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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 21, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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hello and welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. >> great to have you with us. stay with us because coming up this hour fews of a coup in yemen. with a weakened president hanging on to power. how the u.s. and other countries are preparing for the worst. >> and ukraine's president poroshenko gets on the world stage with his latest accusations against russia. >> for me this is a symbol. a symbol of the terroristic attack against my country. >> top u.s. officials are in havana to normalize relations, but some cubans insist nothing
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will change until the castros leave. in yemen, the government and rebel forces have reached a tentative agreement to keep the peace. this would end days of fighting and what some are calling a coup. >> nick paton walsh explains what this agreement entails. >> reporter: it seems both sides are behind it. it has pretty simple terms. the houthis, for their part have to withdraw from the key government buildings they've taken over and release the president's chief of staff. pretty simple things. on the other side the president's administration has to allow for an editing of the new draft constitution. the houthi also have more say how ministries are run. and frankly, many are seeing this as a sort of under the table power grab by the houthis and questioning quite how much the president will be president in title rather than in his
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ability to use the levers of power here. >> yemen has been a key ally in the fight against al qaeda and this may put that partnership at risk. >> it's not clear who side the rebels are on at this point. here's cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr. >> reporter: even as houthi rebels surround the presidential palace the u.s. is uncertain they can or will work with the rebel group. for now, the assessment the houthi rebels are not anti-american. but what happens next is the question. the u.s. says the yemeni president is still the leader. he and the rebels appear headed towards some type of agreement. that's led the state department to hope it will not have to evacuate the embassy. >> our personnel are well
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protected. we have strong and multiple security personnel there. we've been building that up over a period of time. >> reporter: not everyone agrees staying put is a good idea. >> i think we ought to get our people out. i don't want to see a hostage situation. >> reporter: the fate of the u.s. embassy, just one crisis point for washington in yemen's unraveling. >> we cannot permanently disen gauge with yemen. so i think we should be evaluating constantly. >> reporter: the u.s. worry with no clear control by the yemeni government, the u.s. risks losing their partner to stopping al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. since 2006 more than $400 million has gone to training yemen's commando forces helping to improve its air force surveillance capabilities as well as coast guard patrol
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forces. even before the houthi takeover the violence in yemen made it impossible for much of the cooperation to continue. other than drone strikes against al qaeda fighters. many u.s. officials point ut u.s. embassies in libya, syria and somalia have already been shuttered due to threats of terrorism. the state department for now doesn't want yemen to be next. >> we believe it's in our national security interest to have a presence there, and a strong presence there, which is one that we continue to have. >> reporter: but make no mistake, the u.s. navy still has two warships off the coast of yemen, ready to evacuate american it is the order comes from the state department. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. in the meantime chilling new threat may be emerging. a yemeni official tells cnn that isis in syria is now active and recruiting in at least three provinces in yemen, causing a
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head of on rivalry with al qaeda's affiliate in that country. >> that al qaeda group released a new video this week with a senior leader urging lone wolf attacks in western countries. the french prime minister says nearly 3,000 teed with jihadist ties should be under surveillance in france and nearly $500 million will be spent on making that happen. take a listen. >> translator: over the next three years, there will be 2,680 new jobs in the police defense and justice services of the state and jurisdiction. this effort ladies and gentlemen, is huge. but it's indispensable to guaranty the security and protection of the french people. authorities in paris have identified four 1789s linked to gunman amedy coulibaly, but none has been charged in connection with his attack on the kosher supermarket.
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>> it appears that u.s. police officer darren wilson will not face federal civil rights charges in the shooting death michael brown in ferguson, missouri. wilson was not indicted in michael brown's death and sources familiar with the investigation tell cnn the fbi found no evidence that brown's civil rights were violated. the u.s. justice department is still finalizing its report an attorney for brown's family the dead teenager issued this statement. the family of michael brown jr. will await for official word from the justice department regard whether or not any charge also be filed against the police officer who shot and killed him. no word from officer wilson's attorney either. earlier, i spoke with jeffrey toobin. he says it is really no surprise.
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>> in our somewhat unusual system that we have for prosecuting crimes in the united states, there are often two possible jurisdictions under which someone can be prosecuted. the state, in this case the state of ohio. but also the federal government sometimes can bring charges. but what made this case unlikely from the start was that in a case like this, where a law enforcement officer shoots and kills a civilian, the barriers to a federal prosecution are higher than a state prosecution. so the fact that a state didn't prosecute him made a federal case much less likely. >> the federal case was based on what, hate crimes, that officer darren wilson violated michael brown's civil rights? >> yes, the federal government can enforce the laws that say there can't be discrimination on the basis of race. in addition to proving that officer wilson shot and killed michael brown with bad intent,
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the federal case would require proving some sort of malicious or even racial intent, and that's very hard to do, to prove what's in someone's head, especially a police officer who, in these circumstances, already had a confrontation with michael brown in his police car before the fatal contact. >> our thanks to jeffrey toobin there, our senior legal analyst. coming you have after the break, ukraine's president makes a dramatic point about the fighting in his country. ahead, what he had to say in davos. why did a palestinian man attack passengers on an early morning bus in tel aviv? his uncle says he knows the likely motive. hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates
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abdominal pain and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. nexium 40 mg is only available by prescription. talk to your doctor. for free home delivery enroll in nexium direct today. a crisis meeting in berlin is over with a joint call from the morn ministers of russia ukraine, germany and france for a cease-fire in ukraine. no major breakthrough was reported. >> a rebel spokesman says shelling near donetsk killed at least five people and wounded dozens. ukraine's president says the fighting could end if moscow would comply with the peace deal made last september. >> and in an emotional speech to the world, president poroshenko brought a large piece of metal
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to the stage. it was riddled with buttllets. take a look. >> i have here part of the bus. with fragments of the russian missiles which hit my people. and for me this is a symbol. symbol of the terroristic attack against my country. >> mr. poroshenko says more than 9,000 russian troops are now in ukraine, backing separatist rebels. russia's defense ministry calls that claim complete rubbish. ukraine is poised to ask for more sanctions against russia if this fighting does not stop. >> our richard quest caught up with him in davos. >> the purpose of sanctions is not to hurt russia. the purpose of sanctions is just to keep russia responsible and at the negotiating table and to implement what we agreed.
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if russia for four months after the agreement, don't undertake every single step we should make additional steps. if aggression and escalation will continue we will ask our partners to increase the sanctions. >> russia's foreign minister down played the accusation that russian troops were in ukraine. he asked for proof. without commenting on troops the u.s. says russia is supplying heavy equipment to the separatists. >> we can confirm, as we've been talking about a bit, that russia continues to move tanks, armored vehicles artillery pieces and other military equipment to deployment sites near the russia-ukraine border which serve as staging points. that is something we're seeing. >> reports say secretary of
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state john kerry is accusing separatists of a land grab by attacking a town 70 kilometers east of donetsk. there's new video of a man who stabbed passengers on a tel aviv bus. these images show a man attacking one victim. >> the suspect's uncle tells cnn the likely motive for the attack. we want to warn you once again this video contains very disturbing images. >> reporter: an urgent call to emergency services reporting a woman "stabbed in the head." witnesses and police say the attacker boarded a bus in tel aviv stabbing the driver and several passengers before fleeing on foot. as passengers scrambled out, he runs from the scene. dramatic video shows him stabbing another woman who falls
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to the ground. in all, nine wounded, four seriously. before he can make a getaway, the attacker a 22-year-old palestinian from the west bank is shot in the leg and cuffed by two prison authority guards before he was arrested and interrogated by police. moses collins said he's already maunlt haunted what he heard coming from the bus. >> a lot of shouting for police and ambulances. it's not easy thing to see, ten people stashed. a lot, a lot, a lot of blood. >> reporter: in calls to emergency services victims make desperate pleas for help. one woman says she was stabbed in the back and is covered in black. the family of the attacker told cnn and israeli authorities he's not affiliated with any groups and was griffindriven by the suffering
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of palestinians killed by the war last year in gaza. last november, two palestinians stormed a jerusalem synagogue with butcher knives, killing five jews. a week earlier, an israeli soldier was stabbed to death in tel aviv along with three more israelis near a west bank settlement. and in separate attacks, palestinian drivers plowed cars into pedestrians and railway commuters, killing three israelis including a baby and wounding several others. hamas called today's stabbing a daring and heroic act. a natural response to israeli adepression. but the israeli prime minister blamed the attack on global anti-semitism on display in recent attacks against jewish targets in paris and brussels. if light of wednesday's attack
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the u.s. embassy in tel aviv is restating its ban against u.s. government employees taking public buses throughout israel warning americans against doing so, as well. when we come back the thawing of relations between the u.s. and cuba helped get this woman out of prison. >> translator: it was like being in the depths of hell. the suffering made me a little crazy. >> why she says it's not enough to be free. she wants castro gone.
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♪ ♪ n wall street. all of this ahead of a big announcement by the european central bank. >> in the coming hours, the ecb president is going to be announcing the bank's stimulus plans to combat deflation. media reports are fueling speculation it is going to be huge. we're talking 50 billion euros, or $58 billion in bond purchases every month. experts have various opinions whether or not this stimulus plan will succeed.
10:21 pm
one said at the least, it could buy european governments more time to move ahead with other economic reforms. meantime in the u.s. a big fine for credit rating agency standard and poors. the company will hand over $77 million for allegedly misheeding investors about mortgage backed securities to boost its business back in 2011. s&p will be barred from rating those securities for at least a year. it did not admit wrong doing in the settlement that was announced wednesday. to cuba now. the second day of historic talks aimed at restoring diplomatic ties between cuba and the united states. the old car war rivals got negotiations off to a bumpy start with a clash over american immigration policy. >> a top cuban officials accuses
10:22 pm
the u.s. of stealing cuba's best and brightest. >> and the treatment of cuban dissidents will be a major test of what some are calling a new era between washington and havana. karl penhaul is in the cuban capital and filed this report. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: a chant to free cuba's political prisoners. then the ladies in white march like they do every sunday. in silence. this was one of 53 opposition dissidents just freed from jail. >> translator: it was like being in the depths of hell the suffering made me a little crazy. but my husband and children
10:23 pm
wrote to me and that kept me going. >> reporter: her and her husband were arrested at a small anti-government demonstration in may 2014. their crime, they say, chanting down with fidel castro. >> translator: education for cubans has been about fear and how to be afraid. about how to afreud confrontation with the authorities because they have power. they teach you what they want you to know but not really what goes on in the world. >> reporter: both were released on january 8th according to prison papers. they spent eight months behind bars in what they say were appalling conditions. >> translator: i once saw rotten frogs in the drinking walt inging water. the food was terrible. it was like pig good. >> reporter: both complained of
10:24 pm
psychological mistreatment. he said he had been beaten, too. >> translator: they beat me self-times and my jaw was dislocated. state security puts a person in your cell posing as a criminal. his job is to beat people like me. >> reporter: we asked cuban authorities to speak with us, but they declined to respond. some opposition groups or individuals have conceded receiving some funds from the united states. others admit having tried to help the cia against the communist government. this husband and wife flatly reject moves by the u.s. and cuba to restore ties even though they're now free thanks to that thaw.
10:25 pm
>> translator: cuba needs the castros to leave power. we need a free cuba without the castros. a radical change without the castros. that's what cuba needs. >> reporter: it's a message echoed by this small group of supporters. a two finger protest. l for liberty and a whisper for change. cuba yes, castro no. karl penhaul, cnn, havana. if you're in the united states and you have been enjoying the warm weather, and the blue skies, you are out of luck. winter is coming back. >> although in atlanta, it is so warm. >> i've been outside and enjoyed the atlanta sunshine today. but this is what it looked like to the north. that's snowfall on the nation's
10:26 pm
capital. only a couple of inches on the ground from a weak clipper system. that's not the major story for us. it's actually another storm that's brewing across the southern rockies. this is the latest radar. heavy rainfall moving through dallas cold enough to freeze some of that precipitation in the form of snow here the texas panhandle and the southern rockies in parts of new mexico. winter weather advisories across that area in purple. we have upwards oh of a foot of snowfall expected across parts of the southern rockies, but only a few inches into the next 48 hours across the texas panhandle. this storm is going to pick up some intensity and ride along the east coast. we know what that means. we have potential for a nor'easter. rainfall totals through saturday again, look at the moisture being picked up by this
10:27 pm
low pressure system as it traverses the mega cities along the east coast of the u.s. new york and boston. it's just about the timing and which computer model you believe. we have enough cold air with the possibility of a good amount of snowfall. if you're traveling to the nation's capital in new york or boston again, the timing and which computer model you believe very crucial. this is the european model, and you can see that the big apple should get upwards of five inches of snowfall. higher amounts near boston, washington, d.c., just under a half a foot of snow. but the global model only shows a light dusting of snowfall for new york as well as philadelphia and washington. so we'll monitor the situation very close here in the cnn world weather center and give you more updates as the days progress. that's all the time we have. but more news is come up with john and zain after the break. stick around.
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half past the hour. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> let's get straight to your headlines. houthi rebels in yemen have reached a peace deal with the government. the rebels will withdraw from government buildings and release the president's chief of staff, as well. in exchange the government has agreed to give the houthis more political power. >> it appears u.s. police officer darren wilson will not face federal civil rights charges over the shooting death of an unarmed teenager in ferguson, missouri. the fbi has completed its investigation saying there's just not enough evidence to prove that wilson violated michael brown's civil rights. the u.s. justice department is
10:31 pm
still finalizing the report. in the coming hours, the european central bank is expected to unveil a huge stimulus plan. the ecb president could announce bond purchases of up to $58 billion every month. the bank hopes to spark the euro zone's economy and reduce the risk of deflation. the french prime minister unveiled exceptional measures to fight terrorism in the wake of the deadly attacks in paris two weeks ago. he says nearly 3,000 people with jihadist ties should be under surveillance. and nearly $500 million will be spent to do that, and better arm police. a staff member who was wounded in the "charlie hebdo" massacre is now telling his story and he's defending the magazine's right to poke fun at all things including religion. and he spoke to our christiane amanpour. >> translator: we have never thought to make fun of people.
10:32 pm
we have a right to believe in god. but you have a right to make fun of what the religions are saying of dogma. there's a difference between dogma and individuals. >> he says when the killers burst into "charlie hebdo" offices, he lay down on the floor and all he could here was gunfire. very sad. >> and all three gunmen were french citizens. that's raising questions about how they became motivated to kill. >> a lot of people believe it has a lot to do with how french society treats young immigrants. jim bittermann reports from paris. >> reporter: the guns were blazing at the kosher supermarket, the terrorist gunman was born to parents who emigrated from mali raised a frempbman. the hero who saved six people
10:33 pm
in the basement, also came from mali in 2006. through his actions, he's now been made a french citizen. the late arrival, desperate to become french. the they tich rejecting the society around him. the french prime minister thinks he has an explanation. the immigrants and children of immigrants facial social and territorial apartheid. culturally lost is the way one describes it. >> you come from those territories, and it's difficult when you're black or chinese, because our society doesn't include everyone or treat the youth the same way they treat
10:34 pm
every citizen. >> reporter: many say education is one way to get at the problem. but at a school filled with immigrants teachers struggle to change the minds of his students that were offended by the "charlie hebdo" drawings. >> the students felt it was a suicide by the cartoonist. >> reporter: many think the cartoonists got what they deserved. a high school student who declined to be identified would not participate in the government order moment of silence. >> translator: "charlie hebdo" shouldn't have done the cartoons. i didn't stand at the moment of silence. in fact, the majority of my class didn't. >> reporter: she emdpratigrated from morocco and her son was killed
10:35 pm
by a terrorist 2 1/2 years ago. the family, she believes, is key. >> translator: there are many differences between my son. because this young man was also a victim. had he come from a family that raised him well that had given him desire for life maybe he would still be here with my child. >> reporter: the french prime minister said he knew what the problem was ten years ago, when these same french suburbs exploded in flames and violence. billions have been spent to turn things around since. many believed then the riots would be a wakeup call. but the discrimination unemployment poverty and exclusion don't seem to have gone away. both inside and outside the immigrant communities, many hope this time thing also be different. jim bittermann, cnn, paris. we move now to another immigration story. there were rallies and
10:36 pm
counterrallies in germany wednesday over that country's immigration policies as well. >> a group posing the influx of islamic leaders. >> reporter: this is an extremely controversial demonstration. they want to demonstrate against what they call the islamization of europe. they also want stricting laws against asylum seekers and generally want fewer foreigners here in germany. they're also very anti-media which is why very few were willing to speak to us. excuse me to you speak english? >> yes. >> reporter: we're with cnn television in america. >> no, no. >> no! >> reporter: this movement has been gaining a lot of steam here in germany.
10:37 pm
they're very pro russia and anti-american. one of the main speakers was calling on all americans to get out of germany. however, the anti-islamization movement is running into a lot of problems. one of the leading figures had to resign because he posted pictures on his facebook account of himself posing similar to adolf hitler. there was another one that showed him in what appeared to be a klu klux klan kos pum. one of the things we have to say is you have this movement here which does contain right wing elements. but you have a very big countermovement. there were 19 demos counter to this one, calling for more tolerance and for germany to allow foreigners into the country. >> police in new jersey are investigating a deadly shooting during a traffic spot. we're about to show you the dash
10:38 pm
cam video of the incident. we warn you that some of the viewers might find this disturbing. >> this happened last month when officers pulled of the vehicle after the driver allegedly ran a spot sign. >> show me your [ bleep ] hands. don't [ bleep ] move. don't you [ bleep ] move. he's got a gun in his glove compartment. i'm going to shoot you. you're going to be [ bleep ] dead. i'm telling you. you reach for something, you're going to be [ bleep ] dead. i'm telling you. keep your [ bleep ] hands right there. you reach for something, you are going to be [ bleep ] dead. he's reaching, he's reaching. show me your [ bleep ] hands. no, you're not. don't [ bleep ] move. don't you [ bleep ] move. [ gunfire ]
10:39 pm
>> the passenger appears to have had his hands in front of him as he steps outside and died moments after this. >> incredibly difficult to watch. but police did recover a gun at the scene. the two officers involved are now on paid leave while investigators determined if the shooting was justified. u.s. president barack obama seems to have a new spring in his step. up next on the road after his state of the union address, and some say he's got his swagger back.
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israeli prime minister netanyahu will address a joint meeting of the u.s. congress next month. house speaker john boehner invited him to discuss iran and its nuclear capabilities as well. the white house usually coordinates invitations to foreign leaders, but congressional sources say boehner acted on his own. here's what he told cnn's dana bash. >> is this just a way to sort of poke the president in the eye on an issue like iran where you know he very much opposes what you want to do? >> i don't believe i'm poking anyone in the eye. there is a serious threat that exists in the world. and the president last night kind of papered over it. >> meanwhile, president obama seems to be oozing self-confidence fresh off his state of the union address. he traveled to idaho and kansas
quote quote quote quote
10:43 pm
on wednesday to drive home his message of growing the middle class. >> he certainly has a spring in his step and he's reminding voters with two years left in office he's no lame duck. tom foreman reports. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: on the road in boise, president obama pitching new policy ideas and acting like a politician on the rise. >> i don't need to remind you that big things happen big late in the fourth quarter. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: like muddy waters the great chicago blues man, the chicago president seems to have his mojo working again. using the state of the union to brag on an economic strategy that so many said would fail. >> we've seen the fastest economic growth in over a decade deficits by 2/3 and a stock market that's doubled.
10:44 pm
>> reporter: amid jubilant democrats, he proposed new policies. >> i'm proposing to lower the cost of community college to zero. >> reporter: and he practically dared the opposition to dismantle obamacare, immigration plans or rules for wall street promising vetoes and taunting his opponents. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- [ applause ] i know, because i won both of them. [ applause ] >> perhapall of it has startled republicans who thrashed his party in midterm elections. >> my initial reaction is i thought the entire speech was just strangely aloof to the world around him. whether it be foreign policy or domestic policy.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: maybe part of the key is mr. obama's job approval rating which has been terrible but lately climbed to around 50%. what you have the cause, barack obama is making it clear he's in the back stretch of his presidency but he's not backing down. all of that thrills democrats, but swagger alone cannot pass laws and republicans like to point out that the polls have shown they've got some mojo of their own. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> it's funny, because he talked about everything from foreign policy to the economy, growing the middle class. but that line that's going to be the most memorable line for years to come. >> it was state of the union history. >> but it did not equal great tv ratings. about 31.7 million people watched state of the union address. i would say that would pretty good. but it is in fact the lowest rated of the obama presidency. >> the white house is saying the
10:46 pm
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♪ ♪ if i hug you, do you want me to hug you back john? >> this is so awkward right now. >> john is not a hugger. i've tried before. >> it started in the 1980s and our friends at put together a slide show some some of the more memorable hugs in history. >> of course how can anyone forget angelina jolie's awkward hug with amy pascal the executive at sony.
10:50 pm
i think this is a great idea. we all need a hug every so often. tell me why you started this? >> thanks for having me. and virtual hugs to you all out there. >> thank you, thank you. >> so the inspiration comes from a couple of main things really. it's a subject close to my heart. i have bipolar disorder which can affect your life in all kinds of negative ways. and also not just the suffering, but the close people around you make it difficult for them. stats show in australia at least one in five australian also suffer some form of mental illness during their life. yet when people actually come out and display they have an illness, they come up with negative perceptions. when you're not feeling great about yourself it makes seeking
10:51 pm
help that much harder. so falling on from that the hug campaign started. it's a funny little story. a great friend of mine sent me a text. she was having a rough time and she had been a great support to me over many years, with my illness. i couldn't be there to give her a hug. so what do you do when you can't do that? you hug a lamp post. and the hug campaign was born. what happened really the real lightbulb moment came moments later when i stumbled upon hug day. i believe it started in america. i thought wow, what a fantastic way to start a conversation and try to smash some of those stigmas that surround the subject of mental illness. so yesterday, i was in sunny perth, western australia.
10:52 pm
and luckily everyone is very friendly. they joined the hugs. i reckon we got around 500 hugs on video. and i had friends sharing hugs on facebook. it was amazing. i was blown away. last night i got a call from you guys. >> it's your lucky day. >> i'll let you get a word in but i want hugs to be ice breakers to start an open conversation about mental health and let's try and improve things and smash these stigmas. >> i notice that signed. but quickly, what has the response been? hugging strangers, are they awkward about it or more engaging?
10:53 pm
>> good question. really generally, you know 99% have a positive response. i had all kinds of responses yesterday. some people came up and talked to me about their illness. some said they've lost friends recently. others just said it's really great. i think this needs to be done. i do have a secret weapon if you can wait for ten seconds. this really helped. i'm not the best looking of blokes. i didn't go out and try to hug people. i just held the sign up. kids can you come here please? >> oh my goodness. this is so adorable. >> kids! they're a bit shy. so what happened is i took the whole family there, i have a 4 and 5-year-old and 8-month-old. they were holding signs up saying hug my dad to support mental health. >> so sweet. >> they're a bit shy. if you want to follow my adventures -- >> marcus, thank you so much.
10:54 pm
we appreciate it. hopefully the hugging campaign will go viral. thank you, marcus. >> thank you. >> okay. >> bit of a shy fellow. didn't have much to say. >> he's more of a hugger than you, john. >> any way, this is the time of year when pro football fans should be focused on the super bowl. but the anticipation is clouded by controversy over the lack of air in footballs used by the new england patriots this past sunday. >> i'm sure you've heard about this. the fact that new england easily won the game hasn't stopped just about anyone in the media from weighing in on what is known as deflate gate. cnn's jeanne moos has more. >> reporter: the lack of air in footballs sure hasn't resulted in a lack of airtime. >> deflate gate. >> deflate gate. >> deflated balls. >> softballs. >> deflate gate. >> reporter: deflate gate is
10:55 pm
spawning everything from cookies to cartoons. in this case mimicking salvadore dolly's famous soft time pieces. the nfl reported finding 11 of 12 patriots's footballs were under inflated, just inflated the controversy. >> they should say you're not the winners. >> reporter: some past judgment in tweets. cheaties breakfast of chumps. and this is what the patriots are playing for. a deflated super bowl trophy. deflate gate was a gift to late night comics. >> they've been using deflated balls for quite a while now. take a look. >> reporter: even the vice president was asked his opinion. >> i like a softer ball. that's all i can tell you. >> reporter: grown men and women succumb to attacking of the giggles. >> patriots respond about their
10:56 pm
balls. >> reporter: krispy kreme noted ours are fully filled. notice what i'm not holding. i feel hike i'm one of the only ones not holding one today. or even two. >> in is a less inflated one. >> and this you can see -- >> i have very small hands. >> oh my god! it makes a difference. >> not since mr. whiple -- >> please don't squeeze the charmin. >> reporter: has a squishy object been subjected to so much fondling. if only the patriots listened to the little rascals. quarterback tom brady wouldn't be trying to laugh off softball questions. >> would you care to weigh in on that? >> i think i've heard it all at this point. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> much more on this overblown deflate gate next hour. and the news from all around the
10:57 pm
world. >> thank you so much for watching, guys. a simple question: in retirement, will you have enough money to live life on your terms? i sure hope so. with healthcare costs, who knows. umm... everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor.... can get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today.
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hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and across the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. thank you very much for joining us. we'll be with you for the next two hours. coming up this hour let's make a deal. the president of yemen cling to power after a late night meeting with houthi rebels surrounding his home. many are asking who's really in charge there.