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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  December 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> breaking news coverage here on cnn. >> we would like to welcome our viewers from the united states and around the world. sej crews using sonar have located the main fuselage for air asia 8501. >> families of the passengers were told the plane is at the bottom of the java sea. the plane's flight data and voice recorders remain missing. . >> aboutll 162 people onboard are presumed dead. >> the ceo of air asia has been tweeting since this latest discovery saying, working with airport to prepare all facilities and hospital chief
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pilots have been making all arrangements. >> cnn's gary tuckman is at the international airport in indonesia. he joins us live. gary, the families are there. they're trying to help them through an unimaginable difficult time. >> their courage is unbelievable inspirational. i walked back there to that room. that's where they are. he's got 100 people in there right now. all sitting in chairs and they're watching the news. there's three mon tors and they're watching updates. they're just very stoic. for the most part, just looking at the tvs and trying to get as much information as they can. what they're going through, you're right, is unimaginable but how they're dealing with it is incredible. i don't know how many of us can deal with this situation like
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these people are. the communication has been rather good here with indonesia officials. they're answering any questions they have at anytime they want the questions answered even if they don't have the answers. that's providing some comfort. a seventh body was found. six passengers and one of the bodies found is a flight attendant. we've also been told by the government course that sonar has indeed confirmed where the plane is on the bottom of the that va sea. however, other officials say it may have confirmed. two families members say they've been told in a meeting sonar found the plane. whether it's in one piece or upside down we don't know the answer to that. but we do know at the very least, it has been found and the fact is the water here is relatively shallow.
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100 feet deep at the most they're saying. that will make the search easier. what makes it tougher is we're in a pea soup fog right now in this city. it's very windy and blustery on the water. it could be the weather that helped precipitate this accident and the weather that's making the recovery at this point more difficult. it was a rescue mission to begin with. at this point, most of the people in inside this room if to not all the people have acknowledged the fact that their loved ones aren't going to come back. >> gary i think what's been so obvious, this has been a very public grieving process. like you say, there are a few meters away from a huge media contingent. they're trying to learn as much as they can. but now begins the task of them having to hand over dna, photographs of their loved ones. the next few days are going to be inkreable tough, aren't they? >> it's very difficult, but there's a sense of mission and a
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sense of love for your relatives where you know you have to do that and you do that willingly and you do that gladly. you want to help in the recovery process. that leads to this the number one question that officials here tell us they're being asked is when will you find the body of my loved ones. anything that helps in doing that these people who are suffering so much are very glad to do. >> one of the big concerns is they may not recover all of the bodies. they've found seven so far. obviously when the divers get there, the ships get there out there, that process will move along a lot faster. >> that brings us to the point, let's go to our weather center. where we want to talk about how the weather might impact the search the rescue operation. not only for the fuselage but also for victims. what do you know and what do you
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think is going to make out for the next few days. >> shallower water, the currents are stronger in these shallower bat waters and we know murky to say the at least. mud-like clay in this portion of the java sea. there's a debris field location 100 to 200 kill meters from the last point of the aircraft. satellite loop in motion here for you. tremendous thunderstorm development on this infrared satellite imagery that we see north of the java sea. we do have some moderate storms taking place and low clouds also. so the weather is better across this region. but still far from ideal. so we take you through the model forecasting into the afternoon and evening hours, about four hours left before sunset. the weather going to be improving over the next four hours. isolated showers. this is early thursday morning. thunderstorms really begin to blossom across this region.
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certainly going to be choppy as well on thursday morning. and really much of thursday. even into the afternoon hours. storms push through this region only until about 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon do we start to see improvement in the way of weather. that's the concern over the next three days. could see three inches of hateful across the area. a predominant area of one plus millimeters expected in this region. want to talk about the ocean currents and how they could impact the debris field. because the debris field again, 60 to 120 miles away from the last point of contact. the currents here move at roughly 1 miles an hour. we're about 80 hours removed from the point when this plane went down. so quick math tells you, roughly 80 miles of motion, which puts it in the 60 to 120 scale. so it makes sense where this debris field is located. but it also makes sense the debris is going to be on the move very slowly. you walk generally at 3 miles an
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hour. so this is 1/3 of the speed as you take a calm walk through your neighborhood perhaps. unfortunately when you get through this region there's marshy landscape. you want to get to this debris field as quickly as possible. it gets a lot more complex when it pushes into a terrain like this. >> the weather has been a factor since the very beginning. some title information as to what went wrong onboard that plane. >> where searchers are looking and what clues they may find. >> there are three layers to the physical search. we know where the plane took off, we know where it disappeared, we know where they have found debris in the search area and we know the water is
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very rough at times. the surface matters because the surface is where you get your first clues most often. things floating on top of the water may or may not tell you a lot about the cause of the accident, but they are indicators. when you look at the second layer layer, the water column beneath them, and you start reverse erng nearing against all the competing currents below, you can get an estimate on where they came from. and that can lead you to the third layer down here, which is the heavy bits on the bottom. those are the ones you really have to get. what are we talking about in the we're talking about big parts of the plane, parts of the wings and parts of the tail parts of the landing gear the electronics, the flight data record e, the voice recorders, the engines which are each about 9,000 pounds. all of these are critical. if you collect enough of them as they did with twa-800, which was also in about 100 feet of water off the coast of long island you can reassemble the plane in effect. and when you do that you can look at all these pieces and
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figure out what went wrong. was there a fire? was there an explosion? did did it simply tear apart? did it hit the water intact and then sink? all of those can be critical clues to understanding what happened. >> much more unfolding on this story after the break. hope gives way to grief as we learn more about the live of those people who died on flight 8501 including a veteran pilot, a husband and father of two. >> the children still need a father. i still also need a guidance from a husband. he's a good husband in my eyes. and he's a faithful husband. >> we'll also look at how air asia is confronting its first crisis ever and also take an in depth future as at one of malaysia's business success stories. [ male announcer ] this is the cat that drank the milk... [ meows ] ...and let in the dog that woke the man who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ]
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>> you're watching cnn. we're following breaking news in the search for air asia flight 8501. indonesian authorities say search teams using sonar have found wreckage from the plane at the bottom of the java sea. also four more bodies have been recovered including one more flight attendant bringing the total to seven.
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but rough waters are complicating the efforts. loved ones of those onboard have hope that somehow they would be found alive. but now that debris and bodies have been found, that hope has been given way to unbearable grief. >> each piece of debris discovered represents the destruction of their last hopes. >> the only slight benefit is that for some people there's closure. >> wreckage was discovered on tuesday, along with three bodice of those onboard. >> this is a scar with me for the rest of my life. >> now as victims' belongings are collected from the sea, the world is gaining a clearer picture of who we leave lost. 162 souls, including 18
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children. one of the first pilots to spot debris told the indonesian newspaper "compass" that he saw victims floating in the water still holding hands. it's perhaps an apock riffle tale but it is symbolic of the tragedy. in this south korean church the congregation is weeping for one of their missionaryies. park song bong as well as for his wife and their 11-month-old daughter gone along with them a fiancee whose chance to become a husband will never come. >> he parished along with his family on their last trip together. a. >> it was supposed to be their last vacation before got marry popped. >> britain's only citizen aboard was traveling with his 2-year-old daughter zoe when the plane went down. according to the newspaper "the
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telegraph telegraph" the father boarded this flight because there were not enough seats to fly with his wife and son on another. the wife of the pilot is mourning as well. >> translator: the children still need a father. i still also need a guidance from a husband. he's a good husband in my eyes and he's a faithful husband. >> the captain was an experienced indonesian air force veteran whose daughter posted this photo on social media, pleading for his return. a return that tragically will never happen. >> well air a's y5 ceo tony fernandez is pledging his support to the families on board that flight. he's called the plane's disappearance his worst nightmare, but sighs he's got to sfa strong for the families. >> i apologize profusely for what they're going through. i'm the leader of this company.
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i'm not running away from my only cases. even though we don't know what's wrong, the challenges were on my aircraft and i have to take responsibility for that. and i have tried to be as honest as i can. >> they had been flying high expanding its fleet and dhajing competitors. >> until flight 8501 made national headlines, air asia was a local success story. an entrepreneur bought a failing airline with two airplanes to its name and $11 million in debt. today it's the biggest low cost carriers on the continent. its fleet of 158 planes fly to 83 destinations in 17 countries.
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and it celebrated its success with some flare. a former beauty queen turned pilot appears on its annual report. air asia was called a pioneer in 2007 for importing the low cost mad el to asia. in its eely day, some of its flights cost just a few dollars a seat. >> the founders saw an opportunity 234 southeast asia's rapidly growing middle class. that growth has attracted rivals. there are now nearly 60 low-cost carriers in the region and that hurt air asia's results in 2014. with the airline clocking one of its worst quarters in its 13-year history. but now, worries about revenue are giving way to worries about reputation. flight qz-8501 is air asia's first major crisis. and as investigators piece together the cause of the crash, one of malaysia's biggest
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success stories could unravel. >> richard quest says what happens next for the airline is a period of intense review. >> i think what the company will do now, it's going to be a moment of introspection because they will obviously be looking at what caused the pilots to do what they did. once the final report is known you have as an airline, as any airline does, you say where did we fail? if we failed at all. for an airline that's grown so fast, that will be the key moment. the reputation will be damage the but let me tell you, there are a lot of airlines in asia that has dreadful reputation. there's no doubt they survive.
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there will be a moment in which it has to decide and reflect what went wrong, if anything did. and the rest of the industry, and this is core the rest of the industry has to actually analyze whether the regular environment has enough strength in the region. >> well air asia's ceo says once the investigation is finished, if changes are needed they will be made. and of course, to update our viewers on this breaking news here on cnn, a major discovery in the search for air asia flight 8501. the wreckage at the bottom of the java sea. we'll talk live with an aviation expert on what we're learning from thf latest discovery. stay with us.
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>> indonesian authorities say they've found the location of air asian flight 8501 using sonar. they say it's at the bottom of the java sea, but they still don't know whether the main body of the plane is in one piece. we're joined now by an aviation expert from sydney australia. a lot of conflicting information coming out. we probably don't know everything. what do you make so far of what you're seeing, the pictures and of course the latest information that they might have
10:23 pm
found the main body of the plane? 4 4. >> robin, hello, yes. there's conflicting information. i do hope i sincerely hope that really is the body of the aircraft that they've located pen they seem to be quite positive about it. and using modern sonar and technology it's a good chance they have got it. but weshld also remember that that area was subject of heavy fighting in the second world war and you would be surprised of the number of war sites that still exist in the shallow waters aircrafts and shifts and they do find b aircraft from time to time for the last 70 years. anyway hopefully that is 8501. if it is they should be able to get tot flight data and cockpit voice recorders very quickly. it's in shallow waters and dooifrts should be able to achieve that. the kr are zr -- as i tried to say earlier, i'm quite confused saying bodies that look as though they've fallen some
10:24 pm
distance through free air. and it doesn't seem to fit with the idea that the aircraft may have landed intact. however, the aircraft could also have broken up on landing, which it would do in any case because of the speet at which it would have hit the water. i don't see any orderly attempt to evacuate the aircraft. even if it had fallen intact from 36,000 feet, it would have been a quite dramatic and traumatizing fall. the aircraft doesn't seem likely that the aircraft was under control. it seems that it was more in a staal or in some form of uncontrolled descent. there are difficult to say at this point in time. evidence will start to come
10:25 pm
together very quickly as they start to recover parts of the aircraft and most particularly if that i recover the cockpit voice recordner which we will hear the discussion between the two pilots and the noises of warping bells and ore signals and any other activity that took place in the cockpit. that should become available very quickly. >> thank you so much for that analysis captain desmond ross. we'll check in with you if we get any more information. we'll also have much more on the ongoing snerj the java sea a little bit later. but first, let's check on some other headlines we're following here on cnn. authorities in western kaubd say a man kale kilned eight people before taking his own life. edmonton police say it's the biggest mass murder there in nearly 60 years. nine bodies were found in three separate crime scenes. one woman was found at a residence monday night and several more victims including two children were found in a second location overnight. the man believed to be the suspect was later found dead
10:26 pm
inside a restaurant. police say the man's family members had feared he was suicidal. and the pentagon says that it has sent five prisoners from the u.s. prison in guantanamo bay cuba to kazakhstan for resettlement. three of men are from yemen, two from dunisia and spent more than a decade at the facility. the u.s. has stepped up efforts to shut down the prison and transferred more than two dozen prisoners this year. and a ferry that caught fire in the adriatic sea over the weekend is still smoldering as it ges towards an italian port. it's being towed there. the ship isis expected to arrive later today. two albanian sea mep were kill during the salvage operation. that brings the death toll to 11. italian officials say that could rise further because of discrepancies in the passenger logs. authorities believe sunday's fire began in the ferry's
10:27 pm
vehicle bay. a criminal investigation is under way. and we're tracking that major discovery in the search for air asia flight 8501. wreckage found at the bottom of the java sea according to ibd neegs authorities. live reports from indonesia and australia after the short break. you don't think much about it... you never dwell on how it was made... it's just a blanket after all... but when everything else has been lost, the comfort it provides is immeasurable. the america red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes every day. so this season give something that means something. support us at
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you're watching cnn. more now on our top story. the wreckage of air asia 8501 now located on the bottom of java sea.
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let's go live straight to gary tuckman at the international airport in indonesia. hi there, gary. we've been talking over the past few hur hours and what's so striking is that you're so close to many of the family members. this has been a very public grieve progress says. what have you seen and what have some of them told you? >> sometimes you feel as if you're intruding on their prooifty, but we're trying our best to tell a story. about 30 minutes ago, sthed a tell conference in the room behind me behind the door in the airport. and during the tell conference with ipd neegs officials, they were officially told that a seventh body was recovered. 162 people parished. that means there's still 155 family members of those who haven't recovered, hoping for some resolution. one thing we need to point out, a lot of people particularly
10:31 pm
officials here have been talking about, now that it's not a mystery where this plane is that there's some closure for these families. closure is a really bad word. i found in these tragedies, there's no such thing. it's a different phase for these people. they don't have to wonder what happened to their loved ones but in some ways it's much more difficult. they know their loved ones won't come back. what they want in this phase is for the bodies of their loved ones to be returned with them. that's the most common question being asked is when will these bodies come? divers are taking off in an attempt to look for these bodies. there are about 30 plane, 40 ships inclutding a u.s. destroyer looking for the people who parished in this accident. also looking for the black boxes boxes, the so-called black boxes
10:32 pm
which presumably could help divulge what caused the plane to go down. the mystery of where the plane is no longer a mystery, but the mystery of why it crashed certainly is. >> still so much to talk about and understand. we've also seen photographs of ambulances lining up close to where you are. obviously over the next few days and the bodies that are found, they're going to have to be identified. you know there's still so much still to be done. a. >> right when the bodies are recovered they're brought to nearby borneo island which is near where we are, and then they'll be transported to a hospital in the city about an hour from the airport. they're going to move the crisis center closer to the hospital where the bodies will be brought. >> give us some understanding of
10:33 pm
the practical difficulties, how these people, the families are living. there really has been an attempt to try to keep them as close as possible to the source of the information, the crisis center behind you. >> right. psychological care, religious care, food, drinks, all available here. and also more importantly, the support of other people going through the exact same thing. nothing more important than that. you don't want to feel all alone. it's difficult enough going through a catastrophe with just your immediate family and knowing you lost a loved one. but when you have all these other people with you, it certainly helps psychologically. people are coming in and out at any given time. when i walked up to the door there was about 100 people there. and another thing they have is big screen tvs. they can watch the news and they're devouring every word they hear and every image they see. >> gary tuckman outside the airport, appreciate it. thanks so much.
10:34 pm
>> investigators are already learning something about what happened to flight 8501 from the debris recovered so far. jeffrey thomas is the editor in chief and managing editor at airline and he joins us now from perth australia on skype. thank you so much sir, again for chatting to us. i know there was some report "the wall street journal" suggesting that the main body of the plane, at least the sonar has identified was upside down. does that tell you anything? what does that indicate? >> look, it doesn't necessarily indicate anything in particular. once the aircraft had impacted the water. when it then sank it may well have simply turned over as it sank. although the other side of that is that it impacted the water upside down.
10:35 pm
experts seemed to be drawing from all of this and from the data the positive data we know is there was a catastrophic upset of some kind. for whatever reason we believe it's weather related. but there could be other factors involved. if there was after catastrophic upset and there was no communication from the plane, then they're saying the plane would be out of control, spinning in a spiral. therefore, it could impact the water in any direction. upside down right way up. so it could well be the fact that it's upside down meant it hit the water upside down because it was out of control. >> in the early days of this, your company airline got a screen grab of what appeared to be the last few moments of the data of the last few moments of this flight
10:36 pm
which perhaps still could be our biggest clue as to what happened. just ex-plain that again, take our viewers through what you think you saw through that information. >> what that information shows us is first of all, that the pilot asked -- at 32,000 feet he requested 38,000 feet to avoid weather. he was denied 38 but he was given 34. however, the screen grab shows him at 36,300 and continuing to climb. but more importantly, the speed of the err plane, and it was actually shown in knots but isle convert it to miles an hour. he was traveling at 540 miles an hour. but on the screen grab he's shown as traveling at 400 miles an hour. he lost about 134 miles an hour in air speed. and according to a-320 captains
10:37 pm
that i've spoken to, that air speed is not sufficient to sustain flight at that altitude. so from this one screen grab in isolation, this is an err plane essentially out of control. just simply using the data if it is correct from indonesia. just quickly, could this still be weather related or mechanical? >> it -- i don't think it's mechanical. it's either weather related. perhaps the captain somehow or another was fooled by the weather. he blundered into a severe thunderstorm. much more severe than he thought. those updrafts can be up to is 00 mourks vertical updrafts up or down.
10:38 pm
it could be an avionics an electronic malfunction related to the aircraft's sensors that sit out into the airstream. there have been incidents before where there has been some malfunction through icing and other causes. we'll check in with you again. thank you so much jeffrey thomas. up next after 13 year the u.s.-led coalition in afghanistan has formally ended its combat operations. a look at how that war-torn country will move forward straight ahead. and in russia supporters of an outspoken anti-corruption activist take to the streets. and our matthew chance was in the middle of it. >> the police here are pushing
10:39 pm
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>> we're following breaking news in the search for air asia flight 8501. search teams using sonar have found wreckage from the plane at the bottom of the java sea.
10:42 pm
it's not yet clear whether the plane is intact or broken into pieces. also, four more bodies have been recovered including one flight attendant, bringing the total to seven. but strong winds and rough waters are comp collating today's efforts. and scotland says a woman who's fallen ill in the northwest highlands has tested positive for ebola. meanwhile, a scottish nurse is in isolation fighting the dead lily virus. she returned home over the weekend where she had been working in an ebola treatment center. health officials say rigorous safeguards are in place. >> this is the first case we've diagnosed on british soil and it's very sad for the patient, but it was caught in sierra lee
10:43 pm
yoen where if you're a health care worker fls a risk. we put in a lot of training for our workers. nine days trained in york by the military and then a further week with other international volunteers in the arriving country. but i must emphasize that because of the systems we have in place screening and information giving on arrival, and then this hotline when the patients have symptoms that are public have been not put at risk. >> the current ebola outbreak began in west africa where the world health organization say there are more than 20,000 confirmed or suspected cases of the disease. more than 7800 of them have been fatal. well russian opposition leader alexi novelni was detained by police hours after getting a suspended sentence on a fraud conviction. he defied house arrest to join
10:44 pm
supporters at a rally. his brother was convicted on the same fraud charge and sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison. well cnn's matthew chance has more on an eventful day for one of the kremlin's most prominent critics, and the case widely seen by his supporters to be a political vendetta. >> with supporters chapting his name asex lee arrived in a crowded courthouse. judges are notorious for taking hours, even days to read their verdicts. but for the most prominent figure it was just 5 minutes. the crime of fraud and embezzle embezzlement denied by novalni, he received a suspended sentence. but his brother was in prison for 3 1/2 years, prompting allegations of soviet era methods, punishing families of dissidents.
10:45 pm
i am ashamed of what you are doing, he told the judge. why are you putting him in jail? all this is to punish me even more, he said. >> outside the courthouse the anti-corruption campaigner urged his supporters to rise up. >> translator: this power does not deserve to exist. it should be destroyed. i'm calling on everybody to take to the street i'm calling on you to take to the streets until the power that tortures innocent people is removed. >> and take to the streets they did. you can see despite the cold weather, people have turned out to protest against the sentencing of alexei novalni. you can see the police are pushing people back preventing
10:46 pm
them from getting to manesh square. excuse me. preventing them from getting to manesh square where the protest was meant to the held. and one of those prevented was novalni himself. as he walked towards the square in violation of his house arrest, he was seized and driven away. he's been dubbed the man the kremlin is most afraid of. the authorities clearly taking no risks here. matthew chance, cnn moscow. >> well now to a tragic story in the u.s. a young mother was shot and killed when her 2-year-old son grabbed a gun she kept in her purse. it happened tuesday morning at a walmart in idaho when the mother was shopping with several of her children. the child was sitting in the shopping cart with the purse. the store was shut down and will reopen wednesday night. >> as 2014 draws to a close, so
10:47 pm
does nato's combat operations in afghanistan or formally anyway. about 13,000 troops will remain in the country under a new two-year mission. it's been is a costly war so far. coalition troops went in shortly after the 9/11 attacks nearly 3,500 foreign soldiers never came back. meanwhile, they continue their dangerous campaign. this year alone, taliban attacks killed more than 3,000 afghan civilians and estimates of the financial cost vary widely. but the professional research service says the u.s. alone has spent $842 billion on the war. >> >> well the u.s. and others have pledged billions more in aid in the comes years. britain says it will continue to work with the afghan government but it's pulling out its troops. more on that from cnn.
10:48 pm
>> the end of an era. britain's southern afghan base in helmund. more than 200 troops killed. more than 2,000 battle wounded. was it worth it? kwhafs achieved? former british military intelligence officer thinks not. >> by the tomb we left helmund was in a far worse situation than we found it. the answer to your question is, no, it wasn't worth it. 0 dead after a combat force of less than 100,000. these are losses no army can continue to take.
10:49 pm
>> at its peak in 2010 130,000 foreign troops ran afghanistan's security. now as they draw down hoonding security to the of gan, they're strongly. some are gearing up for an isis like fight. it's a fight without end and without borders. >> 10,800 troops rather than 9,le 00 could remain in afghanistan through the end of this year. >> outgoing u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagel in kabul early december acknowledging the taliban's threat slightly upping american troop commitment. for a few months.
10:50 pm
it wouldn't be at all surprising if things went so badly over the next two or three years that a larger deployment might be necessary. >> let me pay a tribute to the sacrifice and men and women in uniform. >> afghan leaders thank their hosts for their sacrifices. was it worth it? thousands of british servicemen and women and their families certainly hope it was. >> well coming up on cnn, the latest on the crash of air asia flight 8501. indonesian search teams say they have sonar evidence of the plane's wreckage. narrator: these are the tennis shoes skater kid: whoa narrator: that got torture tested
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i thought you were pretending... ...oh okay, let's sign up. together? yea. yay! always free credit monitoring. credit authorities say they found the wreckageover flight 8501. search and rescue officials say the plane is at the bottom of the java sea, but they don't know if it's intact or broken into pieces. also today, search teams have recovered four more bodies including that of a flight anticipate. that brings the total number of victims recovered to seven. well choppy weather and strong
10:54 pm
storms are again on the horizon in the region. what can you tell us? >> the kps not looking good. once we get beyond the next two or three hours of daylight thunderstorms again going to be prevalent across this region. at this point, the vast majority of the storm activity staying kind of south of the predominant area of the sernl zone. notice again to the north, pretty expansive region of thunderstorm. but this is the debris field where we have some low clouds some moderate showers. certainly enough to cause a little bit of disruption there across some of the seas. but want to show you some of the latest models. look at the red indication. those are pretty impressive winds. a graphic over the last few minutes, kind of put that into perspective as far as what that translates to.
10:55 pm
this is what you're look at scale light winds, wave heights around three inches. you're exceeding 40, 50 miles an hour. on the scale, that's very hough seas 25-foot wave heights. this is the potential for thursday afternoon. essentially thursday at this very moment by this time tomorrow we could be looking at wave heights over 20 feet across the area based on how strong the winds are going to be across this region. that's part of element. 88 to 95 millimeters expected. this is exactly what you would expect all across april. of course the wet season and the monsoon season, this is the
10:56 pm
perspective. hateful across this entire area of indonesia. folk goings to prayer service, church, and literally wading through waters in some of the communities akrousz the region just absolutely stoked by the hateful that is very seasonal. of course when you're trying to do something as critical and important as what's taking place in the java sea right now, the weather pattern really becomes disruptive for a lot of people. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the missing air asia flight.
10:57 pm
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. this is cnn. breking news. hello everywhere i'm theat the c-- the breaking news in the air asia flight 8501. a massive search effort the thecrews are doing whatever they can to identify the bodies for the family members. could the high tech plane have