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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 22, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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perhaps most silent and only to listen to the work that you've already made is really where all of the core ideas come from. one work is the mother of the next. ♪ new video from inside a mosque during a suicide bombing. the violent escalating in yemen so quickly, the u.s. is pulling out the last of its military forces. new information about the machete attack in the new orleans airport. the weapons the suspect had hidden that he didn't even get to. a republican senator about to make it official. he's getting into the race in 2016. when ted cruz is expected to announce his he is running for
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president. we are getting a better picture this morning that the exact moment that terror broke out the yemen mosque that killed dozens of people. >> that is new video coming to us from inside the mosque. now, this was one of the twin bomb attacks on two mosques friday. 137 people were killed in all. more than 350 wounded. the situation so perilous there the u.s. has pulled its remaining military forces out of yemen. >> the state department saying all u.s. personnel in yemen have been temporarily relocated but it insists washington will continual to actively monitor terrorist threats emanating from yemen and to take action to disrupt continuing, immeant threats from yemen. jomana karadsheh is with us
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right now. the big concern is how isis and al qaeda in yemen may exploit the chaos there, particularly when, we think, there aren't as many people there to monitor what is happening. help us understand what that challenge is. >> reporter: well, absolutely. that is the main concern, christi, you are right. the situation in yemen has been steadily deteriorating. as you mentioned, these are the last of the u.s. forces that were based there. special operation forces. prior to that last month, the u.s. embassy shutting down and pulling out all personnel. so there has been this concern about this limited nonexistent perhaps u.s. presence on the ground there. how it's going to impact the fight against terrorism there in yemen, and also counterterrorism operations and intelligence gathering that is very important as the u.s. is pointing out that it will continue to monitor this situation and it does have the
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capabilities, it says, in the area, ready to respond to any terror threat. this country has been home for one of al qaeda's top and most dangerous franchises in the world, al qaeda and arabian peninsula aqap. now there are concerns that isis may be gaining ground in that country. so a lot of concerns, especially also with the u.s., christi, losing its main ally there. the government of president haddy who the rebels pushed him out the infant few montlast few. there is no government that controls yemen right now and this is the concern and the perfect environment, as we have seen extremist and jihadi groups in other countries with this instability to gain more ground and, of course, now rising
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concerns and fears of the possibility of a civil war in that country. >> jomana karadsheh, thank you so much. tunisia's president says a third attacker took part in the national museum. >> we have new surveillance video to show you inside that museum. a man walking down the stairs and bumps into em thm lm athem they let him go. they then killed 23 people. "the washington post" saying they offendered off an elite squad of the police for nearly two hours and finally killed when one of their grenades failed to explode and the police were able to shoot them easement joining us is retired lieutenant general mark hurtling. let's start talking about tunisia here. last night the tunisiian president suggested in a french
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magazine as many as 10,000 young jihadists in tunisia and they have stopped 5,000 to 6,000 from leaving. is it reasonable to expect the government would be able to monitor 5,000 to 6,000 people? >> this is more of a political action by the members of the government of tunisia to try and get calm back in the country. as you know, this is a terrific country for tourists. for anyone who has been there, it is a beautiful country. he is just trying to show folks that they have got this under control. they have arrested 20 people, mostly relatives of some of the ones that conducted the assault the other day, and i think they are trying to show that the security forces are trying to maintain calm in this country under this threat. >> is there a threat of this government, like we have seen in yemen, we have seen in libya
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being overtaken as there is a battle between these jihadist groups? >> not in tunisia, victor. i think this is a pretty stable government from all of the sources i had when i was commanding in europe, they were the most advanced in terms of bringing about a constitutional regime. their constitutional republic is one of the strongest in all of africa. they have a thing called the code of personal status which gives a great deal of leeway in terms of freedoms and one of the things that many of the jihadis might be fighting against as trying to re-create the islamic state we have seen in other countries. so this is a democratic reforming government. it's very advanced and i don't think you're going to see the same kind of failure that you're seeing in some of the other countries like yemen. the state department saying, they are continuing to actively monitor the terrorist threats
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there. the u.s. staff temporarily relocated and monitor threats in yemen and take action to disrupt continuing imminent threats to the u.s. with the evacuated u.s. embassy in yemen and with the last of the military forces out, how does that happen? how do they continue to monitor and how can they effectively respond? >> it doesn't happen very well, victor. what you have, when you have a state department and an embassy team in a country, you have elements of that team that the military coordinates with. the human intelligence and signals intelligence, but also source intelligence within a country, some of that comes from the country team within the embassy and some of it comes from the military. when the embassy left, they took that country team with them. the military is blind. we don't have a government to
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deal with and, of course, when their president was in office we were dealing with members of his cabinet to get additional information when he pardon. there is no government to work with, so it's very difficult to get intelligence that is needed to strike targets. so, yes, we are monitoring, but, truthfully you're monitoring information that is coming in in very low sources, very dribs and drabs and nothing you would get when you had a normal intelligence operation. >> lots of challenges moving forward. general mark hurtling, thank you very much r the airport attacker on friday night tuns out was armed with more than just a mache machete. >> they say the suspect richard white had molotov cocktails and
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smoke bombs in his car. they say he suffered from some type of mental illness. >> he died of wounds yesterday he suffered in that onslaught. tom fuentes is joining us now. you look at the story and you know anyone with a right mind wouldn't go into an airport with a machete and think he is going to come out and get more ammunition that he had left in his car. what is the takeaway from this whole thing for you? >> i think the takeaway is just how severe his mental illness was, and, you know, we have these checkpoints in airports for a reason and in a way, they worked. even though the tsa guards are not armed, there are armed police officers right at the end of all of these checkpoints who can respond. we had this in the los angeles airport a couple of years ago where a l.a. police officer shot the person trying to -- that had already shot tsa guards and run through the checkpoint. now have this guy run through the checkpoint with a machete.
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but, again, a uniformed police officer saves the day and stops him from getting any further or from actually using the machete against the one female tsa guard that he was chasing. >> do you think that people who are not in uniform should also be armed? maybe there should be officers who are not in close sight, in proximity there as well? >> a good question how many police officers they have and it should be a police officer. police officers get the right kind of training in firearms in shoot and don't shoot making judgment. it's not feasible or practical in any way to arm the thousands of tsa individuals and you have the possibility that a mentally deranged person could wrestle the gun away from one of them. even though arriving at the airport unarmed, then becomes armed. you have that issue. yes, possibly having more police
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officers, plain clothes and uniform at airport checkpoints or nearby checkpoints is probably a great idea. >> a good thing in this case is that they all did their job and saved lives for sure. tom fuentes, always appreciate your perspective. thank you. >> you're welcome. the term flip-flopped is used in politics a lot but usually between democrats and republicans across that line. now president obama is accusing of president benjamin netanyahu of flip-flopping on his view on palestinian statehood. i see a campaign that might be around this. ted cruz is planning to make his run for the white house official in an announcement tomorrow. oh, what are we starting here? >> starting the run toward the white house. no sudden movements.
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israeli prime minister bandage anyo benjamin netanyahu will remain in power. now we are hearing president obama's thoughts for that for the first time. >> in an intuf with "t. he has flip-flopped saying he believes in palestinian statehood now. >> well, we take him at his word when he said that it wouldn't happen during his prime ministership and why we have to evaluate what other options are available to make sure that we don't see a chaotic situation in the region. >> joining us now from the white house is cnn corporate area r
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correspondent erin mcpike. whether the prime minister was being true to israeli's ideals. >> reporter: president obama spoke to benjamin netanyahu on thursday and he explained more about that conversation with his interview with out the huffington post." listen here. >> we indicated that that kind of rhetoric was contrary to what is the best of israeli's traditions, that although israeli was founded based on the historic jewish home land and the need to have a jewish home land, israeli democracy has been premised on everybody in the country being treated and equally and fairly. i think that is what is best about israeli democracy.
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>> reporter: part of that rhetoric he referring to there is before the election netanyahu had expressed worry about arab israelis going to the polls in droves. >> the white house reassessing this relationship. any indication this reassessment will result in substantive shift for the relationship? >> reporter: victor, that is hard to say. obviously, the president's relationship with netanyahu has really been affected by these iran nuclear negotiations, but you see the republicans in congress are really backing netanyahu on this one. they also say that this deal with iran could be a very bad deal, but the president obama is forging ahead with this and they hope they can get something done even though netanyahu is trying to stand in the way of it. >> erin mcpike, at the white house, thank you. the middle east will be just one of the pressing issues for
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whomever takes over for barack obama 22 months from now. tomorrow, we expect to have our first official contender for the 2016 presidential nomination. ted cruz will announce his candidate candidacy. a poll showing jeb bush is leading that poll with 16%. first lady is wrapping up a trip in japan. in the country's capital she urged students to finish school and speak up for freedom and equality. mrs. obama did not address cambodia'sish of human rights for brutally cracking down on
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descent. >> a girl is in custody for attempting to kill her mother twice. the reason for doing it even more shocking. stay with us. we will tell you why. hey pal? you ready?
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22 minutes after the hour now. there are conflicting new details in a case of a university of virginia student's bloody arrest. the pub owner who turned martese johnson away saying johnson was, quote, cordial and respectful at the time. he did not allow him early in the bar on wednesday because his
4:23 am
i.d. was questionable. >> shortly after johnson left, this viral video shows the beverage control agents arresting him as blood is dripping from his face. he claims police brutality and racism. >> the statement issued by the pub's management says comments calling johnson belligerent are, quote, patently untrue. police, as we know, are still investigating this case. the world of mexican wrestling is in mourning after the tragic death after star fighter. we want to warn you the video you're about to see is pretty disturbing. >> want to give awe heads-up here. the fighter whose real name was pedro agualo jr. died in the hospital yesterday after being kicked in the ring. in the video, you see him here slumped against the ropes after the kick. the fighter was rushed to a nearby hospital but doctors were not able to revive him.
4:24 am
the cause of death apparently was whiplash and he was just 35 years old. >> wow. a 12-year-old girl in colorado, she's accused of trying to poison her mother, twice, after the mother took the daughter's cell phone away. took her iphone. authorities say during both incidents, the girl poured bleach into her mother's drink. the girl is in custody for two counts of attempted murder at a juvenile facility. the district attorney will reportedly determine if she faces adult or juvenile charges. a ski lift malfunctioned in maine injures seven. four of whom were hospitalized, by the way. this happened when a chairlift started rolling backwards at sugar loaf mountain. a total of 204 people were evacuated from that lift. official say the four victims that were taken to the hospital have nonlife-threatening injuries. no word, yet, on what may have caused that malfunction. police are expected to reveal some new information in a case of an alleged gang rape at
4:25 am
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♪ tomorrow, police are releasing their findings in a criminal investigation of an alleged gang rape at the university of virginia. now, a student known at jackie, remember, told "rolling stone" magazine she was attacked at a fraternity party. discrepancies in her story emerged and caused "rolling stone" to apologize for the article. here is sarah gannon who is
4:29 am
following this. >> reporter: we may finally learn what really happened to the woman named jackie whose story in "rolling stone" caught attention last fall. in the article, a university of virginia student named jackie claimed she was brutally raped by seven men during a fraternity party. university officials who acknowledge they did know some of the details of jackie's story months before "rolling stone" article published, they asked the police to launch an criminal investigation. long before the criminal investigation concluded, a few important things happened. first, "rolling stone" apologized for its reporting when it became clear there were discrepancies in the woman's account. second, friends of jackie told cnn they were with her that night and she told a different story of what happened. they also showed us e-mails and text messages that appeared to show that jackie had fabricated
4:30 am
the man who she said orchestrated her rape. and police cleared the fraternity where jackie said the alleged rape had happened. but police have always left open this possibility that jackie was raped somewhere else or on different night. now it's important to remember that the police investigation is separate from the university of virginia's internal investigation into whether they handled jackie's claim and other reports of sexual assaults correctly. >> sarah, thank you so much. joining us now is cnn's center media corinth brian se stelter. if everything we hear from police tomorrow is -- it refutes what the magazine reported, what are the ramifications for "rolling stone"? >> there could be editorial changes at the magazine. there could be editors or fact checkers or other people who
4:31 am
would be looking for new work. we know there has been an investigation going on for "rolling stone" by columbia university. "rolling stone" reached out to columbia's journalism school in december and asked them to conduct a thorough review what went wrong with this story. that investigation is going on more than three months now and expected to wrap up soon, probably weeks after this press conference that is happening tomorrow. first, we will hear the police's account of what happened and then hear the magazine's fact checkers account of what happened. all throughout this, victor, one of the mysteries to me is where is the reporter or the writer who actually interviewed jackie, who interviewed these other people, but never reached out to the alleged rapists? she has always remained silent. the writer has never responded to interview requests and so we have never heard her side of the story, nor have we heard anything from jackie since this became a national controversy back in december.
4:32 am
i think the press conference tomorrow maybe the trauma that jackie experienced. jackie has horrific memories of what happened her in 2012. the entire wasn't entirely wrong but maybe exaggerate rated or embellished in some way. >> there has been an apology and "rolling stone" has accepted responsibility. has there been any explanation of why there is a full retraction? >> they say because they are continuing to have this columbia review going on and ordered up by the publisher of the magazine and it went over the head of the top editors there like will dana. i checked in with will and he said we think the columbia review will be done soon and don't know anything more than that. they say they are in the dark like the rest of us are. it was a terrible journalistic blow for "rolling stone" at the time and for them to publish the
4:33 am
findings of this review might be the first step toward regaining credibility. reports of hazing, racist chants, sexual assaults have really become the ugly face of college fraternities the past few weeks. sigma alpha epsilon's chant in the university of oklahoma may be the biggest scandal just this week. we covered the penn state fraternity that allegedly used a facebook account to have photos of some who appeared to be asleep or passed out. and other activity at fraternities have a lot of people wondering if the greek system itself is the problem. clearly we want to point out these acts are not representative of all fraternities by any means. but, paige, do you think that the concept of greek life is in trouble on college campuses? >> i think so. what we have to be concerned about here is not just public
4:34 am
perception or insensitivity but criminal actions. in the real world, outside of the greek system, outside of these colleges, if there is an allegation of criminal conduct it's going to be investigated first by law enforcement. and that is not what is happening here. they try to take these students, greek organizations, and nongreek students and give them an opportunity to resolve these things within the school. and that is not appropriate. we end up in situations like we have with "the rolling stone" article which i think should have first been investigated by law enforcement way before it was reported and way before we had this crisis. >> it's not unusual for someone who allegedly is a victim of sexual assault to not want to go to police. so in "the rolling stone" case when we were talking to brian about consequences, are there possible legal consequences for "rolling stone"? >> i think absolutely. it's very difficult to bring a defamation lawsuit against a media outlet like "rolling
4:35 am
stone" cnn, anyone, unless you can show that they literally went into this with an agenda to report something false. and i think this particular reporter made it clear that she was looking for the right fraternity, the right school where the story would fit and maybe her message is important. obviously, it's important. but to use this story to make it fit her article, i think, was inappropriate without checking all of the facts and without doing the kind of interviews that a true legal criminal investigation would have done. >> scandals continue. i'm kind of wondering how can schools defend fraternities and should they? >> i think it is difficult but if you're a school sanctioned organization like a fraternity, you have to follow their rules. what we have seen recently with martes, johnson i think has something to do with this. there have been many complaints about the use of alcohol and fraternity on campus and off campus. you've seen the abc, alcohol
4:36 am
control folks being more aggressive. perhaps instead of looking outside of the campus, look inside the campus. send these folks into the fraternities and find out how much drinking is going on. for the most part, it is illegal for these folks who are under age. >> great point. page, thank you for your perspective. the eighth week of testimony stards tomorrow in the aaron hernandez case. why the prosecution is trying to show why dirty dancing proves the former nfl star was not in a good place just days before the murder. i am her best friend. i am her ally. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment like aricept®, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have,
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aaron hernandez murder trial. the former football star is accused of killing his friend odin lloyd. prosecutors have no murder weapon so they have been building their case with blocks of circumstantial evidence, including blocks of surveillance tape. as our susan candiotti reports, some of it it is video he would want his fiancee to see. >> reporter: it may not be the most crucial three-minute video of the trial, but it could be one of the most memorable. is it more than dirty dancing? for prosecutors, it suggests motive. aaron hernandez standing against a wall, while a female dance partner does a bump and grind. >> he told me his name was rock. >> two nights before lloyd is killed. that is lloyd wearing a hat. club performer says hernandez asked her to dance and she does
4:41 am
and then his mood suddenly takes a turn. >> he seems irritated and kind of aggressive. he just seemed a lot more agitated, like on edge. >> reporter: another witness also tells jurors he sees hernandez appearing angry inside the club, as lloyd talks to a friend and angry again when hernandez leaves the club. his right arm gesturing in the air. on cross, defense attorneys challenged those witnesses's credibility. attacking a female bar patron and her behavior, saying she bragged about 50 men coming on to her. >> fifty guys grabbed you that night? >> i was exaggerate rating but a lot of men did approach me. >> so that was an exaggerate radiation? >> yes. >> reporter: it's not lear how the aggressive questioning played with the jury, nor how hernandez's behavior may play with his fiancee, jenkins who has not been in court for two weeks. she has been given immunity to
4:42 am
testify for the state. prosecutors played video of a car she ethey say shows the very moment lloyd arrives at the crime scene driven by hernandez. the car leaves three minutes and forty seconds later. another video shows the same car pulling into hernandez's driveway less than a mile away without lloyd. that same afternoon the three defendants are at hernandez's home in his man cave playing with his baby and around his backyard pool. hours later, shaking hands and getting back into the car heading to a rental agency. at about the same time hernandez returns that rental car, a jogger find the bullet-riddled body of odin lloyd at the industrial park. still to come, a ruling on whether the state can play jailhouse conversations with hernandez and including one with his former college teammate mike pouncey, who is on the state's
4:43 am
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the first physical evidence that jesus of nazareth existed
4:47 am
may have been found. >> yeah. a box called the james osuawr mysteriously appeared. common names for the time, but some say they are referring to jesus of nazareth. >> let's bring in christopher is from the georgia washington. help us understand what exactly is an owuary? >> thank you for having me here. that is basically a box used for secondary burial of bones. in essence, normally the way that it worked for families is that the body would be place inside a tomb and then after about a year, perhaps two years, the bones would be collected and plays in an owuary. >> this whole thing is coming up in our next episode of "finding
4:48 am
jesus." you have suggested, i understand, the words of the brother of juices are most likely the work of a modern forger. what makes you say that? >> the first thing i would say is dramatic claims require decisive evidence. we simply don't have it here. this box did, indeed, as you stated, app on the antiquities market. and then the words brother of jesus are written in a script that is slightly different from the rest of the inscription. the depth, the clarity is different on those final words. of course, it's those words that would make this potentially significant. >> because? >> in essence, many have suggested that this would, indeed, be the bone box of the brother of jesus. >> how would this be authenticated then? >> it's really difficult to
4:49 am
authenticate these sorts of things. that's why it's especially useful when inscriptions such as this are found on scientific exba e expeditions and this one wasn't on. >> what is the motivate? >> all sorts of motives. one is paramount. that is to say an owuary in and of itself is not worth a great deal of money. even one with an inscription on it is not worth a great deal of money, a few thousands of dollars, maybe tens of thousands of dollars. but, of course, one that refers to the brother of jesus of nazareth could potentially be worth a great deal of money. >> professor rollston, thank you for being with us and appreciate it. >> a pleasure being here. thank you. you can learn so much more about this in the new episode of
4:50 am
march madness. cinderella team gets bumped from the tournament. >> i told them not to be sad. what a great week. unbelievable. there's nothing to be sad about, especially for me. i'll be honest with you, the greatest week of my life. the greatest time i've ever had to be a father. >> yeah, he's so happy, but we'll find out why this news conference ended in tears. >>mine hurt more.. >>mine stopped hurting faster!
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you see there, president obama in the crowd for an ncaa
4:54 am
women's tournament. a game between princeton and green bay. the president there to support his knees, freshman leslie robinson. >> that's my uncle in the stands, the president. >> princeton went on to defeat green bay. congratulations to them. let's talk about the men's side of things. march madness. a mighty number one seed has fallen. more brackets have busted. hearts are broken here. >> this is personal. do you see? >> you know what, it's the only time i probably will be able to do so. >> and you were laying it on be pretty thick yesterday. >> thank you, sir. >> cold stuff. >> hey, guys, listen, 30 years after winning a national championship march madness turned into march sadness for villanova. the nc state wolfpack was crossing nova on the court like that and now people are crossing the cats off their brackets.
4:55 am
it was a shocking 71-68 upset. even president obama had villanova in his national title game. n.c. state, the last win they had against the number one seed came in 1983 in the championship game. they're going to move on to syracuse, new york, and play the winner of the louisville, iowa game. louisville and butler delivered a good one. the fighting irish fought their way past the bulldogs 67-64 advancing to the sweet 16 for the first time since 2003. it will be a bit of a bitter sweet 16, if you will, for head coach mike bray. he revealed to his team after the game even though he knew before it that his mother, betty bray, had passed away earlier that morning of a heart attack. >> it was kind of a tribute to her. really a special night. 84. former olympic swimmer.
4:56 am
unbelievable woman. a woman ahead of her time and probably the real driving force, you know, behind everything i've done. >> i know his kids are going to be fighting hard for him and the passing of his mother. they'll honor her. >> the irish will be watching kansas and wichita state to see who they'll face on thursday. one of the nation's favorite cinderella stories, georgia, sadly came to an end. they knocked off number 3 seed baylor. rod hunter had a quirky highlight. he was coaching from a chair with wheels on it. he broke his cast while falling out of that chair but georgia state fell yesterday. xavier beat them yesterday. the coach talked about his son, star guard r.j. hunter. >> as a coach, best time of my life but as a father, whew.
4:57 am
i love this kid, man. i love you. >> powerful moment there, coach. we love you too, man. speaking of awesome moments. kentucky is the first team to reach a perfect 36-0. the wildcats shellacked the bearcats to advance to the sweet 16. kentucky needs four more wins to complete the perfect season and to win that national title. next challenge will be thursday against the winner of west virginia and maryland. so we're going to kick our feet up at the couch or belly up to a bar, however we're going to do it later today. eight more games. a chance for victor to make a comeback. it starts at 12:10 eastern on cbs. you can watch all the games all day on tbs, truetv and tnt. victor, i brought this for you
4:58 am
because, you know -- >> no. >> now listen, i think he's saying this because yesterday if you watched us you might remember victor sitting here all yesterday. >> i never do that. i never do this. by the way. >> i do during the breaks. >> so he was doing that because he was ahead of me. well, look who is in number one place today, my friend. i shared that with chris cuomo, jay tapper, sanjay gupta and i'm going to take it in because i fully admit to all of you i don't know what the heck i'm doing. i'll admit it. chad myers in 7th. carol costello in 9th. where's victor? somewhere at the bottom. he's got a 1-1. >> i'll take 11th place. >> where are you? >> come on now. you have to scroll a little further but i still have four horgss in the race. i still have a chance. more trash talking to come. >> i could be out by tomorrow so i'm going to milk it while i
4:59 am
can. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you for starting your morning with us. >> we have a lot more to come. next hour of your "new day" starts right now. good morning, everybody. so glad to have you with us as always, i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. this morning the u.s. is insisting it will actively monitor any terror threats to this country coming from yemen. >> that's even though right now all u.s. special operations forces and personnel have been pulled out of the tiny yet volatile nation. dramatic new video into cnn this morning we want to share with you that really underscores the terror threat yemen itself is facing. >> that's video from inside one of the mosques.
5:00 am
at least 137 people were killed there. more than 330 wounded. isis is claiming responsibility for those attacks. >> the u.n. security council is meeting today. in addition to the terror threat, rebel fighters have also seized parts of yemen's third largest city we're learning. cnn's jomana karache has more. >> reporter: christi, it includes the navy seals and the delta force in the region. the state department says they were evacuated because of the deer i don't remember rating security situation in the country. they were the last remaining u.s. personnel in yemen. this comes after the u.s. embassy in sanaa was shut last month and all personnel there evacuated. there's been a lot of concern of the impact of a red


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