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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 23, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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hello. i'm rosemary church. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. coming up, facing a deadline, diplomats are working around the clock on a nuclear deal with iran. we are live from vienna this hour. also -- >> there's a guy with a pistol. and it's probably a fake one. but he's like pointing it at everybody. >> a tragedy in the u.s. state of ohio after witnesses say a child waved this toy gun at strangers. and later, lucky to be alive. the incredible story of a newborn in australia found left in a storm drain for days. thanks for joining us, everyone. well, negotiators in vienna are
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trying to hammer out an agreement over iran's nuclear program. all sides gave themselves until monday to reach a deal, but as of now there does not appear to be an arrangement in sight. diplomats from the u.s. and iran have both hinted that they may agree to extend the talks. an agreement could mean more cooperation between the united states and iran and the lifting of crippling sanctions on tehran. failure could raise tensions and possibly lead to all-out conflict. well, for the latest on the talks let's go to senior international correspondent nic robertson, who's in vienna. and nic, it is just after 8:00 in the morning in vienna, and it's fast running out of time. where do these talks stand right now and how likely is it that the two sides can agree on an extension of time? because that seems to be all they're left with at this point. >> reporter: rosemary, it's 16
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hours to go until the deadline expires at midnight tonight. the iranian state news agency said that during the meeting the bilateral meeting yesterday between foreign minister zarif and u.s. secretary of state john kerry that they did discuss ways of keeping the talks going. and we know from a senior state department official as well, they said in the circumstances it's been tough going in these talks, that the gaps are still big, that they've been working to reduce those gaps, but they said in those circumstances it would be quite normal to talk about the possibility of extensions, what else can be done. so that very much seems to be right now that the discussions focus on that, on an extension rather than an agreement by the deadline. that has become very, very clear. there were a flurry of meetings yesterday. secretary of state john kerry meeting with the german foreign minister. he had a working dinner last night with european foreign
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ministers. he met with the saudi foreign minister. he met with the russian foreign minister. he met in a trilateral and bilateral with the iranians. it's clear the pace of talks is high. the likelihood of an extension does seem to be the most probable outcome. no one here is talking about failure, but what they had been talking about all along now is the fact serious gaps remain. they've been working on bridging those gaps. and as yet we're hearing very, very little on detail, almost nothing, no indication that those serious significant gaps have been bridged so far. rosemary. >> they all seem to be keeping their cards close to their chest, don't they? so nic, what is the significance of a deal being made and on the other side of the coin what's the likely outcome if no deal within agreed on? even if they do get the extension and the discussions continue. >> well, if there's no deal, it will certainly give fuel for
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critics on the side of the p-5 plus one that iran isn't ready and willing to negotiate in full and good faith. certainly the critics will say that. and no doubt the hard-line critics in iran will say that the united states and the other nations here just aren't acting in good faith either. a failure would potentially strengthen the hand of hard-liners. but again, no one's looking at a failure at the moment. they're talking about the possibility of a deal being reached. it would in theory end the potential pathway for iran getting a nuclear weapon, which would ease tensions in the region, which are already high on a number of issues. also experts look at the situation and say if we can deal with president rouhani in iran and his delegation here and work out a deal that ultimately this will strengthen the hand of the moderates in iran. so that also is looked upon as a
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positive outcome here. but at the moment until we know the details of what has been agreed and what the extension may look like, because as with keep being told there are significant gaps. until we know, those details, it's going to be very hard to make a clear judgment on what has been achieved and what an extension in this context would mean, rosemary. >> all right. our nic robertson there in vienna keeping an eye out and an ear to the ground there to find out what is going to happen, the outcome there looks like as he's been reporting a possible extension in those talks. that's what people are hoping for at this point. all right. well, iranians have strong opinions on their country's nuclear program and the talks in vienna. cnn's reza sayah visited several parts of tehran to get people's thoughts. >> reporter: everyone here it seems has a take on negotiations. so we decided to get a cross-section of opinion while traveling across the capital tehran. first stop, south tehran, home
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of the blue-collar working class. >> translator: as an iranian i always want friendly relations with the world. i hope all the western governments lift the sanctions and bring good news on november 24th. >> translator: it's what everyone wants, to reach an agreement that benefits iran. >> translator: why wouldn't i want a deal? i want them to reach a deal so people can live in peace. >> reporter: next stop, central tehran, home of the middle class and numerous business districts. >> translator: if there's an agreement, everything will be easier. the sanctions will be lifted. the economy will improve. and so will relations with the world. >> translator: i want us to have peace and better lives. as long as we don't give up our rights. >> translator: the other side talks a lot but we shouldn't listen. we have to stay our path. our nuclear energy program is our right. >> reporter: then it was off to our final destination.
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a drive up to north tehran. home of ritzy boutiques and tehran's well-to-do. >> translator: if there's a positive outcome and better relations, we'll have better lives at home. it will improve everything. >> translator: i think if we get out of these sanctions, the situation will improve. there will be more jobs, a better economy. >> translator: we don't want a deal at any price. only if it's fair and right. a deal where iran's rights are addressed and the west's rights are addressed. >> reporter: we traveled to iran frequently over the past year during these nuclear negotiations and we haven't come across a single person who said no, i don't want an agreement with the world powers. however, most iranians continue to insist that any agreement must respect iran's right to a peaceful nuclear program. reza sayah, cnn, tehran. we turn to eastern afghanistan now, where dozens of people were killed when a suicide bomber attacked a crowd watching a volleyball game.
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it happened near the border with pakistan on sunday. a senior international correspondent nick patonwallish reports, it was also the same day afghanistan's parliament agreed to allow nato and western troops to extend their combat mission beyond this year. >> reporter: 100 lives affected by this blast. 45 at least killed. a volleyball match at a reasonably high level, district championship targeted by a suicide bomber. obviously intent on causing as many casualties as possible. and still, afghanistan's winter yet to come and cold enough to prevent people from simply enjoying the sport of volleyball. but no one claiming responsibility at this stage. that area, paktika, the yara hill area, traditionally a stronghold of the hackney network. many would say this is the kind of attack they would normally do. normally devoting their resources on mass attacks on civilians, more military objectives. it isn't clear who's behind this
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one. it is clear it serves as another bleak reminder of the violence engulfing many daily lives in afghanistan. in the past week there have been a number of attacks on kabul. just as nato forces slowly wind up their mission there and nato forces look to see what kind of presence they'll have in the future. it comes on the same day that the lower house of afghanistan's parliament ratified an important document permitting a potential continued u.s. and nato presence after the end of the nato mission this year. it had always been about what the successor to hamid karzai, the afghan former president, would have permitted. his successor, ashraf ghani, significantly more pro western, saying he would sign the bsa. he did that very quickly. that's the key document that would allow u.s. forces to continue their presence. now the lower house of parliament ratifying that. and that too comes as the white house really reassessing what kind of presence they still want to have in afghanistan. they had said they'd be down to simply u.s. marines guarding the embassy potentially in a matter of years. now it seems like they wish to
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continue with the potential for special forces, air support, enablers to permit counterterrorism capability if as we've seen the taliban become resurgent or perhaps al qaeda affiliates move back into a power vacuum, perhaps hoping not to repeat the mistakes they say they made in iraq by pulling out too fast and allowing isis to move into the vacuum here. but a deadly day in afghanistan as potentially the u.s. seek now to prolong its ability to have a potent presence there. nick paton-walsh, cnn, turkey. iraqi forces battling isis say they've retaken two key towns in the diyalah province. but the fight for the capital of anbar province is raging on. isis militants have been trying to seize ramadi since friday, and at least 37 people have died since then. anbar's deputy governor tells cnn they desperately need more coalition air strikes to help iraqi forces push back isis militants. if ramadi falls to isis, the entire province could be lost.
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we'll take a short break now. but just ahead, accused of killing two women and stuffing a body in a suitcase. coming up, the suspect in that gruesome case returned to a hong kong court today, and a magistrate ruled on his mental state. plus, a newborn rescued from a storm drain is in serious condition at a hospital, and a woman has to answer to attempted murder charges in this case today. we're back in a moment. it's more than the driver. it's more than the car. for lotus f1 team, the competitive edge is the cloud. powered by microsoft dynamics, azure, and office 365, the team can gain real time insights and instantly share information around the globe. when every millisecond counts, staying competitive begins with the cloud. this is the microsoft cloud.
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the british suspect in the hong kong suitcase murder is psychologically fit to enter a plea in court. media surrounded rurik jutting's vehicle before the transport vehicle on monday. jutting didn't enter a plea but did speak once to indicate he understood what was happening. police found two indonesian women dead at his apartment earlier this month, with one of them in a suitcase. jutting's case is adjourned until july. so prosecutors can process evidence. well, hundreds of protesters have spent eight weeks now living on hong kong streets fighting for democracy. and now they could be evicted within days. cnn asia pacific editor andrew stevens is in monkok, one of the main protest sites, with more. >> reporter: as the hong kong occupy protest enters its second month here in monkok, scene of
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some of the most violent confrontations, there are still hundreds of tents housing the protesters here. but this scene could all change over the next few days. taxi drivers have taken out an injunction against the protesters here asking for the streets to be cleared. that injunction will be posted here this afternoon. and the protesters have about 24 hours to clear the area peacefully before the police are expected to act. now, we've been speaking to the protesters here, and many will tell us that now eight weeks into this protest they are prepared to stand down as the police step up. remember, though, this is just one of two main protest sites in hong kong. the other, which is much closer to the financial heart of this city, is still attracting thousands of protesters every day. hundreds of tents are still in the area. and at this stage there's no
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clear timetable on injunctions and when police could start moving to clear that protest site out as well. but at this stage mong kok seems most likely to be the first flash point, which could happen in the next 24 to 48 hours. andrew stevens, cnn, mong kok, hong kong. a disturbing discovery at the bottom of a storm drain in australia sunday. an abandoned newborn, just days old, and still alive. well, now a woman is charged with attempted murder. cnn's linda kinkade has more on how a baby boy was rescued just in time. >> reporter: it's an incredible story of survival. a newborn baby discovered dumped in a drain near a highway in sydney's western suburbs. cyclists riding past heard what sounded like a kitten crying. on closer inspection they found a little baby boy. >> we felt sick and we just -- >> we still feel sick. >> yeah. we just wanted that baby to know
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it was okay. >> reporter: police believe the baby was pushed through a small opening in the drain and dropped 2.4 meters. he survived the fall and lay abandoned on the side of the road for up to five days. wrapped only in a hospital blanket and some plastic. fortunately, he was found early in the morning before temperatures were set to soar to 40 degrees celsius, or 100 degrees fahrenheit. >> the baby was conscious and breathing. he was removed from the drain. and placed in the care of the police. >> reporter: rescue workers had to lift a 200-kilogram concrete slab to rescue the baby. the boy was undernourished and suffering dehydration. he remains in hospital in a serious but stable condition. police have charged a 30-year-old woman with attempted murder. linda kinkaid, cnn. well, south africa is using a novel approach to save endangered rhinos from poachers.
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move them, as in catch the rhinos, load them up, and fly them to a secret location in another country. diana mag nay was there when game experts in krueger national park started this program. >> reporter: on the ground a veterinary team stand by, wary around the stunned animal. ready with a blindfold as the drugs kick in. so the rhino is darted with a mix of an immobilizer and a tranquilizer, and it takes about three to five minutes from the time it's hit to get it on the ground and from that moment on the process is incredibly fast. oxygen tubes to help with the breathing. and the horn is microchipped. crucially for south africa's anti-poaching endeavors, dna samples are taken. >> you can actually take a piece of the horn and link it to a specific carcass. >> reporter: then another shot to partially reverse the anesthetic. this is clearly one of the most critical moments, to get the
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rhino up using its own body force. having given it a partial reversal of the tranquilizer. we have to make sure that we don't get in the way. >> and we will have much more on this story and a look at the threat caused by poaching on a wider scale. that's coming up on tuesday, only here on cnn. we'll take another short break now. but just ahead, a u.s. boy is dead after he was shot by police. why authorities are defending the officers' actions. plus, a new report gives us a look into the disturbing past of the newtown school shooter and the missed opportunities to get him critical mental help. i lost my sight in afghanistan, but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind.
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they say he reached into his waistband and pulled out a weapon. but it turned out to be an air gun. here's cnn's sarah ganam with more on the shooting a 911 call made just moments before. >> reporter: a 12-year-old boy is dead after a police shooting in cleveland saturday. >> in the park there's a guy with a pistol. it's probably a fake one. but he's pointing it at everybody. the guy keeps pulling it in and out. it's probably fake but he's scaring the [ bleep ] out of
11:23 pm
people. >> reporter: a replica that looks like a semi-automatic pistol, adding the orange tab that is supposed to identify it as a bb type gun had been removed. but police say it's not clear if the responding officers knew if the gun might be fake when they arrived at the playground of the rec center where the 911 call was made. when an officer ordered the boy to put his hands in the air, police say the boy instead reached for his waistband. >> there was no verbal or no confrontation. the officers ordered him to stop and to show his hands, and he went into his waistband and pulled out the weapon. >> reporter: police say the officer fired two shots and the boy was hit in the torso. he died sunday morning following surgery. the family's attorney told cnn "it's devastating. a mom lets her son go to the park, then finds out he's been shot. we're starting our investigation. we're gathering our witnesses and they're gathering theirs."
11:24 pm
the cleveland police use of force team is also investigating. >> the job is to respond to asxiemts to protect the community. and when an officer gives a command, we expect it to be followed. the way it looks right now, it was not followed. >> that was cnn's sarah ganam reporting. and police have not released the name of the 12-year-old boy. well, a new report paints a chilling picture of the mind of the newtown, connecticut school shooter. experts say they found a number of red flags when they looked into adam lanza's background. cnn's poppy harlow reports. >> reporter: adam lanza hadn't left his room in his mother's newtown home for three months. he was anorexic, weighing only 112 pounds the day he died. despite being six feet tall. he kept his room locked, and his windows blacked out, communicating little with the outside world, and with his mother only over e-mail. when he did communicate, it was with an online cyber community
11:25 pm
of mass murder enthusiasts. all according to a 114-page report released by the connecticut office of the child advocate, detailing how the 20-year-old lived in the days, months, and years before carrying out the mass killings at sandy hook elementary school. >> mrs. lanza's approach to trying to help him was to actually shelter him and protect him and pull him further away from the world. and that in turn proved to be unfortunately a very tragic mistake. >> reporter: while the report determined that lanza was not obviously psychotic in the time leading up to the shooting, it did conclude that he appears to have been on a path to violence for some time and identified warning signs and red flags missed by his family, educators, and doctors. like his fifth-grade project, titled "the big book of granny." the report states this project was filled with images and narrative relating child murder, cannibalism, and taxidermy. it goes on to say, "the big book
11:26 pm
of granny can only be described as extremely abhorrent, and if it had been carefully reviewed by school staff it would have suggested the need for a referral to a child psychiatrist or other mental health professionals for evaluation." it also says a yale psychologist recommended lanza be medicated and undergo treatment for severe emotional disabilities six years before the massacre. but those warnings went unheeded by lanza's mother, nancy, who appeared to make no effort to curtail her son's access to guns in the house despite his mental deterioration. >> i think she had a child who struggled from very early on. i think it was stigmatizing for her. i think it was hard for her to handle him. and i think she wanted it -- to keep it in some ways a secret. >> reporter: the report concludes that while lanza's psychiatric problems did not lead directly to the massacre his severe and deteriorating internalized mental health
11:27 pm
problems, fascination with violence combined with access to deadly weapons provided a recipe for mass murder. poppy harlow, cnn, new york. >> and lanza killed his mother as well as 20 children and six staff members at sandy hook elementary school. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] we all think about life insurance. but when we start worrying about tomorrow, we miss out on the things that matter today. ♪ at axa, we offer advice and help you break down your insurance goals into small, manageable steps. because when you plan for tomorrow, it helps you live for today. can we help you take a small step? for advice, retirement, and life insurance, connect with axa.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and all across the globe. i'm rosemary church. want to check the headlines for you this hour. at least 45 people were killed in a suicide bombing at a volleyball match in eastern afghanistan. it happened near the border with pakistan on sunday, the same day afghanistan's parliament agreed to allow u.s. and nato troops to
11:31 pm
stay in the country beyond this year. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. a magistrate in hong kong says the british banker accused of killing two indonesian women is fit to stand trial. rurik jutting returned to court monday. police found the women's bodies in his apartment earlier this month with the remains of one stuffed in a suitcase. a soyuz rocket is now docked with the international space station. it arrived just six hours after its launch. three crew members including italy's first female astronaut left kazakhstan sunday for a six-month research mission. negotiators in vienna are trying to come to an agreement over iran's disputed nuclear program. they had given themselves until monday to reach a deal. a failure would likely raise tensions between iran and the west. both sides have hinted that they may be willing to extend the talks. well, for the latest on those
11:32 pm
talks and what's at stake, i'm joined by twita parsi. he is founder of the national iranian-american council and an expert on u.s.-iranian relations. he joins us now from vienna. thank you so much for talking with us. now, as we mentioned, you're -- >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. and you're there in vienna, it's just after 8:30 in the morning. what are you hearing about the likely outcome of these talks and whether an extension of time 3450i9 might be a viable option so that discussions can at least continue? >> well, the good news is frankly that we're not hearing that much. the negotiators are quite tight-lipped, and it's actually very much looking like it did exactly a year ago in geneva, when the discipline of the negotiators was very, very strict. they didn't talk a lot to the media. they negotiated intensely, and a couple of hours past midnight they actually had a deal. a lot of people are hoping for the same outcome. we're seeing a similar pattern.
11:33 pm
there is, however, of course the likelihood that there would be an extension. the current deadline is more of a soft deadline. the real hard deadline that they have to work against is when the new republican senate takes over. that's a much more tricky thing for the president of the united states to deal with. >> yeah, indeed. and of course the problem for the iranian negotiators is that they're also facing resistance from hard-liners back in iran. how is is that shaping these talks? >> there is without a doubt resistance both in tehran and in washington against this deal. however, it seems like currently the hard-liners in iran are somewhat in check. you actually had significant people from the iranian revolutionary guards coming out and expressing support for the talks just a couple of days ago. so the discipline on that side seems to at least temporarily be somewhat strong. the problem i think is frankly more on the american side with the republican congress opposing almost everything the president is trying to do.
11:34 pm
>> okay. so if an extension of time is achieved and these talks continue, and that does look fairly likely at this point, what needs to be done to move iran and the p-5 plus one countries, the u.s., uk, russia, china, france, and germany, closer together here? >> well, you have primarily an issue of two things. on the one hand a number of centrifuges that iranians will operate during the duration of the deal. they have come down somewhat, it seems like, but from the american perspective not sufficient. and then on the other side the iranians are requesting sanctions relief relatively early on in the duration of the deal, which is something that the united states prefers to offer the iranians toward the end of the deal. >> so let's look at what happens if no deal is made here. what could that mean for the region, the significance of that? >> well, if you have a scenario
11:35 pm
in which there actually is a complete breakdown of the talks, which i don't think is very likely at this stage, even if they need a little more time to negotiate, the name of the game, as wendy sherman, the lead u.s. negotiator, put it, is escalation on both sides. on the american side there will be a greater push for sanctions. once again there will be talks of military action. and on the iranian side they will likely start expanding the program again. the program has been frozen for the last year as a result of the interim deal. so both sides know very well that in a no-deal scenario both of them will lose. >> all right. and so let's end on a positive note here. what are the benefits of a deal being reached, however long that takes? >> to be frank with you, although the talk right now is a lot about centrifuges, this is about so much more than just the centrifuges. this can have a stabilizing effect on the middle east, as positive as the iranian revolution had a negative impact on the stability of the region 35 years ago. moreover, when it comes to the
11:36 pm
internal politics of iran, this can have a significant impact on the direction that iran will move in for the next decade or two. >> all right. trita parsi, thank you so much for joining us and sharing your perspective on it. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. there is growing tension and bloodshed in the middle east. israeli forces shot and killed a palestinian man east of the jabalya refugee camp in gaza on sunday. the israeli military says he and another man had approached the israeli border, ignoring warning shots and orders to halt. the palestinian's family tells reuters that he had been searching for songbirds, which nest near the border. he is the first person in gaza killed by israeli troops since the summer war between israel and hamas. an israeli border guard who shot and killed a palestinian teen six months ago is now facing charges. ben wedeman has details on the case, reaction from both sides,
11:37 pm
and exclusive video from the west bank at the time of the teen's death. >> reporter: in a rare move by the jerusalem district court, an israeli border guard has been indicted for manslaughter in the death of a palestinian teenager. at a protest in the west bank town of betunia on may 15th, marking nakba, or catastrophe day, when palestinians mourn the founding of israel, 17-year-old nadim nowata was shot dead. initially the israeli military insisted the troops used only rubber bullets, but it soon emerged from the official autopsy as well as closed circuit television footage and exclusive video shot by cnn that nowata was killed by live ammunition, the bullet entering his chest and exiting his back. the israeli justice ministry launched an investigation, and sunday the jerusalem court issued an indict against the border guard, who's not being named. he's charged with intentionally and unlawfully inserting live ammunition among the blanks
11:38 pm
usually used to propel rubber bullets. nowata's father, siem, reacted angrily to the manslaughter charge, insisting in his words that it was an intentional killing, it wasn't a mistake, he said, describing the border guard as a murderer and a criminal. some israelis, however, have rallied to the support of the indicted border guard, a reflection perhaps of the ever-widening gap between palestinians and israelis in these tense times. ben wedeman, cnn, jerusalem. we'll take a short break now. but up ahead, a u.s. city on edge and divided. the protests and preparations as ferguson, missouri waits to find out if a police officer could be charged after killing a teenager. here's some news you may find surprising.
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we're for an open internet for all. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising.
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we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. welcome back, everyone. well, a u.s. grand jury deliberating a controversial police shooting is expected to reconvene monday. the 12-member panel is deciding whether a white police officer from ferguson, missouri should face criminal charges for killing an unarmed black teenager this summer. protesters were back in the streets demanding the officer's arrest. people in ferguson and the surrounding areas remain largely on edge while they wait for the grand jury's decision. well, that waiting is forcing ferguson to face the discord within the community and talk about deeper social issues.
11:42 pm
stephanie elam has more. >> reporter: the closer the grand jury decision on the fate of police officer darren wilson gets -- >> the uncertainty is beyond difficult. >> reporter: -- the more anxious many in the st. louis area grow. this woman grew up in ferguson and moved back here to raise her family. her concern is less about whether or not wilson will be indicted for the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown in august but more about the reaction that follows. >> if there's peaceful demonstrations, that's fine. but to have the violence that we've had and from people that are outside of ferguson in the name of ferguson, no, we don't like that. >> reporter: you don't want to show your face on camera. what's your fear behind that? >> my fear is my family's safety. >> reporter: in the days after mike brown's death unrest paralyzed ferguson and led to months of demonstration in the st. louis area. business here are boarded up hoping to avoid destruction if
11:43 pm
protests once again spin out of control. schools in st. louis county are setting up contingency plans if the decision comes while class is in session. the jennings school district making the cool all to extend i thanksgiving holiday to last the entire week. some churches ready to assist protesters and residents affected by potential rioting. >> to paken a sleeping community to issues that need to be addressed that have always been there, i think is a great legacy. >> reporter: reverend tracy blackman says the fissure in ferguson goes beyond black and white. >> both sides love ferguson, but one side wants to be embraced and to have all of the rights and all of the benefits that both sides should have. the other side is able to live in oblivion to that if they so choose. >> i think it's a tragedy that that young man was killed. but i think that he's given up his life for a greater good that's going to make ferguson
11:44 pm
better, where consciousness is being raised into doing things that are more inclusive. >> reporter: meanwhile, president obama joined attorney general eric holder and members of the st. louis community in a call for peace, no matter what the grand jury decides, telling abc news -- >> using any event as an excuse for violence is contrary to rule of law and contrary to who we are. >> reporter: stephanie elam, cnn, ferguson, missouri. all right. now to the impact of extreme weather. it is getting warmer in buffalo, new york. but officials say the massive amount of snow there is melting at an even pace right now and there are no major flooding problems so far. cnn's alexandra field reports on how the area is preparing for the worst. >> reporter: they are preparing around the clock for the possibility of flooding and a lot of those preparations are happening right here at the state's stockpile in western new york. manpower and supplies have been coming into this area all week.
11:45 pm
around me you can see some of the more than 50 boats which have been brought in. there are swift water res quoou queue boats on standby as well as emergency teams from municipalities in the state. 176,000 sandbags have been brought in along with hundreds of generators of all sizes and water pumps. the goal right now before the temperature begins to spike is to remove as much snow as possible. already over 80,000 tons of snow have been taken out of south buffalo. the goal also is to clear out some of those storm drains which are filled with snow. that could help mitigate some of the risks associated with flooding. people in the area are being told to clear out their basements in anticipation of the possibility of flooding. the governor says that everything that can be done to prepare is being done to prepare. more than 500 national guardsmen and women are in the area on standby should they need to respond. >> alexandra field reporting there. and from historic snow to possibly historic floods and perhaps even a nor'easter by week's end.
11:46 pm
let's go back to our meteorologist pedram javaheri, who joins us again. >> yeah, rosie, long week for a lot of people across this region because we think that storm could play out to be something else by week's end as far as major travel implications when it comes to the busiest travel week of the year across the united states and the busiest travel day being on wednesday. look at the temperature trend. that's 61 fahrenheit, roughly about, say 15:00 or so degrees celsius. that is something you would expect in the month of september, not october, certainly not latter portion of november where we sit right now. temperatures do come back down to reality but still should be warm enough to support a mix of rain and snow showers at times across this region. notice as we head into the thanksgiving day officially on thursday a few flurries come back. but temperatures all conducive here for significant melting in recent days. in fact the national weather service here for some 700,000 people has issued flood warnings across erie and niagara counties, across areas of western new york because the concern is expected to go on all the way till wednesday afternoon. we've got a couple meters, over six to seven feet in a few areas
11:47 pm
where snow has packed on. rainfall beginning on saturday in this region and of course snow is very porous, has a lot of surface area. plenty of air trapped beneath it. this absorbs all the moisture that's come down in recent days and the weight is impressive when it leads to severe roof collapses. 13 of them have been reported across this region of new york in recent days. you've got to do the math. an average house would have 50,000 pounds or about 20,000 kilograms of weight on top of it when it comes to the snow and rain nmixed in in recent days. notice what happens wednesday into thanksgiving day thursday. yes, the cold air returns for this region, and again, this is going to be conducive of a nor'easter developing because the storm system will be riding parallel on the northeastern coast. a couple of models. one says it's going to snow anywhere from washington all the way to around boston. another one says if the storm system goes closer to shore here it's going to be more of a rain event and the travel issues will be really minimal. that's certainly worth noting as we head from wednesday to thursday where the aaa auto club
11:48 pm
saying some 46 million people expected to travel later this week across the united states. quick glance around the western pacific, we do have a little probability of a storm system forming in the next 24 hours. but the models do take the storm system right toward western portions of the philippines and tacloban, one of those areas we're watching very carefully because this region was very hard hit about 12 months ago with the largest and strongest typhoon we'd ever seen impact land. this storm at this point looks at best to be a category 1 equivalent, a very weak-grade typhoon, but still when people are in recovery mode it's going to be something we'll watch here with the rainfall expected to increase in the couple of coming days. rosie will be back with news shortly. can't wait to get the next big thing?
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a look at these amazing images from space. this soyuz rocket docked to the international space station just a few hours ago after a rather quick journey from its kazakhstan launch pad. the trip took only six hours. the three-member crew, which includes italy's first female astronaut, seen here in the blue uniform, joined other astronauts on the i.s.s., and they're on a six-month research mission. congratulations to her and the team. well, a much-anticipated new
11:52 pm
film in the "hunger games" saga debuted to stellar box office numbers over the weekend. and despite damaging allegations against comic icon bill cosby, fans are still cheering him on. those are just a few of the topics we talked about earlier with "in touch" magazine's kim serafin. i want to start with bill cosby. of course we know at this point that more women are coming forward and accusing him of rape, but at the same time his fans are giving him standing ovations, and he is now responding. >> yeah. very interesting. people didn't know, would he have you success at these shows? he did thursday's show. he did a comedy show. standing ovation. same thing friday night's show. standing ovation. sold out crowd. he still has a lot of support out there. i think there was maybe one protester that apparently showed up. but yeah, a lot of people still supporting him, despite all of these new allegations. and he is speaking out, as you
11:53 pm
mentioned. he did an interview with a local reporter in florida, at his comment show friday night, and he said, you know, i know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn't have to answer to innuendo, essentially-s what he said. so interesting to hear from him. his lawyer also putting out a statement, a pretty lengthy statement, dismissing a lot of these claims, saying they go back, they're unsubstantiated, they go back 30, 40, 50 years, using words like ridiculous, bordering on absurd. so we are hearing some pushback from him personally and from his camp. >> all right. we'll continue to follow that story of course. want to move on to "the hunger games." mockingjay part 1. that has opened to some pretty impressive numbers but not what they expected. what are people saying about the movie? >> yeah, interesting, because "the hunger games," we knew this was going to be the biggest hit of the year, obviously. and there have been projections that it would potentially make up to $150 million, 155, 160
11:54 pm
million here in the u.s. now, it did still score the biggest opening of the year, 123 million for opening weekend. not as much as "catching fire" did, not as much as the first one did. still the biggest opening of the year. made 275 million worldwide and did even better in some territories than the last one did. again, didn't do quite as good, but again, still the hunger games still the best movie of the year, and i think maybe it could be because this is the setup -- you know, they split the final book into two parts. this is part 1. part 2, the big finale,ing happens a year from now. and that i don't think anyone denies that will be a huge, huge hit. and again, 123 million not bad. biggest movie of the year. bigger than transformers. jennifer lawrence is a bigger star than ever. still a huge opening for this movie. >> absolutely. and i know you can't wait to see it. i certainly can't wait. and my kids want to see it too. not that they should really at their age. but anyhow. 68-year-old -- >> this one's more violent.
11:55 pm
>> yeah, it gets more violent. i want to look at 68-year-old singer and actress cher, because she has canceled her tour due to illness. how bad is this? do we know? >> yeah. she is obviously -- she's been on this tour. it started in march. she had i think 49 days. and then she took a break. she was supposed to start again and then she postponed some of the dates, and now it's come out, she put out a statement she's canceling the remainder, 22 cities, i think it's 29 more shows in cities like new york and washington, boston. so a big deal that she's canceling. she's been fighting off an infection. close-up weekly initially reported she'd been spotted wearing a heart monitor in october. her spokesperson confirmed it was to help her monitor this viral infection she was dealing with. so hopefully this happened on her doctor's orders, the statement said. hopefully she's listening to the doctor, taking it easy. she wants to start this up again and hopefully she'll take it easy now and get better and resume this tour. >> all right. kim serafin from "in touch
11:56 pm
weekly." there is a new champion of formula 1, lewis hamilton, calling it's greatest day of his life as he captures his second world title with a victory in the final race of the year in abu dhabi. after the race sunday he said taking the crown feels better the second time around. the 29-year-old briton spent most of the season in heavy competition for the championship with teammate nico rosberg, who ended the day 14th after engine problems. the promotional tour for cricket's upcoming world cup took a deep dive on sunday. the world cup trophy swimming with great white sharks off the neptune islands in south australia. former australian cricket player shawn tate shared the cage with the trophy and called it a good experience. the cricket lrworld cup will be held in australia and new zealand in march next year. you are watching cnn. my colleague natalie allen is up next. coming up, we are live from
11:57 pm
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and hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching cnn live coverage. i'm natalie allen. ahead this hour, it is deadline day for talks over the future of iran's nuclear program. but both sides still appear to be far apart. plus a grand jury reconvenes monday in the shooting death of michael brown. we'll take you to ferguson, missouri to show you how the community is bracing for a decision in the case. and later -- >> we felt sick and we just -- >> we still feel sick. >> yeah. we just wanted that baby to know it was okay. >> tra >> trapped for days in a storm drain until bikers came by. now a newborn baby was able to survive. we will have that later in this .