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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  December 2, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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we've had this horrible loss, and we lost a child. we didn't know about the drugs. we know about them now, and the word needs to get out there to the rest of the world that these things will kill your kids. they will kill anybody who takes them. they are pure unadulterated poison. >> hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. want to check the headlines for you this hour. a heart breaking scene in australia as the father of cricketer philip hughes helped carry the casket at his son's funeral. a look at how the beloved batsman was remembered during the emotional service. plus the japanese company linked to a deadly air bag defect is
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refusing to comply with demands for a nationwide real in the u.s. we're live in tokyo to find out what they're promming inste inp. and we're an hour away from what could be a turning point in the massive protests in hong kong. why the leaders of one group are turning themselves into police. >> but we begin in syria with a rare look inside the war torn city of kobani. its kurdish defenders are finally gaining ground against isis fighters in a battle that's lasted for months now, even though it's far from over, a cnn crew has just returned from a hair rowing tour of the city. here's nick payton walsh. >> it's been ding down this street towards the eastern frontline behind those curtains there.
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and this is the eastern front where there's been much more dense fighting in the past three or four days. you see here quite remarkable definition. they were beaten back, but each night, particularly last night, we had very intense clashes further down the street towards this eastern front here. you can see the devastation here as we get closer to isis' position here, northeast of the city.
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taily constant, sometimes every five minutes thump of mortars. some homemade from isis, pound into kobani for months now. we can see turkey literally just behind us. iraq in the north has now agreed to choin furss. it means $1 billion in new equipment and fuing for the military. and the deal will help american supply supplied get more easily.
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>> we learned more about the capture of the capture of family members of al baghdadi. >> this video was shot in march of last year. she was part of a nighttime prisoner exchange. she is believed by regional sources to be the wife of isis lead leader al baghdadi. on the video, you can hear the man say hey, you, take your hands off her. keep your hands away from the woman. no one touches her. so lit sl known about baghdadi that pinning down whether this is indeed his wife or as u.s. sources suspect, a former wife, is tough.
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what is year is that she was a high valued target, taken as a result of a long planned intelligence operation involves syria, iraq and lebanon. we also know there was a lot of western military activity having to do with reinforcing border areas in that area. >> a regional source with knowledge of the operation tells cnn she is a powerful figure in is isis in her own right, that she is very active in isis. >> it was interesting that she was trying to come across into that part of lebanon when forces were trying to make sure that part of lebanon was stable. it hits at some information mismanagement. the u.s. was aware of the operation. twitter accounts used by isis members deny baghdadi's wife has
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been arrested. but regional sources close to the capture say they are sure that his wife was arrested and that she was the intended target. one source even adding that baghdadi has been calling up, asking about his 4-year-old son who was arrested with his mother. that the boy be released. knick -- nic robertson, cnn. >> cricketer phil hughes has laid to rest. the service took place in the small town of macksville where hughes grew up. he was you'll liez jooized by his brother and sister and australia team captain michael clark who recalled their time together at the sydney cricket ground. >> is this what indigenous australians believe about the spirit being con negligented with the land upon which they walk? if so, i know they are right
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about the scg. his spirit has touched it. and it will forever be a safer ground for me. i can feel his presence there and i can see how he's touched so many people around the world. >> incredibly emotional moment. this is most certainly a very tough day for australians and indeed the cricketing world. talk to us about people coming to terms with the loss of phil hughes here and a very emotional moment, particularly there from michael clark. >> certainly the whole of australia has certainly gone to a stand still to mourn the lassing of phil hughes.
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it was a celebration of his life. we got to hear many people from his hometown in macksville. he started with stud farm with bulls and the australian cricket team were there in a small country town in northern new south waels. it was just a real tragedy. the.ic churs there with the whole team were mourning. they were in the school jim naz jaum where there were all together. he had an older brother from a very young age when phil hughes skbroin joined the team, michael clark joined his parents and said don't worry, i'll look after him. he moves to sydney, a country boy coming to the big smoke to fulfill his dream and play
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cricket at the high eest level. he was a 25-year-old young man. this never should have happened. what sort of impact is this accident going to have on cricket going forward? >> there certainly will be safety measures looked into. and certainly the fabric of the game won't be changed. it was, as you said, rosemary, it is just one of those freak accidents. you couldn't imagine hitting in the back of the head and the consequences for him. it's just so saddening. sean abbott who is suffering and
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probably will do for some time. i think a positive part of that story is that yesterday the new south wales team had a training degs and sean abbott was back bowling there and with his friends. i think that's the way to get through these moments. the first game back was postponed and due to start tomorrow in brisbane. that will happen next week. they will find that positive experience going forward into that match. you can see how close knit they are. and it will certainly help them get through this process. >> yeah, and our thoughts are certainly with all australian and phil hughes family members.
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>> welcome back. michael brown's stepfather is under investigation after for
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his actions after a grand jury decided not to indict darren wilson in michael brown's shooting. he's one of several people being investigated by the department. now here's what he told a crowd outside of police headquarters after they heard the news. [ shouting ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> no charges have been filed. his wife, you can see there who is michael brown's mother says he spoke out of anger and did not act to invite the crowd. >> news of the investigation into luis head's marks came as the fraternal order of police announced its members are providing free protection to darren wilson. brian todd talk to the group's
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executive director. >> he's been threatened over the phone, in e-mails, on social media, apparently there are bounties on his head. now cnn has learned darren wilson is protected by a detail of off-duty police officers who have been by his side since the august shooting of michael brown. >> fraternal order of police members from the surrounding area volunteers and have provided him with security from that time right up until the present. >> fraternal order of police director says the off duty officers are not being paid by wilson or anyone else to protect him. maybe one person, maybe two people, so that officer wilson, former officer wilson can sleep at night. >> wilson's lawyers sate's not just darren wilson these officers are protecting.
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>> there are threats out there not only against himself but his family as well. >> his wife is pregnant and on leave from the ferguson police. efforts by hackers and others to track darren wilson down. >> there were cyberactivists in our world who are going to be actively trying to find out where is darren wilson. they're going to be trying to find out where did darren wilson spend his last dollar so that they can track and put out in public where he is. and really create an enhanced threat to him. >> st. louis county community activist john gaskin doesn't begrudge wilson the protection, but he says others in the ferguson area will be upset by it. and the people protecting wilson should ask themselves tough questions. the question that will come to my mind is do they feel darren wilson was doing his job? and the question even becomes, would they have done it.
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>> the fraternal order of police said the police department was unwilling to protect him after the michael brown shooting. he says the fers son police never protected darren wilson and said, quote, that's what the police department is supposed to do. we tried several times to get a response from the ferguson police. we didn't hear back. >> a top executive from the national football league said it made a crucial mistake in the handling of the ray rice case. originally, he was suspended for just two games, but the nfl's troy vincent told a u.s. senate panel tuesday the league should have suspended rice indefinitely, even before the release of a second video showing the actual punch. take a listen.
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>> we have not kept our standards current with our own values. we've made mistakes, we've been humbled, we accept the criticism we've received. and we are committed to being part of the solution. we will get this right. >> last week, an arbitrator reinstated rice in that the they acted in an arbitrary manner when they made the suspense indefinite. janay rice says her husband has apologized profusely. >> did we say things to each other that we want to take back at times? yes, we crossed that line before, but it never got to an altercation where that wint that far. one thing about my punishment
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going along with anything that happened is that i accepted it, i went fully forward with it. i never complained or i never did anything like that. i took full responsibility for everything that i did. several teams are said to have shown an interest in signing rice, but so far, no offers. >> we'll take a short break here. next, a new study says a catastrophic volcanic eruption could hit japan without warning.
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>> a new study says a vol cano can erupt and wipe out most of the country. a surprise eruption in september left dozens dead. >> hikers had no warning. this mountain exploded in second, raining down rocks, volcanic ash and toxic gas, japan's deadliest eruption in almost a century took 57 lives. as bad as this was, volconologists say future eruptions could be far worse. >> no traffic, no electricity, no water.
10:23 pm
>> we kplootly lose our daily life. >> the study analyzes volcanic activity. he and other scientists say japan is due for a massive eruption, one that could make up to 95% of the country unlivable. the study says most of japan's 127 million people are at risk. statistics show the odds are about 1% over the next 100 years. >> what does 1% really mean? >> that maybe happen next day or tomorrow. >> to put that in perspective, kobe, japan, had a similar 1% chance of a major earthquake in 1995 just one day before a 7.2 quake destroyed more than half the city, killing 6400 people. scientists say a huge eruption could kill millions. japan is densely populated, sitting right on the ring of fire, with more than 100 active volcanoes. >> we're always preparing for an
10:24 pm
eruption says this man. he's part of a new mount fuji task force. if and when it erupts, loud speakers would blast evacuation orders. this is one of the most popular tourist sites. do you ever worry about an eruption? i don't think it will happen while we're here, said this father. tatsumi says there need to be a better volcano alert system. >> we should know the risk. he also says the risk of an eruption should not stop people from enjoying japan's natural beauty. breathtaking scenery that sooner or later could come with a price. will ripley, cnn, mount fuji, japan. >> it just seems exorder new year a volcanic eruption could wipe out millions.
10:25 pm
>> there was very little warning with that. so there are in a precarious zone across the world with all those volcanoes. now, you're here to talk about the typhoon, of course, heading towards the full peens. >> not japan this time. this one is headed for the philippines. these do, of course, hit japan sometimes as they curve out to the north. we don't think that's going to happen with this one. in fact, this one is not gloing to curve enough, i don't think, so that it misses the fill even ifs, unfortunately here. so you have to prepare in the next three days for a direct strike from what will be a potent typhoon. the winds, 165 miles an hour. that's 100-mile-an-hour storm. we could be talking between a category three and a category four.
10:26 pm
technically at 2:40, we would have a super typhoon, but then the winds begin to weaken a bit before it makes land fall. taklamar got hit last year by one of the worst typhoons to ever hit the philippines. this will not be that, and it will also be going to the north so they won't have to be dealing with a storm surge there as all. in storm has form sod far south latitude wise here, the 10 degree latitude line. and essentially, it's going toby passed by this jet stream, so it will continue getting steered over to the west. and it will misthat turn.
10:27 pm
potential of storm surge which could lead to landslides and mud slides there. because the winds are expected not to weaken significantly. in fact, there will be about 160 to 170 kilometres-per-hour winds. those winds by themselves could be producing some significant damage as we head into saturday and sunday. then the slow movement of the storm, that is going to concern me as well. because by then it will weaken heading into saturday and sunday. but the downpours will continue. and that is why we're thinking the flood fret is going to be quite high for this storm as well. essentially a couple of days to prepa prepare for a direct strike for a potent typhoon in the philippines. cnn continues in just a minute. ♪ just look at those two. happy. in love. and saving so much money on their car insurance by switching to geico...
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>> welcome back, everyone, to cnn. australia has paid last respects to cricketer phil hughes. he was laid to rest in his hometown of macksville, on the country's east coast. hughes died last week in a freak accident after being hit in the neck by a ball. he would have turned 26 jeers old this past sunday. several white house officials say ashton carter will be president obama's nominee for u.s. defense secretary. if the senate confirms carter, he will replace outgoing secretary chuck hagel. carter is a long time defense official. he served as a deputy to hagel and former defense secondary leon panetta.
10:32 pm
the captain of the costa concord yeah denied abandoning his cruise ship saying he was thrown into the water when it rolled on to its side. 32 people died in the chaotic evacuation of the ship after it hit rocks off the coast of italy. the three founders of occupy hong kong movement are planning to surrender to retreat. one of the founders insists their decision to surrender is not an act of cowardice, and it does not mean they have failed. listen. we urge the occupiers to understand the importance that the fight for democracy is a long battle. we should reserve all our energy
10:33 pm
in order to have a better chance that we could get democracy for hong kong in the long run. >> joshua wong says he will continue his hunger strike until the government agrees to talks. what these documents mean for the pro democracy movement. >> when the so-called prince william movement started, the weather was decidedly more balmy. it's now getting cold and windy. perhaps it's reflective of the movement itself right now. the weather within movement has certainly turned for the worse. the three major groups that had led this campaign from the beginning seem to be going off in their own different direction directions. the leader of scholarism, joshua wong holding a press conference in which he made it very clear that his hunger strike was directed more towards seeing a dialogue on the constitutional
10:34 pm
reform process, less than the orlandoal demands that they set out to achieve, such as getting the chief executive cy leung to step down and to stop beijing from prescreening candidates before the 2017 elections. meanwhile, the head of the hong kong federation of students has said this occupation seems to be ineffective in achieving those previous goals. and the leards of occupy central with love and peace say they will turn themselves in and the hong kong police headquarters later in the day. what all of this shows is that this frashs movement doesn't really have a single leader right now and it never really did. there are many still here who are camped out who don't see themselves as having a leard. but perhaps the weather could take a toll on that. many of the tents aren't necessarily occupied. in some ways it's symbolic. but in others it's simply to stop police from being able to clear the area. more widely, hong kongers seem to be getting to a point where they've had enough of the okay place. it's impacting their lives and
10:35 pm
some businesses say it's impacting on their rev lous and they're calling on landlords to pull down their rents. it doesn't seem that momentum is there to keep this campaign going on for much longer. >> kenya's national police chief has resigned. militants killed six quarry workers in a village near the so mali border per more on the attack and the political fallout. the report contains immechanicals some viewers may find disturbing. >> they were caught by surprise asleep in their tents when the gunmen attacked. the 36 bodies here are of nonmuslim quarry workers, separated from their muslim colleagues and executed. those who survived were taken to hospital. some telling of watching their friends beheaded. al shabaab said it was in retaliation for mosque raids
10:36 pm
carried out in kenya by security forces last month. but the quarry attack near the so mali border just the latest in a string of brutal killings by the islamic militants. the group ambushed a bus, killing 28 people after they failed to recite versions from the koran. a campaign of terror designed to put pressure on the kenyan government to fight troops fighting islamic extremists and neighboring somalia. the kenyan president remains resolute. >> we will not flinch against terrorism in our country or region. >> kenya feared this latest attack and feared more still. . >> everyone is scared with what's happening. we listened today to our president's speech.
10:37 pm
gave us assurance that things will be okay. what is going to happen. >> it's the kind of criticism that prompted sweeping changes in kenya's top security in the hours following tuesday's attack. the president announcing that national police chief had resigned. and he's also assigning a new interior minister. >> we acknowledge weakness in our security architecture. we have a view to rectify administrative and legal hurdle s that limit our ability to deal with this very real and exsfential threat that we face.
10:38 pm
the kenyan people buried more loved ones lost to a lingering war on terror. but can it guarantee their safety? >> japan's takata corporation took no action to respond to requests for a nationwide recall. more now with what's ahead. explain to us why takata would have decided to reflect this recall being extended nationwide. and also, talk to us about what
10:39 pm
they do plan to do. >> takata thinks the best way forward is not a nationwide recall, but to focus its resources on where they think there are most needed, and that is in the humid states. places like hawaii, florida, burt rico where there have been instances of exploding air bags. and trying to approach the problems there. that hasn't played out at all with nitsa, the national highway safety authority. there are lines from each side. this is from takata who says we will take all actions needed to advance the goal of safety for the driving public. this is in response to that say ing we blooe anything short of a
10:40 pm
national recall does not live up to their responsibility. they are at odds there. i spoke to an independent third party and asked why he thought takatta was not prepared for the national recall. here's what he had to say. >> physically, they might not be able to meet that requirement partly because they don't have enough capacity at this point. they've got to have priorities by area, which area they should first recall their air bags. because of that, i think they were reluctant for a nationwide recall. >> that ties into why they don't want a national recall because they cannot service all the fault faulty air bags. one of the producers here spoke
10:41 pm
with public relations at takata and he said that it was up to the automakers to announce recalls. and takata would follow the automakers line on this rather than leading it itself. that's another thing that could come up in this hearing later on in the u.s. >> we're talking about ten car manufacturers involved. how does takata protect itself. we know there has been an incident where one of the air bags exploded with the shrapnel outside of those warmer states. how does it protect itself going forward? >> yeah, that's right, that was in north carolina outside of the recall states. and that is what they're particularly concerned about at this stage. certainly kata has done nothing to address that specific incident. it's gong to be a fairy confrontation no doubt. there are line makers lining up to find out why takata is
10:42 pm
defying the safety authorities here in the u.s. they say this is our strategy for dealing with the issue. here's the four-point plan. it's a little fact, i guess. a lot to do with forming committees. some of the stuff they're looking at, they're going to have a panel to investigate the manufacturing processes at the various offshore factories. there's going to be two new special councils to advise how to deal with the current challenges. there's going to be dramatic actions taken to increase the supply of air bags. that will be well received by the committee today. and also, they're going to be looking very closely at what they can learn from the past issue here. so it is a little bit vague. it's a little bit sort of almost pr-ish. if you look at some of the names behind the panels, they've got
10:43 pm
heavyweights. three former u.s. transportation secreta secretary, who have agreed to come onboard with this plan to help takata. do they not run the risk of more potentially fatal air bag explosions if they don't do a full national recall. >> yeah, and that is the big concern for sure. >> just ahead, rural villages in myanmar are struggling with heroin addiction. one unconventional approach some counselors are using to fight the problem. ♪soft holiday music ]♪ can you help me up? [ snow intensifies ]
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benjamin netanyahu sacked both his defense and finance ministers and is calling for new elections. >> it's only been 22 month since israel's last general election, but now they're heading to the poll again as early as next march. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu squabbling coalition described in one op-ed here as a dysfunctional rabble reached the breaking point tuesday. split over the budget, a controversial law defining israel as the nation state of the jewish people, worsening
10:47 pm
ties with the united states, and an flisht initiative to glif a tax break to young couples finding their first house. the prime minister had had enough. he ordered the dismissal of his finance prime minister and justice minister, called for the dissolution of government and early elections. in a live address, prime minister netanyahu accused lapit and livney of trying to carry out a puche and said i will not tolerate opposition within the government. tt 65-year-old prime minister is a veteran of israel's ruthless politics and now finds himself grappling with a faltering economy, unrest in jerusalem, the messy aftermath of the war in gaza and chilly ties with israel's most important backer, the united states.
10:48 pm
he's challenged by ambitious rivals on the right and angry enemies on the reft. the bitter breakup of this coalition will no doubt lead to a re-election campaign wreaking in rancor. well, heroin addiction has become an epidemic in myanmar. and some of the most remote villages are especially hard hit. cnn's ivan watson has a look at the unconventional approach counselors are taking to save people from addiction. >> i thinking is for salvation in this bamboo chapel. men perform a musical prayer and hope for a better life. >> this is no ordinary christian congregation. these men are all heroin addicts. and they're now living inside a
10:49 pm
walled compound. look at this door, there's no handle and it's locked from the outside. this is all part of a drug addiction treatment center that uses a method that could be described as captive rehabilitation. some say they need confinement. the pass toor in charge said if addicts can't control their urges, there are other methods they can use. >> this is a penalty box. wow. desperate times call for desperate measures. in drug bazaars where law enforcement seems nonexistent, church groups have taken matters into their own hands. preaching to men who shoot heroin out in the open .. church leaders say the epidemic raging here leaves them no other choice. >> no other choice.
10:50 pm
inside our community, everyone has problem. >> i think 65% or 70%. >> this has been a battleground between kachin rebels and government forces. whoug h thoug the single government rehabilitation center here offer tras decisional methadone treatment to heroin addicts -- >> this is the prayer room -- >> more than half a dozen new church-run rehab camps like this one take a very different approach.
10:51 pm
>> so you replace methadone with what? >> with bible scripture. singing. >> but the preachers who run these treatment centers say they face an uphill battle. this cemetery brings the scale of the heroin epidemic home. against this macabre backdrop of death and drug abuse, we encountered two men in the middle of their heroin injections. >> are you okay? is your arm okay? this man tells me he's a 30-year-old tarm farmer who shoots up at least three times a day buying heroin for just around $5 a dose. if i had money, there's no limit to how much heroin i'll take, he says. they leave their needles in the hay and ride off just hours away from their next heroin fix. ivan watson, cnn in northern
10:52 pm
myanmar. >> incredible story there. all right, let's take a very short break. but just ahead, dropping oil prices, great news, of course, for everyday people. but for oil-producing economies, it's a major challenge. it's more than the driver. it's more than the car. for lotus f1 team, the competitive edge is the cloud. powered by microsoft dynamics, azure, and office 365, the team can gain real time insights and instantly share information around the globe. when every millisecond counts, staying competitive begins with the cloud. this is the microsoft cloud. i'i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national.
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10:54 pm
oil accounts for 95% of venezuela's income. now, that's just one example of the challenges countries face when oil prices dropped. a closer look now at oil's far-reaching impact. >> american come sewers, clear winners. gas prices headed towards $2.50 a gallon and forecast to stay low all next year. but there are big problems with plunging oil. the u.s. is experiencing an oil production boom, sucking oil out of the layers of the earth's crust we've never been able to reach before. able to reach it through hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in the shale formations in north dakota and texas. at the same time, demand is
10:55 pm
slowing from big oil consumers like china and europe. here's where it becomes potentially destabilizing. think russia, the budget assumes around $1 h urks a barrel for crude. at $64 a barrel, that means the government has to cut spending, cut services so it can make ends meet. it's more hurt on top of western sanctions for a country whose president is already at odds with the west on just about everything. also when oil prices plunge, the opec cartel of producers, they cut their quotas to lift prices. not this time. it's an oil market game of chicken. that's bad news for the oil producers that depend on profits, like venezuela and nigeria. it's also bad news for the u.s.
10:56 pm
drilling projects here that were possible at $95 may not be at $65. that can kill new projects and shift the advantage, the oil advantage back to the middle east. meshlgers try to pump up their profits to lower prices. it also means they could pull back on the dividends they pay to investors. like it or or not, the world still runs on oil. would prices rise quickly or drop quickly could shake things up. >> great report there. and you are watching cnn. i'm rosemary church. i'll be back in an hour. errol barnett takes over after a short break, all new next hour. candid moments from former nba star charles barkley about the violent protests in ferguson, missouri. what he had to say in defense of the police.
10:57 pm
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hey, there, everyone, i'm errol r a big welcome to those watching in the states and all around the world. coming up this hour. ferguson fallout. police investigate the stepfather of michael brown. the key question, should he be charged for inciting a riot? the fight against isis will take you to the dainius streets of kobani, syria. quite clear is that isis, afar from giving up. >> also coming up, surrender in hong kong. the leaders of