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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  December 20, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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and they're not home right now. k-y yours and mine. i love the way this one feels. and this one does wonders for me. and when they combine... ♪ [ door closes ] [ kid ] mom! [ female announcer ] k-y brand yours and mine. school children bravely return to class and pakistani officials seek to find justice for the children killed earlier this week. we'll have the latest on the search for those responsible this hour. >> the president, the press and the public are mistaken as to what actually happened. sony ceo speaks out about the cyber attack and the fallout from it. also ahead, the nba looking to stretch their long legs as far
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as india? they have their sights set on making the hoops game global. welcome to our viewers around the world. i'm natalie allen. straight to the top stories. new developments of the cyber attacks on sony pictures, which led the studio to pull the comedy film, "the interview." the fbi lays the blame for the attacks squarely on north korea. the malware and techniques match previous attacks by pyongyang, the capitol. will ripley has a look at the implications. no one is sure what is going to happen with north korea. >> yeah, that's right, natalie. that is a very, very big interest to many people here in tokyo, not only corporations like sony, which is headquartered here, but government agencies as well. this isn't the first time that
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north korea is accused of using a cyber attack to inflict chaos beyond the borders. we told you about the incident targeting broadcasters and banks. now the latest incident involving sony where they were able to infiltrate a system and steal a tremendous amount of data. previous hacks that exposed user names and personal names, these hackers, the united states believes north korean hackers used that information to attack and humiliate sony executives, hollywood stars. it was a catastrophic event. here in tokyo, a lot of companies are taking steps to beef up their own cyber security. as experts say, they are not sure it would be possible for a large corporation with a lot of users to defend itself against this cyber attack. >> you have done much reporting on this there in tokyo. will the japanese government
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come out strongly and condemn the cyber attack. what, exactly, are they saying? >> reporter: yeah, this is the strongest language we are hearing about this. they have stayed mostly silent this week, even as the united states was giving hints they would be publicly shaming north korea. they do strongly condemn this and they are continuing to push forward with their own talks with north korea to get answers about a string of unsolved kidnapping and sensitive issues. a lot of friction between north korea and their neighbors. they launched projectiles into the sea of japan. now the threat of cyber attacks targeting neighbors as well. another big question people are asking here, the question the united states will need to answer. now that north korea is named, what happens next. they could impose economic sanctions. what the white house will do. the next move is something they
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are watching here in tokyo. >> thanks. will ripley there for us live. that is the story from tokyo. now to south korea. the hack on sony led to a massive leak of employee information and e-mails. the government is increasingly concerned about cyber attacks on nuclear power plants. we are joined live from seoul with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: well, natalie, what a lot of people are wondering, what is north korea's next move? what is going to be their next move. getting a preview of what could lie next as hackers, expected to be from north korea managed to break into the agency that controls this country's nuclear power plants. >> hello, north korea. >> reporter: the hollywood movie pulled, an international megacompany embarrassed and
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exposed. a warning shot for america with a cyber war for north korea. the north launched a series of crippling attacks. the most brazen coming to light this week. a hack of the nuclear power plant system. a security expert that works with south korea's military says hackers posted nuclear power plant blueprints and other secret documents, then wrote this -- >> stop operation of nuclear power plant, they will destroy. >> reporter: wow. very serious? >> yes. >> reporter: that raised some serious alarm bells -- >> yes. >> reporter: -- with the government? >> yes. >> reporter: not because of what was stolen, but what it means. they are getting better at it. the south maintains the evidence is there. last year, south korea's banks
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and media companies hacked, aths frozen, television news knocked off the air. similar malware to what ground sony systems to a halt. similar code to what led to the breach of power plants. there's a pattern. practice first in south korea, then aim overseas. should america be prepared for north korea to try to break into these types of agencies in america? of course, he says. even though the u.s. is one of the best prepared nations, cyber attacks are hard to protect yourself from. they have to constantly be individual lent. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea? >> yes. >> what? >> reporter: with the stunning decision to pull this movie, it may send a message to north korea, cyber attacks work. south korean government officials are going through 23
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of this country's power plants, one by one. just to see if anything has been compromised. this is happening after some hackers, suspected hackers posted on a website that the virus was in place and they could activate it at anytime. now, this could very well be an empty threat. after the spectacular sony hack, natalie, they can't be too careful. >> absolutely. they are worried about their nuclear facilities. what u.s. government agencies do south korean investigators worry about as hacking targets? >> reporter: well, as i was speaking with the professor, the first thing he said was nasa. the reason why? think about it. what north korea loves to control is the propaganda, the message. they would love to try to do that in america. that is an agency he is worried about, but a number of agencies have got to look at north korea much more seriously, not that
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backwards country that is stuck in famine and can't feed their country, but a real military force as well as a cyber force. >> game changer, for sure, with this sony hack. thank you. coming up in 30 minutes, fareed zakaria sits down with sony entertainment ceo michael lyndon. he will ask why sony pulled the film and about the fallout from that decision. plus, we'll hear new information about the cyber attack itself. that's in 30 minutes right here. forces in pakistan say they killed several taliban militants today including a key commander in and around. this comes days after the taliban massacred 148 people at a school. earlier friday, they said they killed dozens of insurgents, but
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did not specify whether those killed were members of the taliban. as itn reports, schools have reopened for the first time since the attack. he talks with some of the children. >> reporter: it was no ordinary school run. it spoke volumes most of the children arriving were brought by car to the school gate, not by foot and were ushered in by armed guards. ♪ >> reporter: the morning assembly was somber, but defiant. how do you feel being back at school? >> i feel scared after that thing that happened. it was so -- it -- >> i feel a bit scared because the next target, we are all dead. >> reporter: you still want to
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come to school? >> yeah, my education. >> reporter: the first school day since the taliban attack is a step toward normalcy in pakistan. still the first step in what promises to be a journey. it's not just the murder of the school children that led to wide revulsion. the children are now a part of the conflict in this country. this professor taught at the school that was attacked. her son was a pupil. she tells a story of how she had to identify her murdered colleagues, then found out what happened to her son. >> they asked me to come toward the room and identify the staff. some of them were -- i came out
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of there -- they brought a boy toward me. they were not aware of the situation. i lost my boy, too. i lost my son, too, and i was searching for him. >> reporter: another family devastated in a country seeking a way out of a war, affecting teachers, mothers and school children. a mother in australia has been arrested after eight children were found killed in her home. we'll have the latest on this story when we come back. also the plea from the parents of a suspected aurora, colorado movie theater shooter. what they have to say about their son.
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learning more about the attack on the sydney cafe this past week that ended in the death of two hostages. we have learned the cafe may not have been the intended target. perhaps the seven network across the street was. here is chris from the network. >> reporter: the extraordinary thing is the news breaking today from journalists who dug into the gunman's background is that he was, in fact, targeting this building, this office, the
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channel 7 studios. as you know, 30, 40 meters across the plaza behind me from the cafe. he tried to get into the building. he was targeting a breakfast program "sunrise." he had a grievance with them that had been doing a series of stories on him over recent years. he wanted access to the prese presenters of the show. when he approached the front door, we ramped up security since the threats. he chose a fallback target, if you like, the cafe behind me. now the channel 7 staff are nervous about that. news that we certainly didn't want to hear, but the word is, this was the target. well, much is known about the hostage taker. he had much trouble in the past and the police very much knew
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who he was soon after that ordeal began. a separate attack in australia ended in the deaths of eight children. this happened in a suburban home. an australian woman found stabbed at the scene has been arrested. the children who died range in age from 2 to 14. the woman is the mother of seven of them. police have spoken with the fathers of the children. so far in the case, no charges filed. the parents of the man accused of opening fire in a colorado movie theater say their son is not a monster, even though that attack killed 12 people, more than two years ago. in a public letter, the parents of james holmes pleaded for his life to be spared. dave young gets reaction from a survivor of that rampage. >> robert and arlene holmes sat through numerous hearings
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expressionless, watching their son in court. now in a letter, they reach out to victims in the shooting saying, quote, we are always praying for everyone in aurora. we wish july 20, 2012 never happened. >> put a letter out before the trial starts. that's not -- i don't think it's by their design that letter came out. so, we are angry. >> it's still bleeding. >> reporter: marcus weaver was shot, his girlfriend murdered. james was gripped by a severe mental illness that should be spared. >> why do that. the timing, right before christmas, during the holidays when it's painful. >> i think they have felt this way all along. originally, my guess is, they didn't want to interfere in the process. they hoped the prosecution would see their son was mentally ill. >> reporter: they believe the death penalty is morally wrong,
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especially when the condemned the mentally ill. the prosecution refused a plea deal. >> to get a letter from the shooter's family that wasn't addressed to the survivors or the victims. it was addressed to the public. >> reporter: they love their son, have always loved him and do not want to see him executed. >> he is 100% completely guilty. there is no other penalty, except the death penalty. i hate saying that. >> our station kdbr bringing that report. they offered to plead guilty if the death penalty is taken off the table. so far, prosecutors say no deal. a warning for americans traveling abroad. an alert saying the analysis quote, strongly suggests a focus by terrorists not only on the targeting of u.s. government facilities but hotels, shopping districts, places of worship and
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schools. this warning to americans traveling overseas comes in the wake of the deadly attack in sydney. we have heard much mixed reaction to president obama's historic announcement this week to normalize u.s. relations with cuba. florida senator, marco rubio slammed the order moments after the announcement. but n havana, it is mostly a time of hope and celebration as we learned from cnns rosa florez. she's there. ♪ >> reporter: the narrow streets of havana are filled with a range of sights, sounds and voices. it's those perspectives that make up the real cuba, its people. right now, everyone is talking about one thing, cuban relations
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with the u.s. how did you celebrate the news? >> we are very happy. we are friends. >> reporter: in havana, when you want to know the mood on the street, one of the places you can start is here in central park. there is always a lively conversation. it's known as the hot corner. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: i'm asking, who thinks it's a good idea for the u.s. and cuba to establish relations? >> for my country, for my people about -- we need it. we need it for survival. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> reporter: some of that buzz, some of that energy is for a future with lax travel and trade restrictions to make it easy for americans to walk into pry privately owned shops like these and buy art with classic cars, for example. even though president obama said a visit to cuba was probably not in cards, we asked people if they would welcome the u.s. leader. would you like for president obama to visit? >> yes. si. why not? >> reporter: there are signs of a cuba frozen in time everywhere. the classic cars, the weatherered buildings. the news has people optimistic about what's ahead for their children. it's a christmas gift. he has kids z. this is something great for him and his family. like havana's old cobble
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streets, cuba's relationship with the u.s. is still bumpy and narrow. after all, lifting the embargo still requires action from congress. but, this move is just wide enough to give people hope. rosa flores, cnn, havana. >> cuba a big focus for president obama friday at his year end news conference. we'll hear more about what he had to say about that as well as the sony/north korea hacking nightmare, just ahead.
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we are back with the weather. we have our eye on parts of southern africa and they are getting nailed. >> continuous and relentless rainfall from southern to central mosen. the capitol, we have actually had reports of five fatalities due to flooding. this is the situation across the area. we have a couple different moisture sources to discuss. look at the thunderstorm activity across africa to the coast of mozambique. it is of course, the southern hemisphere, so we are talking summertime across this part of the world. the itc shifts south. that's why we see that onslaught
2:25 am
of moisture. some of our tropical rain sensing computer models indicating upwards of 400 millimeters or more in an area near the border of zimbabwe and mozambique. we had 100 millimeters or more since the beginning of december. now, mozambique is used to the rainy season lasting between october to april peaking this time of year from late december into january. that's when we experience upwards of 100 to 150 millimeters of rainfall in the course of the month. you can see we have already received upwards of 100 in the nation's capitol. we are easily going to exceed that with more rain in the forecast. high pressure that is semipermanently in this position pulls in moisture, helping bring
2:26 am
rainfall to maputo. we have an active system going forward over the next 48 hours across the central parts of the country. this is where we have rainfall totals in excess of 100 millimeters going forward over the next two days. the capitol of zimbabwe is expecting serious rainfall the next couple days. we look for the possibility of more flooding. if you stick around later in the show, we have cool video from nasa. >> i will see it because i am not going anywhere. i work here. okay, thank you. i look forward to that. okay, they call it the great instagram purge. they have deleted more than 3 million fake and inactive accounts from the site. zapping 15% of justin bieber's alleged followers from the ser
2:27 am
fas. the biebs is the king of instagram. the new ruler, kim kardashian lost 1 million followers at the site. now you know. well, like bieber and miss kardashian. britain's prince harry is used to being in front of the camera. now, he's behind the lens. he took these photos where his charity is building a center for children with hiv in africa. the prince admitted he doesn't take many pictures, but after seeing how good these are, we think maybe he's got a future as a photography prince. a top sony executive says the studio still weighing options with the film, "the interview." he reveals why he disagrees with president obama's comments that pulling the film was a mistake. we'll have an exclusive tv interview with him, coming up. also, hacking by north korea
2:28 am
is bad enough. what if isis decided to wage a cyber war, too. coming up, some cyber watchers say that may be happening.
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welcome back to cnn coverage. i'm natalie allen. pakistani forces say they killed several taliban insurgents including a key commander. this comes days after taliban militants massacre 148 people at a school in peshawar, most of them children. they killed dozens of children trying to flee to afghanistan. it didn't specify if they were taliban members. a 37-year-old mother has been arrested in australia after eight children were found dead in her home. no formal charges have been filed. the woman is the mother of seven of the children. she was also found at the scene with stab wounds. she is in the hospital and said to be talking with authorities. the fbi blames north korea for a cyber attack on sony pictures
2:32 am
that led it to pull the film "the interview." it's about a fictitious assassination attempt. the fbi says the attack matches previous hacks by north korea. u.s. president barack obama says he thinks sony made a mistake by pulling the film, the interview from theaters. mr. obama arrived in hawaii a short time ago to start his christmas holiday. before he left washington, he spoke with reporters about alleged cyber terrorism improving relations with cuba and dealing with a republican-led congress, all during a wide ranging year end news conference. senior white house correspondent jim acosta was there covering it. >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: on the most pressing issue before he leaves washington, president obama said there will be a response for the hack attack that prompted sony to pull "the interview" from
2:33 am
theaters. >> they caused a lot of damage and we will respond. we will respond proportionately and we'll respond in a place and time and manner that we choose. >> reporter: the president declined to specify whether it would come in the form of sanctions or a u.s. cyber counter attack. he echoed the complaints that sony set a bad precedence by caving to a dictator. >> they made a mistake. i wish they would have spoken to me, first. i would have told them, do not get into a pattern in which you are intimidated by these kinds of criminal attacks. >> reporter: still, the president mocked north korea's behavior as a joke in the comedy. >> i love seth and i love james. but, the notion that was a threat to them i think gives you a sense of the kind of regime we
2:34 am
are talking about here. >> reporter: for the president, the confrontation with north korea comes as he's easing tensions with cuba. he defended his decision to normalize relations with the island as he acknowledged democratic reforms won't come overnight. >> change is going to come to cuba, it has to. >> reporter: the president tamped down speculation he will travel there anytime soon. >> we are not in a stage here where me visiting cuba or president castro coming to the united states is in the cards. >> reporter: mr. obama touted his accomplishments of 2014, taking a victory lap over the u.s. economy. >> pick any metric you want, america's resurgence is real. >> the gop congress to work with him on immigration reform and dismissed the economic benefits of building the keystone
2:35 am
pipeline. >> an issue in keystone is not american oil. it is canadian oil. >> but he can see the big problems remain, such as the racial tension that is flared up in recent weeks after ferguson. >> there are specific instances, at least, where -- where the -- where law enforcement doesn't feel as if it's being applied in a color blind fashion. >> reporter: one thing that is worth noting, all the questions came from women in the white house press corps. the president will spend to weeks in hawaii on his annual vacation. he has list of movies to watch, but did not say whether "the interview" is one of them. we have this just in from cnn from north korea. the country is responding to u.s. statements that it is behind that cyber attack on sony. and this is what the state news
2:36 am
agency says and we quote. whoever is going to frame our country for a crime should present concrete evidence. we'll see if that happens at some point. the ceo of sony pictures entertainment defends the company's decision to pull the film from theaters. michael lynton spoke with fareed zakaria in this tv interview. it runs almost eight minutes. he was candid, here it is. >> the president says sony made a mistake in pulling the film. did you make a mistake? >> no. i think the president, press and public are mistaken as to what actually happened. we do not own movie theaters. we cannot determine whether or not a movie will be played in movie theaters. so, to sort of rehearse for a
2:37 am
moment the sequence of events, we experienced the worst cyber attack in american history and persevered for three and a half weeks under enormous stress, enormous difficulty. all with the effort of trying to keep our business up and running and get the movie out and to the public. when it came to the crucial moment when a threat came out from what was called the gop at the time, threatening audiences who would go to the movie theaters, the movie theaters came to us, one by one, over the course of a very short period of time. we were completely surprised by it, and announced they would not carry the movie. at that point and time, we had no alternative but to not proceed with the release on the 25th of december. that's all we did. >> you have not caved? >> we have not caved.
2:38 am
we have not given in. we have persevered and we have not backed down. we have always had every desire to have the american public see this movie. >> why not release it online in some form or the other, video on demand? >> there are a number of options open to us and we have considered those and are considering them. as it stands right now, while there have been a number of suggestions that we go out there and deliver the movie digitally there has not been one major v.o.d., video on demand site that stepped forward saying they are willing to distribute that movie for us. we need to go through an intermediary to do that. >> mitt romney says why not put it on youtube and let the world see it?
2:39 am
>> that is an option and something we will consider. again, all of this transpire sod quickly, we are trying to weigh the options on how to go forward with all of this. we were taken by surprise by the theaters, which is what we wanted to do first. and now we are trying to proceed and figure out what the next step should be. >> the president says, he wishes, i wish they would have talked to me. what is your response? >> my response is a few days ago, i personally did reach out and speak to senior folks in the white house and talk to them about the situation and actually informed them we needed help. the fbi has been with us now for several weeks and has been great, but i did reach out and explain the situation to them at that time. >> the president is wrong when he says you did not reach out to him. >> well, i don't -- when he's asking about reaching out -- >> i wish they had talked to me, first. >> right. so, we definitely spoke to
2:40 am
senior advisers or senior adviser in the white house to talk about the situation. the fact is, did we talk to the president himself and talk to him about what was transpiring as the theaters started pulling back and unwilling to distribute to movie? no, but the white house was certainly aware of the situation. >> not only did the theaters pull out, but you couldn't get the major hollywood studios to support you. george clooney put out a petition and tried to get support. he couldn't get a single person to sign it. have you been surprised at the fact nobody has been willing to rally around you? >> i am surprised. i understand, on the one hand that my fellow studios and everybody else has their own commercial concerns and were worried about becoming a target. this made this enterprise a very, very lonely affair. but on the other hand, you know, this is a moment where you would
2:41 am
expect the industry to rally around and support you. >> is it your estimate the theater owners panics because the north koreans do not appear to have the capacity to launch a major, simultaneous or significant terrorist attack in the united states. why do you think they panicked? >> well, what i can only imagine is homeland security came out that day and said there was not a viable threat. and, my sense of it, having had the conversation was there was enormous pressure put on them by the malls, by the shops in the malls, by the surrounding neighborhoods who were also threatened in the e-mails to say they shouldn't show the picture. they, basically, on the basis of looking at that, they decided they wouldn't take the picture. >> does that mean dvd release also becomes difficult because you would face the same challenge, which is the walmarts
2:42 am
and costcos of the world would have to stock the dvd? >> again, we don't have a direct interface with the american public. we would require, either through online or in a retail situation, we would need distribution and yes, it's fair to say, if we can't find one of those large retailers or many large retailers to sell our dvds, we wouldn't be able to provide them with "the interview." >> is it fair to say, michael, your hope and expectation the movie will be seen by the american people? >> we have always wanted the american people to see this movie. we have worked tirelessly to do so. absolutely. that's been the primary objective throughout. >> michael, let me ask you to go through the sequence of what happened. when did you first realize you had a problem? >> the first time we understood there was an issue with the
2:43 am
north koreans was back in june of last summer, when they came forward with various e-mails and statements and actually, they were in touch with the white house its and described their disfavor with the movie. at that point and time, we reached out to experts at various, at think tanks within the state department to get a proper understanding of whether or not there was a problem here and whether or not we were providing a security risk. we were told that there wasn't a problem here. so, we continued. >> including the u.s. government told you -- >> the u.s. government told us there wasn't a problem, that's correct. >> when they threatened you, why didn't you take it serious? >> we did take it seriously. we went to the people we thought were most expert in the area, people in the u.s. government and people in think tanks and inquired on whether or not it would be a problem.
2:44 am
they told us it wasn't. that, actually, for the world to see as my stolen e-mails have been presented and public. >> an e-mail between you and somebody at another corporation. >> and somebody between me and the state department, correct. >> you can watch more of fareed's interview with michael lynto lynton. that's sunday at noon in london on cnn. isis militants have given the world much to be concerned about. what if that terror group decided to expand operations to include cyber espionage? straight ahead, it may be happening already.
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comcast business. built for business. we have been talking a lot about the allegations against north korea and hacking. now, isis, we learned may have opened a battle front in cyber space. they seem to be using malware as part of its ars nenaarsenal. they obtained malware that targeted an isis opposition group t. way it works is, it's intended target and what it achieves makes isis a likely suspect. as of yet, they have not been able to confirm the attack came from isis. a programming note, the
2:48 am
syrian town of coe bkobani. senior international correspondent nick peyton walsh got inside this city. nick brings a rare and remarkable look of isis inside kobani. that airs saturday only on cnn. another storm is on track to impact the western u.s. this weekend. eric, does that mean they might get more relief from -- >> california -- that's a good question. the northern parts of california, yes. the southern parts, san francisco to los angeles, unfortunately, not. if you live in seattle, well, if you are tuned in, obviously this area gets rainfall this time of year. you are used to it. it's that we have seen so much rain across the pacific northwest. we have another major cold front that's going to sweep in through the weekend and bring pockets of heavy rainfall to the west
2:49 am
coast, all the way to the northern parts of california state. then, snowfall for the northern rockies and much of the cascades. we are going to mesh that in feet this time. one to two feet including idaho, washington and oregon. nationally, across the rest of the united states, perhaps you are traveling to atlanta or charleston, south carolina, we have a forecast for the big apple. sunny, cool. cloudy conditions across the upper midwest. sunshine across the southern plains states and stretching into socal, including los angeles. a lot of people are wondering if we are going to have a white christmas. along the east coast, a storm that will bring travel delays, but more of a rainmaker. snow, however on the backside of this system. quickly, before we let you go, natalie, we have cool footage coming from nasa. this is o'ryan's unmanned spacecraft that was launched on december 5th.
2:50 am
this is a precursor. >> coming home. >> yeah, it's coming home. >> it's coming back into the atmosphere. >> if we were astronauts, for instance, maybe we are aspiring astronauts, but if we were on that capsule, we would feel gravity eight times what we feel here on the surface of the earth. remember going to amusement parks when we were young? the gravitron? that's what it would feel like. >> couldn't do it. >> by the way, the capsule had a temperature of 4,000 degrees. that's twice the temperature of molton lava as it entered. >> and it cooled off in the ocean. >> you can see the splash right, oh, it's late. back to you. >> thanks. still to come, high hopes for hoops to become one country's next big sport.
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well, when it comes to sports, india is a cricket crazed country. could a game that is big in america take off in india? the commissioner of the national basketball association believes india is the next frontier. here is don. ♪ >> reporter: if ever there was a one-sport country, it would be india where they play cricket from dawn to dusk. where the love of the game is passed from one generation to the next. the nba believes this is the next big market for their sport, basketball. >> i would say cricket is a traditional sport here in india, but there's also an extraordinarily young population and a young population that is going to develop interest of their own in sport and making decisions on their own as to what their favorite sport will
2:54 am
be. >> reporter: the nba commissioner, adam silver, india is the next big gold rush. >> we are the fastest growing sport in india right now. when i look at a market like india with well over a billion people, a middle class and economy just getting going, i think india is the next great frontier for the nba. >> reporter: with its massive population, there's no doubt india has enormous sports potential. this was the scene earlier this month in mumbai. 20,000 fans gathered to watch the game against liverpool. making the case against basketball is the sacramento kings. they are owned by a businessman, part of a promotional tour in mumbai. >> when i bought the sacramento kings, one of my main goals was to make sure we succeeded in expanding the game in india. i believe that india is the game and i wanted to share the rich
2:55 am
ntsz, the spectacle, athleticism with people of my origin. it's more than a sport, it's a lifestyle. it's got a cool vibe to it. it's got a swagger to it. cricket and soccer was the sport of our parents. basketball is the sport of the youth. >> reporter: to truly grow the game in emerging markets, the nba needs to be able to showcase the talent from those regions. the kings hope that would have been that man, the center of indian heritage, signed by the kings only to be waived in october. nonetheless, he made an impact. >> he has taken the indian sport by storm. he's the first basketball player of indian origin to play in the nba system.
2:56 am
he is a bigger than life character and he has achieved global recognition within the indian community. we hope there will be more indian players in the future, but it's a great start. >> reporter: a decade ago, basketball was in china. the nba is hugely popular in china, but the expected flood of talent to the world's top league failed to materialize. adam silver admits his trip to india was mainly a fact finding exercise. they are nowhere near ready to start playing, but two games a broadcast daily to fans. the interest is through social media and mobile phones. >> the world changes so quickly, we have benefits and tools for growing the game here in india that weren't available at china
2:57 am
when we were at the same point in the lifestyle. with social media and the increasing spread of mobile phones and the coming 4g networks. here, we can spread the game much faster than we did in china. >> reporter: the games currently broadcast, the nba knows they are too early to be a benefit to a mass television audience. once they have grown the interest, silver says they will consider changing the tip-off times in america to accommodate the market overseas. that's when you will know it's really taking off. cnn. >> we will wait and see. thank you so much for watching cnn. i'm natalie allen. for viewers in the u.s., "new day" is just ahead. for everyone else, am an pour starts. see you later.
2:58 am
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sony as a corporation suffered significant damage. there were some threats against employees. so i think they made a mistake. >> the president, the press and the public are mistaken as to what actually happened. >> sony's ceo fires back at president obama over the north korean hacking scandal, claiming the studio made a calculated decision in the pulling of the "interview" from theaters. a shocker overnight the da says he knew jurors lied in the michael brown case but let mem e them stake take the