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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 1, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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a planned opposition rally for a mourning politician. cnn is live from moscow next. tough talk from president maduro. several americans are being detained for engaging in es peon age. we'll explain all the hype around a boxing match up. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell thrks is cnn news room.
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we start the show in russia where it is sunday afternoon in moscow. a memorial is set soon. several leads in the shooting death of an activist. the former deputy prime minister was gunned down steps away from the kremlin. they have surveillance video that shows the killing as it happened. you see it here in the time lapse video. look between the third and fourth street line. a moscow tv station called tv center says it was captured near a bridge. the video shows two people walking together. notice the snowplow moving slowly along the street.
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then moments later, the pair is blocked by the snowplow. a person is seen walking on the road and getting into a car behind the snowplow. the car speeds off and the video shows one person left there at the scene, his companion. vladimir putin sent his con condolences through a telegram. he always openly and honestly stated his position defending his point of view. the russian president vowed his killers will be properly punished. let's go live to senior international correspondent matthew chance in moscow where it happened where many people are expected to attend. good day. >> reporter: at the place, the
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exact place on the bridge in the shadow of the government where the late hours was gunned down with four bullets from what police say was a gunman in a passing car on this road on the bridge. you can see days after the killing took place, people are still coming to pay their respects over the course of the past 24 hours. since i have been here, people are laying flowers saying there is strength in the truth. another little message here says boris, you were always for me, the president, indicateing the kind of level of support politically that boris had. it wasn't a great deal of support. he was a problem opposition figure but it seems in death, the message that he portrayed, one that russia is corrupt and
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brutal touched a nerve. so many people are coming out now to pay their respects. >> matthew, what do you expect the mood to be? certainly different from what was expected before. it was supposed to be a vocal and angry march, opposition march. a lot of people coming together under different circumstances, yes? >> reporter: yeah obviously the theme of the protest, the march changed dramatically. it was a march against the conflict in ukraine and russia. the killing of boris nemtsoc is canceled. a mourning march is rescheduled. they are going to march to this place from a location not too distant from here. much more somber. in terms of how many people will come to it we don't know.
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the authorities have given permission up to 50,000 people to come to the streets, pay their respects and take part in the mourning march. it could be a big demonstration for support of boris nemtsov and what he stood for, the message of russia needing to reform. in the past in the recent past before his killing, his are not issues with many traction. one question is whether this killing will be a turning point in russian politics. will people who did not support the opposition pay more attention to it? that's something we don't have the answer to that. it's something we are going to watch for very very close. >> to point out, a shot you have set up to show us there in moscow the flowers in the foreground the kremlin in the
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background the shadow really where this all happens. thank you for the reporting live in moscow. anthony bourdain interviewed him last year. he talked in depth about putin and inside russia. take a listen. >> he is not your problem, but problem of russian people. it's strange, the governments and russian people will be very much cautious about putin because they have their own problems in europe syria, iran unemployment problem in the states. you know american budget deficit deficit, very expensive, right? every nation league nations are involved in domestic deals. that's the first part.
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second people outside the country are not interested in corruption inside russia because this is russian money. russian people own this money, not american. that's why american administration must be interested in corruption. they are interested in securities. well problem is that general -- general security problem for russian people and for the rest of the world is that we build very unstable and very unpredictable system. system when everything depends on one person is unstable. imagine, for example, putin break his leg, what happens with this country? nuclear power. member of the united nations
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council security right? that happens with this country? without balance. this is really very unstable and unpredictable country. >> he was very outspoken about russia's dealings in ukraine. poroshenko says he was likely killed because he planned to release a report with proof russia is involved with separatists. meanwhile, a demonstration is planned in kiev. we have more. >> ukrainians have been laying flowers outside the embassy in kiev paying respects to boris. he was described as a great friend of ukraine, a patriot of russia and a bridge between the two countries. poroshenko said he had a conversation a couple weeks back when he said he planned to make public evidence of russia's
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military involvement in ukraine. russia denied their forces are involved. mr. poroshenko says his executioners were very afraid of this information being made public. there is a rally being held here in central kiev this sunday. it was originally a prayer for a pilot in prison in a russian jail. now, you can expect the spirit to reflect the mourning for boris nemtsov. russia refuses her of being behind the killing of two russian journalists at a check point in eastern ukraine last summer who were killed there. they say she crossed into russia as a refugee seeking asylum and was then detained there.
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kiev says she was kidnapped and is a prisoner of war. they say she will continue her fast, her starvation until she is released to ukraine or she dies in prison. this is why she has become a national national heroin. cnn, kiev. ahead, through coup allegations by venezuela. the president there claims americans have been arrested. plus a police chief who worked on the jonbenet ramsay case 20 years later. ale announcer ] only aveeno® positively radiant has an active naturals® total soy formula. it helps reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. ♪♪♪
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a finger... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™. the president of venezuela is claiming several u.s. citizens have been detained for involvement in espionage. speaking at an allie, details on the arrest. one held is an american pilot. a journalist was at the rally and brings us this reporting earlier. >> a u.s. pilot of latino origin was arrested a few days ago in the southwest, close to the
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columbia border. haddock. ation on him that he had been involved in recruitment and he was one of several u.s. citizens picked up in recent days apparently involved in espionage and recruiting people for this. it's sketchy, supposedly involved a number of senior opposition. one was thrown in jail last week on the same grounds. details remain sketchy. >> mr. maduro said they are involved in quote, terrorist actions. that includes former president, george w. bush his vehicle, dick cheney and members of congress. this comes a month after the state department imposed visa restrictions on people in
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venezuela for human rights abuses. a cult leader has been captured in brazil. he is wanted for 59 counts of sexual assaults in the state of minnesota. some of his alleged victims say he was christ on earth and convinced church members to hand over their first born daughters to live with them. a 33-year-old woman found with him was arrested for helping him. he was featured on cnns "the hunt," a week ago. he's awaiting extradition back to the united states. we are getting a closer look at the 2016 summer olympic games. concerns are growing about whether rio dajade janeiro will be ready. there's question about sewage systems. we have the story. >> reporter: lush waterways with tropical birds. what could lurk here?
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we find out as we catch a ride with a biologist. not all birds are chirpy. there are lagoon that is back up to the olympic village and park. you can see the garbage and the stench of open sewage. people staying nearby at the athletes village could take notice. they say the problem isn't new. the city has grown a lot in the last 50 years and sewage infrastructure didn't grow with it he says. today, all the rivers are contaminated. across the city the waterway that is host the sailing events face similar challenges. 49% of rio's homes are connected to sewage lines. government officials may not meet their target of hooking up 80% of homes before the games. on wednesday, ioc officials said they were confident water venues
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would be ready for competition. >> we have been given reassurance the venues will meet the level of sustainability. >> she also said inspectors were pleased with progress on construction but noted the fast pace has to be maintained. >> an example of where this entire city will be visible is with the venues where sites like the golf course sites like equestrian cross country have very aggressive time lines. >> reporter: security another challenge. here special forces train for potential terrorist attacks on a bus line. really high crime and violence remain the biggest threats in rio. it's not clear if the subway extension will be done on time. rio officials are confident they will meet the targets and visitors will be won over by the city's natural beauty and charming residents.
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cnn, rio de janeiro. >> beautiful city. prince william gets up close and personal with a dancing lion. coming up, more on his trip to japan. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save. if you can clear a table without lifting a finger... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it.
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it has been 20 years since the case of jonbenet ram si riveted the country. new information has come to life including details about how the colorado girl died. we have more on what this could mean for the case. >> reporter: who killed jonbenet ramsay? >> there is a killer on the loose. >> absolutely. >> the 6-year-old beauty queen was found dead in the basement of her family's home on the day after christmas, 1996. >> i will tell my friends to keep -- keep your babies close to you. >> reporter: while a killer has never been caught details about the case revealed by a lead investigator. former boulder police chief in a recent ask me anything session with read it which has been
2:22 am
deleted, he shared new information about how jonbenet died saying she was hit in the head knocked unconscious 45 minutes to two hours prior to being strangled. jonbenet most likely wasn't assaulted at the time of the killing, despite a 1999 grand jury report that said there was reason to believe otherwise. they suggest that was all staged. >> by last count, we investigated over 140 people as possible suspects in the case. >> reporter: in 2009 they spoke that not one suspect was identified. the mystery unsolved. now, he admits mistakes were made by police in the initial days after the crime. in retro spect, his parents should have been separated and statements taken immediately. it was a perfect storm-type scenario. ift was the christmas holiday and we were short staffed.
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as a result some evidence was compromised. the redeeming value of the candid confession of sorts, all these details converge and will create renewed interest and scrutiny and might trigger somebody to remember something. >> cnn, denver. the death toll is rising after a string of new avalanches in northern afghanistan. officials tell cnn, at least 196 people have died in the province north of kabul. rescue crews from the grim task of searching for more victims today. 40 new avalanches reported saturday and more expected. heavy snowfall will continue with the region. it's a story we continue to monitor. certainly a developing case there in afghanistan. the results are in. bad weather in the united states very cold for a lot of
2:24 am
people. let's go over to meteorologist karen mcginnis in the weather center. >> typically, when we think alaska, we think of cold temperatures. it is the ash that stymied the air traffic there. let me show you an image, and explain it. first, a look at alaska and the sea. let's put that up if we could. the ash cloud is what has prevented the airlines from flying across this area. in particular from anchorage north because of the ash off the peninsula. there, you can see the brighter blue shaded area. that's where we see the ash. it was up in the atmosphere about 30,000 feet. it was mostly because of the visibility they say they canceled several flights out of anchorage, alaska to bethel and further north inside the arctic
2:25 am
circle. the ash cloud made its way across alaska. well, across the united states we have a lot of ice and snow to tell you about, making its way to the ohio river valley. for dallas an icy concoction here over the last several days. you can see the winter weather advisories as well as winter storm warnings out all the way from texas extending toward the northeast and new england to north carolina. we saw some bad weather about 48 hours ago with icy conditions there as well. boston. not to be outdone, but it looks like a rather spectacular winter season. we could see the record set for the all-time snowiest winter since records were kept in boston. and california have been exceptionally dry, much needed rainfall. because the ground is so dry, the rainfall could produce localized flooding.
2:26 am
across the united kingdom, wet weather is on the way. by the evening, we could see wind gusts as high as 100 kilometers per hour across scotland and northern ireland. >> active weather scenes. thank you so much. with the presidential election in view u.s. conservatives want to see rand paul in the white house. for the third straight year he won at cpac. we have more on that and the wisconsin governor who made a strong showing. >> i'm here at cpac where conservatives chose who they want to see as president. for the third year in a row, rand paul took it with 25% of the vote. the big story was scott walker the wisconsin governor who made a big run with 21% of the vote. walker had a strong performance here a few days ago and leaves cpac with momentum. in iowa he's up in the polls.
2:27 am
he's showing he could be a front-runner. the other story out of the poll results is jed bush the florida governor coming in fifth with 8% of the vote. it's not a surprise here. jeb bush is a moderate. he came in with an unfriendly crowd and able to make strides and have a strong appearance here. certainly not the favorite for conservatives going forward. cnn, national harbor maryland. as the news continues, outpouring of grief after the shooting death of an activist. what it means for the future of russia as hundreds are set to march in the mourning of nemtsov. hamas is a terrorist organization. the implications, next. hey, you forgot the milk! that's lactaid®. right. 100% real milk just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want...
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i'm george howell. thank you for joining us here in the united states and around the world. the headlines this hour a mourning march is expected to get under way in moscow in an hour for one of vladimir putin's most vocal critics. nemtsov was gunned down. venezuelan president, maduro is claiming the united states citizens there, have been arrested for allegedly spying in his country. he did not say how many were detained on saturday. he announced new visa requirements for anyone visiting from the united states as well
2:31 am
as the downsizing of the u.s. embassy. an acult leader wanted for sexually assaulting girls has been captured in brazil. they worked five months finding him wanted for 59 counts of sexual assault in minnesota. a 33-year-old found with him was arrested for aiding him. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was on his way to d.c. as he boarded the plane, he called the trip historic and crucial. he's expected to address them tuesday. strike a deal, a nuclear deal with iran. now, back to the top story. more than 1,000 people are set to rush in the capitol for nemtsov's death. we are joined by the phone by
2:32 am
sir tony brenton. he's a former british ambassador to russia. thank you for your time. when we see the groups come together really galvanize, do you think it will bring the opposition movements together? at the moment the opposition movements have been split by many different fashions? >> caller: can i just say before i answer your question i knew boris very well. he was a great guy, care iz mastic poll decision and wanted to make russia a better place. his death is a tragedy. now, in answer to your question yes, the opposition is fragmented and weak. 85% support. so while boris' death is widely felt by lots and lots of people unless there's a lot more resentment against the regime in
2:33 am
opposition of the war, i think it is unlikely his death is actually going to change the russian regime or policy. >> when it comes to the investigation, sir, the investigation in finding the person or people behind this how confident are you that this will be a fair and transparent and thorough investigation? >> caller: very little in russia is fair or transparent. the thing is the kremlin are conscious that quite a lot of particular western commentators accused them of being behind the murder. i think it's unlikely that is the case. a great up surge of sympathy for boris externally and internally the price they were bound to pay. feeling themselves under attack they will want to find the real murderer. they will put a lot of effort into that. unfortunately, the history in
2:34 am
russia is they are quite good at finding the people who pulled the trigger, but nowhere near as good as finding the people who instruct them to do it. they will be quite quick at finding someone to accuse of the murder. it will be harder to find the people further behind it. >> we spoke to a guest who said when he was the deputy prime minister certainly he saw his political fortunes change over the years. he became more marginalized. this particular guest questioned whether he would have been a target at all. what is your thought about that? >> caller: my thought about that, that's precisely why i doubt the kremlin was behind the killing. he was a care iz mathic opposition. he was more of an irritant than a threat. it's unlikely they would have you know it's a very serious decision to kill someone with the reactions.
2:35 am
that said he was widely admired, widely known and while people may not have agreed with his opinions the fact of his murder is a nasty reminder for a lot of russians of how things in their country were 20 years ago when contract killing was a regular event. a lot of russians would be angry and anxious that russia is not going back to those days. >> what do you make of the russian president's respond to mr. nemtsov's mother by telegraph saying certainly, the country will get to the bottom of who did this? >> caller: well he as i said he is determined to do what he can to catch someone because he knows that quite a lot of people are prepared to blame the kremlin itself for the killing. >> sir tony britton. we appreciate your time by phone. an egyptian court rules the
2:36 am
islamic group hamas is a terrorist organization according to egyptian state media. hamas has been at odds with the egyptian government since summer of 2013. that's when morsi was ousted in a coup. he has deep ties with hamas. ian lee breaks down saturday's ruling and the response from hamas. >> reporter: this is a damming verdict by the court of urgent matters. what it means is vague. according to tradition, matters are dealt with by the executive branch not the judiciary. there's a terrorism law saying they don't have -- what hamas is being accused of is aiding the insurgency that killed hundreds of security personnel and being part of a 2011 jailbreak that freed members of the muslim brotherhood during egypt's
2:37 am
revolution. the muslim brotherhood is considered a terrorist organization in egypt. hamas denies the accusations and condemns the verdict. >> translator: sit a shocking and dangerous decision that targets the palestinian people and the palestinian resistance that is defending the dignity of palestine and the arab nation. it goes against the rule as a friend and to hamas, the palestinian people and the palestinian resistance as enemy. in decision will never harm hamas and the victories or stand of leaders. it will contaminate the reputation of egypt. >>reporter: this does create a dangerous situation. egypt is a broker in inner palestinian politics. who will pick up the mantle that all parties can agree on?
2:38 am
for now, the ruling can be up heeled. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is flying to washington d.c. he called the trip historic and crucial. earlier, mr. netanyahu visited the western wall. he's set to address the congress on tuesday and expected to denounce a deal that the u.s. has been trying to reach with iran over the nuclear program. netanyahu said in a statement, quote, i would like to take this opportunity to say that i respect u.s. president, barack obama. i believe in the strength of this relationship between israel and the u.s. on the strength to overcome differences of opinion. to northern syria we go. a self-proclaimed isis court is ordering the release of 29 syrian christians according to the syrian observatory for human rights.
2:39 am
they are part of a group of more than 200 people captured on attacks in northern syria this week. the fate of the remaining hostages has not yet been decided. iraqi forces claiming victories in a fight to retake towns seized by isis. the u.s. central demand is voicing concern over whether iraq has enough fire power to win the next battle. that is the fight to take back the city of mosul. barbara starr has the story. >> reporter: iraqi forces liberated two villages north of baghdad, searching out isis militants. but now, a turn around in u.s. military thinking about when these iraqi troops will be ready to begin their largest combat operation, trying to retake mosul, iraq's second largest city from isis control. days ago, however, a u.s.
2:40 am
military official ordered to brief journalists said the battle could begin in april. insistence there is no change in u.s. position from ash carter the newly installed defense secretary. >> assessments all over the calendar. i get that. i'm not blaming the media on this. >> reporter: before any fight from mosul could begin, the u.s. military needs to step up efforts, a military official tells cnn. 5000 iraqi troops will be trained by the u.s. in the next two weeks. the battle for mosul needs more than 20,000. more overhead surveillance is essential to find precise locations of growing defenses around the city and the location of civilians. the defense secretary may have to recommend a small number of u.s. ground forces to help target those isis positions. but the top u.s. intelligence
2:41 am
officer expressing deep doubt about the iraqi military's abilities after months of u.s. help. >> they have challenges, clearly, with command control, leadership logistics. so they have a range of issues there of what need to be attended to. >> reporter: u.s. military intelligence estimated six to nine months before the iraqi forces are trained, up and running and ready for combat operations across their country. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. honoring an outspoken critic. coming up, live pictures from moscow. people are getting ready to march for a political figure gunned down in the streets. that as we continue on cnn international. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike?
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and get this document shredder free -- a $29 value -- when you use promo code go. call now. live pictures from moscow where you see people are gathering for what was supposed to be an opposition rally in moscow. instead, it's turned into a march of mourning after the outspoken critic was gunned down on a bridge steps from the kremlin friday night. more than 1,000 people are expected to attend the event. fred is live in moscow where the event is set to begin in about a half hour. i see people are already
2:45 am
starting to gather. >> reporter: yeah absolutely george they are gathering. the interesting thing about the rally is it was sanctioned for up to 50,000 people to attend. it's unclear how many are going to attend. the number of people attending the rally is going to be a benchmark for the state the opposition is in in this country. it was interesting last night when thousands of people came to the place boris nemtsov was killed. the bridge is a place the rally is going past. again, it's a benchmark for the opposition how many people are going to attend the rally today. one of the things we have to keep in mind is before boris nemtsov was killed many oppositional figures were marginalized. if you look at putin's approval ratings, there are 86% at this
2:46 am
time. it doesn't appear as though the opposition had much backing. the question is after this killing, is any of that going to change. of course there are people who believe, many people who believe the killing of boris nemtsov was politically motivated. we know the investigation is ongoing. a vehicle has been discovered. many are going to wait to see what the investigation brings and see what happens moving forward. this demonstration, this march of mournings one that is going to be very very important for the country and is something all of russia is looking for today. george? >> to push forward on that the other day, we heard from a woman who supports president putin, but was shot and supports people as they come together to remember mr. nemtsov. do you get the sense this is something that really only focuses on the opposition groups or is it broader, do people around the country look at this in mourning?
2:47 am
>> reporter: it's a very interesting question. certainly, i think there's an element of both in there. i think on the one hand this is a very important thing for the opposition group. i think the outpouring that you have seen for public support for mr. nemtsov, the outpouring you saw yesterday is something that really does transcend all of russian society. i think the people we saw yesterday are going to the place where mr. nemtsov was killed were not only people who support the opposition but people who support putin who were on the one hand saddened by the murder who might not have agreed with mr. nemtsov, but still absolutely shocked something like that could happen in the center of moscow in what was also a busy time. remember this happened on a friday evening at around shortly before midnight. it's a time when many cars are out there and many people are out there. certainly, there is a great deal of shock. there's a great deal of sadness
2:48 am
that goes beyond people not supporting putin or supporting or not supporting the opposition group. the comments we got from the kremlin as well saying they want to launch a large scale investigation and vladimir putin wrote a letter or telegram to the mother of boris nemtsov. there is something that is bigger than this being an opposition rally. there is very large public disgust, if you will, at what happened friday night. >> fred is live in moscow following the story as the crowds gather. thank you for your reporting. flouds mayweather looking for a big payout for the upcoming fight. they are not the only ones who walk away with a lot of money in their pockets. details on that, straight ahead.
2:49 am
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britain's prince william on his asia tour. he is expected to land in china shortly. earlier, he visited japanese cities recovering from the tsunami in 2011. the duke of cam bridge stopped where he was welcomed by a lion dance, the chime of hope. he also visited a coastal city that was one of the worst hit. the prince laid flowers in
2:52 am
remembrance of the victims there and also went to a local newspaper. the paper's editor made handwritten decisions after the disaster to keep the community informed as it was happening. we are nine weeks away from the biggest and most anticipated fight in boxing history. floyd mayweather versus pacquiao. we look at the hype and the millions of dollars this fight is expected to bring in. >> wait wait. the thing people want is finally happening? >> reporter: the most talked about fight in history. >> who's going to fight me? he's going to fight me! >> reporter: it's finally going to happen. bobbing and weaving around each other for six years, floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao is going to face-off at the mgm
2:53 am
grand. it's the biggest fight to hit the las vegas strip. >> no fight in history will have more money on it. social media, the way the hype builds much easier. it's going to be the most hyped fight ever. >> reporter: that's the reason the fight is expected to shatter the record for pay-per-view records. fans are expected to pay $100 for the fight. that means big bucks for mayweather and pacquiao. mayweather gets a 60/40 split. it could be worth $150 million. it could crush the record set for fighting alvarez in 2014. >> i'm confident. i believe in my skills. >> i'm excited because the fans are excited. >> reporter: it quickly sold out after the fight was announced. the cheapest ticket to get in
2:54 am
$1,000. if you want to sit ringside you better have deep pockets and pay high stakes at mgm. >> here in las vegas, talking about you need a $250,000 credit line to just be in the discussion about getting ringside seats. >> reporter: fans have been clamoring for the fight. some say it won't be as good six years later. mayweather's record is on the line. the answer to who is the best fighter pound per pound will finally be answered. >> a lot of people will be watching that. a race car that was stolen from a nascar team a few days ago turned up in the u.s. state of georgia, right here. it was found, of all places on the side of a road. the car was stolen friday along with the trailer and pick-up truck attached to it.
2:55 am
those are still missing. surveillance video from a hotel shows the thieves driving off with the trailer. the car was supposed to run in today's nascar sprint cup race. it was recovered with minor damage. an oscar dress worth thousands of dollars has been found. she wore the pearl encrusted gown on the red carpet and reported it was stolen the next day. our affiliate has the bizarre details about how it was found. >> reporter: folded up neatly is the $150,000 white pearl designer calvin klein dress worn at the's cars. >> a pearl bodice cut out shoulders, long white. >> a dress reported stolen by the actress two days ago. >> we will maintain custody of the dress. >> the lieutenant with the west hollywood station says a media
2:56 am
outlet called them after the source received an anonymous tip the dress was in the hotel where it had been taken. >> returned to the hotel and placed in a restroom on the second floor of the hotel that was in the process of being renovated. >> reporter: a few pearls are missing, but everything else is intact. ladies staying at the hotel have been following the story closely. >> we heard about the stolen dress. i was concerned. >> reporter: the thieves returned the dress after discovering the pearls were fake. >> lots of designers design garments valued at a lot of money without any jewels on them. that doesn't change anything in our investigation. >> looking into who broke into the actress' hotel room. >> it's safe. i feel safe. when i heard about that i was concerned. >> we have lots of interesting things that happen in west hollywood.
2:57 am
the space walk at the international space station will go through as planned despite issues with one of the astronaut's suits. one reported the appearance of water in his helmet after an earlier space walk. nasa engineers say the suit has a history of water carry over which occurs when it's repressurized. they have a high degree of confidence in that gear. we thank you for watching us this hour on cnn news room. i'm george howell. stay with us. live coverage of the march in moscow continues next with cnn "new day." ugh. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it.
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.. in moscow you're looking at live pictures as tens of thousands are expected to rally and march in memory of boris nemtsov. >> the foreign deputy prime minister was a fierce and outspoken critic of vladimir putin. >> good morning, i'm victor blackwell. >> i'm christi paul. so good to have you with us. as we just mentioned there is a huge rally. again, live pictures so you can see wha