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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 12, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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turnout in france history. among the millions of people 40 world leaders including the british prime minister and germany's chancellor. where was the president? where was the secretary of state? the event here very very peaceful. despite the enormous size and renewed threats of terrorism here french police sources tell cnn terror cells were activated over the weekend. but there were no serious arrests made in the march of millions. that is happening here. in the united states the new york police department and other forces are on alert after an isis video re-released. that video calling for followers to rise up and kill officers and police and soldiers and civilians. new york police officers taking precautions. the security presence in paris is beefed up. i am joined by senior
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international correspondent frederik pleitgen. >> reporter: one message was the sadness after everything transpired. there was a message of defiance. we will not allow our way of life to be tampered with by terrorists. there were people announcing i'm not afraid or je suis charlie. the big rallying cry that has been happening. it was a message of defiance and also one of unity. one of the things that people were saying is that christians muslims and jews in france need to come together and find a new way to live together. that is something we saw yesterday. i keep saying that one of the great things that happened to me. i had a number of muslims and a mom coming up to me we want to stand with the jews. they had a sign saying i am jewish. it is great to see an imam with that. he wants the world to know this did not happen in his name.
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>> people saying they have seen nothing like this. they compared it to the french world cup win. >> reporter: i was here at the french world cup. it was one of the few times that the nation really comes together in all of its facets. this is a very diverse nation. certainly it was like that. the interesting linkthing, it was impromptu. they all had the same message. it showed great unity and it showed how the people see and realized they need to find a new way to deal with each other. that is something they have not thought about in a long time. >> now the new day when they look to the future. frederik pleitgen thank you. as they have this unity, there are signs they are beefing up security. prime minister announcing some 4,000 police officers deployed to jewish schools and synagogues
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to sites around the country. the hunt this morning is still on for the last remaining suspect in last week's terror attacks here. police say hayat boumeddiene, she was the wife or girlfriend of amedy coulibaly. he killed of course four hostages at the supermarket, the kosher supermarket before he was shot to death by police. both coulibaly and boumeddiene were named in the killing of a police officer on thursday. now officials believe she is on the run and could, in fact be in syria already. also this morning, investigators are trying to trace all the threads that led to the attacks right here. they going through the apartment that boumeddiene and coulibaly shared outside paris. they found a number of things. they found isis flags, automatic weapons and cash. they are also taking a second look at the public park that was a crossroads for jihadists, including the kouachi brothers
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who attacked the officers behind me. intelligence believe kouachi brothers were inspired by an american born cleric anwar al awlaki. they have not been able to connect the dots on that yet. we want to get all of the details and latest in the investigation from our senior european correspondent jim bittermann. >> reporter: good morning, john. one of the things from the prime minister who said that he cannot believe that coulibaly could have pulled off this attack without having an accomplice. he hasn't specified whether he is talking about the girlfriend boumeddiene, or somebody else. and of course we have christiane amanpour who will do an interview with the prime minister later this afternoon. maybe she will get more out of him than we have heard so far. the other thing from the prime minister this morning, i think there is a lot of backing and filling going on from the french government. they missed a lot of leads.
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even the prime minister is saying there should be a parliamentary investigation and commission established to look into this and find out what was missed and why the security services missed the various leads. they had all of these guys. they were on these guys up to a point. then at some point, somebody made the decision they will not be so dangerous. we can scale down. we have other priorities. there were other people they wanted to follow more closely. >> the announcement of 8,000 law enforcement devoted to security around the country. half at jewish institutions. i was talking to someone in law enforcement. they can handle this heightened alert for now, but they cannot do it indefinitely. >> reporter: the prime minister said there may be new recruiting and investigation. i'm sure that is another budget item for him. >> finally, we got word this morning from the semi official turkish agency.
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they say boumeddiene, the wife of coulibaly, had been through istanbul in january. they believe has now already moved on to syria. >> reporter: right. they think she arrived just after the attacks here. that she arrived in syria. that is another thing that they want to check out. there is no way they will catch her in syria. i think they are looking now and concentrating now on what may still be left in france and what sleeper cells are around and how they can find connections. the prime minister said they want to do more phone tapping. i'm sure that will help as well. there isare a lot of things they missed. the prime minister said we want to expand the no-fly list european wide. i thought that would have been in existence. >> i think that is surprising. jim bittermann thank you so much. the city of paris still reeling.
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you can see it by the presence here of people behind me coming to the offices here at "charlie hebdo." i drove by the kosher supermarket this morning. the four people were killed there. police tape all around that. the video of amedy coulibaly who was killed during the rescue operation at the supermarket. in the video, he says the attacks were synchronized. that raises concern that perhaps followers of isis are working with followers of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. i want to bring in our new case of al qaeda. here you have coulibaly. this man who claims to be a follower of isis. pledges allegiance to isis and isis flags in his apartment an. you have the kouachi brothers who have been to yemen. maybe officials are looking if they met with anwar al awlaki. you have followers presumably
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working together. have we seen anything like this before? >> no not before it. this shows that friendships are more stronger than any other allegiance to a group. we don't know yet if they were inspired by certain group or if they were directed to acts by a specific group. we see these people moving around in yemen and syria for some of them. this is a group of 15 individuals who went all over the world, including malaysia we learned from court documents. it is still the investigation pending and hard to get a clear picture of what happened and where the others if any others happened were coming from. >> we got word today that the french are putting 8,000 additional law enforcement personnel at secure locations around the country. half of them at jewish schools and synagogues. do you have a sense of a
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specific threat? do you think they could do that out of general concern? >> there are specific threats that we have seen elsewhere in the world against specific targets. especially jewish targets and military and police. this is obvious. this is obviously inspired also from the islamic state appeals by the spokesman in september calling to kill by any means members of the coalition. we have seen that active in australia before and canada. now the fear is not only the same that happened meaning an old group reactivated, but some lone wolves attackers that may be activated or inspired by the action. >> there is the ongoing fear that the french citizens people born in this country, are going to the middle east and fighting and coming back here.
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do you suspect the french government and european union will have to institute new measures? >> obviously. what has been done by each country today establishing a sort of patch work defense against the jihadists. it is not enough. we need to be united. we need to have a european policy. there is more than 4,000 european union citizens or residents who traveled to syria and iraq since 2012. all services whether intelligence, police or judicial are overwhelmed by this situation. this is probably also explaining why we can't put civilians on everyone. we had them on our scope, of course. they were known, but unfortunately, we cannot search everyone. >> jean-charles, we had three days of terror and
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demonstrations. today is a new day. what can inform the changes going forward? >> partly what needs to be done is new measures especially international cooperation to better fight this threat. we also have to have new measures in france to better follow these individuals that we know. for example, the network they belonged to, coulibaly and kouachi brothers. we need to follow these individuals 24 hours a day. that's obvious. new measures and new resources needs to be devoted to the fight. >> we will see that the discussion starts now. jean-charles thank you for being with us. christine, as you see the difficult
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displays of unity across the nation i talked to an official and they are trying to figure out what the kouachi brothers were doing with the grenade launcher. where did they intend to use it? they did not use it at "charlie hebdo." did they want to take a shot at a plane? that is one unanswered question. >> john berman in paris. thank you. sunday's march in paris echoed around the globe as thousands rallied behind france. here in the u.s. demonstrators from boston to los angeles gathered to show support. in the nation's capital, people came together for a march at french embassy. then je suis charlie was held up at the rally. in san diego, members gathered at the international houses at balboa park. in new york city the empire state building was lit up in the colors of the french flag. a touching moment at the
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golden globes. george clooney acknowledged the march and pronounced solidarity with the victims of the attacks. >> today was an extraordinary day. millions of people that marched not just in paris, but around the world. they were christians and jews and muslims. they were leaders of countries all over the world. they didn't march in protest. they marched in support of the idea we will not walk in fear. we won't do it. so je suis charlie. thank you. >> clooney, helen mirren and others wore je suis charlie pins at the awards. we are following latest in the paris terror attacks all morning. first, breaking news in the search of airasia flight 8501. divers recovered the flight data recorder and they located the cockpit voice recorder. investigators are now close to figuring out why this plane suddenly crashed. we are live with the new developments next.
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happening now. people around the world standing with france opposing terror. officials in france say more than 3.7 million people attended rallies across the country sunday. following last week's terror attacks on "charlie hebdo" and kosher supermarket. 40 world leaders linking arms ahead of the march in paris. ahead of the remarkable optimism
2:17 am
against terrorisms. no u.s. official among them. the last of the suspects still at large. the search for hayat boumeddiene. the wife of the man police say killed four hostages in the jewish market before police shot and killed him. police say her last known location was on turkey's border with syria. to the breaking news in the search for airasia flight 8501. investigators retrieved one of two black boxes. now the search for the cockpit voice recorder. i want to bring in david molko. he is live in jakarta, indonesia. maybe the most important clue so far. they have one of the black boxes. >> reporter: absolutely christine. a major breakthrough 16 days
2:18 am
after the plane went down in the java sea. we have new video coming in giving us a closer look at the data recorder they recovered this morning from the sea floor. you can see a helicopter landing on the tarmac. what you see is the black box being lifted out of one bin and transferred into another filled with saltwater. two things here. the saltwater, the same environment to help minimize any damage that may have occurred when the plane crashed into the water. the other thing that is interesting, it looks like the entire flight data recorder from these pictures is in tact. what that means according to the head of the ntsb he is saying that he is confident it will take two or three days once the box gets here to jakarta. to get the data and analyzing it and putting it together and
2:19 am
coming up with the picture of what happened on board that flight. it should take a little more time. there has been some criticism and some questions whether indonesia can handle an investigation like this. he says absolutely. we pulled the data off more than 100 black boxes. absolutely we can do this. the search for the cockpit voice recorder underwater continuing. what is hampering efforts to reach that location. they know where it is and they are 100% confident, but it is the weather, christine. strong underwater currents prevent divers from getting in the water. they located the wing and the search continues for the fuselage of the plane. it is believed more than 100 bodies are still there. families of course still waiting for answers and news of their loved ones. christine. >> agonizing wait for them as new developments for investigators. thank you for that david, in jakarta. 19 minutes past the hour. time for an early start on your
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is your high-performance laptop your office bff? then you might be gearcentric. right now, all pc's are on sale, like this hp 15" laptop now only $249.99. office depot & officemax. gear up for great. for the second straight week a controversial call played a huge role in the dallas cowboys game. we have andy scholes at the at&t stadium for the site of the national championship game with more on the nfl. >> christine i was watching the game with the fans in north texas. they were not happy about the play. they cannot believe what happened. the play happened in thing fourth quarter. let's take a look. fourth and two for the cowboys. tony romo throws it up for dez bryant. one of the best catches in nfl history. the officials reviewed it and
2:24 am
they said dez did not maintain possession of the ball as he completed the process of making the catch. it was ruled incomplete. the packers would hold on to win. dez and the cowboys left in disbelief over what happened. >> how can you lose a catch? i felt it was a catch. they took it away. it is because of them. the ball coming down. that's possession right? one, two, three. that's possession. that's possession. >> so the packers and seahawks. in the afc championship we will not get another round of manning and brady. andrew luck and the colts went into denver and shocked the broncos. peyton manning throws 20 incompletions as his playoff
2:25 am
woes continue. peyton would not say if he would come back next season. back here at at&t stadium. the oregon ducks and ohio state buckeyes faceoff in the first ever college playoffs. they dished out $7.3 billion for the playoffs for 12 years. it is already paying off. the semifinals games were the most watched programs in cable television history. tonight's game will likely surpass those. this match up is one we would not have gotten if it wasn't for the new playoff system. these teams are happy they and not the bcs computers are getting to decide the national champion. >> i heard our players say thanks for the college football playoff. that is real. we would not be in it. neither would oregon. i think the other schools. florida state and alabama would be playing. >> i'm sure people does not expect this to be the two teams to be in this.
2:26 am
it changes the dynamics of college football in general. >> christine, all eyes on the quarterbacks tonight for the ducks. marcus mariota. then ohio state, cardale jones making his third career start. he is 2-0 in the first two starts beating wisconsin and alabama. we should have another exciting game. can't wait. >> andy scholes, thanks. 26 minutes past the hour. we are following latest on the paris terror attacks. the latest on the developments. and the search for one possible suspect still on the loose and investigation into what inspired these gunmen in the first place. live team coverage after the break. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active. muscle health. clear protein drink and high protein.
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world leaders joining millions marching against terror. france reeling from afterterror attacks that killed 17 people. trying to figure out what led up to the violence and trying to locate one possible suspect still on the run. this as isis warns the west about new lone wolf attacks.
2:30 am
we are breaking down the developments overnight. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman from paris. great to see you this morning. it is 5:30 a.m. in the east. 11:30 here paris time. the out pouring of emotion is still he large here in front of "charlie hebdo." still outpouring of emotion here. france and the world standing against terror in the last week's deadly attacks at the magazine and the attacks at the kosher supermarket. about 1.3 million people took to the streets here and total 3.7 million people have gathered. that is the biggest gathering in french history.
2:31 am
britain's prime minister and germany's chancellor. no u.s. official. the event here was peaceful. french police sources tell cnn terror cells were activated over the weekend. in the united states the police departments are on alert after isis re-released the video that calls for followers to rise up and kill intelligence officers and police and soldiers and civilians. i'm joined this morning by senior international correspondent frederik pleitgen. fred you were out in the marches. you saw the enormous showing. >> reporter: first of all, it has been a long time since i have been at a demonstration that says long live the press. they were holding up the pen.
2:32 am
the pen is a symbol of the backlash against the terrorist organizations. it was interesting. you have the chants where people are going i'm not afraid. we will not let society be dominated by terrorists. the entire crowd goes silent and they all hold up pens to show the pen is not going to be silenced by the violence that happened here. i think one of the things that is really important for yesterday was the fact you had all of these world leaders here as you said coming from germany and britain. none of them spoke. there were no public speeches by politicians. you could see this was the backlash of civil society against violence. many people here muslims and jews and all walks of life, sickened by the fact that people were gunned down for drawing comics. this is something where people say we understand that people might have grievances but this is out of line. >> while they are showing the power of the pen. france officially is needing to call on the sword as well.
2:33 am
we got word they are calling out 8,000 additional security personnel at key locations around the country. half of them 4,000 personnel, deployed to synagogues and jew jewish schools. >> reporter: the french president came out and called that an anti-semitic act immediately at the kosher supermarket. they have been warning about anti-semitic attacks. we have reported this last year. 7,000 jews left the country to go to other countries. that is twice as many in the years before. >> we have lost our connection with john and fred. they are there on the scene outside of the offices of "charlie hebdo." they are talking about the reality in francis they
2:34 am
francis france yesterday. another part of the story that is interesting this morning. all of those people marching across france. 40 world leaders. an image of solidarity. the highest level american officials at sunday's anti-terror rally in paris was the u.s. ambassador to france jane hartley. john kerry was in india. president obama stayed in washington. the absence of top level officials is drawing criticism. cnn's erin mcpike is in wa washington with more on the administration's decision. >> reporter: christine, keep in mind when president obama travels anywhere in the world it activates deeply complex security protocols that could be distracting and take away from the overall significance of the event. the white house did send u.s. ambassador jane hartley to the
2:35 am
event and the deputy homeland security secretary was in paris for meetings as was eric holder. he addressed statements on state of the union. >> we have seen these attacks in the united states. we have seen things like this in the united kingdom and nairobi and australia and canada. this is the nature of the new threat yeswe must confront. we can successfully confront it if we share information in the past and do a variety of other things. i'm concerned about what we saw this week in france. >> reporter: we learned that the white house will host a summit on countering violent extremism. that summit takes place on february 18th. >> erin mcpike in washington. the hunt is still on for the last suspect in the terror attacks. john is following that part of
2:36 am
the story. john. >> thank you, christine. we are getting word this morning from the turkish news agency. hayat boumeddiene, the girlfriend or wife of amedy coulibaly. she passed through istanbul in early january and moved on to syria. she could be in syria already. she is the last remaining suspect in the terror attacks here. police say she may have been involved in the attack that killed a police officer the day after the attack here at "charlie hebdo." was she involved in the attack on the supermarket? this is murky now especially what we hear from turkey that perhaps she is already in syria. i want to bring in jim bittermann. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. we think she went to syria right after the attacks here. the 8th is when she passed into syria. one thing that has come out this morning is the prime minister said that there is no way he
2:37 am
thinks that coulibaly, the kosher supermarket attacker coulibaly acted alone. he had to have an accomplice. so we are not sure whether he is talking about boumeddiene or somebody else who might still be around. another thing they are looking into it exactly how on this an attack on "charlie hebdo" how the attackers knew there was going to be an editorial meeting taking place at that hour with those people concerned. it wasn't the kind of thing where they all hung out here. some worked at different newspapers around town. one moment every week they came together was the editorial meeting. somehow they had the information. >> they had the operational details of the paper. now the investigators are poring over the video from coulibaly where he talks about being inspired about isis. >> reporter: exactly. those videos are really helpful.
2:38 am
the question is of course you know who is behind the attack? was it al qaeda of arabian peninsula or isis? coulibaly swears allegiance to isis. the question is which group was coordinating this? maybe they were acting together. who knows. that is a question that is on the table. there are a lot of things out there. the only thing the prime minister said is there should be a parliament investigation to look into this to know what leads there were ahead of this and what may have been missed. >> all right. jim bittermann here for us. one other lead they are looking into is the french investigators. what would they do with the rocket grenade launcher? they spent a lot of time around the airport. they are following that up. jim, thank you for being with us. we will follow the latest
2:39 am
developments here in paris as they continue to ramp up security as they figure out how to deal with the new heightened threat. more news from new york coming up after the break. ♪searching with devotion♪ ♪for a snack that isn't lame♪ ♪but this...♪ ♪takes my breath away♪
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good morning from paris. john berman here. i'm outside the offices of "charlie hebdo." as you can see, people still coming to the memorial here.
2:42 am
a clear sign that france is shaken. some 3.7 million people gathered for anti-terror marches on sunday. officials say it is the largest rally in french history. while that is going on investigators are trying to follow all of the threads. what led up? what was behind the terror attacks at "charlie hebdo" and the kosher supermarket. they are combing through the backgrounds of the cherif kouachi brothers. they are looking at amedy coulibaly, the gunman at the supermarket. his girlfriend hayat boumeddiene, is on the run and could be in syria this morning. that is a new piece of information right there. joining us now in paris is christine. she is a journalist and former coo of the network's france 24 and rfi. thank you for being with us. people here this morning, you can see the glow of the people
2:43 am
who participated in the enormous rally in paris. it was cathrartic for many of them. many world leaders showed up but no president from the united states no secretary of state. how is that being taken in france here? >> there was so emotion. people are so self-centered, but proud that some 50 leaders from all over the world did come including some who really have nothing to do with the freedom of the press, i'm sorry to say. it is true that the fact that there was no major american figure is the strange as we were all extremely touched when john kerry spoke french. he was the first to react.
2:44 am
when president obama went to the french embassy, which was a very unique moment. so yes, in my view it is a mistake. because what we all stood for and we all marched for yesterday was those values which we in our western democracies have in common. >> we share. of course france being the united states oldest ally. talk about what next here in paris and france? after september 11th the united states congress passed the patriot act. all of these measures to heighten security and allow more investigative leeway to law enforcement around that country and around the world. will anything like that happen here? how far will the french people be willing to go? >> i think they will be a very fierce and immediate controversy
2:45 am
about the need indeed to make people feel more secure and accept more infringements on their civil liberties. the only tradition in the country is already starting. what i'm concerned about there is such an emotional hangover that is really starting this morning. the great deal of expectations but how are our politicians going to meet those expectations however contradictory they may be. starting tomorrow in parliament they will be the opposition of course will ask for an investigation about all of the mishaps of the security of the information. the fact that these three guys who were known to be dangerous, could be actually be free and operate the way they did.
2:46 am
i think, you know politics will take over and people at large in the couple tryntry disappointed in politics. >> christine, i don't want to leave the idea of the victims behind. you just told me you had lunch with georges wolinski. >> i had lunch with him just before christmas. he was a dear friend. a feisty and gentle guy. you know it is difficult to -- he was the oldest. certainly the most famous in the sense that his cartoons would appear not only in "charlie hebdo" which is still a french publication, even if it is a national monument now.
2:47 am
but wolinski was an extremely talented and funny individual. the tribute paid to that woman and these men, but also the tribute paid to the four jewish victims at the kosher grocery store and to the police. it is the fact that these victims again are the symbols of -- >> of the nation. >> they are all, each of them is such as precious. >> christine, thank you for being with us. we are following latest on the paris terror attacks all morning long. first, breaking news in the search for airasia flight 8501. one black box retrieved. the other has been located. we have those new developments for you live right after a quick break. but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got...
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happening now. people around the world standing with france opposing terror. officials in france say more than 3.7 million people attended rallies across the country on sunday following the terror attacks on "charlie hebdo" and kosher supermarket. 40 world leaders linking arms ahead of the march in paris. no top level u.s. official among
2:51 am
them. the final suspect in the attacks last week still at large. a manhunt underway for hayat boumeddiene. the wife of the man who killed four hostages in the supermarket. her last known location was on turkey's border with syria. you can't kill an idea. that is what mark zuckerberg post overnight with the unity marches. he wrote, quote, as long as we are connected, no attackers can stand in the way of history and freedom and acceptance for all. he used the je suis charlie hash an tag that is one of the most popular. another look at your money. european stocks higher. oil prices are sliding again this morning. crude oil trading for $47 a barrel. price has been in a freefall for months. they stabilized at $48 a barrel. now to breaking news in the
2:52 am
search for airasia flight 8501. divers have retrieved one of the jetliner's two black boxes. discovered under part of the plane's wing. efforts are under way to recover the cockpit voice recorder. i want to bring in david molko with the latest live from jakarta, indonesia. important from the investigators point of view but they would like to retrieve more bodies. >> reporter: absolutely christine. super important. a breakthrough. the pieces of the puzzle are coming together more than two weeks after the plane went into the java sea. we have seen pictures of the black box transferred to another saltwater bin. the black box appears to be in very good condition. kept in the saltwater, of course to minimize any further damage until they can get it to the lab and pull that critical
2:53 am
data off. christine, he is saying it should take about two or three days to retrieve the data. analysis to figure out what just exactly happened on board that flight especially in its final minutes will take more time. the cockpit voice recorder officials now 100% certain it is in the java sea. they say they know the exact location. weather proving to be the difficulty. divers not in the water because of the currents being so strong. christine, let me mention the families. the search for the fuselage where many bodies are believed to be at this point. one man lost several members of his family. he told us a short time ago please continue the search for the missing bodies. they are feeling the black boxes have become the priority rather than recovering their family members. the president of indonesia,
2:54 am
though christine, promising that the search and rescue effort will continue until all on board are returned home. christine. >> david, thank you for the developments this morning in airasia flight 8501. in the wake of the massive hack tacks at sony target and home depot president obama calling for more transparency when companies notify customers. in a speech today, he is expected to call for a national standard requiring companies inform customers within 30 days of a hack. he is pushing for student privacy. he wants firms to prevent profits from online services and software. 54 minutes past the hour. hackers planning revenge on the terror attacks. we will tell you what they are doing as get an "early start" on your money next. w as two a alf days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately
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to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out knock it out, fast. with abreva.
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let's get an early start on your money. u.s. stock futures higher after the dow fell 170 points friday. that erased gains in 2014. crude oil trading at $70 a
2:58 am
barrel right now. cut in half since last summer. because of weak demand and supply glut. gas prices are falling with it. the national average for a gallon of remember is $2.13. hackers declare a war on terrorists after the attack on "charlie hebdo." an a group named dozens of twitter accounts that anonymous says delongs to territories. new day starts right now. >> for the last remaining suspects. >> we don't know her whereabouts. >> there is no better safe haven in what is an islamic state. >> isis put out a new threat against people in the west. >> this is i hate to say it
2:59 am
good business by isis. >> we have a situation and we have no strategy. >> the world, this country, so many people coming together. where was the president? where was the secretary of state? >> desirable, absolutely. for the united states to show the sympathy for what france is going through. >> good morning, welcome to your new day. it is january 12th. suspect is on the run. inside they found isis flags, weapons. the unit was rented by a terrorist who targeted a grocery skil killing four in friday's standoff. the big question that remains, who is this surviving female
3:00 am
member? was she 97 france at the time o. attacks. >> meanwhile, officials believe one of the charlie hebdo attackers received orders from the arabian peninsula. this as police departments here in the u.s. west and new york city and areas go on heightened alert following a preeted threat from isis. one thing is obvious. that is the world is united with france. leaders from a host of nations, arm in arm, joining millions in an unprecedented solidarity march on sunday. this morning, the white house is under fire for not sending president obama. let's bring in john berman live from paris with the latest. john great to see you there. what is the response to president obama not being among those world


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