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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  March 17, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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in history to the scandal across college campuses. i'm don lemon. for the frat brothers acting badly, and racism and anti-semitism, and the life on campus life. we have a guest who says it is time for a hard look of college life. and you know it is bad when starbucks weighs in. and we had a rapper on as our guest. >> i will call you my --
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>> what we say in real life and not concerning raceism. and dolce and cabana's scandal heats up. and now, we will show you some images that are graphic, and disturbing, and we have blurred them to protect the identities of the people involved. here it is. >> reporter: more than just bad fraternity behavior this could be criminal. police are investigating a penn state fraternity kappa delta rho of photos of women appearing to be passed out and partially nak and others in compromising and embarrassing positions with demeaning comments from the members of the group posted below. the police said the pamg had 144 members, and some current and some alumni and it is one of
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the alums who went to police with screen shots like this one depicting a naked woman passed out, and this one is an embarrassing text message shared with a group from a woman who asked if protection was involved in a drunken hook up. police say that other photos show illicit drug sales and this of brother ss showing the bare behinds is a hazing incident. the fraternity was swiftly suspended for a year and they say that the conduct was highly offensive and appalling and in inconsistent with the university's values and expectations, and the police are working with facebook and the university to try to identify the members and the women in the photos. police say that it is still unclear if this would be considered criminal. this is just another in a series of examples of fraternities in hot water under unseemly behavior. last year arizona state university banned tao capita
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epsilon for being offensive after a martin luther king parade had people holding watermelon cups. last year there was a shutdown of a fraternity in mistsissippi after some draped a confederate banner and placed a noose around the statue of the school's first black student. and now, of course the infamous sae chapter of oklahoma university showing this shocking video of a fraternity sing inging a racist song. shocking and offensive but not necessarily criminal. what is clear is that most of the fraternities are more about bull bullying instead of wrote therhood. sara ganim. >> and what is clear is that there is a be big problem. and joining us is the editor for the metro collegiate at penn state. thank you for joining us here at cnn. >> thank you for having us. >> and kappa delta rho has
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suspended some students on campus, and what is the reaction? >> well some of the students' reactions are mixed. most of the students are disgusted at the content of the picture, and not just the pictures, but the comments and in the group and the things coming out in the news report. i think that some of the students are frustrated that a group of students you know also put penn state back in the spotlight in a negative way. you know i think that it is a lit bill of the di little bit of a divide. i was at delta kappa rho and they denied comment, but a couple of the brothers standing outside, were you know yelling thing thing, and talking about their fraternity and looking nice today and look like a castle and a little bit of the divide of the fraternity members and the university as a large as to the reaction of this coming out. >> and do you believe it is just
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kappa delta rho or issues with other fraternities on campus? >> i think that it is not really something that i can comment on. i know that the police said today -- >> well, people do comment on campus and if you are a student there people do talk. >> right, yes, i have not heard of any other fra ternternities having any other groups on facebook like this private or other wise and the police said that they are not aware of any other groups you know from any of the other fraternities, so i don't think that it is stereotype the entire fraternity culture at penn state, but this is obviously a terrible example. >> this is the most egregious, and this is really just, it is terrible but i am wondering if there are some issues with some fraternities, and no
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organization is fair to stereotype all of them. and the police called them disturbing and gruesome, the ones on the site, and people are asked to come forward do. you believe they will come forward and talk about it? >> i believe they will. the police in the press conference today urged anyone, any witnesses or women who have been at the fra ternternity, and had any experiences that they felt were odd or any possibility that they could be in the pictures or the videos if they are videos or any other photos out there, so that i do believe that the people will come forward because the case is getting so much national attention. >> and so this particular fraternity though, it is not the first time that there have been issues with the nasty pictures, right? because according to the search warrant application, there is another page covert business transactions shut down eight months ago when a person who was
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shown top lessless visited the site herself? are you surprised that the fraternity would do it again? >> i would say, that i don't know if i can comment on that either, but i am not sure what those members were thinking but i don't have any insight into that side of it. i mean if they did it once i guess that and it didn't result in, you know, real punishment, and didn't come into the public light, i guess it is not the most surprising thing, but i can't comment on what they were thinking. >> erin mccarthy, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let's bring in "the new york times'" column isist james brunei and where you go will not be the admission to the latest college mania, and the reason i ask is because it is not in a vacuum. and it is not just this one fra
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fraternity, frank b, runi and examples with the freakgreek system all over? >> yes, as you said and erin said we can't stereotype the all of them but what we can do is to take note of them and they are exclusive societies, and they let in like-minded individuals who can exist in a homogeneous society, and that is not what we want the colleges to be. we have racist behaviors from organization organizations that are all white, and sexist behaviors from groups that are all male. >> and this is what you say you should be cultivating the sensibility that make yos a p better citizen of diverse and less fractious society, and how is that served into retreating into a clique of people just like you. >> i have often thought that how is that -- when i went to
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college, i wanted to know everybody. of aulll different ethnicities and i wanted to know other people and not just other people. >> i am not flattering you shgs, but that is the way to go into college. we are coming into college, a childhood up to that point, and limited expo sewer, and college unlike most chapters of life in a unique way, it can broaden your frame, and diversity what you know and if you are not using for it that you are not using it for what you know and if not retreating into a clique, that is not the way to do it and it is not just fraternities but there are campuses that allow you to live just among environmentalists or theater major, and that is not preparing you you. >> and is it this self-segregation that is playing out as we are seeing in the greek system? >> well we are not going backwards burk not going forward fast enough. it is mirroring what is
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happening with the internet. it is allowing you the what you bookmark and filter and it is just to wa you are mirroring your own viewpoints. >> and is this to let you know that you cannot have this viewpoint is a acceptable. >> well, if you let it. but most of the people how do they use it? they use it to the twitter feeds they follow and the facebook pages they visit, and it is an echo chamber of the people they let it, and are they doing anything that are will let it be an echo chamber. >> and yes shgs, they yell at the people who don't have the same opinions. >> and it is a force in the polarization, and we lament the polarization and they are a mir rofr what is happening in our own lives online. >> and some people who are older, and i cut them some slack because in the old days that when we went to school -- >> come on, we are not that old. >> and when you do something, it stayed at the frat house or the party the night before, but
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these kids have grown up with the internet, and they know that everything that is out there, it is out there written or pictures or whatever and it is there forever, and again, should they know better? >> well, here with the penn state thing, you can see how e easily it can circulate online. something weird happens online where it depersonalizes everything and whether it comes to the online bullying or things like that the, you are forgetting that you are dealing with human beings, because it is depersonalizing. >> but humiliating is a no-no. >> it is no-no, but we are filled with bad behavior. >> please stick around frank bruni, and we have so much more on this including the question that we are asking, it is time to do away with the fraternities? and why i say getting into the right college, frank bruni, it is not as important as you think. and the konconversation about starbucks got pretty heated and we are keeping that the
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trying to do a good thing, and starbucks is trying to start a national conversation about race, and encouraging customers to talk about it when they come in to buy coffee but predictably, a social media backlash and i want to talk about this with cnn commentators mark lamont hill and ben ferguson and back ganagain and glut tons for punishment and also
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mark hill, thank you for coming on. and tonight penn state is going to suspend some students at a frat for hazing, and also at university of houston a and campus is losing its charter for suspending student ss under hazing allegations. >> well this is happening every year. and i happen to believe that the fra tern fraternities and the sororities are a good thing and they do a good thing in society, and i know that a tremendous number of black fraternities do a number of good works, but when you have homogeneous spaces you will
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have the worst doubling-down the, and you have bad spaces of white males who do bad stuff, and racist stuff -- >> well, when you do look at the stuff that happened with the statue there in mistsissippi, and so, ben, do we ignore it, and it happens on college campus all of the time, and you were in a college fraternity, and did you witness that? >> well, no, i also came into a fraternity that had been kicked off after four years. >> wait what happened? >> there was hazing that had been kicked off for four years, and so it had been come back and so this is what the colleges should be doing. and they should be opening up the can, and they should be opening it up, and setting an example, and when you go after one, every fraternity and
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sorority knows, that they are really watching us, and we have to play by the rules, a ndnd so it is a right step, and the colleges should do it more often a. >> it is not just university staff people who are watching and the people who are higher ups in the fraternity, but it is the internet perez, because your life is the internet. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> and the people grew up with the internet and they should know about it and as i said to frank bruni, everything that you do has a trail and it stays there. >> yes, the false expectation of privacy if you join say a private facebook page or if you send somebody a snap on the snap chat, but the people can get a screen grab of the snap chat and take a screen grab of the post on a facebook page and in the internet world, when you put it out there, it is the public domain and there is no privacy online and you have to be smart
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about what you are doing. unfortunately, a lot of the college kids are not being smart, and they are just being really regrettable. they are are probably doing things while drunk, funny, and wasted and look at this, and look at what happens now. >> it ends up on your website. >> and awful. yes, it is. >> and look at what is going down. ooh. >> ben, i want to switch gears now, and talk about the starbucks' coffee, and in light of the racial tensions that we have been talking about across the country, and the company is urging the baristas to chat about race to the customers. and race for us together. >> and this is the thing, i would like to order a black coffee and speaking of black, how do you feel about black people and i don't know if this is going to be working that
7:20 pm
well. if you order a latte, maybe next time you should order a little darker color to the coffee, and speaking of daker color, we should talk about race and this is the most ri dikdiculous ideas of a company to think that this is the most appropriate place, and this is a disaster waiting to happen. >> you agree, perez? you disag greeree? >> no, not at all. i think that starbucks is not for everybody, and if you don't the like what they are doing, don't buy it there. to me, starbucks is like the city of san francisco, and lot of people don't like it, because they are so progressive and they treat the homeless very well and liberal liberal, and starbucks is the san francisco of corporations, and i applaud them why not. why not. they are working and being effective and right now on cnn having this discussion. >> but that is the problem. >> this his marketing. i think this is just marketing total b.s. about making some cash. i really do. i don't think that there is a
7:21 pm
big conversation coming out of it. >> i agree that there is not a big conversation, and i think it is well intentioned. i know howard schultz, but some of the most dangerous people in the world are liberal white people, because of the intentions and the consequences. >> and not liberal black people but just the liberal white people. >> and last i checked howard schultz is a liberal white people and if we want to talk about black people, we will talk about the black people, but this is white people. and it is going to erase the kon conversation to the conversation at starbucks, and we can't fix that in the 20 minutes at the starbucks in new york coffee line. so it cannot be unprompted and what are the boundaries of the kon conversation. and when we go into starbucks talk tact white supremacy or income inequality, and we can't talk about --
7:22 pm
>> i want a cafe negro? is that what you said to me? >> the ceo has never shyed away from gun control, and the government gridlock, and it is hard enough to talk about the race relations, and i am wondering if this is too taboo a subject -- >> i don't think it is too taboo, but it is somewhat even insensitive to the fact that you can reduce this in the time that somebody is trying to get the morning coffee on the way to work, and to be honest to you, i don't want to have a lecture from someone who may want to be in that mood about race in america. i just want to get my coffee and whether i want two or three creams in it or not, and it should not come down to it in race. >> the intention is not to lecture, but to have dialogue but do we have the tools to be necessary to have the dialogue and the language necessary to have the dialogue. will we reduce the racial conflict into a conversation
7:23 pm
and it is going to have budgets attached to them and theories at attached to them, and we need all of it to attach to it. >> perez? >> well shgs, they aren't trying to do any of that, but planting a coffee bean and begin the dialogue dialogue, and it is not going to be solved or spoken in depth at starbucks, but begin the process. >> i want to put up this full screen, because they took out a full page ad in the tejeda tejeda -- in the "usa to daiday" it is an opportunity to have a conversation. kumbaya. >> and can they just change it to small, medium and large to connect to all people and that would be amazing. venti and graunde, and whatever
7:24 pm
the heck the other one is called. >> and for this very grande panel. >> and "empire" is one of the hottest shows on tv and there is a hot debate over whether to use the "n" word in scripts. that is next. nables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. i have a cold with terrible chest congestion. i better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is. if you suffer from a dry mouth then
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back now with the grande panel which needs more energy so we are all going to get used to the starbucks' coffee, and that is sarcastic. >> venti, and ben ferguson and mark lamont hill and p perez hilton. and the big one, i'm kind of with you there, ben. and now, the last segment, and "playboy" issue, dick cheney says that eric holder is playing the race card by saying that the they have got nothing to do with race on the criticism merited
7:29 pm
because of the performance or lack of performance because of incompetence. >> well, it is politics, because when you rare in those positions you will be criticized by someone, and because you are criticized it is no the color of the skin. >> and i apologize, but because you were criticized it is not race but every time it is race. and ben, you said never race. and that is bizarre, because never race and what do you appeal that it is never race with obama? >> i am saying this that -- >> can you answer that question? >> i am answering it. i am. and what i am saying is that everyone else that got criticized every single day of the administration and whether two years or four years, bill clinton or the jimmy carter it was never race and there were minorities ripping on them and never race and now because someone is african-american and bam! it is racial. >> because they happen to be
7:30 pm
african-american. and there were 43 straight white presidents, and yes, the dynamic is different, and people writing letters invoking race, and -- >> now, when you ripped on george bush, i never said, well mark lamont hill is never being racist racist, and i said, well, you are a good liberal riffing on george bush. >> nobody is denying that, because it is true. >> well, i find it mind boggling that you can say it is never about race, but every single white person who criticized obama is never about race, because i criticize him more than you would like to admit, but there are times when race is a factor, and when you look at the unprecedented levels of disare respect that the president has faced, oftentimes you can link it to race. >> more than other presidents? >> and perez? >> well i would like to say that to me dick cheney to me is like the westboro baptist
7:31 pm
church and i'd rather not like to talk about him. >> and perez, speaking the truth to the power. all right. he is absolutely right. thank you, perez. and i want to talk about "empire" and now the question is whether they should use the "n" word and terrence howard plays lucius lucius, and this is what he had to say to "access hollywood." >> they said that [ bleep ] is used in almost every kon conversation in almost every black neighborhoods and why don't we hear it on the tv anymore and white people are afraid of it, and did they create it, but if it is something that we use it on a daily basis, then address what it means? >> what does the n-word mean the you? >> it could mean love, and sometimes it is a noun and sometime sats adjective and sometimes it is -- it bears a spirit attach eded to it. >> so i want to start with perez, because he is quiettally sipping the venti cappuccino,
7:32 pm
and terrence howard says that he uses it, and his dad uses it, and he says that he does not mean what it used to, and that do you think that he has a point? >> i'm going to take terrence howard's bayby wives and wipe my butt with that, because everything is about context, and "empire" is a soap opera, and it is like a modern day "dynasty" and it is not grounded in reality, and it should not attempt to be real, because it is so detached from that and that word is a powerful word, and valid word and many meanings like he said but i don't want to see it on the "empire" because i want boo-boo kitty. >> anybody want to go near that baby wipe comment? >> no no. and the character who says boo-boo kitty to terrence the's character could have been white, and that is taraji henson and
7:33 pm
she disagrees. tmz got her. >> do you think that show should use the n-word to be more authentic? >> no, because it pisses people off. >> what about you shgs, mark? >> well, it is a legitimate take and people have deep and political perspectives on the n-word, but i am more inclined to talk to the terrence howard and if i want to paint a story, i want to have it more representative of that place, and i want it to be how people talk, and how they sound, and i don't think that taraji is right or wrong, but -- >> it is not a reality show, and like to perez' point, it is not like "dynasty" or "dallas." >> right. but imagine "dallas "" without a southern access. >> and it is drip-drop, drip drippity-drop.
7:34 pm
>> well, it is not necessary and i would not have a problem with it. >> and now especially considering the conversation here perez, but we have to move on, but this is about what's her name lindsey lopez talking about kayne, and kim, and all day niggas and fun show, and #pw paris fashion week and said that good people all from good moms and then she deleted it. so this is last night, and look at this and then we will talk about it. trinidad james. >> i will call you my nigga and then you will not feel i hate you, but it is love. >> and what if ben said to you, trinidad what is up my nigga? >> well ben, if i felt that you were my nigga, then you are my nigga, ben. >> what is the difference,
7:35 pm
because she was using it as a term the of endearment ben? double standard? >> well, it is a double standard and more of the reason that we really should haven't the word continue to be used, because when you use it whether it is in this tv show or in rap music and other people say it, it is going to be continuing to keep the word alive, and some people are going to to be using it -- >> marc are you mouth inging the word? >> of course, he is -- >> i am messing with ben. >> and y'all are so religious about this word. >> it is don't speak for me. i am not religious about this word. >> i know you are not don. >> and you mean y'all in white people? >> y'all with the position and plenty of blacks with with that position and it is bizarre. >> and lindsay lohan got ripped on because she is white, and even though in that situation, and most people would agree that she was giving a compliment. the point is -- >> ah! >> she is quoting a kayne song. >> and the other whitet guy on the panel who writes about it
7:36 pm
all of the time. perez? >> i have a notmotto in life that i live by, don. wwod. when in doubt, what would oprah do? she is against the n-word and i will defer to her, as we all should. >> that is the last thing. what would oprah do, because she is like jesus. thank you very much. we appreciate this. i am so excited about this tomorrow the queen of soul the one and only aretha franklin and the original re-re is going to be talking about her career and how her sound became the soundtrack to the original sound track, and how her songs were the soundtrack to my childhood and adult life and my family's, and i could not be more excited. >> and now, dolce and gabbana set off remarks that set off a
7:37 pm
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elton john is feeling the love tonight, because support is growing for his boycott against dolce and gabbana, and he told a panorama magazine that the i'm not convinced by those i call the children of chemicals synthetic children. wombs for rent sperm children. so now joining me is clay aiken a gay parent himself. i mean what -- >> you have to laugh a little. i mean, it is absurd and at some point things are so absurd that if you get too upset about it the other side is winning. this is absurd. >> who cares who they have to say, but they are influential figures who are gay, but it is
7:42 pm
hypocritical to some who they have a position like this. >> well, it is hypocritical but with the boycott that people are starting to mount, and people who are not necessarily on the side of same-sex marriage issue in this country, in vitro fertilization in this country are offended as well. >> and yes, that i have offended a number of people. >> and not just gay people. >> and many women are using the in vitro to stay fertile for a long period of time. and so it is a universal issue, and not just two gay couples fighting over iv feshgs and elton says how dare you re referring to my children as synthetic, and how dare you wagging your fingers at ivf and this has allowed legions of
7:43 pm
children gay and straight to allow them to have children. your archaic thinking is out of step with the times, just like your fashions. i shall never wear dolce and gabbana ever again. >> and he is messing with his children. and don't mess with my children. >> and so you are the same? >> yes, and every time somebody would come home and somebody would call her fat, she would say, look i have a son who is not artificial and i feel it is absurd, but i am not ip sulted nor does it diminish my child. >> yes, but at the end of the day, you rare human and it had to hit you a certain way? >> well, you know i have spent so many years dealing with the
7:44 pm
comments that i don't let it get to me, i think it is ridiculous and i know that i support and i won't be buying anymore of theirs. >> and here is what ricky martin says their voices are so powerful to be spreading that hate. and wake up it is 2015, and don't you believe that those comments are self-hating? >> well, the culture in it ti and the culture of religious community in itly is not so different than in the south. i have friends who are not out, and do i believe they are self-hating? no. and do i believe they are not progressing as much, no. not either but dolce and gabbana are in a place in their path that they are conflicted between the religious views and the preferences. >> and elton john can and ricky martin are not the only people speaking out, because there are a number of people -- >> and don't confuse that the i am not speaking out against them either. >> and are they the thought
7:45 pm
police, because this is what stephano gabbana has called for a boycott of elton john. but people have a right to speak out against him. >> well, people are not going to be boycotting elton john. we need a chance to educate. if you can support, and educate them then the battle is a success. >> and to be fair, i want to say they released a joint statement, dolce and gabbana said that we believe firmly in democracy, and freedom of expression is firmly part of it. it is not our intention to be a expression of freedom of
7:46 pm
expression that upholds it. we we talked about our way of seeing reality, and it was never our intention to judge other people's choices. >> if you truly believe it, don't apologize it. say it. >> you are backing up because it is going to be hurting the business. >> do you truly believe it? >> i would not buy it anymore, and so that is the bottom line. >> thank you, clay aiken. >> thank you very much. >> and college does not have to define you. and look at how much i changed back in my days as a lsu tiger. and i used to have a girlfriend. and frank bruni is back to tell you that where you will go is not where you will be. the pm pain reliever. that dares to work all the way until...
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7:51 pm
admissions mania. and a lot of people are going to the relate to it it is about the college hysteria and mania to get into college. >> we have made it a brutal process and season for kids and what is concerning me is that we have given away in the message that if they don't get into one of the ridiculously selective schools, schools, it is going to follow them for the rest of their lives. >> follow how? >> oh, my god, muffy, you didn't get into ar vard. >> and harvard said no and overland and your proof, and we are talking about it, but it is about life full of people who bloomed late and i have a number of successes who got into schools who were not weak in the knee, and learned across the whole of their lives and became fulfilled and successful people. >> it is impressive, but i am not knocking people who if that is where your life takes you, but i know so many people and most of the successful people i
7:52 pm
know did not go to prestigious universities. maybe i am hanging in the wrong circles. >> well, the odds are that it is the case, but we have created a their thaif we notice when the successful people have gone to the ivy league and talk about it this the incessantly, and when they haven't, we don't make it part of the biography. >> and christiane amanpour and most people probably don't know where she went to school. >> and most people think she went to brown. >> no it is the university of rhode island. >> and i know that the i went to the lsu, and i left, because i was told that i never would make it in this bizusiness, and that is me in the 1980s, and look at me there in the '80s with that catfish mustache and then i started to work here in the upper mideast side and then i was not finished before i
7:53 pm
finished school and that sis my first job there at birmingham alabama, as a weekend anchor and then here i am. >> and that is not a way to be successful. there are so many different paths to success, and not all of life is determined by the span of late april and may when you get the early yeses and noes and it is not the end of life, but the beginning. >> if you believe in yourself, and work hard enough, and i truly believe it, and don't listen to noise, there is nothing that you can't accomplish at both of the schools schools that told me i would not make it i gave the commencement at their school. >> yes, and like many stories, drive, grit ingenuity and resilience matter so much more
7:54 pm
than the name on the diploma and we are not giving them that message and setting them the up for heartbreak. >> what is the best advice besides wear sunscreen. >> commit yourself to learn ging, and when you are coming up to college, ask yourself how much you can get out of the college, and not how selective it is. >> how are you holding up, because you have a grueling schedule. >> and it is not where you go but who you will be. it is by frank bruni. make sure you get it. thank you. we will be right back. is won't last long.
7:55 pm
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"ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent
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or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪ if you are struggling to make ends meet a simple problem like a broken down car can put your health your home and everything at risk. >> i had been a delivery problem, and having a car problem just brings a lot of stress. my calipers are seized the smell of gas, and i'm worried about my safety. having two daughters heightened the situation. >> i was a social worker for 15
7:59 pm
years. i kept seeing people struggling with making ends meet. one car repair can upset the entire apple cart. i kept thinking, why isn't somebody doing something about this. then it occurred to me oh dang i think that somebody is me. i did not grow up working on cars. so i ended up getting a degree in auto technology. >> ever smell p it. >> it sis not worse when you turn on the heat. and how i work that is different from the garage is that people have to meet certain income requirements. >> i was quoted close to 1,400. >> we charge the customer 15 per hour for labor and the market rate was close to $100 per hour. we don't do mark-up on the parts. so it is $300. >> okay. >> i would even give you more. you know. >> a car that works allows them
8:00 pm
to meet the basic needs of their lives with dignity. >> thank you for your patience. >> thank you. >> they fixed everything. >> it is a lot of weight off my shoulders. >> it is about moving people forward and their lives forward. if you know somebody who deserves recognition, tell us about them and nominate them at -- captions by vitac -- good evening. thanks for joining us. tonight breaking news on a lot of fronts. first the airmen and isis. what a grand jury says a former u.s. air force mechanic did to help the terror group. also tonight after dodging questions about is had big spending ways allegedly on the taxpayers' dime, congressman