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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 10, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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ahead this hour, jail time but no death penalty for the captain of that south korean ferry captain. israelis are preparing for more deadly and brazen attacks. and danger in mexico. and an arctic chill is pushing parts of north america into a deep freeze. a deadly ferry accident that sparked outrage in south korea is followed months later by a verdict that is causing a similar reaction. the captain of the ferry has avoided the death penalty and now faces 36 years in prison.
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do we know why he was convicted of negligence and not homicide? >> reporter: for the prosecutors' point of view, what they had to do was prove that there was willful intent to commit murder and clearly, as far as those three judges were concerned, they did not manage to do that. you said the captain has been found not guilty of murder. he has been found gillive abandonment and guilty of negligent. he will serve 36 years in prison. bearing in mind, he is almost 70 years old, at this point he has said during this court case that he knows he will die in prison. he knows that he will not be released before the end of his life. we know there has been one person found guilty of murder, the chief engineer on board the sewol ferry. the reason he was found guilty was because he knew two of his fellow crewmen were injured but
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he did not go help them. at this point, nobody has been found guilty for the deaths of the passengers. more than 300 people, most of them high school students were killed back on april 16th. as you can imagine, the reaction from the family have been very emotional and very strong. many of those families have been attending this court for the past five months, they've been going and watching a very difficult task, according to one member who said they had to sit and listen to the men and women that they believed had killed their children day in and day out. one mother called it outrageous. she said that she wants an appeal. she is asking for the nation's help to make sure that there is this appeal. of course, prosecutors will be the ones to decide whether or not to appeal and that will be the next thing we have to watch out for. >> and of course, after that, not only has there been a court case which has been going on for
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five months but there is still an official investigation which is yet to be done. >> yes. this investigation has unfortunately become very political in this country. there has been really a deadlock in the parliament for many months. only recently has that been lifted. there were hundred of bill put on hold because of the opposition parties and the ruling party and some of the families could not agree about what this investigation should look like. that has been lifted at this point so things are back to normal. certainly it has been difficult going. on top of that as well, another development we saw this tuesday. remember, there are still 91 victim that have not been found. their bodies have yet to be retrieved from the ship and we heard from the ministry of oceans and fisheries faye that underwater search has come to an end. they say that it is simply become too dangerous, because some of the internal compartments of this ferry are
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starting to collapse. it is too dangerous for the divers. bear in mind we're coming to the middle of november as well. it is brutal in the winter in the best of times. the conditions are too hard. we did hear from some of those families still waiting for their loved ones to be retrieved from the ferry. they say they agree with this decision but it is obviously a very painful one for them. >> yeah. this has been a period of national trauma for so many there in south korea. among the biggest economies is on the agenda at apec. they are talking about economic reform and growth. u.s. president barack obama is also scheduled to meet with chain he's president xi jinping one-on-one fairly soon. controversial topics like human rights, freedom and cyber spying will be discuss there'd. now live in beijing with the
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very latest. and barack obama and xi jinping spending a lot of quality time together. what is likely to come from that? >> reporter: well, a lot of face to face time where they can see eye to eye is another matter. but it is a very important series of meetings. as you say, the first one happening today between the leaders of the two biggest economies. then there will be a whole round of meetings at the great hall of the people tomorrow. and those meetings will deal with those tricky issues like human rights and trade pacts. the u.s. administration officials heading the a sblemed press that they'll try to make head way on issues they think they can have cooperation like the fight against isis in the middle east, ebola in west africa, and claim change. all of those issues, they hope they can find common ground. but they will be plenty of others that they won't see eye to eye for sure. >> what is interesting about
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this, normally they put on the silly shirts, everyone smile and sgae waves or at least pre tends to. this time among a number of leaders, there has been a number of chilly relations for everyone to see. >> reporter: well, they are putting on a happy face at times. and are wearing the national dress, or at least a version of it. athletic a photo op yesterday and today. certainly there have been some frosty moments. there has been a brief meeting between president obama and russian president vladimir putin. there might be another one today, in fact. often significant things happen on the sidelines of these big multilateral meetings. there is this awkward moment of president xi jinping meeting up and shaking the hand of prime minister shinzo abe of japan. didn't look like the friendliest of gratings but still very significant because they've had
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very frosty relationship over a disputed island chain for more than two years. after months of japan bashing, perhaps the chinese president didn't want to look too happy when he met up with his counterpart. >> as we look at the gray skies behind you, it seems maybe those herculean efforts to turn off the pollution haven't quite paid off. and the chinese are doing very well what they do very well, trying to block the news of that. >> reporter: behind the camera, you mate not believe it. looking pretty clear and i can taste that it is pretty good today. certainly they pulled off all the stops. they closed schools, they've stopped government services. some hospitals are even having a half day. a national holiday. they hit the kill switch on the chinese economy. but you know, as happens in
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chai china, they want to make sure you don't see anything different on your smartphone, with one company, they've told them to redact the u.s. embassy information on what the air quality is like. so it is a big fat zero there, saying the air quality is excellent. i know you might be skeptical. it is clearer today but it is really because of the wind, perhaps, and nothing else. >> that's great. thank you. david mackenzy live for us there in beijing. there have been some dramatic drops in temperatures across the united states. if you are watching in the u.s. right now, you know that it is cold outside. at the international weather center. >> i enjoyed that interview there. the air quality was moderate there. >> so he was on the money. >> a little bit. it will change when the wind changes. you will talk about what's happening. the temperatures among coldest.
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the snowfall quite impressive. 16 inches. that is in excess of 41 centimeters. just outside of minneapolis. this was the scene monday afternoon. the official out there, the minnesota state patrol saying they've hand some 475 car crashes. over 700 vehicles off the roads are spinouts. statewide this led to injuries and a fatality to go i know what it. and of course, air travel is significantly hampered as well. about 75 flights were canceled in minneapolis, st. paul, and about 200 flights as well. look at the temperature trend across portions of the u.s. the temperature drop of nearly 50 degrees fahrenheit. that is about 13 above zero celsius to 13 below in 24 hours. that pattern persists when it
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come to a cooling trend. and notice the 10s drop from 26 in denver to 12 tuesday into wednesday. and down into the upper 40s in the next couple days. everyone will be in on this and it could last a couple weeks. programs after thanksgiving when temps get above normal. >> internationally we should say that zero degrees fahrenheit for that minus 17 celsius. that is cold. we'll talk soon. thank you. at least 57 people have been killed in pakistan after a bus and truck collided. officials stay accident happened in the town in the southern part of the country. according to one local report, the bus was carrying passengers to karachi. more details when we get them. a crackdown on violence which has been targeting israelis as police investigate what they're calling terrorist
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attacks in tel aviv as well as the west bank. the two separate stabbing incidents left two dead and two wounded. more now from nic robertson. >> reporter: a young israeli soldier is lifted aboard a stretcher. it is noon in downtown tel aviv. he was waiting for a bus when he was stabbed. this paramedic, one of the first responders. >> one stab wound or multiple stab wounds. >> he had a few in the leg and the upper part of the body. >> reporter: not long after this video appears on youtube. an arab still holding a knife, appears to cut his own wrist. the security services move to arrest him. what has security services concerned is the question, is this stabbing an isolated incident or part of a growing trend of attacks that transport 00s over the past few weeks?
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within hour, this in the west bank at sunset. a van driver deliberately drives into someone at a bus stop and knocks them down. all caught on security camera video. seconds later, the van driver comes back. finds the person he knocked down. starts stabbing them. then he crosses the road. chases, then attacks another victim before he is interrupted. a third man appears to spray something on the attacker. he crosses the road again. returns to his first victim. police say three people were injured in this stabbing attack. one of them, a 24-year-old woman dying at the scene. the talker whom police describe as a terrorist, shot at the scene by a guard. hour later, the radical islamist group. tension and concerns hear are raising. nic robertson, cnn, tel aviv,
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israel. at least eight women have died in central india. more than 20 others are in a serious condition after undergoing sterilization surgery. more than 80 women who went to the government mobile health clinic on saturday for the procedure felt ill afterwards. district official have ordered an investigation. an autopsy report is expected by wednesday morning. still to come on cnn, here's the charismatic leader of isis. and later this biggest target. rate now his fate is not clear. ahead we'll show what you the uncertainty means for the fight against the militant group. also ahead, how mechanical problems nearly derailed the release of two americans from north korea. ♪ save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf.
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all: yeah, flo, give it a rest.
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it seem boko haram may have struck again at a morning assembly at a boy's school in northern nigeria. least 47 students, mostly boys were killed. it appears the attacker disguised himself as a student, possibly hiding the bomb in a nap sack. no claim of responsibility but police do suspect the militant group. u.s. and coalition force launched at least 41 air strike in syria and iraq from friday
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into monday. u.s. central command says fighter jets struck 23 targets in syria near the cities of kobani. in iraq, war planes hit 18 isis targets across the country. a senior u.s. official sells cnn, it fathers iraqi military was targeting abu bakr al-baghdadi on saturday. it is not clear whether he was hit in that attack and what his fate may be. brian todd looks at his powerful role inside isis and the region. >> reporter: he run the terror group like a ceo with spread shaets, assassinations and captured assets. he has cultivated a reputation for secrecy except for one occasion, a sermon in mosul where he appears and he exhorts his followers. >> you should take up jihad and
11:18 pm
fate in his name. >> reporter: now official can't confirm whether abu bakr al-baghdadi was killed or wounded. >> how much trouble would they be without him? >> this is a bureaucratic organization. a deep bench. and either they have, baghdadi has signed off himself or the council has agreed to a line of succession. >> reporter: according to researchers baghdadly the has two principle deputies. one oversees iraq. >> these people have serve in the saddam hussein's army. they're extremely brutal because the regime was very brutal but they also inherited the disciplines and the military skill that are now benefiting isis in its campaign against its enemies. >> reporter: analysts say he could take the reins.
11:19 pm
>> he would have had to have had a lot of outstanding qualities in the military field or the political world and that make him a potential contedder. >> reporter: there's also 37-year-old, a syrian, chief spokesman for isis had a in september issued a call for isis supporters to launch lone wolf attacks. analysts say some of the top deputies were in prison with him at a u.s. run detention center in iraq where baghdadi was held for at left a four years. >> he was able to trust these individuals as sharing his ideology, sharing his hatred for the west. >> reporter: this analyst says if or when baghdadi is kill, look for some kind of retaliatory strike from isis against u.s. interests. she said they would do that to memorialize their martyred leader and show the coalition that isis is still a major threat. cnn, washington. we have more details now on that secret mission to free two
11:20 pm
americans from north korea, including plane trouble that mate just have scuttled the trip. president obama says the effort to retlaes men did not involve hey level discussions or talks about pong yang's nuclear program. they were brought back on saturday. but the arrival in pyongyang was delayed by a day because of two separate mechanical problems with his plane. fighting ebola one lyric at a time. some of the biggest name in music are remaking that symbolic song, do they know it's christmas. coming up, why the producers says this has to be done.
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for the tennis shoes that got torture tested by teenagers. the internet of everything is changing manufacturing. is your network ready? we have develop manies to report in two high profile ebola cases in the u.s. craig spencer is now ebola-free. the hospital is releasing him today saying he does not pose any ricks to the public. casey hickox, the nurse who defied the quarantine order is planning to leave the town where she's been leaving. her 21-day period has end asked she hasn't presented any ebola symptoms. she treated patients in sierra leone. the concentration in west africa
11:24 pm
has killed nearly 5,000 people. those number coming from the world health organization. individuals and organization have been donating million of dollars toward fighting this outbreak. musicians are now also doing their part. how the latest incarnation of band-aid is coming together to pitch in. ♪ christmas time ♪ there's no need to be afraid >> 30 years ago, band-aid raised 8 million pounds for famine relief in ethiopia. do they know it's christmas brought together the biggest name in music. 30 years on, they are doing it all again. this time in the fight against ebola. >> mothers can't cradle their children. lovers can't comfort each other. wives can't hold their husbands hands while they die.
11:25 pm
that's not right. >> this 30th anniversary, lineup is a blend of fresh and more established stars. it doesn't get bigger than global pop giants one direction who have signed up for the recording. so, too, chris martin, suffolk singer-songwriter, you two front man bono is on board. ♪ >> band-aid's second incarnation in 1989. then in 2004 to mark the 20th anniversary, another remake of the band-aid single. ♪ >> this time bob told me he's been inspired by the british health workers and military now working in ebola-affected countries. >> this immense at this of bravery from these boys and girls, what are their families saying, i'm going out to do what i do. >> the new version will be
11:26 pm
recorded this weekend at the same stood yoes used 30 years ago, with some of the lyrics changed. >> lyrics pertaining to tears and touching and hugs and the very basic stuff we all do on an everyday basis. that's what spreads the disease out there. >> a festive favorite chart bound again. all to help fight ebola. itv news. still to come on cnn, today is china's biggest online shopping day. the biggest online shopping day in the world. we'll tell you what people are buying this singles day and how much businesses are raking in. plus, the business of pot is not waiting for the laws to catch up. in this accident...
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half past the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm john vause. a court has found the south korean ferry captain guilty of murder. more than 300 people were killed, many school children. he has been sentenced to 36 children. two israelis are dead, others wounded. the dead are a 20-year-old soldier and a 24-year-old woman in the west bank. police say terrorists are responsible. a palestinian suspect is under arrest in the tel aviv attack and a security guard shot
11:31 pm
another palestinian suspect in the west bank incident. the second day the annual apec summit is happening in beijing. leaders are talking about check reform and growth. u.s. president barack obama is scheduled to meat with chain he's president xi jinping one-on-one soon. controversial topics like human rights, press freedoms and crabber spying could be on the agenda. attacks between iran and the european union on iran's nuclear program have ended with no apparent sign of progress. an cord would set limits on iran's nack capacity in exchange for easing sanctions. why it is so difficult for either side to move forward. >> the reason is that there's so much at stake and neath side
11:32 pm
seems to have an upper hand. if there is a deal iran could potentially offer critical help in places like iraq and the fight against the islamic state. the u.s., on the other hand, if there's a deal it can offer iran what it desperately wants. an easing of the sanctions that have crippled the economy hear. both sides have some serious cards to play. there is no indication that anything will happen at this point. obviously they both have to go back home if there is a deal and convince domestically that they have won and back home, of course, there are other obstacles. congress is very concerned about a dale in tehran. so some fascinating days ahead as we approach the november 24th dead lane. >> in today iran, we should note that barack obama says the two
11:33 pm
sides are far apart. more violent protests in mexico on monday. this was the scene in the city of acapulco. protesters there clashed with police at the airport. disrupgt operations and forcing the cancellation of flights. the demonstrations are a continuation of national unrest that has raised across mexico over the weekend. the protesters are outraged by the government's response to 43 missing college students. those missing students attend ad teacher's college that is known for its protests against government. they are blaming the government and drug gangs they say had a work the government for the disappearances. >> reporter: deep in the hills of southern mexico -- a war so
11:34 pm
terrible the parents of the missing rebecause the to accept it. he is one of afraid college students who disappeared more than a month ago. >> reporter: he says on the day they went missing, he would dially son's cell number and he next answered. all afraid wlifs abruptly interrupted by what authorities call an organized criminal ring. the attorney general speaks the ring operated out of city hall hear, involving the mayor, his wife, the police chief and drug traffickers. the students were on this highway headed out them belonged to an all male teacher's college that's known for protesting against the government. city mayor didn't want them in town and ordered the police chief to stop the students, according to authorities.
11:35 pm
this is where the plot thickens. the last place the afraid students were seen alive. now walk with me. you see the memorial. i want to show you this wall. you can still satisfy bullet holes which federal authorities say could be possible clues of an ambush by local police who would later turn over students to a cartel. and now another makeshift memorial, a teacher from the school, and signs asking for help. he says that he prays to god that his son is okay and that they're not being beaten or tortured. >> reporter: did the mayor and his wife order police to shoot the students? did they order them turned over to the cartel? authorities aren't saying. but four days after the students went missing, official say the mayor and his wife went underground because investigators were eyeing them
11:36 pm
them evaded police for more than five weeks until -- authorities say the couple was hateding out in a working class but dangerous mexico city neighborhood in this abandoned house, authorities raided this house. they seal the doors. you can see the sign are still hear. the arrests, caught on cell phone video. but the headlines didn't stop there. federal authorities say three cartel members confessed to driving up this road which leads to a public -- aer in by city, and they say they were driving two trucks fill with about 40 people. some of the people inside were dead. others were unconscious. the rest were alive. then federal authorities stay bodies were dropped to the bottom of this pit and set on fair. then they used fair wood, tires and diesel to deep fire going. video confessions released by federal authorities revealed the
11:37 pm
remain were placed in plastic bags. and taken to the san juan river. where children play, adults gather water for every day use and -- according to authorities, the suspects came to this river and emptied out most of those black plastic bags except for one. that one was found sealed. jose saw federal police behindly home along the river bank and is skeptical. i was asking about what authorities are saying. the bodies were dumped in this river. [ speaking spanish ] he says that he never saw anything. according to officials, the remains are in an advanced state of decomposition and i.d.'ing them will be difficult. tray to be strong for the mothers as well. they tell them, aware going to go look for them again. they give the mom hope, he says.
11:38 pm
as a painful wait for answers stretches, the mayor and his wife remain in custody. are yet to be charged and have yet to offer public comment. meanwhile, parents and their supporters have burned cars and government buildings in major cities. hoping to expose what they say are the deep roots of corruption in southern mexico. rosa flores, cnn, in mexico's southern state. ♪
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let's check in on the stock markets. we can see the nikkei up by more than 2%. and shanghai down a touch. a similar story with the asx 200. in new york the dow jones industrial hit record highs on monday as oil remained below $80 a barrel. the dow is up more than 6% while the s&p has gained 10%. the nasdaq has now at its highest level in 14 years. but broad band carriers didn't do so well after president obama called for tough rule for internet service for all users. mr. obama says he is against letting large internet service providers charge customers more for better internet access and
11:42 pm
speeds. shares of mabel cable company like time warner company fell sharply after those remarks. >> this set of principles, the idea of net neutrality has unleashed the power of the internet and given innovators a chance to thrive. abandoning these principles would threaten to end the internet as we know it. that's why i'm laying out a plan to keep the internet free and open. >> the president is urging the the federal communications commission to prohibit so-called paid prioritization that would let internet providers. it started as the anti-valentines today now. singles day in china has become the world's biggest online shopping extravaganza. it is busier than black friday and cyber monday combined in the u.s. and china's big ecommerce company says shoppers have spent
11:43 pm
$2 billion in the first hour. what are people buying on this day to celebrate singles day? >> maybe not a cat but they are big a just about everything you can think of. food, apparel, home appliances, they have already sold 720,000 phones in the first 12 hours. apparently, ocean spray craisins are quite popular. you've got that right. dried cranberries. >> craisins, i can see that. >> healthy. >> so pretty much everything in china, the number are always huge when you're dealing with 1.3, want.4 billion people. when we look at the sale numbers, what are they expecting? especially compared to previous
11:44 pm
years. >> well, actually, china's ecommerce giant has already surpassed last year' sales. as of 1:31 p.m. as of 2:00 they brought in over 6 billion. very safe to say that today will be a big day. >> okay. so a big day in china. they will bring in a ton of money. this is really being driven by ali banna. so clearly what they want to do is hope that something like singles day would go global. what are the chances of that happening? >> absolutely. this year, they have partnered with china and international merchants to offer bargains around the globe, to 200 regions in fact. so it is catching on quickly. >> it is a unique concept. started by students way back in the early '90s. and they jumped on it and they've really promoted it. thank you for that.
11:45 pm
thank you for bringing us up to date. during the u.s. elections last week, voters in alaska, washington and oregon joined, the question of federally decriminal igs cannabis is far from settled. but as miguel reports, some are already anticipating a weed business boom. >> reporter: the business isn't waiting for the laws to catch up. in las vegas, investors taking a rick for possibly huge returns. it is moving fast to capture a mark just emerging from the shadows. >> the ceo and co-founder, it has invested in maisch businesses for some time. how is the business growing? >> in 2013 our research arm put this at $1.5 billion industry. the legal cannabis market. growing to a 2.6 billion
11:46 pm
industry this year. that's a 68% increase. >> you see that going on in years? >> absolutely. you will not find another industry growing at this clip. >> reporter: businesses like david and his app, operating for now only in california. >> how does it work? >> you choose from flowers -- >> reporter: so i want a quarter ounce of ma boss. >> okay. lets do that. then once you're done you check out and place your order. >> reporter: how soon before it shows up at your door? >> an hour or less. >> reporter: the oil used in everything from medicine to vaporizers to candy. >> how big has your company gotten? >> this past area we've grown 400%. >> yes. we'll grow twice that much next year. >> reporter: and today's edibles, not your dorm room pot
11:47 pm
brownies. the most popular is the savory pretzels. they expect sweet, a snack food. our pretsels won't impact your sugar. they're something you can eat every day. >> reporter: businesses here, just the tip of the green ice beg. in oregon and alaska, the two newest states whose voters said yes to pot on election day, they conducted their own market research. in those two states alone in the first area, the estimated take of recreational pot, about $277 million. tax revenue estimated about $30 million. marijuana acceptance become the latest hand. 23 states, plus the district of columbia now allow medical marijuana. 11 more allow specific types of medical marijuana on limited cases on. recreational side, legal in colorado and washington. in 2016, 5 more states will have
11:48 pm
pot legalization propositions on the ballot. by 2019, the possibility in 17 states, and in buying a join as easy as buying a beer. >> the public support is growing very rapidly. it is a matter of time before we see enough states take this on and potentially see the government take this on. >> reporter: they want the banking laws changed so they can operate like any other business. that will take a presidential signature. a tall order for a federal government which has decided not to partake. cnn, las vegas. and a new directive to new york city. stop arresting people carrying small amounts of marijuana. instead, officers will have the option of writing offendaries ticket. they said the policy change remove the stigma of a criminal conviction from first time offenders. especially young people.
11:49 pm
>> too many new yorkers without any prior convictions have been arrested for low level marijuana possession. black and latino communities have been disproportionately affected. there have been in some cases, disastrous consequences for individuals and families. when an individual is arrested, even for the smallest possession of marijuana, it hurts their chance to get a good job. it hurts their chances to get housing, it hurts their chance to qualify for a student loan. it could literally follow them the rest of their lives. >> new york's hot policy claung goes into effect next wednesday. while it is unusually cold in the united states, in australia, it is an early season heat wave. this is going to be a very hot summer for australia. >> i think so. this is the beautiful time of area, the mid 20s celsius, about 70, 75 degrees fahrenheit. it is about 90 degrees in some
11:50 pm
spots. aware talking about well above average. the high pressure in place toward the tasmin sea. the fuel levels, the highest in record history across portions of victoria. some of the officials saying this is a disastrous level this early into the season. these some of the scenes out of portions of sid economy and the patterns look to get hotter. december 1st is the official start of the season. that's the forecast on wednesday. thursday gets up to the mid 70s. about 28 celsius. pushes well into theies in. way above average. notice the temperature into the upper 100s, 108, 109 in some areas. 42 celsius in alice springs about, love above average. here's the fire threat.
11:51 pm
it is well to the north. up next is where the fire season is. to the south it doesn't typically get started until january, february and march. we have some of the warmer weather move in. the concern, very high for an active season. we have the warmest october on record across this portion of the world. so it is certainly worst watching in the next couple weeks as we head into the summer season. certainly not across portions of europe. we have a storm system bringing pretty tremendous rainfall once again over portion of northwest italy. travel once again being impacted and the fog, generally the issue here. travel up to the north once again, the culprit being fog causing delays upwards of 45 minutes as we head into tuesday afternoon. a quick glance. we have a twloefl issued for severe weather.
11:52 pm
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after affecting the town for months, the lava has feigni claimed its first residence. the residence had cleared out. every day children around the world have been making their way to sesame street to learn their abcs and 123s. even difficult topics have been addressed. they've been doing it 45 years. it may look different, depending on where you live, but the community feel is just the same. ♪ can you tell me how to get snain how to get to sesame street ♪ >> it's a question children have been answering ever since 1969. when sesame street debuted on american television. the show's original premise, teach inner city children learning skill and have jim
11:56 pm
henson help with it. >> when i first got on the show, somebody said to me that jim henson was a visionary. i had to say at that time i didn't know exactly what that meant but i think i do now. ♪ >> the vision is worldwide. the muppets don't just live on this iconic street anymore. in britain and china -- big bird is a household name. in germany, it is a giant bear. there are sesame streets in 130 countries, although they don't all look like the one in the united states. in a new documentary called the world according to sesame street, show producer nadine goes to bangladesh to develop the show.
11:57 pm
instead of a street, people gather around a tree. >> each country creates its own context. >> each country has its own characters and theme. in south africa, a muppet who is infected with hiv speaks to the former archbishop desmond t uchb t usual. >> one of the exciting thing is that you are able to find way to tackle subjects that might be difficult to talk about in another environment. >> she has been a cast member on the u.s. version since 1972. she said no matter what country, it's all about putting children first. >> he have child has the right to an education, every child has a right to be loved. every child has a right to feel secure. i think we have announced to the world that those are children's rights. >> jason carroll, cnn, new york.
11:58 pm
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