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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  December 30, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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has been tweeted from the beginning talking about how is broken hearted. another search for another missing plane has many wondering why not track the plane? companies like flight offer real-time tracking. what is stopping companies from using this technology? experts say the answer is simple. money. if it is not government mandated airlines generally won't pay up. interesting the technology is there. they are not quite using it yet. "early start" continues right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news this morning. debris found in the search for missing airasia flight 8501. investigators 95% certain they have found the vanished jetliner. the intense search could be over. families of the 162 people on board are reeling this morning from the news that bodies are
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being pulled from the water. live team coverage breaking down the latest on the big story this morning begins right now. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. welcome all of the viewers here in the united states and around the world. >> let's begin with the breaking news. the head of indonesian search and rescue operation says it is 95% likely that the debris float on the surface of the java sea is from missing airasia flight 8501. the bodies of the victims are being recovered. the plane disappeared in stormy weather three days ago from indonesia to singapore. family members have been called to the search headquarters to be briefed by indonesian authorities. cnn's andrew stevens is live in indonesia. andrew authorities are saying they are 95% certain this is the debris. when you look at the pictures it looks clearly like debris from the airplane. we know the indonesian coast
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guard has crews and men in harnesses and orange jumpsuits retrieveing bodies. >> reporter: that's right, christine. the news started to trickle through. the first pictures we saw were what looked like life jackets. then pictures of emergency slides and emergency doors and pictures of the bodies circulating as well. tragic end. perhaps, though, not an unsurprising end. this is the site of the debris is six kilometers from where the plane had last contact with the ground control. the pilots requested to climb around the storm. it all fitted together. we started to get reports in and by the early afternoon, we had confirmation from the authorities here. as you say, the head of search
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and rescue say he was 95% certain. the only reason he is not 100% certain is he has not seen it with his own eyes. scenes of heart break here christine. the families of the people on board were in the crisis center. they were having a briefing. they were listening to the latest news when the 95% line came out from a press conference in jakarta. meanwhile, local television, one local television station was actually showing pictures of the bodies floating in the water. our cameraman who was there, who was filming from outside, you could see scenes of hysteria. i spoke to one man. his friend was on that flight. his friend's wife and three children and mother-in-law. all on that flight. he said i was standing inside with the rest of the relatives. he said i saw those pictures.
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hysterical reaction. screaming and crying and people fainting. it was horrible. the mayor of surabaya was also in there. she managed to get the television turned off. the scenes must have been of an unimaginable heartache and pain and anguish. now we do know it was the flight. the grim task of recovering the bodies starts and piecing together what happened. >> andrew quickly, 5:04 p.m. where you are. how much more daylight? how much longer can they be out there and recover bodies and know where all of this debris is so they can start again in the morning? >> reporter: as far as daylight goes we probably have an hour of useful daylight left. it depends what surface vessels can get to the area. the search area was extended to 156,000 square kilometers. that is roughly the size of
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greece. the effects were widely spread. they had been refocused. we need to get surface vessels to the area. the helicopters, as you have been saying are there. they are starting to recover bodies. there is a lot of work to be done there, obviously. the vessels are there. they can continue through the night. the waters are shallow. we are being told around 40 meters. we are trying to independently verify that. if they are that shallow, it will be a much easier task recovering the wreckage and bodies that would be if they were in water. one other thing, christine, the president of indonesia, president bidodeo is due to arrive here within the hour. he will be meeting the family members here. we are expecting him to speak to the press as well. a very very sad day, obviously. a shocked day for indonesia considering 150 of those 155 passengers plus the seven crew from indonesia.
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>> a man whose country is in mourning. no question. thank you, andrew stevens. we will let you get back to the scene. >> let's look at the spot where the debris was found six miles or so from the point of last radar contact. our meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us with the conditions there. pedram. >> guys six miles. andrew said we have inside an hour to work with when it comes to daylight. the debris field located within a weak eddy current. it is rotating 13 miles per day based on my data here based on ocean current. we know the pilot made a call for a left turn because of the thunderstorm at 35,000. it tried to climb at 38,000 feet. it was not given clearance. this goes off radar at 7:40 a.m.
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local time sunday morning. this is the last location of the weak eddy current. debris rowtated 32 miles in the past two and a half days. here is the debris field related to this which is the current satellite perspective. thunderstorms south of the area. reduced visibility. some gusty winds, but no rainfall in the final hour before daylight exits the picture. as we take you from tuesday night into wednesday morning as we see around this part of the world this time of year sunrise brings thunderstorms. wednesday is not a bad day. the wettest weather stays to south away from the debris field. we cannot rule out isolated storms. wednesday afternoon is not a bad set up. it's thursday we are concerned about. significant storms move in on thursday. active line here. you see the structure set up. winds will be howling. seas as much as 10 to 12 feet
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across the region. also winds about 50 to 60 miles per hour. that is thursday morning. certainly the next 24 hours doesn't look bad and beyond that for thursday and friday conditions again go downhill. that is the typical pattern for the next five or six months in this part of the world. >> thank you, pedram javaheri. excellent view of the weather as they take on the rescue and search and recovery. let's bring in david soucie. what do you believe about the pictures? >> at this point, i look at what is out there. it appears as the debris field is not widespread. it appears it is an in-flight break up. that is the result of the aircraft hitting in tact.
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that is the way i would be leaning. >> aircraft hitting in tact. we are seeing bodies on the surface here which indicates that the fuselage at least did not sink in tact. >> exactly. it would have broken off by the wings. >> we know andrew stevens is reporting authorities are telling us that it is 40 meters deep the water there. that means they can look quickly for the fuselage and also for the flight data and voice orders. >> the towed ping locaters are on the way. they will expedite it. it is important to get the boxes. a lot of information in them and they will stay there for a long time. in that area you are susceptible to more ocean currents like mh-370 and 447,
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those boxes were deep in ocean with less activity. >> if in fact you suggest is possible now, the plane did hit the water in tact. that's what this debris field, this relatively compact debris field is telling you, does that give you any indication of what might have gone wrong with the flight? >> it does in some respects. we had speculation that the aircraft may have been torn apart in air by the weather or wind shear. very rare. very very rare that would have happened. >> these are multimillion dollar aircraft designed to withstand those occurrences. >> absolutely they are. i did some testing myself at cessna with a small aircraft and a commercial jet. that aircraft we bend the wings so far they nearly touched each other before they break. >> designed for control and loss of orientation? >> what about lightning? these aircraft are lighter than a generation.
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could lightning disrupt communication? >> the aircraft is fitted with lightning disbursement. everything is grounded together by straps. anything that moves or connected electrically electricity from the lightning would go out and out the ends of the defractors. there is no real ground. you talk about whether you are on ground or not. when lightning strikes a person. you have to have that completed circuit. in an aircraft you don't have that. it goes through and out the ends of the wings and tail. >> just to back up. if it wasn't lightning or break up in the air, would it have been some kind of loss of control and unable to stabilize the flight? >> the first thing the pilot is doing is recognizing the situation and the hazard. he weighs the risk. what is the probability of something happening. in reacting to something, you understand everything you do has a consequence.
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you are balancing what you are going to do if you recognize a turbulent situation and lost control of the aircraft. what do you do about it? we call those the approximate it cause. the last thing that happened. the pilot is often blamed. it is often pilot error. we don't talk about that part before which is why did the aircraft do what it did so the pilot had to take that evasive action. >> when they put the pieces together and figure out what happened here do you think this crash is something pilots will learn from, something airlines will learn from? a situation where it will be a training moment? >> certainly it will. we talk about a swiss cheese model. we talk about the layers of protection or mitigation. if there is a threat or something wrong with the system or wrong with what is going on, there are holes in every layer. those are designed to not let that happen occasionally. when the holes line up we have
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the accident. >> is this shaping up similar to air france 447? >> it is too early to tell honestly. there are indications to me that similar thing happened in some realm. way too early to discuss that until we get the black box. >> this is when you need to i think, address real issues. >> that's right. the most tragic thing for me as an accident investigator is investigating the same accident twice. i hope and pray this is not what we have here. mitigation was not done between the two. hopefully we learned enough from air france 447 to do something about it. in my estimation there are a lot of recommendations and lessons learned that were not implemented. >> david soucie the lessons learned still so far down the road when you realize they are retrieving bodies. david, thank you so much for that. >> the families of those on
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board airasia flight 8501 are now getting this devastating news. this debris spotted in the java sea is almost certainly from the plane. we are hearing some of them fainted when they heard this. we will go to break and get some of their stories right after this. [ male announcer ] this is the cat that drank the milk... [ meows ] ...and let in the dog that woke the man who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ] ...that secured the data that directed the turbines that powered the farm that made the milk that went to the store that reminded the man to buy the milk that was poured by the girl who loved the cat. [ meows ] the internet of everything is changing everything. cisco. tomorrow starts here.
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it appears all but certain
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the mystery around what happened to airasia flight 8501 has been solved. indonesian rescue official says it is 95% likely the debris spotted in the java sea is from flight 8501. we are seeing bodies being pulled from the debris field. family members are getting the news. some reportedly fainted when they were told by investigators. obviously an emotional and distraught time for them. the plane had 162 people on board. it was flying from indonesia to singapore. we have alastair on the phone with us from london. what do you make of the photos? we had david soucie with us. the orange and black straps to be a life jacket or a life raft. >> we just lost alastair. i'll shift gears here. the family just received the
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news the last couple hours that we have. the debris we are looking at right now is almost definitely from the missing plane. you can see the images of their reactions right now. simply devastating. i want to bring in will ripley covering this part of the story. will. >> reporter: you know you said the word devastating and it is only going to become more painful and difficult in the next coming days unfortunately. as we know in asia from other tragedies that involved water accidents, i'm thinking not just about the disappearance of mh-370 but the collapse of the south korean ferry off jindo. the recovery process is underway. now the families gathered in surabaya will have to identify their loved ones. that is an awful process for everybody involved from recovery
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to taking them ashore. it is why yesterday you saw the officials there asking family members for photographs. close up photographs of the faces of their loved ones. any dna samples or information they could provide. as the hours passed it became clear that the chances of finding survivors was more and more unlikely. certainly if the plane fell from such a high altitude to the water, it was almost impossible anybody could survive that. the identification process has begun. it doesn't make what is coming any easier. we are getting reaction from malaysia airlines. as you know malaysia airlines because of their two disasters, mh-370 and mh-17. they now have 537, passengers or crew 537 people either missing or confirmed dead.
2:20 am
their tweet just says our prayers are with families and friends those aboard flight 8501. may you continue to stay strong during this difficult time. john and christine. >> will you get the sense airasia has learned lessons from malaysia and how to deal and interact with the families grieving and just want answers. >> reporter: yes. you saw that with the ceo tony fernandes and meeting personally with the families and continuing to tweet very openly and transparent. making sure the families were kept away from the media so scenes like the ones during 370 with the wailing in front of the camera were not seen. that situation if surabaya right now. the families are able to talk and given that opportunity. christine, you were mentioning the airasia versus malaysia.
2:21 am
they are competitors and financial situation for the airline. the brand of any airline is tested. when malaysia having two crashes in a year and now airasia. it will be interesting to compare how these two companies cope with this. the number one concern and i think malaysia airline expressed this and airasia is expressing this. the only numbers that matter are the number of people on the planes. that is what they are focusing on. getting people the help and support they need as it should be. they should not think about anything else at this point but helping out the families of the passengers and families of the crew on board. >> will ripley thank you. the debris from airasia flight 8501 has most likely been found. you are looking at pieces of it there. investigators are 95% certain they found parts of the jetliner and bodies are being pulled from
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the water at this hour. our live team coverage continues after this break.
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it appears all but certain now the mystery surrounding airasia flight 8501 has been solved. an indonesian rescue official says it is 95% certain that the debris floating in the java sea is airasia flight 8501.
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we are seeing bodies being pulled from the sea with the coast guard working. the investigators say the plane had 162 people on board flying from indonesia to singapore. let's bring in alastair on the phone from london. alastair what do you make of the images we are seeing? >> tragedy unfolding before the world's media. it is a very very sad thing to see. as a pilot, this is one of the horrors one hopes one rarely sees. you know it does happen from time to time. the focus right now will be on recovering the bodies and identifying them and notifying all of the families in the best possible way. i heard earlier there was discussion about the handling of
2:26 am
this disaster following lessons learned on the mh-370 aircraft which disappeared. of course this is not managed or run by the malaysian government as the malaysia airline was. this is a privately owned company. it will be i imagine, more sensitive toward its customers and customer relations. hopefully it will handle it in a far better way than the malaysian government did. >> from where we have seen so far, there have been relatively compact debris fields. what does that tell you how this plane hit the water? >> if that is the case it would indicate the aircraft was in one piece when it hit the water. if you have a spread out debris field, that indicates break up
2:27 am
at high altitude. you know we are still speculating here. they should recover the flight deck recorder and voice recorder quickly. there are beacons on both. they arranged for nine kilometers using hydrophones. they are using divers are specialist equipment to go 90 feet deep to recover them. there will be answers to happened. the immediate focus is on recovering the bodies. that is what they will be doing with what little light is left. >> that is what they are doing right now. you see pictures of men in orange jumpsuits coming out of the helicopter. that is the indonesian coast guard. they are trying to recover the bodies one by one as they see them. let me ask you this if a plane hits the water in tact is that all survivable from the altitude we are talking about?
2:28 am
>> it depends on whether it is a controlled pitching in the sea or uncontrolled descent into the waters. uncontrolled descent would involve aircraft break up as the pitching. they could pull it off as indeed your great captain sullenberger did in new york. and the aircraft no doubt, lost control, or something of that nature. we cannot know yet. it would not have been something which is planned by the looks of the whole incident. i don't think this was a planned descent on to water. >> no mayday call. we will know when they find and hear from the voice data recorder what was happening on the flight deck.
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alastair thank you. breaking news in the search for missing airasia flight 8501. debris found in the sea. live team coverage after the break. huh, fif utes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ ♪ know when to run. ♪ ♪ you never count your money, ♪ ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news this morning. debris spotted in the search for missing airasia flight 8501. investigators say they are 95% certain it is from the vanished jetliner. families of the 162 people on board reeling from this news. reeling from the news that bodies are now being pulled from the water by the indonesian coast guard. live team coverage breaking down the big story beginning right now. >> welcome back. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. welcome to the viewers around the u.s. and world. the head of the operations say it is 95% likely the debris spotted on the surface of the java sea is from missing airasia
2:33 am
flight 8501. bodies are being retrieved from the surface. the plane disappeared flying from indonesia to singapore with 162 people on board. indonesian president is due to meet with relatives of the victims. we have cnn's andrew stevens. andrew people in the united states are waking up to the news. reset the table for us. what is the latest on what officials know there? >> reporter: let's start with the search getting underway on day three. we started getting news around the middle of the day that debris spotted by the indonesian air force. that debris spotted in three areas did look like it belonged to a plane. there were clear pictures sent out showing life jackets and showing other objects in the water. the pictures went out that we are not publishing of bodies as
2:34 am
well. we did not get confirmation. it is looking increasingly likely where we have the head of the indonesian search and rescue operation saying he is now 95% certain the debris was indeed from airasia flight 8501. the only reason he said 95 and not 100, he did not have his own eyes on the scene. you can imagine where i am in surabaya airport where the crisis center is where the family members have been gathering at the scene as that was announced. it was a closed-door meeting. they had live television on taking the press conference from the head of the search and rescue team. the local television station was playing out pictures of bodies in the water. and i spoke to one man who was inside that room with the families. he himself, has a close friend on that flight together with his wife three children and
2:35 am
mother-in-law. six members of one family. he said when those pictures started to be shown, when the information came out that it was 95% certain, he described people fainting and screaming and crying. he said horrible heart breaking scenes. so really we now know the mystery of what happened to or at least where it ended up. on the seabed as the indonesians have been predicting since yesterday. the working assumption. we don't know what happened in the final few minutes. a clue to the obviously though is the plane was found just six miles from where it last had contact with ground control when the pilots were asking to deviate the flight to get around bad weather. trying to get over the top or around the side. they were denied permission to rise to get up to 38,000 feet
2:36 am
because there were planes above them. they turned left. that was the last we heard. as you say, bodies are now picked up by the indonesian coast guard. assets in the search 40 ships involved. two or three dozen planes and boats heading to the area to start to reel in the wreckage and look for the black boxes and look for the cockpit voice recorders. that sort of thing now becomes a recovery effort to find out exactly what happened. christine. >> thank you, andrew. daylight is running out. a lot of activity behind you as investigators try to piece through this. for a closer look at where the debris has been spotted and weather conditions facing searchers, let's bring in meteorologist pedram javaheri. he joins us live. >> good morning. tough story for a lot of people. when you think about this six miles east of the flight track. the last known location. at this point, 20 minutes of daylight left in place.
2:37 am
active line of thunderstorms working in that direction. i do believe next storms will make their way through the debris field in the next hour or so. again, close to sun setting. you imagine that operation there would be halted for the evening. in the area where the debris field is spotted, we are in a weak eddy current. about 13 miles per day. you calculate the 55 hours after the plane went down you are looking for the debris field with the general rotation in the next couple of days. the depth is 130 feet deep. you go down below and you talk about a silty area. clay-like silt down at the bottom of the ocean. it will be difficult as far as removing the objects on the sea floor with the dense layers of silt on it. when you think about shallow areas, it has disadvantages.
2:38 am
currents are stronger in shallow seas than the depth of the indian ocean. you have more thunderstorms developing around wednesday morning at sunrise. we have an active band of weather moving in the debris field on wednesday. i think much of wednesday, beyond 1:00 in the afternoon, much of it is a tranquil day across this region. wednesday, not a bad day with weather. thursday the active line of weather line up around sunrise. thursday is quite wet. seas could see swells of 10 to 12 feet. winds 50 to 60 miles per hour as well. that pattern continues into thursday afternoon. so you look at the long perspective of this and it will be windy and wet. at this point, john and christine, wednesday may be the better day of the next couple ahead of us.
2:39 am
>> we will get that done fast. the families of those on board, the 162 people on board airasia flight 8501, they are getting this devastating news that the debris spotted in the ocean almost definitely from the plane. the bodies are being pulled from the water. cnn's will ripley joins us from beijing to talk about the families. good morning, will. >> reporter: here in asia john sadly, we have seen so many families go through heartache and pain and frustration and anger. that's the situation right now with airasia flight 8501. it was the case with mh-370. it was the case with mh-17. a plane that went down in ukraine. also based in southeast asia and kuala lumpur. we are getting more response now from some of the stake holders, including tony fernandes, ceo of airasia. he put out a couple of
2:40 am
statements via twitter. my heart is filled with sadness for all those involved in qz-8501. words cannot express how sorry i am. he also said i am rushing to surabaya. whatever we can do at airasia, we will be doing. we certainly hope that includes continued support for the families during this difficult time. the coming hours and days are going to be excruciatingly difficult for the families who came to surabaya and have been waiting near the airport and waiting in hotels hoping that there would be good news. perhaps the plane went down on land and possible survivors. now, these people are going to have to identify their parents and children and they will need a lot of support in the days ahead. it's a horrible situation. >> difficult days ahead.
2:41 am
will ripley thanks so much. >> we are continuing to follow the latest on airasia flight 8501 all morning long. investigators are 95% certain what you see there is debris from the vanished jetliner. our live team coverage continues as we learn more about what has been found and the next steps. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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we are continuing to follow the breaking news this morning on the missing airasia flight. indonesian rescue official says it is 95% certain the debris in the sea is from flight 8501. we can report bodies are being pulled from the debris field from the indonesian coast guard. some family members are believed to have fainted when given the news. the plane with 162 people on board vanished flying indonesia to singapore. we have our aviation expert joining us with the latest. this recovery has moments of daylight left. from the pictures we are seeing and what we are learning from authorities, what do you make of what happened to this flight?
2:45 am
>> well i think it is still down to the weather. i think the big suspect has to be the huge thunderstorm. in fact there were three of them. aircraft need a vacuum. vacuum formed on top of the wing to lift the aircraft. with the weather conditions like that i think possibly and it is pure speculation, there was no vacuum on top of the wing. so the plane plummeted like a lead balloon into the ocean. it would have broken up. it would not have stayed in one piece. it is very very sad. they are already recovering bodies. it is 100% confirmation that the aircraft did actually go down which is about ten kilometers from the last known position. very had. my condolences to all concerned. >> it is incredibly sad. families just receiving this news in the last couple of hours. they are understandably
2:46 am
distraught. julian we are looking at the pictures of the indonesian coast guard member descending from the coast guard helicopter to retrieve the bodies. tell me what we need to know to figure out what went wrong. what lost the vacuum around the wing? what will the pieces of this aircraft tell investigators? >> right. they have to do now is recover the flight recorders. there are two of them. one at the front. one at the back. that will give them a clear indication of what actually happened on that aircraft in the run-up to the terrible tragedy. so once they get that they take it back to a place to decode it and they can replay everything there.
2:47 am
there is also a lot of in-flight avonics going on. they have flight data up to that moment. unfortunately no one can control mother nature. as cnn identified early on it could be a weather issue. there were three large red blobs. huge thunderstorms. one 50 kilometers across. it is absolutely impossible to go through something like that and come unscathed. some people suggest that the wings may have been iced up. that is a distinct possibility. >> thank you, julian bray from cambridge, england. i agree with you. the only thing we know for sure is the families are grieving and they deserve our respect and condolences. thank you. let's see what is coming up on "new day." michaela is joining us on the story. >> as you said, it is really
2:48 am
important to remember to focus on the victims and families. we will look at the big story. we are watching and we know the debris was found in the water six miles from where airasia flight 8501 was last on radar. officials telling us they are all but certain this is from the doomed jet. so many questions to answer. how can clues be found to lead to what brought down the plane? how can crews find the fuselage and the all important black box. the families are devastated. we will talk a bit and take a look at images as they receive the news. grief-stricken. the u.s. is sending assets to help. how can the u.s. military be of assistance now? we will talk to a spokesperson from the pentagon with latest on "new day" at the top of the hour. >> thank you. the debris from missing airasia flight 8501 has most likely been found. that is the breaking news we are following this morning.
2:49 am
will underwater vehicles be needed to help in the recovery effort? we will talk about that after the break.
2:50 am
2:51 am
the next grim task for investigators to be finding airasia flight 8501's black box and fuselage below the surface
2:52 am
of the java sea. gary tuckman has the look at the submersible vehicles to do just that. >> reporter: the names are intriguing but potential to accomplish is amazing. the remus 6,000. orion. triton. they are all autonomous underwater vehicles. a.u.v.s and r.o.v.s. >> the black box and not a problem at all for an r.o.v. to pick it up. >> reporter: this is the tritonr.o.v. based in florida. there are the a.u.v.s not connected. orion owned by the u.s. navy and run by phoenix international. vehicles sends sound signals to the sea floor and paint a picture of what is on the bottom.
2:53 am
the team from massachusetts is already had dramatic success locating the wreckage of air france 447 two years after it crashed in the south atlantic ocean. discovery possible because of this a.u.v. this is the shot of the air france debris captured from the a.u.v. >> they can go up mountains up a slope. they are stable. you get really good data. >> reporter: another a.u.v. that could be used? dorado based at the research insurance institute in california where stephanie elam visited. the other option is man submarines. this vehicle that resembles a space ship is a johnson sea link base base based in florida.
2:54 am
this sub is 24 feet long. it is about 11 feet tall. it weighs about 28,000 pounds. that has enough oxygen and provisions aboard for the people to survive under water for up to five days. this sub is retired though. other subs that can go deeper can be brought into action along with a.u.v.s and r.o.v.s ready to assist if asked. gary tuckman, cnn, los angeles. >> breaking news there morning. investigators revealing they are 95% sure they found the wreckage of airasia flight 8501. holding up pieces of luggage recovered from the water at a press conference. reuters reporting 40 bodies have now been recovered. as the indonesian coast guard sends its guardsmen down to pick up the bodies. live team coverage is next.
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we are following the grim news that investigators believe
2:58 am
they found the debris from airasia flight 8501. looking at the effect on the company, of course, the company that flies that airplane. the stock of the airline is up. yesterday, the stock fell 8.5%. worries the missing plane disaster to scare away future passengers. any drop in travelers could have a big financial impact. the search has many wonders why can't we track exact location. the technology exists. companies like flight offer real-time tracking from the cockpit to the ground when something goes wrong. experts say it is simple. money. if it is not government mandated airlines generally won't pay up. breaking news this morning. bodies being pulled from the wreckage of airasia flight 8501. we are continuing to follow this breaking news. "new day" takes it from here. debris spotted in the search
2:59 am
for missing airasia flight 8501. >> the key bring was spotted six miles from the plane's last-known flight position. >> there were bodies as we now know in the water. >> the worst possible news for the families of these 162 people. >> i can imagine, unfortunately i know exactly what they're going through and it's horrible. >> the searchers have been lowered down by helicopters to find bodies in the water as well as debris. >> they should be able to recover the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder and they'll be able to piece together precisely what happened to this aircraft. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to "new day," it is tuesday, december 30th 6:00 in the east i'm michaela pereira alongside john berman we want to welcome viewers in the u.s. and around the globe.
3:00 am
we head to breaking news a tragic end to the search for missing flight airasia 8501. "reuters" reports that rescue teams have recovered 40 bodies from the doomed flight six miles from where it was last seen on radar. crews have found an emergency exit door. aluminum cuttings from the broken-up plane in the shallow waters off the coast of borneo island. the flight data recorder has not been recovered. edrecovered. divers being sent to the site to search for additional bodies. >> a small army of helicopters is flying over the location of the debris which will soon be taken to indonesia for further examination. the distraught family members are being called in to receive the grim news they're huddled against throngs of cameras surrounding the briefing area. the relatives hit with this information tha


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