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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 8, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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we are learning more new details this morning about the chaos and confusion on the night malaysia airlines flight 370 went missing. >> much anticipated report gives us a better picture of the crisis. good morning to you. so great to have your company. i'm christi paul. >> i'm joe johns in for victor blackwell. >> breaking news is called a massive failure of civilian and military radar along with air
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traffic control. >> malaysia airlines flight 370 van issued one year ago today. we just received hundreds of pages of the first interim report from the malaysian government. >> part of that confusion involves radar operators who were back and forth for hours asking, have you seen that plane? richard quest sifted through all of these documents. good morning, richard. >> reporter: good morning. hundreds of pages of documents supporting background information have now been released. although they don't give us any information about what happened in the cockpit, we still don't know why the plane went missing. or, indeed where it ended up. they paint a very detailed picture of the aircraft, its systems, its crew, and how air traffic control performed on the night. it's not a pretty picture. on the question of the pilots, any evidence, there is simply no evidence that the captain was in
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any way unstable. in fact, the report specifically says the captain's ability to handle stress at work and home was good. there was no known history of anxiety, apathy or irritability in his lifestyle. there is more. neither the captain or the pilot or the co-pilot had any financial problems. they had regular bank accounts, regular mortgages, insurance policies and nothing out of the ordinary. in terms of what happened on the night, here we see a very different picture. confusion and chaos. many hours going by with seemingly nobody having any urgency that this was now turning into a crisis. and the underwater locator,
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batteries are actually expired. now, we don't know what the effect might have been in terms could they have lasted the full 30 days, but clearly we have been told previously they were good. now we know they are not. the picture we are getting of what happened on the night certainly contributed we have no idea where the plane has ended up. >> just bizarre. richard quest, thank you so much. for the families of the flight 370 the past year has been gut wrenching. they gathered this morning for a vigil in malaysia where the flight took off. anna is live where cool la loom purr. >> many of them have not read the report. the reason sk that it's almost
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600 pages long and they will not gain any new information because at the end of the kday it does not tell them what happened to mh-317 but certainly some of the families we spoke to in the lead-up of this report they were angry authorities were going ahead and releasing it on the day of the anniversary and found that to be insensitive and completely inappropriate. these families a grieving greatly, as they have been the last 12 months. today, even more sew because it just hits home that it has been one year since their loved ones van issued without a trace. are was he in the posture this search will continue indefinitely? any sense from anyone that it's, at some point, have to wind down?
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>> certainly the malaysian prime minister came out this morning and said they are going on with the search. he prefaced that by saying after they go through the priority search area. that search area is a thousand nautical miles off the coast of western australia that is scoured as we speak by four search vessels out there since august going through each of the ocean floor, an area of 23,000 square miles. 40% of that has been covered and hoping to get it through the end of may. if the debris is not there, what is going to happen after may? no one will say whether or not the search will continue p.m. we have heard mumblings from australia this cannot go on forever. this is a search that australia
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and malaysia are putting in the money, $120 million, the most expensive search in the history of the world, but, you know, the families are really saying this cannot go on forever, but for now, they are hoping the search will continue. >> anna, thank you so much for that, in kuala lumpur. >> they say the officials are determined to find out what happened to the missing boeing 727. >> in the months ahead, the investigation team will need to analyze, to draw conclusions, and safety recommendations based on the factual information that had been gathered. in addition to the analysis and the conclusion face of the investigation, steps taken will also include further validation of the information on images of
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new information. >> let's talk about former faa safety inspector david sushi. thanks for being with us. he is the author of "malaysian airlines flight 370." first of all, i want to get your initial reaction to the report. >> well, the report is what we would have expected. it was a shock to me that they actually found that the battery life on the underwater locator beacon had been exceeded. what that indicates to me there is some maintenance issues. that is something that is 101 when we talk about maintenance of aircraft. to be able to maintain the things that are supposed to be done on routine schedule worries me that they missed that and indicates there might be something more. in north thing it does for me it validates the in marsat pings we are talking about all along. whether they were altered with or changed. there is nothing in the report to tell us those pings are not go, that the handshakes didn't
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occur, because they did and that really helps validate this search area so i'm hopeful her ther in the right area and the search will continue. >> i think you're referring to some reports out there that there's speculation that this plane went north instead of south and it's in kazakhstan somewhere. >> right. >> you're saying you're confident it is in this seventh arc as they call it? >> yes. this report actually validates that for me. i believe it is in the southern corridor and there is nothing in the report that would discredit any of that information that points us to the south. >> i want to get back to the maintenance issue you were talking about. because the other thing that stood out is initially there was talking there was bad weather that could have contributed. we now know that not to be the case. because of that, do you deduce there was some sort of mechanical failure? >> i do. there is an analysis that we done using the 125 validated assumptions is what we call
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them. those are all held up by this report and what we do in that report is we compare those assumptions to each other and what that points to most is that there was a mechanical or even a fire on board the aircraft that caused the depressurization of the aircraft and that would explain nearly everything that went on after that as well. >> richard quest has said this was a massive failure between civilian and military radar and air traffic control. in other words, he is saying is not just mechanical problems but, obviously, real human error he here. >> absolutely. the mechanical problems may have been the initial cause but subsequent to that, these errors that richard is referring to is something that we suffered in the united states pre911. the communication between the military radar and the civilian radar. these are so important and in those first four to eight hours, that communication did not occur in malaysia.
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it's a lesson they did not learn from us. today, in the u, those controllers are sitting shoulder-to-shoulder literally working together on that control of the air space. malaysia didn't have that. and i would expect that over the next year or two, that is going to change. >> real quickly, only a couple of seconds, but anna cornerin talked about it. the search cannot did along forever. how long do you think the search will go on if we don't find something? >> they only have $120 million and a little bit less than halfway through that right now. so i think it will continue until the money is up and i think that is the determining factor. >> until the funding runs out. david sushi, appreciate your insight. thanks for being bus. >> thank you. new information coming in from russia learning more about one of the suspects behind the assassination of president putin's top critic. he is a former police officer. new audio released in the
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14 minutes past the hour. we are just learning one of the four men arrested this weekend in the murder of a top putin critic is a former police officer. tho these four men accused in the assassination of boris nemtsov in the heart of russia last
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friday. grainy video help capture his murder play out. we have been looking at that for a week. >> you can see them solve one of russia most prominent figures walking on a bridge with his girlfriend. >> the head of the russian security announced the arrest on television. that is a sign of how many the authorities want to be seen as taking this case seriously. but critics are still very skeptical of this whole thing. >> so far, the officials have released very little detail about the four men. we have only learned two of the suspects' names. we also know that all four suspects are chechens and two of them were brothers. one of the suspects, again, is a former police officer in the chechen republic. >> sir tony brenton is joining us from london. he is also the former british ambassador to russia. i wanted to ask you, first of all, what do you make of the fact that one of thets suspects
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these suspects is a former chechen police officer? >> not that surprising. they are places where the gap between the police and the criminal fraternity are not that wide. >> well, i'm wondering if they are from that area, what would the motivation be to kill nemtsov? because nemtsov was an opposition leader. a lot of us look at this and think would they not have been essentially on the same side, nemtsov and these -- this chechen -- and the folks in the north caucuses, or is it nor complicated than that? >> i don't think that is really the way to look at it. i would guess -- obviously, i don't know -- but if you're shopping for a hit man in russia today is the place you go is the north chechen in particular where lots of outlawry and guns for fire. my guess is if these guys did it were probably hired by someone
3:17 am
further back, rather than themselves initiating the crime. >> so their personal motivation was just money, the hiring to do it as opposed to some political motivate? >> i would guess so. i would guess that is the situation. >> okay. how much faith to you put in these arrests or the belief that they may have the correct suspects? >> well, that's a very difficult question to answer. there, obviously, have been a lot of allegations the kremlin itself is responsible for the murder. i find those allegations inplausible. as you said earlier, the fact that alexandra botinikof went on the united states to announce the arrests is a sign of how determined to be seen to dealing with the crime. now, if they are responsible for the crime, then they will have checked up whoever they can grab. even if they are not responsible
3:18 am
for the crime, they are likely to have moved pretty vigorously and without too much concern for how much of evidence they have got to find someone to blame. >> so let's say that this was a murder for hire and, again, we do not know that to be the case, but because you say it is not unusual there, how often do people who might be found and arrested in a case like this who have been hire to murder, do they ever turn over information about who hired them? >> well, there is not much recent evidence of them doing so. i think the recent precedent is across the murder of an opposition journalist back when i was ambassador. she was killed in about 2006, 2007. we are killers were caught and sentenced but clear those killers were for hire and what has never happened has been an investigation which has produced the people who hired them.
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>> sir tony brenton, appreciate your perspective as usual. thanks for being here. closer to home, new communication audio that is now out in the case of a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. listen. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> twenty-five shots fired. >> twenty-five. got an ambulance. >> just ahead, hear how it all unfolded the night of the shooting. plus, a dolphin trainer accused of abusing animals turns up dead. what police say they think happened to him. alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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here's a look at some other stories developing right now. police in madison, wisconsin, have released the dispatch audio from a police shooting friday night that left an unarmed black teenager dead. listen. >> i look for a male black -- teens outside -- in front of cars. 19 is of age named tony robinson. 17 no longer on the scene. apparently tony hit one of his friends. no weapons seen. i got a same call for the suspect when in fact, the police in the street tried to strangle another patron. >> shots fired. >> shots fired. >> twenty-five shots fired. >> twenty-five shots fired. >> got an ambulance. at least one. >> this is about the case of
3:24 am
19-year-old tony robinson who died after being shot by a white police officer while he was responding to what was reported as a disturbance call. >> dispatchers received several 911 calls that night where callers claimed robinson, who did have a criminal history, we have learned, was yelling at people and he was jumping in front of cars. you heard part of it there in the 911 call. in the meantime, several different protesters took to the street and chanting black lives matter and that was the slogan in the deaths of unarmed african-americans. next hour we will have a live report from madison and we will try to learn a little bit more about robinson's background and why police say you know what? his background doesn't matter. a spanish dolphin trainer accused on social media of abusing animals has been found dead. jose luis barbero was found inside of his car.
3:25 am
he had been hired as a -- grainy video triggered the abuse allegations. they say his death is being treated as a suicide. did you remember to set your blocks ahead before going to bed last night? because it is 6:25 right now. joe is going, yeah, i know! i missed the hour of sleep! >> today is the start of daylight saving time in most of the united states. all of us in hawaii and arizona, you get to stay where you are. those are the exceptions. this is usually a good time to replace batteries in the devices such as smoke detectors and maybe alarm clocks to be on the safe side? >> if you're waking up wondering why the show is on at this hour, you're probably waking up late. new details about the night malaysia flight 370 van issued without a trace. one interesting fact that came
3:26 am
out of the first fiinterim repo a lot of chaos and confusion but not immediate urgency. we are sifting through hundreds of pages that that report. isis may be expanding its reach as boko haram may be joining them. could they work together and do it well? we will talk about this coming up. take a listen to this. the art of commercial dance. >> reporter: from the tap to the chest, the jitter bug to the twist. most popular dances began life as underground sensations in america's african-american neighborhoods. they could create something fresh and vibrant. pop stars have been long tap into this long hidden treasure chest of movies and often transforming them into worldwide
3:27 am
crazes. >> michael did not create the moonwalk. the moonwalk was something that was done on every street corner in america. twerking and bootie dancing, they have done that in new orleans for the last 20 years. , you know, this is one guy named big fredda. i remember he was a little upset because he was like, wow, i've been doing that forever and miley cyrus comes on tv and doesn't do it the right way. because i'm trying to keep up with the latest dance, you know? like the na-nan is the latest dance. i don't know why they call it that. >> reporter: louisiana south central ghetto is where it started. the dance style that defined it. >> here, you struggle. it's a struggle.
3:28 am
these kids go through so much and broken homes, single parents, gang violence, drugs and stuff. it's a lot of anger could be built up that they are able to release through the form of dance. they battle one-by-one. somebody through fire and somebody through the air and literally tear your head off without touching you on the dance floor and the crowd is going to be the judge. >> you can check out the full show at towatch. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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31 minutes past the hour. we are learning new information about malaysia flights 370. today marks the one-year anniversary the boeing 777 disappeared with 239 people on board. according to an interim report just out this morning from the malaysian government, no evidence that the pilot or the crew was unstable. we are learning that the pinger batteries that would have helped find the flight data recorder had expired because of a maintenance mix-up. officials also say there's no evidence of any unusual engine behavior. the report reveals hours of
3:33 am
chaos and confusion between civilian and military radar operators and air traffic control. we will have more on that report at the top of the hour. meanwhile, the frightening new alliance may be forming today. boko haram may be committing its involvement with isis. look at this map. the country highlighted here indicates where boko haram is primary active. this move obviously would give isis a stronger foothold in afri africa. >> reporter: a new alliance for the nigerian group of boko haram, the leader pledged this in a message. if this is true this will give
3:34 am
isis a scope of allegiance that stretches from one coast of africa to the other through egypt, libya, algeria. they need this raised profile, this propaganda more than ever. they have come together to not only fight boko haram inside nigeria. it equals more access to those life lines of foreign recruitment of donations. for isis this is an opportunity to strike a blow against al qaeda and shows it has sustained a much deeper international presence than al qaeda has at the moment. whether this will be enough for boko haram to turn the tide against that african union remains to be seen.
3:35 am
we want to talk more about this pledge by boko haram. let's bring in cnn military analyst mark hertling and former fbi assistance director, tom fuentes. how do you think isis is going to respond to boko haram's pledge? we will start with you, general. >> well, joe, it's going to be an interesting dynamic, but i wouldn't lend the intelligence community so far has not lent a whole lot of credence to this announcement by boko haram. they are in the scourge of west africa and entered into parts of chad but they were not accepted by al qaeda. this is an organization that has been despicable in some of its deeds and connects to isis but doesn't seem to have the same legitimacy as a worldwide organization as isis has right
3:36 am
now. this is an opportunity for them to gain legitimacy for isis to gain legitimacy as well in terms of a growing organization, but i don't think the announcement is equal to command and control or connection. >> tom, what do you think about this? is this more of an operational alliance or is it primarily for propaganda purposes? >> i agree with the general, it's completely propaganda. it's not a true alliance because i don't see how they can directly support each other being so far apart and having different objectives to establish the land and caliphate in iraq. i think boca har a.m. is suffering under the attack of the african union and they were able to hold their own against
3:37 am
nigeria themselves but it i may be attracting more recruits on their own and maybe financial support. >> i want to read you a quote from boko haram saying boko haram joining the isis fold makes sense to both groups and also get guidance from isis and isis gets more international legitimacy as a global caliphate but some u.s. intelligence are suggesting these groups are actually going to clash. what do you think, general? >> yeah, i agree with the latter part of your statement. and the experts saying this, this gives both groups some advantages, it does. but, at the same time, it ignores some other factors. isis has had somewhat of a racist attitude toward african muslims. they do not accept them in the fold as much and give them the lower level task. one of the reports that a lot of the intelligence communities have seen is most of the african
3:38 am
muslims that report to the isis facilities in syria are automatically relegated to the task of suicide bombers or even cleaning housing facilities. this doesn't -- it just doesn't wash with me, joe. >> tom, do you see potential for friction here also? >> absolutely. the other thing we have here is that we have been trying to rally the coalition of sunni arab. they have been able to keep together piece keeping military forces to take on al shabab in somalia and kick them out of mogadishu a couple of years ago and reduce them to a corner in somalia right now but they are taking on boko haram where the nigeria was ineffective. we wish we could achieve that on
3:39 am
the ground in the fight against isis. >> lieutenant general mark hertling and tom fuentes, thanks to both of you. >> thank you, joe. >> thank you, joe. hillary clinton is under fire over her e-mails. she might not be talking about them, but are hearing from her husband, former president bill clinton speaking about another controversy facing the clinton's. president obama commemorating the land mark in selma, alabama, saying the march is not yet over. what does he mean by those comments? oh yea, that's coming down
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so why just clean your baby when you can give her so much more™? i have great credit. how do you know? duh. try credit karma. it's free and you can see what your score is right now . i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free. president obama speaking out for the first time on the e-mail controversy swirling around his former secretary of state hillary clinton. she has come under scrutiny for using a private e-mail account while running the state department. president obama says he is glad clinton wants to make her
3:44 am
e-mails public. >> as president, when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> at the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. >> were you disappointed? >> let me just say that hillary clinton is and has been an outstanding public servant. she was a great secretary of state for me. the policy might have administration is to encourage transparent and why e-mails, the blackberry i carry around, all of those records are available and archived and i'm glad that hillary has instructed that those e-mails that had to do with official business need to be sglofdisclosed. >> you say you had the most transparent administration ever. you said it a couple of weeks ago. >> it's true. >> how does this square with that? >> i think the fact she is going to be putting them forward will allow us to make sure that
3:45 am
people have the information they need. >> now cnn senior political senior correspondent her husband bill talks about another controversy they have been facing. >> reporter: there was a lot of anticipation about whether hillary clinton would address this e-mail controversy that has been swirling arn her he all week when she spoke at the clinton event on saturday in miami. she didn't talk about it. she talked about women and the philanthro philanthropy. bill clinton talked about a different controversy, that of the clinton foundation accepting foreign countries donations. some of these countries that have a bad record when it comes to human rights or women's rights. he spoke in particular about one of those countries, the united
3:46 am
arab emirates. >> they built a great university with nyu and people around the world and they have helped us support the work that this foundation does. >> reporter: aside from the tweet that hillary clinton sent out on wednesday night saying she wants the public to see her e-mails and that the state department will review and release them, we haven't heard from her, keeping in mind the e-mails that will be reviewed by the state department are 55,000 pages of e-mails that hillary clinton and her staff hand-picked to turn over in 2014 using their discretion obviously. we will be watching hillary clinton this week. she makes some public appearances. she has some events that she will be attending in new york monday and tuesday that we will be watching very carefully. brianna keilar, cnn, washington. going to bring in chris moody, the cnn correspondent for
3:47 am
cnn and joining us from jupiter, florida. chris, hillary clinton didn't say anything about this e-mail controversy in miami last night. surprise you at all? >> reporter: it didn't surprise me because we have been reporting she is not necessarily going to talk about this, that the -- excuse me. the precampaign, if you will, is going to be taking a bunker mentality on this. now, that doesn't mean it wasn't audacious. she has a lot of questions to answer and they are going to keep piling up, both on the question of foreign donations and the use of her private e-mail. >> realistically, if she doesn't talk about it does it leave this controversy to sort of grow or do you think it will actually go away. highly unlikely, right? her approach to this has been very interesting and only speaking out on twitter, social media and reminds me of sarah palin a couple of years when she
3:48 am
wouldn't speak to the media when questions would come up. she would only post updates on her facebook page. this is going to pile up. more questions as this issue grows and more reporting seems to be coming out every day. i think what she is going to have to do, at least once she starts an official campaign, is to sit down with a lot of reporters and answer several questions. i mean, take a big press conference and if she doesn't answer a couple of questions individually, the next -- any time she opens herself up to the media all of the questions are going to be about these issues and not other things that perhaps the campaign will want to talk about, but certainly when she does announce that official campaign, immediately, those questions are going to be asked of her instead of possibly the things that she would rather talk about. >> on the other hand, the former president bill clinton will address another controversy, the foreign donations going into the clinton fund.
3:49 am
do you think that has the potential to cause problems going forward? we talked during the clinton administration so much about foreign donations coming in to the dnc. >> right. mr. clinton is speaking about that doesn't end the issue at all. there are still several lingering questions about that, the actual possible candidate mrs. clinton will have to answer. it's not just a mat of transparency which i thought that was very interesting. you notice mr. clinton seemed to be trying to make it a matter of them looking very transparent and saying, look, we are releasing this information, we just wanted you to make the decision, but that's not really going to cut it. there are going tor more questions that reporters and americans who want to see if they want to support mrs. clinton for president are going to want to have answered but this is not going away until they really address it. remember, the campaign is going to be very long and it's going to be a long journey and i think this is something that is going to linger for a while and then i'm sure there will be other
3:50 am
questions about her record that are going to come up over the campaign, just as the men and women running for president on the republican side are going to have to answer a lot of questions about their records. >> really is another chapter in the complicated relationship between the clinton's and the news media. thanks so much, chris moody, for that. >> thank you. as thousands prepare to march today, the president is speaking about the racial progress made from 50 years ago. also talking about how much work we still have to do. it's been a year since malaysia flight 370 van issued but there's a new report just released that reveals some pretty new details about that flight. >> clearly, it was a massive failure of civilian and military radar, along with air traffic control that didn't cause this incident, but certainly allowed it to dejecht into tgenerate in that it became.
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if someone had told me that we were crossing this bridge, that one day i will be back here introducing the first african-american president, i'm going to say, you're crazy! you're out of your mind! you don't know what you're talking about! president barack obama! >> what an introduction there. president obama by congressman john lewis. he trourned returned to selma,
3:55 am
him in that picture. >> today, thousands of people are set to honor the movement in civil rights and the history and the marches with more marches today. cnn's athena jones once again is in selma. >> reporter: good morning. president obama delivered a moving peach speech here to mark the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday. he honored those who marched here alive lining congressman john lewis who he called one of his heroes and those who passed on. here is what had he to say about those marchers. >> what enormous faith these men and women have. faith in god, but also faith in america! if we want to honor the courage of those who marched that day, then all of us are called to spoke their moral imagination. all of us will need to feel as they did the fierce urgency of now. all of us need to recognize, as
3:56 am
they did, that change depends on our actions! >> reporter: so the president talked about the past and honored the past but he also talked about the present and he talked about the future. he noted that the voting rights act of 1965 which was the land mark legislation came out of these marches in selma and other efforts he called it one of the crowning achievements of american democracy but he called on congress to do more to strengthen the voting rights act after they struck down a key provision of that law in 2013. >> 100 members of congress have come here today to honor people who are willing to die for the right to protect it! if we want to honor this day, let's that hundred go back to washington and gather 400 more and plant to make it their mission to restore that law of this year. >> reporter: the president issued that challenge to members of congress, more than a hundred
3:57 am
of whom came down here to selma to mark this day. after the speech, the president and his family walked across the bridge, a ceremonial walk accompanied by representative john lewis and those who marched that day 50 years ago and other members of congress. after the walk over the bridge, they joined the national voting rights museum. a big day here in selma. a momentous occasion. back to you! >> chaos and confusion but no sense of urgency. in details about the night malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared. what investigators are now saying about the pilot and the crew. at the top of the hour, we will break down a new interim report from the malaysian government as families come together to commemorate their missing loved ones. ♪ female vo: i actually have a whole lot of unused vacation days,
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