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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 25, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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traveled to the biblical birthplace of jesus for midnight mass. earlier today at the vatican pope francis delivered his annual christmas day blessing. a beautiful ceremony as thousands of people filled st. peter's square. back at home, the nation's capital is waking up. you're looking at live pictures of the white house. earlier today president obama and the first lady wished american a happy holiday and sent a special thanks to the troops. it is a bit of hollywood history all wrapped up in a christmas miracle. after nearly being derailed by a north korea cyber attack "the interview" has finally made its debut. >> hello, north korea! >> wow. >> the james franco seth rogen comedy appeared online yesterday. it's available for download on you toub, at the google play store, xbox and the web. this is the first time a major motion picture has ever been made available online before its theatrical release. the film dominated twitter
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within minutes of hitting the web with #theinterview trending across the country. the reviews were very mixed. one watcher tweeted two thumbs up for the movie, brilliant. while the other didn't like it much. 35 minutes in, wondering if i'll ever laugh again. the president even took a break from the golf course to weigh in on this premier. >> [ inaudible ]. >> the film star and the producer celebrated the release last night showing up at a midnight screening at a west hollywood california theater to thank fans. >> we wanted to say thank you. if it wasn't for theaters like this and people like you guys this literally would not be happening right now. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. we really appreciate it. hope you like the movie. >> rosa florez is in lower
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manhattan this morning at a theater that is going to be showing the film. rosa, good morning to you. are the crowds lining up already for tickets? >> reporter: randi, good morning. take a look around me. they definitely are. crowds are coming in. you can take a look at the box office. there's been people walking up with their online confirmations getting their tickets this morning and anxious to watch this movie. i think probably what most people are saying is they just want a good laugh. after all, this is supposed to be a comedy, and they're hoping for that. now, others are saying, you know, it's more of a patriotic duty for them to come out and support this movie because of its symbolism. it has turned into a symbol of freedom and free speech. here is what one movie goer had to say. >> i consider it my patriotic duty. it is a celebration of the constitution. it is a celebration of the freedoms of this country. it's very important to show that
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any idea can be expressed freely. >> reporter: now, here is the back story to that. i also talked to that woman's husband. he said that when they were trying to buy the ticket online, she made him use his credit card and not hers. so an interesting little twist. we talked to the manager here at the cinema. he tells me they are take certain precautions. of course they've gotten a call from the fbi and an e-mail and also a visit from the nypd giving them tips about what to do and not to do and things to be looking for. randi? >> have they added extra showings there today to make sure everybody gets in? >> reporter: well, there's seven showings total. some are completely sold out already. so people who want to watch this movie and have that theater experience whichever one has been talking about, if you want to watch a comedy, you don't want to watch it by yourself in your living room. you have to go online and check it out quickly because these
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tickets are flying like hot cakes this morning. >> all right, rosa florez, appreciate it. thank you very much. the movie's release is a major test for youtube. this will be the site's first attempt at offering a major movie release online. >> do you have a sound system in here? katy perry? >> i have never heard this. >> i love katy perry. ♪ baby you're a fire work >> brian stelter is cnn's media correspondent and host of "reliable sources." the few clips we've seen, they've been pretty funny. you actually saw the movie. >> for what it is, it was very funny. it's a raunchy comedy, really targeting young men. my younger brothers loved it. it's that kind of movie.
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seth rogen and james franco are those kind of guys. it's doing well. i want to know how many millions of people will be willing to pay $6.00 for it or go to the movies to see it. sony is not going to release data about how many people will rent it. i will tell you on youtube this morning it is the number one top seller. it is at least getting some traction. >> it's not just going to be on youtube, it's going to be on more online platforms. >> we watched it last night on xbox. i think we're going to see even more platforms in the future. there are talks with netflix going on. of course, on netflix you can't rent a movie. you pay your usual $8.00 a month and that's it. maybe it will go on netflix later. maybe the movie will show up a few weeks or months later. that will be another way for sony to make money off this movie. they're trying to make money anyway they k in theaters, the independent theaters or online through this rental system or maybe in the future on netflix. >> not everyone thinks this movie should be released.
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that includes dennis rodman, is that right? >> right. he put a statement out to cnn saying you should see my documentary about north korea instead. the people who really don't want this movie online are the big movie theater chains, amc, regal, cinemark. they don't want this precedent to be set. it could cut into their business in the future if people stay at home, where i am right now, watching from the living room instead. i don't think that's going to happen, at least not right now. this is an unprecedented sort of moment. there's no movie that's been like this and probably won't be for a while. >> is that big giant present behind you, is that from your mom? >> actually, some of those are for my mom. this one is for my mom. i'm waiting for the rest of the family to wake up. >> very nice. brian, you'll make them all breakfast, too? >> i think she might be making the breakfast actually. a little tradition. >> that's a good mom.
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brian stelter, enjoy your holiday with your family. >> thank you. if you are planning to curl up next to the christmas tree to watch "the interview" from the comfort of your own home, you might be wondering how safe it is to watch the comedy given all the talk about cyber hacking. the big question, could your computer become a target for cyber hackers. let's ask cnn's alison kosik. should people be worried? >> cyber security experts we talked to said relax, you won't be hacked if you watch on google play or youtube. they say it was easy to hack into sony and get those e-mails and information out. but they say it doesn't mean the movie itself is tainted with malicious software, also known as malware. it doesn't mean they won't try. there are a couple of ways that hackers could try to block the viewing of this movie. for one, they could try flooding google or microsoft with a lot of internet traffic. kind of like shoving a lot of garbage down a garbage chute. google and microsoft have excellent defenses against those
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attacks which are known as denial of service attacks. hackers could try to liaison line ads with malware known as malvertising. they'll really be on guard with this movie being streamed. >> that would raise the question, if it's so difficult to hack into someone's personal computer and we're told not to worry, why was it so easy to hack into sony? >> this is what's disconcerting. sony actually kind of put out the welcome mat for these hackers. leaked documents showed that sony, its employees, kept spret sheet lists of all that information, like their passwords or social security numbers of some of those celebrities that got out. the cyber security expert puts it this way saying companies are one click away or one misplaced password from being hacked. many actually question if this is enough to kind of get these
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companies to really recognize what's going on here. you think about it, before sony, there was target, there was home depot, they were hacked. now we have sony. it's almost like computers are sitting ducks. it's not just the anti virus software that's put on the computers that helps keep those hackers away. these cyber security experts say, look, the employees are on the forefront. they also have to be involved with keeping the hackers out by changing their passwords and not clicking on suspicious e-mails that enter your e-mail. >> that's sort of computer 101. alison, thank you very much. good to know. we'll be right back after a quick break. >> i'd like to give a shout out to my daughter aubrey, i love you. my mom and dad, i miss you guys. i'll see you soon. merry christmas. hey! guess what day it is??
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the cdc is being monitored for ebola symptoms after a possible exposure. officials are trying to figure out how the mistake happened but believe the employee accidentally transferred live samples of the virus into the wrong lab on monday. the mixup was reported to authorities on tuesday. now about a dozen other employees who worked in the lab are also being assessed.
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if this sounds familiar, that's because it's not the first time a mistake like this has happened. last summer nearly 100 cdc workers were potentially exposed to anthrax after employees failed to inactivate the bacteria before transferring it to a lab. last spring cdc workers in atlanta sent a sample contaminated with the deadly bird flu to a lab about 60 miles away. let's talk with dr. devy from nyu. >> it's concerning from a couple different levels. there have been a couple errors in the past already this year. it doesn't look good to have this happen, especially after the congressional hearing in july where they said they were going to revamp their safety protocols. it's possible that because it's the holidays, they were short staffed and weren't able to follow all those. they have to be particularly careful. in trms of the larger context, i
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think the thing s we always get concerned about health care workers, their risk of developing ebola or getting exposed to ebola. research scientists may become more concerned about their risk. we don't want people to get dissuaded from doing research on this deadly disease. >> when you talk about the risk, obviously we know the scientists who transferred the sample, that scientist is at risk. maybe about a dozen workers or so who had contact with the lab now being looked at. how big is the risk i guess for these employees? >> i think the risk is still relatively low. if you think about the health care workers who developed ebola here, they were treating patients with ebola. they basically were exposed to vomit, diarrhea, blood. they're getting exposed to a lot of different bodily fluids. the way you get ebola is from bodily fluid to bodily fluid. in this case there are no bodily fluids. the technicians, scientists are not actually trying to --
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they're keeping it contained in a vile and maybe looking at it under a microscope, not necessarily trying to treat someone. they might still be much more cautious than a health care worker rushing to the aid of someone else who is sick. >> we talked about the similar cases where others have been exposed, and the cdc is now saying there's no risk to the public. as we were saying, this is one of several mistakes we've heard about recently. so how much should we trust at this point, do you think, what the cdc is telling us about not to worry? >> it's a difficult situation. any time there's an exposure, there's a potential risk. to those employees and to the people they come in contact with. so there is something -- i wouldn't say there's no risk. at the same time we don't want to create a panic, because the fact is, they seem to be relatively on top of this, at least compared to earlier this year. the concern is more, if you think about it in terms of the u.s., do we have to worry as much right now? maybe not. but in terms of west africa,
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those cases, the numbers are raging still. there are 20,000 cases almost, about 8,000 deaths or approaching that amount. in terms of the danger of ebola or general risk or our concern, our level of concern should be high, but maybe not the level of fear that we had a few months ago. >> is there any way to eliminate this human error or is it really just inevitable in this world. >> human error is inevitable. everybody is going to make mistakes burks we know about it. we know people make mistakes. for example, in the hospital we have different checklists in the o.r. when people travel in a plane, pilots have a checklist to minimize that error. they have one person doing something, other people on the team checking them. there's always check ansd balances. in this case i'm not sure why those processes -- they say they're in place, but there seem to be a lot of slipups in those areas. human error, it's inevitable, but you can minimize the harm,
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it might seem like "the interview" was the only thing trending on twitter. but this year perhaps more than any other has been defined by hash tags on twitter from bring back our girls to yes all women. brooke baldwin takes a look at the year in hash tags. >> social media's role in breaking news is undeniable. sometimes it's the hash tags themselves that start a movement, whether serious or hilarious. here are the top ten trending hash tags for the year 2014. >> alex from target. >> alex in target. >> #alexfromtarget.
7:21 am
>> number ten, #alexfromtarget. no one could figure out why. >> my manager came up and she showed me the actual picture. >> no word as to whether or not this firm deserves the credit. number nine, remember the news conference where he was talking about russia and isis. really everyone was talking about his tan suchlt number eight. do you remember in may, 22-year-old elliot rodger when on this killing spree blaming the cruelty of women. well, women responded on twitter saying not only men turn romantic rejection into murder. women, yes, all women, experience discrimination and harassment. number seven, pro democracy protesters occupied hong kong's financial district for nearly 2 1/2 months. their hopes, being able to
7:22 am
freely choose their leader in 2017. the cause known as the umbrella revolution, because all these demonstrators use umbrellas to try to protect themselves from the teargas and pepper spray from police. number six, video of nfl star ray rice knocking his then fiancee unconscious in tell investigator which prompted beverly good en to start #whyistayed. >> not only are they complex reasons why people stay, that there are people out here who have lived this. >> number five, the 2014 world cup generated massive 3 billion facebook interactions. during that final match between germany and argentina, audiences tweeted more than 618,000 times per minute. >> number four, when 200 nigerian school girls were kidnapped, the cries spread all
7:23 am
over social media with the #bringbackourgirls. >> number three, who would have guessed dumping buckets of ice water on people's hetds would have raised more than $100 million over the summer for als research. number two, a white cop shooting and killing an unarmed black teen was a local story in ferguson, missouri, until social media elevated it to a national state. #iammikebrown trended around the grand jury hearing regarding officer daryn wilson, sparking nationwide protests after no charges were filed. >> number one, after the ferguson decision, another grand jury decided not to indict nypd officer daniel pantaleo in the wake of eric garner's death. brown and garner's deaths inspired #blacklivesmatter. a recent incident brings it forward even more, after two
7:24 am
police officers were assassinated gi a gunman. people took to social media with #alllivesmatter. >> you can catch the top 10 of 2014 sunday on sunday at 6:30 eastern time. still to come, christmas overseas. while pilgrims flocked to bethlehem, the pope reaches out to refugees on the run from isis. ♪ (holiday mhey! is playing)
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good morning everyone. merry christmas, i'm randi kaye in for carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. ♪ >> checking top stories now, against a backdrop of police protests and the killing of two officers, new york cardinal timothy dolan reached out to local leaders in his christmas eve midnight mass sermon. >> i suppose that's why you're here, governor cuomo, as you ask god's grace as you begin your second term. i suppose that's why you're here, mayor deblasio, as we face tensions and divisions in our be
7:28 am
loved city, as you and so many other leaders try your best to invite us to dialogue, to listen instead of shouting, to work together instead of accusing. i suppose that's why our fire commissioner and so many other civic leaders and so many of our be loved police officers are here this evening. that's sure why i'm here, to join with you in simply saying we want god. >> also today, doctors are keeping george h.w. bush in a houston hospital at least through today as a precaution. the former president was admitted tuesday night with shortness of breath. a bush spokesman says his prognosis remains very positive. president and mrs. obama are focusing the holiday message on supporting and honoring u.s. troops. >> today our family will join millions across the country in
7:29 am
celebrating the birth of jesus. the birth not just of a baby in a manger, but the message that has changed the world, to reach out to the sick, the hungry, the troubled and, above all else, to love one another as we would be loved ourselves. >> we hope that this holiday season will be a chance for us to live out that message, to bridge our differences and lift up our family, friends and neighbors and to reconnect with the values that bind us together. and as a country, that also means celebrating and honoring those who have served an sacrificed for all of us, our troops, veterans and their families. >> in just a few days, our combat mission in afghanistan will be over. our longest war will come to a responsible end. that gives us an opportunity to step back and reflect upon all that these families have given us. we're able to gather with families and friends because our troops are able to hug theirs good-bye and step forward to
7:30 am
serve. after a long day, we can come home because they're willing to leave their families and deploy. we can celebrate the holidays because they're willing to miss their own. >> so as our troops continue to transition back home, back to our businesses, our schools, our congregations and our communities, it's up to all of us to serve them as well as they've served us. you can visit to find out how to honor, support the troops and veterans in your communities. that's something we can do not only during the holiday season, but all year-round. >> merry christmas everybody. may god bless you all, and we wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2015. >> the first family is spending the holidays in hawaii. today families across the country will be celebrating christmas by spending time with family, unwrapping presents and eating delicious food, i'm sure. if getting out and going to the movies christmas day is your
7:31 am
family tradition, you can catch the controversial comedy "the interview" at select theaters across the country. now the fbi is gearing up to make sure moviegoers are protected after threats from cyber hackers. cnn's justice correspondent pamela brown has more. >> reporter: the phones are ringing off the hook at west end theater in washington, d.c. so many people calling for tickets to see the controversial film "the interview." >> someone told me that you might have more tickets for "the interview" tomorrow. >> we're working on it. >> reporter: a flood of independent theaters across the country are stepping up to show the comedy about the assassination of north korean leader kim jong un after major movie chains pulled out fearing retaliation from hackers. >> it's untolerable that somebody can bully or use the
7:32 am
threat or intimidation to keep people oovps from expressing themselves artistically. >> reporter: just a few days ago, hackers sent an ominous message promising a present on christmas day if the movie is shown. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea. >> what? >> reporter: overnight the fbi sent to cyber task forces a roster of the more than 200 theaters screening the movie, speaking to theater owners about any potential threat from the same hackers that attacked sony. >> the fbi understands that the north koreans are unpredictable. they've always been unpredictable. the fbi has to consider the possibility the north koreans would employ some sort of physical violence against these theaters. >> reporter: in the nation's capital, west end theater waited for the film to be delivered. they've already talked with d.c. police. >> we're not taking any extraordinary steps.
7:33 am
we are anticipating a smooth day. >> reporter: the movie is also now available online. >> it's an act of defiance by sony. after all, the hackers have said if you do release this movie, we're going to release more of your private, stolen information. >> reporter: a risk sony is willing to take as movie houses around the country get their christmas delivery of the film just in time. pamela brown, cnn, new york. pope francis stepped up his usual call for peace today by elevating refugees in the war against isis. the pope's annual christmas message focused on what he calls the brutal persecution ofs christians and other ethnic groups in iraq and syria. in a christmas eve phone call to iraqi refugees, the pope said you are like jesus on christmas night. there was no room for him either. cnn senior vatican analyst john allen joining me from rome to talk about this. what do you make of the pope's message? >> reporter: hi there, randi. first of all, merry christmas to
7:34 am
you. we normally think about christmas as a holiday good cheer. there was some of that in the experience of the pope in the square today when he delivered his traditional message to the city and the world. there was a ban, for example, from the national police that played holiday music. for the most part this was a visibly somber and clearly worried pope francis about the state of the world. as you noted, he began with a message of sympathy for victims of isis violence in iraq and syria, calling on the international community to make sure the refugees there could make it through the winter. he became visibly emotional talking about the suffering of children around the world. he said that far too many children are abused and exploited. he mentioned not only victims of abortion, but also children who are swept up in conflict situations, who are forcibly enrolled in child soldiers who are dieing, as he described it, under bombardments. he said this year on christmas,
7:35 am
there are so many tears that are being added to the tears of the infant jesus. he also condemned what he called the silent complicity of a globalization of indifference. so this was a very sober wake-up call from the pope, randi. i think at the bottom of it, what he was trying to say is these situations aren't immutable. it's not that they can't be changed. he was calling on people to get their act together and try to do something about it. >> yes, he has a way of doing that in a very unique way for sure. john, what's on tap for the pope come 2015? >> reporter: randi, as i've told you before, i think this pope ought to come with a warning label that says, "caution, predictions are hazardous to your health." you never know what he's going to do. if we look at the schedule already on the books, he'll be making a trip to sri lanka and the philippines in january. in february, creating new cardinals. over the summer we're expecting him to release an en cyclical
7:36 am
letter on the environment. in september he's going to be in the united states visiting certainly philadelphia and probably also new york and washington. in october to beer he's convening a summit of bishops to debate hot button issues about the family including the role of homosexuals in the church and whether divorce and remarried catholics ought to be able to get communion. it shapes up as an extremely eventful year for an activist pope. >> yes. that is a perfect way to describe him. john allen, thank you very much. have a nice holiday. >> reporter: you, too. >> thank you. we'll be right back. >> greetings, i'm technical sergeant jeanette barry stationed in alaska. idea like to say happy holidays to my family in marina valley and my grandma in los angeles. happy holidays, happy new year. i'll see you in 2015.
7:37 am
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this is sergeant first class webb, 311th, want to give a shout-out to all my fellow members at the 311th. this will be my last christmas with you guys. it's been an honor and pleasure. i'll miss each and every one of you. give a shout-out to my section, g6, to family programs, to ms.
7:40 am
jennings, everyone who has helped me along the way. a shout-out to my family in jacksonville, florida. i love you guys, i miss you guys. merry christmas. the ebola epidemic was easily the biggest headline in health news this year. other stories made long lasting impressions. cnn's sanjay gupta and elizabeth cohen count down the top ten. >> if you are what you eat, then what you probably are is confused. 2014 finally brought some transparency to our food. in february the food and drug administration announced proposed changes to nutrition labels. it was the first overhaul in more than two decades. >> families deserve more and better information about the food they eat. >> in late november the fda ruled that establishments that sell prepared foods and have 20 or more locations, have to post calorie counts, clearly and conspicuously on their menus,
7:41 am
menu boards and displays. companies will have until november 2015 to comply. >> i will die upstairs in my bedroom that i share with my husband, with my mother and my husband by my side. >> in october 29-year-old brittany maynard became the face of the controversial right to die movement when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer and given just six months to live. maynard didn't want her family to watch her die in pain, so she moved to oregon to take advantage of the state's death with dignity law. this is not a third world country. this is a major city in west virginia. on january 9th, a chemical spill at freedom industries released thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals into the elk river and into charm stop's water supply. >> don't wash with it, shower with it, drink with it. >> reporter: hospitals said they didn't know of any illnesses related to the contamination, but the economic impact was
7:42 am
real. >> heroin made a big comeback in 2014 as more people began using this as a cheaper alternative to costly prescription pain killers. use of an anecdote is also on the rise, the drug is called narcan. you're watching it in action right now. meloxone is distributed to addicts, friends and family as well as first responders. 2014 may go down as the year cigarettes went up in smoke. on february 5th, cvs, the nation's second largest pharmacy chain announced it would stop selling tobacco products in all of its 7800 locations, doing all of it by 2015. the company made good on the promise early. on september 3rd, pulled all tobacco products from itselves. they said this would cost the company $2 billion a year, but that selling tobacco was against its moral and ethical principles
7:43 am
as a health care company. >> anderson, we've been reporting on these delays in care -- >> cnn spent more than a year investigating delays in care at veterans affairs hospitals. we exposed systematic problems in the va and thousands of veterans were waiting months, even years to see a doctor. cnn's reporting also uncovered va workers cooking the books to cover up long wait times. congressional hearings were held and va secretary eric shinseki was forced to resign. president obama brought in a new secretary, bob mcdonald who has vowed to clean up the va. 7.1 million more people had health insurance. as you probably know, obama care mandates americans be covered by an insurance plan or pay a penalty. >> last year i had somewhat of an epiphany about weed. this plant can have real medicinal benefits.
7:44 am
>> it's better than all those pills for you. >> yes. >> we saw families pack up and move across the country to get access to medicine that seemed to work for their children. two states, colorado and washington legalized all forms of marijuana, including recreational use. on september 24th, a new jersey 4-year-old died in his sleep, it was the first death health investigators could lead to enterovirus. >> without a doubt, the biggest health headline of the year, ebola. >> ebola. >> ebola. >> ebola. >> he had been exposed while in liberia. >> what began as single case in guinea last december, has grown into an epidemic of unprecedented portions. in a first of its kind, two aid workers were medevacked back to
7:45 am
united states from liberia. they survived, followed by others thanks to the selfless work of doctors, nurses and other health care workers who literally put their own lives on the line. as 2014 comes to a close, the world health organization tallies more than 6,000 deaths among roughly 18,000 sick. the outbreak in west africa is far from over, but early stage vaccine trials are under way, and they do look promising. >> you can catch the top ten of 2014 special with brooke baldwin on cnn sunday evening 6:30 eastern time. checking top stories now, at least six protesters are arrested in berkeley, missouri, on the day after antonio martin, a black 18-year-old was shot to death. he had allegedly pointed a loaded pistol at a police officer. according to police, protesters attempted to break into a nearby store smashing windows and doors. the crowd also staged a die-in
7:46 am
while they shut down interstate 170. jetblue is offering free flights for officers wishing to attend the funerals of two nypd officers murdered last weekend. two police officers from each department in the country will be allowed to fly to new york city at no charge. officer raphael ramos will be laid to rest on saturday in queens. the services for officer wenjian liu have not been finalized. one of america's most iconic cars is being called the worst. the jeep wrangler unlimited leads consumer report's worst value saying it's hard riding, uncomfortable and unreliable. if that wasn't enough, the jeep costs 77 cents a mile to operate compared to the 52 cent compared to the toyota camry hybrid. by now living rooms across america are covered with torn paper. a big number of those unwrapped gifts are drones. we have the faa holiday response
7:47 am
as more rookie flyers take to the skies next.
7:48 am
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7:50 am
getting one. jennifer grey is in atlanta and tracking all the fresh flakes for us. jennifer, i know you've been busy tracking santa as well. good morning to you. >> good morning, randi. santa had a busy night, started in the north pole and then one of his first stops, moscow. we actually have some video of him sweeping through the skies there on his way to deliver presents. didn't stay long because he was off to his next stop, and it was actually the birthplace of jesus, stopped in bethlehem for a quick trip and then made his way to africa for all the good girls and boys there, and then just several hours ago wrapped up things in the united states, visited new york city all the way to l.a. and sweeping back to the north pole. he is a tired guy this morning. we are left with presents and we also have another gift of sorts. some folks waking up to a white christmas, snow on the ground, especially in the rockies.
7:51 am
in fact, travel is going to be treacherous over the next 24 hours or so. we have a lot of snow falling in northern plains and the upper midwest. we also have very windy conditions. the northeast did not have a white christmas. it was all rain for you. we have a couple little snowflakes falling across northern new england. but we are going to see breezy conditions there as well. so windy conditions could slow you down if you are traveling a little later this afternoon. also the radar out in the west, we're looking at some snow in wyoming and colorado and those higher elevations especially. we are going to see from two to four inches of snow, some isolated amounts up to eight. randi, a lot of folks waking up to a white christmas. however, with those windy conditions, it may be best to stay indoors and just snuggle up this christmas day. >> sure is going to be pretty for sure. jennifer grey, thank you very much. merry christmas to you as well. they are the hot item under the tree. drones.
7:52 am
an influx of people are expected to be flying unmanned aircraft like the one you've seen here after gifts are unwrapped this morning. before you could tear off the bow, the faa launched a safety campaign, perhaps a way to ensure you don't get coal next year. here is cnn's rene marsh. >> reporter: drones are in high demand this holiday. industry analysts estimate companies like amazon are selling 10,000 to 15,000 recreational drones every month. >> now we're ramping up to christmas, there's no telling. it's going to be a big drone christmas. i think crass mass day the drones will be 234r50iing around. >> reporter: the soaring sales are alarming federal regulators who fear more drones in the sky will mean more crashes. watch as this drone slams into a building. here is another where the pilot loses control. >> a lot of inexperienced people pulling them out of the boxes on christmas morning and flying
7:53 am
them around. they'll be probably some going down in different places. >> reporter: the faa just released a video and website as part of a safety campaign days before christmas. there's reason for concern. >> we had a drone come within 50 feet of us. >> reporter: from july to november, there were more than two dozen reports of drones nearly hitting commercial passenger planes. >> put yourself in the position of where you would be if you were flying and think to yourself is that safe? >> reporter: the rules are stay below 400 feet, away from airports and crowds and always keep the drone in your line of sight. after the gifts are unwrapped, the industry estimates tens of thousands of additional people will be flying drones. but with thousands already in the air, some are asking whether the safety campaign came soon enough. rene marsh, cnn, washington.
7:54 am
still to come, a homeless man given $100, and he walks right into a liquor store. the surprising twist to this story you have to see. that's next. hey guys...guys! pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistable sunday morning idea.
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$100 in the hands of a homeless man. catch rahs secretly recording how he would spend the money.
7:57 am
alison kosik with the astonishing results. >> reporter: when youtube star josh pay lore lynn famous for making prank videos like sex with your girlfriend and mafia murder came up with the idea to give a homeless man $100, it wasn't charity. he wanted to track how the homeless man would spend the cash. >> hey. >> hey, how are you doing? >> good, how are you. >> i'm good. >> i'm josh. nice to meet you. >> i want enough to get something to eat. >> i like to give back to people. not going to be that much. >> anything is ap preesh eighted. >> this is a hundred bucks here. >> no way. >> can i hug you? >> sure. >> with the promise to spend the hundred well, lynn waited. the man's first stop after getting the money, a liquor store. >> keep filming. >> what did he get? >> let's go. >> loaded down with two full
7:58 am
bags from the liquor store, the man makes his way to a park, followed all along by lynn and his camera. >> reporter: inside the bags, no liquor, no booze, just food. >> giving them food. >> i want to talk to him. >> thank you. >> hey. >> what are you doing here? >> i was following you the entire time. after i gave you the money -- my cameraman is right there. >> do you even know them? >> no. >> i feel like i owe you an apology. you went to a liquor store. >> you thought i was going to get all smacked up drunk. >> i thought you would buy alcohol or something. >> there's things money can't buy. i get a happiness out of what i'm doing. >> reporter: a man with nothing to give caught giving all that
7:59 am
he has and lynn, the famous youtube prank center left speechless. >> can't believe that just happened. wow. >> reporter: a video made with the idea of exposing the homeless left simply exposing a man who defied stereotypes. >> that's pretty amazing. a fund-raising page has been started to help the man get back on his feet. in just the last three days, almost $90,000 has been donated. amazing. thanks so much for joining me today. i'm randi kay. at this hour starts right now. ashleigh banfield is in the chair. >> we almost match. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> first of all, how did we get this shift? >> i don't know. >> i'm going to sparkle it up a little bit. i got your christmas cookie. it is a home baked chocolate chip cookie, not by me, but
8:00 am
charlie baked these for the crew today. >> i'm going to unwrap this right away. >> you have been waiting for two hours with nothing to eat. >> merry christmas. >> thank you, charlie. appreciate that. >> have a wonderful holiday. we'll take things away. a lot on the agenda. thank you for that, randi. it is the film that could potentially start a cyber war. it's called "the interview." but you know that. you might also know it hits the big screen today despite sony's fears and north korea's threats. here is the really big question. is this movie any good? we're going to talk to you about that and talk to the moviegoers in just moments. the centers for disease control with some proverbial eggnog on its face now that a worker may have actually accidentally been exposed to ebola. what? how does that happen? it's just the latest safety problem at the cdc. what's going on at the nation's last important and dangerous


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