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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 12, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. hello to our -- welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm zain asher. >> i'm errol barnett. we'll be here with you for the next two hours. >> we have breaking news now, two big finds in the crash of airasia flight 501 -- 8501. divers found a huge part of the plane and recover the cockpit voice recorder.
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>> the latest on that. defiance in parisment the new edition of "charlie hebdo" is on the way. we know what's on the cover. hacked the u.s. central command finds its twitter page taken over by jihadist sympathizers at the same time the u.s. is talking cybersecurity. okay, we'll begin now with the latest on the airasia crash. search officials say the fuselage -- this is very significant -- the fuselage from the jet that crashed last month has been found. >> that information just in to cnn in this past hour. combine it with the fact that searchers have also recovered the cockpit voice recorder and you see there are reasons to be optimistic. divers pulled the first black box, the flight data recorder from the underwater wreckage monday. >> we have more from jakarta now. david, if this is indeed the
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fuselage do official believe that most of the bodies from that flight are indeed in this fuselage? >> reporter: zain that is certainly the hope. the pieces of the puzzle continuing to come together. we saw the flight data recorder come in yesterday, monday. now the cockpit data recorder recovered on a ship. now news of the main body of the aircraft. specifically what the official told us he is the operations coordinator for the search and rescue agency mr. supriati saying divers have found it in the location to the northeast of where we found the tail. he goes on to say, "but i have not received the full report on this yet." this is a relatively senior official in the search and rescue authority. he's located on borneo the other side of the java sea from here in jakarta where a lot of the coordination efforts with the ships, planes helicopters have been going on.
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divers locating the main body of the aircraft, according to mr. supriati. we are working to get others to substantiate what he is saying and looking to see if there are other reports, photos perhaps of what divers have found in the java sea. of course this is one of the big pieces that search officials have been looking for. families watching closely. more than 100 still with no news about where their family members are. if this is somebody true as this search official seems to be saying, mr. supriati that they have found the main bodi, this would be a huge sigh of relief for them. and they will finally be on their way perhaps to getting answers. >> yeah. significant indeed. this will be closure that everybody has been hoping for. i do want to ask you about those black boxes both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. a lot of countries have been involved in the search and rescue effort.
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whose job will it be to download the information from those black boxes? will it be australia's because they've obviously taken -- had a key role in this investigation. will it be indonesia's or even the united states'? >> reporter: zain the accident happened in innesian waters. it was also -- indonesian waters. it was also an indonesian aircraft. the flight data recorder is here in judge carta, inside the -- jakarta, inside the lab of the national transportation safety board. there was going to be a meeting to go through the protocols and assess the damage on the box. one of the lead investigators for the group said things looked really good on the flight data recorder. didn't appear to have damage from fire. there were no cracks suggesting that saltwater may have seeped in. he told us if that were the case if there were no large signs of damage the download process could begin almost immediately. that data, come off in about an
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hour's time. it's almost adown plug-- akin to plugging a usb stick in the computer if there is no damage. the voice recorder process, a little more complex in getting information off and, of course creating the voice recording that everybody can listen to with the human ear. that will take place in indonesia. representatives from other countries, other interested parties including france the maker of the aircraft the airbus a320 here to offer advice and be an official party to this investigation. >> david live in jakarta where it's just 2:00 in the afternoon with of course the significant breaking news that the fuselage in the airasia crash 8501 might have now been found. okay thank you. and another big story we're following for you as it relates to the terror attack in paris last week. a warning from al qaeda's north african affiliate. in a statement posted on a jihadist website, the group
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pledges more attacks against france. at this moment an additional 18,000 police and soldiers are fanned out across the country. the french prime minister says the terror threat is still very much present. meantime "charlie hebdo" has released the next cover featuring a cartoon of the prophet mum holding a sign. >> the four men who were killed will be laid to rest in jerusalem. their bodies arrived from france a short time ago. the muslim policeman kill wednesday outside the "charlie hebdo" office will be buried in france today. we are covering the story from jerusalem to paris. you we'll begin with our senior national correspondent jim bittermann in france. good morning. we know that the new edition of "charlie hebdo" will hit
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newsstands wednesday. we know it will show another provocative cover. it's stunning to think that they're going to make throw million copies of this. stunning considering how few people read the publication before the tragedy. what more do you have? >> reporter: absolutely. there was a twitter -- tweet the other day that said they tried to kill "charlie hebdo." in fact, they made it immortal. that's in fact the case. they expect to sell these three million copies across the country because there's such an outpouring of sympathy. on a normal day, normal publication day, it would have sold perhaps 30,000 copies. it's read boy a small percentage of the population up until now. yes, it looks like they're going to be as daring as before. they were -- they put this magazine out with the cooperation of the paper here loaned them the office ss, printers and whatnot. the remaining editors and cartoonists who were not injured
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or killed in the attack last week in fact wanted to make the point that freedom of the press is still alive in france and that they could still say exactly what they want to say. it's one of the things we're watching here. there's a lot of moving parts today. however, we have a ceremony in three hours at the central police headquarters for those policemen and two policemen and one policewoman who were killed in the attacks last week. and i think that's going to be very moving. president hollande's going to go there and probably will make remarks. we're hoping to bring that to you live later on. >> and meantime jim, if you're a french resident you're suing thousands of troops and police officers -- you're seeing thousands of troops and police officers deployed in thousands of locations. what's the story on how many additional forces are needed and where they're posted? >> reporter: one of the things that's a little ambiguous about this and misleading perhaps is that the troops that are being added, there are 10,000 military
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personnel being added, and 8,000 police being added that what were already a large number of troops on the streets anyway. for the last decade there have been military patrols on the streets of paris and the rest of france backing up police patrols. you now there are going to be 10,000 more added. it's not going to be a new site but it's going to be dramatically different in terms of numbers. the other interesting thing to me is that the police are much better armed now than they were before. they are carrying assault rifles. they have bulletproof vests with the armored plate in place which is -- can protect phlegm fire for example. and i think that's a difference in the kind of tone we see in the security forces out there. the question i think really is is this to reassure the public,
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or is it really going to prevent further attacks. >> key question. you certainly would notice this being a french person out seeing police now armed heavily. jim bittermann live for us in paris. just past 8:00 in the morning there. the bodies of the four victims of the attack on the kosher grocery store are now in israel for burial. atika shubert now live from jerusalem. you know we know these four victims are going to be laid to rest this morning local time. prime minister netanyahu is scheduled to speak as is the president of israel. what more can you tell us about the schedule of events? >> reporter: we're expecting that funeral to begin in about three hours. we'll be hearing from the prime minister president, opposition leader and the french minister. we'll hear from leading rabbis who will read from the book of psalms and will hear a traditional morning prayer read by members of the families of
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the four victims. what's important here this is a state funeral. you see they're just setting up. you can probably hear the sound checks, and they're moving thing around. it's unusual that civilians would be given a state funeral like this. and this is clearly a way for the government to offer condolences to the victims of the attack. they're not the only french victims. in 2013 of course there was the attack on a jewish school. the victims of that attack are also buried here in this cemetery. they were not given a state funeral at the time. it's affected many people in israel. they really have been emotional to see these attack in france. and so many french-speaking jews have moved here, it's had a tremendous impact on people here. >> i want to ask you more about that. of course these recent attacks in paris bring back memories of the attack in toulouse on jewish
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children there. i know there's been an increasing number of french jews moving back to israel because they don't feel safe it in france. they feel there is still a strong sense of ant semitism in france. i want to ask you what is the reaction there in israel about the sudden wave of french jews moving back? >> reporter: i think israel's more than prepared to accept more immigrants coming in not only from france but around the world. to give you a sense of perspective, you know the toulouse attack happened in 2013. at that year about 3,500 french jews are estimate to have move to israel. in 2014, that nearly doubled to 7,000. those numbers are expected to rise because exactly that surging anti-semitic attacks and other sentiments that they've seen in france, but other -- also other jewish communities
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around europe have reported. israel has said that it will of course accept all new immigrants here, and many communities are supportive of that. not only does the government actively support those who want to immigrate here, the jewish communities who want to immigrate here. but there are a number of social organizations that will help people to settle here. there is already a large french-speaking jewish community here that would help them emigrate if they wish to do so. >> it is incredibly symbolic that the french jews chose not to be buried in france but chose to go to their ancestral homeland in israel. live in jerusalem, 9:00 in the morning. thank you. back to our top story next. it is called the survivors' edition. the latest "charlie hebdo" is almost here. we already have a preview of the cover. it depicts once again, the prophet mohammed. we'll talk how it was put together after the break. and a chilling warning
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welcome back. the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" is not backing down despite left week's devastating attack. editors unvideo gamed the cover
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for -- unveiled the cover for the issue and it feature the prophet muhammad in a political cartoon. because of sensitivities we're not showing it to you. we're joined from paris. brian, great to see you. "charlie hebdo" returns with a defiant cover depicting the prophet muhammad, the exact thick that made them a -- thing that made them a target in the first place. describe the cover for viewers and how the remaining staff, i'm wondering, decided on this specific image. >> reporter: some call it a doubling down by the staff the surviving staff of the magazine. it was chosen after days of deliberations, days of editorial meetings at one of the newspaper offices loaned to the surviving staff members. it does show the prophet muhammad. by the way, it's made clear that is who they are trying to depict as a cartoon character. it has the slogan he's holding it up saying "i am charlie."
11:18 pm
also saying, "all is forgiven." the cover looks a lot like the 2011 cover, also with a green background also with the cartoon depiction of muhammad that did come out at the same time the offices were firebomb. this ofwas back in 2011. as we know this magazine has been no -- has faced threats and dangers over the years. by deciding to publish the cover again, by deciding to take on something that's a taboo in the muslim world and to show an image of muhammad that offense many muslims, the magazine is certainly going to get a lot of attention and certainly make a statement when it comes out tomorrow. >> certainly when i saw it for the first time my initial reaction was is this really the cover, are they really going to do this. earlier jim bittermann made the point that before this attack the publication wasn't widely read. it was a couple thousand copies printed. now, of course, it's taking on such a different meaning.
11:19 pm
the staff, surviving staff members have been through much. you noticed another publication loaned out office space. how did they get to the point where they were able to publish another magazine? >> reporter: yeah. it has taken help from outlets that you might think of as rivals. also from news outlets in countries like "the guardian" in britain that donate money to help "charlie hebdo" stay afloat. i think they're trying to show they're not backing down. it is clearly a show of defiance by the surviving staff. cnn and other major news outlets are not showing the cover for the same reasons that in the past we have not shown other depicts of muhammad. it is a very offensive thing to many muslim to have the depict of the prophet. it is something that we've seen in news outlets like cnn choose not to show both for safety reasons but for reasons of sensitivity. as we've heard so much the past
11:20 pm
six days freedom of speech and expression are issues at play here. here. some people believe if you're not able to show the depiction it's a loss for freedom of expression. a controversial issue. as people in france wake up and as people see the cover, as it's published on line and then published in print tomorrow we'll hear a wide range of reactions. >> you can call it doubling down all in, all in the name of free speech. we'll see what the response will be. live in paris this morning. 8:20 there. thanks. >> you know "charlie hebdo," they're going to be print being a million copies. these terrorists wanted to destroy the manage. they've only made it stronger. >> they've boosted it up to three million now. >> exactly. a massive turnout in germany. police estimate some 25,000 people attended an anti-islam rally in dresden. >> that's right. this was organized boy the protest group patriotic europeans against the
11:21 pm
islamization of the west. the marchers waved the german national flag claiming solidarity with those killed in last week's terror attacks in paris. [ chanting ] >> in the meantime critics say the movement -- critics of the movement rather, say protesters are taking advantage of tragedy to incite hatred against refugees and foreigners. >> translator: they are carrying the french flag here. they feel themselves to be the preservers of the christian west. they are certainly no christians at all or hopefully not. but obviously the muslim extremists haven't done themselves any favors but there's nothing we can do about it. >> monday's march comes a day before chancellor merkel and other german politicians are expected to join a muslim rally berlin calling for religious tolerance. >> yeah merkel said monday islam belongs to germany, essentially denouncing those anti-immigration demonstrations.
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11:25 pm
leaked. barbara starr reports this isn't the first time that isis sympathizers have carried out an online attack. >> reporter: isis is already here. we are in your p.c.s, in each military base the hijacked central command account reads. the cyber-califate continues its georgia jihad. is this group really isis? >> it could have been anybody. it doesn't matter that much that it was isis. it does matter that a group calling itself isis is the cause. the goal is to create fear and overreaction. we need to react appropriately but not overreact to it. >> reporter: the tweets threaten troop and their families including posting a document with name and addresses of u.s. military officials and documents related to north korea and china. american soldier, we are coming watch your back. we know everything about you, your wives, your children. the hacker warn.
11:26 pm
the cyberattack comes as isis has rereleased a video calling for attacks on u.s. targets including the military. the pentagon so far it does not appear anything classified was posted and one u.s. military official said some of the information has already appeared on line elsewhere. >> this is something we're looking into and something we take seriously. however, a note of caution to folks as they're covering the story. there's a significance difference between what is a -- a large data breach and the hacking of a twitter account. >> reporter: the fbi is assisting the military with the investigation of the hacking of both its twitter and youtube accounts. this latest in a string of online hacks. last week several media organizations were hacked and
11:27 pm
similar threats posted. all of this comes as isis in the wake of the paris attacks is also fining itself targeted -- finding itself targeted on line. the hacker group anonymous says it's targeting isis. >> what's more concerning is not what they stole and posted, it's what they might have stolen and what they might be able to steal in the future. >> reporter: the attack on central command camea the president took to the stage to push for cybersecurity. as the hackers were posting the threats, the white house was sending a message from the president on its own twitter account -- if we're going to be connected, then we need to be protected. the military is making the point that its youtube and twitter accounts reside on commercial servers, and whoever conducted the hack attack had no access to classified information or at least they hope not. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. and college football in the united states has a new champion. the ohio state buckeyes defeated the university of oregon ducks
11:28 pm
42-20. >> that's right. and this game is actually a milestone. it's the first time a champion came by way of a new playoff system. a hong kong man heading for the mainland set off alarms when he tried to pass through a metal detector. he was trying to smuggle 94 iphones strapped to his body. >> not 90 not 91 a full 94 phones. >> have you done that? >> would i tell you if i did? customs officials were suspicious because he appeared to be traveling light but walked like he was carrying a heavy load. the man of held for further questioning. next alarming details in court documents show a disturbing relationship between the paris terror suspects. we'll be telling you exactly what french authorities knew. plus, a rare mea culpa from the white house. the obama administration admits it missed an historic opportunity at is not's unity rally in paris -- at sunday's
11:29 pm
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i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. a warm welcome back to those of you in the us and around the world. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm zain asher. here are the headlines this hour. an indonesian search official says the fuselage from the airasia jet that crashed last month has been found. searchers have also recovered the cockpit voice recorder which is now on board a ship. divers pull the first black box, the flight data recorder from the underwater wreckage monday. a new show of defiance from "charlie hebdo." the french satirical magazine attacked by terrorists last week. the cover of their upcoming issue has a cartoon depicting the prophet muhammad with a tear
11:32 pm
in his eye as he holds a sign reading "je suis charlie." 18,000 additional soldiers and police are patrolling in france against any further terrorist attacks. government officials are casting doubts on a report from the associated press that up to six suspects from last week's terrorist attacks remain at large. newly discovered evidence shows deep and disturbing ties between two of the paris terror suspects. >> as drew griffin reports, the details paint an alarming picture of the relationship between them well before the attack on "charlie hebdo." >> reporter: they are court documents filed on december 20th 2013, just a little more than one year ago which go into explicit detail of how a group of about a dozen french muslims were plotting to stage a prison break and free a fellow terrorist in 2010. two key figures in the plot -- the same two now-dead suspects
11:33 pm
accused of carrying out last week's horrific attacks in paris. cher eve cuccinelliy -- cherif cuccinelliy. documents obtained show the attacks should have come as no surprise to the french. >> these documents show that as early as 2013 when they were condemned, convicted, these individuals could pose a significant threat to the national security. >> reporter: when french police investigated amedy coulibaly in 2010, he was described as a logistics expert in charge of accumulating weapon and arms for the prison break plot. records sohow he stored a huge cache of high caliber arms include something 240 car
11:34 pm
bridges tom ridge for high-powered machine guns -- cartridges for high-powered machine guns with the goal of seriously hurting people through intimidation or terror acts. also found in his apartment, computers with security and encryption audio recordings of islamic religious figures and recipes written in arabic for making poison purportedly capable of killing a million people. and there were several photos showing coulibaly dressed in islamic garb posing in front of a black flag with white arabic inscriptioningses inscriptions on it. though convicted and sentenced to time in prison like other terror suspects he was allowed credit for time serve and of released last year. we know coulibaly's terrorist ways never changed. after his death last week in this shoot theout police again -- shoot-out, police again raided his apartment and again
11:35 pm
found a huge cache of arms. the court documents also reveal how close knit the terror group was through relationships forged in a paris park and in prison. cherif kouachi had become even more radicalized following his arrest in 2005. he had met a well-known jihadist spiritual leader and terror recruiter in prison. once they were freed, visited the same well-known terrorist, even staying with him for days at a time. his companions on some of the visits amedy coulibaly. court records show coulibaly's now-wanted wife hayat boumeddiene, wanted as well. documents describe a series of pictures dated april, 2010 showing amedy coulibaly and his kpap companion with a veil posing with a crossbow. that is believe to be hayat boumeddiene now wanted and on the run.
11:36 pm
all of the connections to a terrorism gang plots, and jihadist recruitment were known to police for years. the documents even detail how kouachi and coulibaly will make efforts to hide conversations by using code names or portable or disposable cell phones sometimes even using pay phones. both remained under surveillance. in a move not yet fully explained, the surveillance ended just six months ago. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. in the meantime the bodies of four jewish victims of the attack at the kosher grocery store have now arrived in israel. afp is reporting they will be buried at a cemetery in jerusalem at their families' requests. israeli prime minister netanyahu's office said the government's been ordered to help with burial arrangements. the four were shot dead after they were taken hostage in eastern paris friday. . france's jewish communities are
11:37 pm
especially uneasy after the attacks. thousands of officers will provide extra security at hundreds of jewish schools around the country. >> that's right. as fred reports, it will take more to restore a real sense of safety. >> reporter: they've always had security camera at this jewish school in this paris neighborhood. now the french army is here guarding the building. these students are in their final year. they say the recent terror attacks make them nervous. "of course we're worried," he says. "there has already been this horrible attack and there's a prospect of more such violence. the situation can only get worse. it doesn't look like the problem is going away." security at jewish institutions has become a top priority in france. the government is deploying more than 5,000 security personnel at jewish schools around the country. in response to amedy coulibaly raiding a kosher supermarket in
11:38 pm
paris on friday. an attack that left four dead. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu, visited the site of the siege machine. netanyahu who has told france's jews that israel will stand by their side. some say they'd like similar reassurance was their own government. the george bush community in france has -- the jewish community in france has been warn being a rise in ant semitism. now they say they hope politicians will do more by showing solidarity with france's jews. in this jewish quarter, the new security measures are met with mixed feelings. "i absolutely think security is efficient, efficient," this mans. "even before we had a decent amount of protection, now the maximum is being done after the new grave situation." but these students have made up their minds and want to leave france. "with so many jews living in
11:39 pm
israel the security is just at a higher level," he says. "there are other reasons for leaving, as well but it is better to be a jew there than in france." as france grapples with the aftermath of the terror attacks it seems it will take more than additional security to fully win back the trust of the jewish community. cnn paris. the white house is admitting fault for not sending the u.s. president to the unity rally is not. >> you see the pictures from sunday. the upticks work against the u.s. favor. more than 40 world leaders were there. the highest ranking american official to attend was u.s. ambassador to france the white house admitting that was a mistake. the french ambassador to the u.s. says there are no hard feelings. >> some have asked whether or not the united states should have sent someone with a higher profile than the ambassador to france. i think it's fair to say that we
11:40 pm
should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there. >> the president came to the french embassy, secretary came to the french embassy. they made several very moving public declarations. you know the controversy in a sense is real but the french newspapers are reporting the controversy as an american controversy because in france it didn't really create any hard feelings to us toward americans. we have felt the support of the americans, that's what matters. >> barack obama personally visited the french embassy in washington last week to offer his support. hopefully there are no hard feelings on either side there. let's get the latest information out of pakistan. an adviser to the prime minister held a news conference with u.s. secretary of state john kerry. >> yeah. they discussed the pakistan and the u.s. strategic dialogue to better fight terrorism. kerry spoke of the tragic school attack that killed 145 people, mostly children.
11:41 pm
>> the brutal murder of your children of felt by every parent and citizen in the united states. no one needed a reminder of the taliban's utter disregard for human life and for freedom. now we can see it firsthand, the most graphic and horrible way. >> members of the pakistani taliban attacked the school on december 16th. student returned to the school for classes monday after heavy security. still to come cameroon says that boko haram suffered its heaviest loss yet in the country after militants attacked a military base there. it's your data. now at t-mobile, all your unused data rolls forward to the next month. and we'll even get you started with 10gb of free 4g lte data.
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colorful pageantry. singing, dancing, that's what greeted pope francis. you see him arriving in sri lanka a couple hours ago. this was his first destination on his week-long trip to asia. a big theme for the pope is going to be reaching across religious lines trying to establish harmony between the different religious groups in sri lanka. >> it is key as sri lanka struggles still to recover from decade of civil war among sectarian factions. later the pope is scheduled to meet with delegations representing the country's major religions.
11:45 pm
want to go now to another terrorist attack that happened recently besides what happened in france. cameroon says that boko haram militants attacked a military base on monday but were pushed back by the army there. >> this happened in the northern town of kolafata there across the border from nigeria. one soldier died more than 33 boko haram fighters were killed. >> the attack comes after deadly bomb blasts targeting nigerian markets over the weekend. some of the suicide bombers expected to be as young as 10-years-old. boko haram is expected in at least one of those attacks. meanwhile, hundreds of bodies remain strewn in the nigerian town after a week of what's been called the deadliest massacre in boko haram's history. we have insight on this. diana, essentially a series of attacks, children allegedly
11:46 pm
being used as suicide bombers and varying casualty numbers. what's the latest information that you have? >> reporter: that's right. local officials in the area say it could be hundreds dead. it could be as high as 2,000. the bodies still are littered around the area after boko haram came in the saturday before last and killed everybody that they saw, burned their houses burning people alive inside their houses chasing, fleeing residents -- chasing fleeing residents on motorcycles and mowing them down with machine guns. it's difficult to get a clear picture of what happened because security forces haven't managed to recapture the town and haven't managed to go in and make a body count themselves. the army is saying that the headcount is much lower than that. they're extremely defensive about what went on there and around it over the last week. they say that it is only 150 people who were killed including
11:47 pm
militants. what we're hearing from eyewitnesses would suggest the number is far too low, and there are thousands of people who have been displaced as a result. 20,000 fleeing down to the regional capital. more stranded on the island of lake chad and more than 7,000 in western chad. and this horrific spate of violence was followed over the weekend by the suicide bomb attacks. one, as you said carried out by a 10-year-old girl that locals there say they don't actually believe she actually knew that she had explosives strapped to her chest. that it was detonated remotely. these attacks took place in key towns along the main thoroughfare that goes from the northeast of the country. a horrific week of violence. you mentioned that attack in cameroon. that is very significant because the leader of boko haram, said
11:48 pm
in a recent -- his most recent video message that he will unleash the same violence on cameroon as he has done in northeastern nigeria because basically they are the one military in the region who have promised to take on boko haram and have been fairly effective in doing so. they did launch air strike again the militant group in the last few weeks. does beg the question that if cameroon can do some kind of effective work, why is the nigerian military struggling so much to make headway against this five-year raging insurgency in the northeast of the country. >> yeah. the exact same question i was going to ask, too. i understand we press nigerian officials all the time for specifics what they're doing in the north. it's rare that we get insight. we appreciate the update from johannesburg south africa. thank you very much. especially when you consider just how much attention was paid to the terrorist attack in paris, a lot of people
11:49 pm
complaining they wish the world paid more attention to what was going on in nigeria. >> exactly. if you're watching from western europe or you're traveling there, you may want to listen up. there's going to be some ugly weather there. want to bring in pedram. winter storm could cause significant travel delays? >> absolutely. we'll have snow. we'll have some wind. you guys know how it goes across the region of the world especially in january. winter weather the case. a couple of storm systems will cause a mess especiallied with night into thursday morning. hurricane force winds a possibility. up to 120 kph, roughly 75 mile-per-hour winds in and around the region. so to put it in perspective, go in for a closer look. a level one for weather across the english channel. southern portions of the u.k. heavy rain severe winds, isolated tornados across the southern tier. which people are surprised to learn the region has the highest number of tornado for any region in the world based on its small
11:50 pm
surface area. you measure the small area 25 to 30 tornadoes scattered about the region every year. and no area in the world with that small of a land area has that sort of activity. here the travel billboard for your tuesday. winds the concerns for brussels. in heathrow the fog could slow you down up to an hour. traveling from glasgow to amsterdam, stockholm, could see 30-minute delays the next couple of days. stop it wednesday into there. the system resembling a tropical feature. winds across the northern u.k., 100 kilometer-plus an hour. london could easily exceed 80 miles per hour. the color contours line up with the 110 kph in the mid 70s mile-per-hour range. it will be blustery heading into thursday morning across that portion of the world. a quick gallon, cold -- quick glance cold temperatures.
11:51 pm
in some areas, it will get colder. new york city 24 degrees finer height into the afternoon hours. this is the time of year where climatologically we are in the dead of winter. january to the beginning of february. your temperatures are at the lowest for this time of year across the united states. that's the forecast. more coming up. the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. daughter: do you and mom still have money with that broker? dad: yeah, 20 something years now. thinking about what you want to do with your money? daughter: looking at options. what do you guys pay in fees? dad: i don't know exactly. daughter: if you're not happy do they have to pay you back? dad: it doesn't really work that way. daughter: you sure? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab.
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11:54 pm
cristiano ronaldo has won the ballon d'or for the second straight year. >> reporter: despite boos on the red carpet for the president after such a 12 months of controversy for fifa it makes a nice change to be near zurich at the home of world football talking about great players, not politics. >> the best here. >> the best. >> ronaldo. >> i hope -- >> ronaldo. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the fans may have been divided but you have to say it was a thoroughly well-deserved second ballon d'or third for cristiano ronaldo. after a year they helped move madrid to the record 10th european crowd beating off little messy and germany's world cup winning goalkeeper.
11:55 pm
should the winner of the trophy be a world cup winner in a world cup year? >> i do but it's difficult if this happen to be a goalkeeper upon he's the best in the world. he's reinvented the o of goalkeeping and deserves what he gets. this is difficult and spectacular as what ronaldo is doing. i think he's the heartbeat and the mega-star of this madrid side. he's led them for many years to the peak he's at. i think he deserved the victory. >> reporter: german success was recognized with pessler taking home the women's award and the coach taking home the men's coach of the year alongside the treble-winning wolfsburg boss ralph calamen who took the award for the women's coach of the year. it was colombia who won the gold gong for the fantastic effort in the world cup second round against uruguay.
11:56 pm
whilst the party continues long into the night here in zurich, it won't go on for long. come tuesday, for all the winners, back down to the business of winning this season's silverware. amanda davis, cnn, zurich. >> okay. thank you very much for joining us. communities in france and in israel paying their final respects to the victims of last week's terror attacks. more after the break. i'm zain asher. >> i'm errol barnett. stay with us. out of 42 vehicles... based on 6 different criteria... why did a panel of 11 automotive experts... ... name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons the all-new volkswagen golf starting
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comcast business. built for business. right now france it on its highest level of alert. the big question in the wake of last week's deadly terror attacks -- are there other attacker out there? a message of defiance from "charlie hebdo," the satirical magazine once again putting a cartoon out of the prophet muhammad on its front cover. also coming up this hour for you, we have breaking news in the search for airasia. a top official says divers have found the fuselage of airasia flight 8501. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm zain asher. >> i'm errol barnett. thanks for j