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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 24, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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you can see martin's mother crying there, reacting to her son's death. here's what we know so far. the shooting happened in a gas station in berkeley, missouri, two miles from ferguson where unarmed teen michael brown was shot and killed. according to police, the officer approached two men at a gas station during a routine check and that is when one of the subjects pulled out a gun and aimed it at the officer. in fear for his life, police say, the fire fired multiple shuts, ultimately killing the victim. the second man, we understand, got away. police say the victim's handgun has been recovered at the scene. shortly after the shooting, the victim's mother spoke with cnn affiliate kmov. >> they won't tell me nothing. his girlfriend told me that the police was messing with him. he was fitting to get up and run, when he was trying to get up and run they start shooting him. they don't tell me nothing. they won't even let me see my baby. they just got my baby laying out
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there. he's been out there for about two hours. >> the shooting has sparked tense protests with police. at one point demonstrators threw this smoking object toward the officers. let me bring in cnn's george howell. he is in berkeley with the latest for us. george, tell me what's happening there. >> well, randi, you walk through the typeline quite precisely. what we saw overnight, some 200 to 300 people who gathered around this area where it happened, people who were angry, upset about what happened and, again, you talk about bringing being thrown, those explosive devices we saw video of being thrown now we're at a point where this family, tony and jerome martin, they're trying to make sense of it all, trying to understand the facts. i spoke with them in their home a few minutes ago and it's
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simply a tragedy for any family. -to-lose a loved one. you have a mother, and a father who are coping with the fact that they will not have their son with them on christmas eve that's the situation we're dealing with right now. they say they want to know the facts and they're saying the look, if he was right, he was right. if he was wrong, he was wrong. that's where they are right now. here are the facts we understand them. this happened overnight here at this gas station and the surveillance video that police have put out, it goes up to a point and then it freezes. so what we see in the video and we've blown it up so you can see it as best that you can but you do see two figures near a police car. they walk up, the police officer gets out of the car and just before this video freezes you see one of the figures pointing toward the officer with what looks to be a weapon. keep in mind, after this happened, there was a weapon that was on the ground as part of the crime scene evidence.
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police are obviously looking at that. and, again, they put out this video up to a point, right before the shooting, we believe, that's the video we have to look at. also there is an issue of surveillance, body cameras. a lot of the officers around here, especially after the michael brown shooting, they invested, the departments invested in these police body cameras so police officers can walk around and video that would be captured any time they had interaction with people. in this case, randi, we know the officer did not have that body camera on him. he did have access to one but did not have it on him. and there is question about why hi didn't. we may have a soundbite here, i'll ask the control room if we can play that soundbite where police officers explain why he didn't have that body camera. take a listen. >> the officer also had a body cam but he didn't get that assigned to him at roll call today or last night and it was handled off to him during his shift and because of that
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protalking to him briefly he said that right when it was handed to him he was doing something at the time, he clipped it somewhere in the car, didn't put it on and the next thing you know, you're here. i think it talks about the imperfection of some of the technology that we have in effect that we're not used to it all the time. >> so police not used to it. speaking to the family just a minute ago, they say, you know, if they have body cameras, why wouldn't they have it on, but, again, we're hearing from the department that officers are still getting used to them. that's a situation that will be talked about in this community. this is the epicenter of a lot of the tensions that we've seen here throughout the country from new york, from milwaukee here in the st. louis area so this is happening very close to home for a lot of people, supreme a lot of questions. he did not have the body camera on him, this officer, however we do see surveillance video that shows quite precisely what happened moments up to this shooting. police put that video out.
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that is one account that certainly they will be investigating, looking into to understand why this officer drew his weapon and as they're saying used his weapon in self-defense as another person pointed a weapon at him, randi. >> and there's also some talk that there is a closer view of a second surveillance camera so maybe we'll get that today as well and maybe even dash cam. any word on whether or not there is dash cam video, george? >> well, you know, we don't know yet with and we're definitely looking into that. we're looking into all angles to find out if there is more video. i mean, look at this store. you can imagine -- and i would bet there may be other surveillance views. we're going to walk around and see if we can find anything more but the situation here, this happened under bright lights. these gas stations light up at night. there are a lot of cameras pointed in a lot of different directions. i'm sure police are looking for the same thing to find out if there's more video but you can bet your bottom dollar this case will be investigated very
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thoroughly. >> i'm sure it will be. george howell, thank you live in berkeley, missouri. new york city protesters are defying mayor bill de blasio's call for a pause in their demonstrations. a protest against racism and police violence went on last night. de blasio asked for the protests to stop until after the funerals for two t two police officers killed on saturday. cnn's sara ganim is in brooklyn for us. set the scene for us there, please. >> reporter: randi, yesterday here in new york started with a moment of silence for those two slain police officers and i want to give you a chance to listen in to that for a moment.
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like i said, there was the dimming of the rockefeller tree that came after that. but the call for calm did not last very long here in new york. mayor bill de blasio calling for the protests to cease until the funerals of those two slain police officers but protesters hit the streets anyway, chanting about racist cops, they marched down fifth avenue during one of the busiest shopping nights of the year holding signs that said "jail killer cops" and "stop the war on black america." they said they didn't feel the need to stop protesting while others mourn the death of officers rafael ramos and liu when they were shot in their patrol cars by a man on instagram who announced he was out to "put wings on pigs"
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speaking for the death of eric garner who died in an a choke hold by police. da garner's daughter attended the memorial for those two police officers. also attending the memorial was mayor bill de blasio who came under fire by some who said he was not supportive enough of the police officers in the wake of garner's death. now, all of that being said, the funeral for one of those officers, rafael ramos, that's being held this weekend and the mayor and the police commissioner are expected to be there to speak at the funeral as well as vice president joe biden, he will be there with his wife as well. randi. >> sara ganim, appreciate your reporting, thank you very much. the white house has confirmed, by the way, that vice president joe biden will attend the funeral for officer rafael ramos to take place on saturday. the shooting deaths of ramos and
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liu are part of the problems across the country. let's talk more about it. in recent weeks we have seen lawmakers including yourself make the hands up don't shoot gesture on the house floor. it's become a common sight at these protests. what were you and your colleagues trying to do by doing that. >> i can't speak to my colleagues, i can only speak to myself. i was trying to express with what many of my constituents address which is a dismay of the miscarriage of justice, what is being perceived in many quarters of this nation as a miskaurj of justice and bring attention to the fact that in the capital of the united states there are representatives that recognize that there are -- this is a multifaceted issue that we're grappling with and that we can see all angles of that. >> do you think, though, that a gesture like that, whether it's football players doing it or congress people doing it, do you think that it fuels or could possibly fuel some of the anger
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the protesters are feeling. >> let me say this. nothing fuels the anger more than the incidents that have already taken place. and the sentiments that many in communities of color have been dealing with and sort of suppressing for many years now. this is not coming out of a vacuum, out of nowhere, this comes from the real life experiences of young people in our communities, of older men in our communities, of people who are just at the point where they know something has to change. >> let's talk about what happened in berkeley, missouri, overnight. enough suspect who police say was armed. it looks as if he was raising a handgun in the direction of the officer. does that warrant the protests? because i'm sure you've seen the video of the explosions that occurred at the gas station afterward. they were throwing bricks at police. where do we draw the line? >> when you're dealing we motions it's very hard. it's not like there is a particular point at which you
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say "today i'm going to suppress how i feel versus yesterday." and i think that's what you're seeing with regard to these protests around the nation. i don't think they're going to cease until we see real reforms take place. i think everyone is in mourning over the loss of our officers. but also you have to balance that with the fact that many of these communities have been feeling this way for quite some time and it's now surfaced and until it's addressed i don't think that we're going to see the type of subsiding of it that some in our nation would like the see. >> as you well know, here in new york mayor de blasio has asked protestors to pause and not keep protesting until at least after these officers are buried. i have a headline for you from the "daily news" if i can show it here. it says right there "have you no shame?" that is what was on the cover of the "daily news" because the protesters did march again last
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night. what do you make of that? >> well, i think the "daily news" has its own opinions. i, too, have called for a ceasing of protests, just a grieving and a mourning period here in the city of new york, an opportunity to sort of recalibrate and come back with some solutions. however p individuals are going to do what's in their heart and what they desire and that's what protest is about. that's what non-violent protest is about and that's what made a change in this nation over 50 years ago during the civil rights movement and people understand that, people are connected to that. that's what we're seeing with this new generation. >> congresswoman, thank you for coming in. wishing you a safe and happy holiday. >> like wise. thank you for having me, randi. still to come, internet access in north korea is on the fritz but what would cause a panic the u.s. is barely noticed outside of pyongyang. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...
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internet access in north korea remained spotty hours before the interview is scheduled to hit a small number of theaters in the u.s. but that inconsistent access likely isn't being noticed outside pyongyang.
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look at this image taken by nasa earlier this year. that dark spot in the middle is north korea where electricity is limited and only pyongyang is lit at night. and as brian todd found out, many north koreans are also in the dark about the internet. >> reporter: as the u.s. and north korea face off over a devastating cyber attack, most income -- north korean citizens are cut off. if you ask the average citizen, would they know what you are talking about? >> the people in the mountainside, countryside, in the valley far away there pyongyang, they have no idea about what internet is about. >> reporter: only the elites have access to the internet. there are just over a thousand ip addresses in the entire country. compare that to a billion and a half ip addresses across the u.s. experts say if you're in north korea and on the internet it doesn't seem any slower or more primitive. >> it looks the same as the internet that you or i might be able to access.
7:17 am
the difference there, though, is that the north koreans are very good at self-censorship. >> meaning they know what web sites they're not supposed to visit. analysts say for a wider group of north koreans there is an internal system that looks like the internet but isn't, it's called "bright light." it's a domestic intranet. it connects through universities and libraries. there are a few web sites on there that mostly carry information from the government and then some scientific or sort of technical data. >> reporter: but it doesn't go beyond the bounds of north korea. the only way the global internet gets in and out of the country, experts say, is through a single cable routed to servers in china. so how does north korea's leader use the internet? >> there was an interesting episode that the south korean intelligence discovered, the gangnam style was checked on his web site six times and it's inside pyongyang near kim
7:18 am
jong-il's residence. if suggestion is he was the one who used the internet web surfing to see it. ♪ gangnam style >> reporter: analysts say even for north korea's elites having extensive access to the internet is a mixed blessing. they say often when top north korean officials go online every point and click is monitored by the security apparatus. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> for more, let me bring in mark rash, a cyber crimes prosecutor for the department of justice. an expert cnn spoke with says north korea may have disconnected itself. is that possible? >> that's probably very likely. to defend against the threat of attack, they would have taken themselves offline and tried to beef up their own security. so that's certainly one likely scenario about why they went offline. >> and if north korea's internet issues were a response by the
7:19 am
u.s., if the u.s. did take part in this, should we expect that maybe north korea might hit back? i mean, are we taking the first steps here, i guess, is the question in a cyber war. >> if it was the united states, then, yeah, we're going to have this tit for tat kind of cyber war where we'll attack them and they'll attack us. but it's not the kind of thing the u.s. government would typically want to do. we want them to be up and running so we can monitor what they're doing. plus we actually believe in more free and more open internet access. and finally, if we're going to attack something on the internet, we need to have the internet up and running. sources are telling cnn that the fbi is going to stay in contact with the theaters that are going to be screening the film "the interview" because of potential threats, including maybe even another hacking job. how concerned are you and how concerned do you think theater owners should be? >> as for theater owners, i don't think they should be concerned at all. as for people wanting to go see
7:20 am
a movie, i don't think they should be concerned at all. isn't the kind of force that north korea would be able to project into the united states. as for companies like sony and others being worried about cyber hacking or cyber threats to them, that's a legitimate concern because it doesn't matter whether it's north korea or hackers, they want to make a statement that they still have vitality and that they can still go after people. >> all right, mark rasrh, appreciate your insight as always. thank you. >> thank you, randi. >> still to come, he is not just spreading christmas cheer, pope francis is blasting some catholic leaders. the spiritual diseases the pontiff hopes are treated as we dive into liz risky relationship with the vatican next.
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female announcer: even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ 23 minutes past the hour. it could be coal for christmas for some top catholic leaders. pope francis confirming on monday in his annual speech at the curia, he reeled off a list of criticisms.
7:24 am
the pontiff revealing his long list of bad attitudes and behaviors he believes are ailing the church's central offices. here are just a few of hour favorites. feeling immortal, having spiritual alzheimer's, suffering from existential schizophrenia, and committing the terrorism of gossip. cnn's senior vatican analyst john allen is in rome with more for us this morning. john, good morning to you. the pope isn't holding back. what has been the response? >> well, randi, i think the response here in the vatican, inside that administrative bureaucracy known as the roman curia, has been a bit mixed. bear in mind pope francis was elected on a reform mandate. the papal election of march, 2013, was probably the most anti-establishment papal election of the last hundred years. he was put in office to break the cycle of scandal and managerial meltdown that had come to be associated with the police. and there are a lot of people inside the system who know it's
7:25 am
long overdue for a house cleaning and who therefore feel like the kind of rhetoric they heard from the pope was in a sense totally appropriate. now others will tell you, look, we've been trying to carry water for this guy for 20 months and we wonder, does he have anything positive at all to say about us? he's concentrated so much on our defects, what about our virtues? that's the kind of gamble involved here, randy, that on one level pope francis wants to shake the place up so he has to make clear what he means by that. but to implement that reform mandate he is sooner or later going to need these folks and he has to find a way to motivate them. i can tell you for sure, randi, no one came out of that room feeling like they had just heard president t "win one for the gipper" speech. >> good point. john, you recently wrote an article that said the vatican is no different than any other environment in which people naturally love a winner and the pope's sky high poll numbers and
7:26 am
political capital have brought around even vatican personnel who may have initially been skeptical. can you drive deeper on this one? >> sure, well let's start with this. the vatican is a sovereign state under international law. it has diplomatic relations with about 180 countries and it takes its diplomatic and political role very seriously. therefore people in the vatican always like it when the pope is seen as a serious player. now, after the last week, in the pivotal rope that pope francis played in the restoration of diplomatic relations wean the united states and cuba with even the president of the united states acknowledging the pope's centrality to that breakthrough, francis has gotten a enormous amount of political capital, including among his own team who really like that perception of the pope as an important figure. the question now, randi, is how does he choose to spend it? i think we saw him on monday drawing on some of that political capital to say, look,
7:27 am
the price of this success is there are some established patterns of doing a business around here that simply can't continue and i'm serious about breaking them. >> and what about in 2015? what do you expect this pope might do? >> well, look, i think this pope ought to come with a warning label like a pack of cigarettes that says "cautions, predictions are hazardous to your health." so trying to speculate what he might do is a hazardous enterprise. but we know some things that are on his calendar. we know for example, randi, he's coming to the united states in september. he's going to visit philadelphia for a vatican meeting of families. he's probably also going to stop in new york and washington. we know that in october he's going to be convening another summit of bishops from around the world. what the vatican calls the senate to talk about some very hot-button issues such as the role of homosexuals in the church, whether divorced and remarried catholics ought to be able to get communion. we know he's going to make a
7:28 am
number of other trp trips, sri a and the philippines, france. we know he's going to release a letter on the environment, the first ever such document from a pope on climate change and ecology and on and on. randi, it's going to be another big year from pope francis. >> he does keep it interesting, that's for sure. john allen, thank you so much, have a nice holiday. >> you, too, happy holidays. >> thank you. and before the break, a live look at christmas eve there in bethlehem revered as the place where jesus was born, locals and visitors alike are flocking to the town's nativity square for tonight's celebrations. we'll be back.
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good morning, everyone, i'm randi kaye in for carol costello, thanks so much for joining me. chaos near ferguson, missouri again, this time over the shooting death of 18-year-old antonio martin. watch carefully here.
7:32 am
according to police, this surveillance video shows martin pointing a gun at an officer during a routine search at a gas station. officials say the officer fired multiple shots at the victim out of self-defense. meanwhile, officers are still looking for a person of interest who they say got away. let's bring in missouri state senator maria chappelle-nadal live from berkeley, missouri, where that shooting took place. good morning to you. first, set the scene for us, if you can. what are you hearing from officials there on the ground about this latest shooting? >> well, here's what i have to say first. there are three commonalities in this case. one, the unfortunate death of another young african-american man. number two, there are officers who were not wearing their body cameras. number three, the definition of deadly force in the state of missouri has yet failed this community again. but after that, the narrative changes. this is a situation where a young man had an illegal gun and pointed it at a police officer
7:33 am
and that is certainly not acceptable. so we now have to start asking the question who knew that this young man had a gun illegally? >> and let's talk about the body cameras you mentioned. from what we understand from police, he wasn't issued it at roll call, it was delivered to him, the officer, during his shift. he clipped it somewhere inside his vehicle. how critical is it, do you think, that these officers do wear these body cams? >> well, first of all, i have to say that body cameras are important not only for victims but also for police officers. they need to be protected as well as victims from being blamed for something that is not right and so in this circumstance had it had police officer worn his body camera, then we would have known what actually happened. luckily there is video that shows that there's a young man with an illegal gunpointing it at the police officer and the police officer had to respond.
7:34 am
let me keep you here because the press conference has just started where we're hoping to get new information on this shooting so stick with us. let's listen in for just a moment. >> the city of berkeley will be doing the investigation along with the st. louis -- in parallel with st. louis county. and overall our goal is to project the truth to the residents. because the first thing occurred last night was, and when i got there we all saying the same thing is a white policeman killing a black young man. so when does this stop? and i can assure you, that did not happen last night. we had a policeman responding to a call protecting the residents of the city of berkeley and the call came through the dispatch
7:35 am
office in reference to this young man was shoplifting. when the officer came there, the video shows that the thief pointed a gun that has been recovered at the officer and i think that the officer because he stumbled might have saved his life. because when he stumbled and had the chance to fire and take this young man's life, he was fortunate enough in his stumble that one shot was necessary to take his life. so the st. louis county now is doing their investigation. city of berkeley is doing its independent investigation and we don't want to jump ahead and provide to you with information
7:36 am
that later, similar to the ferguson, we have to retract so what we'll do now, city of berkeley police department will be doing this investigation independently from st. louis county and let me first thank all of the cities that responded last night to protect the property. because if they had not responded, a quick trip probably would not be standing today and because of their quick reaction of going over to protect that, the city of berkeley is grateful for what those officers -- officers put their life on the line everyday and we are proud of that. so so with that, we'd like to ask if any one of you would like to ask a question. can you please say that again,
7:37 am
sir? do you mind? your name and who you're representing? >> reporter: i'm with the associated press. it sounds from your brief statements that you appear to be saying they were justified in the action? >> we are presently in an investigative state. we haven't made a decision. as i indicated, we reviewed the video and it appears that there was a gun pointed at the officer before the officer fired. but we've got to complete our investigation before we take a position. >> reporter: when you say this this can't be compared to what happened in new york city, can't be compared to what happened across the road in ferguson, can you expand on that? what do you mean by that? >> well, first of all we are a majority of black officers in our city.
7:38 am
the mayor is black, city manager is black, the finance director is black, the police chief is bla black. in a city that's 85% black, we have a majority police department. so our experience is different from a city that has 50 out of 53 police officers. our police officers are more sensitive and it's because of the black-and-white relationship and because they interact and there's a majority of black policemen so you get a better understanding. that's why i believe we're different from the city of ferguson in addition there was no video in the city of ferguso
7:39 am
ferguson. >> are are you concerned the dash cam wasn't on? >> that's relatively new. and we only have three so if it had been six months from today and we've gone through all of the training i would have some concerns but since it's relatively new, no. and because we have a video that indicates what the body camera would have caught on the dash camera would have indicated, i don't have no problems. >> surely that would have been helpful. >> it would have been helpful. in the future when we get well train there had will be severe penalties for any officers that don't turn it on. i i'm from st. louis public radio. i'm curious what you've learned from what happened in ferguson and what you might do in the future? >> i haven't learned anything. all protests are different.
7:40 am
last night everybody -- you would have thought i was in ferguson again. there was a jump to conclusion that all policemen are guilty all we all know 80%, 59% of our policemen serve our community well. so jumping to conclusion before investigating is not acceptable. i have some fine officers there our police department that i can assure you in their investigation it was thorough and to the point. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> well, as i indicated, we're not jumping to conclusions.
7:41 am
we have not completed our thorough investigation. from the naked eye and from a layman such as yourself and looking at that maybe you cannot determine but we intend to have an expert evaluate that video. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> yes. no, no, no. the call came in that an individual was shoplifting and when the officer responded these two individuals approached him. any other questions? >> reporter: you mentioned that your police department is majority african-american? >> yes, it is. >> how many officers do you have? >> 31. last time i looked we had 31. it was 17, 18 african-american.
7:42 am
>> you've been listening there to a press conference by the mayor there in berkeley, the site of another police shooting late last night in berkeley, missouri. let me bring back in maria chappelle-nadal, missouri state senator. maria, you've been listening to that press conference along with us, the mayor saying there the officer may have saved his life by shooting this man. can you tell me what you think -- how you think that will sit with the community there? all right, she might still be listening to the press conference there. we will get back to maria chappelle-nadal if we can as soon as we can. in the meantime, we'll take a very quick break and be right back. oh, i'm told she's good. maria, let me get back to you on this, you've been listening to the press conference there with me. you heard the mayor say the
7:43 am
officer may have saved his life by shooting this man. how do you think that will play in the community? >> well, i have to tell you that the community needs to understand that this is a different narrative. this is not an eric garner situation. it is not a michael brown situation but for a young african-american man dying. this is a different narrative in that he had a gun. and the police officer not only had to protect himself but also protect his community and that's why we have police officers who service all of everyone who is in this community so we didn't want anything to happen and i think the police officer in this situation did the best job thaekd although he should have had a body camera on and it should have been on. >> maria chappelle-nadal, thank you very much. appreciate your insight there. we'll take a quick break and be right back.
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chappelle. >> katy perry? i love katy perry! >> oh, boy, the clips, they just keep getting better. just into cnn, youtube has tentatively agreed to release
7:47 am
"the interview." yes, that's big news. cnn's senior media correspondent brian stelter is here with me along with legal analyst paul callan. you're just getting this news on this. what do you know about the deal? >> this is an extraordinary moment because we've never seen a big hollywood studio release a movie in living rooms on the same day it comes out in theaters but that's what sony is intending to do here. my sources are telling me youtube has tentatively agreed to do it. i say tentatively because this deal could fall apart. yesterday sony was close to a deal with apple for the itunes store and that fell apart but this seems closer to completion. and youtube won't be the only one. sony would like to have other partners put this film on line as well in a rental form so you probably have to pay ten or maybe even more dollars to watch it but that's the same amount you might pay to go to the movie theater. >> a lot of people, youtube can charge to watch something? >> people aren't aware of this. a couple years ago youtube started to try out movie rentals
7:48 am
on the servers. you can rent tvs and movies the same way you can on itunes. it's not the most popular thing but this will be a big test for youtube to see if they can have this reach a wide audience. this is the way to recoup some of the money they've invested in this movie. it will be in theaters and online as long as the deal goes through. >> paul, what do you make of this? >> it's fascinating. if north korea gets their internet up and running, kim jong-un can watch the movie in north korea now. >> i'm not sure he would but okay. >> what lawyers will be looking at and what i find to be fascinating about this is all of this is governed by contractual agreements between the distributors and the makers of the movie. and this is changing how that works now because bear in mind the theaters never want an early distribution because who's going to go to the movies if you can get it at home on youtube? i'm thinking sony must have negotiated with its distribution chain because they would have to get a waiver of contractual rights.
7:49 am
but of course the distributors were saying we don't want to play in the the movies because we're afraid mothers won't bring their kids because there's a disney film in the next theet sore i think it was in everybody's interest to do this and if it works out i think it's a great solution. >> my impression is that when sony went to these independent theater owners monday and tuesday and said "do you want to play the movie on christmas?" about 300 said yes. sony told them at the time they'd also release it online so they wouldn't be surprised. the big theater changes, the amcs and regals are opposed. they don't want this to happen. this might be a ground breaking moment where more film cans come out at the same time in theaters and online. >> it preserves first amendment rights in the united states and sends a message abroad yeah, you can threaten us but we have distribution change chains. >> this is google doing this. if anybody can withstand threats from hackers or more cyber attacks it's google. >> that's the thing. that's what i was going to ask you about. north korea we know is having trouble on the internet. maybe they're blaming the u.s.
7:50 am
for this. should we be concerned about somebody hacking into google or hacking into youtubened ruining the fun for serve in. >> that's been the concerned. one of the other potential partners told me they didn't want to go it alone, they didn't want to be the only ones to step up to the plate and help sony because they would seem vulnerable. i think we will have more partners so it's not just youtube doing this. it will be others as well. >> randi, there is a larger question here that we have to deal with and that is when a thief in the night steals your information, as happened with sony. is it right tolicize the stolen information? american law hasn't caught up with this concept and i think we'll have to. big companies are going to get data stolen. individuals will have their data stolen and we have to find a way to discourage people. >> the hackers said they would release more information if the film sees the light of day. now it's about to. >> and they were talking about a christmas surprise which i think still hasn't been revealed as to
7:51 am
what that christmas surprise is. >> do you have concerns about it being shown in the theaters? >> no, i don't. i think that there will be adequate security. we've already had information that suggests that the government, the u.s. government, doesn't think it's a realistic terrorist threat. i think it's an idle threat to panic the american public and diminish movie going at the holiday season which, of course, is the biggest season of the year. and sony has been coordinating with the white house. they've been in close touch to assure the white house about their plans and the white house, they liked their strategy to release the movie in theaters. >> amazing. exciting that it will be on youtube. thank you both, appreciate that. still to come, let the grinch jokes begin. u.p.s. and fedex announcing they're not going to deliver all the package this is christmas? the gifts that won't be making it under the tree. and who the companies are blaming coming your way next. ♪
7:52 am
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was this year's christmas crunch time too much for u.p.s. and fedex? the company announcing they might be limiting their package deliveries. insert your grinch jokes here right now. allisison kosik is at the new y stock exchange. i know it's been a great morning there, you'll get to that in a moment. but what's up with the packages? >> if you've waited until now to shop for holiday gifts the
7:55 am
reality is you may be out of look because u.p.s. and fedex are recognizing they're not supermen. so over the past several day what is's been happening is there have been a lot of volume going on and these companies have put a cap, have put a limit on how much they can deliver by christmas. fedex told us in advance they wound up working with its retail and online customers to understand what their needs would be but the "wall street journal" also says that these delivery companies also want retailers to plan ahead and not to promise customers the moon and the stars as far as deliveries go last minute. especially after getting burned last year because what happened last year was u.p.s. couldn't handle the volume of air packages because of a mix of bad weather and an overload of packages so many gifts didn't make it under the tree in time. so in an effort not to have a repeat of last year, what delivery companies are doing is they're sticking to their guns. they're sticking to their negotiated deals with retailers so expectations are met. so the advice is if you waited
7:56 am
until the last minute, i wouldn't expect your gifts to get there on time, i think they call them up with an i o u. though procrastinators are in trouble. how is the holiday going there? >> the dow is continuing its run past 18,000. dow up 51 points. this is the first time, yesterday, actually, that the dow hit that 18,000 level, a stronger-than-expected report on economic growth got the dow to that milestone. randi? >> all right, alison, i'm sure you have big plans for the holidays, i certainly hope your packages get there on time. thanks so much, have a great holiday, a great day today and thank you, everybody, for joining me today. i'm randi kaye in for carol costello. i hope you have a wonderful holiday. "at this hour" starts right after a quick break. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
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8:00 am
officer of the law. we are there with the latest. it is a holiday travel mess throughout a good portion of the united states. but just how bad is it where you are? stay with me, you're going to find out. and george h., george herbert walker bush hospitalized. we have the latest on the 41st president and patriarch of the bush dynasty. all of that coming ahead this hour. hi, everybody, i'm ashleigh ban field. john berman and michaela pereira are off. nice to have you with us on this christmas eve day. we are learning more about the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer. this one is slightly different, though, and you may say maybe not so slightly. it happened just before midnight local tim


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