is really the question. but on the flip side, republicans are most concerned, traditionally, at this point about primary challenges, so it's still up for grabs. >> so the democrats, no great surprise, will maintain the majority in the house of representatives. we haven't paid a lot of attention to the house, because the republicans have a significant majority. but enough votes have already now been counted that we can make this projection. when i spoke to steve israel who chairs that committee to try to get democrats elected to the house, he even acknowledged that the republicans would probably pick up ten seats or so. they've got a significant majority already. >> the democrats had hoped to keep them in single digits. republicans are hoping to get to 250. newt's the historian. i believe that would be an all-time-high, at least since world war ii. how much of a leash does john
6:17 pm
boehner get. he couldn't maneuver too much in the last congress because of tea party revolts. these are not done yet. but the republicans at the moment -- got to start it here. they're winning a race in new hampshire, and in maine. look up here. watch this for a reason, i want to show you this is where we start the night right now. right now there are no republicans. when you get up into new england there are no longer any republicans in the congress. there's a couple comparative races in massachusetts. that one in maine, at least one in new hampshire. those are moderate republicans. people who are unlikely to have tea party sentiments. you heard jim acosta earlier say it's a bad map. the republicans complain about them all the time. this is the house of representatives. this is the united states of america, the house level. look at all that blue right after the president won in 2008. remember all that blue. that's the tea party year of 2010. look at all that red. here's 2012. the democrats got a couple back. but 201 democrats now, 257 in
6:18 pm
the house. so the country has changed dramatically. you look at this democratic party in the house is now on the coast. latino areas in texas, up in new england. some strength in the midwest. but just, again, picture all that blue, especially up here. now lock at where we are now. this has been a stunning transformation during the obama presidency. and as this happens, there's a domino effect. state legislative seats, thousand seats have changed hands. >> the republicans pick up and maintain the majority in the house. let's go to kansas right now in the senate. let's go back to the senate because it's a very, very close race right now. we're watching this challenge. look at this. show us what's going on in kansas. >> we have one purple spot on the map, because that's one independent candidate we believe has a chance to win, and it's right here in kansas. it's a very close race.
6:19 pm
4,000 votes separate the two candidates. watch as this plays out. this is key to greg orman. this is his base of operations for his business. he has support in the college towns here in in ft. riley. let's look at the numbers. 49% in leavenworth county. 49% here. those margins, frankly, aren't big enough. he needs to grow those margins. you come down here, lawrence county, 74%. that's more what orman needs in this area of the state, because pat roberts is expecting to fillmore of the state out. these are tiny counties where you're going to have a couple thousand votes. pat roberts just has to swamp orman. he's ahead narrowly. can't make any statements based on that. kansas has no huge cities. but this is where pat roberts has to win. but everywhere we've looked,
6:20 pm
we've had very close numbers, except for those tiny rural counties. pat roberts has to run it up here. >> greg orman, the independent, can beat pat robertes in kansas. >> no independent infrastructure. what he is counting on is there is a democratic revolt on brownback. >> let's do an update go new hampshire. jeanne shaheen, scott brown. what's the latest? 33% of the vote is now in. shaheen is still ahead. >> she's holding that lead, 52% to 48%. a lot of people thought that would be the final number. she's doing very well where she needs to. there's no more votes to come for her there. let's go down to manchester. 92% of the vote counted. so scott brown running reasonably competitive. not a lot of votes left to come out of there.
6:21 pm
seacoast, portsmouth, she won big there. turnout not terribly high. the question now is what happens up here. college area, democratic, the question is, will turnout be high enough. you're looking at relatively small counties. so can scott brown fill in up here in northern new hampshire? this is mostly conservative country, can he fill that in. and let me move the map up and stretch it out a little bit. we talked a little bit about this earlier. this is critical. she's going to win portsmouth. scott brown has to win these areas. they have come in 56-44. these are very small counties. this is what scott brown needs, numbers like that as you move back across the massachusetts border to have a chance. if you're looking at this right now, a lot of small places to fill in. if you look at the presidential race, you know, watch, remember, see how you split back and
6:22 pm
forth. now you come back to the senate race. >> two-thirds of the vote outstanding. let's go to virginia right now where there's a real battle under way. a lot of people are surprised how close it is. >> virginia used to be a red state, then it became a competitive state, a lot of people thought after two obama victories that perhaps it was moving blue. ed gillespie's making a statement tonight that this is still a battleground state. we're getting into crunch time, 50 to 48. let's look down here in the richmond area. 99% reporting, mark warner winning there, but not many votes to come out there. let's come down here, ed gillespie putting virginia beach back in the republican column. military down here, when republican is running strong you win here. the hampton rhoades area. then you come back up. let's stretch it out and see,
6:23 pm
here's the question for mark warner, right now ed gillespie has a narrow lead. the question is, are they out there for mark warner. here's your answer. yes, they are. 47% reporting in fairfax county, 79 in arlington county. fairfax county the largest suburban county. >> let's go to north carolina just below virginia right now. this is an important contest, kay hagan, the incumbent. >> show's hanging at 50%. 61% of the vote in. it's filling in like a horse race. the republicans doing what they need to do. thom tillis running up the numbers. the question is, are those vote counts enough where not many people live, and did she succeed in turning people out in mecklenburg county. you're winning the race right now, and you've only got 3% of the vote in, a place where a lot
6:24 pm
of democrats are. that bodes well for her. you move up here to the raleigh durham area. then you move over here 65% of the vote in. she's running up the numbers in the democratic areas where she needs to. the reservoir of votes still need to be counted. if you move out here, it's a little more competitive. if you look at the map right now, those uncounted votes would give a bit of a sign that we're doing okay. but we're not done. >> democrats, they really need to hold onto this seat. let's go to florida. this governor's race is very, very close, a big, 97% of the vote is now in. >> here's your question. 97% of the vote now in. 120,000 votes. are they out there? you're looking at where charlie crist is winning. and we come down here, 90% in. in palm beach county, look at the gap. so charlie crist is winning big here. there's a big chunk of votes
6:25 pm
there if the margin holds up. only 22% in in broward county. we've seen this movie before. always seems to be late, if not last to give us the big vote count. >> that's ft. lauderdale. >> right there, 120,000 vote difference. if that stays steady and multiplies, that's a big basket of votes for charlie crist. >> dade. >> if the percentages hold, and you get that other 25%, you're adding some serious votes. if you look at the 97%, you think rick scott's starting to breathe easy. however, as always, we're waiting for those three southern most counties. >> so there's clearly hope for charlie crist. >> these races, republicans are doing well in several of these states. it's not over by any means. >> the numbers are not looking good for democrats in a number of these races. the fact that we're still
6:26 pm
talking about virginia here at this time is really fascinating. >> path is really narrowing for the democrats to keep control. we haven't heard from montana, colorado, iowa, states like that. so obviously, it's, you know, as jay was saying, it doesn't look like a great night for the democrats. and i think, you know, to newt gingrich's point before and to jay's point before about what happens next? newt gingrich, when he became speaker of the house had a contract with america in which he laid out what he was going to do when he became speaker of the house, and i know, because i covered him. and republicans have no such agenda at this point. and i think there is a little bit of peril for them in this. unless they have one. >> first of all, john boehner gave a speech, which was not noticed as much in mid october where he outlined six major arias of reform.
6:27 pm
this is a guy who's very serious, very sober kind of guy. he had worked on his speech for over six months, and if you read that speech, he's outlining some pretty bold, including litigation reform, tax reform and things that he's putting stakes around saying look, i've been around a long time. mcconnell, i believe is going to come back, and i think everybody who wants to understand the senate should read mcconnell's speech. he says let's go back to the senate where you have to have both parties talking to each other. if he lives up to that, you guarantee that virtually every bill that goes to the president will have bipartisan support. >> how does he make that happen? >> pretty easily. >> he can do that? >> mr. mcconnell is a masterful politician and is pretty transactional. in the end, when we had to get a deal with the congress from this white house and the house was a basket case and boehner, the
6:28 pm
speaker of the house couldn't create anything out of the house, mitch mcconnell came to the rescue of republicans in the congress and got a dole. but remember, mitch mcconnell also said his primary objection was defeating barack obama which is a political objective. so he's going to have to change his approach. >> what boehner's going to need some wiggle room with the conservative republicans, because in the end, when you talk about the president meeting with the speaker, president met a lot with the speaker. often we never said it at the time, because republican, the speaker was afraid that his republican conservatives would find out. >> let me tell you what mcconnell said in his acceptance speech. he said we have an obligation to work together on issues where we can agree, just because we have a two-party system doesn't mean we have to be in perpetual conflict. >> amen. >> as he mentioned earlier, it's a very simple test of the president's goodwill. the republican house and the new republican senate are going to
6:29 pm
pass the keystone pipeline. it's a fact. and the country favors it better than 2-1. now does this president agree that he can live with that? or does he say, you know, i've got to do what my environmental left wants so bad. >> but why would that be the linchpin? look at all the things that this president has tried to pass that were clearly bipartisan and republicans rejected their own stuff. republicans shot down a small business tax cut from this president because they didn't want this president to succeed on that. the president tried to help veterans. that's a republican issue. i think you would agree. >> their is the problem. this is the problem. van wants the president to have a very long memory, and what the republicans want is for the president to start fresh tomorrow on new things that he can get accomplished. >> look. i think if there's one message we haven't talked about out of this election tonight it's not about whether republicans are
6:30 pm
winning or democrats are winning. it's the fact that across the country there is disgust and anger at the politics of bickering. people are angry. i don't think we can remember an election where people -- in this case both parties. >> i want to show youle some numbers right now. in kansas, orman, 1,407 votes ahead. also then, look over, just jumped over there to 667 votes ahead, 48.4, got closer there. in florida, that's 22%. rick scott, little bit more than 87,000 votes ahead with 97% of the votes counted. and reportedly, jake tapper, broward still outstanding. >> of course, broward, as john said, we've seen this movie
6:31 pm
before about those southern florida counties. there is this tremendous anti-incumbent feeling out there. but the anti-obama feeling is strong, perhaps even stronger. and when you look at the fact that it seems pretty clear that republicans are going to take control of the senate tonight. we're still waiting for eight different senate races, but all the republicans have to do is win three of them. >> right. >> so, and. >> and keep kansas. but it seems very clear, i wouldn't say that this whole night is a repudiation of president obama, but it's not an encouraging sign for president obama. and when you look at the poll from the wall street journal, two-thirds of the people said they want president obama to change direction in his leadership style and that included almost half of the democrats. so in terms of whether or not mitch mcconnell needs to change or john boehner needs to change, i think it's very clear from tonight's election results that president obama, whether or not he thinks that he has reached out across the aisle as much as
6:32 pm
any human being could, that's not -- >> jay, you know this president. >> here's what i take heart from, because i know that barack obama's a very competitive person. and i know that he will look at the final two years of his presidency as an opportunity to secure his legacy by getting some things done. and if the only way to get something done is by, you know, reaching out and trying to find bipartisan compromise with a republican congress, i believe he will try to do that. >> he'll be open to some stylistic changes as well. >> senator corker told politico about president obama. he said it's almost as if he's wishing for a six-year term instead of an eight-year term. do you buy that? >> i don't buy that. i think barack obama is like a lot of americans. don't forget if he had walked in this room ten and a half years ago no one would know who he was. and he's sick and tired --
6:33 pm
>> kansas, 133 vote difference right now. pat roberts ahead, 133. >> that's the anti-incumbent story. pat roberts had every establishment republican to get him over this. look at how tight this race is. and i would argue on president obama, you know, what the democrats seem to me to be doing in this election is they're kind of slicing off constituencies. trying to peel off women in colorado, trying to peel off minorities here and there and see if they can cobble together a coalition. they don't have a single message. they didn't run on the economy, which i think some people in the white house think they should have run on, and the republicans, also, to newt gingrich's one-time agenda, don't really have an agenda. >> virginia tightening now. gillespie in the lead, with 84%
6:34 pm
of the vote counted. >> and when you look at the different county by county, gillespie way out performing other republicans. it's very strange. something's going on with polling in virginia. we didn't see eric cantor. he was defeated in the primary tim cuccinelli. but i want to make one point about kansas. i know a lot of democrats are excited about orman potentially felling roberts. orman will caucus with republicans. what happens if he's, we don't know what he's going to do. but he has said he'll do what's best for kansas. and if there are 51 republican senators, he'll caucus with the 51 republican senators. >> john king suggested this when
6:35 pm
he showed you the map of kansas. eastern kansas is one of the most liberal parts of the state. all of the rural small towns now have to come in. at the end of the evening, if pat roberts is reelected despite everything, then all of the anti-incumbent talk is strange, because the anti-incumbents are all democrats. at some point you all have to confess, democrats who are getting beaten. >> we've got to take a quick break, watching very close races in virginia, in kansas. we'll take a short break. our coverage continues in just a moment. ♪
6:36 pm
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6:39 pm
it's time to check back to the top of the empire state building. the mast is now red and blue, and those colors are rising as cnn projects more races. let's figure in our latest projections and see what happens. as of right now, 40 democrats guaranteed to be in the senate, but 43 republicans, 43 republicans, so you see that red rising, at least a little bit, as we now confirmed or projected there will be at least 43 republicans in the next senate, at least 40 democrats. in the meantime, we have a key race alert. >> all right, look at this. north carolina, look at how close it is. the incumbent democrat kay hagan only has a 9,000 vote lead with 67% of the vote in. look at this. 48.5% for kay hagan.
6:40 pm
48% for thom tillis. almost 2 million votes cast, only a 9,000 vote advantage. still plenty of votes out there. in kansas, also very close, 24% of the vote is now in, pat roberts with 49%. he's the long-time republican senator, greg orman, the independent challenger, 47%, about a 4,000 vote advantage for pat roberts. look at virginia right now, 87% of the vote in, and it's narrowed view matically. 48.8% for ed gillespie, 48.5% for mark warner, the incumbent democrat. it is very, very close. 6,415 advantage for ed gillespie. let's take a look at the florida governor's race right now. this is very, very close in florida as well. 97% of the vote in. rick scott has48%. charlie crist has 47%. nearly 100,000 vote advantage
6:41 pm
for rick scott. 3%, 3%, 3% of the vote still outstanding. north carolina 69% of the vote now in and thom tillis, 3,352 votes ahead of kay hagan. thom tillis, the republican challenger, the incumbent kay hagan. slightly ahead. we're watching this race very closely. pat roberts as you see, still over greg orman. these are close. these are incredibly close races in florida. it's amazing what's going on there. north carolina, all of a sudden, thom tillis has a slight advantage. >> pick your wow. you want to start in north carolina, we'll start in north carolina. you mentioned thom tillis. he just has passed nearly 70% of the vote counted. now you start looking at the map and say what's left. mecklenburg county, a huge piece of democratic vote. at hagen headquarters, they say
6:42 pm
okay. we've got a basket of oats still to come in. if you're the tillis campaign you're saying what's left for us. nearly 70% of the vote counted in fayetteville area. still some more votes there potentially for hagen. 90% in wake county. still some votes out here for kay hagan to come in, in these traditionally democratic areas. that's the question for thom tillis as these rural votes come in. 76% here. so still a little bit out here. not as many people. the question for the tillis campaign as they've moved into that very narrow lead, are there any more pockets of votes for them to offset. that's a wow. we're going to be counting that one. we've got 30% of the vote to go. let's move to virginia. this one has tightened even more. this is very, very tight where 87% of the vote counted. these republican areas, 100% in.
6:43 pm
100% in. so if you're at gillespie headquarters, you know this. there are still some votes out in the washington suburbs. you see it shaded blue. 83% in prince william county. you move out of the suburbs, democratic country, but ed gillespie putting up a good fight. and 17% left. we'll wait and watch that vote. fairfax city, 100% in. mark warner knows, nothing left in the basket there. fairfax county, still have some votes to come in. this could be the key. in the close race, it's fairfax county. as you watch that one play out. where you want to go next, we've got a lot of wow going on. let's take a peek at georgia. we've got a long way to go at 42%. i want to come up here and see how we're doing. only 24% in. you move over to fulton county. we don't have any big vote
6:44 pm
totals there. so if you're looking at those numbers, the republicans have to like the numbers. at the same time, there are a lot of big baskets, democratic votes to go out. >> and remember in georgia, you need 50% plus one. >> if you're at perdue headquarters, you like what you see so far, but you know there are big baskets of democratic votes that haven't come in. the question is, when we talked earlier about this, i said there was still map enough down here for charlie crist to make it up. here's the question, can he make it up. 90,000 votes. are they out there? well, they're not in palm beach county. they've now reported 100%. they're not so much in broward county. the pibig dope came in. are there enough votes left at 97%. simple arithmetic tells you he's running out of places to get votes. and again, some votes left to come in, in miami dade county.
6:45 pm
charlie crist running up a big margin there. yes, yes, is there a potential that they're out there, yes. is the opportunity window shrinking for crist, absolutely. because scott ran up some big numbers in the panhandle. that's as competitive as it gets. and if you're in crist headquarters, you're getting nervous. >> stand by. we have another major projection right now. and cnn projects there will be a runoff in the state of louisiana on december 6. neither mary landrieu nor her major republican opponent bill cassidy will get the 50% plus one to avoid the runoff. there will be a runoff on december 6 between these two candidates. mary landrieu and bill cassidy. it's going to take another month or so before we know who will be the next united states senator from the state of louisiana. there will be a runoff there. not a huge surprise.
6:46 pm
because getting 50% margin was always going to be a challenge for either mary landrieu or bill cassidy, a strong third party candidate, but take a look at the votes we have now. 9% of the vote in. bill cassidy has a slight advantage. 44% over 41%. rob maness with 11%. you need 50% plus one. there will be a runoff in louisiana. let's take a look at the senate, because mary landrieu, she may get reelected if she gets 50%. but in a runoff, a lot of people thought she's not, one on one contest with a republican, she's going to be in deep trouble. and our exit poll says, we asked that question, but she loses. i jumped ahead of you. if you're watching this map, it's different from what you see
6:47 pm
hire. what we do for this hypothetical is we assign montana as a democratic pickup. we've already maid the call in idaho and oregon. we assign the races the way we think they're going to go. let's leave it there for now and assume mark warner pulls it out late in the in. but if you give up the races that you think are all but certain to go. here's where would you have it. 47 republicans, 45 democrats. how do democrats keep their majority. at the moment we haven't called this, but let's assume jeanne shaheen holds this lead. we're going to be counting these votes all day tomorrow. but republicans think they're going to win in alaska. if that happens, it's a hypothetic hypothetical. it gets you to 48-46. right now in kansas pat roberts has inched ahead. and we'll come back to this in a second. >> i have a major projection right now.
6:48 pm
jeanne shaheen will be reelected. the unit senator from the state of new hampshire defeating scott brown, the republican. the former senator from massachusetts. another big win for the democrats tonight. they desperately needed it to maintain this seat in new hampshire if they have any hope left of being the majority in the unit senate. so jeanne shaheen, we project will be the winner. let's go back to john king to take a little analysis of what happened in new hampshire. the democrats desperately needed this win. they are going to get this win. >> familiarity with her days in governor. she had bumper stickers, i'm jeanie, vote for jeanie. all people could see was an obama drag in the state. a lot of retail politicking. but coming up short in that state. the margin tells you something. jeanne shaheen is a popular figure. we've given that one to the blues, right? under this scenario, we're getting ahead of ourselves a little bit, assigning montana,
6:49 pm
giving this to the republicans. here's the challenge for the democrats. their best hope would be iowa. one poll showed a close republican stake. if the republicans pick up iowa, as we move west, that would get them to 50. and then you get out to colorado. in this race, cory gardner led in the late polls. the democrats say we're going to prove you wrong with a massive turnout operation. colorado would be the key right now. the republicans think this is going rid. i'm for the sake of this hypothetical saying if they can pull that out of a hat somehow you get into this race. kay hagan can hold on. thom tillis is still ahead at the moment, but if she can hang on, we still have the race in georgia and the race in louisiana we know won't be settled tonight. republicans think this is going their way. but it is conceivable, still, as
6:50 pm
we watch, this would be the big turn around. the colorado race, in terms of races that we think would be settled before sunup. the colorado race could decide the balance of power. >> stand by. we're watching several cliff-hanger races in the battle for the united states senate. the polls will be closing in iowa where a hog farmer could turn the senate seat from blue to rid. it could bring republicans closer to winning senate control. f . . down.
6:51 pm
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>> republicans need a net gain of three more senate seats to take control away from democrats. >> will they have new wins or setbacks in the coming hour? stand by for projections. >> just moments from now, republicans are aiming for two open senate seats now held by democrats. in iowa, a democratic congressman is battling an iraq war veteran and tea party favorite. a >> the mud has been flying in the heartland. >> she called president obama dictator and thinks impeachment should be on the table. >> higher taxes, bigger government. obama care, this is his washington record. >> in montana. republicans are counting on their candidates to flip an open senate seat from blue to red. this is cnn's coverage of election night in america. the fight for congress. the battles for governor. and the issues americans care about most. >> in iowa we know how to do this. we have done it before.
6:55 pm
>> the road to real change goes through iowa. >> the polls are closing in four more states. and anything is possible until the last vote. >> the u.s. capitol building tonight as new votes come in in the battle for the u.s. senate. back in the cnn election center. i'm wolf blitzer. counting down to major poll closings. the big prize of the night is still up for grabs. which party will control the united states senate. it all comes done to those 13 key senate races, we have been following all night long. several of those races have been decided, and watching some nail biters right now as well. the polls are about to close in two key senate battleground. montana and iowa. here its what we are looking for. in iowa, will democrats take a
6:56 pm
hit from a former hog farmer, congressman, bruce brayley in a slugfest right now with joni ernst. amanda curtis against steve danes. is this an easy pickup. we will find out. republicans need a net gain to regain the majority in the senate. we will get new results at the top of the hour. polls closing in iowa, montana, nevada, utah. in the meantime. let's go back to anderson. >> wolf. thank you very much. our correspondents are positioned throughout the country. they're getting newest vote tallies from election officials. want to check on the barn burner race in iowa. first pamela brown, headquarters for joni ernst. fascinating race. >> it certainly is. as the you see the room is filling up here at the ernst headquarte headquarters. folks are anxious but cautiously
6:57 pm
optimistic. it has been a fiercely competitive race here in iowa. they're confident that joni ernst will cross the finish line a winner and become the first female combat vet in the united states senate. as you point out polls close in less than ten minutes from now. of course we will get better sense of where things stand after that. right now, joni ernst surrounded by family putting finishing touches on her speech. i spoke to one of her aides asked how she is doing. i am told she is in good spirits and she is wowed by all the attention she its getting. sunny is really getting a kick out of it. the aide says though she is aly tenant colonel, still a farm girl from a small town in iowa. become to you. >> poppy harlow at the headquarters of bruce braley. 10 minutes until polls close there. >> bruce braley, watching as numbers start to come in.
6:58 pm
this has been such an exciting race. up to the last minute. a nail-biter. latest polls showing candidates neck in neck, 47-47. voters will decide. a lot has been about the early vote. the braley admitting to us, republicans have done a great job getting the early volt out. democrats usually beat them in that. they both think that it will be cannibalized in terms of people that would have come and voted here, republicans, they think, just got out early rather than getting more votes. we'll see if they're right. bruce braley/joni ernst. fascinating numbers come in. >> we'll see as soon as the polls close in minutes. and john king. >> look at the mood in iowa. becoming increasingly important to the democrats. 52%, women. 48%, men. one of the key questions here. an older electorate. younger vote has dropped for both the presidential election and 2014 midterm.
6:59 pm
and bodes well for republicans. 36% republicans, 33%, democrats. 31% independents. one last point. what is your view of government? government doing too much. 61%. iowa is incredibly increasingly critical to the democrats because of potential losses elsewhere. democrats need to hold the blues. shaheen held new hampshire. the president carried iowa twice. colorado twice. want to show you the results now. colorado. cory gardner. 63% of the vote in. udall. we have counting to do. stunning analysis tomorrow if this holds up. cory gardner. this why he was hand picked by the republican establishment. candidate in 2010. take you there. in 2010 could not perform in the denver suburbs. when president obama won this state he won it here in the denver suburbs. look at the map right now, you
7:00 pm
look, denver city itself going democratic. suburbs, cory gardner. putting up the race. democrats looking at numbers in colorado, yes a way to go they know. about to lose that one. they better hold iowa. >> iowa, polls about to close there. we'll see what is going to happen there. we will also see what is happening in montana. cnn has a projection right now. in montana we predict republican, steve daines will be the next united states senator, another republican pickup. now the magic number for republicans, down to two. they need two more pickups from democratic seats. they will be the majority in the united states senate. in iowa, we cannot make a projection. based on the information we have right now. bruce braley, joni ernst. in nebraska, republican, will be
7:01 pm
the next united states senator from the state of nebraska. ben sasse. we are watching other races in wyoming. we projected, the republican senator from wyoming, mike enzi. al franken from the state of minnesota. defeating the former comedian, now the senator, al franken. gets himself re-elected easier than six years ago. here is the count, right now. there will be at least 42 democrats in the united states senate. next year there will be 46 republicans. there are still several outstanding races. see the outstanding races in yellow. the republicans now have a magic number of two. they started the night. needed a net again of six. now they only need a net gain of two to become the majority in the united states senate. so this is important information for, for them as we await for more real votes to come in. we want to show you what our
7:02 pm
exit polls are revealing. these are estimates. based on interviews with the sampling of vote tires day. during the early voting process. here is the exit poll for the state of iowa. 47% for the democrats. bruce braley. 51% for joni ernst. that would be a huge, huge republican pickup in iowa. that is the tom harken seat. the democrat retiring. remember though, exit polls are estimates. based on interviews with voters. final outscum may be different. we use the exit polls to make projections only. in noncompetitive races. let's check in with jake. he has got an update on governors' races and projections. >> that's right. wolf, cnn projecting several races in iowa. incumbent governor, longest standing governor in the nation, terry branstad, elected.
7:03 pm
and in oklahoma, incumbent governor, mary fallin, re-elected to governor of oklahoma. take a look at the map now. in nebraska. nebraska, cnn not able to make a prediction as to the governor's race. in nevada, apologize. in nevada, cnn not able to make a projection. sandoval running for re-election. look at the yellow. all the places we do not know whether or not who the winner is. massachusetts. maine. maryland. obviously, florida and wisconsin. we are watching very closely. a lot of unknowns still in the governors' races keep an eye out for them, wolf. take a look at the vote in florida, i just mentioned. very competitive race. 86,000 votes. rick scott is a head. 48%-47% for kari crist. 97% of the vote in. we are still waiting for 3% to come in. it looks very, very tight. it is possible for crist off to
7:04 pm
pull out a victory. rick scott in the lead. in wisconsin, scott walker, with 16% of the vote up 60% to mary burkewith 39%. a lot more vote out of wisconsin to be able to tell in any way, whether or not scott walker is going to be re-elected as governor of wisconsin. wolf, now to you with key races. >> key race alert right now. take a look at this. north carolina, 79% of the vote is in. look at how close it is. tom tell us the republican challenger, he has a 25,000-vote advantage over the democratic incumbent. kay hagan. 2 million votes. thom tillis ahead. 49%. in virginia, 89% of the vote is in. the republican challenger, ed gillespie, over mark warner. 48.8%, to 48.5%.
7:05 pm
7,500 vote advantage. gillespie over mark warner. a lot closer than pundits, polls suggested. real battle under way in virginia right now. a real battle under way in north carolina. if kay hagan doesn't hold on to the seats. the democrats will be in trouble as far as holding on to the majority in the united states senate. the magic number down to two. the republicans doing very well so far tonight. let's start off in virginia right now. >> again, watching a race much closer than anybody anticipated maybe except for ed gillespie. not sure he expected. shy of 90% of the vote in. gillespie. narrow lead. look at the map. every county in virginia reporting votes. the question is what is left. if you look to some of the smaller republican count yeshgsz not many votes out here. critical to gillespie. 97%. most at 100%. the question its what is left out there. and the democratic areas. come down here, norfolk area.
7:06 pm
100%. mark warner has nothing left there. virginia beach area. gillespie. couple thousand votes. maybe add to his totals there. wolf, talking through out the night every time we have a close race in the state of virginia this is where you make your win in the state of virginia. fairfax county, still 72%. we got a bit of the vet to count here. this is a place where mark warner is winning by significant margin. these other counties. close to the end. 98% there. 100% there. fairfax county one of the biggest suburbs outside of washington is going to decide the race tonight. most other vote is in. look at it now. there are enough votes there for mark warner to make up the difference. we will be counting right to the end. very, very close race. we move over here. brought in the vote total. the libertarian guy. it is looking it could be significant. 80% of the precincts. tillis, a small lead. 49%, 47%. again look at what is left. get to this point in the race.
7:07 pm
talking all night long. only 24% of the vote reported. charlotte. democratic base. african-american voters. turned out operation, working, there was some concern, last-minute ad, president obama. you still got 76% of the vote to come in in a democratic county. kay hagan has a basket of votes counting on. move to other places. start coming up here. not as much. still outstanding votes. democratic area. in the wake county. durham, 25%, 26% of the vet to be counted here. when you ak lore looking at wha left. democratic areas. other counties. yes, 37% counted here. much smaller percentage. still some place out here where tom tillis is going to add. when you look at the map. there are bigger baskets. >> take a look at charlotte. 25% of the vote is in. she could pull this out. >> she could pull this out right here. the bigger baskets of votes uncounted.
7:08 pm
if you are looking at this right now. what's left you. can see the map from kay hagan. end of the night we may be talking about sean hall and the votes and the libertarian candidate has received. and watch until they go through t to the end. quick peek at the georgia senate race. 47%. could any body get to 50% plus 1%. 50% of the vote counted. want to check in. still weight. 0% from fulton county, atlanta. don't want to make any conclusions until we get more votes from there. let's go down to, as always, biggest unpredictable prize. switch to the governor's race here. we have been stuck here a bit. happens quite a bit when you get close to the finish line of florida. you get stuck waiting for the final votes to come in. guess where they are? 97% in broward county. a huge chunk of the population. charlie crist with a big lead. if the final volts come in at the same margins he is going to add to his basket. the question is, is it enough. saying for miami-dade. 7% of the vote out.
7:09 pm
charlie crist winning a big chunk. if you look, doing simple math, and percentages based on what i show you in the two counties. it is possible. starting to see if there are places where you will get republican votes. and you have almost 100% reporting when you go around the state in the republican counties. waiting on miami-dade. waiting on broward county. math is still possible for charlie crist. i suspect no matter what happens to this one, the lawyers will be talking tomorrow. >> less than half percent. automatic recount. we have been there before with the recounts in florida. a lot of our viewers -- there are a bunch of cliffhangers now. watching in north carolina, georgia, florida. these races are very close. go to kansas. >> come out to kansas senate race. pat robertson has begun to open up a lead. at 36%. just want to watch see if this trend continues. this is greg orman's base out here. he the small county down here in, southeastern kansas. this out here. they're tiny counties when you look at them. not a lot of votes out here.
7:10 pm
100%. pat roberts. 795 votes. so you think that's not much. when you add here, here, you keep adding it up. this is the strength. small town republican counties out here. bob dole crossing the state. every republican they could get. and at one point called it the clown car. people from washington, perm nenlt republicans coming in to campaign. appears we have a way to go. it helped. republican loyalty kicked in in small towns in the western part of the state. we will watch it. pat roberts at the moment looks more comfortable. this one here to me, looking at the results. 67%, state of colorado. just look right here. this is going to be red. and the tea party candidate lost to michael bennett in 2010, in a big year, it was wednesday morning when bennett declared victory in the race. it happened, because of right there. see michael bennett. winning the suburbs. wins the city.
7:11 pm
suburbs. look what cory gardner is doingen the suburbs right now. the establishment hand picked him. pushed the candidates out of the race. to see if he could compete in adams county. latino population is growing. running even. slightly ahead of mark udall. republican runs even. republican has a good chance. arapajo, not a huge mar jivenlt he is winning narrowly in the suburbs. republicans win close races in tough states. move over to jefferson county. in the clerks office, early voting, checking. and a swing county. a swing vote. with the republican on top. not the democrat. if you go back look at 2010. michael bennett on top in the swing county. by a couple points. look at the presidential race, where president obama sent mitt romney packing in the state of colorado. this state increasingly because of the demographic challenges is won right here. at the moment approaching 70%. cory gardner is doing what the republican establishment wanted him to do when they hand picked
7:12 pm
him. >> mark udall, in deep, deep trouble. see the numbers. 67% of the vote coming insofar. >> that would be a huge loss. the state the president carried twice. when you go back into presidential politics. look at the map. democrats, all republican territory in presidential elections. democrats made the west competitive. not huge electoral prizes, nevada, new mexico, colorado. start to add those up. if the states become competitive again. a different country. >> numbers from iowa. the state the president won twice as well. bruce braley, joni ernst, republican. 14% of the vote is in. still very early. >> a lot of the votes coming from right here. again, a bad sign. the good news that the early results. bad sign for bruce braley. 65% of the vote counted. 2/3 volt in polk county. 2/of 3 the state population. biggest chunk coming from right there.
7:13 pm
that volt is ite is in. 14% statewide. 65% in one of the biggest democratic baskets. that tells you this is, just go back again. look at the presidential race. go to 2012. joni ernst is going to win out here, small towns. if you are bruce braley. may be wondering is the margin enough. and compare it to the 2012. 56-42. come to this race. 42-55. not as high as obama in polk county. >> bunch of cliffhangers, north carolina, kansas, florida. see what happens in iowa. anderson. amazing what is going on. if you take a look at virginia it is really, really close right now as well. >> it is. got to say. i am amazed by john king's knowledge of every county of every state in america. not just this year. but like going back ten years. it's incredible just to watch. >> check my expense account. >> that's the thing. you have been to all of them for ages. talk about what is going on in north carolina.
7:14 pm
jean shaheen, raised a lot of eyebrows. >> a must-win race for the democrats. and everybody i talk to who has been involved in this race, on both side, says, kay hagan has run a really good race. i might point out. $100 million. most expensive race in the country. as republicans try to nationalize this election. what kay hagan has done. no, no, no. this is about north carolina. i am running against the speaker of the house in north carolina. and here's what he did. he cut teacher pay. he passed voter id law. things you don't like. about our state. she managed to keep this election, local. of course, the outcome could be determined by some what pizza delivery guy. we'll see. third party candidate. right. right. >> my mom is from north carolina. i spent a lot of time there growing up as a kid with my grandparents. that was the jesse helms era.
7:15 pm
the idea that barack obama, in 2008, senator barack obama turned night a blue state. remarkable. the problem. have not been able to replicate it since. since 2008. fell short in 2012. this 'tthis big. gloria says, a remarkable effort by kay hagan. a lot of people a year ago would say is the most vulnerable democratic senator and she, she actually is other than jean shaheen proven herself to be one of the most resilient. if she loses tonight. we don't know the results tonight. if she loses tonight. then, democrats really have to go back to square one when it comes to winning statewide. in a presidential election contest. because the they have not been able to recapture whatever it was that they did in 2008. i grew up in north carolina. still have family there. >> one up him. >> i'm from new york. go ahead.
7:16 pm
>> i thought actually learned a lot. glad you were there. in north carolina it is like, we were talking kentucky earlier in the night. there are a number of states that have different traditions, co-xig co-existing. jesse helms. and terry sanford, a progressive governor, major influence in my life. and i think what you saw in this race is a classic example of america being very sharply divided. nationwide. between two different traditions and a sense that, we are moving into one or the other. we are not both. kay hagan, barack obama is very, very unpopular. very unpopular. heap lost this last time. more unpopular now. she should have won the race on that basis alone. going away. but tillis comes from this other tradition which is really antagonized a lot of moderates. that represents a very, it is an extreme conservative position in, in the legislature. and that was, that's been a real drag on tillis. why they're running neck in
7:17 pm
neck. it really, represents the larger picture. >> one of the things you have to brag on grassroots in north carolina. pick up on where you are coming from. you have a reverend barber there, the head of the naacp, and the minute that the tea party took over the state legislature he began this moral mondays movement. not been talked about. they have been gathering. marching. demonstrating. don't attack the teachers. don't attack women any choice. don't attack voting rights. this is the naacp in north carolina recognizing white folks, organizing with labor. this is the basis of this fight back for hagan. able to do well herself. also a backlash against the tea party. that that, and these forces combining. >> there are two backlashes. >> exactly. two backlashes. >> want to show numbers for virginia right now. ahead by 7,500, give or take a little. 89%.
7:18 pm
you want to talk about virginia? >> what i want to say for a minute. every american ought to be really proud about tonight. what you are watching across the whole country are really close elections they prove the campaigns matter. candidates matter. by the way your vote matters. this is a validation after all, big money, everything else. in the end in a lot of states. people walking into vote, are going to make a difference. and their trust and the candidate is going to make a difference. shaheen won in the end people decided she has represent ra sended new hampshire. i want her back. despite a great exam paicampaig. >> go down state-by-state. you see these kinds of. if pat roberts survives it will be because for his entire career he really is from western kansas. in the end, western kansas said we'll give him one more chance. that kind of personally, so to me, tonight whether you are democrat or republicans, who
7:19 pm
ever wins in florida for governor. this is a wonderful vindication of the american model. >> wonderful. there are close races. shows your vote matters. the flip side of that is that i expect that turnout will not be very strong. it will be way down from a presidential year. and makes the point. if you are out complaining abut washington, your governor, state legislature -- and you don't vote. you should get out and vote. because these, races are close. they can be decided 5%. i want to make another point about something. that is you saw what is happening in colorado. senator udall in the fight for his life. it does not i think look very good for him given what john king was saying. when michael bennett pulled out that tree markable victory. back in a bad year for democrats. barack obama campaigned for him. in this cycle. mark udall did not want barack
7:20 pm
obama to campaign for him. there are things that go into narrow victories and losses. that speaks to decisions that democratic candidates made around the country by asking the president. >> how he stood up to barack obama. how he pushed back. >> if you've see the press turnout in colorado. haven't seen the numbers yet. that may, may, cause senator udall some of his advisers if he does lose to reconsider the strategy. >> the way. the way -- the way -- so many democratic candidates treated barack obama as if he was suffering from leprosy made it a self-fulfilling prophecy. if charlie crist loses in florida today, i think he will. partly because he underperformed in south florida. part of that is because the african-american vote and democratic base does not like barack obama being shunned that way. i think he might be saying the
7:21 pm
same thing in north carolina with hagan, same thing with colorado. >> mistake for a lot of the candidates. >> this loyalty doesn't sell well. he is, like him or not. there is ways of handling it. i think, frankly, michelle nunn handled it well in georgia. we saw allison grimes handle it terribly. >> not saying she voted for him. >> if you look at the exit polling. it looks like obama was a heavier weight against the democrats than the republican unpopularity was against republicans. >> i think that makes sense. he is president. republican leaders don't carry the same sort of -- comments. [ indiscernible ] >> a lot of talk in the white house about whether president obama should do executive actions having to do with immigration reform. ultimately there were not, not that politics have anything to do with any decision the president makes. >> never. >> there were enough democrats in tight races who thought it would hurt them than there were democrats who thought it would
7:22 pm
help them. in fact the only one i know who in a competitive race was mark udall in colorado where the latino vote was key to bennett winning a few years ago. i am just wondering what that impact might be. >> decision making process going forward. >> very interesting to see what the latino turnout is compared to the previous midterm. i want to say also, talking north carolina. we have to acknowledge tonight is a big night for republicans. i think we have to expect that 2016, setting aside the presidential, is likely to be -- a better night for democrats. the map that we are seeing. what we are affirming tonight. we are the 50/50 nation. once again. and that in our -- politics, a landslide 'tis 53-47, nationally, which its what barack obama won the presidency by in 2008. everything else its narrower has been narrower. >> it did affect the latino vote. not just in colorado, the latino
7:23 pm
vote everywhere. >> i have to go to wolf. >> we have a major projection right now. take a look at this. cory gardner, the republican challenger, the next united states senator from the state of colorado. defeating the democratic incumbent. mark udall. a major, major win for the republicans. our reporter is standing by, over, standing by in colorado. over there at -- cory gardner headquarters. i don't know itch the folks there yet know about our projection. chris, something they will be thrilled when they hear about it. >> this is huge for colorado, wolf. the first time a republican has won the senate race statewide in colorado since 2002. the republicans in the camp felt like they had momentum on their side. mark udall felt like if he could get democrats out late. they were counting on, the
7:24 pm
young, hispanic, and women votes. it looks like those votes just didn't come through for them tonight. there was too much, riding against them with the president's unpopularity here in colorado. republicans felt like they felt very strong going into the race. el paso, douglas county turned out. and swing counties, jefferson, arapahoe, and coming out for gardner. gardner is from rural colorado. looked at as a son of rural kol kill here. those districts, when the night is through is going to come out very big for cory gardner. big night for colorado. a big night for control of the united states senate, wolf. >> yeah, that magic number is down to one. republicans need a net gain of one. started the night with six. needed net gain of six. five, four, three, two. now down to one. the republican pickup. here is where it stand right now. there will be 47 republicans in the next united states senate.
7:25 pm
42 democrats. 51 they need the republicans to be in the lajt. several yellow states out there as you can see, undecided in those states. we'll see what happens for exam pull in kansas. if the republican, incumbent, pat roberts can hold on. if he doesn't hold on. then that number might flukt wa -- might fluctuate. the republican opponent will be the next united states senator. mark udall. democratic in come benlt. that brings the magic number. net 1. significant development. net 1. there is other state right now only one more net gain. assuming they don't lose. any republican seats. the republicans will have 5 a1. they will be the majority. in the united states senate. john king, colorado. take a closer look. how did cory gardner do it. >> switch out of the maps. i will take you there. bring up this map.
7:26 pm
take a look at balance of power. colorado red. isn't that interesting. president obama won it twice. democrats were so confident in the ground operation here. republicans out-hustled them. democrats caught up late. how did he do it? number one. chris francis was noting. el paso county. eve evangelical, rural voters. more latinos moving in. more competitive. the republican base. the margins. cory gardner did. and kent buck did that in 2010. what he failed to do was win in the denver suburbs. adams county. just winning. close presidential elections the got to hold your own in the fast growing suburbs. cory gardner at the moment. ahead in adams county. all he needed to do was break even. he gets it. ahead by a little more. jefferson county. golden, colorado, area right here. cory gardner winning badly.
7:27 pm
in denver city, mark udall, nearly 70% of the vote. win in the suburbs. then in the rural areas. when i was out there, wolf, through the conversation, ed promar, democratic, congressman from the suburbs thought, he was dead wrong. d dissatisfaction. the udall campaign disagreed. the president is popular in the west and east. see all the red filling in. very impressive victory for cory gardner. a lot of controversy. tea party members were upset. cory gardner was hand picked. guys were pushed out. ratification of the republican establishment strat jegy to cle the field for their candidates. >> mainstream republican next senator from the state of colorado. we have a key race alert that i want to update you with right now. let's start in virginia. 92% of the vote is in.
7:28 pm
the republican, mark warner. look at this. only 2,400. democrat mark warner, $2,400 over ed gillespie. slight lead over ed gillespie. 92% of the vote is in. look how close it is. more than 2 million votes cast in iowa. 20% of the vote is in. bruce braley. democrat, out of joanie ernst. 20% of the vote in. no projection in iowa yet. let's go to kansas. no projection there. yet, either. all most half of the volt is in. pat roberts, the long time republican candidate, ahead, 20 volts. no projection in north carolina. and tillis is ahead. over kay hagan. 86% of the vote in north
7:29 pm
carolina is in. thom tillis, republican challenger slightly ahead. in georgia no project, there yet either. 64% of the vote is in. david purdue, the republican candidate is ahead of michelle, the democrat, michelle nunn. if he goes on to maintain 50% advantage. plus one, there will not be a runoff. let's see what happened there in florida. 97% of the vote is in. rick scott has an 81,000 vote advantage over the democratic challenger, charlie crist. wow. let's take a look, john king. at virginia right now. gillespie was ahead. 92% of the vote is in. mike warner, slightly the democratic senator. slightly ahead of gillespie. we told you were waiting for fairfax county. that's where the difference came. mark warner made it up.
7:30 pm
here's the hard part for the warner campaign. made it up. that was the key to catching up. arlington, 98%. few more votes. itch the margins hold up. mark warner. alexandria. 100% in. few votes. prince william county. norfolk, those votes are in. come of down here. 100%. norfolk county. also 86%. he is running strong in the naval areas here along virginia beach. he is a head. chance that we got to wait. until the end. warner campaign waiting for the washington suburbs. just about in. fairfax county. now, 100%. 2,400 vote lead. this one is going down to the end. this one is going to wait. you get to a situation like this, you could have lawyers. recou recounts. most are at 100. a few in the 97. a few votes. this one here.
7:31 pm
could be. couple more votes. >> richmond i believe was we had that in earlier. 100% here. check out the suburbs. city. 98%. itch you are looking at it. couple of places that are larger areas where democrat votes. still republicpurepublican puas. >> let's go to north carolina. thom till is ahead. 88%. what have we got. 5 and 30. 37,000 vote lead. math right? see if high school pays off. look, 88%, cumberland county. looking for baskets of boats. only up to 52%. >> got hope. >> sdil got half the votesen the largely democratic county. >> winning, 60-340.
7:32 pm
you've don't know how many votes you will get. if margins hold up. that's the concern for the tillis campaign. go around, smaller conservative counties. you are at 100%. you are at 100%. you are at 100%. see that throughout the state. that by no means, hagan will catch up and win you. have bigger baskets. big omening down here where tom is winning to the south. kay hagar is winning to the north. see how it plays out. going to the wire in yet another race. this part of the country. fascinating to watch. you pull out. another one we are keeping an eye on. this one poe ten shame surprite surprise of the night. david purdue had a slump. we avoid a run-off in georgia. possible. 2/3. 65%. still have, i believe, fulton county. michelle nunn winning by margin
7:33 pm
she need to win. is the turnout high enough. let any just check around the atlanta suburbs. 34% of vote here. we have math to do in the state of georgia as this comes in. it is fill in a way that has to have them optimistic at purdue headquarters. math to be done. if you want to go there. we can go there. >> he is joining us from winston-salem. very close race. what are you learning, miguel? >> reporter: very close race. forsythe county. the fourth largest trench of votes here in north carolina. 83 of the 101 precincts are reporting. hagan has 46,254. thom timis had 38 h 44%. 43%. it's been that sort of, most of the night. tightening up a little bit. but there are still several precincts to be reported.
7:34 pm
see the folks behind me. bringing in the card from, the different precincts. they are reporting them out. getting brand new numbers now. i can tell you that 93% of the 101 presit in kts are counted. that's 49,000 votes. 670 gahagan. we are getting, very, very close in the county. still a lot of votes out there. wolf. >> miguel marques in north carolina. stay in close touch with you. anderson, that magic number for the republicans now they need another net gain of one. started with six. now done to one. some of the races are close. >> incredibly close indeed. joined by new, analysts. and reporters. dana bash joining us. candy crowly, what do you make
7:35 pm
of how tonight is going so far? >> probably better than we thought for republicans what we heard yesterday. oh, really close. democrats still have a chance. i'm not sure the democrats believe that. this looks like a really good night. the question, we think republicans will take control of the senate. by how much. that's the big question. what any their margin. their margin looks like it will be pretty good. >> dana bash? >> the question now at this point is, ary going to be able to, looks like the margins are in republican's favor. i just came from the democratic headquarters. they're sweating. they're sweating virginia. put that in their rearview mirror now. what they have their modeling. returns. put itting them together. it was clear what was going to happen. >> cliffhanger in virginia.
7:36 pm
2,400 votes, sep greating mark warner from ed gym else pea. >> just ahead. with 92% of the vote counted. we're watching that, more from our panel, the magic wall and wolf blitzer ahead. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
7:37 pm
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>> we have major prediction. take a look at this. we predict, david perdue, defeating michelle nunn, the democrat. not a pick up for the democrats.
7:40 pm
the chambliss seat. a retiring republican. david perdue will win. win by 50% of the vote. he has 57%. 41% for michelle nunn. david perdue will be the next senator from the state georgia. let's go to perdue headquarters. keira phillips. i don't know if they have heard our prediction. once they do you will hear a lot of noise over there. >> that's right, wolf. let me tell you they did have cnn on the screen a couple of hours ago. unfortunately everyone was paying attention. so you heard, roars from the crowd when the races were called. now, at the moment, it has been turned. we are looking at the georgia election results. on the screen. but not everybody is able to see it. so we are waiting for reaction from the crowd as soon as they hear. believe me. you will hear it.
7:41 pm
now here its what is interesting, wolf. this is really pretty much unexpected. according to everybody here in the crowd. they were keeping positive. they were talking about, you know, foreseeing a 50 plus one win. not having to go into a run-off. kind of behind the scenes. folks here were concerned i you were following the polls. perdue was up, 1 to 4 points. but so far, as you have seen, it's been quite a difference by, by what you have called. so we are still waiting to get reaction from the crowd, from what i understand. david perdue is here. just outside of the ballroom. he is being kept in a back room. and we are being told that he will come in. as soon as the it is announced. and you will get a reaction here from the crowd. this has been a tight race as the you know, wolf -- as you know, wolf, for a number of weeks now. perdue went out in the past weeks.
7:42 pm
55 georgia cities, within ten days, hoping to make round. or, or, yeah. >> keira, thank you very much. >> i hear he is coming in. go ahead and toss it to you. >> keira at david perdue headquarters in atlanta. take a look where the map stand in the race for the majority of control of the united states senate. right now. 48 republicans are guaranteed they will be in the next u.s. senate compared to 42 carat krakra -- 42 democrats. republicans are getting closer and closer to that magic number. several yellow states you see on the map there. votes reman oin outstanding. very, very tight contests right now. staying on top of all of this. in the meantime. let's go to jake tapper. he has a prediction. hold on. not going to go to jack tapper yet. we have something else to report. let's go to john king. this balance of power right now.
7:43 pm
republicans are getting closer and closer to becoming the majority in the, in the u.s. senate. but they're not there yet. >> right. your map on the beg waig wall h races we called. i have allocated we are certain, all but certain. oregon given to the democrats. idaho to the republicans. montana we have given to the republicans. here. we have called that one. you look through. al low kate the states where we are, 99.999% certain. colorado in the republican column. republicans, 49. given what is going to happen in idaho. here is what mitch mcconnell is thinking and republican leadership is thinking, wolf. on a night where you are winning colorado you will not lose alaska. they think that will happen. we will count votes until sun up. that's what republicans think will happen. at the moment after a very big scare. they think pat roberts is going to hold on. win in kansas. we are not there. that's what they think at republican headquarters. they think they're about to win the state of iowa. watching results.
7:44 pm
long way to go in the count. republicans are hypercon fi didn -- hyper-confide hyper-confident. mary landreu would lose. this is what think at republican headquarters they will take the majority. they're going to take it with at least 52, 53 seats. the possibility of adding as we wait for north carolina and virginia. their expectation is that mark warner will hold on for a narrow win here. they're watching this with great anticipation. the north carolina race is tight to the very end. at republican headquarters, in a whole debate. they think they're going to end the cycle, cycle including january 6th run-off in louisiana. they think they will end the cycle at 53, possibly, 54. >> pretty impressive for the republicans. must say. let's go to jack tapper. a major projection. jake. >> that's right. you projected. david perdue will be senator republican from state of
7:45 pm
georgia. cnn projecting, governor nathan deal will be re-elected. he faced off a challenge from state senator jason carter, grandson of president jimmy carter. and predicting nathan deal will be re-elected the next governor of georgia. back to you, wolf. >> jake, thank you very much. take a look at where close races stand. in virginia, 92% of the vote is in. look how close it is. more than 2 million votes counted. 3,422 votes separate mark warner slightly ahead. democratic incumbent against the republican challenger, ed gillespie. 48.8%-4.7%. 8% of the vote left to be counted. in kansas right now. close, pat roberts does have a 28,000 vote margin ahead of greg orman. independent. senate challenger. pat roberts. 51% of the vote in. almost half the votes
7:46 pm
outstanding. this is a race that republicans really want to win, pat roberts there. greg orman has run an impressive campaign as independent. hasn't said if he would caucus with democrats or republicans if elected. he has to be elected. doesn't look like with half of the vote in. that may not necessarily happen. we will wait to all the votes are in. in iowa, third of the voters. in. and the democratic, has the a slight advantage, over joni ernst. bruce braley up. in north carolina. 93% of the votes are in, and thom tillis has the a 53, 53,000 vote advantage over, over kay hagan. 47% for her 49% for thom tillis. let's update florida right now. this has been ape very close race as well. the governor's race in ga florida. rick scott. he has a nearly 80,000 vote advantage.
7:47 pm
with 90% of the vote in. and, charlie crist. democratic challenger. 47%. so it is looking pretty good for rick scott. we have not been able to make a projection in florida yet. let's go back to anderson and his team over there. anderson, talk about some of the biggest surprises of the night. >> lot of folks are looking at virginia. van jones, paul begala, not paul begala. >> all white guys look the same. >> jay carnie. and newt gingrich. >> well, it is one thing to know that you have got the six-year curse out there. you are going to suffer these losses. people are emotional. hard to see this go down. i am -- al franken, barely sweeped by six years ago. he stuck to his guns.
7:48 pm
he is in there. warner, being this close to possibly losing. i think is the biggest shock. because virginia is, is something that, as an obama guy, i feel so proud of our record there. >> let's look at the numbers in virginia. right now mark warn ear head by 3,400 votes. 92% in. ed gillespie has run a good campaign. a couple of big surprises. one of the biggest surprises tonight. ed gillespie. put this together. make it real. enough votes are out he could win. depending where they're coming from. and second i think, pat roberts. despite, lots of mistakes, is probably going to, methodically work his way back in. and that is a place that absorbed time and energy. and i think you have to -- give a lot of credit to the republican national committee. they looked at the 2012 results and said, technologically out of
7:49 pm
step. we don't have enough inclusion for women and minorities and young people. we don't have a field operation. you go across the country today, if they can, can continue this into 16. they have hand opportunity to really make a huge. >> that is an untold story. >> put it out in virginia. losing candidate. if they lose by less than 1% can request a recount. which could be viable. >> probably either one will. i think you don't know how many vote are out. military. or our veterans. though groups are going very heavily against warner. and so, i think gillespie in the play. >> republicans need net gain of one seat to win control of the u.s. senate. can democrats hang on in virginia. a race that wasn't supposed to be this close. senator warner, inching across. challenger, ed gillespie. election night far from over. a lot ahead. we will be right back.
7:50 pm
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we got a key race alert. let's check it out right now. in virginia, 92% of the vote is in. mark warner incumbent democrat has a slight advantage. 3,422 votes out of more than 2 million cast. look at this. 48.8% for warner. to 48.7% for ed gillespie, republican challenger, former chairman of the republican national committee. still 8% of the vote out. not able to make a projection. in new hampshire, we did project
7:54 pm
that jeanne shaheen, ahead with 78% of the vote in. 2,223. scott brown, republican challenger. not ready to concede. 50.3%, to 49.7%. let's go to michelle kaczynski. scott brown not ready to concede, michelle? >> right. in fact they were talking about a recount when i just spoke to them about 15 minutes ago. what is so fascinating about this, and this race was, beginning to be projected hours ago. hours ago. delayed and delayed. we have seen the numbers change dramatically. we are seeing the latest here. just showing you the gap is widening a bit. and we are talking about, 2,000
7:55 pm
votes at this point. that's because within the last half-hour, that margin was down to about 400 votes with 70% of them in. so the brown campaign is saying -- look, we know that some of those townships, people are saying, they're heavily democratic. so, yeah, that gap could still widen in favor of senator shaheen. they're also saying there are republican townships thourt that also have not been counted. so, at this point, neither campaign has called the other, and the brown campaign is not giving in yet. wolf. >> michelle. still, shaheena. head by 2,223 votes. 50 p 3%-49.7% over scott brown. i want to quickly go to john king over here. this new hampshire contest, still what, 22% of the vote out. scott brown, former massachusetts senator. he is not conceding at laes not yet. >> all the speeches are on hold.
7:56 pm
everybody studying the map. and skaulg people in the counties. a couple things to look at. 70% of the vote in. you are looking at the vote. shaheen, dartmouth, town of h d hanover. to michelle's point. you are looking at this. and an area he thinks he is going to win tonight. win it by a decent margin. see if he does. the reason they're waiting you have 0% of the vote. they're waiting for that one to come in. pull the map out a bit. bring it up. stretch it out. you come out to this part of the state. you have keen another area where he expects to win. you have none of the votes in. you still have some of these places have small vote counts. give you an example what to look at. if you are the shaheen campaign. you are looking, we will run something like president obama won. and all this fills in. a lot of blue. a lot of blue fills in on the western part of the state. enough blue fills in at the
7:57 pm
bottom. think they will win like president obama. if you are scott brown, maybe i can do it, and win much more down hear and take my share of the vote out here. and that's the competition right now. what is the look tore relectora. these are places in the past. voted democrat for president. voted republican for senate. they're left out there. more than enough votes out there for scott brown to make up the difference. does he get them? that is the reason you will not get a speech from scott brown for a while. talking to county, city people, his lawyers. and they're going to wait. especially we talked earlier to night how key it was for scott brown to run it up along the massachusetts border. in most of the places he is doing what he need to do. nashville, a more democratic area there. see how he is doing there, for the sake, see how he is doing for the margins. get a clue there. that know it bad. if you are the republican candidate in nashville. a more -- passes for urban in that part, in new hampshire, about, 53-47. not bad. looking at numbers across the
7:58 pm
areas. saying you know what we are meeting targets. projections why am i going to concede with the open area on the map? >> still, 21% of the vote out standing. scott brown is behind 3,000 votes. jeanne shaheen. democratic incumbent. >> incredibly close race. amazing pick a governor's race. key senate race. race to race to race. to the point, newt gingrich, earlier, your vote counts. you don't think your vote counts. you are wrong. >> your volt is counting in new hampshire. they're still counting those votes in new hampshire right now. so, she is holding off. holding off on making any statement until he concedes. go to virginia once again. right now. this is an incredibly close race. >> 9,000 votes. not that high. looking at what is left out. looking all night. find out the few votes. the virginia beach area.
7:59 pm
gillespie was down, came back. 14% of the vote not in here. if this margin continues you, never sure it will. if the margin continues roughly in the ballpark. a decent basket of votes for ed gillespie in the area. next door, democratic stronghold. norfolk, 100% in. keach moving up the coast. keep moving up the coast. 100% in. still volts for car still votes. democratic votes here. mark warn eer ahead. looking around earlier. see if it is the case. along the border. small county. republican county. ed gill spech more and more, getting close to 100. for the warner campaign. big baskets of vote. big basket vote. in, all in. and they're all in. and they're all in. so around the washington suburbs where they have the biggest most reliable democratic vote. that vote is in. again, no matter how this one goes. ed gillespie ran strong.
8:00 pm
competitive in the suburbs. very strong in ex-urban areas. again, a lot of people thought this state had gone blue. ed gillespie, making a statementstatemen statement, "oh, no it hasn't." >> polls about to close in hawaii, oregon and idaho. and we have got some projections. in hawaii we projected the democrat, will defeat the republican. and jim risch will get another six years. jim risch defeats his opponent, nels mitchell. let's take a look at the count right now after these three projections with the polls closing.


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