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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  December 29, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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had a spotless safety record with no crashes in more than a decade of operations. it is best low cost operations. airasia's ceo is using social media. in a series of tweets tony fernandes called this his worst nightmare. keeping positive and staying strong. my heart bleeds for our crew and our passengers. those posts have been retweeted thousands of times. a new way of dealing with the public in a crisis i think. social media. also a new way for dealing with the crisis in a year with several very high profile crises and different reactions. "early start" continues right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> grim news this morning in the search. the desperate search for airasia flight 8501. investigators revealing now they believe the missing plane and
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its 162 passengers is now at the bottom of the sea. we are bringing you live team coverage on the latest into the investigation. the search and what went wrong. they say early conjecture is that plane is missing in the ocean. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. monday 5:00 a.m. in the east. welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. we begin with airasia flight 8501. from asia to singapore disappeared with 162 people on board. the early conjecture, the suspicion is the plane crashed into the java sea. there seems to be no hard evidence of that yet. ships, planes helicopters have been combing the waters. so far, no sign of the plane or any wreckage. it is not known for sure if bad weather was a factor but the pilot requested a higher
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altitude to avoid storm clouds before that flight disappeared from radar. cnn's andrew stevens is live in surabaya indonesia. andrew you spoke with indonesia's vice president for the latest on this search. >> reporter: that's right, john. he was pretty blunt, too. we are more than 30 hours into this search and still no positive sign on what happened to 8501. the vice president saying after 40 hours you would have to say that the chances of finding survivors are very slim. particularly if that plane ended in the water, which certainly looks the no likely scenario. he has been talking to the families of the passengers and the crew here at surabaya airport. this is the crisis central for the entire story, john. he has been telling them that they are doing everything they can. that is all he can say at the moment. there is so little the
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information to go on. there have been reports of objects spotted by an australia reconnaissance aircraft. i asked the vice president about that. this is what he said. >> there have been reports of objects floating in the search zone. can you tell me do you know if they are linked at all to the missing plane? >> until now, to answer not yet. some report from australia, but we are not yet clear the object is from the plane or not. >> reporter: so not yet clear. we always put a health warning on this, john. remember mh-370 with so many reports of debris in the water and oil slicks in the water. they all proved to be wrong. what are we? it disappeared on march 8th and still not one sight of that aircraft. the search here continues for
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8501. we have about an hour or two hours of day light left. it is a big search crew out there. as yet, nothing concrete. >> andrew any sense of what investigators are honing in on the most right now? is it the last verbal contact with the pilots asking for a higher attitude? >> reporter: it seems to be that yes. the last known communication was one of the pilots requesting a diversion asking to go higher. that was actually refused because there were aircraft above flight 8501. 8501 requested to turn left, which was given permission to do so. that was the last known conversation with the cockpit. extrapolating from there, they are looking at the most likely zone where the plane may have gone down. remember, there was bad weather. some say severe weather in the area at the time. the pilot looked like he requested that deviation to get above the bad weather. obviously he did not get it.
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if he had flown into that storm, it could have been a very very difficult situation. it could -- i talked to air pilots and experts on the ground here -- and they tell you that plane flying into a heavy storm could have catastrophic consequences. the emergency transmitter has not been setoff. the beacon that is not pinning if there is a hard landing on the plane. that has not been heard of in the 30 hours since the plane went missing. a lot of questions why that is not triggered. >> if that was on land or surface of the ocean, you would expect to hear that by now. that is why reason they feel it is deep under water. andrew stevens, thank you, from surabaya. >> it has been more than 30 hours since the last contact with the ship. planes and helicopters are joining the search.
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our paula hancocks is joining us from the staging area in indonesia. tell us what is happening there, paula. >> reporter: christine, we have over the past couple of hours seen things winding down for the day at this particular staging area. as andrew says we are running out of daylight. the ships will be staying out on the java sea. they can use spotlights and potentially sonar and try to continue with that search. it is still a very large search area. we spoke to the head of the search and rescue operation here on the island. he said it is 240 by 240 nautical miles. this is one of the islands that is closest to the last point of contact of that airline. this is where they are basing their search. he said they have not narrowed it down yet. they don't have the data to be able to do that. as soon as they have data they
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can look at a specific location. at this point they can't. because there are so many boats and ships and helicopters, they have to cordon this off carefully. they have to narrow it down and sliced it up into sections to make sure that they are not overlapping areas and not missing any areas. to make sure they are very systematic about this. i asked the officer here whether or not the lead that could be any survivors this late on. he said if it landed on water or crashed into the water, it is highly unlikely. but if this plane crashed on land and he said there is a potential the jungles to the east of this area potentially there could be survivors. christine. >> paula hancocks, so many questions and so many hopes for the families. thank you, paula. >> a lot of questions surrounding the weather. what role did the weather play in the flight? we know the pilot asked for and denied a higher altitude before
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the plane vanished because there were planes above. an aviation expert talked to cnn about a report of radar showing the airasia jet climbing and perhaps stalling out because it was too slowly. here is what he said. >> this appears as though it will be a weather-related upset. you know we do know some concrete facts here whereas in the case of mh-370 we were flying blind, if you like. we know the captain requested a climb of altitude from 32,000 to 38,000 feet. we know he asked for deviation from the track to go left of track of the route to avoid thunderstorms. and we know there were severe thunderstorms in the area. we have seen the radar printouts of those. that is absolutely crystal clear. they were severe and there were many of them. so we do know that. we know exactly where we lost
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contact with him as well. so it is a fairly defined box for the searchers to look. whereas in mh-370, we had virtually no idea where it went. and what we also have been able to obtain from some pilots is radar printout of the aircraft and what it shows is this particular flight at an attitude of 36,000 feet apparent climbing but traveling at 105 miles per hour too slow to sustain flight. so it looks like on this radar evidence that we have that he was involved in some upset, high altitude aerodynamic upset. >> and what the pilot may have been trying to avoid with the weather, we have cnn's
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meteorologist pedram javaheri with the latest. >> the conditions across the java sea and indian ocean, not the best time. october through april, the monsoon is in place. the rainfall like this week on the order of several feet in the matter of a couple of days. this is the flight track on sunday morning. the last known point of contact. this is the storm we are talking about. the average storm spans 20,000 to 30,000 feet. this airbus not capable to climb up to 50,000 feet. there are down drafts if you try to go into it. headwinds as well. very dangerous scenario. we don't think weather by itself played a role in bringing the plane down. several scenarios coming together to cause the sort of devastations and tragedies. this particular storm as large as you see it on our planet occurring over indonesia.
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>> thanks, pedram. airasia is a young airline. a near flawless safety record. what about the aircraft itself? cnn's rene marsh with more on the a-320. >> reporter: we know this is a newer aircraft. six years old. the delivery date is october of 2008. as far as flight time it has about 23,000 flight hours. it is what you would call a workhorse for commercial aviation. a well traveled aircraft. the safety record for the a-320 is pretty good when you consider the millions of flights this family of aircraft has made. now at this point, airbus is very careful with the language it is using. it is not dipping into the arena of speculation. they are waiting and they are collecting information. they are making it very clear they are ready and willing to work with investigators once it moves on to the investigative stage. we also know that here in the
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united states the national transportation safety board, they have opened up the lines of communication. they have been in contact with airbus, the manufacturer of the aircraft. they have been in touch with the french equivalent of the ntsb. we have been told they are in touch with the indonesians. the indonesians will likely lead the investigation. at this point, the ntsb says they are monitoring the situation. they are ready to provide some technical assistance if they are asked for it. back to you. >> thank you for that. investors are selling airasia. this missing jet is damaging the reputation of the carrier. the airline has had not downed flights in the more than ten years of operation.
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tony fernandes, the coeo of the company says my heart bleeds for the relatives of our crew and passengers. 12 minutes past the hour. another breaking story. the efforts to reach passengers trapped on a smoldering greek ferry off the coast of italy. italian coast guard says one person has died there. more than 300 passengers had been rescued. rough weather is hampering to save others still on board that vessel. cnn's elinda labropoulou is live via skype this morning. >> reporter: we know more people have been rescued. over 350 people have been rescued. more than two-thirds of people rescued. still close to 150 people remain
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on the ship. progress is underway but people are being removed by helicopter. most helicopters can take one to two people per basket. an effort had been made initially to tow the boat but that was abandoned due to the weather conditions. those who have arrived in safety in greece or italy by now, are well in health. they have been examined by medical teams. some seem to have signs of hypothermia, which is logical for people sitting on a ship outside for 30 hours before they were able to reach safety. a lot of them are complaining about problems with their throat and eyes. they are talking about lots of smoke. this is something eyewitnesss from the rescue boats have been able to see as well. a lot of smoke. we are not entirely sure that the fire is completely out because it is impossible to check at this point. we do know that the weather
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conditions in the area remain particularly difficult for rescuers. >> elinda labropoulou, thank you. the pictures are remarkable and still more than 150 people on the vessel is harrowing. i'm sure this situation cannot be over soon enough for them. we hope for a safe conclusion soon. 15 minutes after the hour. north korea berating president obama after sony's release of "the interview." the film pulled in millions this weekend. the drama is far from over. we are live with the very latest after the break. ♪ (holiday music is playing) hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa
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we're following breaking news in the search for airasia flight 8501. this plane disappeared sunday with 162 people on board. it was headed from indonesia to singapore. it vanished over the java sea. in the final communication, the pilot asked for higher altitude due to bad weather, but was denied because of air traffic above him. officials suspect the plane is at the bottom of the sea. that is the early conjecture. there has been no confirmation and the country's vice president claims this is a search and rescue operation. ships, planes, helicopters all
2:19 am
searching while families anxiously wait for answers. other news this morning, north korea is blasting president obama and firing off a personal insult for the internet out ages and releasing "the interview." sony scored big this weekend with more than $15 million from digital downloads of the film. they have plans to expand online distribution. now a u.s. lawmaker is suggesting north korea may have had help from china in hacking sony pictures. >> you cannot talk about north korea without talking about china. you need a heart to heart with the chinese. i cannot imagine anything like this happening in north korea without china being involved. >> cnn's will ripley following latest from beijing.
2:20 am
what would china's involvement be will? >> reporter: john we know china certainly has been an internet supporter of north korea in the sense they have much more massive infrastructure here than they do in pyongyang. north korea still relies on chinese servers to connect to the internet. u.s. law enforcement says as orchestrating this attack they believe north korea is the only nation involved. as far as the technical reliance. >> and what are they saying about president obama and what about the sony hacking? >> reporter: well you know north korea was so indignant about the portrayal of their leader in the film. some would argue they would have every right to be offended and angry over a film showing kim jong-un's head exploding and
2:21 am
bursting into flames. the state media compared president obama to a monkey in a tropical forest and reckless in allowing "the interview" to air. it seems one side is speaking viciously about the other's leader and one is hurt by the actions of a film studio. >> will ripley thank you so much. 21 minutes after the hour. when we come back it is a grim day for coaches all across the nfl. many including this man, are out. but where is he headed next? andy scholes has the bleacher report next. ♪ ♪ oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list
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the nfl regular season is now over. some teams heading to the playoffs others with big changes starting now. >> andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. andy. >> good morning. today is known as black monday in the nfl. the day where teams do not have a good season decided to fire their coach. one change last night as the 49ers and jim harbaugh mutually decided to part ways. harbaugh and the front office have been at odds for a time. that picture says it all. cool moment late in the fourth
2:25 am
quarter. interception to seal the win. he goes to the side line to give harbaugh the ball. >> the way i feel about these players and coaches and staff and organization it's the time of my life. >> will you miss the nfl? >> am i going somewhere? >> you might be. >> harbaugh reportedly has a six-year $48 million offer from michigan. that would make him the highest paid coach in college football. the bye in the first round and aaron rodgers files cobb for the touchdown. rodgers was carted off. in the fourth quarter, rodgers
2:26 am
on the ground and suh steps on his calf. we know suh has a reputation for being a dirty player. scary moment for the steelers bell gets hit by the bengals. bell leaves the game for a hyperextended knee. that did not slow down pittsburgh. ben roethlisberger finds antonio brown. steelers go on to win the game. marvin lewis has to come in and break this fight up after the game as things got heated there. here is the playoff picture in the afc. patriots and broncos with the bye. steelers and ravens. colts host the bengals. then the seahawk ans and packers in the first round bye. then the worst playoff match up ever the panthers will host the cardinals. that is the worst because the panthers have a losing reportcord.
2:27 am
>> i think the seahawks look so good. andy scholes. great to see you. thanks for that. 26 minutes past the hour. we are following breaking news this morning. desperate search for missing airasia flight 8501. this plane vanished mid flight with more than 160 people on board. live team coverage on what we're learning now next. get two lines of unlimited 4g lte data for just 100 bucks a month. that'll get your holiday bell ringing.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> the breaking news this morning, the huge search that is happening right now for missing airasia flight 8501. it disappeared with 162 people on board. what went wrong? what is being done this morning to find this vanished jetliner? we have live team coverage from the key locations far away. this is our big story. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans.
2:31 am
the search continues for airasia flight 8501. it disappeared from indonesia to singapore. indonesian officials not offering much hope to families at this hour. they suspect the jet is at the bottom of the sea. their words. that has not been confirmed. the indonesian vice president says it is a search and rescue operation. the window for finding survivors is closing quickly. cnn's andrew stevens is live in surabaya indonesia. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: christine, that window is indeed closing quickly. we have gone 30 hours. the vice president jusuf kalla who we spoke to earlier on "early start" he said when we get to 40 hours, the chances of finding survivors, if the plane hit the sea, is remote. he is here. he is in charge. he is the government leader in
2:32 am
charge of the whole what he still term a search as rescue operation. he is here at surabaya airport. he is talking to the families of the victims. he cannot offer much more than that. there is still little to go on. there are reports that there was debris spotted by the australian search team. i asked the vice president about that in the interview here. this is what he had to say. >> there have been reports of objecting floating in the search zone. can you tell me do you know if they are linked at all to the missing plane? >> until now, to answer not yet. some report from australia, but we are not yet clear the object is from the plane or not. >> reporter: so not yet clear whether that has been actually part of the plane or linked to the plane. i talked to experts here from
2:33 am
around the world. they express surprise we have not had any wreckage identified at all. also we have to take into account today was the first day the search really ramped up. we have 30 surface vessels in the area and 15 aircraft. people i spoke to say we could have news in the next couple of days. enormously frustrating and painful for the families here. the frustrations are growing. they want information and they want it now. the government and authorities at airasia cannot give it to them at the moment. >> andrewinndrewandrew thank you. >> more than 30 hours since the last contact with airasia flight 8501. more ships and planes and helicopters ss joining in the search. cnn's paula hancocks is joining
2:34 am
us from indonesia. give us latest. >> reporter: the search is winding down. we have not seen helicopters or planes come in here from the search and rescue operation in the past couple of hours. we can see the end of the second day, the search operation at least is winding down. the ships can stay on the water. they can put spotlights on. it is very difficult to see anything in pitch darkness. i spoke to the first marshal in charge of the search and rescue operation on belitung island. this is the closest area where the plane lost contact with the air traffic controllers. it is still 240 nautical miles by 240 nautical miles. he said they don't have the data to be able to hone in on a particular location. as soon as they have that they will do it.
2:35 am
i also asked him does he think there is a possibility of survivors. he said if the plane landed or crashed into the water, it is highly unlikely. he told me this several hours ago. he said it is possible if it managed to crash on land. there are jungles to the east of here. a small account of living through the crash if it landed online. if it did land on water, he said it is highly unlikely there are survivors. >> a report from the australia search plane that there is debris in the water. the debris can be anywhere in the ocean. what is he saying about the sightings? >> reporter: at least here on the ground on this island the official i spoke to said he had not heard that report or not giving it credibility.
2:36 am
we don't know what that debris is. this is a busy shipping channel. there could be plenty of debris from the ships passing by. we did see in the early days and weeks of mh-370 that there is a lot in the ocean that is not supposed to be there. it is a decoy when you are trying to find anything from a missing plane. i think all of these sightings and reports have to be taken very carefully. of course there are many relatives of passengers and crew desperately hanging on to hope and desperately waiting to hear if their loved ones are okay. we have to be careful in talking about the sightings. >> paula hancocks for us in belitung island. thank you. >> no sounds from the flight recorder. no pings at all. still trying to figure out the debris. a lot of questions this morning.
2:37 am
it seems to surround weather as well. the weather at the time the plane disappeared. cnn's pedram javaheri looks at the weather the search and rescue teams are up against. >> good morning. the weather across the java sea at the moment is finally improving. we have not seen conditions this clear in some time. there are storms in the area at the last known point with the aircraft. to the north, partly cloudy. to the south similar story. you talk about the area in the wet season december is wettest time of year. you know storms will be blossoming. i'll take you through tuesday and wednesday. storms develop toward that last point known of contact region. that is where we think more strong storms and gusty winds and visibility is worth noting in the couple of days. good news with this when you look at the sea surface temperatures 82 degrees in the java sea.
2:38 am
survival in the waters a possibility. back to you. >> thanks, pedram javaheri. let's talk more about airasia flight 8501. the possibilities of what happened to it. especially in that area. joining us live on the phone, former pilot alastair alastair rosenscheim. you have flown in the area of malaysia and singapore and indonesia. you have flown in the flight path of the busy sea lanes. what is it like to fly in the area this time of year with the monsoon monsoon-like conditions? >> you have radar from the moment you takeoff to the moment of touchdown of destination because of the storms that lie in the area. this is a common thing.
2:39 am
he had been in the area for 6,000 flying hours. that is a lot of experience. so you know it is a question of whether you get caught out in one of these storm cells or not. you know the speculation and that is what analysts have been doing, speculating as to what happened. most people seem to think it is a weather-related incident. there could be other factors involved. i just want to put one fact out there. that is the aircraft had a fuel range that would allow the aircraft to go up to 600 miles or so from the point at which it last disappeared. at the moment the search area is 240 by 240 nautical miles. so there is an outside possibility it could in fact be outside of the general search
2:40 am
area. from a flying point of view you know there is nothing particularly you know extraordinary about that area. generally speaking the weather's quite good and you are able to get around these storms. it is only when they are so packed tightly together that you end up with rough ride. there are areas of the world where the line of thunderstorms are so tightly packed that you can't always guarantee a smooth ride. over africa the itc bed is particularly bad. my personal experience it is worse than. >> let me ask you this, alastair there is no mayday call. you have flown that route. under what circumstance is no mayday call? this is speculation. we are trying to find this plane. no mayday call. no sound from the flight
2:41 am
ordinance recorders. >> there are several reasons. if the pilots are having to basically handle the aircraft and all their concentrations on that. making a radio call would be a lower priority. radio call is when you need immediate assistance. when the flight load allows you time to make that radio call you will do so. there are other scenarios. radios can fail. in the hijacking scenarios, you don't have radio calls. there can be a number of reasons why there was no radio call. i'm speculating here if it was they have control difficulties in the storms, it is unlikely they will put out a radio call
2:42 am
because they concentrate on controlling the aircraft. >> alastair thank you. you have actually flown that route. great context. in this situation, great context for mh-370. ironic interesting, sad, that you had these two -- three major disasters this year. investors are selling shares of airasia this morning. the stock down 8% right now. the biggest one day decline in three years. the missing jet damages airasia's reputation as a low-cost carrier. the airline has had no fatal crashes in more than a decade of operations. this is the best low cost airline in asia. airasia ceo tony fernandes has been reaching out to the public. he called this his worst nightmare. he tweeted out my heart bleeds for all of the relatives of my
2:43 am
crew and our passengers. you think of the low cost airlines you think of the boeing a-320s. they transformed the ability to travel in these parts of the world. 43 minutes after the hour. we will continue to follow the breaking news in the search for airasia flight 8501. we will follow that all morning. more news this morning, a frantic rescue at sea. hundreds on board a burning ferry. this dangerous situation has turned deadly. we are live after the break.
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we are following breaking news this morning in the search for airasia flight 8501. this plane disappeared sunday with 162 people on board. it was headed to indonesia from singapore. the plane's final communication, the pilot asked for a higher altitude due to bad wegsather. early indications the plane is at the bottom of the sea. still, ships, planes and helicopters are searching. and families of those on board are anxiously awaiting answers. we are following another breaking news. a rescue from a burning ferry off the coast of italy. nearly 300 passengers taken to safety. 150 others still on board that
2:47 am
smoldering ship. rough weather has slowed the rescue efforts here. cnn's elinda labropoulou is here with us. we are talking freezing cold temperatures and very difficult as they try to choreography of helicopters to pluck people off the burning ferry two by two. it is taking a long time. >> reporter: choreography is pretty good way to explain it. the fire broke out 30 hours ago. the first ships trying to approach not long after that. it has been so difficult because of the weather conditions in the area. the operations are underway. two-thirds of passengers have now been removed from the ship. about 150 more remain. some of them have reached the port in italy and others taken to greece. there have been operations to try to tow the ship, but that has also been impossible because of the weather conditions.
2:48 am
as a result, the operations are progresses but they are quite slow because everybody has to be moved by helicopter. the good news is that rescuers have managed to get on the ship. doctors are on the ship. they are saying the passengers are fine in health. they are reporting a few minor problems with hypothermia for being outside for hours and also with the smoke. a lot of smoke on the ship because of the fire and many of them are terrified and scared. we had a lot of people call into the greek media stations and talk about that ordeal and describe horrendous scenes out there. it seems operations are progressing and most people will be off the ship soon. >> freezing cold windy, smokey. a terrible ordeal. a huge rescue operation. this has been a very successful operation with 340 taken off the ship. thank you, elinda.
2:49 am
let's say what is coming up on "new day." michaela is joining us. >> we are watching two big stories. the latest developments in the search for the airasia flight 8501. not much daylight left in southeast asia. we are expecting the search to be called off for the night. a grim assessment. an official saying the plane is likely at the bottom of the sea. crews still hopeful to find some sign of the jet as they search the busy shipping corridor. all of this months after mh-370 went missing. we cannot forget that. that plane has not been found. how similar are these two accidents? we will compare and contrast when we bring you the very latest updates on "new day" at the top of the hour. >> thank you. i'll tune in and be with you and doing the news for you. we following the search for
2:50 am
missing airasia flight 8501. what we know now about the 162 people on board that flight. that's after the break. ♪ ♪ they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for now for an exceptional price. [ho, ho, ho, ho] lease the 2014 cla 250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. in my world, wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members
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we are following breaking news this morning in the search for airasia flight 8501. that plane disappeared carrying 162 passengers and crew. cnn's nick valencia has more on the people on board that flight.
2:53 am
>> reporter: we want to give you meaning to the numbers. 162 souls on board the airasia flight that disappeared. 162 people with their unique stories. we know they were from a number of backgrounds. majority of those on the flight, 155 passengers 7 crew from indonesia with a handful from south korea. others from malaysia and singapore and two people from europe. one u.k. national and one from europe. the media reported the name of the co- pilot. rammi rassel. they are working with the indonesian government to try to find the whereabouts of the missing plane. another number confirmed is that of the british national who is indonesian based executive. cho chi man. it is a heart breaking story when you learn he was traveling with his 2-year-old daughter.
2:54 am
earlier, one of those who had a loved one, her feeiance was on the flight and she talked to local media. >> i listened to radio and they said his plane was missing. that's all. it was supposed to be their last vacation before we got married which was to be his last vacation with his family. >> reporter: at daybreak the search resumed locally. right now, for all of those who had loved ones on this plane, it is for all intents and purposes wait and see. nick valencia cnn, atlanta. the latest on the stock of airasia and flight 8501. we will look at the company next.
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investors selling airasia shares this morning as search continues. the biggest one day decline in more than three years. the crisis is a blow to the
2:58 am
airlines good reputation. airasia had a spotless safety record. no crashes in more than a decade of operations. the confidence rattled this morning. airasia's ceo is using social media. in a series of tweets after the jet disappeared. tony fernandes called this his worst nightmare. he is staying strong and my heart bleeds for the crew and passengers. we will continue to follow this search for missing flight 8501 and the 162 people on board. "new day" continuing that coverage now.fernandes. airasia flight lost contact with air traffic controllers sunday morning. >> there have been reports, do you know if they are linked to
2:59 am
the plane? the early assumption is that the plane is at the bottom of the sea. >> passengers aboard a smoldering greek ferry. >> one compared this to the titanic. >> visibility is very very bad right now. >> good morning, welcome to "few day. new /* new day." we want to welcome all of our viewers in the u.s. and those around the globe. okay we begin with breaking news indonesian official versus expanded the search the search the likely to be sundayed soon. daylight is fading the. flight 8501 was on its way to singapore when that aircraft vanished sunday morning, minutes
3:00 am
after pilots requested an altitude change in stormy weather. no distress call was paid from that cockpit. a search official this morning says he believes the plane is likely at the bottom of the sea. there is their best conjecture. all tow, there doesn't seem to be hard evidence of that ship plane, hock they're scouring this busy shipping channel in the java sea looking for any sign of the plane. of course this is the second commercial jet line tore go missing in southeast asia. it brings along so many memories of flight 370. na is a mystery that remains unsolved. we are covering this story like cnn can. we want to get straight to andrew stevens in indonesia. >> reporter: good morning, chris. few think of what's happened it's been 36 hours since that plane went missing.


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