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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 22, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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welcome to the nascar xfinity series. isis and its continued cool propaganda. this time showing kurdish soldiers in cams threatening their lives. turkish soldiers entered syria to evacuate a guard post there. and 1,000-pound fish caught and caught on camera. welcome to our view ers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. this is cnn newsroom. and to our lead story this hour isis released a new propaganda video this weekend showing what appears to be kurdish peshmerga fighters
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paraded through a crowded street in cages. the militants also threatened all peshmerga soldiers telling them to abandon their jobs or face a similar fate or job. cnn cannot independently authenticate the video. let's go now to ben wedeman on the ground in erbil, iraq. do you have any idea whether this will have an impact? >> reporter: they're trying to sew a feeling of insecurity and fear among the peshmerga fighters by parading 21 of their comrades in these cages. and clearly the implication hanging heavily over that video is that they will suffer the same fate of so many others who have fallen into the hands of
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isis but when you speak to people here whether it's people on the front lines or just ordinary people in the streets of the kurdish areas, they really don't pay much attention to these videos. for one thing, they're not really widely broadcast on the local television stations. and the attitude of most people is that isis and the kurds simply cannot co-exist. that rare are those who actually go over to the side of isis. the feel something that isis is completely antagonistic to the attitude, the social ways the life the philosophy of almost everybody in this area. so even though as i said the intension of such videos is to weaken morale morale is quite high. we were at the front lines the other day, and it was amazing. it was gold it was muddy. it was rainy and miserable, but everybody there seemed to be smiling and laughing.
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and of course these videos aren't making much impact on reality. the front lines, we understand from kurdish forces that overnight in an area south of here isis yet again tried to breakthrough the kurdish lines, but they failed. they were repulsed at least 50 isis fighter, includingforeign fighter the among them, they were killed and their bodies strewn before the front lines. there were coalition air strikes that helped drive isis back. isis isn't making a lot of gains as far as this part of iraq is concerned. in fact they've actually lost hundreds of square kilometers in the last six or seven months. >> and then this nine-minute video, propaganda video. we certainly don't show it here. but isis spends a lot of time on sound and images here trying to make these as select as possible but it's important to point out that there is no
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proof, correct, that the men in this video that we are not showing, that they have been killed? >> reporter: no there's no indication whatsoever. it's a nine-minute video. you first see them in cams then being interviewed by somebody with a microphone with an isis logo on it and then they are paraded through what appears to be a town south of kirkuk. and then at the end you see sort of flashes with biography biographycal information about them. as far as those fighters these 21 fighters are concerned, it does not appear that they have been executed. in fact the last frame is a tight shot of a man in his, appears to be in his 60s. so there's no sign from this
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video, at least, that they have been executed george. >> senior international correspondent ben wedeman in iraq. we appreciate your reporting on the ground for us. turkey's military has successfully completed an evacuation of soldiers guarding a turkish held tomb inside syria. nearly 40 soldiers went back to turkey on sunday. this is according to the turkish prime minister. he released a statement explaining, quote, the ongoing conflict and state of syria posed risks to the tomb. the officials say one turkish soldier was killed in an accident there. in ukraine's capital of kiev the city continues to remember the bloody maidan crackdown that has left parts eastern ukraine utterly
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devastated. this marks one year since yanukovych was ousted from power. they will honor those who died in the maidan square. but there are promising new signs that a cease-fire agreement is having an effect of the on saturday the ukrainian government and pro-russian separatists conducted a prisoner swap. 139 soldiers were released from captivity. 52 rebels were freed as well. the prisoner exchanges are part of a major minsk agreement. let's bring in nick payton walsh, live in donetsk, ukraine. let's start with the anniversary of the maidan demonstrations. were you there last year. >> reporter: after seeing a year ago those scenes unfold in central kiev where a decade ago a government had been ousted in
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similar protest peacefully to see it collapse into snipers shooting at times unarmed men dead in the streets around us it seemed that ukraine was embarking on a terrifying new episode in its history then and i think even those who thought worse was coming could never imagine we'd be standing in donetsk now in the middle of a civil war. the noise you hear behind me is a remarkable small, but noisy children's festival. but just hours earlier, part of this city have been hit by shelling. you referred to a cease-fire. i have to say it is that in name but we've soon very little sign of an actual cessation of fire by either side since it was signed over a week ago now. it was midnight last week last early sunday that the guns were supposed to fall silent. we heard dramatic silence here but the battle waged on.
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and still last night, we're hearing explosions around donetsk. so no real signs of cessation. but they're talking about a plan for withdrawing heavy weapons. what we heard last night isn't entirely compatible with that having been done already. but we may see these stages come through, like the prisoner swap you referred to. we don't know how many either side actually have. but they are supposed to do that according to the agreement. actually the violence continuing that's the concern here george a moment absolutely unimaginable a year ago when we first saw bloodshed in ukraine in maidan. >> you say you've heard the violence continuing. but at the same time we are seeing this prisoner exchange.
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so how, how are people on the ground making sense of this? what's the mood of people who've had to live through, you know months and months of this conflict? >> reporter: well prisoner exchanges have been happening even without the cease-fire. they've been going on the past few months. they're a routine of battle here. both sides experience losses and take captives. at times those captives are paraded by the other side. and at other times they swap them back. and that's sort of the rhythms of war sadly here. but people here in donetsk don't call it a cease-fire. they hope obviously, that some kind of lull in the violence has come through. and we've seen evidence of that here. but there's nothing like the violence and pounding we were seeing in the hours ahead of the cease-fire supposedly coming into play, but they don't consider this a change in the way the war's going. there's a lot of hope that the violence will stop, because it's
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civilians who get caught in it. they find loved ones killed by the shelling. they of course begin to fall the side of the fence. you see your homes and neighborhoods hit by the violence it does bring a very visceral reaction. so many here just simply hope the violence will stop. but, while we see the sequencing of this minsk agreement, slowly recognitions by each sides, the bloodiest moments here happened in debaltseve. they lost 179 soldiers, maybe more in the month of violence around that town. many of those deaths occurred when this cease-fire was supposed to be in place. >> nick payton walsh following it all for us. we appreciate your reporting there. unacceptable and craven. those are the strong words from
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john kerry, directed at russia amed moscow's denial of arming the soldiers. he made it very clear that what russia is doing in eastern ukraine is very clear. >> we know to a certainty what russia has been providing to the spet separatists, and the ways in which russia has cynically been willing to lead an effort in the u.n. even simultaneously as it is continuing to do land grabbing in ukraine. >> kerry will be in geneva on sunday and monday for another round of iran nuclear talks. the u.s. secretary of state is also meeting with his iranian counterpart. they will be joining with other
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world powers who have been in talks. a new deal could bring an end to tough sanctions against iran and a warming of relations with the west. the west faces new threats, where a terror group is calling for attacks in the u.s. canada and the united kingdom. we look into that. plus in boston snowy boston someone went to criminal links to protect their shovelled-out parking spot. wow. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums.
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. i'm george howell. there are new threats against the west. in this case it's a somalian terror group. you see a man speaking in english, and he calls for attacks on shopping malls in the u.s. canada and the united kingdom. two of the suggested targets -- the mall of america in minnesota and the west edmonton mall in alberta, canada. both say they've taken the threats seriously and stepped up security. al shabab was responsible for the attack in kenya in 2013. that left dozens of people dead. a minnesota police officer is recovering after being shot during a burglary.
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the officer was standing outside his patrol car. a man was arrested in connection with the burglary and domestic assault. detectives are being looking into whether the assault, the burglary and shooting are related. investigators do not believe this particular officer was the intended target. there is a new intelligence report that warns of armed domestic terror groups in neighborhoods. some say the threat from home-grown groups is grater than that from foreign groups like isis. nick valencia has the story. >> reporter: from california to florida, all across the united states sporadic attacks on law enforcement, by sovereign citizen extremists. a new intelligence circulated puts a focus on domestic terror threats. >> unfortunately, there are a number we have to be concerned about.
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>> reporter: deadly plots like this one in georgia, armed with several explosives smoke grenades and ammunition dennis mark showed up ready to kill. police shot and killed him after he tried to drive his su into the courthouse. cnn is told there may be thousands of others out there like marx ready to attack. >> we've been talking about the international terrorism threat but there's also domestic groups just as concerning that we worry about here in the united states. >> reporter: a recent survey of state and local law enforcement officers listed sovereign citizen terrorists ahead of foreign groups like isis as the top domestic threat. mark potok says by some estimates there are 300 some sovereign citizens in the united states today. >> their believes go back 20 25 years or even further, and essentially, they believe that the federal government has no
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jurisdiction over them. >> reporter: the latest dhs report counted 24 related attacks since 2010 with law enforcement being the primary target. >> they are basically telling people they can get something for nothing. they don't have to pay their taxes, their credit card debt. so there's that kind of teaching going on all around the country, and that's what's really driving this movement. >> reporter: it's not just violence authorities are worried about according to mark potok. it's also so-called paper terrorism, burying court officials with nonsensical filings. they are bound by law to file them and track them even though they have no idea what they're looking at. on to the state of texas now where nearly 3,000 inmates will be relocated to a new facility after several fires were started during a lockdown.
2:19 am
on friday prisoners at a federal prison in south texas refused to participate in work duties and complained about medical services. prison officials ordered a lockdown then about 2,000 inmates broke out of their housing units and went into the recreation area. officers used tear gas to bring the situation under control, but a wild situation there at that texas prison. rudy giuliani is facing backlash but instead of giving you, he's digging deeper about barack obama's patriotism. ♪♪♪
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25 degrees in cold chicago, but that's a warm day there. we are getting more reaction from the controversial comments from the former mayor of new york city rudy giuliani. at a dinner for a potential candidate, he said that barack obama does not love his country. as will ripley reports, giuliani is not backing down. >> reporter: new york's former mayor rudy giuliani is not backing down. he's standing by his charge that president obama doesn't love his country, telling jim acosta he refuses to apologize. >> he said to me during this brief conversation i don't regret making the state, i believe t.
2:23 am
>> reporter: giuliani also addressed the firestorm following his comes. >> he said that his office has received death threats. his secretary has gotten death threats over the phone. >> reporter: while cnn can't verify the claim, giuliani said the majority of messages were positive including one from bobby jindal jindal's office put out a statement refusing to condemn the former mayor but adding that giuliani should have chosen different phraseology. >> i think it's a mistake to question people's motives. it's one thing to disagree on policy. the and i try not to question the president's motives as being a good american or bad american. >> reporter: giuliani's comments are no surprise to some. >> he's going to double down triple down and quadruple down. >> reporter: a long-time observer says the man hailed as america's mayor for his leadership during 9/11 is tarnishing that legacy gaining
2:24 am
a reputation for sometimes inflammatory rhetoric. >> he's enjoying this. rudy's been out of the news and now he's on the news. >> reporter: giuliani continues making front-page news this weekend, bringing up old claims about the president's past. >> we haven't even mentioned some of the other communists and leftists who educated him as a young man. >> reporter: david axelrod dismissed the criticisms in an interview. >> i can't climb into rudy giuliani's head and explain. >> he said what he said. what he said was despicable and completely inconsistent with a man i know. and i think the man most americans know. >> reporter: but giuliani remains defiant, even as he risks stepping further away from his image as america's mayor. will ripley cnn, new york. on to the cold and snow. boston has been buried in snow for several weeks.
2:25 am
and that may have pushed some to the edge as you'll see someone went to criminal lengths to protect their parking spot. one woman woke up to find her car vandalized after parking in what she thought was an open space. >> i just kind of backed away. i started crying. >> reporter: the young mom comes out to the southeast street to go to work only to find her car trashed. even her car seat didn't stop the person who smashed her windows and keyed her car with the words "not okay." >> i don't know how nobody saw them. >> reporter: cassandra was visiting her boyfriend. she says she's from chelsea and has her own shoveled out spot. there were no markers here saving the space. >> i know how long it takes to shovel a spot like that. so i definitely wouldn't park where it was saved for someone. >> reporter: space savers are a
2:26 am
tradition on boston streets, and on friday, the rules were changed regarding space savers. >> because of what we've had, eight feet of snow over the course of the last three and a half weeks, we've stopped that policy for a little bit. >> reporter: for cassandra, she says with the nearby security cameras, police are hopeful they will acatch the vandal fkts but she also says she believes in what higher power. >> karma's going to get them. i don't have to do anything. i feel bad for them more or less because, you know bad things happen to bad people. >> well to add insult to injury the woman was also fired when she called her job to say she was going to be late because of that incident. is an unrelenting blast of cold air making the united states look like something of the ice age. especially in the northeast, i know that people are just tired
2:27 am
of this. >> absolutely. a and just watching the previous package with the woman and her car being vandalized i feel so bad for her. i didn't realize they save spaces with whatever they can find. >> after they shovel it out. >> you put a chair or block or something to save your car space. unfortunately, that wasn't the case for her. we're moving down the east coast of the united states to the nation's capitol, with people taking selfies in front of the white house with a fresh-fallen layer of snowfall. this is all attributed to the same storm that continues to bring more wintry weather to the new england coast. this is the latest from the national weather service in terms of watches and advisories. that shading of pink all with a winter storm warning. we still have a wintry mix ongoing across that area. you can see the radar lighting up.
2:28 am
as we zoom into the major cities from boston to new york and philly you can see where the rain/snow cut-off line is. and this is where we're going to monitor for slick spots waking up this morning across that region. the storm is on its way out, but there's another blast of very cold air that's going to settle in behind it. i want to show you these temperatures not only for domestic viewers and international viewers. the national weather service has issued wind chill warnings 30 to 40 degrees below zero. that's fahrenheit of course. you can sigh some of the wind chill temperatures from fargo to duluth. this is a cold part of the world, but nonetheless, to see that cold of temperatures is very significant. pushing the story forward, as that high continues to move in we are going to see the cold weather today move to the east
2:29 am
coast just in time for the start of the workweek. i know. don't get mad at the messenger. here's the temperatures we're expecting on monday in the big apple. 25 below zero you don't see those types of temperatures that frequently. hopefully people can capitalize on this. just like our "i-report"er did. they froze a bubble. the sun is illuminated in the background creating a beautiful winter globe in virginia. >>na is the coolest thing. isn't that cool? have a good trip. you're headed to breckenridge right? >> do some snowboarding. >> good times. another story here. isis threatens to cut tongue of anyone who utters this one word. and there's one small town in nigeria where christians and
2:30 am
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. this is cnn news line. the headlines this hour. a memorial march is now under way in kiev. at this hour today marks one year since viktor yanukovych fled the country as he was ousted from power. dozens of protesters were killed just prior to the former president's ouster which sparked the bloody conflict in eastern ukraine. turkey's military has
2:33 am
successfully completed an evacuation of soldiers guarding a turkish-held tomb in syria. they went back to turkey on sunday according to the turkish prime minister. officials say one solar was killed in an accident during that operation. a newly released isis propaganda video shows what is believed to be peshmerga soldiers in cages. it shows them being paraded through a crowded street in the back of trucks. the militants threatened to kill these soldiers also and threatened that other soldiers could face the same fate. cnn cannot verify the authenticity of this video. a somalian terror group with links to al qaeda has made threats against the west. they called for attacks on shopping malls in the united states canada and the u.k. two malls in the u.s. and canada
2:34 am
have responded, saying they are beefing up security and taking these threats seriously. the terror group we call isis has several other names. but there is one name the extremist group hates so much it's threatened to cut the tongues of anyone who say the name. ben wedeman has the name. >> reporter: there's a name that isis hates being called despised so much in fact, they've threatened to cut out the tongues of anyone who uses it. that name -- daesh. there's a big discussion on what to call the terror group. we say isis. others say isil. the state of the islamic caliphate is what they'd like to be called. islamic state for short. but what they hate is daesh. it's an acronym, and it translates as the islamic state in iraq and the lavants, the name they used before they
2:35 am
declared their caliphate last summer. but many arabic speakers simply call them daesh. why do they hate it? it sounds like other words, like one that means to stomp on something. they want the full name of their alleged state to be shared with the world. there's a push in the west to start calling them daesh, to deny them the legitimacy islamic state implies. france has already started doing that and so have some u.s. officials. how about other names we use in english? isis or isil? their name islamic state leaves geography out of the mix, since their ambitions aren't limited to a specific territory. but can anyone really call them an islamic state? they hold land, which is one of the attributes of a state, and
2:36 am
they have what to some amounts to a government but they're not internashly recognized ago a state, just a terror group. and there's no proof that they are islamic. a notion flatly considered absurd. isis fighters and supporters insist they follow the path of allah, god, and that the west is hell-bent on battling islam. that's how they recruit. that's how they try to radicalize young people. we must never accept the premise that they put forward, because it is a lie. >> reporter: whatever we call it and it calls itself daesh, isil isis islamic state, it is what it is a group utterly without scruples bepts on spreading a reign of terror.
2:37 am
a circle was created in oslo. it was supposed to symbolize protection for oslo's jewish community after an attack on a synagogue in denmark last week. the jewish community is one of europe's smallest. they expected 40 people. instead, nearly 1,000 showed up. the nigerian military has retaken the city of baga from boko haram. this is where people were murdered last month. amnesty called those killings -- some were drowned and others were killed in fighting on saturday. a small town in nigeria,
2:38 am
despite differences in their faiths there is no conflict between people a, just cooperation. channel 4 news reports on these two faiths co-existing with one another. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: if their political leaders lack charisma the church does not. it is on fire. they're speaking in tongues. their prophetess leading her flock in songs of praise. nigeria style. ♪ ♪ [ bells ringing ] >> reporter: as we climb, an ex-or sichlex or ex-or sichl is going on halfway up making enough noise to wake
2:39 am
the dead. so be healed. they call this place of pilgrimage not only for christians but for muslims and animists too. they worship, pray and make sacrifices here. there are wandering mystics. some have lived up here for years. there are four things that seem to matter more than most to your average nigerian. in no particular order -- football politics nolly wood films and religion. politics is a distant fourth. the city down here lies on a religious line. a muslim city in a christian area. 15 minutes down the road is a christian city home to a huge
2:40 am
baptist mission. there's never once been sectarian problems. what is the secret? >> one is cooperation. so there will be no fight, no quarrel, nothing. both christian and muslim are one. unity. >> reporter: nine out of ten of nigeria's 180 million people claim to pray every day. half to god, half to allah. the constitution is staunchly secular. but at election time politicians have a habit of exploiting religion for political game. it's a dangerous game. scaremongers have cast next month's political race as christian versus muslim.
2:41 am
the incumbent, goodluck jonathan is a christian from the south. he's used sunday services to preach his political vision. his challenger is a muslim from the north. when he lost the last presidential election he was accused of inciting sectarian violence which left 800 dead. of >> and we're now in a mess. to compound the crisis, the ongoing election is fought now, is been fought on the basis of religion. >> reporter: this is the southern-most emirate in nigeria, and this is the amir's royal mosque. 200 years ago, the people here declared their allegiance to an
2:42 am
ancient caliphate, centered on what is now northern nigeria, the town the outpost in the south. muslims and christians identify with their faith first and foremost even above being nigerian, but in this, the hardest-fought election it seems to have eclipsed religion. >> the city which is around 98% muslims, we once voted for a christian who was our governor. so the individual is very good and they believe he can do well. we don't use religion for the purpose of politics. i wouldn't subscribe to the fact that people voted because you
2:43 am
are muslim or you are a christian. >> reporter: many nigerians worry that if the results of next month's election are disputed religious bigotry could come to the forefront. in this city, an island there is hope that won't happen here. >> and that was jonathan miller from itn, channel 4 news reporting. yemen's president seems to be trying to retake control. houthi rebels convinced him to resign last month but his advisers say he will withdraw his resignation. al jazeera says he claims he's still president. man in turkey are taking to
2:44 am
the streets to protest in skirts. the important message that these skirts symbolize as the news continues on cnn newsroom. plus a popular nascar driver is fighting suspension that could end his season before it even starts. [alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!? if something goes wrong, you find a scapegoat. ...rick. it's what you do. ahhhhhhhh! what'd you say? uh-oh! kelly! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. rick. don't walk away from me. ahhhhhhhh!
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welcome back to cnn
2:47 am
newsroom. in response to the murder and attempted rape of a young turkish woman, several men are doing something that is rare to see, they are protesting by wearing skirts. on saturday many held up signs protesting violence against women. this comes after the burned body of a 20 year old university student was found earlier this month. authorities believe she was killed after she tried to fight off a bus driver who attacked her. in the british premier league they had an equality game. a black man was blocked by boarding a metro train. christina mcfarland reports. >> reporter: chelsea fans gathered for their first match since a black man was prohibited
2:48 am
from boarding a train. the game is called the guam forame for equality. this was felt by the fans who were at pains to stress that those accused of racist behavior on tuesday night were not reflective of the club. >> this is the club of great players, like hassle beck. and everybody is welcome here. as long as you're not racist and as long as you're not bigoted. so come to chelsea and meet proper fans. i hope this is the end of it. >> it's a minority of people. this isn't chelsea fans doing this. this is people not part of our club as far as i'm concerned. antote and i totally don't want to see it. >> reporter: they say the incident was unacceptable and calling for chelsea football
2:49 am
club to come together. and this display of unity was evident where fans waved banners condemning the behavior. some say the club could do more. >> this was a really horrible horrible thing. i think it made a lot of people feel sick to their stomach. and to be fair most football fans felt sick to their stomach. it reminded of a past we thought we'd left behind. >> it's for them to stop dragging their feet and to yeah show really that we say the heavy hand but it's serious. they need to get, when i say the punishment direct and yeah it has to be hard handed to be honest because it has been light. everybody's repeatedly said it's been too light. it's the little fine that they
2:50 am
give. and it's recurring again repeatedly. >> reporter: the victim of the alleged abuse, a man identified as solomon s on saturday turned down chelsea's offer to visit sanford bridge. they are hopeful he'll change his mind. >> and to. >> reporter: the. >> and to remember the comments a few days ago, you can hope the fans and club can move forward. nascar driver kurt busch will not be racing in today's daytona 500 or any races after losing an appeal to repeal the suspension. busch likely abused his ex-girlfriend. she says he grabbed herbie the throat and then slammed her head
2:51 am
against a wall. cuba has freed a canadian businessman after more than three years in jail. the founder of a transportation company was arrested on bribery and other charges, back in september of 2011. he was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in jail last september. the 74-year-old was released early saturday, with no immediate reason why. the fate of two other canadian employees convicted in the case is still unclear. a young man in the united states has a great story to tell how far this big fish tipped the scales. and after he reeled it in it's quite a sight to see. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray, now available over the counter in full prescription strength. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. the leading allergy pill only controls one, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase the 24 hour relief that outperforms the
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so a teenager from new york city heads back home from hawaii with an incredible story to tell about his vacations. the 16 year old hooked a huge blue marlin. it took a half hour to reel in this big fish. you see it there. it's just incredible. but they got it on that boat. hollywood's finest walk? well the red carpet is a few hours away for the annual academy awards and they saved the biggest award for the end of the night, the best picture. stephanie elam shows you some of the nominees. >> reporter: after 12 years in
2:55 am
production will "boyhood" bring home best picture? or will "bird man" soar? they face off in one what expert calls the tightest race in a decade. >> those two could be so close, a third movie could sneak in here. are you listening, "american sniper"? $300 million so far and counting. it's unprecedented this time of year to see that kind of box office success jump into the oscar race at the last minute. >> reporter: could late-season buzz around "american sniper" mean bradley cooper wins best actor? he'll have to break into the battle between michael keaton and eddie redmaine.
2:56 am
both redmaine are already adorned in accolades. >> i can seat words hanging in front of me and i can't reach them. >> reporter: having swept the season so far, julianne moore is the front runner for best actress, playing a woman with alzheimer's in "still alice." reese witherspoon is also in the category. strong women are getting kudos. but in the ranks of the other nominees a bit of a boys club. >> there's hardly any women in the categories of writing and directing. a black director who would have made history had she made a nomination didn't get nominated. it is an all-white lineup i'm afraid and they certainly had an opportunity to nominate
2:57 am
people like david iowaeyeaiello. >> i would love that same support is given to some other films with mexican film makers. >> reporter: outspoken louie guzman says the nomination should be a reminder that minorities in hollywood are still struggling for academy recognition. >> i feel that we have an incredible pool of talent. i just think that we need to look at the opportunities of creating more diverse any cation in entertainment. >> reporter: but despite the criticism, the mexican corrector is favored to take home the oscar for "birdman." 2015 could be a year of opportunity seized. stephanie elam, hollywood.
2:58 am
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♪ this morning, a new terror threat. a terror group known for bombing a mall in kenya is threatening to attack western malls including in the u.s. >> fighters caged like animals and parading through the streets. isis releases a new propaganda video of the fighters they claim to have caught. >> kurt busch loses an appeal to overturn his suspension. what is the next