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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 18, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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guys, thank you very much. you can follow us on twitter. tweet me at wolf blitzer and tweet the show at cnn sit room. thank you very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room," erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, breaking news. a fifth person dies in a terror attack in israel, three americans among the bed, brutally stabbed while praying in a synagogue. could the attack spark an all-out war. and in ferguson, cnn has new video that appears to show police officer darren wilson in an angry confrontation with a ferguson resident. and let it snow. buffalo, new york in the middle of a record snowstorm. could they be under 70 inches by morning. whoa! is it armageddon? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett.
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"outfront" tonight, the breaking news, a fifth terror attack in israel, raising fears that the violence could lead to all-out war. three americans murdered in the attack today. the three men were rabbis with duel citizenship and a fourth a british israeli man murdered along with a police officer responding to the attack. we want to warn the viewers the video you are about to sea, the scene inside of the synagogue is very graphic. to palestinian men wielding butcher knives and a gun attacked and killed the men as they prayed at morning services in east synagogue. these pictures are horrible to show. we want people to understand what happened. these lives in prayer, disrupted in a gruesome and brutal and horrific way as they died. police did kill the attackers. president obama led the international outrage over this attack. >> we condemn in the strongest
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terms these attacks. a number of people were wounded and four people were killed, including three american citizens. so this is deadly for both nations, israel and the united states and our hearts go out to the families. >> ben weed man beginning our coverage tonight. and that is income prehencive. that looks like the back of a church or a synagogue, places people go, covered in blood from a knife attack. it is far from calm where you are tonight. >> no, indeed. it is very, very tense. in fact, just a little while ago we watched as many as 200 young israelis in the street just below or bureau were chanting death to the arabs as this city boils over like we haven't seen since the last major attack, which was six years ago.
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benjamin netanyahu condemning the terror attack in a jerusalem synagogue. >> translator: today, in the middle of the morning prayers, while covered in prayer shawls, four rabbis were massacred, four jews, innocent jews. >> reporter: police say two palestinian men armed with butcher knives and a pistol entered the building in an orthodox neighborhood in west jerusalem. the assailants traveling from east jerusalem, killing five men. three americans with dual citizenship, the son and grandson of renowned boston rabbis and also killed abraham goldbe goldberg, an israeli man with american citizenship and an officer that was critically wounded and died later in the
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hospital. seven others were injured. this video shows israeli soldiers trying to enter the synagogue to stop the attackers, who were then shot and killed by police. israeli authorities calling this one of the deadliest terror attacks in the city in years. >> what you saw today is slaughter of innocent people while they are praying in a synagogue. if the world doesn't unite against terrorism and give zero excuses for terrorism, this will haunt the world. >> a spokesperson for hamas quickly praising as what happened as justifiable revenge for the death of a palestinian bus driver found hanged in his bus on sunday. but palestinian authority mahmoud abbas condemned the attack. netanyahu promised to respond with a heavy hand. >> translator: i decided this evening to demolish the homes of the terrorists who committed this massacre and to accelerate the demolishment of the homes of
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the previous terrorists. >> reporter: and of course the problem for israeli authorities is that unlike in the past, these attackers don't seem to have any affiliation with any militant groups. the israelis say they will destroy their homes. but beyond that, they're dealing with people who live within areas controlled by israel. erin. >> ben, thank you so much, live from jerusalem tonight. tory gold is a senior policy advisor to benjamin netanyahu and a former israeli ambassador to the u.n. ambassador gold, this was an attack at a synagogue, a place of worship, different than recent attacks in israel, which were not in religious locations, does this shock you? >> well, to a large extent, what happened today in jerusalem with the attack on the synagogue, with the murder of four rabbis, is somewhat reminiscent of
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events in the general region that we are living in, in the middle east. you are seeing churches attacked and burned, shiite mosques also assaulted. and you're seeing clergy attacked elsewhere in the region. so it seems like the pattern of thinking, the inspiration that exists among isis, news raw front is beginning to penetrate the palestinian society. we know young people go to the website to look at you tube of what isis is doing, the mass murders they commit. look at this attack. not only was it at a religious site. but the terrorists show up with an ax and butcher knife and they use it as a weapon. what does that remind you of? it reminds you of brits and americans beheaded in the syrian desert. when you look at the attack scene. and i want to warn viewers, this is a graphic scene but i want to
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show it so people understand what happened. that is a butcher knife with blood on it, after the story today. this was not a sudden suicide bombing. how do you find against this new kind of terror. you can't just put a metal detector in the front of a synagogue and stop this sort of thing? >> when mahmoud abbas talks to the palestinian people and said he wants to avoid a situation where there is jewish con tommination of the temple mount, how can you talk that way and be a person addressed bisect kerry as a man of peace and talk about jews contaminating the temple mount. so the palestinian leadership has to move back from this kind of language and it is being systematically used and affecting young people. >> the language is horrible. but the prime minister netanyahu today also said something that has upset some. he said he will destroy the homes of the people responsible for the horrific terror attack.
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that, of course, will hurt others who are innocent who live in those homes. it is standard operating procedure for the israeli government i understnd. but the attack have been escalating. so what do you gain by destroying their homes? >> well you have to understand the context in which all of this is occurring. first of all, israel is a country of law and everything that goes on in terms of our military operations is under the oversight of the israeli supreme court and more importantly to your question, we have a problem where the palestinian authority, hamas, with the backing of qatar and iran, are incentivizing terrorism. if you want to get a -- let's say a salary for life, or for many years, if you engage in terrorism against israelis, you'll be given that salary. you can sit in an israeli prison and you'll get that money. and that money is coming from -- through the palestinian authority. so if you are incentivizing, we
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have to create a disincentive and that is what this punishment does. it is difficult and hard to hear about, but it is absolutely necessary and an emergency situation and it works. >> there were major celebrations in gaza today following at tack, some palestinians believe the killings were justified and they believe that because they say the killing of the rabbis was in response to a palestinian bus driver they say was lynched by israeli jews. israeli police say that man hung himself and it was suicide. do you know that for sure? >> 100%, it was suicide. and you know something, the family was allowed to pick a pathologist who could look at the body and make his own determination. so there was israeli pathologists who looked at the body and there was a palestinian pathologist and everyone was in agreement this was a suicide. this was not something caused by somebody shooting him, somebody
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dragging him out and choking him. this came about because of a suicide and there is just absolutely no question about it. but part -- what is part of this whole process of incitement, it is taking false rumors and spreading them that have no basis. it is like saying israel wants to undermine the foundations of the aloxia mosque. come on. this has been an old myth thrown around since the times of the move ty of jerusalem. >> all right. thank you very much, ambassador. >> sure. and "outfront" next, breaking news, all 50 states reported freezing temperatures today. none are having a situation like buffalo. emergencies there across new york, how much snow could they have by morning. these numbers are stunning. and my next guess as congress is about to vote on a bill that isis would love, that would empower them to terror attacks in america. the former cia director michael
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breaking news, up to 90 inches of snow expected to fall near buffalo, new york, over the next few days. >> that would beat an all-time record. let me say that again. 90 inches of snow. i'll show you a time lapse video of lake-effect snow, snow much in full force. the aftermath is what we can show you. incredible images of snow piling up across the city and at an incredible pace. the snow is falling so fast the national guard has been
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deployed. andrew cuomo showing images of a highway under what appears to be feet of snow. martin savage is there "outfront" in buffalo, new york. martin, this is a stunning number. 90 inches. what is it like there? >> reporter: you know the word i think i'm looking for is wicked. absolutely wicked, standing outside in southern buffalo where we are right now. this weather system, not so much a storm, but a weather system is dividing this city in half. the northern part of buffalo, they only got a dusting snow. but drive three miles to the south and you run into scenes like this. and erin, i have to tell you, this actually is not the worst of it here. you cannot even get to the worst areas because the roads have been declared impassable because the snow began falling so rapidly last night, vehicles got trapped and people abandoned the cars and the plows couldn't move because the cars are in the way and the emergency responders
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tried to respond and they got stuck and it all cascaded from there. it is snowing at a rate of 4 to 5 inches an hour and doing that for over 12 hours and that is why you are getting the incredible snow amounts. now you add the wind, 30 mile-per-hour gusts, just blowing it all horizontally, the plows can't keep up. they are using front-end loaders an putting it on dump trucks and hauling it out of town and of course they can't keep up. the roads are banned to traffic except for those who need essentially to travel. it is phenomenal. i've seen a lot of snow. but none like this. and the truth is, in buffalo, people are saying the same thing. and it is november, by the way, too. >> it is just stunning. and 90 inches. how many inches are where you are right now to give people perspective of how much more could be coming? >> reporter: it is tough to say because it is blowing so hard. i would imagine that we problemlproblem
4:18 pm
ly -- probably, in this particular area, 2-3 feet. some were 3-4 and some areas have 5. it is difficult to say how much snow will pile up because another system is waiting after this one. it is a very narrow line. about 10-25 miles wide but if you are in it, it is incredible. >> it is incredible to see. those numbers are impossible to sort of comprehend and amazing you are there. within three miles, a dusting to something that could end up being 90 inches. well as we're watching that. president obama is ordering a review of u.s. handling of terror hostages as isis releases video of the murder of peter kassig, the fifth western hostage killed by isis since august. the white house pointing out today that paying ransoms are not on the table. >> the one thing i want to make clear, this is not a reconsideration of a
4:19 pm
long-standing policy of the united states government that ransoms should not be paid to terrorist organizations holding hostages. >> joining me, michael hayden, director of the cia. general, good to have you with us. >> good evening. >> and the u.s. white house said no ran so so many. but recently they swapped five soldiers from guantanamo for bowe bergdahl and they wouldn't be surprised if they go back to fighting against america. what is the difference between that and paying ransom? >> frankly, erin, i'm not here to justify that move. at the time it was disturbing. i understand the humanitarian urge to get our srgt bergdahl -- sergeant buergdahl break and evn though we did a slight of hand and worked through a third party, at the end of the deal we
4:20 pm
were giving up something in order to get an american returned. that was very discomfortable. >> and discomfortable because it does seem hard to understand one and not the other. if you are willing to do one -- it appears inconsistent to some. >> it is. >> but on the ransom issue. europeans held hostage by the same isis killers who beheaded americans said they were released for money. they talked about it. and diane folly whose son was beheaded by isis spoke to cnn about this. i want to show her takeaway from that. >> jim believed until the end that his country would come to their aid. >> other countries will pay ransom. other people will pay ransom so what does the u.s. accomplish by being the only ones who don't? >> two dynamics at work here, erin. the first is this. the americans are different in terms of targeting by terrorist groups overseas. all westerners are vulnerable,
4:21 pm
but americans are especially vulnerable. that is one reality. the second reality is simply this. when a president or other policymaker has to make this decision and it is really difficult, erin, it is not just about the individual who is a hostage now. the overall driving impulse for policy is how do i reduce the number of american hostages over all. and frankly, paying ransom at the end makes it more likely that more americans will be l d leld -- will be held by terrorists. >> and is it the government's responsibility at all, though, to try to free americans who have chosen to be there on their own? obviously bowe bergdahl is a complicated situation. let's give that. but he was a -- a member of the united states military. the others were there by their own choice or media officials. does the government bear
4:22 pm
anything to them. >> erin. i've been there to rescue americans that have been incredibly short sided or have made their own choices. remember the hikers that decided to hike in iranian kurdistan and bad judgment doesn't erase your americanship and we do have a responsibility within reason, not putting americans at undue risk, to get those people back. >> in august you said it is only a matter of time before isis strikes the american home lantd and since then -- homeland and since then isis has taken more territory and released brutal video that we have all been subjected to and an isis attack on the united states, is that something you truly believe is possible? imminent may be the wrong word but let me use it to get your reaction. >> and imminent, probably not. this is a group that has has not
4:23 pm
global ambitions but regional capabilities. and now erin, we are talking about the isis-inspired also so we could see that type after tack in the homeland at any time. and frankly, when we get down to isis having global reach, we are almost certainly not talking about the kind of attack we saw in 9/11, complex, well-organized, slow-moving, multiple-act attack. we probably won't see that. but we could see the one-off terrorists, the small group of terrorists launched into the united states, perhaps the way we saw on christmas day 2009. abdul metal ebb, one sent by arabia. >> and i remember covering that after christmas day. the senate is set to vote on a bill as you know that will crack down on surveillance and collecting information about
4:24 pm
american's phone calls. in the wall street journal you called it reform only isis should love. why should only the nsa be able to collect this information? >> actually, the judge and i didn't write the headline. that is the wall street journal work but frankly we both liked it. it drove home the point we were trying to make. look, erin, we just talked about the self radicalized and the inspired by isis and we talked about the lone wolf actor, the small group coming into the united states. this program, the one we're talking about, the metadata program of american telephone records, that program is specifically designed to deal with that kind of threat. i think we need to have a mature debate about this. this isn't lame duck session of congress business. this has to be handled in due course and in regular order. and if we decide not to do the nsa program, erin, i understand
4:25 pm
that. but we all have to embrace the increased risk that we are accepting, if we decide to reject this tool. >> pretty powerful words for those who sponsor it. i know including some senators on the republican party, very prominent ones. thank you very much, general hayden. >> thank you. next breaking news. with ferguson on edge, new video of officer wilson in an angry confrontation with another citizen. we'll show you the video. and as he faces new allegations of rape, bill cosby has two major entertainment deals and whatever happens, he will make a ton of money from it. that is ahead. ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you outlive your money? uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive.. confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need.
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don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. breaking news, new video, appears to be darren wilson, the white police officer in ferguson, missouri, who shot and killed michael brown, the unarmed black teen-ager. now the new video is raising questions about darren wilson. sarah sidener is "outfront" in ferguson. >> what is your name, sir. >> reporter: this is video posted by a ferguson resident who says that is officer darren wilson. cnn obtained a incident report
4:30 pm
from 2013 that shows wilson was the officer who responded to the home of michael armond for a follow up on derelict vehicles. he said he removed his cell phone and began recording. this is what was posted on you tube, a brief confrontation with the officer. >> [ inaudible ]. >> sir, i'm not taking a picture. i'm recording this incident. do i not have a right to record? >> no, you don't. >> it shows that he was arrested on other charges. the soitd of ferguson would not confirm it is officer darren wilson, citing the poor quality of the video. the aclu said no matter what officer that was, it was improper. >> you can't physically interfere with an officer's actions but absent that, you have an absolutely right to make a document, a recording of interactions with a government
4:31 pm
official. >> reporter: now we spoke to the mayor of ferguson about that incident and while he would not confirm to us whether or not that was indeed officer darren wilson who, as you know, erin, is the officer who is right now looked into by the grand jury for the killing of michael brown, another case that happened a year later, but the mayor did say that the officer should not be speaking to citizens that way and he has alerted the chief and some other folks in the department as well as the city manager, sent them the video that we shared with him and they are looking into it. and again making very clear that officers should not be speaking to citizens that way. erin. >> even if incited to do it. thank you, sarah. and "outfront" now, our legal analyst paul cowan. i'm going to lock your a-s-s up. is this something the grand jury should see. >> i thought you were saying that to me for a second. >> no.
4:32 pm
he shouldn't be saying that. and he has an attitude problem and it is wrong, but this stuff about video taping cops is new. and the cops don't like it, and they have an attitude about it. so it doesn't surprise me. you walk out of this building in new york city, and walk up to a couple of cops an turn on your camera and start recording and see what kind of reaction you get. they are not supposed to react but they do. they are human. >> we don't know for sure the race of the person doing the filming, that he made the threat to. which is obviously could be important. but should the jury have seen this? the jury is not sequestered, they could be seeing it now. >> they are instructed not to watch this by the judge and not watch anything related to the case. but they could watch it. no, it shouldn't be introduced into evidence. because whether a cop on an individual encounter with a individual has a good attitude or a bad attitude has nothing to do with whether deadly force was
4:33 pm
justified or not justified in the michael brown case. either wise you'd be deciding cases not based on the facts, but based on unrelated incidents. >> paul cowan, thank you very much. and today the missouri governor insisting the state is not preparing for all-out war in ferguson and to help the community after the grand jury decision, the governor announced the creation of a quote, unquote, ferguson commission. "outfront" now, reverend stark wilson. and you have been on the street with protesters since day one. i know you are glad this happened, but this is late for this to finally come together, the commission? >> well, thank you very much for having us on today, erin. i appreciate the question. i think it is an opportune time. the reality is at any city, in any community across our nation. we could have convened this commission to talk about the challenges we have in
4:34 pm
relationship of our race, around ethnic disparities, to have this conversation about community policing in almost any community throughout our nation. so i don't know that we can say that it is late. i will say that it is about time and i'm glad to be in the conversation. >> and rich, what do you do about a black community where voter turnout is unbelievably low and you end up with white people representing them. which maybe they would vote for as well. but the point is they are not even voting. what do you do about that? >> well, i think the tragic circumstances in ferguson vividly point out the need for significant community engagement, from all sectors of the community. the commission is a diverse, independent group of citizens and we'll be looking at not only policy measures, but ways to engage the community and positive action and that can be
4:35 pm
voting or community engage or just respectful conversations to learn from each other. aupd don't have to see eye to eye to walk arm in arm. and that is what we need to be able to focus on with our efforts. >> and the governor has issued a state of emergency and activated the national guard, this is before an indictment. was that the smart thing to do? >> quite frankly, that is not a decision that i have to make in the immediate term, decisions are not really what we are focused on, because the reality is no matter what happens over the course of the next two weeks, or the next three weeks, we're still going to have the challenges that we had on august 9th, 2014, if we don't do the significant work in this commission and in our community to talk about community policing, to talk about the municipal government and talk about racial and ethnic
4:36 pm
disparities and come up with policy solutions related to them, we'll have the same challenges on august 9th, 2015. so quite frankly, the deliberation about whether that was the right decision over the course of the last 48 hours are not the greatest of my concern, what i'm considering is what will build a better future for our region, for the next 48 years. >> and of course, what will prevent this reaction from happening again as the situation will happen gueninefitiablely somewhere in this country. thank you to both of you. and darren wilson, the central figure of the worst civil unrest in a long time. who is the man behind the badge. we have a report. and bill cosby facing allegations of rape, and even if it is true, he may still make a lot of money from his latest tv deals. we'll show you exactly how. (rob kolar); so we've had a tempur-pedic for awhile, but now that we have the adjustable base, it's even better.
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breaking news, the justice department is reviewing the police response to protests in ferguson following the fatal shooting of michael brown. police in riot gear fired teargas at michael brown was
4:41 pm
shot and killed by darren wilson and we have new video of officer wilson in a confrontation with another ferguson resident. >> sir, i'm not taking a picture. i'm recording this incident, sir. do i not have the right to record? >> no, you don't. >> sir, you just -- >> the new video raising questions about wilson. ted rollins is "outfront" with what we know about who he is. >> 28-year-old ferguson police officer darren wilson has remained in hiding for more than three months and his supporters of which there are many, have been relatively silent since showing initially vocal support for officer wilson. >> we declare that officer darrell wilson's actions on august 9th were supported. >> he has had financial
4:42 pm
contributions for legal fees have totaled $400,000. >> right, wrong or indifferent, he has to be afforded the due process and we cant throw him to the wolves. >> he served with the ferguson police department for four years ex he started his career in the city of jennings, another st. louis suburb that in 2011 disbanded the entire police force in part because of racial tensions between white officers and black residents. wilson was born in texas, but spent most of his life near st. louis and by all accounts his childhood was difficult. his mother was divorced twice, she was charged with forgery in the year 2000 and pled guilty of stealing thousands of dollars. his mom died two years later of natural causes when darren was just 16 years old. jake shepherd is a friend of darren wilson's. >> it makes me sad. i'm obviously sad for the family of michael brown, but i'm sad for darren and his family too. every law enforcement officer
4:43 pm
dreads the time when they are forced to make that split-second decision, whether or not they have to take someone's life. >> in february of this year, wilson was commended for his work during a traffic stop where he managed to arrest a man allegedly in the midst of a drug deal. now as he faces the possibility of criminal charges for killing michael brown, supporters inside barney's say they are worried that darren wilson may not get a fair shake. >> he's done as far as his career is concerned and everybody wonders why we are raising for him, because he has to live and survive. >> reporter: wilson testified for four hours in front of the grand jury to tell his side of what happened in august when he shot and killed michael brown. while many people around the country are hoping wilson will face charges for killing brown, there is a group of supporters that hope that officer wilson will remain a freeman. ted rollins, cnn, ferguson. >> reporter: "outfront" tonight,
4:44 pm
anthony gray, an attorney for the michael brown family. and you heard from those who support darren wilson. who is your response to those who support wilson and say he isn't getting a fair shake. >> i don't know what their worry is based on. what witnesses have they heard from or evidence have they seen to come up with the feeling that he's not getting a fair shake? i would be very interested to hear what that is predicated on. it just seems to be based on some factors that have driven this whole community into two different pieces, in my mind. and i just don't want to get off into all of that. but the fact of the matter is, i don't see any evidence that someone can then say, i need to support this officer in this situation. >> as you just heard wilson began his career in another st. louis suburb, a police force disbanded due to racial tensions between white officers and black
4:45 pm
residents. it is hard to say anything specifically about anyone involved in this. are you willing to go so far as to say you think this does say something about darren wilson personally and specifically? >> erin, let me be careful by what i say. i don't want to demonize the person, i'll demonize the behavior. and i'm here to go after the conduct and not the individual. and don't want to take unnecessary pot shots at this person. i just want to focus on his behavior on august 9th, 2014. so it does say something about the environment and the culture that he came from, being a member of the jennings police department. i have a long-standing history with that department. i grew up just blocks away, whereas a young child i couldn't go in that city without having some type of problem. so i'm very familiar with the culture there and this historical activities but i don't want to transfer that to
4:46 pm
him as a person as a whole. but i would say it may have led to some of his conduct. >> and thoeb anthony -- thoern, before we go, we have spoken about the washington post report that there were eight or nine witnesses that supported wilson's view of what happened that day when he shot michael brown. do you know how many witnesses have supported michael brown's side? >> well, we know for a fact, and when we say michael brown's side, keep in mind, erin, we've only focused on the kill shots to michael brown's heads, the final bullets pumped into his body. we have six to seven witnesses who spontaneously reacted and stated that mike brown, jr., had his hands up moments before that. that is the critical moment and that is the only eyewitness testimony that is even relevant. i don't know what parts of these other witnesses that support darren's version of events. is it at the car? maybe so. is it because he was [ inaudible ].
4:47 pm
maybe. but all of those points are not relevant. there is no one who has stated so far that mike brown, jr., posed a threat to darren wilson. he was unarmed for pete's sake. he was already bleeding. he had been shot already. so i don't know anyone that is saying that he posed a threat that caused his life to be taken in broad daylight in the manner it was taken. >> thoern gray, thank you. >> thank you. and tonight on cnn, the thin blue line between police of fighting crime and going too far. we report in black and blue tonight at 9:00 eastern. and "outfront" next, breaking news, we'll get an update on the record snow in buffalo. and resort like money in colleges. spot anyone? we'll be right back.
4:48 pm
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. breaking news, back to our top stories tonight. officials if buffalo, new york holding a press conference just moments ago warning residents to stay off of the roads, if they can even get there. they are bracing for an all-time record snowfall tonight, 90 inches of snow expected the next few days. incredible snow across buffalo. the national guard has already been deployed to help. i want to go back to martin savage in buffalo, new york. what else are officials saying tonight? you look at a play like buffalo,
4:52 pm
they're used to snow. this is epic, this is record setting. this is something even buffalo hasn't seen before. >> correct, right. this is coming down at such a rate that people are just stunned. then on top of that, now you've got this tremendous blowing, which makes any kind of plowing just pointless. what they're saying is that even people trapped in their cars, and they know there are people trapped in their cars, even if they run out of gas, do not get out of the vehicle because they say it's just too dangerous. you could wander off five feet and get lost. the cold is severe, the snow is just continuing, and now the roadways are impassable for snow plows. they're using front end loaders. there's even been reports of snow mobiles getting stuck and walking is impossible as well. only four-wheel drive vehicles are being told to get out on the road and even then you better have a darn good reason why you're out here because the police do not want to see you driving just for the heck of it.
4:53 pm
it is serious, i have to tell you, erin. >> and how many people are you seeing there? i see cars behind you. >> reporter: there are some. i tell you, this area is not the worst by any means. we're actually on the fringe of the worst. the worst you can't even get into, the roadways are impassable, clogged with vehicles. erin? >> all right. people who will be spending a long and cold night, can see how dangerous this can be. >> and "outfront" next, college tuition is up 1,200% since 1978. yeah, well, people's incomes aren't. schools are spending your money on fancier things like facilities and spas. it's an arms race of sorts. it's rather sick. a special report is next. maine lobster, extra jumbo shrimp, and salmon! so hurry in! and sea food differently.
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plumber can make $60,000 a year, about the same as a year in harvard. colleges are expense of because they're offering lifestyle, in some cases tans and spas. but some are doing it different. >> reporter: some colleges are starting to look like resorts, and they're passing along the bills to students. tuition expenses have risen more than 1,200% since 1978. but blackburn college in illinois is keeping tuition low thanks to a little thrift. >> there's a $2.5 million renovation project but a novel way to pay for it -- student work crews. you can see where students for years have been literally laying the bricks. >> we do maintain a pretty lean organizational staffing structure, and that is done with the expectation that we do use
4:59 pm
students to supplement those labor needs. >> and it's not just construction jobs. 90% of the student body works ten hours per week on campus. in everything from gardening to security, to administrative positions. in exchange they get tuition credit. what do you say to parent that i don't want my kids to go to school to work, i don't want them to be distracted, i want them to learn. >> we do have parents that question that. we explain this is an enhancement to their overall portfolio that will make them more marketable after graduation. >> reporter: this is the blackburn motor vehicle fleet. they call your generation generation debt. do you agree with that? >> not really. going to blackburn i know i'm saving a lot of money. i came for the work program because i felt with baseball and school and a job, i wouldn't have time to get distracted by video games or going to parties.
5:00 pm
i went to michigan state university. they had big pools, nice buildings, newer dorms but it was kind of a distraction. i'm here for an education. >> christine roman, cnn, new york. >> is college worth it? the cnn film "ivory tower" is thursday at 9:00. "ac360" starts now. >> good evening. i'm jim sciutto, anderson is off tonight. we have breaking news on the weather. parts of upstate new york now under two feet of snow, three feet, four feet in places with nearly six feet now in the forecast and it is still coming down as we speak. also, what began with the massacre of four rabbis, including three americans at prayer in a jerusalem synagogue has now claimed another life and is threatening to ignite a religious powder keg. we begin here at


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