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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  January 20, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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shots fired at a u.s. embassy vehicle in yemen. a country in chaos. are u.s. interests and personnel safe? a new threat from isis. this chilling new video threat to murder two hostages demanding $200 million or else. the stunning statement that has people reeling from hollywood to the pentagon. famous director calls snipers cowards. this controversy grows this morning. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. a new video from isis threatening to kill hostages.
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isis says that two japanese men will die if that country does not pay $200 million within 72 hours. you can see it right here. a jihadist dressed in black holds a knife. he speaks with a perfect british accent. one hostage is a journalist. the other apparently connected to some kind of military company from japan. >> to the prime minister of japan, although you are more than 8,500 kilometers away from the islamic state, you willingly have taken part in this crusade. >> will ripley is covering this angle for us. will what's the latest? >> reporter: to hear that video comes as a total shock for so many people in japan. a passivist country not directly involved in the fight against isis. two days ago, prime minister shinzo abe did pledge $200 million not to fight isis but to help the refugees the people
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whose lives are in turmoil because of this brutal terrorist group. all it took was 48 hours before isis then took two japanese citizens two men that had taken hostage several months ago pulled out, put in front of a camera and used to demand the same amount of money, $200 million, from their government in exchange for their lives. the prime minister shinzo abe calling the actions unforgivable and demanding the release of these men. and when asked specifically if japan would be willing to negotiate with these terrorists he didn't answer the question. only saying that he's appointed a top official to do everything possible to get these men safely returned home. if this isis ultimatum is the truth and they will only accept $200 million in three days then the fate right now of these men, kenji goto and haruna yukawa both men very much in grave
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danger right now and a country very very concerned for their well-being and shocked that japan has now been dragged into this much like the united states and britain who saw two of their citizens from each country executed brutally on camera at the hands of isis and the very same jihadist that appeared in this video. >> that sum $200 million seemingly deliberately chosen because it's the exact amount japan is contributing to the effort against isis in that region. you also said that the prime minister did not specifically rule in or out some possible solution here. does japan have a history? some countries do negotiate with terrorists. some countries do pay ransom. what is japan's history? >> reporter: officially john japan has never paid a ransom for the release of hostages. if you look back to 2004 there were three japanese citizens who were released after they were held hostage in iraq. while there was no official word
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that any ransom was paid there was speculation that perhaps a deal was worked out under the table. whether that's happening in this case we really don't know. all we know is the official word from the prime minister demanding that these hostages be returned and promise to do whatever possible to make that happen. we'll have to see. >> all right. will ripley covering that for us. two hostages very much in trouble right now in syria or iraq. we'll move to yemen. u.s. personnel could be at risk this morning as that country spirals toward chaos. gunmen fired shots at a u.s. embassy vehicle in the capital of yemen, sanaa, a day after deadly battles. this power struggle is already creating a vacuum that al qaeda is exploiting. there are real fears that yemen is a growing, breeding ground for terror. remember the men that attacked "charlie hebdo" in paris claimed allegiance to al qaeda in the
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arabian peninsula based in yemen. nick paton walsh is the only western tv journalist in yemen right now. nick joins us by known from the capital. nick let me start with this. we just lost nick on the phone i'm told. nick paton walsh has been covering this for us from the yemeni capital. he reported earlier a u.s. embassy vehicle did come under fire. no one was hurt in that. we are getting more reports about the chaos in the capital there. perhaps the presidential palace under siege. the prime minister's residence under siege again. the fear here is that chaos only allows for terrorists groups particularly al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, to increase their power in the region and grow as a threat to the west. on the subject of the west happening right now, a manhunt across europe for a man who could be an isis ring leader in europe. officials now draw a direct link between the terror group and the cell that was raided in belgium last week. authorities are hunting the leader of that cell as we speak.
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our phil black joins us now live from brussels. phil this isis terrorist is already believed to have slipped out of belgium. what do we know? >> reporter: yes. he's a 27-year-old belgian national who grew up here in brussels. the investigators believe he's the man directing the terror plot aiming to attack police. this is the plot they broke up with raids across the country on thursday night. they believe he was directing this from athens and so they sent greek police to try to find him. they've not been able to do so. he's evaded capture so far. greek authorities have arrested a 33-year-old algerian man. they believe the investigators here that it could be connected to this spot so he's going to be extradited to belgium as part of the ongoing prosecution of those that have been picked up in the
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net as police move to break up the terror plot here in belgium. >> phil black for us in brussels. manhunt under way directed by belgium in greece for a man who could be a ringleader of a cell there. we have nick paton walsh on the phone. nick is the only western television journalist in the capital of yemen right now. a u.s. embassy vehicle earlier this morning came under fire. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well the vehicle near a checkpoint of the u.s. embassy. that vehicle was one of the usual armored suvs they drive in the capital. armored, easily distinguished. said to be not just driving by in a convoy but containing u.s. diplomats, u.s. citizens. it approached the checkpoint and some gunmen fired in the air and then turned fire on the vehicle itself. i should quote from the u.s. embassy statement saying these were not warning shots.
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there was intent. the u.s. official was clearly believing this was designed to injure or kill u.s. diplomats. of course the u.s. embassy saying that it remains on heightened alert. it's yemen. it's a controversial al qaeda and drone program here but they are keeping consulate services open if they can but obviously this will spark concerns in washington. john? >> these were not warning shots. chilling words. of course barbara starr reported the military is on standby to evacuate personnel from the embassy if the need arises in the coming hours or days. nick we care about this country because it's the base for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. it's a country very much teetering on the brink right now. if it does dissolve this power vacuum could lead to more opportunities for terror. what's the latest? is there an actual working government right now? >> reporter: no. in short, the president does not
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have control. it is a fluid situation. as we stand, most officials accept from the government that houthi militia moved into the presidential palace and taken it over. we were driving around that building earlier on this morning and we saw a number of houthi gunmen around there, checkpoints. we also saw some republican guard in positions on the other side of that vast compound. quite clearly something has changed and it's now it seems in the control of the houthi opposition. at this stage we heard from the information minister and from witness reports there was shooting from outside of the presidential residence. he's said to be safe but the information minister went onto say that she believes its a continuation of the coup that began yesterday to try to seize power here by the houthies. i should point out we've not heard the houthies side of this.
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they did say yesterday that the presidential administration complaining the constitution is soon to be ushered in is not approved by them and not in favor of people they represent. a volatile situation here in yemen. the clashes may have subsided but it may also have brought a significant change in the balance of hour herepower here. >> nick stay safe. the president there does not have control of that country. that's a key development for u.s. interests overseas. fear of terror groups building support there as we speak. president obama delivers the state of the union address tonight. what surprises can we expect inside the speech? and a presidential hopeful pushes the claim that muslims have created no-go zones in major cities. is this true? our reporter investigates.
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happening now, a manhunt for a terror ringleader in europe. word just moments ago from nick paton walsh in yemen that the president of that country no longer has control of the government. that country, the home of al qaeda in arabian peninsula, aqap teeters on the brink and may be past the brink as we sit here now. i want to bring in paul cruickshank. paul when you hear that yemen has simply according to nick spiraled out of control right now, that is a threat to the united states why? >> it's a threat to the united states as no functioning government right now. there's a huge contest for power
8:15 am
between the houthiw the houthies who have taken control and then the president who seems now to be at the very least a figurehead so it means that they're not focused on going after al qaeda in yemen. al qaeda in yemen is taking advantage of this chaos to expand that presence throughout the country. and yet they are using the shia sunni issue and fact that houthies are shia to recruit sunni tribals in the tribal areas of yemen saying we need to fight holy war against shia. they are expanding ranks. they are getting hold of more territory. this group said repeatedly in the last several months the number one priority is to attack the united states. they are also the group that claimed responsibility for the "charlie hebdo" attack in paris. this is really really worrying. the houthies have been going after al qaeda in some parts of central yemen but u.s. officials
8:16 am
worry that al qaeda will play the sectarian card in a big way like isis was able to do in iraq. >> not only able to seize on the chaos but gain new recruits there. paul i want to shift our attention to europe. there's a ringleader that you are leading reporting on this. this isis ringleader in europe. belgium wants him. may be in greece. maybe not. talk about the significance of this man. >> he's 27 years old. he traveled from brussels to syria to join isis a year ago. he got involved in fighting there. he appears to have come into contact with some of the senior leaders of isis. more recently he actually left syria to move over to greece for a little while and from greece he was in touch with this cell back in belgium which was plotting this major imminent attack. he's believed to have been the ring leader and key link person between this group in belgium and the isis leadership in
8:17 am
syria. belgians think this was an isis directed plot telling their european troops to go back and launch strikes. a real concern that this pivot from isis is going to transform the security picture in europe in the weeks ahead. >> this ring leader on the move. how long have they been tracking him and what are concerns he may be planning something new? >> what they say is they've been tracking this wider cell for a couple of months and that has included their knowledge of the fact that the cell was communicating with him back in greece. they brought the americans in to try to help locate him because they have all sorts of capabilities when it comes to eavesdropping. the greeks didn't locate him either. he's still thought to be at large. maybe he slipped back into syria. it's not known where he is. they don't have him. they did arrest an algerian guy
8:18 am
believed to be connected to him who they suspect had a role in this brussels terror group. he's now going to be extradited but the key guy that they are looking for is still at large. >> on the run and clearly a threat. paul cruickshank, great to have you with us. appreciate it. coming up the president prepares his state of the union address. is there anything he can say tonight that you will remember tomorrow? how about one year from now? and on that subject, what about last year's speech? remember how the president promised immigration reform? did he keep that promise or break it? our tom foreman is keeping score. >> reporter: in every state of the union address president obama has pledged to tackle one issue of great importance to his voting base. >> finally if we're serious about economic growth it is time to heed the call of business leaders, labor leaders, faith leaders, law enforcement, and fix our broken immigration
8:19 am
system. [ applause ] >> reporter: however, he's never been able to get that through congress even with democrats holding the senate. when republicans captured both chambers he took executive action to provide a path to legal status for millions of people who entered the country illegally. republicans want to overturn it. they say it's unconstitutional but for now we have to say this is a promise kept. you give... and you give...
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new information about what president obama will say tonight in his state of the union address. cnn learned this time around he'll talk less about policies
8:23 am
and more about people and helping the middle class. after the speech the president plans to visit idaho and kansas which you may notice are red states to engage people who disagree with him. i'm joined by the head speech writer for president clinton for years. he wrote four state of the unions or states of the union, whatever correct grammar is there. you are a defender of this speech which is interesting. the constitution says from time to time the president has to give congress information on the state of the union. there are a lot of people these days saying go back to sending up a letter. the speech itself just is a thing of the past. >> i can't say that i agree with that. i think that's wrong. george washington john adams, they used to deliver it in person and from thomas jefferson forward he sent it up in writing until the 20th century when radio and television made the speech something everybody could hear. you are still going to have 30 million people listening to the person they elected as president
8:24 am
talking about policy. and this multiplatform age, it's a big audience. with turmoil overseas and economy picking up steam, i think there will be interest in what this president says on this speech. it's the first time he's talking not to a congress that's divided and dysfunctional but controlled by the other party. that makes it more relevant because they can pass things he can sign them or veto them and there will be a big debate. >> you noted in a column people say how unusual that a president in the seventh year of his term will speak to congress from opposition party. it turns out it's almost the case. >> last time it was otherwise was 1939. the rhythm of these things. sometimes the last two years can be bad time for the president and sometimes it can be actually very productive. let me give you an example. there's an issue where there's real bipartisan momentum which you wouldn't expect which is on criminal justice reform. and that's something where the
8:25 am
president in the wake of the new attention after ferguson and everything else can give encouragement to that kind of thing and then there are times when you draw a line on something like taxes or even when he took on the supreme court five years ago right after they came down with citizens united ruling. he predicted that it would lead to a flood of secret money. >> didn't go over well. >> exactly. now he can show the videotape because he was actually right about that. >> let me ask you something jim accosta is reporting that after the speech the president is traveling to red states and the goal is to engage with people who disagree with him. isn't that something you do before running for re-election? why do that now because his policies don't seem to indicate that's where this white house is headed with immigration reform with cuba a lot of other things they have a go it alone we want to appeal to our base and we're not about engaging all points of view right now. why go to red states?
8:26 am
>> it will make for an interesting trip. i think that from what we know for example, about his tax proposal if it's really a middle class tax cut coupled with an increase in the capital gains tax, that might go over well in a place like idaho or kansas. i think it's true the president isn't running for re-election but the way he governs and puts forward arguments over the next two years will help set the stage for the 2016 election and beyond. it's the beginning of the post-obama era and he wants to get his two cents in on the agenda agenda. >> it's the first time that he's speaking to congress for the state of the union where in some ways people think things are looking up. more people think things are looking up for the country. how does that shape how he delivers the speech and how careful does he have to be? there are plenty of people that have tough times in this country right now. >> you're exactly right.
8:27 am
he's been very careful in the past. i think maybe too careful about not pointing to positive news for looking out of touch with the challenges people face. of course we know that the economy is picking up steam. you see increases these days in wages and median income. gdp is going strong and also the united states economy is in much better shape than europe and some of our industrial competitors. i think that he will want to and should point with pride to that kind of thing. it's now the first time to give a talk like this after the financial crisis and also after the sort of deficit panic that occupied washington for so many years because the deficit is going down too. i think i would be surprised if he didn't surprise us with an optimistic and positive tone. >> do you get jitters the night of a state of the union when a president goes up? do you get worried that you
8:28 am
forgot to write something? >> post-traumatic stress disorder. it's an exciting time because so much goes into each word. it's not just applause. it's not just trying to write a good speech but it's policy proposals for the whole government and i'll say that for me at least about two-thirds of the way through the speech when it was clear the teleprompter had not broken that's the moment of relaxation. i feel their pain. >> great to have you with us. really appreciate it. a lot of fun. you don't want to miss cnn's special coverage of the state of the union address. join us tonight at 7:00 here on cnn. other news now, police in germany raid 13 locations linked to suspected radical islamist. what did they find? we'll have a live report next. you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations,
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it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. we do have breaking news. cnn just learned that two yemeni nationals have been charged with conspireing to kill u.s. nationals abroad. planning to attack americans overseas. one of these men who was born in yemen appeared before a court in new york a couple days ago and another one of these men due to appear before a judge today. they were arrested in saudi arabia in this plot. the discussions they were having about attacking americans happened between 2003 and 2009
8:33 am
and during that six-year period now, sometime ago, they are alleged to have met with senior al qaeda leadership. again, the news just in. two yemeni men charged in the united states with plotting to kill americans overseas. we'll let you know when we get more information on that. meanwhile, happening right now, isis is threatening executions within 72 hours. the terrorist group says it will kill two japanese hostages unless japan hands over $200 million. that amount is important. the ransom is identical to what japan pledged to countries fighting isis. the militant group is directly linked to a terror cell raided in belgium last week. the suspected leader of that cell a man connected to isis believed to be an isis fighter, is right now on the loose. authorities say his last known location was believed to be greece. there is also an isis connection to anti-terror raids in germany. some 200 police launched a huge
8:34 am
operation raiding 13 separate homes across germany. those subjected to rates haveids have not been charged with crimes but they were in contact with two suspected islamist accused of providing logistical aid to isis. to france reports that french police arrested five men for planning an act of terrorism. this is a new development. let's go to our senior international correspondent jim bitterman in paris. what are details? >> reporter: we don't know a lot of details. the prosecutor hasn't told us. the fact is they picked up five russians of chechen descent. there have been massive protests in chechnya over publications of the "charlie hebdo" caricatures so there may be a connection there. one thing that should be added is that while prosecutors are interviewing these gentlemen, it's not 100% sure that this is
8:35 am
terrorist related because in the past russians here have been involved in mafia activityies in the south. until we get clarification from a prosecutor we won't know. they were found with explosives however. >> so much of the fears over the last days and weeks have been about homegrown terror in france. along those lines, four suspects appeared in court today perhaps connected to those attacks two weeks ago? >> these are friends of amedy coulibaly who was killed in that shootout at the kosher supermarket where he killed four people. in fact there are nine people being held over the weekend for questioning. five of them were released in the wee hours of this morning and the four were brought into court this afternoon and they have been officially notified that they are under examination for participation in a criminal conspiracy a terrorist conspiracy to harm people. and at least one of these is a
8:36 am
very good friend of coulibaly's and is believed to have been the owner of a motorcycle which was found at the scene and in fact -- the keys were found on the scene and his dna was found in coulibaly's car, the car that took him to the kosher supermarket. so police have good reason to believe that he may be implicated in designing this terrorist act and planning this terrorist act, john. >> all right. jim bittermann for us in france. appreciate it. other news we're watching right now. more proof that pope francis is a different kind of pontiff. he doesn't think you need to have a family the size of the brady bunch to be a good catholic. the pope telling reporters that just because the church doesn't agree with artificial contraception, that does not mean the flock needs to in his words be like rabbits. he even said he admonished a woman during a trip to the philippines for risking her life to have seven children calling it irresponsible.
8:37 am
the u.n. security council condemned attacks by boko haram demanding the terror group cease all hostilities and human rights abuses. it comes a day after boko haram militants crossed the nigeria border killing three and kidnapping 80 in cameroon including many children. some escaped and others were freed after a gun fight with boko haram. you can help the victims of those attacks there especially the children left orphaned in the one horrendous attack. school closings have prevented children from getting the education they deserve. you can donate money through our website. go to 90% of every dollar spent goes directly to assist the children there. all right. michael moore is slammed for tweets. he calls snipers cowards. what does he mean? we'll discuss next.
8:38 am
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snipers are cowards. explosive comments from director michael moore that set off a controversy from hollywood all of the way to the pentagon. moore is the provocative
8:42 am
filmmaker behind "fahrenheit 911" and his comments about snipers in the form of a tweet comes as "american sniper" sets january box office records. he said his comments were taken out of context. what did he mean and what does the military think about that statement? want to bring in our senior media correspondent brian stelter, pentagon correspondent barbara starr and retired general. you outrank us all. we'll start with you. when you hear a film director call snipers cowards, what's your reaction? >> it's simply nonsense. very few of our military are in direct firefight, whether it's a sniper whether it's a pilot in the air, whether it's a crewman on a ship. most will never be in that 300 meter battle. when michael moore says that unless you're in that 300 meter battle you're a coward he's
8:43 am
impugning hundreds of soldiers, airmen and marines who aren't in that direct firefight. >> he says snipers aren't heroes. that was his clarification. he said his uncle was killed in world war ii by a sniper which perhaps is what caused him to make these comments. the snipers he says will shoot you in the back. what's the reaction been in the pentagon? let me just say for the record here that during the invasion of iraq i was driven around in the back of a truck with a bunch of marine snipers and my sense was they weren't cowards, barbara. >> you know this is a very difficult thing. i've talked to in the last couple days to a number of iraq veterans i know. and one of the things that really strikes me about all this is our criticism a little bit unfocused here. chris kyle without question had a career of honor and valor. but this is one single service member of put in a position of
8:44 am
repeated tours in iraq leading to over 100 -- we call it confirmed kills. what commander thought it was a good idea to put that burden on one single military sniper? i would be astounded if it happened today. that's an extraordinary thing. these people who talk about the glory of war and that some film criticizing the film because it glorifyies war, go talk to john mccain go talk to chuck hagel and men and women who have stood in the middle of fire fights. chris kyle performed with extraordinary valor. this is about that courage which means putting aside your fear when you are scared out of your mind in the middle of a firefight. these debates that are emerging out of hollywood and all of these people maybe these people should go stand in a firefight in iraq and see what they think. that's my opinion. >> brian stelter, i'll bring you
8:45 am
in in a minute. general, michael moore is suggesting there's a good kind of killing in war and a bad kind of killing in war. and i think what barbara is saying anyone in the middle of it there's a lot of killing in war. >> that's a fact we have known for 10,000 years. barbara is right. chris kyle served honorably and you try to maintain honor in war but at the end of the day, this is necessarily about killing your enemy to the point where he or she is defeated and the other nation no longer wants to fight. it's ugly. there is not a lot of glory. there is an old saying war is hell and that hasn't changed in 10,000 years. >> brian stelter, i want to bring you in here. there's a bigger context of how this is happening. comments were made in the midst of the release of "american sniper" but michael moore says he wasn't commenting about that film. >> which is ridiculous.
8:46 am
>> i put up the tweet where he explains the context of what he was saying. his uncle being killed by a sniper in world war ii. >> it's easy to mock hollywood and make fun of celebrities in hollywood, hollywood gets the country talking. this clint eastwood and bradley cooper have done something valuable by showing one soldier's experience. one soldier's point of view. i think it helps civilians relate to veterans more directly than otherwise they could. >> it's interesting. i keep being told we have to stipulate michael moore said he was taken out of context and he never tweeted one word about "american sniper." i'm not so sure why that matters. why does criticism about snipers in general matter if it was directed at the film or people that serve in the military? >> in his follow-up comment on facebook was critical of the fact that in the movie chris kyle refers to iraqis, some of whom he is killing as savages.
8:47 am
it's another example of relitigating the war and reprocessing what it was about. that's the value of this movie. the book that chris kyle wrote is back atop the bestseller list. those who didn't know of him before now have a new opportunity to look back. >> no one is saying that war and iraq war specifically was not controversial. i know the general was there. barbara covered it for a long time. brian, this film though it's going gangbusters. people love it. >> that's never been an iraq war themed movie that's done this well at the box office or any movie coming out in january to do this well. it made $100 million in the first weekend. every other iraq war movie, 10 million, 20 million. this movie is resonating with americans like no other has. maybe because it's a positive portrayal of iraq after years of hearing almost nothing but negative messages. >> bradley cooper guy is popular. >> bradley cooper.
8:48 am
it has all of the key elements for a popular movie. it's bringing something close to home we haven't seen much of lately. >> thanks so much for being with us. i appreciate the discussion. it's an important topic. coming up have muslims taken over parts of cities in europe making them unsafe for others? fox news has apologized for saying just that. but now a man who seems to want to be president is saying it again and will not back down. our reporter puts him to the test. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active. muscle health. clear protein drink and high protein. targeted nutrition to feed your active life. ensure. take life in. hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer
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a man who seems very much to want to be president is in the middle of a debate right now about terror and religion. louisiana governor bobby jindal says certain areas of london have become no-go zones for nonmuslims claiming that some neighborhoods are so controlled by muslims that nonmuslims,
8:52 am
christians, just stay away. so what is the reality? cnn's max foster lives there and he challenged the governor. >> there are neighborhoods where women don't feel safe walking through neighborhoods without veils. >> reporter: you need to give me the area so we can look at it. i haven't heard of one. >> i think your viewers know there are places where police are less likely to go. >> reporter: high crime rates -- it's not because there are too many muslims there. >> this isn't a question. i know the left wants to do an attack on religion. that's not what this is. what's an issue for the uk and for america and other european and western nations. >> so is it an issue for the uk? max foster joins me now live via skype. max, you've been talking to
8:53 am
police there, you talked to governor jindal. what are the police saying about his comments? >> reporter: well it's interesting. there's been a lot of talk about this because of the interview that took place on fox as well. there's this concern that there's a real misunderstanding of the situation here in the uk. and this is sort of reopening that whole debate as well. it was all fine with the governor. i don't have a particular view on it. i just wanted to get to the bottom of where he was making these points from, it was just basic journalism. and he didn't have any evidence and couldn't even cite to me who it was he was speaking to. so the concern is that he was making these points based on a very old newspaper article. so there is concern about that. so a representative of someone who works for the metropolitan police federation he's with the union, effectively, that represents the police in london
8:54 am
today he told us that this isn't something we recognize at all. we don't have areas in london that are no-go. we don't have areas where there are just sharia laws in place. we police all areas in london. some are more sensitive than others. but there isn't a situation where there are no-go areas. so these cases -- there have been cases where sharia law has been installed in certain areas, in some communities but it doesn't affect the whole community and doesn't seem that people from outside can't come in. >> seems like his implication there -- there are some differences in neighborhoods, police say, from one area to another. max foster thank you for being with us. we have breaking news we told you about a short while ago. two yemeni nationals have been charged now with conspiring to kill americans overseas. two men from yemen charged here in the united states in new york
8:55 am
courts. one two days ago, one is being charged today. i want to bring in pamela brown who has been covering the situation in paris. what do we know about these men and what they were planning? >> reporter: well john according to these recently unsealed documents by the department of justice, these two yemeni nationals were working for al qaeda basically and they were directed their mission was to go out and find americans abroad and kill them particularly u.s. military members. according to these document they engaged in attacks against the u.s. military during the wars in iraq and afghanistan. and those attacks led to the death of one u.s. army ranger and wounded several others. according to the documents, they also provided material support to al qaeda trying to recruit an american to join their ranks. so several different allegations here in these documents. apparently they were charged actually several years ago for the offenses they allegedly committed over the course of six
8:56 am
years. they were incarcerated in saudi arabia and then expelled from saudi arabia. the fbi went over there, arrested them and brought them back to the u.s. as you said they are facing a judge in a new york courtroom. >> one facing charges two days ago. one will see that judge today. these two men believed to have committed these acts between 2003 and 2009. pamela brown doing that reporting for us from paris. i really appreciate it. that's all for us today. much more coming up on "legal view" with ashleigh banfield which starts right after this. at t-mobile, you can hook up the whole family for a $100 a month. get 4 lines with unlimited talk, text and up to 10 gigabytes of 4g lte data. and now the next big thing is here. get the hottest device for everybody in the family for $0 down. you can switch today.
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hi, everybody. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." we begin this hour in yemen. the presidential palace is now in control of shiite rebels there. yemen's minister of information says this is a quote, the completion of a coup. that's what they're calling it adding it, the president has no control. these are the photos that show some of the aftermath of today's attacks near the palace. buildings now left in rubble. earlier take a look at your screen that's the united states embassy vehicle with bullet holes in it. it was fired upon in yemen's capital. this photo has been circulated


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