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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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viva la france, viva la democracy. thanks to all of you for being a part of my program this week. i'll see you next week. happening right now in the newsroom, hundreds of civilians held captive by isis militants in iraq for more than six months are free. hear how they were freed. shots fired near vice president biden's delaware home. the hunt is on for the car that fled as investigators searched biden's house to see if any rounds hit it. plus -- >> we know the job's done wrong, but you need to step up and, you know take the consequences of what you've done and come home. >> captured after two weeks on the run. the so-called bonnie and clyde teens wanted for a multistate crime spree are arrested.
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the "newsroom" starts right now. hello, everyone. thank you very much for joining me. i'm people on edge. in belgium, five nationals facing terrorism charges. all of the suspects have been accused of participating in a terrorist organization. two have been released under "strict conditions." the rest remain in custody. police remain on high alert across europe. troops patrolled the streets of major belgian cities. and in brussels they are still standing guard outside embassies and the country's national jewish museum which was attacked last year. there are fears that as many as 20 so-called sleeper cells may be activated to carry out plots. we're learning french authorities have released three women who were detained. nine others remain in custody. will the anti-terror
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investigation continue to widen? let's bring in nick robertson in paris and nick paton walsh following developments in yemen. how wide is the net being cast for possible terror cells? >> reporter: it's being cast across northern europe and southern europe as well. this is a concern for intelligence agencies all over europe at the moment. what the french are telling us is that the three people that they've released are women. that the nine people that remain in detention here are, in fact can be held for another two days and may be held for even longer on the suspicion of the terrorism act. so at least two days before any of the others might be considered for release. and the concern is here that there could be other cells inside france. that is why france is on such a high alert with so many security forces deployed to thwart any possible further attack. >> and then nick paton walsh
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from yemen, you have new information on two french nationals arrested there? >> reporter: yes. we reported last night, yemeni officials saying two french men arrested in the past few months. they tried to leave the country. we now know from one security official here that actually those arrests occurred back in may of last year. the two 32-year-old men have been the eastern part of the country for possibly as long as ten years. now they were studying it seems, at one institute in that part of the country. it is known for some of its links to al qaeda at times. but at the same time too, these men have not specifically been charged with something, although they are said by this security official to in fact have been accused of fighting for al qaeda on the front lines. so a mixed picture here. and certainly i think some assessing this case in yemen are wondering quite what they have
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against these two french men to hold them for this period of time. also asking why does this news emerge again. it was out in may before. why does it emerge again now potentially as it's looking hot on the trail of westerners leaving here particularly french to go back for the west. i should point out the two 32-year-old men were in fact bound for a short trip to tunisia rather than leaving here altogether. >> quickly what about the status of the chief of staff who was taken hostage yesterday? >> reporter: still held unclear where at this point. as you said he was taken from his car in the city. i can hear small arms fire in the city now as night has fallen. increasing tension over that abduction. one oil-rich proviins in yemen where the chief of staff comes from said they're cutting off oil until he's released from the mainframe infrastructure here. a real escalation in this part
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sectarian/part tribal/part governmentters for us other groups' war that's been gripping the nation for some time. >> and in paris, what is it about belgium requesting the extradition of a suspect who is in greece? >> these are details that were we're just beginning to learn about. the details still require more digging and more corroboration. the indications are and we've heard from belgian officials that they've been working in close cooperation with -- with the greek police. we've heard from greek officials today saying that earlier in the day that so far of all the suspects that they had in their custody, that seem to be brought into their custody as a result of the requests from the belgians for help all the people so far earlier in the day, they had not yet had a match between any of those people and any suspects in belgium. however, the information emerging now in the last few minutes perhaps indicates that the greeks have now found somebody. that the belgians believe
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they're connected or is connected to the arrests and the shoot-out in belgium at the moment. and the first indications we're getting is that this is a french national that the belgian authorities are requesting that greeks extradite back. again, these are early details, and we're still checking through them. >> nick robertson and nick paton walsh. thanks to both of you. appreciate it. so as threats and fears grow across belgium and much of europe for that matter the strength of al qaeda is growing in the arabian peninsula, especially yemen. terrorists in the region claimed credit for the deadly attack on "charlie hebdo" in paris. joining subcommittee cnn intelligence and security analyst and former cia operative bob baer. the president cited yemen months ago as a type of succession story. he didn't necessarily say mission accomplished, tit is the model of success but it was showing progress. was that a poor choice of words, or is it that it's -- success has been calculated in other
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ways? >> well i think it's a poor choice of words. yemen, no one's ever done anything about that ever. the saudis would, for instance love to get in there and clean things up. but even they can't do it. the drone attacks clearly have disrupted networks slowed them down republicaned their attacks on the west -- blunted their attacks on the west in the united states. they were justified when you consider the airplane bomber. it was attack launched out of yemen. but at the end of the day, we are dealing with an abstract idea which is jihad. and as long as this idea of violent jihad continues to course through islam, drones and air strikes just aren't going to stop it. the question is whether these drones and air strikes worsen the situation or better it. i just don't have an answer for that. >> and there are variation of assessments of the ongoing global fight against terror. listen to former cia director panetta speaking to freed
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zakaria earlier. >> there's no question that i think the failure to have prevented the attack that took place in paris was an intelligence failure. and i know they had these individuals on watch lists. i know that in some ways they were tracking them. but because of priorities or because of resources, obviously they were not aware that these attacks were going to be conducted. >> bob, is he right? was it an intelligence failure? these suspects were watched but because there was no activity perhaps the guard was let down a bit. and then these suspects struck. >> well the problem is that they were leading two lives apparently. they -- it looks like they were talking on their wives' cell phones which weren't being monitored. in france you do need a warrant to listen to a phone.
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you look at the coulibaly, went to spain and brussels. were they crossing boredders to make meetings? france has a problem. the number is put ad 5,000 suspected -- put at 5,000 suspected terrorists. you can't watch all five with complete coverage. these guys were very clever. once they were recruited, they knew how to beat the system. it's just as -- >> it was a matter of years teamwork to three years since their travels to yemen and other places, malaysia among them. if they blended in with society and neighbors thought that they were just you know ordinary people and people commented that you know the couple just seemed to be very nice and kind and seemed to do things for neighbors. to what extent how long is the intel community supposed to watch someone, especially when there are that many numbers that you talk about, up to 5,000 possibly?
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>> yeah. you can't do that for three years. these guys cut off their beards. they stopped going to the mosque. they stopped dealing with jihadi clerics. even their families weren't aware of what they were planning. but this is normal. in their mind once they've turned on a switch to commit violence they turn on another switch to stay off the police's radar. and in an open society, there's not a lot you can do about it. egypt, for instance doesn't care whether -- they throw you in jail and that's where you stay forever. that happens in totalitarian regimes which, frours, franceof course, france isn't. >> what is the reassessment now that they're the latest example of how you blend into a community, you go unsuspected, and then you carry out a plan that may have been years in the making? how does the intel community get ahead and proactively try to stop the next you know set of people who may be carrying out very similar type of planning and attacks? >> i think we're seeing it in europe. it's disruptive raid. anybody that's under suspicion
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-- >> like belgium -- >> you kick down the door. you take a look at the physical evidence in their house, the forensics, you know whether they've got bomb-making equipment, addresses that wouldn't show up in data analytics. you know lockers and the rest of it. it's just -- i hate the word but it's proactive. you knock down doors until you -- until you get to the bottom of it. and it's not something -- >> timing is everything too. you can be too early, and then you don't have the cache of weapons that you described or can come too late and the -- the plan is already being carried out maybe by someone else. >> that's exactly it. intelligence agencies and the fbi and all police would like to sit on these things and police up the entire network. so a disruptive operation, you may miss somebody other cells. and this is what's got the europeans worried. they pulled the trigger on these guys and now they want to find out who they missed. and that may be very difficult.
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>> all right. stick around. we'll talk some more. i'd love to get your insight on boko haram and if you feel like enough is being done. enough resources are being paid to that terror group and what they're able to carry out in nigeria. thank you very much, bob. and we'll also hear why one democratic senator believes the u.s. policy may be helping groups like isis to find new recruits. plus two teens allegedly on a multistate crime spree now behind bars. i'm talking to their hometown sheriff about what's next for this couple dubbed the next -- they were dubbed the next bonnie and clyde. bonnie and clyde no more. at t-mobile you can hook up the whole family for $100 bucks. get 4 lines with unlimited talk and text and up to 10 gigabytes of 4g lte data. plus get the brand-new samsung galaxy note 4 for $0 down. [ hoof beats ] i wish... please, please,
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a u.s. senator is criticizing the united states' use of drones saying they make it easier for terrorists to recruit. the latest reported strike came thursday in northwest pakistan. officials saying at least five suspected militants were killed. it was the second drone hit in that area since the beginning of the year. democratic senator chris muffy said on "state of the union" the today, drone strikes and the iraq war are creating a bulletin board for terror group recruitment. >> at the war in iraq which became a recruiting tool for
11:16 am
islamics made it less safe not more safe. the drone strikes have become bulletin board recruiting material for many terrorist ocean organization ss. that doesn't create a rationale, for anything that should happen. it should create a conversation in the united states about being careful about conducting a foreign policy in a way that ends up creating more of the very people and organizations that we're trying to fight. >> representative chris murphy not the only one. yesterday we had on a representative of the london school of economics whose point of view was u.s. military intervention in places like iraq and even libya also may have stirred the pot and helped in the recruitment efforts of terrorist groups. i want to bring back former cia operative and analyst bob baer.
11:17 am
what's your reaction to senator murphy's assessment and the other that said when the u.s. intervenes militarily it does inspire a lot of people of the extremist point of view to want to be involved in terror activity? to essentially respond or react to the u.s.? >> well senator murphy is -- i agree with him. you look at the crashka rouchy brothers and there were graphic scenes of hanging people from walls in the prison run by the american military. you also had the fact that drones are an area weapon. the best intelligence you're still going kill innocent civilians. what we seea -- what we don't see as americans are the pictures of civilians. the children dying in these drone raids. yes, we have disrupted al qaeda and the tribal areas of pakistan. yes, we did get to bin laden. at the end of the day, as we
11:18 am
were talking about, this is an abstract idea of jihad which is fueled by the death of muslims. and additionally you have all this -- the civil wars going on in iraq and syria and mali and boko haram. and we wrongly are associated with a lot of the murder. we have nothing do with it. but in these very -- what should i say? i'm not ignorant but the sites that go on, they simplify the world, reduce it to the west against islam. and that fuels it. we are partially responsible for the blow-back coming out of the middle east but we haven't done a good job this trying to tamp down the conflicts. as i've said over and over again, we simply do not have the military nor the will to impose colonial borders in the middle east. i really do believe that skpooerp iraq-- syria and iraq are gone as countries and are never
11:19 am
coming back. i may be wrong -- >> you mentioned images of abu ghraib. apparently one of the brothers was inspired by that and ended up joining the terrorist group. senator murphy made another statement. i want you to hear it and see what your response is. >> we shouldn't be full of such hubris in the united states that we don't have a conversation about the fact that there are things that we do action that's we take, that can -- actions that we take, that can create more terrorists, more threats to the united states. and there are things we can do actions we can take that will create less terrorists across the world. >> your response? >> well you know i don't think -- look i think the problems in the middle east at their root are demographic. you look at syria. water shortages. people being driven in from the country into the cities. a corrupt regime. there's a corrupt regime in
11:20 am
saudi arabia and the rest of it. but we haven't done enough to disassociate ourselves from these regimes. you know when the saudis are flogging a blogger, we don't say anything. even go -- the original problems in the middle east started withal jeeria. democratic election -- with algeria. democrat elections. in problems you inevitably get blamed beyond our cup able. >> you mentioned boko haram. that too, is a significant terror threat particularly now pinpointing nigeria. is there a feeling that the u.s. or european allies need to be doing more to intervene, to assist the nigerian government, to stamp out -- to somehow respond in a very strong manner to boko haram as it continues to torch villages? kidnap young girls and children and kill their parents? >> we clearly have an interest
11:21 am
in supporting the government. you know, it's a democratically elected government. it's -- but the problem is in africa it's both tribal. it's terrorism. it's colonial borders. and frankly we don't have the forces to be the policemen of the world. we don't have the money or the forces nor the will. you know we can play along and support the u.n. but by ourselves, the united states cannot solve these problems. >> thank you very much. good to see you. first there were breaches at the white house. now someone has fired shots near the vice president's delaware home. >> reporter: at the white house, the president and vice president have been briefed on the gunshots. more after the break. (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything.
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checking our top stories, icy roads in the northeast have caused more than 320 accidents today, some of them deadly. police say two people have died in accidents related to black ice in the philadelphia area. one of the victims of killed getting out of his car after crashing into a pileup on interstate 76. in maryland police say at least one person has died on icy roads there. and overnight, police in florida captured two kentucky teens who some were calling the
11:25 am
modern day bonnie and clyde. 18-year-old dalton hayes and his 13-year-old girlfriend cheyenne phillips. they're accused of going on a multistate crime spree. police searched for the couple as they made their way through southern states until they were finally arrested. here's cnn's victor blackwell. >> reporter: overnight the teenage couple from kentucky on the run for 14 days was taken into police custody in panama city beach, florida. the arrests follow a series of car and gun thefts across several states and pleas from the teens' parent to come home. >> we know that you have done wrong. but you need to step up, take the consequences of what you've done and come home. >> reporter: tammy martin pleaded with her son, 18-year-old dalton hayes, and his 13-year-old girlfriend cheyenne phillips. >> he has never went this long without contacting me. it's very stressful. i'm worried they're not safe. >> reporter: the two have been on a multistate crime spree
11:26 am
stretching from kentucky to florida. >> we just want them to come in and talk with us. and we can manage it from there. but the longer they stay away the worse it gets. >> reporter: police say it started in clarkson kentucky, when cheyenne phillips' father reported her missing. the teens allegedly burglarized a home stole a truck, and crashed it into a fence. later the police say the couple stole another truck which had a firearm inside. they drove to south carolina and were spotted on security camera video at a walmart. then the pair traveled to georgia where they are accused of stealing a silver 2001 toyota tundra similar to this one. authors say the truck had two handguns -- theaters say the truck had two handguns inside. >> the citizen that owns the vehicle had firearms that were registered. they were stolen as well. >> reporter: authorities worried the pair could become more brazen and desperate as the situation dragged on. >> please come home. we can work through whatever it is. >> the mother of the 13-year-old, cheyenne phillips, spoke to "new day" hours after the teens were arrested.
11:27 am
sher peters talked about -- sherry peters talked about her daughter's relationship with the 18-year-old, dalton hayes. >> i don't approve of it. and like i said i just reunited with my daughter after ten years. we started talking before christmas. so i really didn't know much the relationship. it's just a bunch of lies -- she was fascinated over him and just in love. this is not -- it's not something i will think she would to. >> reporter: joining me now, grayson county kentucky sheriff norman chafins. you're familiar with the 18-year-old, dalton hayes, saying "i know dalton and he has a history of making bad, bad decisions. i was the school resource officer before i was elected sheriff. dalton is known to have disciplinary and defiance issues at the high school with authority." it sounds like he had a pretty troubled past there. but is this something you would have anticipated he was capable
11:28 am
of allegedly going state to state, stealing things like cars? >> it didn't surprise us that he would do something like that. this is the best outcome we could have. i will say that if it weren't for the u.s. marshals the bay county sheriff's office panama city beach police and panama police we would not have had this outcome. it was the ideal place. great location to take them into custody. and they left them no choice but to give up. >> and in your view what was rackable about this case -- remarkable about this case? there are car rings across the country and people going state to state allegedly stealing cars. what is it about this situation, these teenager and people call them the bonnie and clyde. but as far as we know they didn't kill anyone. but what is it that made this case particularly compelling in your view? >> you'd have to ask the media on that one.
11:29 am
we sent out news releases. these are teenagers in our hometown. and we just wanted them located. and being a former public defend's office for the kentucky state police i had some contacts that i reached out to. it got legs and kept running. we got the picture out there, and the media got hold of it. i think it was a lot to do with her being 13 and him being 18. and going across state lines and committing multiple crimes. i think just -- they were not bonnie and clyde. they were two teenagers making stupid choices and committing crimes. but they did not kill anyone. they did not harm anyone. and it came to a successful outcome. >> again, dalton is 18. cheyenne, 1. we heard the mother -- cheyenne, 13. we heard the mother saying she did not approve of her 13-year-old daughter with an 18-year-old boy. what are the charges that they will be facing and is she going to be treated differently because she's differently? >> yes. she will be treated somewhat
11:30 am
differently because she's a juvenile. she will have to start off in juvenile court. they'll make decisions based on what happened as to what they're going to do with her next. he's facing burglary charges, criminal mischief charges, custodial interference charges, as well as the theft of the vehicles over $10,000. he's also got other charges pending in different counties. and the charges that they have as a result of them fleeing from country country, the county she will be charged with fleeing and custodial interference. >> the sheriff, they're in transit from florida to kentucky now? >> no, they are still in florida. they will await a court date probably tuesday orred wednesday. and then -- tuesday or wednesday. and we'll start extradition for that point on. >> got itment thank you very much for your time sheriff norman chaffins. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now...i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology
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hello again. thank you very much for joining me. i'm fredericka whitfield. officials are investigating a shooting near vice president biden's home in delaware. happened last night, and a suspect is still at large. this incident comes after the secret service has already been under scrutiny after a man scaled the white house fence and entered the mansion. cnn has more from the white house. what is the secret service saying about this alleged incident in delaware? >> reporter: as you can imagine, they're taking it very seriously. we got a lot of information from the secret service about this to the extent that they know what happened last night. i want to read part of a statement that we got from secret service spokesman robert hoback. he says while the vice president and dr. biden were out for the evening, a vehicle drove by the vice president's residence at a high rate of speed and fired multiple gunshots. this occurred on a public road outside the established security perimeter. the shots were heard by secret
11:35 am
service personnel posted at the residence, and a vehicle was observed by an agent leaving at a high rate of speed. we also know that someone who was in the area about a half-hour after that has been questioned but released. they're still interviewing a number of subjects in the area. they have checked all the residences. they haven't found any damage to any of the residents nearby. neither of the vice presidents there in wilmington or any of the neighboring residences. as we said at the top, they still don't have a suspect in custody. they're still continuing to investigate this. obviously they're taking it seriously. but we do know from the new castle county police that there were shots fired nearby at the hoops reservoir a short time after that. so maybe those gunshots are related. they don't know obviously if this has anything to do with the vice president. but they have to take this seriously. >> but say secret service were
11:36 am
posted at the residence. where was the vice president and his wife? >> reporter: the vice president and his wife were in wilmington for the weekend. but they were out. they were not home when these gunshots happened. the secret service is making that clear. the vice president was briefed with dr. biden, and president obama of briefed, as well. >> thank you very much. up next police on high alert in belgium. our phil black will have a look at what specific places there are being guarded. ♪ music ♪ ...the getaway vehicle! for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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europe is still on high alert. police near -- fear rather as many as 20 so-called sleeper cells may be waiting to area out terror attacks. police have made more than a dozen arrests primarily in france and belgium. five belgian nationals are facing charge. all five accused of participating in a terrorist organization. phil black is in brussels. so phil officials are taking steps to protect a prominent jewish museum there which was the target of an attack last
11:40 am
year. some embassies, in fact, in jewish neighborhoods are also seeing heightened security. is -- is this sitting well with belgians? >> reporter: yeah it is. life pretty much is normal here in the capital brussels. apart from those some 300 soldiers paratroopers that have been mobilized and deployed to key sites. both here in the city and in the city of antwerp where there is a sizable jewish population community there. key jewish sites, government sites, institutions relating to the european union. these are locations that the authorities fear still face some sort of terror threat. and that's really what's going on here. they still believe there's a threat. the investigation is still ongoing. and just a short time ago, a key development in that investigation following up on the raids that took place across this country on thursday night. belgian authorities have announced they are seeking the extra addition of a man --
11:41 am
extradition of a man, a belgian national from the greeks. we know over the last 24 hours, belgian authorities and greek police have been cooperating. the belgian prosecutor federal prosecutor has told us that yesterday greek authorities arrested two men over possible links to the terror plot they have uncovered here. they know believe that one of these men could have been involved. they are seeking his extradition back here to belgium. that is on top of two men being extradited from france in connection with this plot. and the five people who have been charged here in belgium itself. >> all right. phil black thank you very much from brussels. so heightened security measures across europe. let's continue that discussion now. joining me is simone roddin benzacene, director of the american jewish committee office in france and lieutenant general michael mohler former deputy chief of staff for the u.s. air force strategic plans and programs. so simone let the me go to you first. you know what's the reaction of
11:42 am
military patrols and beefed up security say, around the jewish museum in brussels? and a more heightened presence even in some parisian locations? >> well first of all, thank you very much for having me on fredricka. the jewish community to some extent is reassured by this. it's something the jewish community has already requested for a while. there has been heightened security over the past years, but to have it now more so gives us a sense of security. it is important especially in front of schools, especially in front of synagogues. we have now army personnel in front of most jewish sites. so this is important. on the other hand we ask ourselves obviously how long can this be going. on we can't live in a sort of prison forever. >> so general mohler, let me
11:43 am
bring you into this. how long should something like this go on? you want to send a message to those potential terrorists or those who are up to no good. at the same time you want people to feel comfortable and not imprisoned by fear. >> a great point. one of the things i was very interested in is the fact that the military forces have deployed in a traditional military mission. that was protecting installations and high visibility target areas, and special areas of interest. they're well trained. they're well equipped. they're comfortable with that mission, and it frees up the police forces to do their traditional law enforcement as well as counterterrorism response. so that static defensive mission conducted by the military enables the police force to continue with more offensive-type operations. how long can they do this? it can go on very a very long time because the numbers are relatively small. as long the french and belgian
11:44 am
government can prioritize based on the threat assessment where the threats are going to come from or where they're going to attack next. >> when you say long time are you talking in the form of days or weeks or months? >> i think i think certainly for a period of some months. after that you'll have to assess whether it's actually still accomplishing the objective of ensuring that these high-priority target areas are in fact still on the target list for terrorists. or are there other security measures that you can put in place to replace the military forces or in fact remove them completely. >> so with so many visual reminders of beefed up security whether it be around synagogues you know or museums, any place like that, is there a feeling within the french jewish community there that people are
11:45 am
changing their ways changing the locations in which they go as long as there is this heightened security? >> first of all, the realities that the jewish communities faced physical threats for a very long time. so it's not fundamentally changing anything other than now we have army on site. it is basically reconfirming a strong worry that we've had for a very long time. we are not changing thing so much, at least not in the central part of paris or leon or marseilles. probably people change their -- their state of mind. basically asking themselves the question of where -- whether it's reasonable to go to synagogue, whether it's reasonable to wear yarmulke on the street whether it's reasonable to have your kids go to jewish school. it's basically everything all day, the tiny decisions you take. basically you have to question
11:46 am
yourself whether it's a reasonable thing to do. >> general, this doesn't appear to be a singular religious war. but many states feel like they are being targeted by the acts of these few. so you know what kind of assurances should every important -- whether it's religious symbol or any place that sends the message of safety should instead be guarded by police? >> well most importantly and they are basing their -- basing their response on the threat assessment. and as the threat changes and as terrorists assess whether or not they're going attack different targets, again, they'll have french and belgian forces have to move capabilities their personnel to different areas. and it's -- it's despite the
11:47 am
fact, not based on religious preference. not based on whether it's important for the infrastructure of the nation. it is what is the the priority what is threat assessment saying about the priority of the targets. >> general michael mohler simone, thank you very much. appreciate it. barely a month since the obama administration opened ties with cuba and already a high-profile governor is heading to the island to do business. carl penhall is in havana. >> reporter: there was a time when cuba was seen as the red threat at the gateway of the united states. a time when relations were so bad they threatened to push the entire world to the brink of nuclear war. this week, things are going to get dramatically better after half a century of cold war. i'll tell you more after the break. (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that.
11:48 am
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11:50 am
cuba is back on u.s. radar and in a big way in the next week ahead. right now, a congressional
11:51 am
delegation is in cuba, a u.s. delegation. it is the first such visit since president obama announced washington would start normalizing ties with the communist country. even andrew cuomo announced that he is planning atration mission. all of this -- a trade mission. all of this as the assistant secretary of state roberta jacobs is set to arrive in cuba later in the week. she is the highest ranking american official to visit the country in decades. let's bring in carl penhall from havana. what's your understand as to what jacobson will see or do while in cuba? >> reporter: well she is certainly the headline act. she is president obama's envoy to try and get things back on track with cuba. diplomatic relations were broken off by dwight eisenhower in 19 1, and then a series of calamities -- 1961, and then a series of calamities. the bay of pigs in 1961 and the cuban missile crisis in 1962 to name a few.
11:52 am
it's a big task she's facing. there's going to have to be baby steps going. on she's going to meet her opposite numbers in the cuban government. they're going to sit down and say how can we move forward and open up embassy, get the diplomatic side working. after that, let's talk about trade, cultural ties. and the u.s. wants the opportunity to voice concerns on human rights and the political situation in cuba. jacobson's visit really is just the first step in what promises to be a long road. >> interesting. she would be meeting with a cuban contemporary. would she go as far as meeting with raul castro? >> reporter: there's nothing of that sort on the cards. that in diplomatic terms would be hurrying thing along way too much at this stage. baby steps, there are much more simple things to talk about first. can they turn the u.s.
11:53 am
intersection here in havana into a full-blown embassy. can they have more staff to run the operations here that they want to do. because of this cold war that's gone on between the countries, u.s. diplomats can't go any further than 25 miles from the u.s.jection, so they'll want -- intersection so they'll want changes to. that so they can operate as a full-blown embassy, then everything will come in baby steps after that. but a lot of plans. we'll have to see how it pans thouts week. >> it could be -- pans out this week. >> it could be a fascinating week. thank you very much. the numerous sexual assault allegations against bill cosby are not stopping the legendary comic from performing on stage. the protests against him, they're not stopping either. that's next. when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game.
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the big four of roger federer, ravel nadal, no vietnam
11:57 am
-- vich and annie murray have dominated winning grand slams. djokovic of defeated on the way to the australian open title. he begins his quest to defend that crown this week. he's not ready to put himself among the elite just yet. >> i mean, people talk about the big four. do you regard yourself as one of the big four? >> no. >> why not? >> why not? because i'm not there. okay i want to win some but that's it. i mean, it's been one amazing year for me. i was ready to play at the top 20 for five years, top ten one year now top five one year. but to be in the top four if you look now, especially the three first guys they've been winning every single tournament every grand slam every masters for ten years more or less. it's a different level.
11:58 am
roughly two dozen sexual assault allegations are not enough to make bill cosby stop touring. the legendary comic performing back-to-back shows in denver last night. while fans greeted cosby with cheers inside the theater, demonstrators outside chanted eded anti-cosby slogan. we have more. >> reporter: protesters greeting the ticket holders outside the bill cosby performances in denver this weekend. you can see them holding signs that say "colorado believes the women," "shame on you." at times, chanting thing like "turn back cosby" and "rape is no joke." obviously referencing the accusations facing the 77-year-old comedian. allegations of drugging and sexual misconduct, in some cases that go back decades. at times we've seen about 50 protesters out here. including this woman named vicky. vicky, thanks for spending a minute to talk with us. what brought you here? why was it important for you to
11:59 am
come and protest? >> well growing up in the '70s, i idolized bill cosby. i just can't stand -- the more and more women that come out and the more and more information that gets out,he settled out of court with three women. i believe the women. there's too many. >> reporter: what's the message you want to send? >> we should not support a rapist. >> reporter: thanks for talking with us. important to note that bill cosby has not been charged with any crime. he and his lawyers continue to deny all these allegations. we've also been talking to fans and supporters of bill cosby who believe he's innocent. >> nobody has proof that he did anything and if these women were really concerned about it, they should have come forth years and years ago. >> i don't believe any of this that's going on. it's really heartbreaking. [ chanting ] >> reporter: among the demonstrators who have been out in denver famed attorney gloria allred who is representing now
12:00 pm
eight cosby accusers including a woman named beth farrier from denver. again, cosby and his lawyers denying the allegations. now, it's important to note there have been about two dozen women who have spoken out alleging they are victims of bill cosby. the latest, in fact coming just this past week. and despite all that despite these protests bill cosby's camp says the show must go on. and he plans to continue with his scheduled performances. cnn, denver. we've got much more ahead in the newsroom. it all starts right now. first up europe on edge as new details emerge on terror probes across the continent. in belgium, five nationals are now facing terrorism charges over a foiled