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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 17, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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police launch raids targeting terror cells across europe. we are alive from brussels to paris. the pope is set to hold mass in the philippines. millions of catholics are expected to happen. cnn has a look at some of boko haram children. we want to welcome our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm paula newton.
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raids across western europe is exposing a network of extremism. authorities arrested 17 people in connection with the terror raid in belgium. they released most of them later. three remain in custody. a counterterrorism source says it two militants killed and the one who was arrested has links to isis and other terror cells. cnn senior international correspondent ivan watson is in brussels. in belgium and with the authorities, do they have a sense, still, that the threat is imminent and they are standing by waiting to see if any of these cells remain active? >> reporter: they are certainly on alert and we witnessed that here in brussels seeing soldiers members of the armed forces here deploying in brussels guarding outside the jewish museum which is a few
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blocks from where i am standing right now. reports that troops are being deployed in antwerp as well. that's a sign of how seriously the authorities are taking the threat. as one law enforcement official told me he doesn't believe soldiers and armed soldiers have been deployed on the streets in some 30 years sinister "rick's list" attacks against authorities in belgium. it shows how serious they are taking the threat. the jewish museum notable because last may it was the target of a deadly attack that resulted in the deaths of four people. a french citizen was arrested charged with murder in the attack. a french citizen who traveled to serious in the past as have the suspects the two men who were killed in the police raid that
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took place in belgium on thursday night and the third individual who was arrested alive and unharmed. now, belgium authorities say they so far will not identify the suspects to protect the ongoing investigation. let's take a listen to what the federal prosecutor had to say about this on cnn last night. >> we cannot say that any u.s. interests are involved or a target by the group. this group was specially targeting belgium police and planned to kill belgium policemen in the street or buildings. they especially were planning to assassinate policemen. i know in the press there has been rumors of kidnapping people and beheading people. we can, at this stage of the investigation, we cannot confirm that. >> reporter: paula, the
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prosecutor told me belgium requested the extradition of two more suspects. belgium citizens who were arrested by french authorities trying to cross from france into italy. it could take days if not weeks to bring them to belgium. if it takes awhile the belgium authorities may send investigators investigators. >> thanks. trying to piece this together we appreciate the update. paris, they are recovering from the attacks from "charlie hebdo" and the market. it's been a complicated investigation. many suspects at this point. do you get a sense french authorities feel they are able to piece this together and connect the dots? >> reporter: we definitely get a sense the pieces of the puzzle
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are coming together. as the pieces come together the picture you get is ever more confusing. itis always layer upon layer. we get a sense overnight, we have more names we have heard under the cover of darkness the last 24 hours. police went to four suburbs of paris and they put on the rest and 14 people 12 people i should say, eight men, four women all suspected of providing support to the man responsible for the attack that killed four people outside the kosher store and the man responsible for killing that policewoman on thursday. you get a sense police are putting out more people looking at activity and chasing the money also chasing the weapons. you know, what we have heard, if you remember two or so days ago, paula, there was false suspect,
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a man he knew and drove him to the store. they thought this was the man and think this is the man because they found a set of keys that's how they found him and paperwork that reveals connectivity between them. now, it is believed that man is in syria. so as we get two steps, we go back two steps, it believes. there's so much police are not sharing. paula? >> in terms of the feeling in paris and largely in france right now, do people get the sense that they can turn a corner in this coming week or is the country still very much on edge? >> reporter: it is on edge. people are starting to relax slightly. although having said that if you hear a noise, people just you know they look around very quickly.
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you just don't know. it's a constant reminder. we have posters of the "charlie hebdo" cover. police on the ground. heavy armed police and soldiers. that is a constant reminder there is a threat going into shock, they will ask to search your bags. you know the reminder is there. at the same time we are hearing about the brothers about to be buried. they are creating a sense of anger and frustration in paris. we heard from the mayor who says he has been buried in an unmarked grave for fear there would be an attack against the grave. yeah you know very much a sense of uneasiness and very nerving times here in paris, paula. >> thank you for the update appreciate it. now, the pope's trip to the
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philippines had a change of course thanks to mother nature. up next, we go live to manila where a typhoon threatens his mass on sunday. plus the young victims from boko haram. a shot like that... calls for a post-game celebration. share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're gr-r-reat!
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pope francis returned to manila several hours early after
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a typhoon forced him to cut short his trip to tacloban. hundreds of thousands of people stood out in the rain to hear the saturdays mass. he gave an emotional tribute to those killed in a typhoon. the latest storm is headed to manila and could impact sunday. look at this more than 6 million people are expected to attend the outdoor service. apparently in whatever kind of weather that mother nature can throw at them we want to hear what to expect ahead of us. we bring in anna who is live in manila. unfortunately, we have to deal with the disappointment of taclaban. the people voiced their concern, didn't want him to leave, but it's good he did. the conditions are getting
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dangerous there. >> reporter: that's right. the pilot knew they had to get out early. it's why the pope went down earlier than scheduled. as you say, he had to cut his trip short due to the typhoon, the strong winds that were hitting the philippines. certainly that area. they got off one of the planes carrying government officials didn't manage to get off the runway. it was pushed some 50 meters off the runway because of the strong winds. so unfortunately, mother nature intervening, but still, the fact the pope went to tacloban met with the people gave mass in this open air congregation. it was extraordinary. emotional scenes too. he told the people that when he saw the typhoon hitting tacloban he knew he had to come. he is late he is sorry, but he
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is finally here. loss for words while talking to them. he didn't know what to tell them but he was with them and would always be with them. it was incredible. they bowed their heads and prayed. people standing there in the rain they had been standing there overnight. they wept. i think there was this outpouring of love and comfort they got from having pope francis there in their city which was ravished and devastated by typhoon hyan in 2013 killing 7,000 people many bodies never recovered. it was touching as well to see the pope don this yellow poncho which a lot of people were wearing. there were not a allowed umbrellas in this open air mass. yes, that trip cut short. he was disappointed. he voiced his disappointment.
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as i say, just the fact he was there meant everything to the people. >> you make an important point, this was a source of comfort for them no matter how brief the visit. we are seeing 6 million people expected to turn out in manila tomorrow. in terms of the atmosphere in the capitol, it must be extraordinary. >> reporter: pope mania, paula, that is what is going on here. you just missed rehearsals. the choir has been practicing the orchestra has been practicing. this is where the stage will be for pope francis when he celebrates mass here tomorrow afternoon. the gates open at 6:00 a.m. and, yes, 6 million people. it's a mind boggling number. it's almost like half of manila coming here to listen to pope francis. authorities are calling it a
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security nightmare from the top military general as well as from the general of the philippines. this is what happens when pope francis comes to town and the philippines being a deeply religious, catholic country. no one wants to miss out on this. the last time there was such a gathering is when pope john was here. 5 million people setting the record for the largest number of catholics to gather. that is expected to be surpassed tomorrow. yes, the rain is going to come. the wind is going to come. it's not going to dampen people's spirits. what we have seen the last couple days and what we saw in taclabon their resilience determination, considering what they have been through, the natural disasters they have endured over the years, they will definitely turn out and brave the elements to see pope
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francis tomorrow. >> they have resilience determination and devotion. they will need it tomorrow. thank you for covering this. we look forward to the reports over the next 24 hours. pope francis left before the worst of the storm hit. eric van dam is at the weather center. this storm headed toward manila. give us the sense of the kind of conditions they will experience tomorrow. >> you mentioned, paula, the pope left taclaban in the nick of time. this is what he missed. after his plane took off, a group of government officials skidded off the runway. anna alluded to that in her report. coming out of the airport, the civil aviation authority
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confirming this charter, overshot the runway at the airport, shortly after the pope's plane took off. the very rainy conditions all attributed to typhoon that is moving through. let's get back to the graphics and talk about its. this is the satellite imagery. it's becoming less organized as time goes on but packing quite a punch and rainfall as well. latest update from the typhoon warning center has winds at 130 kilometers per hour near the center of the storm. taclaban has several hours to go with rainfall and windy conditions. by sunrise tomorrow morning, things start to improve drastically where the storm is currently located. the east facing shores bays and
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inlets of this island nation could experience rough sea conditions roughly four to six meters on the ocean. of course crashing on the coastline is there. delays at the harbors and the ports as people try to traverse the islands to get home saturday. we have had reports of people being stuck in the harbors. the possibility of flash flooding and local landslides and mudslides thanks to rainfall totals in excess of 150 millimeters reported across the region. by the way, the storm made land fall officially at 3:00 p.m. the same location that hagupit made land fall a month ago. manila watch out. we have rain and wind in your forecast. more updates in a few minutes. >> we will need them. i cannot believe the kind of weather in the philippines.
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the pope is going to get a taste of it on this trip. thank you. appreciate it. still to come the latest news that could bring some measure of optimism for the west african nations fighting ebola. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater? try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter.
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emergency officials say a suicide bombing in nigeria killed at least five people no. one claimed responsibility. officials say the blast in gombe
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have all the hallmarks of boko haram. now, the extremists terrorized nigeria for years now. cnn international correspondent knick robertson is in nigeria and shares the heart breaking stories in this exclusive report. >> reporter: early morning and it's cold. bow kako haram's youngest victims fending for themselves. they lost their parents a month ago when boko haram attacked her village. they followed us and they killed my mother and father. >> reporter: 180 children crowd into this compound.
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for now, from the daily attacks. many are orphans, witness to what no child should ever see. >> seeing the people slaughters. >> reporter: you could see all this? >> yes. >> reporter: her friend esther from another village has a similar story. she continues in her own language. they showed up after church service one sunday in july opening fire killing people. everyone ran. i don't know what happened to my parents. esther is 18 and lydia 16. they are some of the oldest here have responsibilities like cooking for the other children. they don't get government handouts and there is no international aid agency helping them. both are struggling to understand their changed lives. lydia tells me of nightmares crying, not being able to eat.
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what is all too clear to them now is they won't be going home anytime soon. >> we don't have food to eat. >> reporter: only god, they say, can help them now. nic robertson, cnn, nigeria. >> after 8,000 deaths finally encouraging news on the ebola outbreak. they say the spread of the disease is slowing, probably because of better access to care there. we have the report on the rapid decline of new cases. >> reporter: optimistic signs in the battle against ebola. international and regional health officials say they are seeing a significant decline in the number of new cases of the virus in west africa.
2:25 am
>> change in the behavior we have been hoping for, working for, anticipateing is now happening everywhere. >> reporter: the u.n. special envoy is just back from liberia, one of the hottest hit countries. he says there are now more beds and treatment facilities available to help the sick. >> the result is we are seeing the beginnings of the outbreaks slowing down. >> reporter: in total last year during the worst days of the epidemic u.n. health officials say there were 60 to 80 new ebola cases every day. as of january 12th in liberia, just ten confirmed cases in the entire country, according to the deputy health minister there. guinea and sierra leone saw the fewest cases since august. >> it's an incredible drop. >> reporter: the virus claimed more than 8400 lives and infected 21,000 people since it
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was first detected last march making it the worst ebola epidemic on record. now he says a possible end to the epidemic is within reach. >> we will gradually see the number of cases reach zero stay at zero and then the outbreak will be finished. >> reporter: when will that be? he won't make a prediction. liberia says the country could be free of the virus by the end of february. linda kincaid, cnn. >> finally good news on the ebola front. meantime an american doctor who was infected and cured of ebola is heading back to the center of the epidemic. dr. rick was helping deliver babies. he was relieving dr. brantley
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when they came down with ebola. dr. sack ra returns to liberia thursday and expects to have some measure of immunity now that he has already had ebola. police swept portions of western europe friday. how far do their connections go? plus the troubled past of the man blamed for terrorizing the kosher market in paris.
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i'm paula newton. here is an update on the top stories we are following this hour. pope francis is back in manila after a shorte than planned trip to taclaban.
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after the typhoon chased him earlier in the day. there are concerns the weather could affect sunday's planned outdoor mass in manila. the typhoon is now tracking northwest toward manila after making land fall over the philippines a few hours ago. the storm is forecast to deteriorate by sunday. by then no destructive winds, but plenty of heavy rain. a seniorennior belgium terrorist reports. two suspects killed in a shootout with police a third in custody. not all the terrorists in that cell have been rounded up. the shooting along with the terror attacks in paris show the risks of terror cells including those operating here in the united states.
2:32 am
cnns brian todd has a look. >> reporter: a terror cell but europe bracing for attacks. there could be several sleeper cells ready to strike in france, germany, belgium and the netherlands. now concerns about their timing. >> the worry is how and when. >> reporter: a sleeper cell is usually made up of a few operatives acting on behalf of a foreign country or terror group, taking instructions from it or inspired by a group acting on themselves as coulibaly did. >> they are there and they have the ability to cross borders. >> reporter: they are highly skilled at blending in appearing like the guy next door. >> they will have regular jobs.
2:33 am
you might see them at the strip joint drinking alcohol. anything to take off the claim or suspicion they might be extremist muslim terrorists. >> reporter: the 9/11 terrorists did that drinking heavily in bars and going to strip clubs. he broke away went under cover for canadian intelligence and helped bust a terror cell in toronto. they don't communicate by phone or the internet. some are told don't go to mosques. don't give a hint of your religion. >> could be shave your beard, remove your religious garb. anything to blend in. that will be determined by the handler or the operatives in the cell itself. >> reporter: sleeper operatives stay isolated lie dormant for years. >> they wait for a moment when the attention is turned away.
2:34 am
>> reporter: the dynamics of sleeper cells are always changing. one u.s. counterterrorism official tells me terror cells these days do less sleeping. they plot hoping to avoid suspension. they direct the terror strikes themselves rather than wait for a signal. >> now the man suspected of killing four people in a kosher market in paris had a crime riddled past. we learned new details about what may have led to coulibaly to become an extremist. jim bittermann reports. >> reporter: in paris, coulibaly may go down as the extremist who died shooting it out with the terror squad. in the suburb where he grew up he's remembered as a local thug who spent much of his adult life behind bars. in early school photos obtained by france television he's
2:35 am
likable enough. teachers say coulibaly, an immigrant boy of ten children had a discipline problem. it was in high school when he got in trouble. in the end, arrested five times for armed robbery and one for dealing in drugs. a lawyer believes coulibaly changed from small crimes to hardened criminal when police shot one of his best friends. >> translator: this was a traumatic event when he lost his friend. he too, could have died. a bullet could have easily hit him. >> reporter: coulibaly was in and out of the sprawling and overcrowded prison located in his hometown. according to a journalist he made this video of life inside the prison. he seemed like a leader she said, behind bars. >> translator: he was an intelligent boy, one of the tough ones.
2:36 am
he was actually in prison. he was dominant and very much in charge. ift was a second home really. >> reporter: it's not clear when he got religion. in 2010 when he was jailed here he came in contact with an islamic extremist. by this time he was estranged from his family. they say the coulibaly's like many here were trying to better themselves. >> translator: yes, this area is violent. yes, there is delinquency and poverty. yes, there is suffering but there is also success. >> reporter: if the family was muslim it's hardly fundament fundamentalist fundamentalist. back in the family's hometown they remember the attempts to fit in. in 2009 he was invited to the french presidential palace as part of a panel meeting with president sarkozy to talk about
2:37 am
youth unemployment. he worked at a coca-cola plant and met the girl that became his wife. they were nonetheless surprised at terrorist connections. >> translator: we were shocked. it's hard to believe. it's unreal. >> reporter: one person less surprised is a social worker who worked with him as a young man taking him to disneyland paris. after not seeing coulibaly after 15 years, he showed up in his office last spring after getting out of prison. >> he's lost. he needs people to remind him that that can be done that can't be done. when someone is involved with manipulating people you can use him for anything. >> reporter: they told cnn it's wrong to imply they are nothing but breeding grounds for
2:38 am
terrorists. many work their way into mainstream society like the mayor himself. he adds the large families unemployment lack of police decaying infrastructure provide a fertile environment for it. in the case of amedy coulibaly. jim bittermann cnn, france. >> intelligence agencies have been scouring social media trying to find clues about terror cells. president barack obama and british prime minister david cameron says their two countries will work closely together to track them online. they say more and more terrorists are use zing social media to recruit and spread a perverted islam. many believe one man can help change that. the pope. we'll explain right after the break. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater?
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the highest court in the u.s. could make a decision on same-sex marriage by this summer. the u.s. supreme court agreed to consider whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry or if states have the right to ban gay marriage. arguments are expected to april with a ruling expected by june. now, 36 out of 50 u.s. states and the district of columbia currently allow same-sex
2:42 am
marriages. the court will hear from four states which recently had gay marriage bands upheld in their lower courts. homosexuality is taboo in the philippines. the pope's five-day visit there is one built of mercy and compassion. some filipinos hope his more open minded views are usher in change. >> reporter: under giant cedars in california a union takes place in front of family and friends. this is a marriage between two women isa and liza. >> lisa do you take iza to be your lawfully wedded spouse? >> i do. >> good answer. >> reporter: well same-sex marriage is legal in parts of the united states in their home country of the philippines with a powerful catholic church
2:43 am
influences every aspect of life this couple is going to hell. >> growing up i thought if you were gay or lesbian, you are going to hell. i had to question myself. i feel how can loving someone be wrong? >> a child star now famous singer 31-year-old iza was one of the first openly gay celebrities in the philippines. ♪ >> reporter: a challenge in a country with the third largest catholic population in the world governed by a church considered more conservative than the vatican. while ostracized this couple is filled with hope now that pope francis is at the helm. they believe his visit to the philippines can only bring about positive change. >> i hope he will shed light to our bishops, our cardinals who
2:44 am
are so archaic, how the church should just embrace differences because different doesn't mean bad. >> this is a challenging time for the catholic church in the philippines. it has more than 18 million followers, the number of filipinos attending mass is falling. the issues like contraception, divorce and same-sex marriage that are turning people away. when the pope takes to the stage behind me it's expected to be the largest open air mass in history. they hope the message is one of change. >> we know the pope is very progressive. he's doing things that are different. he's some kind of a breath of fresh air to our church that is
2:45 am
losing. >> iza and liza are not expecting the pope to mention same-sex marriage. they believe he's helped their course. >> what he is doing is more than enough. there's just really more than anything compassion. i think that is everything. >> reporter: last week the couple again, exchanged vows this time in the philippines. not recognized by the church it was for those who could not attend the legal ceremony in the u.s. >> you both will never imagine how much kinder the world is. because you chose each other. for that we are grateful. >> reporter: as for those who question their love and marriage iza knows what's in her heart. >> i believe more than any scripture, more than any book i believe in love. so they can say whatever they want to say, but whatever they
2:46 am
say, they will not discount the fact that yes, we are married and love each other. we will continue to love each other. anna anna. >> we been talking sever hours about the weather. meteorologist derek van dam is here at the world weather center. derek, you have been talking to me throughout about this storm. it is really closing in and going to collide with the pope's mass tomorrow in manila. >> yeah his traveled have been hampered by this major storm. it continues to impact the central philippines and has its eyes set on manila which we have been paying attention to because of the large amount of people coming up at 3:30 in the afternoon in manila. conditions there are relatively quiet at the moment. this is considered the calm
2:47 am
before the storm because the weather conditions will start to deteriorate. we don't want to make things sound worse than they are going to be. we are anticipating the rain bands sunday morning, just about in time for sunrise. but, as we enter into the afternoon hours, the rain will pick up in intensity and so will the winds. we are expecting tropical storm force winds during the time of mass. here is the forecast pretty detailed. between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. temperatures will be in the middle 20s and stiff north to northwest wind expects downtown. now, with the tropical storm moving through the region this is the potential impact on the mass. the rainfall will be the major concern, 150 millimeters by the time it's said and done. wind gusts up to 65 kilometers per hour. we could experience localized flooding from the storm system as well. keep in mind this is actually
2:48 am
the dry season in manila. we don't normally see rain this time of year. in fact the driest months being january, february march, the rainy season around august. the latest satellite imagery, the update from the typhoon warning center has winds sustained at 130 kilometers per hour. that would be just around the center of the storm, which is over the northern half of sumar island. it is impacting this region and the islands around the region. that allowed for some deterioration in the storm. not as organized as it was six hours ago. none theless with rainfall totals like this we have the chance for localized flooding. lots to look at here in the weather department and lots to stay informed. paula, in the meantime back to you. >> incredible the size of the storm. for the pope there's no missing
2:49 am
it. i can't believe it's supposed to be the dry season in manila. incredible. >> they have had it before. they will get used to it. >> they used to it. more trouble for the spanish royal family including tax fraud charges and paternity suit for the former king. we'll have a full report. a missing space probe is finally found. i love this story. it's millions of kilometers away and did hit the target. stay with us. we'll explain. ♪ nice! gr-reat! a shot like that... calls for a post-game celebration. share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're gr-r-reat!
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the problems for spain's royal family keep piling up including tax fraud charges against a member of the spanish monarchy and a paternity lawsuit from a belgian lawsuit claiming the former king carlos is her father. al goodman has more. >> reporter: it hasn't been a golden retirement for the king. he advocated the throne to his son and just turned 77. now, this 48-year-old woman from belgium claims in a paternity suit juan carlos is her father. spain supreme court accepted the case for study. they want him to take a dna test. the aim of my client is not money or titles the lawyer says she just wants to find her father. spain's royal household respects judicial decisions and declined
2:53 am
comment. he has 20 days to respond to the court. the paternity suit alleged this woman had a brief relationship with juan carlos. ingrid's attorney tells cnn her mother is willing to testify and has a signed notarized statement from her. back then juan carlos was married, became spain's king and head of state in 1975 after the death of dictator francisco franco. guiding spain to democracy and polls showed him popular until a series of recent scandals. the expensive safari during the economic problems. he made an apology. princess christina faces a trial
2:54 am
on tax fraud charges with her husband and various former associates associates. they diverted funds for private use. the princess a sister of the current king and her husband deny the charges. the trial is expected to start later this year with spaniards riveted by the developments. everything will be covered up he says. they will find a nice excuse so it looks fine but there won't be a good outcome. >> it's good this happened. everything should be clarified. i think that's good for the democracy of spain. >> reporter: with king carlos and princess christina in trouble, the polls show king felipe gaining stature. houston, there's no problem.
2:55 am
the beagle has landed. by the beagle i mean beagle 2. it was supposed to land on the red planet christmas day, 2003 and begin looking for signs of life. this thing disappeared. high resolution images show the beagle touched down near the planned landing zone. the solar panels never deployed. that stopped it from getting the power needed to communicate with controllers on earth. so i bet you are dying to know what happened to beagle 2. we investigate. >> when something goes missing without a trace, it's usually difficult to find. now, put that on mars and it becomes virtually impossible. that's exactly the predickment the european space agency found itself in when the spacecraft beagle 2 went missing over a decade ago. after being ejected from the
2:56 am
mother ship after traveling at speeds at 12,000 miles per hour. it was supposed to have landed christmas day, 2003 and search for life on mars by studying the soil and atmosphere. the plan was, a robotic arm equipped with a bunch of tools including a rock abrasion tool would gather samples and search for biological signatures of life like carbon 12 and methane. it weighed a mere 70 pounds and deploy a parachute to help its fall. it never returned home. maybe it was destroyed on impact. the parachute didn't deploy. perhaps martians shot it down with laser beams. several attempts to track the probe. it was deemed missing.
2:57 am
beagle 2, you are not alone. half the missions to mars have failed. they call it the mars curse. >> glad the martians were ruled out. thanks for joining us. "new day" is just ahead. in a race, it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®. >>xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner proven to treat and help prevent dvt and pe that doesn't require regular blood monitoring or changes to your diet. for a prior dvt i took warfarin, which required routine blood testing and dietary restrictions.
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morning as police and security forces chase down leads and links to potential terrorists soens in belgium new concerns that one of the sell ises is on the run and has hospital links to i