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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 31, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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suspended in terms of aerial searches but we'll be looking to see if weather conditions calm down. for our international viewers, "amanpour" is next. for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" starts right now. hello. happy new year's eve. this is a cnn special live coverage of the deadly airasia plane disaster. as each piece of wreckage and each body is pulled from the sea, investigators are learning more about what may have happened in the minutes just before flight 8501 hit the water. i want to start with this video. simple wooden boxes. you can see they have bleak numbers there. 001. 002. these are the victims. seven of them. local reports saying a teenage boy and a woman believed to be a flight attendant are among the first of the 162 people recovered from the java sea. a task that is becoming more and more difficult as monsoonal
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conditions slam the sea grounding planes and preventing divers from reaching more bodies. most of which are believed to be still strapped to their seats. the head of airasia playing down the initial reports that sonar had detected the plane. >> search and rescue team is doing a fantastic job and they're narrowing the search and are feeling more comfortable that they are beginning to know where it is. there is no confirmation of them. no sonar. nothing. some visual identification but nothing confirmed. the weather unfortunately is not looking good for the next two or three days and that is slowing us down but they did inform me that the ships are looking to operate 24 hours, which is very encouraging and they're moving all of the assets to the two spots which they think the aircraft could be -- where the aircraft could be. >> joining me now, cnn
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meteorologist meteorologist meteorologist, tom, tell us what they are up against? >> they are seeing thunderstorms we typically don't see. for us two to three-inch downpour is big a storm. they are seeing rainfall that's 8, 10 12 inches ongoing. they are focusing on section five moving into section four. that makes sense because the currents have been generally west to east. it's the thunderstorm activity during the day. i still think that thunderstorm was stronger than yesterday. nighttime hours they'll have to start to concentrate on. when these downpours come down they are creating such an intense weight down on the surface of the ocean, it's a sloshing effect. these are not the storms that we're typically used to that come blowing at us from one direction with an incredible gust front. they don't pass right on through. the vessels are not fighting waves in one direction. but because the intensity is
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different in the area it sloshes. the divers that have to go from a larger vessel to a smaller one are having troubles getting into the water. once they are down 20 feet the water is calm for them. another thing to think about is if they're going to start to use the pull pinger indicators sore sewnonar sonars they'll have to do that at night because the waters of calm. i remember that during the malaysian 370 search when we had the australian tanker pulling the bluefin 21 they broke a couple cables. this is going to continue to be the problem. we had a tropical storm across the philippines that i believe instead of moving toward vietnam in five days will make its way into our region. not a tropical storm in nature but enough circulation could intensify the heavy downpours even more. we'll watch that closely. >> sounds tricky.
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thank you. search efforts are hampered by bad weather and it's not going away any time soon. it's a factor if not the primary cause in the disappearance. there's a lot we can learn given what's been pulled from the sea. let's talk about that with former accident investigator for ntsb faa and the air force. author of "air safety investigators using science to save lives one crash at a time." a lot to talk about. airasia ceo said despite this bad weather that tom just outlined for us the ships are working 24 hours around the clock. does weather impact what's happening below the surface in terms of using sonar for example? >> well as was pointed out, there's a danger of breaking a cable in heavy weather. obviously it's a threat for the divers. they have to get eyeballs on the
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submerged wreckage before anyone will conclude that's the main wreckage. there are indications from the bodies that this may also have been an in-flight breakup so there may be several wreckage fields down there. >> we learned there were some changes to where the debris was found yesterday. we were here reporting six miles from where the airplane was last located. now we know debris is being found at about 60 miles. how does that change the analysis of what may have happened? >> well they're going to look at a much larger area. the fact that reportedly two of the bodies were naked suggests in-flight breakup. that's significant. the one flight attendant was clothed and other passengers bodies were clothed which means there may well be people strapped into various pieces of wreckage.
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the fact that the flight attendant did not have a life vest on is very significant. she probably didn't have time to prepare the cabin. the in-flight breakup is very significant because remember the recorders are in the tail of the aircraft. when they break up they often lose their tails. that means particularly in a thunderstorm the tail with the recorders may be many miles from where we think the wreckage is and where we're recovering the debris. it conceivably also could be on land which would mean no pingers. at least no pingers of any value because they only go off when they're in the water as you know. >> what would make you think they're on land if the debris has all come from the sea so far? >> well i'm not saying they are on land. i'm just saying that's one possibility as to why they
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haven't heard anything. of course as they pointed out earlier, they will be doing this search in the next several days particularly once the weather subsides a little bit and at night they're going to have pingers out there looking. i'm not suggesting that they're on land. i'm simply saying that's one possibility that we can't eliminate when you've done this for several decades or 40 years like i have you never make any assumptions about where the wreckage has to be in an in-flight breakup and stormy weather condition. >> you already touched on this next question and i want to ask you and dig deeper. we know there are local reports suggesting a couple of the bodies have already been identified. you mentioned the flight attendant and believed to be a teenage boy among victims which hopefully is providing closure to the families but the fact that officials are already able to identify people and that's happening so quickly, does that tell us anything about the crash
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itself? >> well the medical examiners are of course going to look very closely at the type of trauma that these individuals suffered to see if there's evidence of burns. in fact it's probably pretty certain they died of blunt force trauma and mercifully they'll look and see if they were unconscious and they can do that by looking for water in the lungs and so on. this is a grizzly business. i'm a psychologist not a medical examiner. i certainly have been involved with enough of these to know they're going to do very thorough job and they will -- they certainly should be able to identify the bodies names of the victims, with the dna and other evidence that we will have shortly. >> all right. alan thank you for your
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insight. up next, i'll speak live with someone who lost his father in a plane crash and he has a unique perspective about surviving these first few days and why finding a suitcase or knowing where a relative was sitting is important to some of these family members but not to others. plus the secrets of the so-called black boxes. we examine several crashes and what the boxes told investigators about the last moments. horrifying and tragic moments inside a walmart. a toddler grabs a loaded gun from his mother's purse and accidentally kills her. details ahead. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday. curling up in bed with a favorite book is nice. but i think women would rather curl up with their favorite man. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction.
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mutual insurance. two families planned to board airasia 8501 and are now thankful to be alive. an indonesian woman and her husband were excited to take their three children to seaworld in singapore. the woman's father had been diagnosed with hepatitis. the woman wanted to be by her father's side so she canceled the trip just one day before flight 8501 took off. she says it is truly a miracle. and checking messages may have spared another family including two infants. they forgot to check messages saying the flight was leaving two hours before the originally scheduled departure time. a family member apparently posted the flight itinerary
11:13 am
online and called the message mix-up a blessing in disguise. wow. so many others were not as fortunate. one grieving family had seven loved ones onboard flight 8501 and they are struggling with unspeakable loss. our gary tuchman spoke with them. >> reporter: an indonesian family going through an unfat amiable experience. >> my mother and my sister and my brother-in-law and his whole family and my in-law to be so in total seven people. >> reporter: now family members get ready to drive to where the airasia flight started. the surabaya airport to join other families waiting to hear about the status of their loved ones bodies. her mother the matriarch of the family. how does a man cope in this
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situation? >> translator: i'm very sad. of course i'm devastated. >> reporter: as he drove to the airport, he thought about opportunities he missed out on with his grand mom. >> i regret all of the time that i was supposed to spend time with her and now i can't do it anymore. >> translator: when we had the information, first we hoped our family members were safe and thought of nothing. until yesterday morning and afternoon. we still hoped we would get a miracle. that our families are still alive. my mother my sister we were very close. >> reporter: and this is his other sister. >> translator: i ask god why
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he's testing us this way. by taking them away without giving us a chance to say good-bye. >> reporter: this family knows a miracle is most unlikely. my wife said why is it always the best that leave first? gary tuchman, cnn, indonesia. >> as the airasia search goes on investigators are racing to get crucial information that's stored in the so-called black boxes of the airasia plane. we'll look at the final moments investigators have uncovered from past crashes and then more heartbreak. a young mother shot and killed in walmart by her 2-year-old son. i'll speak with an investigator about what happened next. these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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just an unthinkable tragedy in idaho inside a walmart inside a small town home to fewer than 14,000 people. a young mother shopping with her children while visiting from out of town is shot and killed by her 2-year-old son. the bullet came from the mother's gun, which she kept hidden inside her purse. now lieutenant stewart miller is joining me from the kootenai sheriff's department. lieutenant miller this is horrible. describe for us what happened.
11:19 am
>> you pretty much described it very well. unfortunate tragedy. veronica and her family and extended family were in walmart shopping when the child, her child, 2 year old, was in the cart and seated next to her in the cart was her purse, which carried her concealed firearm. and at some point, which we still have to investigate the circumstances of how he obtained it or how he defeated the safety or what type of a gun it was, accessed the weapon and fired a shot striking his mother and killing her. >> wow. how is the family doing especially that little boy? >> you know i haven't had contact with the family since yesterday. i know that yesterday when we spoke, they were grief stricken obviously. this is one of those unfortunate, senseless
11:20 am
incidents, that you just don't have any control over a lot of times. and it's just not something out of the norm that you are accustomed to seeing or hearing about. it reminds everybody that does carry a gun or believe in their right to carry a gun that they should keep it safe and keep their family safe. >> can you tell us more about this area? i worked in spokane, washington for a number of years so i'm familiar with hayden. how common place are guns and would it be unusual for someone to carry a concealed gun into a store there? >> it's very commonplace. our county has a total of about 16,000 conceal weapon permits that are issued throughout our county and some other folks that have come into our county that have their conceal weapons permit. i think it's very common.
11:21 am
the city of hayden is between 14,000 to 16,000 residents. very close to a bigger city. so the fact is that we're a rural community but north idaho itself has a very pro-gun community so very common for folks to be carrying a concealed weapon and going into stores and such. >> so sorry for that family and for that community there. lieutenant stuart miller thank you for joining us. coming up next -- >> 3407 buffalo. >> look out to your side about five miles for a dash eight. do you see anything there? >> moments later this plane would crash near buffalo. what the black boxes reveal about each plane's final moments. this is cnn special live coverage.
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bottom of the hour. thanks for being here. we are getting new pictures as more bodies arrive back on land. searchers have now recovered
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seven bodies. the first two arrived in simple wooden caskets with number 001 and 002. the head of the search operation says one of the seven bodies was that of a flight attendant while local media reports the other was a teenage boy. as for search of the wreckage it's been slowed by the monsoonal weather conditions there. and there's a question of whether plane wreckage has been spotted under the water. the ceo of air asia says that's not been confirmed. as crews search for victims, investigators are focused on finding those so-called black boxes. devices located in the tail section of the aircraft contain vital cockpit voice and flight data information and can reveal the answers to what happened during a crash and why. randy kaye looks back at some
11:26 am
other recent cases. >> reporter: in july 2000 air france flight 4590 concord jet, takes off from paris. this terrifying video shows the plane on fire as it leaves the runway. the control tower radios the pilots. 4590 you have strong flames behind you. moments later they crash into a hotel killing all 109 onboard. the plane's black boxes are recovered. >> translator: both boxes are in good state to be decrypted we have to understand what the data mean. >> reporter: the cockpit voice recorder unveils the pilot's last words. the co-pilot tells the captain to land at a nearby airport. his response too late. the black boxes also reveal a catastrophic fire in one engine and a loss of power in another. air france flight 447 caught in
11:27 am
a powerful storm and rolling to the right. it is june 2009. a flight from rio to paris. 228 people onboard. the plane begins to fall 10,000 feet per minute and crashes into the atlantic belly first killing everyone. >> this is what we're looking for. in the middle of the atlantic ocean. >> reporter: two years later they find the black boxes deep in the ocean. before the recovery it was thought the plane's speed sensors were to blame but the black box reveal the pilots were at fault. it shows confusion in the cockpit. we still have engines. what the hell is happening one co-pilot asks. another co-pilot says climb, climb, climb. then the captain, no no no. don't climb. in february 2009 flight 3407 also stalls and disappears off
11:28 am
radar. >> delta 1998 look to your right side about five miles for dash eight. should be 4300. do you see anything there? >> the plane's speed drops dangerously low and begins to dive in heavy snow. the pilot overcorrects. a fatal mistake. >> the initial reaction to the stall warning was incorrect. >> reporter: the jet crashes into a home in buffalo, new york killing all 49 people onboard. >> we put our lives in the hands of people that we assume that the faa and airlines are properly training. >> reporter: both black box, voice cockpit recorder are both recovered. a pilot blurts out, jesus christ and we're down. the first officer is about to say something but is cut short
11:29 am
by her own scream. the airplane pitched and rolled. and pilots were joking around as the plane slowed in the final minutes before tragedy struck. randy kaye cnn, new york. >> now you have a better idea why flight data recorders or these black boxes are so important. so in the case of airasia 8501 what will they reveal about this crash? let's bring in les. we look at these devices. in the air of flight 8501 what might these devices provide in terms of physical evidence that some of the other evidence collected would not provide? what gaps can they fill in? >> start with digital flight data recorder. that's going to record thousands and thousands of perimeters per second depending on what perimeter it does. it requires altitude air speed, flight control movement all of
11:30 am
these are numbers that crunched. cockpit voice recorder records not only communication between air traffic control and the pilots it is also communication internalal ally in the airplane and it records noise. if a switch was utilized you would determine what that switch was just by perhaps the sound of it. >> interesting. even more than the voices. >> exactly. exactly. at the same token, it's unfortunate but a lot of times they will utilize somebody that recognizes both pilots to listen to cockpit voice recorder to determine what pilot is saying what. it's the gruesome experience because you know the end of the story. it's not a pleasant experience. we just listened to randy kaye's report with reference to some of the remarks at the end but that being said all of those are
11:31 am
crunched into a program that can be done in realtime. the realtime program can show what the airplane was doing at any particular point in time both from the outside view from the cockpit view and instrumentation and it can work in conjunction and you can have a split screen and you can more or less reconstruct the entire flight. you will be able to do it here especially with the cockpit voice recorder because as we know it's a two-hour recording. >> these devices are so small. to think that they can withstand the impact of perhaps thousands of feet falling, how durable are they given they are the size of a cell phone? >> there's a g limit but most of them withstand a tremendous of gs. in addition to as we know water immersion. as part of that process to get that data from the water immersion, they maintain
11:32 am
saltwater and it's been said in previous programs today that the pressure is maintained if it's been found in a lot of pressure under the water. >> if it's been found. how confident are you in this case that we'll find those black boxes given that it is such tumultuous weather there? >> we'll have to give that time so that our recovery people are not in danger. when we get to the point where we confirm that the airplane is actually found, i think it will be a fairly short process before they find the black boxes. it's the safest point of the airplane and takes the most damage. >> this segment emphasized how important these black boxes are to putting pieces together. at the same time sometimes they are never found. are there improvements that can come along for these devices? >> it was discussed while we
11:33 am
were in the midst of malaysia 370 reporting that the military has a way to deploy these if they impact with water or with the ground. that's been considered. how practical for commercial aviation i can't say. there's probably a cost factor in it. remember this is after the fact technology. are we helping prevent the same type of occurrence again? are we spending more money for something that may not happen just by virtue of the investigation itself and what can be revealed from that? it's a balance that you have to put together to determine whether that's something we really need. >> you look at the cost to search for these missing planes. millions if not billions of dollars when you look at mh-370. >> but cost of future lives when they are not safe getting into a plane because this event was
11:34 am
caused by various factors, i think that is a hidden cost that how do you put a price on a human life is the bottom line? >> thank you so much. >> up next i'll speak live with someone who lost his father in a plane crash. he has a unique perspective about surviving the first few days as a loved one and why finding a suitcase or knowing where a relative was sitting on the plane is important to some of these relatives but perhaps not others. we're back in 90 seconds. female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! during sleep train's huge year end
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a quick reminder if you are at home counting down the new year tonight is the night. don't forget to catch anderson cooper and kathy griffin tonight. we'll look back at the best of 2014. we're counting down the top ten moments in every walk of life. that's next hour and we're back in 60 seconds.
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of those killed. >> translator: when they explain that not only did they find debris but also found bodies floating in the water, everyone became hysterical especially the mothers. one mother even blacked out. >> cameras captured some of the loved ones at what is likely the worst point in their lives. the moments they learn debris had been found. airasia ceo tweeted this quote. "the reality of seeing the evacuees and some of my aircraft parts are soul destroying." a similar reality played out in 1999 when the father and stepmother of my next guest were killed. richard and jennifer were onboard egypt air flight 990 and this crashed into the atlantic killing all 217 people onboard including 129 americans. the couple's son, jim, is joining me on the phone from maine. jim, first, my condolences.
11:39 am
i know it's been 15 years since your dad and stepmother were killed in that egypt air crash. how has the airasia crash impacted you? >> yeah. i have unfortunately full knowledge of what many of these people are going through. what everyone affected by this crash is going through. there is literally an unspeakable experience. there simply are no words. the fact that bodies have been found as traumatic as that is, will in the long run be a good thing because what's most difficult -- our crash occurred 60 miles off nantucket and it was many months before any fragments or possessions of my father and stepmother were recovered. it's helpful to have something to bury. that's what enables you to move
11:40 am
on. i think right now there's a more urgent aspect to this situation for passenger families and that has to do with the treaty that governs this particular crash. indonesia airasia who was the operator of the airplane and indonesia is not a signatory to the montreal convention, which is deeply unfortunate because the montreal convention stipulates roughly $170,000 per passenger strictly liable which in many cases is paid almost immediately because economic consequences are immediate. groceries have to be bought. rent has to be paid. tuition has to be paid. those expenses don't stop simply because a person is in mourning. so it's up to the indonesian government to bring the insurers
11:41 am
of indonesian airasia to the table and hopefully persuade them to do the right thing by their families. >> there is that emotional impact but like you mention, there's this lingering impact in terms of the consequences of losing a loved one. i want to play something. it's a quick piece of sound from the partner of another individual who was on flight 370 and as we know that flight is still missing. listen. >> on the other hand the world needs to see that and in order for people to take this seriously and demand changes in aviation industry to provide more protection we need people to be angry and to see that. >> she's referring to seeing the images of these families who are grieving. jim, do you agree with her that the world needs to see their pain? >> absolutely. particularly because in this
11:42 am
situation, many passengers on that airplane are not afforded the protections of the montreal convention. >> you mentioned that. help us you know be in the shoes, if you can, of some of these family members. we now know seven bodies have been recovered. take me back to what that identification process was like for your family since that's where we are. >> one thing to be aware of is each crash is different. in our case the airplane hit the water traveling close to the speed of sound. everything shattered. and what records could be recovered took many many months from 60 miles off nantucket. ntsb and various other recovery organizations really put out a great deal of effort. it took a long long time. the fact that people are now so soon after the crash recovering
11:43 am
the evidence it does seem to me that that's one thing that's going to enable these people who are in this situation to move on because as i say, you need something to bury. >> jim brokaw thank you for sharing that with us. we're back in a moment.
11:44 am
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here on the east coast it's nine hours and 15 minutes from the new year. it's already new year's day on the other side of the world. we want to show you a look at how sydney and hong kong celebrated.
11:47 am
's eve's celebrations which have already taken place. next up to ring in the new year is dubai and some people who would like to be out celebrating tonight unfortunately may be in bed sick because the united states officially has a flu epidemic on its hands. the latest data from the cdc shows 7% of all deaths nationwide were due to pneumonia and influenza for the week ending december 20th. the cdc is calling the flu widespread in 36 states. joining us now live from the nation's capital is cnn medical analyst. doctor this year's vaccine apparently is not as effective. why? >> that's right. the reason for that is it takes about six months to actually make a flu vaccine and that
11:48 am
means the very early in the year around february time, scientists are predicting what strains of flu will suffer during the flu season and they don't get that right. this spring around march and april they realize that there will be strains of flu circulating not protected if you bet the vaccine. that's the bad news. >> is it worth getting the flu shot? >> it absolutely is. 61% effective. we would love it to be 100% effective but many of the doctors and public health experts i've spoken to say it's really important to get the flu shot. most flu vaccines protect against three or four different strains of flu actually so even if it's not a great match against one particular strain it will still protect you against the other strains that are going around right now. >> when we hear the word epidemic it sounds scary. 15 children have died this flu season. how does this year compare to other years? >> that's a really sad statistic statistic. in previous years we see about 35 to 170 kids every year who die from the flu.
11:49 am
2009 was a really bad year. that year we had pandemic flu and about 350 children died in the u.s. from flu. we are trying to prevent those deaths by getting people to get the flu shot and to stay at home when they are feeling sick. >> remind us who is most vulnerable. >> the flu really hits those young kids and also older adults. but also it can really hit hard for people who have diabetes asthma or other breathing problems and obesity. those folks are really affected and healthcare workers, doctors and nurses that tend to sick people right now are at risk and it's important they get their flu shot. >> i got to sneak in this last question for you. mom always says wear your coat wear your hat. don't forget your scarf. you don't want to catch a cold or get sick. is there any truth to that? >> a little bit of truth. it's always good to take your mother's advice. the truth behind it is that during the winter season it's colder but the air is also drier and viruses like that.
11:50 am
it may be that they survive for longer because there's less humidity around but the best way to stay healthy is to get the flu shot stay at home if you feel sick don't hang around other people and take mom's advice and bundle up with a good warm scarf. >> thanks to you and happy new year. >> happy new year to you. up next back to our special coverage of the search for flight 8501. the airline ceo says the plane still has not been found but crews are finding victims and more debris. i'll speak live with one analyst who says based on clues so far there may be a simple theory on what happened on that plane.
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ebert may be on that list. cnn film debuts "life itself" at 9:00 p.m. eastern and we sat down with ebert's widow. >> it was what you saw is what you got. it was authentic. that's why the show lasted for so many years. they never really sort of pretended. when they would get into arguments, they were real or when they would get into just debates, they were always trying to convince the other. they were siblings who were battling siblings. >> then as both of their lives came to an end, you could see the real love for one another. >> they did develop. toward the end they really loved each other. and you could tell that was not
11:55 am
a pretensiongspretense either. in the first six years they were together they barely spoke to each other. they would go to an elevator and look up and look around and they just didn't have much to say because back then newspaper guys it was chicago "sun-times" and chicago tribune and they were big competitors. that's what their relationship was like. >> do you think because when he fell ill, it was private. do you think that's part of the reason he was sort of like here i am. this is what i look like. this is my reality. he made it so public. he shared. >> yes. i would say that was part of it. part of it is they were two very different people.
11:56 am
roger was more open and outgoing and jean was private about things. he was very friendly but roger was just here i am. it's the personality he had. he was devastated that he didn't know that gene was dying and he said if something like this happens to me i want you to let our close friends know. >> when you watch the film you see roger in some of the first clips sitting there in the hospital. it's incredibly real how he is living. some of the difficulties. your difficulties. why were you okay with saying this is how it is? >> when we started making the movie, we didn't know he was going to pass away during the
11:57 am
making of the movie. we expected to be filming for a year. the plan was to film roger for a whole year going to film festivals and giving dinner parties and giving speeches with his synthetic voice. you know going on trips with our grandchildren and doing everything. going to movies. interviewing people. doing everything. he wanted to get a full complement of roger's life. but it's a documentary. life had something else in store that we weren't privy to until the end. >> what about the beginning of you two? you met at alcoholics unanimous. >> we met at a restaurant. he saw me at an alcoholics ss
11:58 am
unanimous meeting. i was at the restaurant with some friends. he was with ann landers who he knew and he saw me across the aisle and he said he wanted to meet me but he felt a little shy so he asked ann -- >> he was shy? knowing him as you knew him later -- >> it's surprising. it's surprising. i guess, you know when the heart is involved you can act a little differently than you do otherwise. and he asked her, you know i would like to meet her. would you go over with me and make an introduction? so they came to the table and ann landers, whom i adored introduced us and she just remained a really good friend until her death. she always said that it was one
11:59 am
of the best introductions she ever made because she was at our wedding and we just remained friends. >> chaz you speak openly in the film about this chat with your mother. you had once been part of a march with dr. king. you were thinking this wasn't exactly my plan to marry a white man. >> the heart knows what the heart knows. i fell in love with roger. he fell in love with me. i wanted him to be you know open and transparent about racial issues because there were some members of his family who didn't -- he was afraid they wouldn't accept me at first. he would say, well it's because you're not catholic. >> you were like oh, i mites be more than that roger. >> he eventually owned up to it we all became one big happy family and i loved his family and adored his family and he still has family members who i'm in touch with and we get along
12:00 pm
very well. it was a good match all around. >> what a cool lady. you can catch the acclaimed new cnn film about the life of film critic roger ebert, this sunday at 9:00 eastern. top of the hour. thanks for rolling with us. this is cnn's special live coverage of the deadly airasia plane disaster and while search crews may not have found a fuselage yet, they have recovered some bodies. seven of them so far. local reports say a teenage boy and a woman believed to be wearing a flight attendant uniform are among the first of the 162 people pulled out of the java sea. rescue workers and soldiers carrying two simple wooden boxes bearing those bleak numbers, 001 and 002 but remaining bodies may not be as easy to retrieve. the depth of the java sea is