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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 10, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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hello and welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> thanks for your company. we do of course begin in france where police and security forces killed three terror suspects one remains on the run. >> it happened when two gun battles went down at the same time. in one, the brothers wanted in the charlie hebdo massacre. >> the paris prosecutor says he
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killed four hostages there. >> police then killed him when they raided the store, bringing the terrifying stand off to a violent end. [ gunfire ] >> she was shot there as we exits or tries to exit the store. his girlfriend was also involved in the killing. she remains at large at this hour. >> they found evidence linking the brothers. the wife phoned each other 500 times last year. also today, we are hearing from the yemeni government there may be a link to al qaeda in the attack on the charlie hebdo
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offices. >> police stormed both locations at nearly the same time. they explain how it unfolded. >> reporter: the voice of a terrorist explaining what he had done to a french reporter. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: that was the voice of him. he would end up dying tonight in a furious assault, all caught on camera. he and his 26-year-old girlfriend hayat, boumediene were wanted for killing a policewoman the day earlier. the brothers began the slaughter on wednesday. the offices of charlie hebdo felt the urge to stalk. >> translator: we are telling
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you we are the defenders of the profit moehammedmohammed. >> reporter: it unfolded not far from the main airport t. brothers entered a small print shop. the police chased them down. after 8:00 a.m. a salesman told a french radio station, he saw one of the terrorists dressed in black and heavily armed. he didn't realize it was the charlie hebdo gunman. >> i took him as an armed policeman. >> reporter: french policemen took him by phone and they said they were ready to die as martyrs. soon the brothers were dead. several minutes later, outside the kosher police department. >> multiple shots, automatic
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fire is continuing. another explosion. >> they demanded the kouachi brothers leave. they said their mission was synchronized. they said -- he was killed in the assault. sources say four bodies were found inside. at a speech in tennessee, president obama talked about the after math. >> in the streets of paris, people see what terrorists stand for. we stand for freedom and hope and the dignity of all human beings. >> reporter: france's interior minister says the nation is relieved that the manhunt for the female suspect continues. >> let's turn to our team on the ground in france. >> we are just outside the
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kosher market in paris and jim is outside the print shop not far from the airport. we could start with you. you can only imagine a terrifying day for the shoppers inside the kosher market. a normal friday as they expected then to be caught up in this. what are we hearing from the hostages that were caught up in the horrifying ordeal? >> reporter: morning, yes, it was a terrifying ordeal for a city that was on edge for several hours yesterday. you said it was a normal friday. this is a very middle class area. very normal. you wouldn't expect to see terrorists here. it was a friday and at the kosher store. people preparing, stocking up for the sabbath. you can imagine how busy it was in there. we saw a mother and images of a
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toddler coming out. we are seeing getting a clearer picture of what happened inside the store. we heard in the last few hours, in fact from our affiliate, that one of the hostages inside tried to get out, tried to escape by one of the freight elevators. he tried to convince fellow hostages to go with him. they were too scared that something would happen to them. so he said let's all hide inside the freezer, in the fridge rather. that's what they did for five hours. that gives you an idea of what was going on inside. we are getting a chilling account of what happened there. a hostage inside has been speaking. when you listen it gives clear account of how well stocked in
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terms of arms he was, but also his state of mind. take a listen. >> translator: the moment we went to the candy aisle, we heard boom. we saw the guy. he had a bullet proof vest a green vest a knife and handgun. when he would get up he would get up with both. we were sitting. to the right, two corpses. two customers who died at the very beginning. as soon as he got inside he started shooting. he scared us. he told us i'm not afraid to die. he said either i die or go to jail for 40 years. he knew this was the last dachlt there was somebody behind us. she tried to take hold of his gun, but did not manage to. he retailuated by shooting her in the head. we were afraid we were not going to get out alive. we thought his demands were
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impossible to satisfy. frankly, i'm happy to be alive. >> reporter: so absolutely chilling that woman saying another lady tried to take the gun off him, unsuccessfully and he shot her in the head. i want to move away from the camera and let the cameraman give you a close up of hypercacher. you will see bullet holes. it gives an idea of what happened yesterday. inside we were told that he was armed and suited. he had 15 sticks of dynamite. it really gives you an idea of what exactly happened and how intense and dangerous it was yesterday. we also heard from him.
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he spoke to french tv. he went to the store because he wanted to target the jewish community. it's important to note it's not just the jewish community, muslims shop here as well. many say it wasn't an attack on them it was all -- isha? >> joining us outside the kosher supermarket that was at the center of the siege a couple hours ago. thankfully all those inside made it out safely. you painted a picture of what happened inside there. thank you. >> let's bring in jim bittermann. what sort of questions are going to be asked in the wake of all this? they had a rap sheet. people knew what they had been up to going to yemen. what questions are going to be asked about why they were still out there? >> reporter: i think quite a few
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questions are going to be asked, gunmen. they were well known to police ahead of time. we are in front of the print shop where, in fact the final showdown took place with the kouachi brothers. police are directing traffic around and not allowing access to the sight. it was a violent scene yesterday when the police made their final assault. i'll get to your question in a second. we want to start off with the video we got overnight that shows how violent the assault was. here it is. [ gunfire ]
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t one of the things we didn't know yesterday, police weren't telling us but there was a gentleman, an employee of the factory hidden inside. all day long his cell phone was giving tips about the two gunmen and where they were and also letting the police know that one of the two gunmen had been wounded in a struggle with police before coming to the factory. back to your question the kind of things people are asking this morning is why weren't the three now four with the woman who escaped, why weren't they under closer surveillance and why were they able to come up with this plot and pull it off against charlie hebdo and continue to terrorize paris for three days? it is going to be a question that may end up in the parliament here at some point because they'll want to know why the police didn't act further.
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according to the reports this morning, the police had tens of thousands of pages of transcripts of telephone conversations that took place between and among the three and also between the three of them and -- there's photo graphic evidence that linked them and showed the terrorist training they had been through. in other words, why weren't they better prepared to take on this kind of threat and foil this kind of plot? the prime minister told us before christmas, in fact they had foiled a number of plots. he said the terrorism alert level here was higher than ever before. as a consequence, you have to ask yourself why it was a prime target like charlie lebhebdo, why it wasn't better protected. >> jim, thanks so much. >> thank you, jim.
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news coming into us at cnn from the french news agency they are saying that the 18-year-old who is named as a suspect in the charlie hebdo massacre has been released by authorities. >> this is the guy that -- >> turned himself in. >> when his name -- he was in class. >> now we are hearing from the france press news agency that this 18-year-old has now been released by french authorities. of course this is still very much a developing story. >> looks like he had nothing to do with it. classmates were saying he was in school at the time. >> we are learning more by the way, about what drove the kouachi brothers to go on the rampage. >> one may have crossed paths
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welcome back. another breaking news story we want to bring you up to speed on. the tail section of airasia flight has been pulled to the surface in the java sea. >> a look at the video we got in a short time ago. divers discovered it under water on wednesday.
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the significance of this is the tail or the rear of the plane is normally where the plane's crucial flight data and voice recorders are stored. >> investigators are trying to get their hands on it. they express doubt they are still there. 162 people were killed when the plane crashed. >> the bodies of 48 people have been recovered so far. david is a cnn correspondent and joins us from indonesia. tell us about the recovery and the black boxes. they are down there somewhere. >> reporter: that's right. as you mentioned, a three-day pain staking effort to get the tail out of the water. we just flew here because we expect some of the debris including the tail section to be brought here. we are in the airport with noise around me.
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when you look at the pictures of the tail section specifically the pointy part the vertical stabilizer being lifted out of the water, incredibly powerful. when you see the tail section coming out with the word airasia clearly visible on it it is a reminder of the loss that was suffered 162 passengers and crew lost their lives. many families still don't have answers. just looking at the lower section, five or six windows. the side of the fuselage looks like it's peeling back like paper. the black boxes in the lower section of the tail below. what it looks like this is damage jacked edges, wires, plane parts. nothing that says the come partment or black boxes are still intact. >> as we look at the pictures and you point out the damage to
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the tail section really does paint a picture. many looking to be reunited with the remains of their loved ones. where do they stand in recovering more bodies and the rest of the aircraft? >> reporter: isha and michael, there is progress being made but for the family especially the ones that do not have answers, it cannot come fast enough. we talked to several families in the last 24 hours. one in particular said look it's good they are making progress in finding debris and trying to bring up the tail section. please do not forget our loved ones. the body count right now, we keep talking about the numbers. 48 or so total. you know passengers and crew members, you know family members still waiting for news and certainly the fact that this mystery could be closer to
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getting solved. they are in that tail section or nearby certainly that's what search officials want. families again, don't forget our loved ones. the officials are saying it's a priority but that comment from families echoing very clearly here. >> still difficult conditions weather wise too. david appreciate it. >> it's difficult to look at the pictures they do paint a picture. >> when you see the windows because you know somebody was behind the windows. >> the families just want their loved ones back to honor them and lay them to rest. >> i think the black boxes could have broken free. they will get them. >> they will. the black boxes emit pingers. there's a finite amount of time that goes on. time is of the essence.
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welcome back everyone. the french prime minister admits there were failures in the country's security and surveilness that left 17 dead. >> they say intelligence agencies need to investigate how the main suspects fell through the cracks after being linked to al qaeda in yemen. he vowed that france would fight terrorism, not islam. >> translator: this is a war against terrorism. this is not a war against a religion. this is not a war between civilizations, this is a war in support of democratic values, universal values.
1:24 am
>> well the french prime minister said massive security measures are planned for the march in paris. the president and other world leaders are set to attend. >> a massive turnout. french officials comparing notes about the kouachi brothers. both nations concerned about the alleged ties to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> very much so. barbara starr reports, intelligence agencies are scrambling. let's be honest they are scrambling to see if other operatives are waiting to attack the west. >> reporter: u.s. officials believe when said kouachi -- he got more than weapons training he got attention of the leader known as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or aqap.
1:25 am
>> he had access to senior levels to the al qaeda in yemen. who else had access? was he there with somebody? did he travel with somebody else? he was in contact with people we didn't know about. >> reporter: the u.s. urgently tried to put the pieces together. the working assumption is he met with a american born cleric who led aqap external operations. it would have been months before he was killed in a u.s. drone strike. the u.s. is also trying to determine if he may have met with aqaps master bomb maker, according to u.s. officials. he may have received some bomb making training. with a french passport and the ability to return to europe he was a prime aqap recruiting target. >> there are a thousand questions here that an intelligence professional is
1:26 am
going to have to sift through and we haven't hit the tip of the iceberg. >> they believe only said went to yemen. hours before he died his younger brother cherif said he too, traveled there. >> translator: i want sent by al qaeda in yemen. i went there and they financed my trip. >> reporter: cnn has not independently confirmed the recording. the details after said's connection are critical because officials say it may give them hints if the al qaeda organization has other people in the west waiting to attack. >> this is going to be critical. >> the thing is nations, even friendly nations will share information to a point. they are not going to give everything away. then things fall through the
1:27 am
cracks. >> absolutely. many muslim communities are condemning the paris attacks. >> one leader's reaction that may surprise you and why french prisons are the prime recruiting ground for islamic extremists. >> that's coming up next. stay with us here at cnn.
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welcome back everyone. viewers joining us from the united states and around the world. i'm michael holmes. >> i'm isha sesay. two brothers behind the charlie hebdo attack were killed outside a print shop northeast of the city. >> a third suspect was killed at a kosher supermarket during a hostage stand off. he was suspected in the shooting death of a police officer on thursday. >> the search is under way for the woman he lived with. that woman on the screen hayat boumediene. >> four of the hostages
1:31 am
tragically killed in the incident. a french prosecutor told cnn it may have happened before the police raid. some say the bodies were on the ground before the raid. two officers were injured. >> terror suspect said he took hostages because jewish people were his target. >> he was killed in that raid trying to run out, actually toward the police. bizarrely, he called into a television station to discuss his plans. >> translator: are you in touch with the two brothers who perpetrated the attack at charlie hebdo? >> translator: yes, we spoke and were synchronized? >> translator: are you still in touch with them? are you on the phone with them? >> translator: no. >> translator: you are synchronized in what way? do you have a scenario in mind?
1:32 am
>> translator: no just synchronized from the beginning. >> translator: they started with charlie hebdo and i started with the policeman. >> he said he was a member of isis. cnn has not verified that recording, but it's remarkable to me. >> a sign of the times, pick up the cell phone in mid carnage and speak to journalists. >> speaking to the world. >> yes, that's the point. with three terrorists killed turning to the relationship between the four suspects and how they became radicalized. >> some say the french prison system plays a role in the issue of islamic radicalization. muslims account for 10% of the population in france more than 40,000 people in french prisons are considered culturely muslim. >> that is 60% of the country's detainees. these figures came out in a report last year.
1:33 am
the worry, of course is that french prisons may be creating a space for radical recruitment. >> for more on that we bring in clark jones. he joins us live by skype from australia. good to have you with us. talk to us about the situation there in french prisons and how they are a breeding ground as you see detailed in the report. >> i have done many studies of prisons around the world. i can use australia, the united states united kingdom and the philippines, possibly. it's not as great a threat as we presume it to be. when you -- prison dynamics are fascinating in relation to prison culture and environment. regardless of the prison majority rules. the larger a population the
1:34 am
greater strength it has within the prison. now, in french prisons you have a number of things. it's very archaic prison environment, terrorist offenders, possibly over 300 of them are isolated or segregated. long sentences in one prison. when you have an overcrowding of 100% in the prison protection of inmates is problematic. it creates a space where you have the majority of the inmate population being muslim. quite a radical community amongst them and also which mirrors the community on the outside. you are marginalized and disenfranchised. getting jobs.
1:35 am
so you have some excuse the expression when i say this you have fairly pissed off people in the prisons. this creates a breeding ground for radicalization and recruitment and that also -- eventually they are going to be released and what are they going to do when they are released? i think we need to do something about that particularly when you have 1,000 overseas some 600 fighters. in australia, 60 or 70. what are we going to do with these people? some returned. they are going to end up in prison. we focus on the threat of what are we going to do with the people and how are we going to treat them in prison? >> when you look at on the grass roots label, when you talk radicalization within the communities, a lot of people complained there's not enough integration within the society there. speak to the prison as a micro
1:36 am
koz m, if you like. how can integration within the prison system alleviate the issues? >> dispersal is the better model. some think it's crazy, but when you have a mixture of criminals or mixture of personalities, there's more chance that over time some of the different personalities will rub off. whether they come at criminals is another matter. really all we are looking at we shouldn't care so much about their psychological state in the sense that people are allowed to have alternative beliefs or radical beliefs. there's nothing wrong with that in a sense. we want to prevent -- we don't want them to commit violence when they are released. by dispersal, you have greater
1:37 am
chance of this behavioral change. it may trigger events that caused them to change and turn them away from terrorism. if we isolate them we segregate them and isolate them and give greater time for them to think about and reinforce some of the ongoing courses in the first place. we don't want to -- if you cage an animal it makes them crazy. humans are the same. we shouldn't be isolated and treated that way. i'm not condoning terrorism or taking a soft approach on this we need to look at alternative methods of imprisonment not just for terrorist offenders, but all offenders. >> talk to us about the role islamic leaders, muslim community leaders should be playing once the individuals are released from prisons. where do you see the gaps in
1:38 am
terms of really taking these people on and really trying to prevent them branching off and going further down the road of radicalization? >> look we shouldn't just focus on islam here on religion because one of their -- there are many reasons people join terrorism or become radicalized. religion is not always the dominant cause. it can be social and economic causes family causes. you are right, there are -- if we are talking islamic leaders, we should be thinking about role models which could be doesn't have to be a religious leader could be a sporting teacher, a social worker, a psychologist, psychiatrist. so let's not get too bogged down in the religious aspect. in some cases, that is important, i agree.
1:39 am
>> fascinating stuff. clark jones, counterterrorism expert thanks so much clark. fascinating chat. >> yeah thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> interesting what he's saying. >> staggering number. you are talking 60% of the prison population in france. muslim's are 10% to 12% of the population. that is a socioeconomic thing. a lot of immigrants come from poorer countries as well north africa and other countries as well. >> he said it's not about putting religion front and center in terms of the response but, you know, ultimately their path to jihadism may not be because of religion but it's where they end up. if we had more time we would continue the conversation. religion goes center stage. >> you hear a lot of the extremists in isis and the like in iraq are not religious
1:40 am
scholars. they don't understand islam at all. that's been widely reported. >> it creates space for these, you know faux if you will to stand-up and misrepresent. they don't actually know the religion. >> we could go on. yes. >> many within the muslim community, including the leader of he haszbollah, outraged. >> they said friday acts of terror in the name of islam are causing more harm to the religion than any cartoon ever will. >> translator: and those through their actions, words and shameful violent, inhuman and brutal practices offended the messenger of god, the religion of god, profits of god, the book of allah and the muslim nation
1:41 am
more than his enemies did, even though who have attacked the messenger of god through books depicting the profit or making films or drawing cartoons of the profit. >> as muslims gather at mosque on friday many held signs to show their support for the people of france and condemn the terror attacks. >> this photo was taken in eastern france. the sign says not in my name. at the same mosque muslim's are playing next to an i am charlie poster. >> important images as well. >> terror suspects made it clear they felt they were killing in the name of islam avenging the profit profit mohammed. >> here is sarah sidner with candid conversation about islam
1:42 am
and terrorism. >> reporter: friday prayers in southern california. the entire sermon a reaction to the terrorist attacks in paris. >> for today, i just need a few notes swirling in my mind as i listened in horror. once again, at another crumb perpetrated in the name of islam in paris. >> reporter: killing in the name of islam is, by far, the worst insult to the profit thachlt is exactly what we have seen a string of attacks perpetrated in the name of islam from charlie hebdo headquarters to a school in pakistan. we talked with many at the islamic center about the mix of islam and terror including the muslim police officer. what is it that attracts this? >> we are living in the dark age
1:43 am
of islam. we are living in the dark age. like christianity went through a historic age, we are there. >> reporter: they blame it on lack of moderate leadership in muslim countries. should moderate islam take a role in trying to combat extremism? >> it has taken a role. it's how we define it. if we expect governments of the middle east to know. they don't represent muslim communities worldwide. they represent whatever is in their self-interest for the immediate future for the short term. if it makes sense to them sure they will say a few things. the reality, if you look at the long term look at what's been happening the last ten, two, 50 years, they have fueled more extremism, either deliberately or indirectly. >> reporter: attendees at the mosque couldn't wait to speak saying it was the extremists in
1:44 am
the spotlight when it comes to their religion. the real voice is rarely heard. the media doesn't hear that. itis boring to hear this side. there's no thrill no excitement. i think the media is responsible because you glorify that end. >> reporter: it gets a lot of attention. >> so much attention. the actual facts get no attention at all. >> reporter: once again, terrorist in the name of islam has taken center stage. cnn, los angeles. >> this is a fringe. it's a small group of people that are disrupting religion. the majority of people are twisting it. >> absolutely. you are watching cnn special coverage of the terror attacks. >> we'll have much more after a short break.
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welcome back. i want to take you live to paris where the french leaders wrapped up a meeting. let's listen in. >> decided by the prime minister in recent days. we will strengthen them to ensure the protection of a number of institutions and places of worship. the additional means of the administration will be mobilized on the basis of requests expressed by the prefix of police in the light of detailed analysis of the situation, which will make it possible to mobilize an appropriate force. 320 soldiers in addition is being decided by the defense and
1:48 am
president of the republic and we will continue with our investigation in order to make the forces. there will be a major meeting or demonstration tomorrow. french people should know all measures are being taken so this demonstration or manifestation can take place in a respectful calm and, of course safe way. this afternoon, i will hold a press conference and i will indicate the forces which will be mobilized to assure the safety and security of the demonstration. all provisions have been taken to ensure safety and security so that those wishing to attend can do so safely. thank you.
1:49 am
>> that is france's interior minister speaking there after wrapping up the high level security meeting. obviously french officials gathering to look at what security measures need to be taken in the wake of the terror attacks. key point made there, michael with the demonstrations scheduled for this weekend, sunday they will make the necessary measures arrangements to ensure it is safe. >> yeah. as jim was pointing out earlier, there will be many questions about what could have been done better when it comes to these particular suspects these terrorists. you are watching cnn special coverage of the attacks. more of the break. so you're looking for a loan? how's your credit? i know i have an 810 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on and your big idea is hot dogs shaped like hamburgers? nope. hamburgers shaped like hot dogs.
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hello, everyone. a week we won't forget. the nation is left shaken. there's a sign of solidarity in the french capital. the french word for terrorist lit up and projected in the heart of paris. that's near where wednesday's attack actually took place. >> the french president said friday unity is the country's greatest defense. >> translator: i express myself
1:53 am
to french people this is our best weapon unity. we must demonstrate our determination to fight against anything that can divide us. >> people around paris have been lining the streets honoring the victims and showing their support for charlie hebdo. >> something very very frank, but also expressing their fears. ♪ >> charlie because today is very strange for all of us. the young people and everyone because the targets of these attacks were artists. they are people who fight for peace and values that are very important for everyone. >> if i'm afraid of something it's in which way everybody will understand what's up.
1:54 am
it's not by war. it's not by -- it's not a fight between people. >> what you see -- >> translator: when i think about the people i think it's i don't know how to deskrip this. i don't think they are people. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i'm frightened and i'm frightened for the future because i'm worried that muslims are people that will be taken responsible for that. it's the worst thing that could happen. >> i don't care if anybody come
1:55 am
and just want to do something really bad here. i'm not afraid to die with -- i'm really proud of it. >> they don't have the last word. they don't win. we have to -- we have to win. >> we have to win. >> moving scenes there. >> yeah. people holding their pens as a sign of defiance. >> i'm issa sesay. >> we'll be back after the break.
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♪ hello, everyone. our coverage of the terror attacks in france continues here on cnn. welcome to our sure in the u.s. and around the world.
2:00 am
>> and i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company, 11:00 a.m. now in paris. and the terror has been gripping that city and all over. not over yet. >> no not over yet. police security forces killed three terror suspects on friday but one suspect remains on the loose after two separate gun battles. >> and one of them the brother cherif kouachi wanted in the