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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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n from the mayor of ferguson. you heard it live. that's it for me. you can always follow us on twitter. tweet me at wolf blitzer. join us tomorrow right here. you can dvr the show so you won't miss a moment. i'm wolf blitzer. erin burnett outfront starts now. breaking news the u.s. ambassador of south korea from a violent attack bloodied by a razor blade. the mayor of ferguson announcing the police department employee has been fired over racist e-mails. one comparing the president. we have new details that hillary clinton has a homemade server. congress is calling for all her e-mails on the benghazi attack but will we ever know what all is?
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good evening. outsfront, breaking news. the mayor of ferguson responds to charges of racism throughout his police department firing one officer, zususpending to others. this has e-mails are released by the justice department. e-mails referring to the president as a chimp. another e-mail aimed at michelle obama and in no case were any of senders ever discipline. darren wilson will not face charges in the shoothing death of michael brown. the department ruling that wilson did nothing to violate civil rights laws. our son's death will not have been in vain.
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the justice department coming out with more and more detail. these racist e-mails which we're now seeing one after the other are truly stunning. >> reporter: absolutely. attorney general eric holder described this report as quote, seering. you can see a couple of them where they talk about referring to president barack obama as a chimp. another one showing a group of bare breasted women in africa with the caption that read michelle obama's high school graduation. staggering and offensive, to say the least. when you talk to residents here in ferguson they say this report is simply another story of we told you so. this is what we've been saying has been happening here for years. >> oh my. >> reporter: this a pile of frustration for lois and her daughter. stacked inside a file like a
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memory book of bad dreams. >> i think you can put a dollar amount on the stress that it cost me. >> reporter: a few years ago after her husband passed away fergson officials started issuing her a stream of code violation arns her home for the way her cars were parked a down tree knocked over in a storm. she tried to fight them and this happened. >> i was arrested when i went to court for failing to appear which was crazy because i had been coming to court all the time. >> you appeared in court and they arrested you for failing to appear. >> he said i was under arrest. i said what for. he said well i'm not sure but they said something about failing to appear. >> you're there? >> i'm there. i went -- he handcuffed me. i was locked up for four hours. >> reporter: this isn't even her most stunning story. in 2009 she said a city inspector claimed her car needed
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to be moved. she said the 1998 oldsmobile wasn't much to look at but it was the car that took her to work every day until police officers showed up with a tow truck. >> you saw them tow the car from your driveway? >> i was standing out there. >> reporter: dough you feel like your car was stolen? >> it was stolen. >> reporter: black residents drive around with the constant fear of seeing red and blue lights in the mirror. she's been issued nearly dozen traffic citations. >> i've had police officers like i'm coming toward them turn around follow me -- >> make a u turn. >> follow me. find out everything is okay and turn around and go back in the direction they were going. >> reporter: they say they're citation battles have cost each of them nearly $5,000. they are hoping the fight is finally now over. >> if nothing happens, it will be worse because they'll think they got away with it.
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>> reporter: erin what a lot of legal aid experts say that what this situation has created is this downward spiral for poorer people who aren't able to dig out the get just accumulates that many people have lost jobs because pay have been taken into custody and this downward spiral that many people are not able to dig out of. >> thank you very much. tonight, the now former officer involved in the shooting that sparked this entire federal investigation has been cleared. the justice department saying that darren wilson will not face criminal charges for the killing of michael brown, an unarmed teenager. >> michael brown's death 000though a tragedy, did not involve prosecutable conduct on the part of officer darren wilson. >> when you watch him saying that it sounds like it pained him to say that. what was his reasoning when we
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saw e-mails from that department that were endemonstratic referring to the president as a chimp, among others? >> the investigation did not rise to the standard that they have to meet to bring a criminal case under federal civil rights violation. this was a case the biggest problem for them was you had witnesses that were shaky. people who came on cnn and said one thing in interviews and when they went to talk to fbi investigators, they said another thing. here is passage from the report that the justice department issued today. it said as detail throughout this report the evidence does not establish that the shots fired by wilson were objectively unreasonable under federal law. if you recall one of the big controversies was whether or not michael brown had hands up which became a chant for some of the protesters down in ferguson. this report says it's not clear whether he had his hands up and in the end, they say that the
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most important thing here was that he was moving towards officer darren wilson and that's why he had reason to fire the shots that killed michael brown. >> thank you very much. outfront now anthony gray an attorney for michael brown's family. good do see both you have again. the justice department not bringing charges against darren wilson. the same day they are issuing a report about discrimination against blacks of ferguson police officers. an e-mail bare chested dancing women with the caption michelle obama's high school reunion. there's many more examples here. when you see the e-mails and no charges, are you angry, is the family angry? >> the family is obviously angry because the outcome is much different than they anticipated.
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when you hear the results of the internal investigation and you jux pose that with the announcement there's no charges it's difficult to reconcile how that came about. you have an actor who is darren wilson who came out of this very environment that you just described as being racially charged and have this history and pattern of discrimination. he's the person who was manifesting these very findings that the justice department is discussing. how don't see how they separated the two when you look at it like that. >> jeff, how do you separate it? when you look at the statistics from the justice department 60% represent blacks pulled over. 93% of those arrested. when you look at that disparity at first value that seems pretty damming. what am i missing?
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>> we're missing is the context. 67% of ferguson is african-american. that just tells us who is laying their head on a pillow at knight in ferguson opinion it doesn't tell us who law enforcement is coming into contact with in the streets. ferguson is a very integrated city and sort of an island of segregated cities out in st. louis county where some of the neighbors cities are 80 85% african-americans and those folks are traveling through ferguson shopping in ferguson and in some case committing crime in ferguson. >> let's say what you're taking at face value where you have neighboring towns where the percent is in line with ferguson
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and matches up. say that true. you then have to deal with the racist e-mails. let me read another one of them. june of 2011, this e-mail was sent describing a man seeking to obtain welfare for his dogs because they are mixed in color, lazy unemployed and have no clue who their daddies are. these e-mail exchanges involve superiors. there's only 72 people in that department. the question to you is what percentage of the force was sending or forwarding these racist e-mails? is there any way you can say this was happening in such large numbers and this wasn't an indimmic department wide disaster. >> those things are deplorable and hurtful and racist. that doesn't mean the entire department's racist. as of tonight all three of them either suspended or fired that
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made very poor choices about their conduct at work. i don't think we can make this leap and logic that means that ferguson is engaging in the practices that they are accused of without knowing more. >> anthony, you don't think it's a quantum leap? >> no. it has to start with a person to have a pattern. i don't know what number would satisfy anybody out there that has a problem with this report in order to see pattern and a problem through the department. keep in mind the folks that are the targeted individuals have reached this conclusion a long time ago. that's why nobody is shocked and surprised by what you're saying. i feel what kind of environment that we have that people feel so
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comfortable to put this on city wide e-mail and not feel a sense of fear of being repri mandsed. it speaks of the environment, it goes to the climate. it goes to august 9th when mike brown jr. was shot by darren wilson. >> no one was held responsible for those e-mails or accountsable until today when someone was fired. basicthe u.s. ambassador attacked. we'll go live to seoul and find out what happened in this attack and more breaking news. a congressional committee getting hillary clinton's e-mails. a special report. opening statements in the boston bombing inging trial. he said his brother brainwashed him. will the jury spare him from death.
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breaking news u.s. ambassador attacked slashed with a razor blades. mark lipper you see him there, the u.s. ambassador to south korea was attacked in seoul. he was hit in the hand and cheek with a razor blade.
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attacked in broad daylight. disturbing images of him bloodied and recovering after the attack. you can see the blood on his forehead across his face. we're getting new video of a suspect being taken down moments after the slashing which you see here. the man with the maroon shirt and the bald spot. president obama just called him to talk. tell him he's in his thoughts and prayers. paula, what are you hearing about this? >> reporter: the confirmation we have from the embassy spokesman is the ambassador is in hospital. he's in a stable condition and from the footage that we can see he's being helped to car to get to the hospital. he's walking himself. he's holding his right cheek and we know that from police a man in his mid-50s a very common surname here slashed the
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ambassador with a razor blade on his right cheek and his hand. it's uncertain at this point what the motivation was. he was a breakfast meeting. it happened about 7:40 in the morning. just under two hours ago here in downtown seoul. just around the corner from here a venue that's across the road from the u.s. embassy. he was going there to talk and make a speech about the reunification of the two koreas. a man approached him and that's when he was attacked. police aring looking closely as to why this happened. there's been local media reports about the man shouting about the military drills that are ongoing. reports that the man was about reunification of the two koreas. the topic of the talk that was
4:19 pm
going to be given. he's in custody and being detain and he's being questioned. >> thank you very much. so many questions out there about who did this and why. joining me on the phone is the former u.s. ambassador christopher hill. thank you. i know you're in seoul tonight. what are you hearing about this attack? >> the first point to understand is this is a very safe city. as u.s. ambassador you have some security. it's not to be confused with the security you might have in police like airaq. you're able to walk freely. i walked from the embassy to my home by myself. this is not a high threat. we have to find out who this gentleman was, wa this was all about, et cetera. there are people in korea with very strong views on a number of issues. it's a very tense part of the world. we'll have to wait and see precisely what this is about. >> very tense with the u.s. military drills going on with south korea and north korea. we know threatening to attack
4:20 pm
the u.s. around that movie. i know you know seoul extremely well. who do you think can be responsible for this attack? >> we'll have to see who this is. it would not surprise me if this wasn't an individual for whatever reason has very strong views. it's important to remember that the president when he was on the campaign trail a few years ago was attacked in a similar fashion with a similar weapon. this is not the first time this has happened to a public official. >> all right. thank you very much. we appreciate your time tonight. now, let's go to barbara starr. we talk about tensions here they are incredibly high. you had north korea, threaten toingto ing attack the united states over that movie. >> they are indeed.
4:21 pm
long planned. it's something that causes a lot of attention between south and north korea. the u.s. military saying the drills are defensive. the north believes it's the beginning of an invasion. the u.s. military notified north korea about the exercises. the u.s. view is they are defensive in nature and contribute to the readiness of the u.s. and south korean forces and it's all about stability. we know the top u.s. military commanders in south korea, u.s. army general also briefed on this attack against the ambassadoram ambassador ambassador. >> thank you.
4:22 pm
the u.s. very much on edge. who do you think could have been behind this attack. >> i would agree with ambassador hill it would be a lone individual or somebody that has strong opinions on north and south korea. the ambassador is a celebrity plern in every country where they have them. when i ran international operations in fbi we had them targeted by nuts because they were a celebrity of the u.s. government high profile position representing the united states. it was almost as much as being a celebrity as with american policy. i should add the fbi has an office in seoul korea. they will be working with the state department investigators and the south korean police authorities.
4:23 pm
this is a chargeable offense as a u.s. citizen much less as a u.s. ambassador. the person could be brought back to the united states for prosecution. in this case i don't necessarily expect it. they will make a joint decision with the south koreans and if it's a mentally disturbed person or something like that and not part of major plot they'll probably just monitor the south korean prosecution or whatever actions they take. farce as far as the tensions with north korea i can't imagine this was a hired amssassin to take him out with a razor blade. >> ambassadors are still walking alone, don't have security. i understand south korea is relatively lyly safe but it is next to a nuclear power that threatened to attack the u.s.
4:24 pm
>> that's true. i would think an ambassador would want some level of security to be with him when he's out on the street. the individual targeted the u.s. ambassador until he heard that george w. bush was going to make a speech there and then he changed his plans and decided to grow a hand grenade at our president. >> tom, thank you very much. next hillary clinton not only e-mailing through a personal account exclusively but using a homemade server. why? why would you do that?
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a congressional committee issuing a subpoena for all of hillary clinton's e-mails on benghazi. he used a personal e-mail account for all her e-mails as secretary of state. the server was housed at clinton's personal home in new york state. dan simon begins our coverage outfront. >> reporter: as secretary of state she had access to the highest levels of government exchanging e-mails with foreign heads of states, politicians and even the white house. they were coming from her house in new york. not only did she use a private e-mail address while secretary of state, she also used and maintain add homemade e-mail server traced back to her home according to the associated press. an unusual practice to be sure
4:30 pm
but not one that's difficult to pull off. having an e-mail server in your home requires you having a computer. it doesn't have to be fancy one. you also have to have the right kind of internet connection, something called a static ip internet address that anyone can get and software. it's really that simple. >> reporter: according to sfwer net security experts say see some advantages as to why she want add home system. >> one advantage is that she would have very tight control over who ever has physical access to the system as well as who can log in, probably nobody can log in remotely. >> reporter: those are generally not as secure as commercial or government accounts. >> i think in any environment where an official with very senior level access to sensitive information is using personal e-mail it definitely increases the risk profile. >> reporter: clinton has yet to explain why she wouldn't use a government account.
4:31 pm
there's concern her hee-mails may not have been saved but they would be archived by state department staff receiving them. problem is that would exclus people outside the uts government. while keeping track of e-mails a bigger concern, at least at the white house, appears to be any classify information as compromised. >> this question about classified information being passed around on those e-mail systems, that is certainly not supposed to occur. >> reporter: it may not have occurred had she followed her own advice in this video from 2000. >> why would i ever want to do e-mail? cnn, france. >> kind of ending there. outfront now founder of the correct the record. it's a pro-hillary clinton group. she was allowed to use a private e-mail account. not supposed to use it for all of her communications baa she
4:32 pm
was allowed to use one. ultimately what's your problem with it? >> i think most people have a private e-mail account yahoo or gmail or whatever. that's normal. there's a reason that government officials conduct government business on government e-mails. this system was set up the week she was sworn into office. it was clearly set up to evades the kind of monitoring and security systems that are in place in the government. the problem is that while it's admiral that david brock is out there as the only guy standing in washington to defend her, he said she handled this perfectly but 1994 david brock in january of '94, gave a statement where he said the public's right to know is outweighed by the public figures right to privacy. this is a perfect example of what 1994 david brock was talking about. we need to know what kind of business was being conducted on her personal thing and why she sought to evade the official procedures that all government
4:33 pm
officials are supposed to operate under. >> david, you stand by that statement that she handled it perfectly is this. >> sure, yeah. the law was followed. the 2009 law was perfectly followed. all the e-mails were preserved. that's ha thewhat the law required that. >> how will we ever know that? >> the state department said she turned over 55,000 pages of e-mail last fall. that was nine out of ten e-mail. the one in the ten would be personal that wasn't relevant to a pertinent public duty. the vast majority was there for years. she was compliant and transparent. >> with all due respect he has no clue what he's talking about. he can't. if he does know then he's violating the law by coordinating and violating government ethics laws. david brock, he's the only guy that will stand out here and go
4:34 pm
on show after show defending her, it doesn't make any sense. no one knows what hillary clinton did with these e-mails. >> we do know. >> that's the biggest problem. if you do you're violating the law. >> she put her cards on table. >> because she said that. >> it's nice to hear from the republican national committee they should know this is a republican operation from top to bottom here. this is about desperate republican tactics on the eve of presidential election. if you want to talk about it in political terms, let's put up that hillary put her cards on the table versus what jeb bush did where he cherry picked the e-mails. >> how do we know whether it was cherry picking or not? >> scott walker a secret e-mail system so he could do political work on county time. the bridge gate fiasco where
4:35 pm
christie's aids. >> that's real sketchy. >> when you say nine out of ten, how do i know it's really nine out of ten because i know what that one was. how do i know it wasn't very important, relevant or classified. it's her judgment. >> here is how the law works. the law works in that the head of the agency makes the decision about what's relevant and pertinent. >> the fox gets to take the hen house. >> if you're going to say that wasn't work then you'll hold hillary clinton to a double standard. it works for every other head of government agency. >> you're saying if we have a problem with it anyone in the public will have a problem. >> don't hold her to a double standard. >> that is an interesting point. that's the standard for everyone else. >> in 2009 what daifrdvid is trying to do is play fast and loose with the facts.
4:36 pm
>> she followed the regulations. >> you don't know that david. you have to clue because she gets to cherry pick what she puts out. on the week that she was sworn into office she went out and set up a private e-mail account run out of her home to purposely evade these -- >> let me interrupt here. she could have done it to purposely evade or could have done it with now i'm secretary of state, i need to have the security to preserve these and make sure no one will come in and steal them. it could have been the exact opposite. >> absolutely. good point. the fact of the matter is every security expert said the way she set it up was for privacy, not security. she has a whole chapter dedicated to hackers going into the state department and the digital cyber world is dangerous. if she was so concerned about security then she would have
4:37 pm
used that system. she would have consulted folks and said i need to set up a secure system. >> how do you know she didn't do that? >> it's someone going out of the way to evades government monitoring. >> there's no evidence of that. there's also no allegation of wrong doing. >> yeah. >> keep moving the goal post. first of all, he's already yesterday got his facts wrong about whether she had multiple personal e-mail accounts or not. it's not an investigation you'll have a will the of confidence in. he said he's a terrible lawyer and i'll give him that. this is a dying investigation. breathe new life into it. get a false story written and you're off to the races. we're not going to stand for congressional abuse of power. the chairman refuse to say that secretary clinton violated the law.
4:38 pm
do you think she did? >> i don't know. that's the problem. it gets solved very easily. >> can't you read the law in? >> i know the law. i think she violated the act. >> you're the only one i seen to say that. >> the easiest to do this is have her release all the e-mails and we can all know what's going on. if she wasn't going to evade and this wasn't an attempt to evade then release all the e-mails. that will solve this for everybody. it's one simple thing. governor bush put all of his e-mails for everyone to see. >> no he did not. he did not. he did not. >> you said she's handling it perfectly. >> find word to you david. >> maybe he doesn't understand the law. they have become permanent federal records. they will become public. >> the ones we know about.
4:39 pm
thank you very much. i appreciate it pch. new surveillance video of the boston bombing. we're just getting this into cnn now. we'll show you what you're seeing. jurors watching this for the first time. a major fbi raid on what's called a maternity hotel. destinations for pregnant chinese women coming to the united states so their babies will get what they want american citizenship. we tracked down the people running the hotels. >> you're going on a jog? >> yeah. the future of the market is never clear. but at t. rowe price we can help guide your retirement savings. our experience is one reason 100% of our retirement funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so wherever your long-term goals take you we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses
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breaking news in the boston bombing trial. we have just released video out to the public moments ago. never before seen footage of the marathon bombing. this is difficult to watch but this is something you've never seen before and this case it's important to show you. this is surveillance video that shows the aftermath of the heinous terrorist act. one of the bombs exploded right here in front of marathon sports. that's what you're looking at. everyone jumps back and
4:44 pm
employees are turning tourniquets out of the clothes in the store to try to help injured victims. let's show you this other part of the video here. you see the victims coming in. they're trying to use the tourniquets to try to help people. the wounded being treated on the street on the ground right there in boston. four were killed. more than 260 wounded. more of this losing limbs. their lives completely altered forever. deb, what was the reaction when those videos were shown. they know the case. they have personal feelings about it because they live nearby. they saw this video for the first time today. >> reporter: they did. it was an incredibly emotional day in that courtroom because of this video and the images. you had people on the stand in their own words and pointing themselves out on the street
4:45 pm
where they lay and the seconds after that first bomb erupted at the scene of the finish line at the boston marathon. one woman was a senior in high school and she felt herself going increasingly cold. she knew she was dying. she was bleeding out. another woman lost both her legs. that one also in court. a second woman lost both of her legs. a third woman describe how she saw her bones and skin laying on the sidewalk next to her. she reached for her son but her hand was shattered a all she could hear was her 5-year-old screaming mommy. it was incredible testimony that gave a voice to the carnage and
4:46 pm
pictures we have seen coming out of that attack on the boston marathon. >> thank you very much. that video, that new video, i want show it again what people saw for the first time we're seeing for the first time. it is hard to watch and brings back the carnage that people experienced on that day. what impact will this video have on a jurors? >> i think it has an enormous impact. nothing can take away the emotion of that video, the carnage that was caused by the actions. prosecutors are trying to inflame the passions of the jury by showing him. >> they said he was brainwashed by his brother. after he dropped the backpack that killed people he went to
4:47 pm
whole foods and bought a gallon of milk. he scrolled a message about islam in the boat. stop killing our innocent people and we will stop. he did those things. how can the defense argue he was brainwash brainwashed? >> it's a very very tough hill to climb to convince the jury. i was looking at the stats and in over 400 case where is the justice department sought the department they have only gotten about 50 cases. in this case prosecutors are saying this was a cold calculated killing. an 8-year-old boy died in the case. you see the picture of him and your heart just goes out. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next fbi agents cracking down on a thriving business that brings tens of thousands of women to the united states illegally and they give birth and their babies are americans. we have a special report next. have researchers found the
4:48 pm
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4:52 pm
southern california by federal agents but this man, a chinese citizen who calls himself jeffrey woo, would. you came here to have your baby in america? >> yes. >> reporter: that's the goal of the lucrative shadow industry that investigators are investigating. it's called birth tourism, catering mainly to chinese mothers. the promise? come pregnant to america. your baby goes home a u.s. citizen. it finds roots in beijing, store fronts like this one and this one offer package deals. on chinese language web sites, they advertise to parents offering a step by step guide to obtain a u.s. visa and obtain to cushing and doctors care for the mother. according to the federal investigation, the pregnant mom pays up to $50,000 and then coached on how to lie and what to tell u.s. immigration all in exchange for her baby's u.s. citizenship. under current federal laws,
4:53 pm
coming to the u.s. just to have a baby isn't illegal but visa as well as tax fraud and money laundering are. that's the heart of this investigation. federal agents may have halted birth tourism rings raided out of apartment complexes but across california many more of them exist. some run out of residential neighborhoods, operating out of homes. hello. excuse me? recently an outfront investigation found birth tourism ring running openly out of this los angeles area home. we just wanted to talk about what brings you here. the people coming out weren't interested in stopping. he and pregnant mothers, we tried to speak with -- hi there. nehou. didn't want to talk. back at jeffrey woo's apartment complex said they were coming to los angeles to give birth and
4:54 pm
plan to return the entire family to china but in two days when his wife is expected to give birth to their second son, the newborn will have something priceless. are you a u.s. citizen? >> no, no. >> reporter: but your baby will be? >> yeah maybe, maybe. depends on choice. >> kyung, pretty amazing and emotional when you see their side how desperately they want this but obviously it's not right. you've done extensive stories on this. this is a big business. how many people are doing it? >> reporter: thousands of people. in 2008 approximately 4,000 chinese mothers who gave birth in the united states. four years later, 2012 those numbers more than doubled to 10,000. it's 2015 now. certainly those numbers are higher and erin, it certainly raises security questions about what happens to these chinese babies carrying u.s. passports as adults. >> it sure does. it sure does. now they can screen and women
4:55 pm
try to come in not looking pregnant. is a pregnancy test a right to give away someone at the border? so many questions. kyung, thank you. outfront next, were jesus and john the baptist brothers? dna might hold the answer. a sneak peek of finding jesus coming up. there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe the gap will close when healthcare gets simpler. when frustration and paperwork decrease. when grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home. so let's do it. let's simplify healthcare. let's close the gap between people and care.
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>> now a peek at "finding jesus" our new series on cnn. whether dna can prove if jesus and john the baptist were brothers. >> an unprecedented cnn event. ♪ he didn't vanish without leaving a trace. >> for the first time in history, we're able to place these relics. >> and grasp something that changed the world. >> this is really the moment of truth. >> this is the story of jesus. >> a rock upon which the church is built. >> an icon of scientific obsession. this extraordinary defiant and archaeological piece. why did judas betray jesus? >> somebody chose to write this. >> the science does matter. >> what are the clues he left behind?
5:00 pm
faith, fact, forgery. finding jesus. premieres sunday night at 9:00 on cnn. >> thank you for joining us. "anderson" starts now. good evening. thank you for joining us. we begin tonight with breaking news a first video from the attack on key american diplomat overseas. mark ambassador in south korea. led away from the breakfast forum where he was attacked by a man with a knife. according to south korea's news agency, pushed on to a table and went at him with the blade. the ambassador taken to the hospital where he's reported to be in stable condition. president obama called him there a short time ago. his injuries thankfully not life-threatening as you can see. however, the attack on which is a normally safe city was obviously terrifying. according to local media,