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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 8, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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like... the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend! [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] zzzquil, the non habit forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing. hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and are round the world. thanks for joining us. in the paris terror attack right now france's president francois hollande is meeting with both houses of parliament that follows a crisis meeting he held over yesterday's brazen terror attack. a manhunt is going on right now for these two men. they're the suspects now being identified as two brothers
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cherif and said cow after chi. they're considered armed and very dangerous. reports say they robbed a gas station outside the city about an hour northeast of paris. almost three dozen police officers are there, seen transferring a number of items from a station to a forensic truck. overnight, a police woman is shot and killed in a southern suburb of paris. minutes ago we learned it's being treated as a terror attack. it's not known if there's a direct connection to yesterday's massacre, but eyewitnesss say today's killer was dressed the same, all in black uniform, wearing a bulletproof vest at the same time. that gunman also still on the loose. hundreds of police reservists are being deployed for a burst of violence that has been as unsettling as tragic. in the meantime bells chime and a nation pauses.
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>> one of the busiest cities in the world grinds to a halt for a minute of sigh sy lens. let's get the latest now on the manhunt. attention now shifting west where police have possibly located the suspects but they are still on the loose. it's about an hour's drive from the gas station that the men reportedly robbed and were spotted at. atika shubert is joining us with details on police possibly possibly located the suspects. she's joining us on the phone. what's the latest atika? what do we know? unfortunately i think we've lost our connection with atika shubert. we'll reconnect with her momentarily. in the meantime i want to bring in john miller the new york city police department's deputy commissioner of intelligence and
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counterterrorism joining us now live. thanks very much for joining us. first of all, i know you're up to speed. you have representatives of the nypd in france right now. they're briefing you on what's going on. you're extremely well connected. what's the very latest that you're hearing on this manhunt for these two suspects? >> we have to be careful to separate that. we have a detective assigned to paris. he's giving us operational updates as we go. i want to be very careful not to speak for the parisian pre fek tore police on an ongoing operation. >> so right now -- as far as you know these two suspects said and cherif kouachi, they are still on the loose and have not been apprehended, is that right? >> that's what we believe at this time. what you're seeing is very similar to the dynamics of what we saw here after the boston marathon bombing suspects when they were identified their pictures were put out and they
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quickly went on the run. what you saw there was they attacked a police officer and killed him in an attempt to steal his gun. they carjacked the victim in an attempt to get money from his atm and then steal his car to drive to new york. what you see is an attack with a lot of preoperational planning in boston or if you look at paris you see the same thing. what we're seeing now, the attack on a police woman, if it involves these suspects or another that's connected, the robbery of a gas station, the carjacking of vehicles what you see now is a plan that had a lot that went into planning and executing the attack with much less that went into the back end of the getaway, where to go how to get there, what to do. and i think that is what we are watching unfolding in these hours. >> is it too early to say this murder of this police woman in the southern part -- one of the southern suburbs of paris is
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connected to what happened at the french magazine yesterday? >> i think it's too early to conclude that but i also think it's an awful lot of coincidence to believe it would not be connected, either with the same individuals or some other connection. it's certainly something they're looking at very hard right now. >> we've been told the killing of a police woman and wounding of another person who was there, it's not far from some sort of jewish school in the area. that's raising a lot of suspicions. at the same time there have been attacks on other jewish institutions in france and belgium in recent weeks and months as you well know right? >> that's correct. again, we're drifting into the area of speculation there. as you know wolf because you do this better than most the first version of events is never quite right. so we have to look at that and say was that a car accident that involved a shooting?
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was that an attempted carjacking? who is this individual who shows up all dressed in black with a semi-automatic rifle and bulletproof vest? there are layers to that story that they will have to peel back and figure out what was that event and how if at all, is it connected to these other events. >> tell us how all of this is impacting new york city your city where i understand you did take measures to tighten security at various locations including the french consulate in manhattan. >> we have over 150 units that are out there every day called the crvs t critical response vehicles. they will go to key locations that we'll designate from one day to the next based on the threat picture in the world. based on yesterday's threat picture, we moved the critical response vehicles to certain french related locations in the city. we did a deployment to a number of media places that we keep in
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kind of a standard plan when the threat shifts that way. we have heavy armed teams called the hercules teams. and you just saw one of those on your screen where they'll show up with heavy vests, heavy weapons. they'll show up without notice. you don't know where they're going to be or how long they're going to stay. part of that is just keeping people who might be thinking about or planning a potential attack off balance. the key is you never know when these units are going to show up. the other piece of this wolf they're all out there and they're all out there all the time which means, if something happens, we're able to surge a lot of people with the right equipment almost anywhere particularly around manhattan very quickly. >> but what's really disturbing this was not apparently what would happen at the french magazine yesterday, some lone wolf some home-grown individual that may have just gotten carried away. this looks like a pretty sophisticated, well-planned operation. that raises the threat level a little bit higher right?
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>> wolf i think if you look at the videos of this attack yesterday, what you see is a couple of people who appear very comfortable and fairly calm and focused in the kind of environment when most people would be very much off balance. their first mission was to kill people that they had identified. their second mission after killing those people was to take on the police including stopping in mid escape to take time out to go execute a police officer, and on behalf of the new york city police department our deepest condolences as a department who has lost officers in the last few weeks to the paris -- the french national police, the paris prefecture police. you also see when they have to move they run. but when they want to walk they walk. you see that he apparently dropped perhaps a magazine from his rifle as he's getting back
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into the car. he stops to pick it up. these do not appear like people who were in their first shooting or shootout. it's likely that they were either trained around a lot of gunfire or may have fought in some of the foreign theaters whether that was iraq or other places. so there are certain indicators that suggest that this could have been directed by al qaeda or isis or al nusra. while we look at those indicators we also have to bear in mind there are magazines that encourage these kind of attacks, al qaeda's "inspire" magazine that come with tactical instructions you can train to and they call on people to do that on their own. i think there's going to be a big intelligence piece on the back end to figure out where they sent, recruited and trained and sent and, if so by whom what group, what organization and that has a certain
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likelihood or are they part of this new breed that is self actualizing. >> one final question john miller. these two guys said and cherif kouachi, were they on the u.s. radar screen? one of them spent time in jail for supposedly recruiting individuals to go fight in iraq and/or syria. did you know about these two guys? >> i think if you look at the fact that they were investigated by french authorities, prosecuted by french authorities and that they -- their existence lived within the public record of terrorism which is something that is accessed globally by all intelligence agencies you'd have to say they were on the radar. one of the great challenges that the french face that we face here in america, the boston marathon bombing underscored this that we are all nations of laws. not all the same laws but
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there's a lot of people on the radar who, either the system has dealt with or who surfaced in investigations that have not necessarily committed a crime that you can charge them with at that moment. in this case one of these people was charged, but was also out. so this is a real challenge. there are only so many people that you can surveil or watch or follow at any one time. a lot of these boils down to triage. >> john miller the deputy commissioner of the nypd for intelligence and counterterrorism. thanks very much for joining us. good luck to you and all the men and women of the nypd. i know you're doing everything possible to protect the people in new york city. thanks so much for joining us. we've gotten connected with cnn's atika shubert, she's chasing details on police possibly locating the suspects. tell us where you are, atika and what you've learned? >> reporter: i've actually just
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passed the gas station at the last location of the two suspects apparently coming in and holding up the gas attendant at gunpoint taking gas and food and driving off in the direction of paris. i was there earlier, a number of plainclothes policemen gathering inside. since then we have seen at least two helicopters circling the area and a number of police convoys going back and forth on the highway. they seem to be searching the area. now, we don't know if they have pinpointed a location for these two suspects yet, but clearly they are sort of looking through here looking for any signs of the vehicle that they were in. and if we get any sense that they have located them we will definitely give you the latest details on that, wolf. >> remind our viewers, at tech
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ka what happened here these two suspects these two brothers said and cherif kouachi kouachi, supposedly drove the vehicle to the gas station and then they robbed the gas station. the gas station attendant spotted them. he survived obviously. after these two guys escaped, he then called police. is that what happened? >> reporter: exactly. they were quite heavily armed. -- >> i think we're losing atika again. a massive manhunt under way for these two suspects said and cherif kouachi. i want to bring in our international correspondent jim bittermann joining us from paris. elsewhere in a southern suburb of paris where a police woman was shot and killed by an armed individual dressed in black, similar to the two terrorists who killed those journalists and the police officers at the
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french magazine yesterday. what do we know about this fluid situation where you are? >> reporter: in fact precious little. i'm actually here at the scene of the shooting yesterday. in fact this morning's shooting was down in the south side of paris, where that took place. basically a police woman got shot and died from her injuries. she was directing traffic around a rather common traffic accident when somebody got out of the car, sub machine gun, dressed in black and shot her as well as another city employee and he's wounded. in any case the police then called in their very special riot squad. we thought for a moment they had tracked somebody down. there was an apartment that was surrounded. they brought up an armored car and the s.w.a.t. team was brought up. in fact, after awhile along about the time of that break for the moment of silence at noon they withdrew the whole team. whatever they thought they had,
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they didn't have. that means, however, there is a third gunman out there who -- whether he's connected with this attack here at "charlie ebdo," or the prosecutor has not made that clear. it is being treated as a terrorist act. the prosecutor has told us that much. i want to show you what's happening out here quite interesting, just a steady stream of people paying homage to those killed at the magazine yesterday. in fact one of the things that the crowd is -- in the center of that crowd, there's the imam a rather prominent imam quite outspoken, saying things to his fellow muslims about the way they should behave. dransi was the shipment point for jews out of france in world war ii. so it has a very strong
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historical significance. of course having the imam speaking out very strongly in moderate tones is something that i think a lot of people here would like to see, wolf. >> that's very significant indeed. very quickly, jim bittermann the gunman who killed this police woman, he was wear ag black uniform. was he also masked as the two gunmen were yesterday? >> according to witnesses, yes, masked and armed with an automatic weapon which, as you know is not very easy to obtain in france. he was also wearing a bulletproof vest which would be another thing you wouldn't find ordinarily in the supermarkets in any case wolf. >> do the police officers normally have weapons, guns in paris? i'm told they usually don't. i'm i wonder if this police woman, was she armed? >> reporter: she was not. she was a local police woman and
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not armed. normally police woman -- one of the reason they call them john darms, people with guns normally the police on the streets of paris do have weapons with them. they are now, however, this morning at the scene of the shooting. i notice a number of the police had automatic weapons themselves. they're armed with the police version of an assault rifle that they are carrying as well as everyone now, all the police have got bulletproof vests as far as i can see, wolf. >> that's important to know that they can protect themselves. i know at least some of the local police they are unarmed in paris and elsewhere in the suburban areas. jim, we'll get back to you, jim bittermann reporting live from the scene. it's a day of mourning in france, understandably so, as it remembers the 12 victims of this terrorist attack. we'll take a quick break. as we go to break, i want to show you president francois hollande he observed a moment of silence for the 12 people killed.
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here in washington, d.c. the white house is lending its support to the french people depending their right to freedom of expression. we're joined by our senior
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washington correspondent joe johns. he's over at the white house. the president, obviously, is very very concerned about what's going on in france. the ramifications for the united states indeed for the entire world, joe, they are very significant. what's the latest over there? >> reporter: wolf they've certainly tried to balance the value of freedom of expression with some other values including freedom of religion. there has been a tiny bit of a discernible shift. back in 2012 for example, after "charlie ebdo" published some controversial cartoons and after the release on social media of a very controversial anti-islamic film. then white house press secretary jay carney weighed in sort of questioning the judgment of publishing some of this stuff. and then after that listen to the president of the united states in the oval office talking about freedom of speech. >> the fact that this was an attack on a journalist attack
7:22 am
on our free press also underscores the degree to which these terrorists fear freedom of speech and freedom of the press. but the within thing i'm very confident about is the values we share with the french people. i believe a universal belief in freedom of expression is something that can't be silenced. >> we are aware a french magazine published cartoons featuring a figure resembling the prophet muhammad. we have questions about the judgment. we know these images have the potential to be inflammatory. but we've spoken repeatedly about the importance of upholding the freedom of expression enshrined in our constitution. >> reporter: so a slight difference in tone coming out of the white house from 2012 compared to just now at the
7:23 am
white house. to underscore that just yesterday white house press secretary josh ernest suggesting the white house isn't going to pass judgment on what journalists do saying it's hard to imagine the president putting himself in a position to be offering advice or even direction about what should or shouldn't be published by legitimate independent journalists. a very light shift in this situation after the paris terror attack. >> the president is out of town today. we don't know if he'll be addressing this issue. is that right, joe? >> we do not know. i posed that question to the white house press office. they haven't gotten back to us. it's clear it's on everybody's mind here whether thement says anything about it out in phoenix is anybody's guess. >> joe, let's check back with you. joe johns reporting for us from the white house. some are asking if france is seeing repercussions as it takes a higher profile in the global fight against terror groups.
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last fall french converts to islam were seen in an execution video n. 2012 a jewish school was attacked by self-styled al qaeda jihadist. let's bring in cnn global after first analyst, bobby ghosh. thanks very much for joining us. are the french an increased target list because of their more visible role, cooperating fully in this war against isis in iraq and syria? >> they have been a target for a full year now, not just iraq and syria, but also much more because of their role in driving out al qaeda from mali and places in francophone africa. their role there is far more forceful shall we say, and because they've more or less gone alone there, they're getting some amount of blowback. we should say this particular attack had nothing to do with france's foreign policy or
7:25 am
france's involvement in any foreign adventures. this is -- if that were the case these guys would have chosen to attack a military target or a government target. the fact that they picked on this magazine for what these people would regard as offenses going back a decade in some instances suggests this is a far more targeted attack. >> i've seen some statements coming from arab countries, muslim countries, condemning what happened in paris yesterday. a statement from jordan from pakistan i think there was a statement from saudi arabia. has there been enough condemnation coming from the muslim leadership the muslim countries, arab countries based on what you're sensing right now, bobby? >> i think there's a lot. on my twitter feed there's an outpouring of anger at this attack and condemnation of these people. the trouble sometimes is that when there are these -- when arab leaders or community leaders speak, they're speaking in a different language
7:26 am
sometimes literally in a different language and on different platforms and different media so we don't often here it here in the west. if you're following imams and religious figures on twitter or social media, you're hearing condemnation across the board. almost immediately, pretty much within minutes of this attack taking place, the moment the fact that the words al lar akbar were heard, the moment that fact became known, my twitter feed began lighting up with people both ordinary muslims but also religious figures saying these people have done more damage and have offended the prophet much more than any cartoons could possibly have. >> is the connection or lack of a connection between what happened today when a police woman was shot and killed by a masked man dressed in a black uniform with a bulletproof vest semi-automatic weapon very
7:27 am
similar in operation to what happened yesterday at the "charlie ebdo" magazine do you sense a connection a copy cat, no connection what's your indication giving you, bobby? >> instinctively we're going to jump to that conclusion happening so soon after and with the similarities that you described. but there are criminal gangs in france and in paris that are quite frequently in conflict with the police. since the police haven't yet come out and made that connection i think we should just hold back for a little bit and get that absolutely right. at this time heightened tension, there are attacks on mosques in several places in france, you can understand why the police has been very careful about just coming out and making a direct connection immediately. there is a lot of criminal activity in france and a lot of the criminal gangs there are armed. so that's -- we shouldn't rule out that possibility right now.
7:28 am
>> that's a good point. the only thing the french police have said so far, this killing of this police officer, this police woman in the southern suburb of paris was an act of terror but not making a direct kicks, at least not yet, to what happened at the magazine yesterday. bobby, we'll stay in close touch with you. bobby ghosh, helping us better appreciate what's going on. much more of the breaking news right after this. you give... and you give... and then you give some more. but sometimes you get. and so you take. tylenol® cold is strong enough for you while children's tylenol® is gentle enough for them. we give you relief from your cold and flu. you give them everything you've got. tylenol®.
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good morning. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. thanks very much for joining us. right now the hunt is on for these two men, the prime suspects behind yesterday's brutal terror attack in paris. according to french media both men robbed a gas station earlier today just outside of paris. let's bring in our justice reporter evan perez who is joining us from new york right now. what else do we know about these two individuals, evan? >> reporter: wolf we know the suspects were on the radar, not only of french law enforcement but also the u.s. because they shared some of that information with u.s. authorities. we know that at least one of them has some history with
7:32 am
french extremist groups. these are groups that were involved in helping arrange for the travel of fighters to go to iraq to try to join the jihadists over there, and that is the older brother cherif kouachi. we do know, wolf, this was information that was passed on to u.s. authorities. very quickly after this happened the u.s. was able to have some information, was able to know exactly who we were dealing with. what is not clear, wolf is whether this was something that could have been prevented because we know that the french had some kind of monitoring on both these suspects. it wasn't 24/7 monitoring that you do with the most worrisome of suspects. the french have hundreds of people that they're monitoring but they -- to do 24/7 monitoring is something that's very manpower intensive and expensive and not something that they can do wolf.
7:33 am
right now we know that on the u.s. side there is some concern. we know they're worried ability whether or not there could be copy cat attacks, not only here but in other parts of the world, they're raising security in the united states and in some locations, especially here in new york because of the concern that others could try to do something like this wolf. >> that's what we heard from john miller the deputy police commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism in new york. are you hearing anything from your sources at all about whether or not there's any direct connection between what happened at the magazine yesterday and what happened in the southern suburb of paris today where this police woman was shot and killed? >> reporter: well they're treating the second incident as a terrorist incident wolf but they don't know whether there's a direct connection. again, that's exactly what they're worried about, is people will see what happened with the magazine and use this as the opportunity to get -- to carry out other attacks. this could be just somebody who
7:34 am
was trying to act upon the opportunity that they had here. we expect that you might see some more of this type of thing in other places around the world. evan perez reporting for us. thanks very much. let's talk more about yesterday's brutal attack. joining us our cnn military analyst, retired lieutenant colonel mark hurt ling. you wrote a piece on about the tactics used by these gunmen. walk us through what stood out to you after you studied the videos that surfaced? those are the videos that surfaced publicly. i'm sure law enforcement, military personnel, counterterrorism experts in paris and france have a lot more closed circuit tv they're going through right now. but walk us through what has been released personally. >> when i first saw the various videos that came up yesterday, there were certain things that struck me as a former soldier that appeared that these two
7:35 am
individuals had their act together much more than what we've seen in the past. a couple of things. first of all, their use of the weapons, the way they had -- at least one of the shooters had a three-point sling over their shoulder. it appeared they were very careful to make sure they weren't shooting in each other's path. they were using a buddy team mentality of movement and shoot, going behind barriers to protect themselves as they were monday ufrg through the area. that was the one thing. the second thing was the uniform. they were all wearing black including their face masks. that also hides bulk. you can tell by the look on the upper part of their body that something was underneath that jacket whether it be an armored vest or suicide belt you don't know. they had something under there and they were using the black color not only to intimidate but also to hide that bulk underneath their jacket. i think one of the things we had -- one of the first things that came across was they had
7:36 am
conducted a very good reconnaissance of this area. many of your other guest haves pointed this out, too. they were very well prepared to conduct this operation. unfortunately they've messed up and stumbled through a couple of other things since then but for the attack itself they had prepared trained and planned. it was obvious in the way they were moving and the way they were attacking the building and the fact they knew the editorial board had conducted meetings every day at 12:00 to go through what cartoons they were going to show next. finally, the precise targeting of what they saw as their target was very interesting. they went in specifically to get key individuals. that's almost precision targeting like we use in the west where you don't shoot a lot of other people yu just go after the main targets. unfortunately it resulted in the deaths of the building and the deaths of the policeman. the final thing i saw, just in terms of the movement and it wasn't reported yesterday, but i
7:37 am
would have bet a dollar on the fact that someone was filming this scene. since then there's been reports of one of the terrorists giving a signal somewhere. i think that was probably hey, we're either done or we're about to do something. usually the tactics of terrorists is to always film their attacks so they can use it later on on social media and show what they have done. >> i'll put this up on the screen in the article you did for, you make the exact point and say usually tur e terrorists film their attacks for future social media use. they may have had terrorist videographers in specific locations for that purpose. they may appear in the future. french citizens who post the videos contribute to the terrorists' information campaign. >> right now we're not seeing anyone claim responsibility for this attack because we're seeing so many of the repeated videos
7:38 am
on all the news channels and the media outlets. it's getting the word out that this was a successful attack. again, when you consider things like copy cat or the call to jihad, the news itself will call other people to do some of these things whether it's posted on a channel like cnn or al jazeera or whatever or whether it's posted on a terrorist internet site it's going to be a call to jihad. right now they don't have to do that because they're getting the free publicity from all the open news access channels. >> general hert ling thank you for joining us. go to and read your powerful explanation, your article there, very good stuff. thanks very much general, for joining us. according to "usa today" both brothers spent time in syria. these are the two suspects this morning. authorities are trying to figure out if the two gunmen are part of a larger terror network, said and cherif kouachi. let's bring in our cnn
7:39 am
international correspondent nick roberts. one of them had served a year year and a half in prison released for time. what's your analysis of why these guys were able to do what they obviously, or at least allegedly did yesterday? >> a lot of time to think about it wolf. one of them is report to have said he was radicalized as far back as a decade ago, when one of them came on the police radar. they had a lot of time thinking about this. going to jail for radical gee addists is indoctrination that's happening in europe and other places as well. again, we talked about the control of the weapons. you hear one of the weapons, the two automatic weapons used on a three-burst, that type of weapon. you can switch it to single shot three shot multiple shot. you hear bang, bang, bang, from one of the weapons and then
7:40 am
again. there's a level of control. what we've seen from radical islamists, look at the be heding of the soldier on the streets of london. the attackers rhee re lied on people just like this to use their phones. one of the killers goes up with blood on his hands and talks to a person on their street holding their cell phone and explains what they've done. i think there's a degree where the radical islamists will allow and expect what they're doing to be captured. they won't necessarily film it themselves. we talked as well about this issue of one of hem holding up a finger and potentially have been to syria at one time. if you look at a lot of photographs that come out of syria, young jihadists when they're being expressive or they think they're about to dirks they will often hold up a single finger. we don't know why a finger was held up here but that is common practice among radical islamist
7:41 am
jihadists and isis in syria and iraq. so there's some commonalities. those are some of the thoughts i'm having right now, wolf. >> i know you've studied these videos like all of us. you spent so much time in that part of the world, syria, iraq afghanistan, pakistan you really know the story. we appreciate it very much nic robertson, thank you very much. we'll take a quick break. much more right after this.
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here in washington, d.c. the impact of the paris terror attacks are being felt felt especially up on capitol hill where house republicans are preparing to square off with democrats over funding for the department of homeland security. the funding will expire at the end of next month as part of a deal to keep the rest of the government running through much of this year. the gop set that deadline in a bid to get president obama to reverse his executive actions on immigration reform. a standoff could, in fact shut down the department of homeland security and ramifications could be significant. now, some members, prominent members of the party including south carolina senator lindsey graham say their colleagues should consider a new strategy in light of the "charlie hebdo" tragedy. >> republicans are threatening
7:45 am
to cut homeland security budgets even more to retaliate for immigration. are you rethinking that? >> yeah i hope so. >> you hope so? >> i hope we can challenge the executive action of the president in a mature fashion. i've never been for shutting down homeland security. >> the secretary of homeland security jeh johnson told me this new attack underscores the need to keep his agency open. >> we should not at this point be playing political football with the budget of the homeland security capability of this nation. so what i've been urging today, all this week to members of congress is there are things that need to be funded in the homeland security department new starts new funding for border security counterterrorism secret service that cannot wait much longer. >> let's discuss what's going on. joining us republican congressman mike turner of ohio. congressman, thanks very much for joining us. you don't want to really shut
7:46 am
down the department of homeland security do you? >> what we need here is the president of the united states to return back to the 9/11 commission report and read chapter 12 that calls for a global terrorism response. the report says specifically we're not responding to just al qaeda or just the events that occurred on 9/11 but a global strategy to address islamic terrorism. that's what we're seeing as nato and u.s. allies are concerned about the islamic terrorists going back and forth from war zone areas and back into the west that pose a threat. i think the president by focusing on this certainly can rally the country and certainly rally support for the efforts in homeland security. the president himself is the one that's tieing his attempt to change the status of illegal immigrants here in the united states to the funding for homeland security. it's been clear on a bipartisan effort there's opposition to his plan. it's clear congress is willing to fund homeland security but
7:47 am
does not wish to fund his executive action -- >> congressman, isn't there another way to make your views clear, what you want to do as far as immigration reform opposing the president's executive actionstion, but at the same time doing what you've done for the rest of the federal government allow it to be funded through the end of this fiscal year so that the american people will be protected by the department of homeland security and all the agencies that are part of it? >> remember wolf, if anything shuts down it's not because congress shuts it down. it's because the president either vetoes or is unwilling to take action. if a bill is on his desk to fund homeland security but doesn't fund his effort to change the status of illegal immigrants and he vetoes that he will be the one to shut down the government without looking to what he should be focusing on,a to address islamic extremeist and terrorism. the president needs to focus on -- >> i want to be precise. yesterday i spoke with your colleague, republican
7:48 am
congressman mcmccall the chairman of the house homeland security committee. he's met with jeh johnson, the secretary of homeland security yesterday. both of them are obviously very concerned about this battle right now over immigration, and if it will shut down in effect the department of homeland security which includes the secret service, includes immigration, all sorts of domestic security agencies he wants some sort of compromise. he wants to work out a deal that the funding will be there. you know what? maybe deal with some of these immigration issues elsewhere, because right now, especially in the aftermath of these terror attacks in paris, it's not time to shut down the department of homeland security. here is the question to you, congressman. do you agree with the chairman of the house homeland security committee that a deal has to be worked out, some sort of compromise on this issue? >> well i don't think you'll find one person in congress in the house or senate that wants to shut down homeland security. you will find one person in the white house who has an ability to determine that outcome. for negotiations that means he has to come to the table.
7:49 am
there is widespread opposition both the american public and congress against his executive action with regard to the illegal status of immigrants he wants to change. >> let me interrupt for one moment and i apologize for that because we have a limited amount of time. what you're saying is it's more important to you to stop the president's executive actions on immigration than it is to fund the department of homeland security? >> wolf of course as you know i didn't say that. what i said is the president has to come to the table. the only person talking at all about shutting down homeland security and how that might affect the president's executive action is the president. he has to come to the table. >> he hasn't linked those two. you have linked it. >> wolf the only way it happens is if he vetoes the bill. >> yesterday jeh johnson said to me the president will not accept any changes to his executive orders. he said that clearly, jeh johnson, yesterday. >> that is the president linking
7:50 am
it. not congress. congress has the ability to fund actions and defund actions. if the president of the united states takes that action it would be incredibly a threat to our national security especially with what we see going on in paris t islamic extremism, the 9/11 commission says we need a global strategy. the president needs to come to the table and negotiate with congress. >> just to be precise, congressman, if there's no change and the president's executive action you will vote against funding the department of homeland security? >> wolf i did not say that either. i said the president is the one that is linking it. if he's giving a bill he's willing to veto he's linking it. congress is doing its work. the president needs to come to the table and negotiate. certainly those negotiations may mean he has to face the congress -- that congress does not support his executive actions just as the american public do not support his executive actions. what we have support for is fighting this global threat of terrorism. >> eyeball to eyeball right now.
7:51 am
we'll see who blinks the republicans in the house and senator the president of the united states. obviously funding the department of homeland security and all that means for the american people's protection and security is critical right now. obviously there's going to be a big, big fight over this issue over the next few weeks. congressman mike turner thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back. what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back.
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7:54 am
it for granted that it's our right to poke fun at the untouchable or the sacred. today's tragedy in paris reminds us very viscerally that it's a right some people are inexplicably forced to die for. it's not the way it's supposed to be. >> many cartoonists used paper and pen to show their solidarity to the dozen people killed yesterday. joining us now is our senior media correspondent brian stelt ter, the host of cnn's reliable sources. brian, it's causing a huge huge impact around the world, what happened yesterday. walk us through a little bit of what you're seeing? >> you're right, wolf. rare li have we ever seen anything like it. rarely have we ever seen the slaughter of so many journalists at one time. cartooning is absolutely a form of journalism in so many ways. some of the images you were
7:55 am
showing have been trending on twitter. the image of one pencil broken in two becoming two pencils. one from david pope in australia. what he shows is a picture here. he says he drew first. i'll hold up the back page of "usa today." it has the montage of all these different cartoons. we'll continue to see that i think in the days to come. as you said the magazine will resume publication next week a remarkable announcement today, one of the columnists saying "stupid will not win." >> it's amazing and i assume millions and millions of people will want to see that magazine when it's released next wednesday. i assume it will go viral online right? >> i would sure expect it would. the website for the magazine briefly crashed yesterday, probably under the weight of too much traffic. it's back online with a very simple message of sol dart. obviously they will not be able
7:56 am
to produce it from their offices. this will be a herculean effort by the surviving staff members. the editor in chief was in london yesterday, not among the victims. there are other columnists and employees working together. there was an initial planning meeting to get this magazine back up and running. >> news organizations around the world watched what happened yesterday. they're obviously deeply concerned, right? >> you're right. there are issues about security not for this magazine but others. we saw some paris-based media outlets take security steps yesterday. there are varying decisions being made about what to publish from the magazine. the magazine over the years published very provocative, very controversial cartoons in some cases depicting the prophet muhammad. that's a taboo and offensive to many muslims. we've seen some websites showing those cartoons. cnn is not. most other major outlets are choosing not to. >> brian stelter, thanks very
7:57 am
much. i'm be back at 1:00 p.m. eastern. "@this hour" with berman and michaela starts right after a quick break. and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. -- captions by vitac --
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hello everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm michaela pereira. >> we have breaking news in the paris terror attack. heavily armed police are on a country road leading to a village 65 miles northeast of paris. the big question are they closing in on the suspects? both men reportedly were spotted at this service station north of the capital. police have set up check moints about 12 miles in each direction. french media say the heavily armed suspects robbed that place overnight. authorities have identified these men as brothers cherif and said kouachi. they have been on the run since killing 12 people at the office


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