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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  January 7, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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this is not an appropriate response if you take offense to such a thing. >> killing innocents is also an offense. bobby, we proficient that you join us today here. i'm michaela pereira. that will wrap it up for us. >> i'm john berman. our continuing coverage continues right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is now nightfall in paris, a city beloved for its culture, its art, its civility and its love. but today, terrorized apparently over cartoons. as cnn has been reporting to you for several hours now, three men dressed in black and armed with automatic rifles burst into the offices of a weekly satirical newspaper chauld charlie hebdo and then opened fire. 12 people now dead.
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ten of them journalists, including the publication's editor and top cartoonist. eight people were hurt and four of those critically hurt. the gunmen sped off and then vanished forcing officials to step up france's security posture to maximum. it's called attack alert. much more on all this in the first hour ahead. but first i want to play you a video clip of the attack itself which miraculously was shot from a nearby rooftop.
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police now have what they believe was that gunman's car that you just saw speed away. it ended up somewhere else, in fact. elsewhere in paris, minus those three terrorists. security forces are now scrambling to find the gunmen, promising, quote, any assistance to america's oldest ally. i want to get to jim bittermann who's live in paris and i'm joined by tom fuentes and peter bergen who is in washington. here with me in new york, former nypd detective harry houck. jim, let me get to you on the scene. what's the latest in the search for these three killers? >> reporter: we're hoping to get a news conference from the prosecutor, the paris prosecutor in the next few minutes. could be anytime now.
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from him, he's been the person in the past that's given the most complete information. we are expecting to get some information about the gunmen and the hunt for the gunmen. they fled the scene in a black citr citron. and the police believe they picked up that same car on the northern edge of paris, not very far away from the downtrodden suburbs of paris where there's a heavily islamic immigrant community that the gunmen may have wanted to take sanctuary in. one of the things that's going to make this really difficult is no one got a good look at the faces, so far as we know, of the gunmen. they were masked. they kept their masks on. in one video, you can see one of the gunmen picking up a shoe on the street near the car that he sped away in. and that shoe may have been part
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of his disguise, new disguise that he was going to take on after he got rid of his black outfit and mask. so it could very well be the case that these three will be able to slip unnoticed away from those people who would like to find them, meaning just about all the police in france at this point, ashleigh. >> we'll certainly get to the forensic trail they just may well have left behind and how that could be helping law enforcement as we speak live to track them. but let's talk about the people that i have targeted. the word now that the editor of that magazine is dead. the top cartoonists are dead. tell me about these victims and the actually targeting of them. >> reporter: the assailants obviously had some advance information about when the magazine was going to have its editorial meeting because it's not every day or every hour that these -- that the people that
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were killed today, the ten journalists, would be around the magazine at all. some of them work for different magazines, some work from home. but there was this editorial meeting going on this morning at 11:30 when the gunmen broke in and targeted these journalists. the magazine makes its money, makes its hay off the idea that it's going to be more extreme, more radical, more daring than anybody else. and they've been doing that for a good decade now. they have had controversies around them in the past. in 2011, they presented something called sharia hebdo which was a real send-up of the islamic terrorism operations at the time and a send-up of the prophet muhammad. and as a consequence, they were fire-bombed at that point. so they knew they were controversial. they liked being controversial but they also knew they were in danger. the head editor and also the cartoonists had some protection
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by police. the editor had, in fact, a policeman with him and believe he's one of the police victims that's been talked about. so they knew they were under threat. but that didn't stop the assailants today who came at this with an almost military-style operation, ashleigh. >> we'll talk a little bit more, jim, in a moment about that editor and some of his rationale for the kinds of publications they put out. he's said some very strong things about standing by those publications. in the meantime, to the hunt, the manhunt for these three mass murderers. if i can, tom fuentes, take me through the forensic trail now that we know that the americans have pledged all the help that the fbi can in getting to these killers and helping the french counterparts track their trail. >> i should add, ashleigh, that the relationship between the fbi and u.s. security forces and the french has been outstanding, even preceding 9/11. our attack on 9/11.
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very close working relationship for many years. and the french have been very concerned about the potential of terrorism going back more than a decade. they foiled a plot to blow up our embassy the week of 9/11 which involved al qaeda cells from seven european countries and a cell in dubai in the uae. they've had previous attacks on this particular magazine in 2011. and there have been other attacks or threats to attack other magazines or other cartoonists. and you'll recall in 2009, we had the woman from pennsylvania, colleen larose, who nicknamed herself in social media, jihad jane, she was putting together a group of individuals who were going to go to stockholm, sweden and hack to death the cartoonist who drew offensive cartoons of muhammad. these kinds of plots on can toonists or magazines or editors have been going on for years.
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particularly this magazine itself. >> tom fuentes, if i could break in for a moment. prime minister david cameron of the uk is about to give some live comments. i think we're getting those live comments ready for you. want to make sure you're aware, there are a lot of fast and furious breaking elements to this story as leaders around the world have organized impromptu news conferences to cite their solidarity with the leaders in france. let's go live and listen in to the prime minister. >> we will stand with you at this time. i know that chancellor merkel absolutely agrees with me that everyone should combine to condemn this and stand with the french people at this time. >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> german chancellor, angela merkel, is speaking as well. this is sort of a scene that's being repeated around the world. u.s. secretary of state john kerry holding a news conference
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earlier, the president of the united states giving his comments earlier today as well. we'll show you a lot of this reaction to this terror event in france. in the meantime, peter bergen, if i can bring you into this conversation, oftentimes when we see these kinds of terror attacks, it is not typical that the gunmen get away. in fact, it's usually a suicide mission. in this particular case, i want to ask your expertise on the notion that there may have been a very weak plan "b," meaning the getaway may not have been planned quite as well as the murders. >> it's hard to tell. i wanted to pick up on something important that tom said, which is, i think as we sit here in the united states, we think americans wouldn't involve themselves in an operation like this. but we talked about jihad jane who conspired to kill a swedish
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cartoonist. and there was another m mumbai-style attack in copenhagen on a cartoonist. and also add to that in the united states we've had a number of cases -- you may recall the south park episode where two american citizens were convicted of trying to kind of incite violence against the creators of "south park" because they portrayed the prophet muhammad. this is not something that is peculiar just to france. we've seen multiple conspiracies including in the united states by people who are trying to either murder cartoonists or incite violence against them, precisely because of this issue of portraying the prophet muhammad in a way that some people found insulting. >> detective houck, let me ask
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you this. yesterday it took 15 hours for the new york city police department to track down the two guys who were alleged to have shot and injured two new york city police officers. that is an all points bulletin metropolitan trackdown that worked flawlessly. >> exactly. >> now you're talking about paris, not entirely different than the place like new york. tell me about the forensic trail, tell me about the car they found. what kind of clues might they have left behind, if in fact they didn't plan so well in plan "b"? >> well, we've got a lot of video right now that we can go to. >> surveillance. >> the surveillance video. we can go back and forth and track them from a certain spot to the attack and where they escaped to. hopefully there's plenty of video available in all areas -- >> we have breaking news coming out of paris. i want to go live to the paris prosecutor who's speaking. we'll listen in.
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>> translator: preparation of terrorist acts, this inquiry was confided in three services of the police and judicial service of paris at the anti-terrorist section, criminal section, the central direction and more precisely the anti-terrorist section and finally the general interior section. given the elements of the inquiry, i need to provide you with information about the attack that took place on charlie hebdo. around 11:30 this morning, they presented in front of the
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building of charlie hebdo, a vehicle out of which two vehicles came out dressed in black with automatic weapons. precisely the premises of charlie hebdo were -- and then one of them were killed. the individuals were on the second floor and moved towards the editing suite where the entire team were based. they shot ten people including eight journalists, a police officer from the protection service of the personalities who are responsible for the newspaper as well as the invited guests, according to a witness, they shouted a la akbar and
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we've taken revenge against the prophet. they had left the citron car on the public route, taking the road which is a public road. they were then faced with a police car with the first exchange of fire. they then faced with the police patrol which was patrolling -- which provoked a second exchange of fire with injuries and then thi third, unleashed a third shooting against a police member staff where one of the members of staff of the 11th district was affected and shot to the ground. the questioning about this will
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be an inquiry about the persons -- where they're contending their routes towards the north of paris and vitally not into another vehicle in the ninth district. they were trying to pursue the route and then abandon their vehicles in a hurry in the ninth distri district, then struck the driver vehicle and then ran away. the investigation -- in-depth investigation is taking place. big mobilizations, police and judicial investigations have been undertaken to pursue this. you will understand that i cannot give you any indication of precisions concerning the investigations at the time in order to preserve the imperative of confidentiality and to
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succeed in this inquiry. quite clearly we're talking about major individuals who committed this attack. so i do not need to emphasize the danger. i call upon the responsibility of the media in this situation. a meeting will be organized as soon as we can communicate other information concerning investigation. i'd like to remind you of the witnesses who have been called upon and anyone who knows anything about the inquiries, 08, 05, 02, 1717. i repeat, 08, 01, 02, 1717. the police officer of paris has activated the terrorist cell with a -- for a period of eight days. there's a 24-hour telephone
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line, as far as the victims are concerned, i'd like to clarify that an autopsy is being taken place tomorrow morning in paris. apart from the 12 persons who have been killed, 11 wounded, including four who are in serious condition. i'd like to say the phone number. 08 842 42 37 is an open telephone for those who wish to make calls for the public. set up by the police prefecture finally. the list of victims of those who have died is being handed over to the ministry of justice. this transmission is important. it's going to make it possible
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on the one part to activate the victims network, to begin the psychological care for the families and on the other hand the department in the weeks to have places where taking care of the processes of the victims will be carried out. thank you for your attention. >> as the paris prosecutor winds up his impromptu news conference, a couple of things to bring to you that are new in this developing story. that is that there was a confirmation that these killers, as they let loose their weapons on these innocent journalists inside the offices of charlie hebdo magazine yelled, the prophet has been avenged. so clearly the motive is looking clearer and clearer that they were targeting those who drew
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these cartoons and published those cartoons that they found offensive to the prophet and to islam in general. also what was mentioned -- the interior minister said there were three gunmen. but perhaps this is being changed. we know from two different sources, confirmation that the vehicles were changed. the citron was abandoned and a pedestrian was struck in the process of this vehicle change. the number of those killed and injured also updated. still 12 killed but 11 people now updated as wounded and four of them seriously so. there's much more ahead in our coverage, specifically this question -- the message was, freedom of speech isn't so free. but is this kind of global murderous
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once again, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. back to our breaking story, the attack on a french magazine in paris. 12 people killed, 11 people injured, four seriously. two of them, police officers, ten of them journalists. i want to take you live to cnn's atika shubert who's standing by
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near the magazine headquarters where all this carnage played out just hours ago. one of the things the paris prosecutor just mentioned is that they are appealing for witnesses, but they have a lot more evidence that they're probably processing immediately as they still try to track these gunmen. what else are you hearing? >> reporter: yeah, the critical thing here is that those gunmen are still at large. and that's why police are appealing for witnesses to give them any information that might help them to track it down. now, the sequence of events as we know it is that just before noon, gunmen approached the offices of "charlie hebdo," which is sort of behind that area there. this is the closest that police will let us. they specifically, according to some eyewitnesses, asked for certain cartoonists and then opened fire, killing a number of them. they then went outside. this is when they encountered police, killing those two police officers. they got into a black citron, there's video of them getting into that getaway car. they drove it north of here and
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hijacked another car. this is where police are saying they need the most information, to find out where they went next. how did they get away to try and track them down. they're sifting through material both at the crime scene and at the car, that black citron has now been taken by police and they're looking for any clues they can get. ashleigh? >> atika, do you know anything more about the hijacking of the second car? it seemed as though the paris prosecutor was saying that the person who was in that car who was hijacked was actually injured but sounds like that person survived. do we know if that person can be helpful in terms of determining who these killers are? >> reporter: i think that person can certainly be helpful. we don't know the exact status of that person. but, yes, it does seem that they took his car -- the car forcefully. we don't know the condition of that passenger.
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but clearly any indication they can get on the make of the car, where it was headed, would be helpful to police at this point. and i should point out that the country is in a state of high alert at this point. a lot of the extra police, as you can imagine, at train stations, airports, any sort of transportation hubs but also places of worship and schools. and this is in part to keep a lookout for these men, anybody who has information of the possibility of these men, anyone acting suspiciously. police are asking them to phone, for witnesses to phone in any information they might have. >> atika shubert live for us outside of the offices where this terror attack just has played out. thank you for that. we'll continue to get updates from you as you find out information as well. as france is raising its security alert to its highest level and it's called attack alert, terrorism has certainly returned to that nation. once again, the toll of the dead, 12 people. the injured, 11. the gunmen still on the loose at
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this hour. i'm joined now live by the author of "zarqawi, the new face of al qaeda" and a former jihadist. the notion of what parisian's are now having to somehow accommodate into what their world has become, is it too early to tell the effect that this has had on that city and on that country? >> well, france has been living with terrorism over the past years. in the '80s, it was targeted. in the '90s, also. so we've been already used to living with terrorism, unfortunately, in our country. we know the intelligence and police services are during their best. our laws are made to protect the citizens. so we don't envision to change
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our way of mind of living because of these attacks. >> you don't believe that there will be changes that perhaps what some consider to be rather liberal viewpoints or at least critical viewpoints in how america has cracked down on terror just might abate in light of now being terribly victimized yourselves? >> no. it never happened before and i hope it won't happen tomorrow. what we've been witnessing today is an attack against a symbol of the freedom of press, the freedom of speech and a symbol also -- it was an attack against democracy. such an attack happened in the past in madrid, for example, or in london who have experienced that. the modus operandi of these have changed over the years. but fundamentally, we're facing
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a terrorist situation with people trying to intimidate and terrorize the population which they failed to do. >> i want to read something that was put out this morning. it's a statement and those who remember the satanic verses, his book that unleashed a fatwa on him. he was in hiding for years. this is almost 30 years ago, about 27 years ago when his book came out and he endured the wrath of terrorists. he said this this morning, religion is a medieval form of unreason, when combined with modern weaponry becomes a real threat to our freedoms. this religious totalitarianism has caused a deadly mutation in the heart of islam. we must defend the art of satire, against tyranny and
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stupidi stupidity. religions like all over ideas deserve criticism, satire and, yes, our fearless disrespect. just a quick comment, sheikh -- if i can ask you to hold your thoughts for a moment. president obama has made some comments in the oval office. with vice president joe biden, i want to listen in as he makes his comments. >> i stand with president hollande of france and hope to have the opportunity to talk with him today. but i thought it was appropriate to express my deepest sympathies to the people of paris and the people of france for the terrible terrorist attack that took place earlier today. i think that all of us recognize that france is one of our oldest allies, our strongest allies. they have been with us at every
9:30 am
moment when we have [ inaudible ] in dealing with some of the terrorist organizations around the world. for us to see the kind of cowardly, evil attacks that took place today reinforces once again why it's so important for us to stand in solidarity with them just as they stand in solidarity with us. [ inaudible ] one thing is the values we share with the french people are a universal belief -- freedom of expression is something that can't be silenced
9:31 am
because of the senseless violence [ inaudible ] -- so our counterterrorism cooperation with france is excellent. we will provide them with every bit of assistance that we can going forward. i think it's going to be important for us to make sure that we recognize these kinds of attacks that happen everywhere in the world. and it's one of the things i'll be discussing with secretary kerry today. to remain individual atlanta, not just with respect to americans living in paris but americans living in europe and in other parts of the world. to hunt down and bring the perpetrators of this specific act [ inaudible ] -- in the end,
9:32 am
though, the most important thing i want to say is that our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have lost their loved ones. what that beautiful city represents, the culture of the civilization that is so central to [ inaudible ] -- we will stand with the people of france through this very difficult time. thank you very much. >> the president with his comments beside the vice president, joe biden, in the oval office just moments ago. our joe johns was actually in the oval office with the president as he made those
9:33 am
comments. joe, it was a little hard for me to make out everything that the president was saying. but if you could twofold summarize the message from the president and also, what is the administration doing going forward in aid to the french? >> reporter: well, i think to summarize, the president sort of hit all the notes there, first stressing the alliance, the long alliance with france, especially since 9/11, in the fight against terrorism. and then going on to say that this was obviously in his view an abhorrent attack on journalists which shows that the terrorists fear freedom, freedom of expression and the things that journalists represent, among other things. and he also went on to talk a little bit about what the united states is going to do lending all its assistance to bring these perpetrators of this act to justice as attempting to roll up the net that allows -- we've
9:34 am
heard three times, twice in statements from the president, once written, also from the press secretary today that the united states will do all it can to lend assistance to france in trying to find out who did this and bring them to justice. i think those are the key points, underlying the fact that the united states does have intelligence resources and law enforcement resources that could certainly lend assistance in this situation, ashleigh. >> joe johns standing by live on the north lawn of the white house as this developing story continues. thank you for that, joe. report back to us when you hear more from the white house. in the meantime, the question becomes, if people refuse to capitulate to the unreasonable demands of murderous terrorists who want to quash freedom of speech, what kind of arsenal do
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welcome back to our continuing coverage of this terror attack in paris just hours old now. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. one of the questions that i was asking a guest, a former jihadist, right before we went to the president's comments from the oval office, had to do with the threat of terror and what the terrorists are demanding and whether those demands, whether they're heeded or not, will have an effect on society as a whole. i want to ask you this, i read you the comment from the statement that was made that effectively said, that criticism of religion should be as fair as criticism of anything. but ultimately, does that embolden the jihadist, does that embolden the terrorist, and if not, what arsenal do people have against people hell-bent on
9:39 am
murder even if they die themselves? >> well, first of all, it's a very tragic incident that happened. of course, condolences go to those directly impacted and the society at large, including the muslims who are there. these are meant to be provocative cartoons. this is the point. and people then get provoked by it. and when you have individuals who are predisposed to committing violence, they're going to act. there are already talks about copycat attacks happening. some people say, keep publishing the cartoons, we don't care. others are like, look, maybe provoking by insulting the prophet himself is not to smartest way to do it. you can still do it by making satirical cartoons but just
9:40 am
avoiding the prophet himself. i understand some people want to do that. we live in a free society. go ahead if you want. i just don't think it's a sensible policy. >> questions a lot of people are asking as we move forward. the developments are still coming in. mubin shaikh, thank you for your thoughts. i want to bring in deb feyerick. you found out specific information about what the investigation is finding. >> there is actually a lot of information that investigators are examining. for example, at one point, the gunman raises his finger and it looks as if he's almost signaling somebody else, either somebody who was standing there or somebody who was in a vehicle. we do know that there was a second vehicle that they abandoned the original car that they were in order to make their getaway. another thing we're looking at is that these individuals, as you can see, their faces were covered, their hands were covered. they had no intention of being
9:41 am
identified. >> here's the video you were just talking about. >> look at the man near the car. he raises his finger. you see that. it's blocked a little bit. but it appears that he's signaling to somebody. and that's another clue that they're looking at. the nypd having looked at this, they are now also making adjustments. they say that the attack appears well-coordinated, well-planned and therefore officials are taking into consideration all of that in reviewing intelligence and the kind of adjustments they plan to make here in the city. >> one of the comments has been, if you hear -- it's very difficult, but if you can speak french, you can understand they speak french beautifully, not with a strong accent which night indicate that they have spent a lot of time there. and yet travel records are not out of the realm here? >> they're absolutely looking at travel records. they're going back to see who may have entered france over the last 17 days, they may have just blended in along with everybody else who was traveling back and forth for the holidays.
9:42 am
they are looking at travel records from the airports, for example, from charles de gaulle, also looking at train stations as well. the borders are open there so it's difficult to check different passports. but they are looking at all those travel records over the last 17 days. >> and they're looking not only at the dna work-up inside the vehicle but the soil samples from the tires. >> we saw a sneaker fall out of the car. there could be something that was left behind in the car, so they're looking for minute traces of any possible dna or forensic evidence that can at least identify who these men are. >> there just may be a remarkable forensic trail starting with that vehicle and continuing to the hijacked vehicle as well and all that surveillance video on the street. deborah feyerick, thanks very much. continue to let us know when you hear more from your sources. in the meantime, there is this question, they are trying to bully the world. they are trying to tell everyone
9:43 am
regardless of what country you are, east or west, you may not say certain things. is that going to work? and by the way, might france think a little differently about how it approaches terror, perhaps even the coalition to fight terror? those questions in a moment.
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welcome back to our continuing coverage of this terror attack in paris. welcome to the viewers here in the united states and around the world. we are awaiting some live comments right now from 10 downing street. yet again, the prime minister of great britain, david cameron, actually alongside the chancellor of germany, angela merkel, are expected to give some more remarks. they spoke sort of at -- just earlier on just outside, a quick news conference. but this a more formal one that's about to get under way as all leaders around the world, americas included, have been sending out their condolences and also standing firm with the people of france as they now bear witness and bear down on the pain and suffering that has come with a terror attack that has killed 12, wounded 11 and certainly gone right to the soul of that country. in the meantime, i'm joined now by cnn's fareed zakaria, host of "fareed zakaria gps." there is this notion that these
9:47 am
terrorists, whatever their message, clearly it's about the cartoons that they found offensive depicting the prophet muhammad, are trying to bully the world, no matter where you are in the world, east or west, into their way of living, their way of thinking, not free thinking, no freedom of speech. is this going to work? >> you know, unfortunately, it would be nice to say it's not going to work. it shouldn't work. but the reality is that it will have a chilling effect. it already has had a chilling effect. and these are difficult decisions that news organizations now have to make, that magazines will have to make because, yes, of course you believe in freedom of speech. but do you also want to put lives at risk, particularly it's one thing to put your own life at risk, you're putting other people's lives at risk. so it is unfortunately going to have a chilling effect. i think there's no way around it. >> almost begs an international journalistic conflict. we're at a turning point. either freedom of speech is in
9:48 am
peril around the world -- prime minister david coameron is speaking live. let's listen. >> the german chancellor and i have spoken to francois hollande this afternoon -- [ inaudible ]. we stand absolutely united with the french people against terrorism and against this threat to our values, free speech, democracy and it's essential that we defend those values today and every day. i'm delighted to welcome the chancellor, delighted to become you back to downing street. i think we very much enjoyed our visit to the british museum, the oldest museum in the world and a stunning exhibition curated so brilliantly about german history and german mysteries. it was very enjoyable to have that tour of the museum together.
9:49 am
it's a testament, the exhibition, to the collaboration between our two countries. and i believe that collaboration will get stronger, particularly as the queen will make her fifth state visit to germany in june. our exports to germany are up by more than 20% since 2009. >> the prime minister and the german chancellor moving on to another topic that obviously was previously scheduled but beginning their news conference with their solidarity with the french people and that they had reached out to the french president, francois hollande, to extend their grief and sadness for the people of france who are suffering through this terror attack that happened just hours ago. i want to reintroduce fareed zakaria. it begs this global bullying, a conference of journalists around the world to know there's strength in numbers. if everyone capitulates, the terrorists win. >> it would be great but it shouldn't just be journalists. i think the important thing to understand is freedom of speech is not a parochial, narrow issue
9:50 am
that journalists care about. it animates freedom and universal values everywhere. we're watching david cameron condemn this attack, wee watch barack obama condemn this attack, francois hollande, wonderful. but where is the president of egypt? where is the president of pakistan? the prime minister of pakistan? >> pakistan having just endured one of the worst terror attacks ever, 300 kids. >> but pakistan which also has one of the worst blasphemy laws on its books which allow people to be prosecuted, in fact, even executed, on the basis of those laws. it's so important right now to hear from muslim leaders, leaders of muslim countries -- it's all very well for the western leaders to do this. it will only begin to have an effect and it will put -- it will at least make a dent in this global bullying if we hear from the leaders of muslim majority countries saying, this is not islam, this is not what we believe in.
9:51 am
and frankly, i haven't yet heard a lot. i've heard a couple of french imams, which is very good and very important. but as i say, there are dozens and dozens of muslim majority countries in the world. and i haven't seen a single head of state yet -- i may be wrong. but right now, i haven't seen any statement come out -- >> we're about six hour, 50 minutes since this attack. perhaps it's just the beginning of the movement and who knows if there will be more voices that emerge. but let me ask you about france in particular. nicolas sarkozy, the former french president, presided over a ban of the wearing of the full veil, not a ban on head covering but the wearing of the full veil in france. and that irked a lot of muslims. i think it irked a lot of militant muslims far more. but is this retribution specific to france or this the kind of thing where france juz happenstd to have the magazine of chance for the moment? >> i think it's the latter.
9:52 am
these kind of radical jihadis have always hated freedom of expression, particularly political satire. there was a danish weekly and there were death threats about that one. you mentioned another one. there is about the core principle of freedom of speech. france has a particular problem which is it has the largest muslim migrant community or home-grown community, i should say, in europe. there's about 5 million, a consequence of its colonial past in algeria and neighboring countries. so france probably has more radical islamist cells than other places. and france has been good at assimilating its immigrants and people who don't look french in the traditional sense. but obviously, this could happen anywhere in europe. the united states does not seem to have much radicalism within
9:53 am
its muslim community. >> i want to just finish our conversation by reading something from the editor who was murdered today, the editor of "charlie hebdo" magazine. he said this back in 2012, he said, i don't feel as though i'm killing someone with a pen, i'm not putting lives at risk. when activists need a pretext to justify their violence, they always find it. and there's the man who wrote those words and was murdered today, possibly because of them and because of his mission in life, which was freedom of speech, that everyone can be criticized, no matter what. fareed, thank you. i appreciate your insight as always. look forward to your program this weekend as well that will more than likely do a very deep dive into this issue. in the meantime, i wanted to show you something from the "charlie hebdo" website. that says "i am charlie." this is what the website shows. it's in every language. as we go through the various screen shots of the different languages, you can see it in german, you see it in french,
9:54 am
you see it in every single language. and this is a viral campaign as well, meaning that we all stand with those. and it is also, as you should note, in farsi and in arabic. as we look at that and note that this was a satirical magazine, these were comedians, these were people just poking fun at the realities of life. what about comedy? and why is it that there is this rise in comedy where it is so unlikely? that's next.
9:55 am
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. want to tell you a little something about the magazine that was targeted by these gunmen today. it's called "charlie hebdo" it's not someone's name. it's a combination of the peanuts character charlie brown and the french word for "weekly." known more for the controversies worldwide that stirred up around it. it's popular certainly in paris. i want to get to brian stelter here, our senior media consultant and also dean obeidallah.
9:58 am
dean is an arab comedian. you write about the rise in satires in places that you would least likely find it. >> i wrote about it. there are comics making fun of isis by name, people in iraq and lebanon, palestinians as well. mocking it to undermine their legitimacy. they're using humor to say, these people don't represent islam. they're the exception, not mainstream muslims. >> and there is a risk/reward here? >> yes. they're risking their lives. they know their lives are on the line by mocking them. >> and in paris, some of these cartoonists knew what they were doing was risky. the most moving statement i saw was from the editor-in-chief who said, i don't understand how people can attack a newspaper with heavy weapons. he said, a newspaper is not a
9:59 am
weapon of war. >> but it is a weapon of ideology. how do you fight this, do you continue to publish it and risk your own employees? >> for myself as a muslim, i want to make it clear, we have nothing against freedom of expressi expression. this is an attack on everyone who believes in freedom of expression. it's not us against them, it's mainstream muslims versus radicals who want us to agree with them and will kill us like they will do mainstream western people. >> there's a decision about whether to share these or not -- >> is globally anybody speaking up at this point -- >> an incredible show of support for these people -- >> print the material in show of support? that's a bigger decision. >> it is. and that's what we're just starting to see online. >> thank you both so much. certainly this story continues to develop. we are continuing to watch every
10:00 am
one of these developments here live on cnn. thanks for watching. my colleague wolf blitzer starts right after this break. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we start with breaking news this hour. an attack on freedom of speech. it happened in paris as gunmen launched a terror attack, a brutal one, on a french magazine. 12 people are now confirmed killed in the attack, ten journalists, two police officers. 11 others injured. the target was a french satire magazine called "charlie hebdo" that in the past printed cartoons on its cover depicting the prophet muhammad. some of the shooting was caught on tape by eyewitnesses. watch and listen.


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