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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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eastern in the situation. for international viewers, a man pour is coming up next. for viewers here in north america, "newsroom" with brianna keilar today starts right now. hi there. i'm brianna keilar in for brooke baldwin. he never grabbed the taser. the only known witness contradicting the officer's account has sent shock waves across the country. huge developments between the police officer there on the right and the man he pulled over walter scott. we should warn you what you're about to see is graphic and disturbing. [ shots fired ]
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[ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] 50-year-old walter scott died where he fell. michael has been thrown off the force now and facing a murder charge. so many questions linger. there is one that could mean the difference between murder and manslaughter. that is what happened before the cell phone video starts. one person says he can partially answer that question. he's the man that shot the video.
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>> they went down on the floor. the police had the control of the situation with scott. scott was trying to get away from the taser. the taser, you know, you could hear the sound of the taser. >> he had been tased? yeah >> yeah yeah. i heard the sound before i started recording. i believe he wanted to get away from the taser. >> brian, you're there in this town. paint us a picture of how slagger and scott got to the spot where a the shooting happened. it's not so close is it? >> reporter: it is not. we paced it off and marked 246 yards from the point of the traffic stop in the parking lot of an advanced auto parts store a block and a half away from the
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vacant lot is. then to the end of the vacant lot near the end of it the final point where walter scott fell. that's 246 yards start to finish. that's a lot of ground to cover for a routine traffic stop that escalated quickly. those are crucial gaps to fill. why did it get that far? why did scott exit his vehicle? we're trying to reconstruct the scene to answer those questions. we asked the questions to the north charleston police chief and mayor. they would not answer those saying that's part of the investigation, brianna. those are key questions we're pursuing this afternoon. just crucial gaps here to fill. why was he stopped for a busted taillight at 9:30 in the morning. what caused him to exit the vehicle? how did this escalate? the man that shot the video said
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before he started filming, they were rolling around on the ground. he says he thought scott tried to run to get away from the taser. that's still being pieced together. >> one of the gaps that needs to be filled is going to be the traffic stop as it begins. we understand there's dash camera in the police car. are we going to find out at any time what it shows? will it be released? >> reporter: we are expecting it will be released. we don't know exactly when. they have said there's dash cam video. we're getting indications it may show the traffic stop and not much else. here's a key piece of evidence it could show. i spoke to a former prosecutor about this. he says this is going to show not only the traffic stop itself but what caused walter scott to exit the vehicle. remember this was a busted taillight. it's not something we get out of our cars to deal with. we absorb the traffic ticket
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may speak to the officer, usually stay in the car. what caused him to get out of the vehicle? did the officer ask him to do it? did he do it on his own? that's some things the dash cam video could show. this could be a crucial piece of evidence. >> very much it could be. brian in north charleston south carolina. thank you. going public was tough for the bystander that took the video of walter scott's killing. his attorney explaining why on the "today" show. >> he's afraid. first thing he said how can i get protection? there's officers that said they performed cpr. he never saw them doing life saving techniques at all including cpr. what does he do when people trying to protect us are the ones against us? >> there's no question in the video michael slagger does not offer help to scott.
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the 50-year-old man was hit by five bullets. reports say medical aid was given. what are officers obligated to do and when? we have david caps ceo of group formally with the dea and someone who organizes rallies after the incident in ferguson missouri. david, you've got from the time walter scott falls to the ground until the end of the video you see things like officer slagger checking the pulse of scott. then the officer appears to be looking at the wounds. there's no blood on his gloves. that's more than two and a half minutes. no life saving measures are given at that point. what's the protocol? >> generally -- i can tell you what it was for us. if you were not a first responder conscious we had a ent
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program. if you were involved in the shooting, you were the one that defended himself or herself and caused the injury you were not obligated to render aid. the initial protocol the only thing close to correct protocol is cuff him. why? that's just what we do. >> even if they're unconscious? >> the reason is people who we think are unconscious or even dead have suddenly come around and killed police officers. that's why that's done. the next responders when they arrive they should be giving aid. >> the real issue that you point out, and we were talking about this -- how does it get from a traffic stop a taillight out at 9:30 in the morning, to a pursuit like this? as scott is moving away from the officer, becomes a shooting.
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eight shots fired. >> starting with the stop. the fact it's 9:30 in the morning, that's irrelevant. if you're out and see a taillight, it's a violation. probably, and this is just guess work on my part there might have been something that led officer slagger to lead to an arrest. maybe a warrant, child support issues i don't know. i don't know if they've made that public. it appears he's ordered out of the car in an arrest situation. how do you get from the car stop to location of the incident? probably indicates he fled to avoid arrest. taking all these facts into k it doesn't explain the use of firearm. if you're tussling with somebody maybe they're difficult for you to get into handcuffs. you can go to the intermediate step your taser, pepper spray. >> which appears he did. >> for some reason appeared to be ineffective.
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then as he's running away -- >> there's no justification for it. okay. so durae, you have the leader of charleston naacp saying scott's death is result of racial profiling. listen to. >> we don't have inspection law for cars. you are stopped because you cross the yellow line a little bit. what other reason than if we stop you there's a possibility we'll find something else? far too often they're stopped. we have to search you. those are the things that make us think that's racial profiling. >> what do you think durae? >> i think she's right. it's interesting, when i listened to the other speaker. black people are criminal xized even in death with protocols and police departments to handcuff people that are clearly shot death, to not render aid. that's the practice of policing. the video has been a reminder of
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how deadly police are in black america. they say one instance is outlie two is coincidence, three is a pattern. what do you call 300 in 2015 alone alone? you're saying this is not an outliar. we understand in the last five years police officers in south carolina actually fired weapons at 209 suspects. none of them were convicted. do you think that this is not anomaly? you think other instances would be different as well if there was video? >> the only thing about this video, this is the same narrative we saw with mike brown, ford hunt hamilton. this is a familiar frame in all too, deadly refrain in black america. the only thing different about this is a video. >> what do you think about the police report david?
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it's so contradictory to the video here. >> absolutely. but that's to be expected in a case where the officer, i'm sure the officer after the fact realized oh my god, what did i do? >> you think as soon as he's fired shots? >> by the way, this is no way shape or form anything close to the hikemichael brown shooting. with respect to the speaker, michael brown was the bad actor. this is totally different. to make that comparison is not fair and not just. >> we understand at a certain point, and we should talk about that as well. what do you think about that? the hands up don't shoot narrative has turned out to be false in this case. you look at this video for instance and see walter scott clearly running away from the officer. >> let's be clear, it has not been determined by a court of law. that was a specific legal
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standing the doj spoke about. the narrative or story of someone reaching for an officer's weapon and the officer having to kill them because they fear for their life is something we hear all the time. it's what we heard in this case until we saw the video. it's what we heard in milwaukee with hamilton and utah with hunt. what's difference about this is there's a video. this is like all other cases. this makes it so damming. police brutality is real in black america and continues to be deadly. >> you think this is apples to apples with the michael brown case? >> i think this is similar in a way that is problematic and highlights there's serious problems with policing in america. it also highlights why we can't trust police narratives. not only did he lie about the shooting but i also planted a gun -- planted a taser. we saw that happen on camera. how do you trust after that?
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>> i know that's something you and david certaily agree with on this. that's a sentiment he expressed to me as well. derrey thanks for being with us. david katz appreciate it. what about the other officers? their accounts don't match the video. you're about to hear from a man that said he was tased by this officer, michael slagger. he filed a complaint. nothing was wrong with what slagger had done. opens more questions. don't miss that. at any time we're expecting a decision from the jury in the aaron hernandez case. there's drama unfolding in the courtroom that involves jurors. hear what happened next. fshz ♪
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. back to south carolina in a moment. first, jurors weighing the fate
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of aaron hernandez. they're behind doors with a verdict possibly any time. the patriots former tight end is accused of killing his friend lloyd. we are in fall river. give us the latest susan. >> reporter: hi brieanneabrianna. this is day three of deliberations. so far the jury has sent out six notes. mainly having to do with exhibits but also asking complicated questions they were given before they begin their deliberations. for example, what does it mean to have controlled possession of a firearm? things like that. to show you how precise they need to be about the questions they're considering. with more than 440 exhibits to look at over the course of ten weeks that have been gathered in this trial, they have a lot to consider. >> each day a traditional call
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to order. after 135 witnesses stretching over nearly 11 weeks, a jury will now decide the fate of former new england patriots star aaron hernandez. >> the defendant committed the crime of murder. >> a hard fought a defense contends hernandez would never kill his good friend odin lloyd who was dating the sister of his fiance. there's a mountain of circumstantial evidence from the crime scene where lloyd's body is found. experts testify a marijuana blunt with dna from hernandez and lloyd put them both at the spot. a tire on hernandez's rental car is consistent too. a shoe impression comes from the
11:20 am
same sneaker he's seen on video wear that night. in each case the defend attacks those findings. >> you can't tell us that outsole pattern made that impression can you sir? >> no. >> prosecutors tried to prove this grainy home security video minutes after lloyd is killed shows hernandez holding a glok. >> in my opinion the video shows a glok pistol. >> the defense argues that's not glok. maybe an ipad. the murder weapon is still missing. does hernandez fiance throw it out? she gets immunity and testifies hernandez told her to ditch a box inside this black trash bag from the basement.
11:21 am
>> the defense called you and said it's important you go down and get this box and get rid of it is that right? >> i believe so. >> on cross, she says she believes she smells marijuana in that bag. what's harder to challenge is odin lloyd getting into a car with hernandez and his three friends, same car going into the industrial park. then it reappears and drives back to hernandez's driveway without lloyd. a show stopping witness, hernandez's former boss craft who met privately with the tight end two days after the murder. >> he said he was not involved that he was innocent and that he hoped that the time of the murder incident came out because i believe he said he was in a
11:22 am
club. >> yet evidence shows hernandez was not at a club that night and raises the question how would he know the time of the murder when it was not yet made public? throughout the trial, hernandez is laser sharp during the proceedings, barely glancing at victim lloyd's family there everyday. >> then a surprising development during closing arguments. the defense, after weeks of fighting it acknowledging aaron hernandez was at the crime scene but indicating he saw something happen committed by other people pointing the finger at his two co-defendants who will be tried separately. >> that's right, a change that no doubt will be identified by the jurors there. so susan, this is an interesting thing that happened. there was a dust up in the courtroom and jurors were saying they were followed by a local tv
11:23 am
station. what's that about? >> reporter: two jurors were brought in for questions because they brought to the court's attention and said when they went to their cars -- they're escorted to a parking lot -- they noticed an unmark aed car was following them an suv. one of the jurors took a picture of the license plate of that vehicle. it turns out that vehicle is owned by the television station in boston a cnn affiliate. the judge very concerned about this worrying that the jurors might be being harassed by television reporter this particular station. at this hour, that photographer inside a that unmarked car is being questioned along with an attorney. the television station issued this statement. it says this morning in the aaron hernandez trial, the judge questioned 7 news as to inpropriety with the jury in the
11:24 am
case. 7 news did not approach any juror or talk to any juror. we did not video tape or take pictures of any juror. we are continuing to work with the court and investigate the situation. right now the judge is deciding whether anything unfortunate happened, whether the jurors were improperly gotten close to in any way. if she wants to do it she could yank the credentials of that television station from this courthouse. we're waiting for that decision. >> all right susan, we'll keep an eye out for that as well. next back to south carolina. we're a waiting two big events related to the shooting. we're about to hear from a man that says he was tased by this very officer. don't miss a that. plus walter scott's family is about to speak out live. the mother is speaking out about her personal tragedy now unfolding on the national stage.
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i'm brianna keilar. the graphic video of this fatal police shooting. we've heard politicians, civil law rights leaders dissect what they say in the final moments of scott's life. now we hear from his mother. this is when she sees it on video. >> how you holding up? >> the lord is my strength. he's helping me to hold out.
11:30 am
>> that's what you lean on right now? >> yes knowing god as my personal savior. >> when did you get the news about your son? >> it was saturday. >> what did you hear? what did they tell you? >> they -- really my elder son is the one that told me. i heard nothing from the police or anyone. >> and when you were told that the police were saying there had been a scuffle, your son had fought for the taser, did that sound believable to you? >> i knew that was not true. he knows how -- especially the north charleston policemen conduct themselves. he would never jeopardize his life. >> he would not have done something like that? >> no he would not have done
11:31 am
it. >> so when did you learn there was a video tape? >> the next day. >> when you finally saw it i can't imagine what went through -- >> i couldn't really watch the whole tape. when i saw my son running, and i saw the policeman behind him, i couldn't take it. i had to turn away. i couldn't handle it. >> knowing what you know now, i mean that not only what happened to your son, the way it happened it was all captured on tape and even what seems to be pictures of the policeman picking up something, maybe the taser, and placing it near your son's body. what do you think about what happened? >> that was not right. the policeman is supposed to
11:32 am
protect the people not try to frame them or get out of what they've done wrong. they're supposed to be honest people protecting us. what do you want people to know about your son? >> i want them to know he was a loving son, a loving father. he cared about his family. i will -- no matter what happens, it will not replace my son. >> do you believe that the justice will be done? >> i believe with the policeman being arrested he's got to get convicted. i believe since god moves so fast, that the god i serve is able. i know god will make a way.
11:33 am
god will fix it. >> what do you think of the person who came forward with this video? >> he was there. god planned that. he's the ram in the bush. i truly believe that. >> because some people would have been scared and run away. he not only stayed but approached the police officer to get closer video. have you been able to talk to him or thank him? >> no. >> what would you want to say to him? >> i would want to thank him for what he did. >> do you believe something like this has happened before here but nobody knows about it because there's not a video tape? >> yes. i do believe that. >> is that something you've always felt? >> well there are -- i hate to say it -- but there's some dirty cops. >> i know the chief of police i understand came by member of
11:34 am
the clergy, mayor as well. >> yes. >> what did you feel about their visit? >> i thanked them for coming. i mean i'm supposed to be really angry and upset and raging and all that but i can't. because of the love of god in me i can't be like that. >> you don't feel that in your heart? >> no i don't. i feel forgiveness in my heart. even for the guy that shot and killed my son. >> you feel forgiveness? >> yes, for him. yes, i do. >> thank you for talking with us. i'm so -- sounds so hollow but i'm sorry for your loss. >> thank you. still ahead, we're a waiting a live news conference from the family of the shooting victim walter scott. we'll bring that to you live.
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just moments from now, the family of walter scott, the man killed by a police officer in south carolina now charged with murder. we'll speak live to them. human rights activist david love isn't mincing words about what happened he saw. love writes now after watching the footage which should remain in your memory for a long time to come would could say slagger shot scott like a dog. but then again, dogs ss ss usually are not treated this badly. this is no accident. this is what you're trying to get a cross the people. explain to people what you want people to think about as they
11:40 am
see this video and think about what happened. >> well it's a pleasure to be with you. i did say in many ways this man was shot down like a run away slave. some say that's a bit strong. you have to understand the history of this country. from years and years, all the way from slavery times, people of color have been facing this criminalization where they have essentially have gone through life always with this fear of being killed. now the case of walter scott is very serious. frankly, i think the only reason why we're talking about it to the extent we are is because there was a video tape. the black community has known for years these types of incidents happen. it's just the issue of the fact there has not been a video a tape in many instances.
11:41 am
>> you talk about in your column statistics. you're seeing this. if you're a black american you're having more of a fear of being killed than if you were a white american. you say when you look at a washington state university study, they looked at participants who were in scenarios with different suspects some black, some white. that there's a bias they just automatically felt more threatened in the scenarios involving black suspects. you have black suspects who may or may not be guilty of whatever they're suspected of right? who are worried for their safety and don't feel they can trust a police officer. then police officers whether black or white, who are sensing more danger coming from black suspects right? >> yes. yes. i believe that a lot of that is
11:42 am
really unconscious. once again, it's years and years of people being conditioned to believe that black is synonymous with criminality. when they see a black face they automatically believe that person is dangerous and extreme measures have to be taken. unfortunately, we see that in some cases with black officers too. perhaps they internalize that racism. it's a lot of conditioning that has to be overcome. when you look at a lot of police officers who are not racially sensitive, they bring the stereotypes of black people and black criminality. i believe that plays an important factor in a lot of these shootings that we're seeing. >> david love thank you so much. your piece really gets us thinking. really worth the read on thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. next the video of the didly
11:43 am
ly -- slid you of the deadly shooting. the video does show a lot, but does this mean the murder charge is an open and shut case? i'll speak to a legal expert that says actually no. stay with us. about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve.
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what if we didn't have the video of the officer that shot and killed the unarmed man many north charleston south carolina. consider for a moment how this story might have read if this video never came out. let me read what nick wing politics reporter at huffington post wrote about the case.
11:48 am
a north charleston police officer was forced to use his service weapon saturday during a scuffle with a suspect who tried to overpower him and seize the officer officer's taz area the authorities said. the man who has a history of violence and long arrest record died on the scene as a result of the encounter, according to police reports. brian joining me now to talk about this. nick thank you so much. this is thought provoking. you're in the habit of writing articles as they happen. you looked at police accounts. you wrote the article as a if the video was not out there. explain why you chose to lead with that text. >> we've known law enforcement has the power to control the aftermath of these cases particularly when will there are no video and eyewitnesses willing to come forward.
11:49 am
what you see a lot of times in initial reporting is police feeding information to reporters that supports their narrative which they want to be sympathetic to officer and officer's actions. when that happens, frequently you get a partial view of who this person is. we led with biographical information about walter scott's arrest record. that fits their narrative he may have led the officer to feel threatened may have acted aggressively. that all plays into their effort to lead the public to believe these actions were justified, that he used lethal force for a good reason. >> what about other cases? you talk about they have the power of narrative in so many of them. other case where we take the police at their word on what happened. in many cases reporters have no other options. there's no witnesses, to bystanders no video. we learned in the michael brown
11:50 am
case you can't always trust witness accounts at times. what do you think about that brian? >> you bring up the important fact. even eyewitness testimony, when they believe they're telling the truth may not be the truth. video challenges the balance of power. not just the existence but when its comes out, coverage changes, considerations change and amount of coverage change. all those change as a result of this video like this one. >> nick when looking at the story you wrote -- i have to say before the video came out, your story reflects a lot of local reporting we saw -- this isn't something you pulled out of thin air. this is what local reporters suggested as they were working on information they had. do you think a lot of reader ship -- and maybe it's white reader ship -- that they will take for granted this is the
11:51 am
truth? they're happy to buy into this narrative. >> it's very comforting for us to want to take law enforcement at their word and believe these people who have the incredible responsibility to protect us are simply telling the truth, honor driven to hold themselves accountable and to be honest about what happened. increasingly i think we're finding that that may be a trust that's misplaced. going forward, people may continue to have a more and more critical eye when it comes to taking these reports that rely on the police's account or something. whether that leads to an ability for the public to actually force them to change their narrative, that's still to be discovered. yeah it's very interesting. >> i think we should say there are many reasons to trust authorities and officials, to
11:52 am
assume everything in public authorities say is a lie or untrue has troubling consequences. that said for journalists, we do have to be skeptical and test the information we're given. >> we also have to go out -- >> not just police but government officials. >> we need to go out and talk to families friends. we need to get a sense of who this person is -- >> this is tricky. the insinuation police are lying, that's scary and troubling. it can be insulting to a lot of honorable professionals. >> you can get other dimensions as you go out and try to report. i want to ask you about this. it is hard to watch. should it be shown? >> it does not need to be on replay. we're showing still photos instead of the video. that's appropriate response. in the official hours when a story breaks you show it and show it repeatedly.
11:53 am
if you want to see it it's available everywhere. it's available on the internet. >> i will say i learned a lot. it's hard to watch. it is sickening. i learned a lot by watching it repeatedly. i saw something new every time. >> new details. >> whether that there was no blood on the officer's hands after observing the wounds. all of these things, important details. >> a reminder for journalists to double check and triple check and attribute to police trying to get the full story. >> that's right. go searching for the story. brian and nick thank you so much. we're live next in north charleston where police show dash cam video that could shed light on the situation. some say this is far from an open and shut case.
11:54 am
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i can't imagine being treated anyplace else. fighting cancer has given me opportunities to live. i think i chose extremely well. call or go to cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. the secret to a long life. cnn's dr. sanjay gupta gets advice in this week's human factor. >> robust one way to describe the 100-year-old retired heart surgeon that occasionally does his own yard work. he walks regularly and still
11:59 am
drives. >> you drove here? >> driving is nothing. i could have done heart surgery. it wouldn't have been fair to the patient. sometimes you need reserve strength. if you gave me something to memorize i would memorize just as quickly now as when i was 20. >> the great grandfather believes his plant diet plays into this. >> my blood cholesterol is 117. there's no chance of me having a heart attack. >> you're heart attack proof? >> i'm dealing with an area in which i understand. >> perhaps another key to his longevity, not letting problems weigh him down. >> how does stress affect your life? >> i have a philosophy. do the best you can. the things you can't do anything about, don't give thought to them. >> what motivates you?
12:00 pm
>> i feel i have to make a contribution. when doing surgery, i did it by operating. now i try to think about preventative medicine. >> and show people what 100 years old can look like. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn. top of the hour now. i'm brianna keilar in for brooke. we're learning more about what we did not see in the cell phone video in the deadly encounter. the witness who captured final minutes of his life before officer slager fired on him. this is how it ended. we're going to warn you what we're about to show is graphic and disturbing. [