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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  December 27, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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it could be any of us anytime. >> the new york police department prepares to bury one of ilgts own chasing down threats. >> north korea fires off a response after "the interview" gets its unconventional release. >> one son's generous gift that brought mom and dad to tears. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm natalie allen. the top stories in new york city, the funeral for rafael ramos will be held hours from now. ramos, shown here on the right and his partner, wenjian liu. plans for officer liu's service hasn't been announced. thousands of people lining the streets to offer condolences to his family. cnn's alexandra field has more
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on that as well as the legacy he leaves behind. >> reporter: the final salute for one of new york's finest, rafael ramos, the casket brought to his family's church attended by his brothers and sisters in blue. >> it's one thing to pray for something in another part of the country. it's another thing when it hits this close to home. >> he was going to graduate from a program the day he was gunned down with his partner next to his side. he turned 40 this month. the married father of two remembered by his son saying i'm going miss his loving presence. i can't fathom what life is going to be without him. the hate and rhetoric continues. >> statements of violence toward the police need to be reported
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to stop future tragedies. >> reporter: this week, seven people in connection with threats against police officers. one targeting the 84th precinct, home of the fallen police officers. >> they died for you. they died to keep you safe. this isn't a matter of charity here and there. you owe them this. >> reporter: the foundation announcing the mortgages of both officers will be paid. the new york yankees will pay for the children's education. jetblue is working to fly in more than 600 officers from around the country for the funeral saturday. the airline working to bring officer liu's family in from china. his widow rocked with grief, comforted by loved ones. both families seeing an outpouring of support from an entire city. >> since that report was filed, two more people have been arrested in connection with
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threats against new york officers. that brings the total number of arrests to nine since they were killed a week ago. as she reported, offers continue to pour in to help the officer's families. the largest is the tunnel to towers foundation. it will pay off the home mortgages for both families, estimated to be $800,000. >> it gives people a sense of security. everyone wants to know they have a place to live and not have to worry about it. that's what this does. they are getting benefits, but there's a difference between receiving benefits on a monthly basis and paying a mortgage on a monthly basis as opposed to having your house free and clear. >> if you would like to help the officers families, you can go to or website to see agencies that are helping. we turn now to north korea,
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which is out with a scathing new comment about "the interview." they say it's illegal and contrary to the charter. they saved the hardest language for u.s. president obama. paula hancocks joins us live with more in seoul and on north korea's reaction. no one expected them to think this is a comedy. paula? >> reporter: absolutely not, natalie. parody and satire simply don't exist in north korea. jim jong-un, the leader is a god-like figure. it's a cult-like personality. the leadership of north korea and certainly a film like this where hollywood suggests they would attempt to assassinate him is sacrilegious. we knew they were going to be furious. we have a statement saturday
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that proves just that. it's from the national defense commission, which is high up in north korea. it shows how seriously they are taking the issue. it's not just sony picture that is pyongyang is blaming. they have criticism and holding u.s. president barack obama responsible. they have effectively said they believe he's appeased the black male cinema to make sure they go ahead and release this. they are insulting him as well saying his words are reckless. he's reckless in words and deeds like a monkey. this has happened before. we have seen pyongyang being insulting to a u.s. president as well as world leaders. it is interesting that they are singling out the u.s. president himself. they said in a statement, that they didn't carry out the hacking of sony pictures,
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claimed by a group called guardians of peace. they said this before, they had nothing to do with it. they are saying to washington, show us the evidence, show us proof that you have that gives you reason to believe it was us. now the fbi says the mall wear used was similar to that in attacks, alleged attacks from north korea in the past. they are saying they believe their own internet problems we have seen are the fault of washington. they believe it is a tit for tat that washington is hacking them. no response from washington at this point. natalie? >> we know the film is being downloaded, paula, often illegally, but people are seeing it and clamoring to see it because of the publicity it generated. what is the reaction there in seoul and is there a belief that people in north korea might actually see this parody of
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their leader? >> reporter: it's interesting. here in south korea, there weren't set plans to release it in the cinema. it wasn't one of the target audiences for sony pictures. it's questionable how many people in south korea would have seen it. now we know thousands of south koreans are illegally downloading it because of the controversy. they want to know what the fuss is about. even though they may not have been interested before, there's back and forth between washington and pyongyang and they want to see it. pyongyang don't want them to see it. they don't want the threat like his leadership. there has been one activist in south korea who will try to infiltrate north korea, sent helium balloons over the border with the dvds so some can see the movie.
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it is possible there will be a tiny fraction of the population that may be able to see it. it's a very isolated country, north korea controls heavily what goes into the country and the vast majority of the people will not know what this controversy is about. it is being played in state run media, but it's been talking about the hacking and how it is all washington's fault. they are not talking about the potential assassination of their own leader. >> we are going to look into more on the who was behind that hacking charge in just a homt. paula hancocks for us. thank you, paula. despite the negative reviews, the film has been selling out in its limited run in theaters in the u.s. it earned $1 million christmas day playing in 300 u.s. theaters. it was to be in 2,000 theaters. sales figures are not in yet.
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one internet blog says "the interview" has been shared illegally about 750,000 times. the fbi is not commenting on report that is north korea probably was not behind the hack on sony pictures. here is cnns brian todd with that part of the story. >> reporter: the forensic trail of the sony hack is mysterious, difficult to follow and now is sparking increasing doubt over the fbis belief that hackers working for north korea is responsible. >> it's clear to us based on forensic and other evidence we have collected that unequivocally they are not responsible for orchestrating or initiating the attack on sony. >> reporter: his cyber security firm did an investigation on the hack. norse and cloudflare said the malware used is similar to
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malware used in similar attacks by north korea. they say the malware was leak add long time ago and could have been used by anybody in the world. they have evidence they stole the credentials of a sony insider. norse believes it was given out and tracked to a suspect, a woman code named lina, a former sony employee. they say lina has ties to guardians of peace, which claims resposibility for the sony hit. he had super user access to the company's cyber secrets, user names and passwords to critical systems. lina had two motives for the hack. >> first, how sony treated employees, layoffs going on in the department. also, a bigger issue around piracy and how sony treated those who pirated music, movies
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and other content. >> reporter: experts have lingering doubts about north korea's ability to carry out such a sophisticated attack. >> beyond the skill level we observe. >> reporter: if they did, it would have been done by a shadowy unit by the bureau that conducts cyber warfare. it's commanded by kim young chul a body guard for kim jong-un father and grandfather. >> a manager of supervisor. it shows the importance of north korea's apparatus on these electronic and cyber capabilities. >> reporter: north korea denied hacking sony. as for the tracking of a hack to a former employee named lina, they say his firm shared that information with the fbi.
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we reached out to the fbi and sony regarding the findings on lina and asked the fbi for comment on the doubts that north korea did this. neither the fbi nor sony would comment on it. brian todd, cnn, washington. a taliban leader thought to be involved in a massacre at a pakistani school has been killed. we'll have a report for you and the death of this leader coming up. plus, an american woman, this woman, held for months on drug charges. she had nothing to do with the drugs. she is finally free. we'll tell you what her mother has to say about her daughter's ordeal. that's next.
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guantanamo bay detain knees being transferred today. 64 of the 132 remaining detainees were ruled eligible for transfer. in an interview with cnn, president obama explained why he believes the prison should be shut down. it was a campaign pledge in 2008. >> it is something that continues to inspire jihadists and extremists around the world, the fact they are being held.
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it is contrary to our values and it is wildly expensive. we are spending millions of each individual there. >> several dozen gitmo detainees are considered too dangerous to be moved. one is master mind behind the september 11th attacks. john mccain tweeted friday with a photo from the meeting with the iraqi parliament speaker. the senator met with six sunni tribals to discuss how to fight the isis rampage. mr. mccain was in kabul the day before. in syria, more than 100 people were injured or killed in air strikes in al bab near aleppo. it says in another village, 30 isis militants were killed by
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kurdish forces. they reject isis claims they shot down a jordanian pilot. despite successful air strikes targeting isis, the terror group is expanding in the u.s. as part of its biggest target. isis is the only group wishing to attack the west. we have more from barbara starr. >> in a reck, propaganda videos of isis bloody violence, intimidation and killings. in yemen, the al qaeda affiliate puts out its new video showing pictures of its top leader. the two terror groups now vying for power. >> having to compete with isis for recruits from the arab world for attention in the global jihadist community. >> reporter: and the u.s. may be
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in the cross hairs as the rivalry grows. >> there's no doubt, if isis decides to, they have the ability to launch a major terrorist attack on western soil. this is a group with up to 1,000 western recruits. >> reporter: al qaeda and yemen posting a new addition calling for attacks on the west and complete with updated instructions, yet again, on making explosives. the type of instructions that inspired the boston bomb attack. the chaos in controlling al qaeda in yemen made more difficult after a senior yemeni intelligence official was kidnapped by an anti-government intelligence group. vital to president obama's supporting allies. >> taking out terrorist who is threaten us and supporting partners on the front line is one we have per sued in yemen
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and somalia for years. >> reporter: in somalia, another sign the group there known as al shabab is claiming attack on a military base saying it was their revenge for a u.s. air strike killing their leader in september. both groups stated the intent to attack the united states. the only question may be when and if they would make their move. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. a key taliban commander, the one believed to be responsible for a massacre that left 145 dead has been killed. that, according to pakistani official that is conducted a raid on thursday. the man suspected of organizing the school attack earlier this month. he's believed to have been involved in the killing of other security personnel and tribal
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elders. we are learning more about the victims who went to that school. the rampage lasted for hours. and more than 100 children are among the dead. here is cnn with a profile of some of the students. >> reporter: shahood alam just some of the faces of the 145 people killed, including 132 children during a terror attack carried out by the taliban in an army run school in pakistan. as the identities of these intent victims emerge, the country continues to mourn the dead.
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the principal of the school was killed by the militants in front of her students. her students from all over the world paid tribute to her resilience. several other teachers lost their lives on that fateful day. a survivor described what happened that day. >> translator: we hid in a locker room and pretended to be dead. they kind of believed us, but two of us, including a female teacher caught their attention and they shot them in the head. >> reporter: where you look, reminders of the seven-hour rampage the students and staff went through on december 16th. >> translator: i'm feeling lonely as the students who were here are no more. i'm pained, they were our brothers. >> reporter: on the facebook page of a 20-year-old victim, an anti-extremist measure he
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shared. a premonition of what was to come. hamad, 14 years old. shaw 15 years old and brother siad abdullah 15 and 16 years old. zain, the innocent faces, a reminder of the loss of so many families and an entire nation. malaysians abide the hundreds of thousands are having to head out of their homes because severe flooding just won't stop. we have the latest on why it is so particularly bad this year in their rainy season. that's coming up.
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you have to feel for the people in northern malaysia. they have been moving, moving, moving for the past several weeks because of the flooding there. derek van dam joins us from the world weather center. you have been saying, as bad as it is, it's not over yet. >> it is in the middle of their rainy season. it's not only malaysia, it's southern thailand. take a look at this new video coming to us at cnn. dramatic video of people trying
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to cross a river in southern portions of thailand. malaysia and thailand border each other. people trying to get on with their day-to-day lives. it is so difficult to do that with floodwaters rising and encroaching on the local businesses in that area. remember, the force of six inches, that's equal to 15 centimeters can swipe or sweep away an individual off their feet. so, impressive stuff coming out of that region. the reason why we are experiencing that wet weather in malays malaysia, the northeast monsoon. it sets up thanks to a high pressure that builds across china and eastern europe. that produces a northeast easterly wind off the south china sea. there's the moisture source. it carries it into the mountainous terrain of
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indonesia. it creates the heavier rainfall and continues to move across the same region bringing flooding rains and you can see the precipitation forecast going forward into the next two days. more active weather across the region. we could experience another 52, say 100 millimeters of rainfall near the border of thailand and malaysia on top of what's fallen in that region. a very saturated environment. that leaves open the possibility of more flooding, landslides and mudslides. these are some of the scenes out of northern malaysia. communities inundated by the floodwater. this is going to be a concern when the floodwaters recede. there's a health concern there as well. a low pressure system is bringing heavy rainfall to sri
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lanka. it's open to more possibilities of landslides for the region. look at the wave after wave of moisture receiving twice as much rainfall on average for the entire month in the past eight days for most low dagss. the flooding rain impacts southern portions of india and sri lanka. it will move to the north of the bay. on the other hand, there is light at the end of the tunnel. there's going to be a clearing trend in the very, very thick fog that's inundated new delhi. it will give them relief from the smog and fog they have been contending with lately. natalie, lots to talk about. >> all right derek, thank you. we are going to look at the story of an unsolved death here in the u.s. state of georgia. investigators are taking another look at this case.
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kendrick johnson was found dead inside a rolled up gym mat at his high school nearly two years ago. investigators said they closed the case. this month, they interviewed two dozen former and current students. according to records, he and another student had a confrontation that day. he was in another city when he died. there were inconsistencies about the time line. they continue to look at the story. johnson's family believes he was murdered. stacy was held for months on drug charges, charges she said had nothing to do with her. her mother spoke with cnn affiliation station koby. we have the report. >> reporter: bernadette got a call from a lawyer on christmas eve that her daughter stacy addison was being released from
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prison. >> she was able to call me on his cell phone. of course i was trying and happy. just really good to hear her voice. >> reporter: addison was arrested two months ago when a fellow passenger in a cab was found with methamphetamine. the passenger said addison wasn't involved, she was behind bars until yesterday. >> she was happy to be out of there. just kind of in shock. >> reporter: but, addison can't leave until she gets her passport back. >> i have also heard they can keep her for the trial. >> she is still cat sitting for her daughter. while her release made for a merry christmas, she was hoping for a happier new year. sthak she can have that passport in her hand, get on a plane and, you know, come home. >> we certainly hope that happens and soon. stacy addison quit her job as a
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veterinarian in 2013 to travel around the world. her travels were abruptly stopped there with that situation in the east. a nigerian girl says her father handed her over to b militants. russian president vladimir putin considers the u.s. a major threat and now he's put it in writing. ñzóó
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welcome back to cnn coverage, i'm natalie allen. north korea is lashing out at the u.s. for releasing the film "the interview."
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it called the parody, illegal, dishonest. north korea is critical of president obama calling him the chief culprit. the u.s. plans to transfer at least five more detainees from the guantanamo bay detention facility. a u.s. official tells cnn efforts to reduce it will accelerate in six months. president obama vowed to close gitmo during his 2008 election campaign. in new york nine men have been arrested in connection with alleged threats made against the police force in the past week in new york. the arrests follow the murders of the policemen saturday. at least three of the arrests stem from postings made on social media. the funeral for murdered new york police officer rafael ramos
2:33 am
will be held in hours from now. they watched as an honor guard carried him to his wake. josh has more on that as well as emotional tributes made by ramos' family. ♪ great is they faithfulness >> reporter: prays through the neighborhood while thousands of officers stood in silence watching rafael ramos' son and sister speak to him. >> my dear brother, my heart aches so much right now. help me understand why god took you. >> dad, i'll miss you. i'll miss you -- >> reporter: copping and civilians lined up for blocks. his body arrived at christ tabernacle in a flag draped
2:34 am
casket. he was deeply religious and volunteered as an you shall sheer helping people to their seats, seats filled tonight in his honor. >> he saw being a policeman as his ministry. he was being prepared to be a chaplain for the nypd and to see him lose his life this way is difficult for anyone to understand. >> governor cuomo and mayor de blasio, among the dignitaries. it was the police officers across the country who waited hours to get in. >> for him to have given his life, we have to pay tribute to that. >> this lieutenant from hollywood, florida took advantage of free air fair on jetblue. she used to patrol the 4-1 in the bronx. >> it breaks all our hearts when something like this happens.
2:35 am
it could be any of us at anytime. that's what hits home. >> the funeral begins in four and a half hours there in new york. a priest missing for nearly a week has been found shot to death in mexico's state. apparently another victim of the drug war. the diocese said the reverend was found in an alley with a gunshot wound to his head. church officials believe he was abducted after sunday mass. authorities have no suspects, no motives, but it is cartel territory and he was known for strong condemnation of drug violence. it is where 43 college students went missing three months ago. protesters marched to mexico city friday, holding pictures of the missing, demanding answers and justice.
2:36 am
they have not received that. they were abducted on the orders of a local mayor and turned over to gang members before being killed. several mass graves have been found, but only one student positively identified. >> a terror group says the attack on a military base was revenge for an air strike that killed their leader in september. a car bomb was detonated in a military base thursday. three african union soldiers and a civilian died in the attack. friday, a broadcaster carried a message from the group, declaring the base an attack of retaliation. >> the pro-russian separatists swapped prisoners. it was the largest yet. it's part of poroshenko's plan to stop an uprising in the east. more than 4700 people have been
2:37 am
killed in the conflict since russia annexed crimea back in march. meanwhile, the president listed the u.s. and nato as top military tlets. russia is in the middle of a stand off with the west. we have more from moss cow, including what this could mean for peace talks. >> reporter: well, russian security analysts say they see this as the kremlin's response to western sanctions and political statements on the situation in ukraine. while calling it defensive in nature, the now doctrine identifies nato expansion and western military activity on russia's doorstep as areas of deep concern. in previous doctrines, the focus had been the situation unfolding in central asia. analysts tell me the kremlin is essentially signaling that
2:38 am
russia's response to nato and europe will be an area of primary concern in its long term planning, which will include the military build up along russia's western border. now, nato issued a response saying that nato poses no threat to russia and its activities are purely defensive. it said nato will continue to seek a constructive relationship with russia, but russia is breaching international law in ukraine and undermining european security. another round of peace talks aimed at ending the crisis in eastern ukraine was called off today, that, according to media reports. pro-russian rebels as well as members of the ukrainian government met on wednesday. now, the reason for that cancellation was not given. aaron mclaughlin, cnn, moscow.
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expanded sanctions over the annexation of crimea forced mastercard and visa to stop there. the companies informed banks they cannot process anymore credit card transactions. the u.s. imposed a ban on doing business in crimea. the conflict in ukraine and russia's slumping economy is not threatening vladimir putin's popularity. it is quite the opposite. an independent polling agency said 85% of russians approve of how he is running the country. this is in stark contrast in the u.s. a recent cnn orc poll gives barack obama a 48% approval rating. it is a 20-month high for him. a 13-year-old nigerian girl
2:40 am
is telling her story about fleeing what she called a forced role in a deadly attack. the girl says her father handed her over to militants who sent her and two others to blow up a market of suicide bombers. here is cnns jessica king with the story. >> reporter: she's a young teenager. a few weeks ago, she almost became a suicide bomber. >> translator: my father took us to the bush. i was asked if i wanted to go to heaven. when i answered, they said i had to go for a suicide mission and if i attempted to run, they would kill me. we went to the market. one of us said we should go separately. i refused. after my friend detonated her own, i was wounded. >> reporter: two girls set off bombs killing four people. this teen says she would have been the third attacker. it's one of dozens of attacks by
2:41 am
the islamic group boko haram. attacks this killed thousands of people. cnn has not verified the girls story. police presented her without her parents or a lawyer present. officials want to make clear, this attack was boko haram, not a travel conflict. >> this is like we have had in the past. nothing to do with the government. it has nothing to do with it. >> reporter: they want to create an islamic state in nigeria. they are behind the kidnapping of those nearly 300 schoolgirls in april and hundreds more since then.
2:42 am
>> according to a u.s. congressional research report, boko haram killed 5,000 people. that makes it one of the deadliest terrorist organizations. flying in florida's parliament. why this broke out. also, a son's christmas gift that brought his parents to tears.
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high court ruled they can withdrawal life support from a woman 18 weeks pregnant. the family asked treatment be stopped so she could die with dignity. doctors refused because of the legal rights of the baby. some disturbing new numbers in the fight against ebola. they count nearly 20,000 confirmed or suspected cases of the disease in west africa. more than 7600 deaths from the disease. the vast majority of those cases in liberia, guinea and sierra leone. w.h.o. officials report deaths in mali. outbreaks in nigeria declared over there. there are new questions, though,
2:46 am
about safety at the center for disease control and how to fight ebola. this happened after a mistake may have exposed a technician to ebola. joe johns reports, it is the latest development in the struggle to handle and study lethal viruses and bacteria while fighting them at the same time. >> reporter: a potentially deadly mistake at the u.s. institution that handles some of the most dangerous biological materials. the center for disease and control says the ebola virus was transferred from a secure lab to a lab not equipped to handle the virus. so far, no symptoms of the virus. the lab tech will be watched for the standard 21 days as a precaution. it's the kind of mistake the cdc director says he was determined to avoid repeating earlier this
2:47 am
year. >> we are seeing pattern we missed. the pattern is an insufficient culture of safety. >> reporter: at that time, he was on the hot seat for handling anthrax and avian flu. >> these are unacceptable events and never should have happened. >> reporter: in line with the procedures, the lab was closed pending review and decontaminated. the material was destroyed, investigate launched. it was reported to health and human services secretary and others up and down the chain of command. as for the possibility of anyone else coming into contact with the material, cdc says a handful of others who entered the lab have been contacted and will be assessed for possible exposure. only one technician is bemonitored. cdc does not believer anyone outside the lab could be exposed. >> the cdc tells cnn the lab
2:48 am
tech is still not showing symptoms of the disease. the laboratory has been working on a project to try to determine how long the virus remains viable on someone who is deceased. so many people in africa contract ebola after handling a body. well, ceremonies, processions have been held to mark the anniversary of the tsunami in thailand that killed more than a quarter million people and caused widespread destruction in 14 southeast asian countries. in india, hundreds of survivors walked through the streets in prayer and remembrance. in thailand, well wishers left flowers, christian, muslim and buddhist prayers were held. a man who helped a family escape a fast moving fire wanted none of the credit. we are looking back at one of
2:49 am
the heroic stories of 2014.
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woman: do you think he's on his way? man: he doesn't even know that we're here. is he ok? please tell me he's ok. laura... ok, try to call him again. there's no signal. try! nothing's working. well, just try. everything's down. this is so bad. i miss him. he's out there by himself. narrator: make sure you know where to find your family in an emergency. start your plan at here is evidence that walking the red carpet is the glamorous part of the movie premier, trying to catch up with the big stars, not so much. here is neil curry trying to do just that. ♪ >> reporter: when ever there's a
2:51 am
premier, you find me here in lester square, two hours before the talent show, we stand and wait, nowhere to go. we hunker down, prepare for battle, locked in pens like restless cattle. tolet and right, a camera crew. from hobbits to the hunger games, we hope to harness famous names. sometimes they simply walk on past and leave us the supporting cast. >> adam brown? >> no thanks. >> first three questions are allowed. as they struggle through the crowd, they are running late, we're down to two, then one. between the three of you. but wait, a star is on his way just in time to save the day. they move on down the line, and then, hello, i'm neil from cnn. >> they are working on these films. >> i don't have one. >> we have been here three hours
2:52 am
now, it's absolutely freezing. some interviews are no wizards, no elves, no ox, we have a couple dwafs, one hobbit, one producer, no director. pretty average kind of night, really. going to go back to the bureau now. the stars have gone to take their seats, the out to clear the streets. the magic carpet has had its way. the media pens unlock the game, we are rating back to cnn. to cut the story, get on air, with fresh news from the premier. >> tough job, neil, but someone has to do it. it was a rough day at work for members of georgia's parliament. so you are wondering, all right,
2:53 am
what was the issue. well, the all-out brawl started when an opposition member swore during an address to the ruling party. insults and more swear words, then fists. then someone fell over the seating there as well. some members of parliament tore the microphones from desks and used them as weapons. hopefully things have simmered down. for the holiday season, we are looking back at the story that is highlight the giving spirit. in october, a dramatic rescue on camera after a home went up in flames. the mysterious hero who helped everyone get out vanished before he could be thanked. we tracked him down. >> we gotta get him out of there. >> reporter: a raging fire. elderly man trapped inside, then it explodes out of control.
2:54 am
>> we have to get the dad out of there. >> smoke went up through the roof. everybody came running out. i felt helpless, i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: she happened to be passing by and rolling on her cell phone. as everyone panics, this man, in a blue dodgers cap walks toward the rolling flames. trying to make his way to safety, robert wells, 73 years old, attached to an oxygen tank. >> really, really intense. and then i kind of went -- >> reporter: wells goes into shock. the fire continues to grow, when suddenly -- >> oh, thank god. >> reporter: he's out. slung over the shoulder of the man in the blue dodger's cap. >> up and away we went. bouncing on his back, you know, my hands like this. wow.
2:55 am
>> reporter: this all happened less than four minutes after the first 911 call. as firefighters battled the flames. the witnesses on the street asked the same question, who was that man in the blue hat? >> didn't see him anywhere. he went on his way. disappeared. >> that was the big city mystery, the man in the dodger's cam. >> a half million people in fresno and this man's picture is all over the news. nobody can find him. >> reporter: the man in the dodgers cap, we now know where he is. there's a reason he vanished. he didn't want to be found. you knew everyone was looking for you. >> i didn't want no glory. >> reporter: the 49-year-old is a delivery man for a company in fresno, a devoted family man, loves his wife, kids and five grandchildren. he's so uncomfortable talking with us, he can barely look at
2:56 am
the camera. >> that's when it exploded. i ducked as a reaction. i saw him in the backyard and picked him up. >> reporter: why did you do it? you don't know him, right? >> gotta help him out. cant leave him burning or hurt. >> reporter: no one was hurt in the fire. robert wells and his family did lose everything. as far as tom, he says he would do this all over again for robert wells or anyone who might need help. cnn fresno, california. >> here is the son who is his parent's hero. one son took christmas giving to a level to repay his parents who raised him. look at this video. a successful app developer, that's him there in the middle, from new york gave his parents an envelope saying he paid off their mortgage. they were overcome with emotion
2:57 am
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♪ dad, i'll miss you. >> oh, a tearful message from the son of fallen new york city police officer raphael ramos. >> tense of thousands will gather to say final good-byes, including mayor