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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  December 6, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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typhoon hagupit continues to churn towards the philippines. we'll get the latest on the storm's strength and path next. >> who do you serve? who do you protect? who do you serve? who do you protecprotect. >> we recap the demonstrations across the u.s. coming up, inside the war zone of kobani.
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nick paton walsh brings us that story. it is 4:00 p.m. in manila, 8:00 a.m. in london. typhoon hagupit is nearing the philippines at this hour. derek is standing by with all the details. derek, it's obviously no longer a super typhoon but it's nevertheless still a very dangerous storm. >> it is, but we have got some good news to report finally. this storm does show signs of weakening. in fact, we've got the latest joint typhoon warning center update on typhoon hagupit. you can see 205 kilometers per hour is roughly 15 kilometers per hour below what it was three hours ago. so we're starting to see this storm start to weaken. that is good news as it's still another nine hours or so before it makes landfall in the central
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philippines. it's picked up speed at 15 kilometers per hour. that means we could get a slightly earlier landfall time, so we want to be on high alert across this area. it's making its way north of tacloban and expects to bring the northern sections of the eyeball south of here, that is important because we're expecting significant storm surge across that area. we look towards sunday night and monday, manila and southern luzon expecting heavy rain. anyone underneath this cone of uncertainty should be on high alert. this storm is really just a few hours from making landfall. this is the latest radar coming out of the region. this is the latest public
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warnings. it has included in a signal three the southern islands of luzon and all of sumar in that signal three. signal two for the tacloban region. manila could be upgraded within the next 12 hours. two to four-meter storm surge, especially the northern portion of the eyewall. 200 to 500 millimeters of rainfall in a very mountainous rainfall and typhoon winds stretching throughout a large area. let's talk about the storm surge threat. unfortunately, this typhoon is coinciding with a full moon and high tide. as it nears here, it will have a component effect with the winds pushing up the waves allowing for the surge to be on the increase, between two, four,
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maybe five meters above average. these are not typos. we are expecting hefty rainfall totals out of this. tacloban, 120 millimeters. higher amounts towards the center of the storm. legazpi, just under 500 millimeters in less than a 48-hour period. eventually it makes its way towards southern luzon. and the storm will exit the philippines by tuesday and wednesday. so lots to talk about here in the world weather center. but in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you very much, derek. landslides and the strong winds and all that rain, very dangerous indeed. derek vandam there for us. we want to go to cnn's andrew stevens who is in the philippines. andrew, what are you seeing right now?
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>> reporter: okay, i've just arrived, and the rain is quite heavy at the moment. not too bad wind conditions, though. things are likely to get a lot worse in about four hours or so from now, perhaps slightly less. but i have driven in from a town about 100 kilometers away, so i've had a good chance to see the countryside and what's happening. what i would say is so different this time compared with last year with typhoon haiyan, is that there have been effective evacuations here. there have been forced evacuations and people are now completely aware of just what sort of damage a storm of this magnitude can do. even though it doesn't look like tacloban is going to be in the direct path of this storm, people are still moving out into safer maces. there are evacuation centers here. families have opened their private homes for evacuees, and the government has been putting
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out bulletins every hour, telling people to get to safe grounds. remember, 6,300 people here died in tacloban. the bulk of those died because of the storm surge and there is a lot of building, rebuilding on the water front one year on. but as we drove through, there is virtually no one there. i wouldn't say it's completely empty, but certainly the vast majority of people have heeded the warnings and they are getting to safer ground. >> that's one of the concerns from last year, that the people weren't heeding the warnings. but hagupit is still a ways away from manila. >> reporter: just as we drove in, i saw two armored personnel carriers and a military
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four-wheel drive patrolling the streets. again, down near the shore area. the philippines breaks right down into small municipalities and each has its own group of people who sort of -- whose responsibility is policing, if you like. there are quite a few groups of these out around the areas checking that if there are people staying there, that they're relatively safe. as far as a national and state level goes, there are -- there's food that's been brought in. there are bulk food dumps now. hospitals are obviously on stand by. and there have been constant warnings for people to seek safety basically. so just generally so much more prepared this time around. it's interesting, we were here last year, as you know. the night before the storm hit, the president came on television and said, we are standing with
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the people of this area 100%. we are here to help you. that didn't actually happen quickly at all. it was a huge disaster. overwhelming. the local authorities were completely overwhelmed. they have learned from that. they are taking no chances. even though this storm is going to make landfall perhaps 150, 200 kilometers north of the center of tacloban. the local authorities, the state and federal authorities are taking no chances at all. >> it's very good to hear that people are heeding government warnings. nevertheless, it's going to be so hard for the people that are still rebuilding their lives after haiyan. andrew stevens live from tacloban. we'll continue to monitor this story and go back to him later on. thank you very much, andrew. now a third straight night of demonstrations was dampened by rain in new york. the protests have spread to more cities. this was the scene at macy's in
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new york where protesters are demanding that all the police officers involved in the chokehold death of a staten island man back in july be fired. in washington, demonstrators blocked traffic for hours in chinatown. they tried to keep people from getting into the verizon center where there was a pro basketball game. here are things in miami, where crowds shut down an interstate highway. protesters marched in boston, cleveland, dallas and other cities. chicago saw some of the largest protests of the night. although they were not as sprawling as in the past few days. cnn's kyung lah was there and she has the details. >> reporter: here in chicago, the protests have been a bit smaller, but they are still energized. we are right now at the chicago police headquarters. this is after some eight hours into this protest where, again,
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the numbers have been smaller, but they have been very different in how they were the night before. they've been pretty much collected to the sidewalks. they had not been blocking all that much traffic. when they had, what we have seen are arrests. we did see about a dozen people being cuffed and taken away by police. the emphasis of this evening's protest has been walking into downtown chicago, an area known as the magnificent mile where you see stores like saks fifth avenue. one of the protesters said there's a specific reason why. >> they tried to block us from going river north. to us, that's symbolic where all the money is. so they want to push us south where there's a lot of poverty. but no, we want to bring this awareness and this act of injustice by america to the wealthy population. >> reporter: we've seen the
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chicago police department riding alongside the protesters. here at the police headquarters, their bikes are creating a barrier. the police, after dealing with some serious headaches yesterday, have clearly decided that they didn't want any traffic headaches this evening. the protesters appear to be relatively peaceful throughout the evening. kyung lah, cnn, chicago. >> cities across the u.s. are rushing to equip police with body cameras. in buffalo, new york, officers saw important cameras can be. >> good. leave me alone. >> reporter: police are coming face-to-face with joshua mccarty. their body cameras reporting.
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he had just assaulted his ex-girlfriend and hit his own child, whom she was carrying in her arms. at 33 years old, he was already a career criminal, nearly 30 previous arrests. many felony convictions. and the two perry policemen were about to find out just how dangerous he could be. >> you terrorized an entire community. >> he's a traditional domestic abuser, a control freak. >> i'm surprised you're here today because of what went on that day. >> reporter: mccarty was in the home, holding a knife and threatening to police. >> drop it. taser, taser. >> reporter: the taser couldn't penetrate his coat. he jumps through glass and takes off. >> you see he dives out the window and breaks through the window. it's almost like a movie. >> reporter: police chase after him. and try to tase him again but he again gets away.
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more police from many agencies arrive as the suspect walks through the streets still refusing to hand over his weapon. eventually has night falls, two troopers take action. >> taser, taser. >> ahhh! >> reporter: the judge sentences him to 12 years in prison, the maximum according to his plea deal. considering what we saw in the video, he's lucky he wasn't shot and killed. >> they really at any point had the legal right to shoot this gentleman and they didn't and they tried to talk him out of it. gradually, everything worked out. >> the police officers did exercise tremendous restraint. >> he's in prison but he's alive. >> reporter: the prosecutor called the camera invaluable because there's no disputing what happened. >> we're a big believer of these videos. i think they're a good thing for law enforcement to wear. >> mike warton from buffalo, new
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york affiliate wgrz. we'll have more on the protests in the next half hour and the debate whether the u.s. is turning into a police state. don't miss that. now the conductor on an amtrak train is one of four people stabbed while traveling from chicago to michigan. no one was killed in friday's incident, but the condition of the victim is unknown right now. reports say the suspect is a 44-year-old man from michigan. >> i heard somebody screaming and yelling, just loud noises yelling. i look up and there's an african-american gentleman standing over somebody who is sitting down in one of the first seats in the car, and i've seen him have his fist up and i bring it down. >> the investigation on that story is still ongoing. still to come on cnn, rolling stone has backed off its college rape story, saying the accuser's story has crumbled.
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then the battle for kobani continues with six armies now fighting for the syrian city. but one attack in particular has soldiers on edge. we'll have both those stories for you after a short break. it's more than the driver. it's more than the car. for lotus f1 team, the competitive edge is the cloud. powered by microsoft dynamics, azure, and office 365, the team can gain real time insights and instantly share information around the globe. when every millisecond counts, staying competitive begins with the cloud. this is the microsoft cloud.
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welcome back to cnn. this news just in to us. outgoing u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel just touched down in kabul, afghanistan. the department of defense posting this picture of hagel on
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twitter a short time ago. this is him just landing. he spoke to reporters saying the focus of his trip was an assessment of afghanistan as the u.s. begins to draw down its forces in the new year. he was notably absent friday at the white house, as u.s. president barack obama revealed his nominee for the next secretary of defense. ash carter said it was "an honor and privilege to be chosen." so far reaction to his nomination from republicans and democrats has been generally positive. the u.s. senate will now consider the nomination. now six different armies are currently battling for control of kobani, particularly troubled from an attack by isis that came from turkey. the attack is only adding to the distrust between the nick patonh spoke with iraqi peshmerga who feel caught in the middle. >> reporter: as weeks turn to
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months of fighting in kobani, it's become a symbol of the coalition against isis, and the kurds' struggle for their homeland inside sysyria. but now there are six separate armies or fighting groups involved in that conflict, rendering it extraordinarily complex but also brutal. through this wreckage lies a riddle that has the kurds defending kobani terrified. on saturday, isis launched a surprise attack, using suicide car bombs and dozens of fighters on this, the official crossing into turkey. [ gunfire ] they say the fighters shot at them from behind a grain silo that lies just inside turkey, which turkey denies. the attack was repelled. behind me is the grain silo
12:20 am
where they say isis took up positions. interestingly, there always was a turkish flag flying above that dpr grain silo. it is now absent. they are preparing for a repeat. this just reenforcing their belief turkey let isis jihadis cross into syria in the first place. this is our homeland, he says. what is isis doing here? all of that came from turkey. turkey is behind all this. i saw it with my own eyes. they also claim the huge car bomb behind this crater drove in from turkey, which turkey also denies. the caterpillar tracks suggest it was in fact a tank car bomb, unstoppable. nearby, kurds train recruits. this fight is spiraling into the long-term. now with six different armies in
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it. the kurds and isis, with the coalition in the air. but the turkish military trying to seal their border and the free syrian army rebels also helping the kurds. and then there is the peshmerga. iraqi kurds allowed in by turkey bringing with them heavy weapons that many say stopped kobani being overrun. turkey did let 150 of them in. and is allowing replacements and some weapons, too. but still, they blame turkey for starving kobani's kurds of ammunition and resupplies. we're being besieged from three sides and have only one border open, turkey. we're bringing weapons and ammunition from kurdistan, but turkey is putting up roadblocks. this has not dampened isis'
12:22 am
hunger to win. a fight with so many sides, such great complexity and savagery, but no clear end in sight. the kurds increasingly suspicious of turkish motives. turkey, in a very complex position, considering those syrian kurding to be terrorists and many consider them anxious to not get in a confrontation with isis that could inflame the southern turkish border and southern turkey as well. seriously now, the kurds inside kobani feeling isolated and running out of ammunition. nick paton walsh, cnn, beirut. another scathing accusation of sexual assault against bill cosby. los angeles police now questioning a possible victim who claims she was 15 when it happened. we'll have that store you for you after a break.
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now, the los angeles police department is investigating another claim of sexual assault against comedian bill cosby. officials interviewed a possible victim friday who claims cosby molested her when she was 15 years old. the 77-year-old comedian has repeatedly denied allegations of sexual misconduct from at least 21 women in recent weeks. los angeles police didn't give further details on the
12:25 am
investigation saying it was an open case. the comedy icon star on the hollywood walk of fame was reportedly vandalized on thursday evening. here you see the star being cleaned on friday. the word "rapist" was written several times across the star. he received the star in 1977. rolling stone magazine is apologizing for a story about an alleged gang rape of a university student by fraternity members. they're saying mistrust in the accuser were misplaced. rolling stone says it never contacted the man who allegedly orchestrated the attack on the woman or any of the men she claimed were involved. still, some students on campus say the police -- said the article, pardon me, could spark positive changes on campus. here's reaction from the students.
12:26 am
>> reporter: no matter what is or isn't true about the article about an alleged rape culture at uva, several students believe that despite dark times, a spirit of change on grounds could mean a brighter, safer future. >> i think people want to take this article and take it in a positive way and move forward and fixing the problem that's prevalent. >> reporter: they say sexual assault isn't just a problem at uva. it's a national tragedy. >> i think the general consensus is even if it's not real, it's a problem. even if that particular story wasn't real. as much as it matters, the article is telling the truth or not, i think we should still focus on the problem that it brought up. >> reporter: many hope that activism and policy reforms are here to stay. >> there's definitely a desire to improve the situation, because there have been several protests and talks, and i just hope that even though winter break is about to happen that it
12:27 am
continues, until we can see a positive change. >> reporter: they say new bystander programs and university wide discussions about stopping rape before it happens are especially important. they hope the university's reputation can heal as the focus moves toward reform and away from the potentially inaccurate rolling stone article. >> i was just talking to my roommate about it on the way over. yeah, basically that it's obviously big news, and it's good that -- it's sad that it painted the university in such a bad light. >> "the washington post" reports the accuser stands by her story. you are watching cnn and still to come, typhoon hagupit is lashing the philippines. we'll have the latest on the monster storm straight ahead. plus, a strange of deadly confrontations. is the u.s. turning into a police state? our cnn analysts weigh in, just ahead. let me get this straight... [ female voice ] yes?
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. these are the headlines for you this hour. a rainy night in new york meant fewer protesters than the past two nights. still, about 500 people marched down 5th avenue. they're protesting what they call abuse of power by police, especially against minorities. the conductor of an amtrak train is one of four people stabbed while traveling from chicago to michigan. no one was killed in friday's incident, but the condition of the victim suspect known at this point. reports say the suspect is a
12:31 am
44-year-old man. a very dangerous typhoon hagupit is lashing the philippines at this hour. right now, the storm's winds are being clocked around 205 kilometers per hour. hagupit is expected to make landfall later on today. and for hours, people for days in fact in the philippines have been preparing for typhoon hagupit. for example, putting together emergency kits. 75,000 have been evacuated, and current forecasts show it is going north of tacloban, but the people have not been taking chances. thank you very much for being with us. taking the time to speak to us. give us a sense of the preparations under way in tacloban this hour. >> right. preparations are happening on
12:32 am
many fronts. we have been preparing for the coming storm since wednesday. stores have been closing down, families have been stocking up on food supplies, on water supplies. families in the most dangerous areas along the coastal zone have been moving into that -- [ inaudible ] my organization crs has worked with the local government. we've also been sending our staff to safer areas. we have a team of 200 in tacloban. we have a team of 130 in sumar and in the philippines over 400. so we've been working on contingency planning and making preparations for how to respond after the storm passes. deciding on whether it hits, what will be the need and we're already preparing emergency -- in different locations. >> one of the challenges is no one knows exactly where it's
12:33 am
going to hit. how many contingency plans do you have to have in place? >> right. what we do is we have different options. it could hit in various location and let's say we look at who would be on the response team, who are the government partners we would work with, who are the u.n. agencies and ngos. we have teams in manila, we have teams in about five different locations around the country. and then we also have relief items stored in two different location around the country. you begin to make relationships with trade and port companies, you look at all the logisticals, getting warehouse space set up. so you make planning scenarios for each of those different outcomes. >> give us an idea of how difficult this is for the residents there, for the 100,000 residents of tacloban, who are still putting their lives together after last year's
12:34 am
typhoon. >> that's really -- [ audio difficulties ] people still have such a fear and trauma and memories from typhoon haiyan. on the one hand, that's raised awareness and preparedness. so the city -- is obviously much more than it was before haiyan hit last year. while the fear is there, it also has led to greater preparedness and planning for communities, government and ngo partners. >> thank you very much, renee lambert, with the catholic relief services. i wish you all the best there. thank you. derek vandam is standing by more on the details on the conditions in the philippines. derek, you heard it from renee.
12:35 am
fear and anticipation, but that also means that people are more prepared. >> it seems learned a lot of valuable lessons from 13 months ago. we do have some good news to report. there is some slight weakening in this storm just hours before it makes landfall on the northeastern quadrant of sumar island. you can see 205 kilometer sustained winds at the moment. the outer bands really lashing sumar island at the moment. you can see some of the rain bands affecting tacloban just to the south. let's talk about the different projected paths. they're all starting to converge. however, this storm has picked up some forward momentum, so we could have a slightly earlier
12:36 am
landfall across the northeastern sections of sumar island. so we keep a close eye on that. we're thinking late saturday evening, local time, roughly 10:00 p.m. to around 1:00 a.m. on sunday morning. that's when we're expecting landfall to take place. it moves across the central philippines and we focus our attention sunday evening into monday, a weakened storm, but still a significant storm over the southern luzon islands, including manila, with strong typhoon wind gusts and very, very heavy rainfall. here's the latest coming out of the region. i want to pay attention to this city. we've got some visuals coming out of that area, showing some of the waves picking up. i find disconcerting that people are still near the coast, so
12:37 am
hopefully they've heard the warnings and have made themselves to higher ground and away from any parts of the ocean. let's go back to the graphics and we can see the latest public storm warnings. we have signal three expanded into the southern luzon islands. this area is going to be in a major zone for coastal storm surge. that's because the eyewall is going to travel just south of this particular port city. it's an east facing city, so we'll get a compounding effect from the winds, pushing up the water, allowing between two and four feemeter storm surge. we have 200 to 500 millimeters of rainfall. and a large swath of typhoon force winds. let's talk about the coastal storm surge. unfortunately, the passage of this storm just south of
12:38 am
legszpi, timing with high tide and also have a full moon, so that exacerbates the problem and allows for higher sea rise. now, hook at these rainfall totals. very impressive. upwards of 460 millimeters in a 48-hour period for legazpi. so with this being mountainous terrain, we'll see landslides, mudslides and urban flooding. as this rain makes its way towards manila, we'll focus on urban flooding as roughly 12 million people live within that part of the philippines. you can see the eyewall here. wind gusts will be strong near tacloban. then we start to notice the storm finally exit the philippines by tuesday and wednesday. >> 460 millimeters of rain.
12:39 am
with that, you have landslides and flooding. derek van dam, keep us posted. as those in the philippines brace for typhoon hagupit, we invite you to share your story. log in to and upload your photos. but please remember to stay safe and do not put yourself in danger. we want to shift gears. thousands marched through major u.s. cities chanting and blocking traffic in new york, miami, chicago and washington, calling for an end to widespread police brutality. in new york, protesters are demanding that all the officers involved in the choking incident be fired. demonstrators laid down in the streets to call attention to their cause. and here is how things looked in
12:40 am
miami where crowds shut down a major interstate highway. protesters also marched in boston, dallas, cleveland, and other cities. many of the demonstrators have said the problems highlighted by the eric garner case are nothing new and go back decades. >> reporter: the eric garner cell phone video is perhaps the most high profile caught on tape moment involving police since the rodney king case back in 1991 in los angeles. the two cases share some striking similarities. in both the garner and king cases, numerous officers responded. in king's case, there were many officers, some involved in the beating, others standing by watching. in the garner case, one officer was involved in choking him. others tried to subdue garner in other ways. both cases involved black men and white police officers. both sparked pro-tests after a
12:41 am
decision by jurors. in new york, it's been peaceful so far. >> i can't breathe! i can't breathe! >> reporter: in los angeles, protests turned into days of rioting. 50 people died. and in both cases, the federal government promised to do more. president obama in 2014. president bush in 1992. >> in the american conscience, there is no room for bigotry and racism. i want everyone to know that the federal government will continue to pursue its legal responsibilities in this case. >> reporter: bernard parks is a former lapd chief and was deputy chief at the time of the 1992 los angeles riots that stemmed from the king beating. similar to the garner case, he says many in the public viewed the king case as proof of systemic police brutality. >> they looked at law enforcement collectively, it made no difference if it was in texas, new york, los angeles. the police have a different
12:42 am
view. they look at everything singularly saying it's isolated. that's why there's a miscommunication between the public and the police. >> reporter: in garner's case, a grand jury chose not to indict the officer. in the king case, a grand jury did indict four officers, who were then charged by the l.a. prosecuting attorney's office. the jury trial ended in acquittals in all four, sparking riots. there were no black jurors. in 1993, the justice department tried the lapd officers for civil rights violations. two of the officers involved in king's beating were sentenced and served time in federal prison. two were acquitted. police haven't changed much, because there are rarely consequences. >> if they're not getting punished for it, what is their motivation to stop kicking butt in the street and stop killing people? they need motivation, and that would be fire them, take away their livelihood, take away their freedom and maybe they
12:43 am
will kindly stop killing black people. >> reporter: i spoke with the prosecutor and the defense attorney about the garner case. they said unlike the michael brown case where officer darren wilson was not indieted for killing michael brown, they do see a real chance that the feds could bring a civil rights case in the garner case. what prosecutors are going to have to prove is that the officer purposely and willfully deprived garner of his constitutional rights. back to you. >> so some people are asking, is the u.s. turning into a police state? anderson cooper put that question to our legal analysts. >> this is not a police state. there are other countries that have a police state. we still have the freest system that we have, but it needs polishing. so mark, i would disagree when i
12:44 am
say it's inappropriate. >> mark, there are people who are watching this in other countries. if we were watching this in china, amnesty international would be jumping in and saying what the heck is going on here. you watch this kind of stuff that's going on in america, and i will tell you, i respectfully disagree. i think we do live in a police state. we live in a state where the police are not questioned, prosecutors are given immunity. i do beg to differ, and i see it all the time. if we looked at this -- if this were happening in a different country, we would be jumping up and down. >> if this were happening in china, we would not be having this conversation in china and we wouldn't be talking about the fact that maybe pantaleo got away with something, and garner's life was taken without reason. we have that freedom here. >> at least in china and north korea, they actually have show trials. we don't even get to that point.
12:45 am
we just have show grand juries. >> well, mark, come on. this is not -- do you really believe this is a show grand jury? >> yeah, this was -- this is a show -- this is a show system. when they announced -- when mccullough announced he was going to the grand jury, that was a foregone conclusion. when this guy took it to the grand jury, it was a foregone conclusion. why is it that everybody says, we've got the best system in the world in america? we don't. >> i should -- i want to point out, a show trial in north korea is in front of a judge who has already made up their mind and there are -- >> so what a grand jury -- a show grand jury in america is where the prosecutor who has made up his mind, who goes through and gets the result that he wants. >> very interesting discussion there. in brooklyn, new york, the district attorney says he will ask a grand jury to investigate the police shooting death of
12:46 am
another unarmed man from last month. he was killed in a pitch black stairwell of his apartment. coming up right here on cnn, just 4 1/2 hours from liftoff to splash down, nasa's orion test flight was nearly flawless. we'll tell you why it was so important for the future of space exploration. '?
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welcome back to cnn. i want to bring you the news just in. a spokesman for the pakistani army says a senior al qaeda commander has been killed in a raid carried out by pakistan. he is one of the fbi's most wanted terrorists. he was indicted in new york in 2010. now to china, where the former domestic security chief has been arrested and accused of corruption. he's accused of leaking national secrets and taking bribes to help family, friends and mistresses, trading his power for sex and money. he's also been expelled from the communist party where he was once in the country's top decision making body. the move comes amid a sweeping anti-corruption campaign. hackers who attacked sony pictures have sent an e-mail to
12:50 am
employees threatening their families. according to a person who read the e-mail, it says employees who do not cooperation will suffer damage. security experts say this is significant evidence that north korea is behind the act. the british museum has sent a historic masterpiece to be displayed in russia. it's one of the famous statues that is now in st. petersburg and greece is furious. >> reporter: these are the first images from russia in an escalating row. this the ancient figure of a greek river god, which originally adorned the parthenon in athens. it's outraged the greeks, who want it back.
12:51 am
in a strongly worded statement aimed at britain, the greek prime minister called the loan to russia a provocation to the greek people. the parthenon and its sku s scus were looted. but the british museum, which has housed the marbles since 1816, is standing by its decision. loning one of its prized possessions into a russia increasingly at odds with the west, it says was the right thing to do. >> they asked for one of these pieces. we felt, one, it was sensationally amazingly beautiful. two, it was fit and safe to travel. it's a sturdy piece. and three, it also tells a story about liberal open democracies, which are important in difficult times. >> reporter: the museum believes
12:52 am
cooperation between institutions must continue in spite of political disagreements between governments. but this controversial loan of one greek sculpture to russia may create more rifts than it heals. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. >> now retired retired soccer legend pele shares some words during his hospital stay. that's just ahead. they challenge us. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud.
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three, two, one and liftoff at dawn. >> a nearly flawless flight as the spacecraft blasted off from cape canaveral, florida on s friday. nasa hopes it will eventually be used to send astronauts to mars. it completed two orbits in 4 1/2 hours. the mission took orion further from earth than any spacecraft since apollo 17 back in 1972. and speaking of lifting off, the u.s. economy has been trending up in recent months. the dow jones closed friday just below 18,000 points and the u.s. also reporting job numbers not seen in years. cnn's richard quest has more. >> reporter: rockets into the sky, and in the economy, well,
12:55 am
it's going up fast, too. there are three factors boosting the u.s. economy. the first, of course, is cheap oil. that might be bad news for shale oil producers, but it's lit an engine under the consumer and for businesses. gas is now below $2 a gallon in two u.s. states. this will give the economy a massive boost. and you see that, up goes another one with the auto sales, as the economy improves, it's securing consumers to buy more cars. november auto sales were the best over the last eight years. put all this together, the biggest gain, of course, comes with jobs. the best jobs performance for 321,000 jobs. the best since 1999. more jobs put pressure on wages, but for the moment, the only
12:56 am
thing that people are concerned about is this, the economic putting together and the rocket goes up. richard quest, cnn, new york. >> well, retired soccer great pele is improving we're sold and saying thank you to his fans for their support over the past couple of weeks. pele recorded the message from the hospital in brazil. he received treatment for a urinary tract infection after kidney stone infection. >> don't worry. i know everybody worried about my health. but i am okay. okay? i invite you one more time to come to brazil. enjoy the game. we're going to participate in the game together. >> and pele just signed a
12:57 am
lifetime contract for brazilian soccer club santo. we're very happy to hear he's okay. still much more to come. isha sesay picks up our coverage in a moment, with the latest on typhoon hagupit as the monster storm heads towards the philippines. thank you very much for watching. ring ring! ...progresso! you soup people have my kids loving vegetables. well vegetables... shh! taste better in our savory broth. vegetables!? no...soup! oh! soup! loaded with vegetables. packed with taste.
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a powerful typhoon is barrelling towards the philippines. residents fearing for their lives are seeking shelter. we'll have a live report from the region this hour. throughout the u.s., massive protests for a third day in a row. protesters are demanding a change to the judicial system. >>