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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  December 30, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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. this is cnn. breking news. hello everywhere i'm theat the c-- the breaking news in the air asia flight 8501. a massive search effort the thecrews are doing whatever they can to identify the bodies for the family members. could the high tech plane have stalled?
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sonar crews are searching for air asia 8501 say they have located the plane it's at the bottom of the java sea, they are hoping that the flight data and voice recorders that have yet to be found will explain the crash. 7 bodies have been pulled from the water,ing including one flight attendant. weather is hampering the recovery effort. tonyight tony fernandez has apologized to the families. gary we understand the families have been told that the wreckage has been found and also at this hour the bodies are being brought back. >> reporter: well that is right, john business is continuing as
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usual. people are arriving and departing. a lot of happy family members greeting them. but in this part of the airport, this is where families are gathering for support. they are watching tv and paying inging attention to everything that is going on trying to find out what happened to their loved ones. one of the items being recorded in the last couple of hours is that one of the seven victims was wearing a life vest. that is important, because that means the people on the plane knew what was happening. however, two minutes ago, we talked with the pan that runs the government search and rescue operating team. he is the chief. he tells us he does not know that to be true. he did not give us a definite that it's not true. he said that he is not know it to be true. he runs that department. we will see how it plays out. when we cover these types of stories, there's a lot of the information that is true and
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there's some that is not true. and we will tell you what we heard and that will be critical and important if someone was wearing a life jack. we have no confirmation of that yet. he told us of the 7 people recovered, the bodies five of them are still on the boat in transporting to land two of them are on land. ultimately all the bodies that are going to be recovered will be brought from the island where they are right now to the a hospital an hour away from the airport and that is where the family members will identify them. one of the things that we have seen, behind me there's a paper with a list of everyone who was on the plane, every name and what you see next to the names are the dates that people bought the tickets. some people bought it ten months ago and others bought it a day before. and the lucky people are on the list behind me. the no-show, list the 15 people that never showed up for the flight. including a husband, wife and infant who missed the flight and
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survived to tell about it because they were not on the plane. >> there are a lot of stories out there which are, some of them are being seen as miracles. those that did not make the flight and others are heartbreaking. now that the families have been told that everyone on the plane is presumed dead what happens now to the people. how much longer do they have to wait before they get the bodies of their loves ones back? >> i should tell you, john that although they have been told it and most people have accepted it. some have no. we talked to a 21-year-old young man who lost his grandmother, aunt and uncle, and he said he still holds out hope they are alive. his theory is the possibility that maybe one of the rafts was blown up and people got away in a raft and are on land somewhere. and because of that, he specifically asked inside this room here are you searching nearby land masses? and officials told them yes we
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are. they didn't tell him we have reason to believe it's a strong possibility. they don't think it's a strong possibility. but that is why we are seeing a lot of people here feeling comfortable. a lot of the family members are comfortable with the officials because they are answering all the questions and answering them honest he estimately and not giving up any possibilities. that possibility is still being examined. >> and what provisions are being made to care for the family members. because it's impossible to imagine what they must be going through right now. >> reporter: yeah right now, john there's probably between 90 and 100 people inside that room and people come and go. they have food they have water for them. they have religious leaders who are here to pray. they had a prayer service an hour and a half ago in the main airport, a large prayer service. i think most importantly they have each other. they are not alone. they have lots of other people who are going through the same thing and that makes it easier to deal with. not easy to deal with. but vastly easier rather than
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being by yourself during a time like this to have the support of peers that are going through a situation that no one would imagine going inging through. >> yeah there's the shared grief that people are going through. thank you for the latest on what the families are going through and the latest on the search. the condition of the wreck can tell us what sent the plan down. we hear about the significance of the sonar images showing the plane on the sea floor. >> it is significant. now, if we tie it in to the fact that the slide, which is also used as a raft was on -- above that, above the aircraft and floating. there may have been things that went on with the aircraft that we did not anticipate at all, in that it did not fall and crash in the one spot. if it's whole, that means there was an attempt to land the aircraft or ditch the aircraft.
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>> investigators are already learning something about what may have happened to flight 8501 and they are looking at debris recovered so far. we have the managing director at airlines he joins us on skype, live in perform perth, we aring looking -- we are looking at the debris field, the inflated life raft. luggage, oxygen tank, all stand the -- standard stuff? >> yes, but there's mixed signals coming from the indonsians as you have discussed. and it makes it difficult to understand precisely what is going on. because we have one reporter suggested of someone with a life vest on. which is unconfirmed. but then, if that was the case that would indicate that they
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had warning and there was quite a a bit of warning of what was going on. and that then raises the question of why the pilots did not radio their predictment and if they had time to tell the passengers to put on life jackets. there's conflicts data coming. so we have to be very very careful about this. as far as the wreckage is concerned, obviously it's breeched for people for victims to be floating in the water. i would be interested to know where is the vertical stabilizer and that may tell us something about what happened. if it's some distance away from the airplane itself. >> and we had a report that survivors were found holding hands that would indicate that they had time to prepare for what was going on.
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that it was not an instant event and you know, we have to stress it was an unconfirmed report that one passenger was wearing a life vest. the bottom line is we will not know exactly what happened until they get the flight data recorder. >> look indeed you are right. and i find that report of survivors holding hands in the water. i find that extraordinary. that it does not make sense to me at all. but, look the black box, we do have to wait for them of course obviously we are trying make sense of this bizarre tragedy. you know airplanes don't just fall out of the sky in bad weather. this is really perplexing. it raises a lot of serious questions. which need to be answered and need to be answered very quickly. for us to understand because it means there are 6,000 air bus aircraft flying around the world
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today. it's one of the work horses of the aviation industry. and if there's a problem with that airplane with the avionics or the flight control system we need to know as quickly as possible what that is. >> how long will this process take in your assessment? it's shallow water. the weather conditions are not too great, but it's not too far from land, how long do you think before divers get out there had and the recovery gets under way? >> look i think that this is a top priority black boxes, more so than recovery of the bodies in fact. as far as the aviation investigation is concerned. within 48 hours we should have the black boxes recovered. they will be taken to jacarta where the authorities have the -- have up to indicate facilities to download the data and i'm hoping by first thing next week that we will have a
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very clear picture of what happened to this airplane because the industry absolutely needs to know urgently what went wrong with this plane. >> jeffrey thomas in australia, giving us valuable insight, we appreciate you being with us as you have been for the last couple of days. thank you, sir. >> pleasure. >> as we mentioned a bit earlier, two bodies have been brought from the wreckage or the debris field and have been brought back to indonesia and they are waiting for another 5 bodies. this is the latest image that we have. felony in by helicopter. two -- flown in by helicopter. two bodies they will be identified and their families will be informed and five more bodies brings to seven the total since the plane crashed on sunday. that leaves 155 people still
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the very latest on the crash of air asia flight 8501 and a seventh body has been recovered from the debris field and searchers are dealing with bad weather as they try to retrieve more debris as well as the bodies. earlier, crews found what appears to be the plane's fusilage and you can see divers preparing body bags and getting ready to head out to the location where they believe the wreckage is. it's difficult and complicated by bad weather, strong winds and strong thunderstorms in the forecast for the next few days. let's go to get more on that. as the guys prepare to head out there, they are in for a rough time. >> i think so i think this time tomorrow, i would be surprised if the operations are continuing as we see right now. because the model is the latest models coming in. i will show you what i'm seeing
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with the wind speeds in the region. this is section 5, 100 to 200 kilometers from the aircraft. i'm going show you what we are talking about as far as the cloud cover and wind activity in the debris field. the areas in red are the thermal signatures of the highest cloud tops indicating high thunderstorms. that is well to the north. we have a few in the debris field, low clouds and moderate showers and prepares an isolated storm in the debris area. but this model, taking you from arch where we have three hours of daylight left in place, should be calm with a few isolated storms. tomorrow morning at 9:00 in the morning local time active thunderstorms the wanting to roll through and much of the day on thursday looks rough and then look what happens friday morning, shortly before sunrise of course you get tremendous thunderstorms developing. friday afternoon may be a little better than what thursday is
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shaping up. the reason i say that i want to take you through the wind pediatric -- through the wind speeds. see the dark reds? the entire portion of the java sea, you will be hard pressed to see winds as strong. it is about 55-60 miles an hour so you take that in to what we call the scale that takes the wind speed and tries to translate how it becomes in ocean conditions and this puts the ocean conditions the seas roughly between 18 and 25 feet high this time tomorrow based on the wind speed. that is not going to be the a scenario that is on a scale of 1-12 that is a scale of 8 for severity of the winds. the winds will want to die down in friday, but not going to be the case this time tomorrow across the region. once again, there's a debris field location. the currents across the region and ocean currents are moving at -- it's 82 miles away from
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the incident. or last known point of contact. so give it a few days. all else being equal, you see the move and be scattered about and approach the coast line and if that is the case this is what the coast line looks like a lot of marshy landscape. not a good scenario setting up for the next couple of days. >> not going get any better soon. thank you. even though the plane's flight recorders have not been recovered yet, there's a lot of theories out there, miguel marquez talked with an aviation expert on what might have gone wrong. >> reporter: when an airplane loses lift or stalls the result could be catastrophic. once you are in an unrecoveriable stall, what happens? >> on a plane, you are going to see a more or less flat situation. the pilots will try to control it and it will be like a leaf.
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>> now is that possible? >> because they are in a air speed that slowed. and the wings an extreme angle. the plane loses lift and plummets. >> the reason the airplane flies is because you have high pressure under the wing and low on top. if this is the relative wind the steeper the angle of tac occur cans the more likely you get a stall. >> in the case of qz8501 already a critical piece of information, air traffic control data showing the plane ascending before disappearing from radar. >> it's upsetting to me that an assent was attempted, that he was avoiding weather by going up. that is not something we normally like to do. we like to go left and right.
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>> as with 8501 air france was flying from rio to paris in a powerful storm. and ice formed on the tubes on the exterior. it delivers critical information to the plane's computers and pilots were confused as to what was happening with the plane. >> they were getting horns and sirens and read out on the plane, and they are trying to determine what is happening with the plane. >> the pilot thinking the plane was losing air speed, increased power and climbed and pushed the airplane in to a catastrophic stall. the voice recorder captured the occurrence. he said watch out, you are pulling up. and another chillingly responds am i pulling up? heat was reported and in those stormy conditions ice can rapidly and easily form. the pilots of flight 8501 were
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they getting similarly bad information about what was happening to the plane? >> you are talking super cooled water droplets. what happened the concentration was such that it blocked the tubes and perhaps the heating system either failed or did not keep up with it. >> all questions for investigators, as the search for victims continues. the search for answers are just as intense. new york. >> and we will have much more on the crash of flight 8501 coming up. but after the break, the other day's news including details of an accidental shooting which has left a young mother dead and her 2-year-old son pulled the trigger. narrator: this is the storm sea captain: there's a storm comin narrator: that whipped through the turbine which poured... surplus energy into the plant which generously lowered its price and tipped off the house which used all that energy to stay warm through the storm. chipmunk: there's a bad storm comin!
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if you are just joining us here is the latest in the breaking news of the crash of airasia flight 8501 it's not clear whether the plane is in-tact or broken in to pieces, seven bodies have been recovered, but strong wind withes and rough waters are complicating the recovery everies. families were briefed. these are the images of them walking in to the briefing. the pentagon said it has sent
11:25 pm
five prisoners from the u.s. prison for resettlement. they spent more than a decade in the facility. they have shut down the prison and transferred 2 dozen prisoners this year afghan security forces are on high alert to prevent taliban attacks. this comes days after the coalition formerly ended operations after 13 long years. the taliban have launched high profile strikes after the closing weeks of the combat mission. they will be counting on an estimated 17,000 international soldiers that will remain in afghanistan to help maintain and support training. a man killed eight people before taking his own life. it's the biggest mass murder in edmonton in nearly 60 years. nine bodies were found in three separate crime scenes a woman
11:26 pm
was found in a residence monday night and seven more victims, including two children were found in a second location. the man believed to be the suspect was found dead in a restaurant. the man's family members feared he was suicidal. now to a tragic story a young mother was shot and killed when her 2-year-old son grabbed a gun that she kept in her purse. she was shopping in a walmart in idaho, the 2-year-old was in the cart with the purse. his mother had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. >> we do have you know a concealed weapon -- you need to be able to protect it and instances like this you know i'm a big supporter of a concealed weapon for your own safety. however, you have to be
11:27 pm
responsible. and unfortunately, in this case you know that just wasn't i guess, the -- all the precautionary measures were not taken to ensure the safety of the weapon. >> the store was shut down after the shooting but will reopen later today. hundreds of migrants have been rescued and arrived in italy. the greek authorities received a distress call the boat was allowed to continue on with the journey before being intercepted. they suspected they have a cargo of illegal migrants. the ship was carrying 700 people. that rescue comes just days after the rescue in the adriatic sea, the ship was towed to italy, and the trip took a tragic turn when two men were killed during the salvage
11:28 pm
operation. another body was recovered on tuesday and that brought the death toll to 11. the authorities warn that number could rise. >> i was unaware, but i knew it is so real. this was really bad to really know it is real. we did no know where it was -- we did not know where it was, could it be the best place to stay. so you stand there, we were wet, and cold and the rain was like needles, such hard wind. >> authorities believe sunday's fire began in the car deck the owner and captain have been placed under investigation and greece has ordered a probe in to what caused the fire. the air asia crash, painful memories are returning and there's shared grief. how the families of of the lost
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and welcome back to the viewers in the united states and around the world, you are watching cnn, our top story, indonesian authorities say they have found the location of flight 8501 is using sonar technology. four more bodies have been recovered today, including a flight attendant and that brings the overall total right now to 7. so air asia has been on twit ar lot since the latest discovery saying "working with airport to
11:32 pm
prepare the facilities and all a arrangements have been made. he is staying strong for the family ifs. >> the only slight benefit is that for the people in there, there's some closure. this is a scar with me for the rest of my life it does not change anything. and for a little percent, there's some closure as opposed to not knowing what has happened and holding out hope. the crash of the air asia flight is having a devastating impact on across asia. it's also especially troubling for the families whose loved ones were on the malaysia airplane. >> it's not just affecting
11:33 pm
people in indonesia, where the families are and the community there that is devastated right now. this is truely being felt throughout the asia pacific region. it's being followed closely. it's the top story in all the major newspapers in china and all of the television networks as well. and there was a regional television network that broadcast throughoutation that foundist in a difficult spot when it was broadcasting live pictures when the camera panned to a body floating in the water. it was the images that the families saw tremendously upsetting to them and upsetting to viewers throughout the asia pacific region. that network later apologized because that body was shown in china, australia, malaysia and many of course many other countries in this part of the world. it goes to show the emotional connection that people have with this story. and particularly here in china
11:34 pm
where there's still families of 154 people on the plane, and they are still waiting for answers about their loved ones. i was speaking with a son of a woman that was on the plane and he told me that he was praying for a miracle for the air asia families. hoping that perhaps there were survivors of the crash. and it was during my interview with him that word came in that thft in fact the debris had been found and bodies were being pulled from the water. >> fill wood was on malaysia flight when it disappeared. sarah, obviously, a lot of emotions for you right now. how are you dealing with this? >> well we teal with this like everything else just one day at a time. i mean when the news first came out that the latest disappearance had occurred it was like a giant slap in the
11:35 pm
face. right? the entire flood of emotions came right back and just this incredible connection and sympathetic connection to the families on the air asia flight the it was just so painful to watch what they are going through. >> can you explain the emotional roller coaster had that the families are now going through, first clinging to hope that someone survived and now they have this news? >> it is going to continue that way for a long time. i mean not only is that just a natural grieving cycle to go through the different stages of grief, you know the stock, the disbelief, the refusal to accept but now the cycles will come closer and closer together and now they are going to also have to start dealing with practical issues. i don't think people realize how trau mattic it is to go through the interviews with officials and giving dna samples and all
11:36 pm
the things that have to happen and you have to do it all while you are in a terrible-- in a terrible state of shock. >> when you look at the the way the air asia and indonesian officials have been dealing with the families they have been seemingly transparent. there was a terrible mistake when the body was broadcast life on air, but that was not the officials fault. do you feel they have learned from the terrible way that the malaysian airlines and government treated you and others that had loved ones on board mh 370? >> i hope that learning has happened. and now the next step is action has to be taken. because you know this first step of responding more efficiently is great, the reality is that the families from 370 are still undergoing tremendous pressure. we still don't know anything.
11:37 pm
the government is still withholding information and treating the families very very poorly and you know hopefully this will raise public awareness. but it's possible to handle tragedy in gentle ways. i hope that some good can come from this latest tragedy. >> and that is the big difference here is that mh 370 has not been found and you still do not know what happened. at least of for these families they know. >> yeah that's really you know i just for the last four days i have just been hoping and hoping and hoping that there would be some survivors. you know, might be that the plane was able to make it to the land or something. and when i heard the news that they found bodies floating my heart just sunk. but at the same time at least they know. you know? you know the first couple of months after 370 went down it
11:38 pm
was this constant cycle. it was not just a few day, it was months of debris sightings and false reports. and you know false chasing of pings and all of that just made the trauma worse to such a degree that we are all kind of battered and broozuised and shaken and most of us have not come to the next step of closure yet. >> yeah i don't know how you cope. must be incredibly strong. sarah. thank you. >> thank you. >> well the disappearance of malaysia flight 370 is one of the greatest aviation mysteries ever. but in the comparison could not be more stark. >> crews have looked for any sign of the missing air asia flight days of uncertainty and anguish for family waiting on word of their loved ones and the wait seems to be over. parts of the missing plane were
11:39 pm
spotted in the water. anywhere from 60 to 124 miles from the last known position. giving at least some answers about the doomed flight. answers families of mh 370 still don't have. it's been nearly ten months since that plane vanished in midair. on its way to bejing from malaysia. >> we have yet to see anything floating on the surface subsequent to the loss of the mh surely something should have washed up by now. >> as weeks have turned in to months the search area for mh 370 has shifted further and further away from the last known radar contact and in to the deep waters of the indian ocean. >> it's not a needle in a hay stack, we don't know where the hay stack is really. >> and the question of what
11:40 pm
happened to mh 370 still surrounded by uncertainty. the plane continued to fly for hours. >> almost every time you go down the path the -- through a mechanical event, it's -- when you add on this 7 hour flight afterwards it's very difficult. there's nothing that has been logical or based on any sort of historical precedent in the case of mh 370, you have to throw out the books. it has never happened before. and we hope it will never happen again. >> australia is leading the search effort for mh 370, crews continue to use high tech equipment as they scour the southern indian ocean. the search is costly and it will take time to find answers. answers that will hopefully come sooner with the air asia flight. as recovery crews continue to pick up the pieces of the plane.
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>> the families of the 162 people on board of air asia flight 8501 gathered the pray and shortly that, they went to a briefing where officials told them that sonar technology had detected the wreckage where they thought it would be on the floor of java sea. in other news the united nations security council has rejected a proposal for palestinian statehood. it would have required the withdrawal of israeli forces by the end of 2017. the resolution needed nine votes to pass. it got eight. the united states which has veto power voted against it along with australia, britain and four others abstained. in scotland a woman who has been in west africa has tested
11:45 pm
negative for ebola, a patient in england is still waiting for test results. meantime a scottish nurse is in isolation fighting the deadly virus. she returned to scotland on sunday. heavies -- she was transferred to the royal free hospital in london. >> this is the first case we have diagnosed on british soil and it's sad for the patient. it was caught in sierra leone, where you are working, there's a lot of risk. we put in a lot of training for our workers. nine days trained by the military and a further week with other international volunteers when they arrive in country. i must stress that because of the systems we have in place, of screening and information giving on arrival and this hotline to phone when the patients have symptoms that our public have
11:46 pm
been not put at risk. >> the ebola outbreak began in west africa where there's now more than 20,000 confirmed or suspected cases. the united states and eu are criticizing a fraud conviction for a major kremlin critic, he was detained on tuesday just hours after receiving a suspended sentence for fraud. he defied house arrest to join his supporters in a rally. at least 1500 people attended the event and 100 were detained. his brother was convicted on the same fraud charge and he has been sentenced to 3-1/2 years in prison. >> a short break here on cnn, when we come back the families of flight 8501 passengers share memories of their loved ones.
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well there it is the nearly 12,000 pound crystal ball tested and ready to go for the new year's celebration in the big apple. people will ring in the new year in times square, how miserable will that be. just over two hours from now, we will go for all the weather forecasts and it is going to be chilly on the west coast.
11:50 pm
>> absolutely is. the coldest of the season comes in on the final day of 2014 so the flurys are possible and cold on the highest elevations of california. and significant across sections of northern mexico. and the heaviest over portions of arizona, where you expect it in the higher elevations. scattered in nature around southern nevada and aus work your way through southern utah saint george could get showers. but the winds, up to 60 miles an hour over the past 24 hours and we know that damage has been done across the highways. the california highway patrol is snapping photos of i-80 i believe it was, across the region that was shut down briefly at least because of the powerful winds and trees coming down. 200 flights delayed or cancelled out of the airport. notice the winds 25-30 miles an hour throughout new year's eve
11:51 pm
and temperatures unseason ably cool. look at the cold air mass that is taking over much of the united states. in fact, you want to show you some footage coming out of the western united states mt. hood, had temperatures in the teens, in to the morning hours and again, you get up to the mountains, this was the scene across this region it is crystal clears as far as sunny skies. record high pressure in place, but the winds certainly howling across this portion of the world. also i should tell you about 400 delays out of denver's inter international airport. leave you with images coming out of indonesia. it's not related to the search area but it will show you the rain in the region. you look at the other portions
11:52 pm
of indonesia, among the wettest locations on the planet in this time of year in october through april, when we have the monsoons in place. this is kind of the daily life that people have to live across these parts of the world when it comes to weather. when you are factoring in something critical and important as is going on right now in the java sea, the rainfall is a concern. and it's still present in the forecast in the next couple of days. >> yes, the weather is not helping much anywhere. thank you. we will talk to you next hour. the families of the passengers of air asia flight 800501, we are learning more about those that peris perished. >> his family a members were on the flight. his sister michelle sent this picture of the wing of the plane to a friend via snap chat.
11:53 pm
the caption, bye and this picture, of her sister marianne inside the plane. her school principal said the family was headed to singapore to celebrate the new year. >> it's hard to believe that this happened to my students. we are still finding hope in god. >> he traveled to singapore with his 2-year-old daughter he is described as an excellent team leader and strategic planner. >> my fiance and his family was on that plane. >> this woman was soon to marry a man from the indonesian province he was on the ill-fated flight and enjoying one last vacation with family before tying the knot. >> it was supposed to be the last vacation before us got married. it was supposed to be his last vacation with his family.
11:54 pm
>> kevin alexander was a student. traveling with his sister and another family member. the australian university releasing a statement saying in part we are deeply saddened to learn this news in relation to one of our valued student community. >> she said that she was not worried when she heard a plane went missing because her brother did not fly airation ationsia, until his name and his wife and two children's names appeared in the manifest this man was a f-16 pilot and a family man. his daughter saying in a tweet, dad, please come home i still need you, please return. dad, come home dad, you have to come home. his wife still in disbelief. >> i would like to know where my
11:55 pm
husband is. i wish my husband was found immediately. i hope as his wife, he will be back well and alive, the children still need a father and i need guideance from a father. >> the families are coming to terms with the grim reality, only a miracle could save their loved ones. cnn new york. >> seven bodies have been recovered from the flight 8501 2 of the bod is have now made it back to land and the other five are on their way there's problems with getting the helicopters out there, the weather is bad and there's problems with getting divers on the scene because of the terrible weather conditions. right now at least they know where the location of the plane wreckage is. on the bottom of the java sea, not far from the coast and then they are now retrieving and moving in and trying to recover the black boxes as the data
11:56 pm
flight recorders and the cockpit voice recorders to find out what happened to the plane. i will be back after the break with robin for a lot more on our breaking news. please stay with us. narrator: this is the storm sea captain: there's a storm comin narrator: that whipped through the turbine which poured... surplus energy into the plant which generously lowered its price and tipped off the house which used all that energy to stay warm through the storm. chipmunk: there's a bad storm comin!
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