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tv   All the Best All the Worst 2014 An Anderson Cooper 360 Special  CNN  December 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the children still need a father. i still also need a guidance from my husband. >> reporter: hope begins to fade as the families from 162 people come to terms with the grim reality. only a miracle could save their loved ones. rosa flores, cnn, new york. >> so far, six bodies have been recovered. see you at 11:00 p.m. eastern. 360 special. all best, all the worst of 2014 starts now. see the most astonishing year ever. politics, sports, movies and much more with our guest, comedian judy gold, bill nye the science guy, talk show host, lonnie love and ben stein, radio host bethany watson, actor fred willard, cnn contribute tor van
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jones and our own brooke baldwin. all the best, all the worst 2014. >> welcome. i'm tom foreman and even a carnival huckster would have a hard time to describe the year that just past. 2014 full of baffling mind bending moments like no other and we're going to look at all of them over the next hour. so we'll take down the lights. you pull out the popcorn and let the side show begin. >> 2014 went by really fast. really, really fast. >> i think for the first time in a long time, i'm going to be celebrating that the year is over. >> it wasn't too bad. it wasn't too good. >> it was nuts trying to keep up with the news. it felt like you couldn't stay on top of it. >> big stories. one of the biggest and worst after all. the missing malaysia air jet.
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took off with 239 people aboard, disappeared and despite a global effort to track it down, that continues to this day, not a single scrap has been found. >> look, how could they found it once it's way down the bottom of the ocean? there's no device that we know could find it. their satellites can't find it unless they have submarines crawling on the bottom of the ocean, they can't find it. so it's gone. i mean, it's sad but it's gone. >> almost as amazing and just as tragic, the second malaysia airplane with 298 people on board that was shot down while flying over the conflict in ukraine. >> seeing the debris field, learning it was then looted and then i'll never forget live on my show watching car after car after car being taken finally to, you know, the morgue. >> this is terrible story. change the name, something. who is getting on malaysia airlines? i'm not.
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>> worst international land grab. the rush by the russians into cy mia and ukraine. >> russia's relationship with the rest of the world is getting weirder. just as a voter. i'm not an expert. but it has a cold war vibe. >> what happens when putin goes into the baltic state? undoubtedly will do, fight for them, otherwise, nato is dead. and that's a real problem. >> best news for hardcore anglophiles. the vote to break scotland off from the united kingdom was failed. >> i'm glad it defeated. i want to see everything over there stay as it is. england, scotland, long live the queen. >> other stories shook the planet. abducted nye jeern girls. >> you take 200 girls from detroit, you're a hostage. we don't take that. >> that ferry crash near south korea. the hostage standoff in australia. the terrorist slaughter of
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children in pakistan and the latest clash between israelis and palestinians. >> sadly, this seems like a conflict that's never ending. >> best new guy shaking up the old world scene, pop francis kept the people guessing with new openness to divorce and lgbt rights and demoted a conservative bishop critical of it. >> as a jew, i never thought i'd say this. i love the pope! what an amazing guy. he's like a real person. thank you, pope. thank you. i'm not going to convert, but i really think you're doing a great job. >> he actually sold two of his motorcycles for the hungry. i mean, he's different. he really is. >> he's way, way, way more liberal, way way way more out there than any other pope i've seen in my lifetime. >> back in the states, there were plenty of big, bad stories,
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school shootings, sex abuse scandals, massive mud slide. but the worst unexpected headline, ebola. appearing for the first time on american shores. >> oh, everybody was scared riding on a plane. if you got on a plane, you giving them the side eye. oh, you got ebola? >> i'm a hypochondriac. i've been caquarantined for six months and the doctor doesn't like the way i look. >> the nurse who defies to be quarantin quarantined. >> all the people coming down with ebola were having the most amazing days, bowling, riding the subway. i don't do any of that stuff. >> when the highlight of the year is that ebola didn't kill everyone, that's not a good year. >> we have liftoff. >> worst failure to launch. the orbital sciences rocket that left virginia the hard way.
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>> but it was a commercial launch. and nobody got hurt. just spent a lot of money. crushed the dreams of people who i know had instrumenting on that flight. it was a real setback. >> worst follow-up. the virgin galactic space plane that exploded in flight days later, killing a pilot. best news about inner space for some in the science community, people are talking more about global climate change. problem is, the world still can't seem to agree on a plan of action. >> the united states taking aggressive steps to address climate change. none of these agreements and rollbacks and trades and these keeping track of local businesses, none of that would be important. >> i'm very upset about the climate change and i'm not a fan of the polar vortex. >> the polar vortex is really cute, because i'm from wisconsin, so for us, we just call this winter.
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>> worst chilling news on terrorism. the rise of isis. >> i remember first hearing about the group. >> we can't stop them with missile attacks. we can't stop them at all. >> i thought isis was mad at the west. but they're hurting other muslims, so how is that hurting the west? >> best example of standing up to the bad guys. malala, the teen shot in the head by the taliban for speaking about women's rights but lived to become the youngest noble prize winner ever. >> it's a big honor for me. >> if my kids don't win a noble peace prize by the time they're 17, they're in big trouble. >> worst dispute about standing up to bad guys, the public feud among navy seals over precisely who killed osama bin laden.
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>> we live in a culture now of look at me, pay attention to me and i want credit for what i did. and in the military, you're not supposed to take credit for what you did. >> and worst home grown headline of the year: "ferguson, missouri." shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer. the details of michael and everything else set off a national debate. >> like every really hot button issue that causes tension and anger, it's all wrapped up in the story. and i didn't even know how to cover or address it. >> reporter: when the grand jury decided against an indictment for the officer, everything cut loose. >> i've never seen a night of tv
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and coverage like that in a long, long time. >> reporter: and then another death in the hands of police in new york and another non-indictment made the protest rage even louder. >> no justice, no peace, police. >> we tell our young boys to basically whatever the police do, whatever they say, just say yes or go along with it no matter what. because we just don't have time for this if police will interact with our little boys with any degree of deference or respect. that's a terrible way to feel. >> and that big story is still rolling on. stay put. later, we'll have the best of sports, the worst of politics, the internet's endless insanity, the movies that fizzled and those that set the box office on fire. lights, camera, we've got all the action on the best and worst 2014. >> sony may be on the run from
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the north koreans but we've got lights, camera, and plenty of action coming up on all the best, all the worst 2014. ♪ben... well, that was close. you ain't lyin'. let quicken loans help you save your money.
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holy moses. movie theaters flooded with late entries into the best box office category from exodus to unbroken to fox catcher to the next hunger games, mocking jay. >> three birds, you burn with us. >> i rarely see a movie that i don't like and i'm a huge fan of popcorn. i just stuff myself full of popcorn until i'm about to burst and i enjoy it a lot. >> as pop culture goes for sheer fairytale gran juder, hard to t
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ma lif sent. >> we found out her story and it was because of a man. that's it. >> best return of an old friend and foe. >> i saw god zilla and i loved it. the monster is misunderstood. two sides to every story. >> fury was a fantastic tale of world war ii tanks. the monuments met by contrast far from monumental. >> james brown, hit it. >> james brown was a great mover but get on up not a great movie. >> saving the human race. >> still, the worst persistent trend out of hollywood was the relentless reliance on remakes and sequels. >> are you ready? >> case in point, 22 jump street, by the way, still made a fortune. >> it's probably going to be a
6:15 pm
50 jump street, they keep doing these great movies. >> best tear jerker. the fault in our stars. >> look, if i want to cry, i'll look at my bank account. >> worst movie for a first date, second date or any date, gone girl. >> if you look for a sly way to broach the topic of breaking up, see gone girl and then probably break up with you. >> worst creeper, jake gyllenhaal in night creeper. >> i said, dude, your character kind of made me want to take a shower. >> going to use that. that's a good line. >>. ♪ everything is cool when you're part of the team ♪ >> lego, big hero six. >> it's great to see a film showing young people every color under the sun using technology for good. using technology to become
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heroes. plus, because i am tired of young people thinking the only way to be cool is to be big and macho, think your way out of the problem. that's what i want to see young people doing. >> there were also sequels for rio, how to train your dragon and planes. >> it was a pleasure to be here. it was a great thing to be part of and fun movie for old and young alike. middle age people may not like it but young and old, they'll like it. >> fantasy movies pack them in. guardians of the galaxy, latest adventures of captain america, the transformers and the x-men. >> i like x-men a lot. a really, really lot. >> worst sci-fi flick according to science guy. interstellar was the science unbelievable? no, it wasn't that. >> i'm not going to be on a spaceship with somebody like ann hathway's character without trying to jump her.
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i'm sorry, people. >> best movie you didn't see but should have. st. vincent. >> why is he mowing your dirt patch? >> showing how the world works. >> and the worst movie of the year, maybe of the decade, maybe of all time. no one, a stinker of biblical proportions. small excitement this year with some new series, some older ones, plenty of action for everyone to watch. game of thrones reigned supreme over the tv kingdom for its fans. >> game of thrones is the best show ever. it's huge, it's bloody, there are always boobs. >> the issue with game of thrones, if you like a character on game of thrones, you better take a picture of it because they're going to get killed. >> orange is the new black killed in the latest season. piper, crazy eyes and red do
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time in style. >> you know what's great about orange is the new black? the make-up and air people don't have to do much. >> and house of cards is still standing strong. >> hunt or be hunted. >> everybody in d.c. was watching house of cards and i think that is kind of dangerous because the way they solve problems in house of cards is they off people. >> but the best trend in television? watching a whole season all at once. >> oh, totally. i'm a total binge watcher. >> some series continue to roll out just an episode a week but do very well. the big bang theory, scandal, ncis, the good wife, sons of anarchy. >> a friend of mine is an actor on madam secretary, so i watch madam secretary and it takes on big issues and that's good. i enjoy that. >> let me tell you what i watch on tv night after night. roughly two hours per night
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every night. cops. >> worst idea on tv for the second year in a row. >> can we also talk about sharknado 2? i have a lot of feelings about sharknado 2. >> i like the daredevils, people snowboarding going off a cliff. i love to watch people dare to do things i would be afraid of doing and then see them wipe out. sai, aha, that's why i don't do it. >> the year brought plenty of examples of pop stars and other famous folks doing things they probably should not have. worst bad boy justin bieber. teen heartthrob seemed to be constantly chatting it up with police over wild parties and throwing eggs. >> he keeps acting like this, justin get sent back to canada. so stop it. make some songs for little girls but stop what you're doing. because you're about to ruin yourself, justin. >> comics did not have much to
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laugh at as their world was pelted with the worst kind of news. bill cosby wasn't even smiling as a parade of women from his past accused him of sexual assault, charges his attorneys deny. >> there's no punch line. there's nothing to say. but you don't get a free pass after spending, you know, three decades telling everybody else how to be a better person and the first time your name's in trouble, you just duck and hide bind your lawyers. >> dave brener died. >> the cure of ham wondered what it had? >> he was a long time regular on the late-night circuit who influenced everyone from letterman to leno to seinfeld. joan rivers went in for a minor vocal cord procedure and never came out ending her long life and unstoppable career. >> joan rivers, just kept going, joke after joke, wonderful. and the way she left was not the way she should have.
6:21 pm
i'm sorry. but she will be missed. >> nanunanu. >> and the worst in ages who like to laugh. robin williams committed suicide. i guarantee you, you win. >> and it was later revealed he was suffering from a disease that causes dementia. >> the comedy world hit this week. robin williams, the world is laughing a lot less. >> still, give it to the royal family for coming through with good news to live spirits amid all the celebrity turmoil. >> god bless england. >> i hope this is a girl. lonnie of cambridge. i could see that now. that would be great. >> yes, that would be great. coming up, the palins get
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punchy, the president gets grumpy and the political scene roars into the holidays no better than it left them last year. and later, maybe the politicians don't know how to manage their base, but the music business sure did. ♪ i'm all about that bass >> the loud notes and the high notes in 2014. sir, we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms.
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in turmoil from the palin family gets punch-up at the party to
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ballot box. washington seemed unsure of whether it should grind to an utter halt or spin cleatly out of control. depending on your party, the best or worst election night butt kicking was the republican of the democrats in the midterms. the gop took control of the u.s. senate, increased their majority in the house, and picked up a couple of new governors chairs too. >> let's get it done. >> president obama thrilled. >> obviously, republicans had a good night. >> worst fair weather friends. democratic contenders who ran from crashing poll numbers and wouldn't say they voted for the man in the white house. >> we just got devastated. it was humiliating as i've ever seen. how did democrats lose the governorship in massachusetts? i didn't even know. >> you know what, thank god. the republicans took over the house and the senate because things are really going to get done now.
6:27 pm
>> that may already be the worst political prediction of the coming year. >> the republicans don't have a program to solve america's problems. democrats don't have a program to solve america's problems. they can't be solved by the government. >> the lame duck fight, the president responded to the midterm loss by announcing executive order to protect millions of immigrants who came in illegally. republicans outraged but showed little enthusiasm for legislative of their own. >> remind you 500 plus days, it has been sitting in the house and they haven't done a darn thing. >> worst case of i've fallen and can't get up. give it to chris christie, a possible presidential candidate. hammered over allegations his staff purposely created traffic jams on a bridge last year to punish a democratic foe. christie, not amused by critics. sit down and shut up.
6:28 pm
>> chris christie, before the bridge-gate, completely formidable nightmare for democrats. and i mean, this guy is fud di, he's aggressive. he's got this bizarre charm and then a bridge fell on him. >> worst case of playing it coy. hillary clinton. despite putting out a big book, she still won't say what everyone thinks they know. >> of course, hillary clinton is going to run. >> marijuana fared well in state initiatives as well as the environmental and higher minimum wages. >> what do we want? >> best continuing trend for rights activists? >> this was a really big year for gay rights. a lot of gay marriage. >> worst continuing trend for environmentalis environmentalists. >> biggest story of the year, we didn't do much on climate change. >> best news from the benjamins. housing values are still rising, joblessness still falling. >> it's a great year in terms of economic recovery. the recovery has done well. >> worst part of that great
6:29 pm
news? percentage of people working or seeking work dropped to its lowest level in decades but in a lot of places, jobs aren't paying much and job security dodging. >> i'm thinking seriously of moving to new york and becoming a cab driver. because there's more demand for a cab driver in times square than a broadway actor. >> worst casting of the part of a professional diplomat. the white house elected the producer of the bold and the beautiful as ambassador to hungary, colleen bell didn't seem to know about the job but raised millions for the reelection. cue the initial response. >> i can tell you nathat's not e reason she was chosen. >> of course not. worst attempt, dennis rod man playing basketball for kim jong-un. >> we're like, why going over there and why is that his friend? he's a dictator, dennis.
6:30 pm
>> best follow-up slam duck. the trip to north korea by the director of intelligence to bring home american captives kept bay and matthew todd miller. why did kim let them go? who knows. >> i think we all need to agree we have no freaking clue what's going on in north korea and it's like a country being ruled by a toddler. >> worst turkey. bad mouthed the obama girl's behavior, best flying the coupe, resigned within days. best makeover. refurbishing of the capital dome. if it ever finishes. and make-up agree on almost everything. >> come 2015, interesting as far as washington goes. >> and putting the best face on the whole big mess, give it to the team from the university of southern california that turned out the first ever 3 d printed portrait of a president.
6:31 pm
hey, with tech like that, who needs wax museums? when we come back, we'll be cranking up the music and talk about the songs that hit or miss in the past year. plus, boston back. magnificent man into the record books and nfl in trouble and online videos just run and run and run. it's all the best, all the worst 2014.
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entertainment always seems to thrive in difficult times, maybe because people need the escape. maybe artists feel inspired. whatever the reason, this year had a lot of people asking, did you see that? ♪ i'm so fancy, you already know, i'm in the fast lane from l.a. to tokyo ♪ >> the most seen music video was fancy by izzy azalea featuring charlixcx. >> the women kicked it when it came to songs. megan trainer with all about that bass. i don't care, you accept me.
6:36 pm
i'm not a size 2. so it was really empowering this year for women. >> and it's really catchy, so we're giving the best debut to all about that bass. >> for me, it's all about that bass. no, it isn't. i like songs from previous years a little better. >> i don't know any current music at all. zero, sizilch. >> old school sounds to be found. >> luke bryan lit up the country charts with his song, sam smith made his fans swoon with stay with me. ♪ they used to shout my name,
6:37 pm
now they whisper it ♪ >> i'm just caught up with lorde. i think lorde is great. >> i'm an old person, old soul musically but i have been jamming out to a little taylor swift. >> we have to give the best job of taking it to the bank to taylor swift who shook off the competition all yearlong. her mind blowing song sales, promotional efforts and business empire made her the reigning queen of pop music. the best selling song by a female artist goes to katy perry's "dark horse" more than 4.3 million copies. still, the guys no slouching. ed shearon, the most streamed artist in the world with 860
6:38 pm
million listens to his tunes, especially "don't." >> it's angry, it's vengeful, it's primal, and it's really catchy which i mean, all of those are very good for a song. >> and billboard said the most weeks at number one on digital songs by any group goes to magic for their catchy song "rude." worst music video for a family audience, cover your eyes. nicky minaj's anaconda. >> the old ladies on the street were twerking because of that video. >> best rising star, georgia only 21 but sounds like a season
6:39 pm
pro. ♪ give me one reason why i should never make a change ♪ >> we were tempted to go with an outlier for best song of the year for spoon's fantastic "do you." ♪ do you? ♪ >> no denying who struck the best cord with the best tune of 2014. ♪ clap along if you know what happiness is ♪ >> the song "happy" by pharrell williams was a national addiction. >> it made me happy at first but too much happy. >> he's a musical genius and the nicest guy in the world. >> that video featured a good many scenes with the athletic
6:40 pm
pursuits and this was a big year for sports. a lot of global events and a lot of huge money and a lot of unbelievable moments. best spectacle in all of sports. winter olympics in sochi, russia. >> russians were beautiful to watch. the skill of the people at the olympics raises your hopes of the future for mankind to do magnificent work on the ice and the snow. >> vladimir putin took heat over his view on gays and lesbians. >> it's amazing because here we are doing figure skating in a place where there are no gay people. >> he also had the last laugh because russians aired out everyone in medals, u.s., second and norway, third. best comeback. america's love of soccer brought
6:41 pm
on every four years by the return of the world cup, this time in brazil. >> i watch the world cup like crazy. >> i like going to bars and getting drunk. this is why i love the world cup. >> found itself in an early bracket with three teams so tough, it was called the group of death. behind the heroic effort of tim howard, goalkeeper, americans nearly made it to the quarter finals. >> they underestimated the u.s. in the world cup and we did fine. we didn't win, but it shows how much gumption we have in this country. >> germany took the trophy leaving us still the worst thing about the sport. no matter what happens on the field, the clock keeps ticking. >> everybody in my world growing up had a clock, so there's no reason that international soccer couldn't have a regular clock. >> back home, it took no time for the spurs to cool the heat. the team from san antonio took title best team in the nba.
6:42 pm
and lebron james back to the team he left a few years ago. >> i was shocked cleveland welcomed lebron james with open arms. it's like when your wife leaves you and then come back. it's an old country song. here we go again. >> l.a. clippers owner donald sterling rant about black people. he said he was story. >> i'm not a racist. i made a terrible, terrible mistake. >> nba took his team and banned him for life. >> okay, right, get him out of here. no place for that craziness. >> best cool cats. los angeles kings stormed the ice and skated circles around the new york rangers to make off with lord stanley's cup. in baseball, the best good-bye came from yankee derek jeter after 20 seasons. >> what a great captain. and you know what? with what's going on in the sports world, it's nice to have
6:43 pm
a hero. >> i'm a red sox fan. love for the jeter. >> i went to bed early that night. >> batter up in the world series with royals and giants in a battle. couldn't hold off the san francisco club's unbeatable madison baumgartner. >> this guy is better than a machine. he's incredible. absolutely unbelievable. i never saw a pitching job like that in my life. but to go seven games decided by one run with a runner's stretch on third base and two outs, you don't get better than that. >> worst sack, the super bowl. seattle versus denver was built as a battle for the ages and looked like a war on the agin. >> it was fun for us. >> overall, the nfl had some bright moments including drafting its first openly gay
6:44 pm
player. >> i think michael sam has accomplished something great. even if he doesn't go on to make it, i think he'll end up in broadcasting or some other field. >> but troubling headlines piled up on other fronts. head injuries, domestic violence. >> i thought i had issues. >> worst instant replay. the ugly assault case against former raven ray rice turned even uglier after a video came out of that attack of his then fiance now his wife. >> slap or punched her, knocked her out cold. >> questions immediately rose about whether nfl officials had seen the tape. >> you didn't, my -- stevie wonder didn't need to see a tape from the inside. he could tell when a girl was knocked out cold dragging her out that something happened. i mean, she didn't just hit her head. >> are all these scandals hurting the league?
6:45 pm
you decide. >> more than 45 people watched the nfl draft and tv ratings kept climbing for the ratings including among women. and our best finish in all of sports, we're getting into the great med kaflesgi who brought back boston from the horrible bombings by becoming the first american to win the race in decades. >> what an amazingly great guy and incredible lungs he had. glad to see an american pull it off. >> one of the most incredible story all year. one of the people i'll never forget say hearing the announcer say let's get to the finish line. >> don't go anywhere. the best of new technology and offline videos that just won't quit are coming your way. >> shall we make out? >> absolutely. >> we'll be kissing strangers, catching up with cats and taking to the skies as we burn towards the finish of all the best, all
6:46 pm
the worst 2014. s that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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online and offline this year, the very best was one that seemed to arise out of nowhere and pretty soon was everywhere. the ice bucket challenge. >> it's amazing to me that you can pour a bucket of ice on your head, and make millions of dollars. i need to do that for my career. >> the viral sensation raised more than $115 million to fight als, or lou gehrig's disease. >> als isn't like one of those sexy causes that gets a lot of press and a lot of attention. >> and i told people, do not call me out. i am not doing ice bucket on my weave. >> it raised so much money. if that's what we have to do to raise money for wonderful causes, i'm in. >> best reaction to it all?
6:50 pm
that little british girl. >> mom! [ bleep ], mom. >> the worst reason for women to feel like cursing, it was captured in the video walking all around new york all day and getting steadily cat called. >> you don't necessarily have to be a hot chick. it happens. it's i don't think that men actually understand, what like a war zoint zone. if you are a woman. i think most men don't know how offensive and often scary it is for them to be engaged in those kind of behaviors. i think most picwomen don't kno that most men don't know. so i think that video was helpful. >> best first date. everyone featured in the online movie of strangers kissing. it drew millions of clicks with its charming, awkward, hesitant picks and pecks. >> i was obsessed with that.
6:51 pm
because i love kissing strangers. it is like one of my favorite things to do. >> you know on a saturday night. after of a couple of ones. i kiss strangers. i do it all the time. i don't know what was the big deal. ♪ who do you think you are >> speaking of charming. best lip-sync, the guy, salt and peppa until she notices his phone. [ screams ] >> of core there was the yearly barrage of adorable pets online. worst among our four footed friends. cats stealing dog's beds. every time there is a video of a cat or a dog doing something funny. i say, oh, no. then tie watch it. i get sucked right in. the cutest thing i have ever seen. so i love them. ♪ ♪ >> best room with a view. check out astronaut. a beautiful compilation of
6:52 pm
images from the international space station cut together by a french filmmaker. there weren't too many of those wait in line for hours and wow your tech obsessed friends gadgets out there this year. but there were upgrades aplenty. the arrival of the iphone 6 gave us our best splash. people lined up for it around the planet which also led to the worst crash. the guy who tried to show this to a reporter and dropped it. >> oh! [ bleep ]. >> oh! >> worst worry for the apple gang. the rising tide of alternatives. >> the first year where i felt like having an iphone was somehow not cool. you know? all of my friends started getting samsung things and doing all this stuff. i am still really loyal. i miss steve jobs. >> smart tv's are going wireless. smart tv watchers going for bigger, belter experiences.
6:53 pm
>> this year i bought a 3-d television. i love my television. and my wife often comes in to my study where i have my 3-d television to find me slack jawed in front of it. >> how does that, look, ben? >> buehler, buehler. >> buehler. buehler. >> best action shots. the ocean of iffages now appearing all the time, courtesy of go pros and other small wearable cameras. best night time stroll. nick walenda's wire walk across the skyline of chicago. best road trip. astonishing flight of the rosetta space probe to put a lander on to a comet. 300 million miles from earth. yeah, that's far. and yeah, that had the space community cheering. >> amazing. just so far out there, everybody. it's ten years of flying.
6:54 pm
to catch up with this thing. >> best way to get a bird's eye view. legions of unmanned vehicles taking to the skies. creating stunning images of well, all most everything. the best way to light up the night. give it to the guy who flew his unmanned, aerial camera right through fireworks in florida. don't go away. all of the best. all the worst. 2014 is headed for our finale.
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>> we are almost done. we have time for our traditional final question for our guest. for all we have been through in the past 12 months, what would you wish for america in the coming year? >> oh, god, my wish for 2015. is peace. and my own show on cnn. >> i hope all of these countries could just stop protesting and rioting. and just live. and love each other. and, life is so short. and my other dream its to play first base with the cleveland indians. >> my hope for 2015 is -- that -- that the news becomes a little bit easier to follow. because the it has the gotten more peaceful. that's probably not going to happen. but, we can hope. it's been a rough year.
6:59 pm
we need a good 2015. >> my hope for 2015 is the world gets, motivated to do work together on climate change. >> if we could live in a world where we thought the police were being policed by somebody. i think, 2015 will be a dramatic improvement over 2014. >> my hopes for 2015 is that we can all get along. that we can all just, you know, love each other more. and help each other more. and, you know we'll be all right, america. we doing all right. >> i think as americans spend more time thinking about what that have been blessed with and how great our lives are in america, less time complaining. we would be a much, much happier people. >> i hope for love, warmth, joy. please, for 2015. >> and with that we can bring down the curtain on this whole side show of a year. sometimes it was infuriating. sometimes unsettling. but now it is finally over. our thanks to our guests and to you for watching. on behalf of everyone at ac 360
7:00 pm
and cnn. i'm tom foreman. wishing you all of the best and none of the worst in 2015. ♪ ♪ there is breaking news tonight on two big stories. on opposite side of the world. looking live now at indonesia's international airport. moments away, ambulances are on stand by to ferry body recovered from the wreckage of air asia flight 8501. six bodies from the flight have been recovered so far. including one flight attendant. according to indonesia's search-and-rescue chief. we have the latest as the the tragic search goes on tonight. some 60 miles from the plane any last known location, over the java sea. also live in new york's time square where tomorrow night, the world will be watching the new year's eve ball drop. the nypd stepping up security. this is


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