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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  December 22, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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will the u.s. put north korea back on the state terror list? i'm christine romans. john berman has the day off. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. nice to see you. new york city police and the people they serve badly shaken by the murder of two police officers sitting in their patrol car in brooklyn. the police department changing protocols. we have details coming in. the gunman, ismaaiyl brinsley, he told two bystanders watch what i'm going to do before opening fire. he was then chased by two utility workers who happened to see the shooting. brinsley shot himself on the subway platform. president obama calling william bratton and the task force on the policing, charles ramsey.
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the president expressing outrage at the senseless murders. the mother of eric garner speaking out. >> anyone who is standing with us, we want you to not use eric garner's name for violence. we are not about that. these two police officers lost their lives senselessly. >> cnn's alexandra field is in brooklyn this morning with the latest. >> reporter: christine, people are shaken and the men and women sworn to protect it on high alert. sources telling cnn extra security is added at new york city precincts and threats made to the police department are being investigated. as many as 15 different threats all needing to be closely looked into by investigators trying to protect the men and women who serve the city. this as the city grieves the
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loss of two officers assassinated at gunpoint in their cars. wenjin liu and officer rafael ramos killed in the brooklyn neighborhood. as the city grieves the loss of the officers, tensions rise between the mayor and police officers union. union leaders saying that mayor bill de blasio has the blood of the officers on his hands. lashing out at the mayor for support of protests that have unfolded in the city over the last couple of weeks following the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. the mayor's support of protesters has put officers at risk. the mayor says right now his focus is not on politics with the union, but the victims of the attack over the weekend. he has been spending time with the victims' families and hoping for peace in the city. at the same time, the mayor's office is responding to the comments made by the police officers union saying the
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rhetoric is over heated and it could be both divisive and cause people to become angry. christine. >> alexandra, thank you. the tension with the nypd and city hall is evident after saturday's shooting. union leaders and rank-and-file officers silently turned their backs on the mayor as he walked into the hospital where the two officers were taken. the move clearly meant as a sign of disrespect and lack of support for their mayor. dozens of new yorkers gathered at vigils around the city last night lighting candles and remembering the two slain officers. 32-year-old wenjin liu, a seven-year veteran, married two months ago and 40-year-old rafael ramos, two years in the department. his youngest son posting this heart breaking message on his facebook page. quote, today i had to say bye to my father. everyone says they hate cops,
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but they are the ones they call for help. i will always love you. r.i.p., dad. the yankees silver shield foundation will pay all education expenses for rafael ramos's sons. police are trying to learn more about the man who killed the two police officers. they are digs into ismaaiyl brinsley social media accounts. whether this vow to put wings on pigs and references to the eric garner or michael brown cases is just a protest or violent rampage. that rampage began in baltimore where brinsley shot his ex-girlfriend. authorities say she is expected to survive. new york city is not the only city reeling from the shooting of a police officer. in tarpon springs, florida, 45-year-old charles kondek was
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shot and killed sunday morning. he was a 17-year-old veteran of the tampa department. he served five years in the new york department before that. a spokesperson says a 23-year-old suspect is in custody there. now to the other story this morning. north korea warning overnight that the huge cyber attack on sony is just the beginning. a new statement from pyongyang steadfastly denied the hack on sony, but claims the u.s. government was behind the making of the picture "the interview." president obama taking a cautious approach. he tells cnn's candy crowley as cyber vandalism. not cyber war. >> we will be in an environment in this new world where so much is digitalized. that state and non state actors
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have the capacity to disrupt our lives in all sorts of ways. we have to do a better job of guarding against that. >> we have kyung lah live from seoul. i don't want to look lightly on this, but when you hear the rambling response where they say they were responsible for the sony hack, but threaten the citadels with hacking. i don't know. they contradict themselves. >> reporter: yeah. all the time. that's the frustration in dealing with the hermit kingdom. it is extraordinarily frustrating dealing with north korea. this statement verges on the nonsense. north korea saying we did not do this, but we support what has been happening with the outside
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agents. i want to read a couple lines of the fiery statement that north korea leased overnight. the army are fully ready to stand in confrontation with the u.s. in all war spaces, including cyber warfare space to blow up those citadels. north korea saying any future tack will bring achievements thousands of times greater than the sony hack. remember, north korea saying we did not have anything to do with it. president obama saying he will review whether or not to put them back on the terror list. >> the dprk saying the u.s. government was behind the making of the comedy "the interview." what are sony leaders saying about the controversy surrounding the whole thing? i know the leader of the sony pictures in the u.s. spoke with fareed. >> reporter: what he is basically saying that they did not back down because of what happened to them with the cyber
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attack. sony simply did not have a place to play the movies. the theater owners did not want to play the movie. he says they do intent to distribute the filfilm. >> we have not caved. we have not given in. we have not backed down. >> remember, sony only delayed this. sony has been fighting to get this picture distributed. it will be distributed. how it will be distributed, i don't think anybody knows. it will be distributed. what sony has been trying to do is to get the picture out to the public. at the same time, the rights of employees and rights of the movie going public are protected. >> reporter: and the big word is how. when the lawyer says how, will it be streamed or released via dvd or any repercussions on that? will they make any money?
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do people want to see it? there are a lot of people talking about this movie, christine. >> ironically, for the north korea leaders, more people are interested in the movie now than it had just been released in the theaters. the president calling it cyber vandalism. the president trying to find the right strategy. you don't want to use the word war when you talk about north korea when they throw it around so freely in this response. >> reporter: exactly. because what you are seeing is the white house, the pentagon, the fbi trying to dial down the rhetoric. that has been typically the position of the united states and not take north korea seriously, but serious at the same time. dial down the rhetoric. tone it down. north korea, the spoiled child of asia, screaming and kicking and flailing their arms trying to increase the rhetoric and increase and raise that ante. >> and get more attention and more recognition on the world stage. kyung lah, thank you so much for
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that reporting this morning. talk to you again. gunfire at the canadian border. u.s. officer shooting an unidentified canadian ban on the ambassador bridge. customs officialis say the man was waving a gun. it was a replica. stock futures are higher. the dow and s&p gained more than 3%. nasdaq rose 2.4% last week. that jumped thanks to the fed's assurance it would remain patient with the interest rate increases. analysts expect the rally to continue. nasdaq and s&p have double digit gains. managers trying to replicate the moves. besides the fed moves crude
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prices rose $4. this may signal the end of the falling prices. until then, drivers can enjoy one benefit. cheap gas. a survey reports the average price fell 2.7 cents. down more than $1.25 since the peaks this year. it has been a banner year. pope francis is giving his end of year message. what he hopes to achieve next year. a sports legend in the hospital. an update on muhammad ali's condition in just moments chls.
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pope francis capping off a year. here is the pontiff live. live pictures. he just laid out his plans for the year. i want to bring in john allen. he has been watching this all for us. he is at the vatican where the pope is addressing the catholic central government. you make a great point, john, there is no international hot button issue he has not weighed in on and not been a force in. what did he tell the upper eschelons of the church today? >> reporter: we have been
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talking about how the pope is a man of surprise. you say traditionally this is the pope's state of the union address and he looks back at year and looks forward to the agenda for the next one. that is not what he did. this is a spiritual speech targeted at the audience in the room. the vatican. this is the upper eschelon of the leadership. the pope led them through the examination of conscious trying to layout the spirit with which he wants them to approach the work. it is all about calling the pathology of power. he doesn't want these guys to think of these guys of the masters of the universe. he was calling them on a spirit of humility. he offered a catalog of spiritual diseases. the church's senior leadership
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is especially prone. including things like thinking of yourself as indespensible. the key point was this idea that he said one of the diseases he talked about was the disease of excessive plans which does not leave enough room for responsible nature ty. that has been very much a hallmark of francis papacy. he said boys you haven't seen anything yet. >> that is interesting, john. you can translate that philosophy to any business or management mentality. and killing the spirit of what you are trying to do.
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i think people see that in their work all the time. interesting about this, he is speaking to people who are essential essentially bureaucrats. are they receptive to his management style? >> reporter: the vatican is like any other complex bureaucracy. some are more receptive than others. i will say it is quite clear that pope francis is trying to take the church's senior management out of its comfort zone. he said we have established patterns of doing business. in the case of the vatican, have been around for centuries. we need to stretch. we need to adapt. if you ask what is the reception to that in the room, there is nervousness and discomfort, but the senior managers are not
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blind. they understand that francis is playing well. he is playing well in terms of public opinion. he has revitalized the church and given it a new lease on life. he has renewed the vatican's diplomatic capital. we saw that with the role he played in paving the way with the u.s. and cuba. they want that to continue. they realize the price is they have to be willing to step out of their zone skin, so to speak, and get on board the train. >> thanks, john. a beautiful late morning in rome. thank you for that. breaking overnight. french police arrest a man in the city of dijon. at least 12 people injured. the suspect was heard yelling allah akbar. it is arabic for god is great. a day earlier, french police shot and killed a man who shot
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and stabbed two officers shouting that same phrase. a critical victory for kurdish fighters. hundreds of citizens under siege for over a month were rescued in the counter attack. isis positions were the target of 47 u.s. air strikes last week. new this morning, a united airlines flight from seattle to newark has been diverted to spokane. united spokesperson says the aircraft landed safely. there were no injuries reported. a new plane is being brought in to replace the one they are working with. we will get more details to you. boxer muhammad ali recovering after being hospitalized for pneumonia over the weekend. ali's spokesperson said the illness was discovered quickly
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and the boxing champion's prognosis is good. florida state quarterback jameis winston avoided arrest in an alleged sexual assault two years ago. now he gets some more good news. brian mcfayden has details about that in the bleacher report next. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that.
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florida state university cleared jameis winston at the code of conduct hearing. brian mcfayden has more in the bleacher report. >> he has been cleared at the code of conduct hearing from the 2012 sexual assault. the evidence before the judge said the evidence was not satisfactory to bring forward a decision. jameis winston was never arrested in the case and his florida state seminoles will participate in the first ever college football playoffs january 1st against oregon ducks. the sports world paid tribute to the two new york police officers, rafael ramos and wenjin liu who died saturday afternoon. tom coughlin wore a black band
2:24 am
on his sleeve and there were emotional beginnings with the jets and rangers. the yankees silver shield foundation will pay for the college educations of ramos's children. and seahawks let everyone know they are the team to beat in the nfc. marshawn lynch was beast mode on the 79-yard touchdown run. the seahawks wrap up home field with a win next week against the st. louis rams. the holidays are a time of giving. one raiders player came up big for a special girl. he donated his paycheck to 4-year-old ava. she was named captain for the game yesterday and her family were the guests of honor. watson said he wanted the family to have a happy holiday. he gave them an entire game
2:25 am
check which is worth $18,000. an incredible gesture for the family. >> absolutely. thank you, brian mcfayden. north korea making new threats against the united states. the regime's new warning and accusations against the u.s. ahead. we are learning more about threats on the new york police department. we have more to get to you. details ahead.
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breaking news. the nypd facing a new threat after two police officers were shot and killed over the weekend. we are details about the deadly shooting, including what the shooter told passers by. new threats by north korea. now warning it will attack the white house and u.s. mainland saying the attacks on sony were just the beginning. welcome back to "early
2:29 am
start." i'm christine romans. john berman is off. it is 28 minutes past the hour. breaking news. new york city police on high alert facing a new threat. an nypd spokesperson says a young adult male whom officers are not naming, made threats against police on facebook. the man lives in brooklyn and affiliated with a gang. we will bring you more details as we get them. this comes with new york officers and new yorkers frankly on edge this morning after the murder of two police officers sitting in their patrol car in brooklyn saturday night. the nypd stepping up security at stations. changing protocols and investigating threats in an unprecedented way. president obama calling new york commissioner bill bratton and the task force head charles ramsey. the president expressing his outrage. the mother of eric garner
2:30 am
expressing concern and speaking out to reject violence. >> anyone who is standing with us, we want you to not use eric garner's name for violence because we are not about that. these two police officers lost their lives senselessly. >> cnn's alexandra field is in brooklyn. >> reporter: christine, people are deeply shaken. this is a city on edge. the men and women sworn to protect it are on high alert. extra security added at precincts. as many as 15 threats needing to be closely looked into to protect the men and women who serve the city. this as the city grieves the loss of two officers assassinated in their patrol cars.
2:31 am
officer wenjin liu and officer rafael ramos killed in the brooklyn neighborhood. as the city grieves, tensions rise with the mayor and police officers union. union leaders say mayor bill de blasio has the blood of the officers on his hands. lashing out at the mayor for his support of protests that have unfolded in the city over the last couple of weeks following the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. the support of protesters has put officers at risk. the mayor says right now, his focus is not on politics with the union, but the victims. he says he has been spending time with the victims' families and hoping for peace in the city. at the same time, mayor's office is responding to the comments saying the rhetoric is overheated and it could be divisive and cause people to become angry.
2:32 am
>> this new unspecified threat police are investigating right now. threat by a gang member made on social media. dozens of new yorkers gathering lighting candles and remembering the police officers. 32-year-old wenjin liu, married two months ago, and 40-year-old rafael ramos, two years in the nypd and father of two sons. his youngest posting a heart breaking message on his facebook page. today i had to say bye to my father. everyone says they hate cops, but they are the ones they call for help. i will never forget you. r.i.p., dad. we have details for you coming in on the shooting. officials say the gunman ismaaiyl brinsley told two bystanders, quote, watch what i'm going to do before opening fire. he was then chased by two utility workers who happened the see the shooting.
2:33 am
brinsley shot himself on the subway platform. for a closer look at the shootings, here is nick valencia. >> reporter: the shootings began in baltimore at 6:00 a.m., ismaaiyl brinsley opened fire injuring his girlfriend. it was after that shooting, he made his way toward brooklyn, but not before taking his ex-girlfriend's cell phone. police used it to track his moments and he used that cell phone to post messages on social media. messages like this one. i'm putting wings on pigs today. they take ours, let's take two of theirs. police tried to notify the local police department. they sent a fax and phone call 2:10 p.m., but it was too little, too late. at 2:47, wenjin liu and rafael ramos were gunned down in their
2:34 am
patrol car. commissioner bill bratton said they did not have a chance to reach their weapons. local police officers gave chase toward brinsley following him into a subway platform where he took his own life. there is a rush to find out what happened after the shooting. what was brinsley's motivation? >> new york is not the only city reeling after the shooting. in tarpon springs, florida, charles kondek was shot and killed. he was a 17-year-old veteran. he served five years in the nypd before that. a sheriff's office spokesperson said a 23-year-old suspect is in custody. 34 minutes past the hour. an early start on your money. asian and european markets
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higher. oil up $4 since the low. oil's $40 price drop is driven by oversupply. the oil minister for saudi arabia, a major producer, telling cnn saudi arabia has no plans to cut production. also, helping global markets, really impressive rally last week. dow and s&p grew 3%. nasdaq rose 2.4% after the fed said it will remain patient with the interest rates. stock futures are higher. in time for holiday shopping. staples saying 1.2 million customers credit cards were stolen. the breach was made public in october. 115 of 1,400 stores effected. banks shield customers from
2:36 am
fraud. staples joins a long list of hackers. home depot and michaels and target. 2014 will go down as the year of the consumer retail hack. north korea making new threats against the united states in the wake of the cyber attack on sony. president obama saying it is not an act of war, but cyber vandalism. we will break down his words with cnn's brian stelter. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that
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or increases in cholesterol. do not take invokana® if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis or if allergic to invokana® or its ingredients. symptoms of allergic reaction may include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. welcome back to "early
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start." north korea warning overnight that the cyber attack on sony is just the beginning. a new statement from pyongyang threatening, quote counter action against the white house and pentagon and mainland. cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinski is traveling with the president on vacation in hawaii. she has latest. >> reporter: christine, what the president's national security team says they don't want to get into the back and forth with north korea. we have seen north korea put out these outrageous statements, most recently blaming the u.s. government saying the u.s. government was involved in making of it and should apologize. echoing what the u.s. has said about north korea responsible and needing to apologize. also, north korea has denied responsibility for the hacking. is threatening further and worse attacks by the group.
2:40 am
they are sharpening their bayonets and will do damage a thousand times greater than the sony hacking. it is interesting to hear the president in the interview with candy crowley that he did not consider this a war or act of terrorism or act of cyber vandalism. he is taking criticism from owe po opponents. the president of sony said he wished the president would have called him. the president saying he did not know what was going on. not knowing the theater owners does not want to run the film. >> i was pretty sympathetic to the fact they have business considerations they have to make. had they talked to me directly about this decision, i might have called the movie theater chains and distributors and asked them what the story was.
2:41 am
what i was laying out was a principle that i think this country has to abide by. >> reporter: we know the president said the u.s. will respond proportionately and in due time to the hacking. the u.s. believes 100% came from north korea. the white house has been presented with options from advisers and those could include further sanctions against north korea. including banking and economic sectors. christine. >> michelle kosinski in hawaii. thank you. let's break this down with the host of sources. brian stelter. this goes from bad to worse to crazy, frankly. when you look at the response from north korea who says we did not do it, but will do more if you respond in a way we don't like. the president using the word cyber vandalism. the president weighing in on how a company is responding. remarkable. >> rarely have we ever seen
2:42 am
this. the president saying sony made a mistake. one of the biggest media companies in the world. i wonder if he would have said that if it were disney. it is interesting it is not an act of war. he worried openly about the self censorship. he said that about cnn. cnn covered north korea. what happens if they break into cnn? >> is hollywood already changing its ways? look at some of the scripts not in development now because they had critical positions of north korea. is the horse out of the barn? no big company will be taken down. >> another north korean film with steve carell that is now on the back burner or scrapped.
2:43 am
the word precedent is thrown around. yesterday, alan dershowitz brought that up. let's see what he said. >> my feeling is unless this film is seen now more widely than it ever would have been seen before, which is the message that has to be sent to north korea, this is the beginning. it will continue with iran. iran may develop nuclear weapons. they put the fact on salomon rushdie. he got together and collectively published his book. every time they try to censor, it, more people will see it and it will back fire. >> it sounds wise to me. if you are a theater owner and sony is calling you, there is a concern. there are concerns with sony and
2:44 am
distributors. >> sony has the online video site crackle. the key here is sony would like to get paid for people watching this movie. >> yes. they came out yesterday and somewhat denied the report that crackle is the distribution of the film. sony has a $44 million budget they want to recoup. they want it in theaters or cable on demand. maybe in the apple itunes store. they need willing partners. >> president calling it cyber vandalism. it is equal to being bombed or headquarters bombed or computer systems bombed. what is next for sony? the company is working. >> this is something that the sony executives are frustrated. the company is up and running. e-mail serves are still down. there are technical problems. two e-mails bounced back of mine over the weekend.
2:45 am
they are releasing movies and tv shows. "annie" opened in theaters over the weekend. it made 17 million dolla$17 mi.s they are still releasing films. the question is how will they release this one? how do they get the interview out there? david boyd said it will be released. will it be in theaters or movie on demand? sony has the opportunity to seize all of the attention. the attention is going to fade away. it will feel like the hackers won if this is not resolved soon. >> i likely would not have seen that film. i likely will see the film when it is available. >> i would like a communal moment. maybe a social tv moment. >> brian, thank you. let's see what is coming up on "new day." chris cuomo joins us. happy monday. >> happy christmas week.
2:46 am
not happy things today, but after the issues surrounding the horrible events that we saw. the shooting of two new york city police officers sitting in their cruiser. they apparently never saw the murderer coming. two lives lost. children left without a father. people left without their spouses. then what does it mean going forward? we want to take a look at the person who did it because the politics of the animosity that is surrounding the police and protesters and what is going on with race in this country, seem to have us ignoring the fact who this man was that he was deranged and history of problems and his mother was afraid of him. we will take a look at all of this and most importantly, where do we go from here? this is not what america is about. not what new york city is about. we will speak with leaders about this. we have former new york city mayor rudy guilian irkts with us. we will talk about the
2:47 am
situation. the great line we heard from one of the local leaders. there is no question, but pain, christine. how do we bring purpose to the pain. >> that is a good line. a big question we need to ask and get answered. thanks, chris. top republican 2016 candidate now speaking out to normalize relations with cuba. we will tell you what governor chris christie to do about the most wanted terrorist on the fbi list. that is next.
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2:50 am
breaking overnight. french police arresting a man suspected of driving a vehicle into the crowd of pedestrians in the city of dijon. the suspect was heard yelling allah akbar. that is arabic for god is great. a day earlier, police shot and killed a man who stabbed three police officers. a critical victory for kurdish forces against isis. hundreds of citizens in a siege over a month were rescued in the counter attack on sunday. isis positions in the region were the target of 47 u.s. air strikes last week. within days, perhaps before christmas, we could learn if
2:51 am
army sergeant bowe bergdahl could face court martial. the 28-year-old sergeant was freed as part of the taliban prisoner swap earlier this year. he spent five years in captivity by the taliban. bergdahl walked off his post in 2009. he then faced accusations of desertion. quarterback jameis winston has been cleared of rape allegations by a student code of conduct hearing. a student claimed two years ago that winston sexually assaulted her. he was not arrested, but faced a code of conduct charge. a ruling officer said there is insufficient evidence. winston could still face legal trouble in a civil case. chris christie is asking president obama to demand that cuba turnover convicted cop killer joann chesimard.
2:52 am
she has been living in asylum since 1984. she is on the fbi most wanted list. christie said this is an opportunity for the castro regime to show it is serious about change. if you are planning to hit the road or take to the skies as christmas approaches, it could be a rough few days. a huge storm may cause major travel headaches for 2/3 of the u.s. let's get to meteorologist ivan cabrera for an early look at your weather. ivan. >> christine, we are tracking a storm by mid week will be bringing severe weather across the southeastern u.s. and snow for the midwest as the holiday travel season has been just incredible here with all of these travel delays as a result of weather systems that have been timed terribly. this will not be a snowstorm for
2:53 am
the east, but the midwest. 4 to 6 inches on tuesday and wednesday. on the southern branch, a potential for severe weather, frequent lightning and torrential rain that will possibly cause flooding. it has been raining buckets across florida. 4 to 6 inches. widespread across the southeastern united states and 6 to 10 across northern florida in the next 48 hours. even severe weather as we talk about frequent lightning and torrential rain and potential for rotating thunderstorms. that is tuesday heading into wednesday. things calm down by thursday. forecast highs today, cold across the north. as expected. south of the front, temperatures in the 70s and 80s. ivan, thank you for that. you know black friday. you heard about cyber monday. okay, here's one. super saturday. some are saying it could be bigger than either of those other retail holidays. we will get an early start on
2:54 am
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monday edition. stocks are higher this morning building off the weekly gain last week. the nasdaq rose 2.4%. the fed reassured it would remain patient with interest rate increases. the nasdaq and s&p have had double digit gains. many expect more gains into the new year. christmas is days away. retailers are betting super saturday will save the holiday shopping season. black friday sales were down 11% from last year. shopping track predicts sales this past weekend will hit $10 billion. $1 billion more than than black friday. a separate survey by america's research group found 44.6% of consumers did not buy anything this past weekend. did not go shopping. that is the largest share of american consumers everywhere. the holidays are big time for the box office, of course. did you know 2014 was the box
2:58 am
office flop? down 4%. that is according to box office data. there were successes. "lego" and "guardians of galaxy." profits for the two biggest theater chains were less than half what they were last year. there is so much to cover. including the response to the tragic killing of two police officers in brooklyn in new york on saturday night. these new evolving threats against the police and what it means for the relationship with the public and police force. chris cuomo will cover that on "new day." two officers assassinated. >> facing a new threat. >> it is an attack on all of us. >> we have to take back our communities. >> i don't know who in the heck
2:59 am
got the impression this community is not behind the police department. >> blood on their hands starts in the office of the mayor. >> we have not caved. we have not given in. we have not backed down. >> the u.s. now calling out north korea as responsible for the sony hack. >> we cannot have a society in which some dictator can start imposing censorship in the united states. >> they must be happy in pyongyang. good morning. welcome . >> good morning, welcome to "new day." we start with breaking news this morning. the nypd is in a desperate online man hunt. after the deranged killer posted on instagram about his sick plan, authorities are taking no chances. here's what we know. a credible threat to kill a cop was posted on facebook by a gang member in brooklyn. that's the same borough where
3:00 am
two of new york's finest was gunned down saturday. we are learning more about this cold brooded killer of new york's finest. he reportedly told two bystanders "watch what i'm going to do". >> the family of the slain officer is calling on citizens and police to come together, move forward and peacefully co-exist. they are turning their backs on bill deblasio as he came to pay his respects to the slain officer. he is in the backlash of the eric garner decision. we begin our coverage live from brooklyn, new york. >> reporter: good morning, these two nypd officers have not even been laid to rest t. emotions are so raw on the corner, they were


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