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tv   New Day  CNN  April 10, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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le illinois. tells us what you're seeing. >> the winds are heavy here we're waiting for first light, because all around us you can see some of the destruction that's happened here. power lines are down tractor-trailers turned over and a restaurant that was knocked down by the wind. >> oh my god. this is violent. >> it was the tornado outbreak. >> look there goes cars. >> what? >> i saw head lights go flying. >> that residents in the heartland feared. [ bleep ]. >> he's over he's over. go go. >> tornado watches stretching across the midwest. >> oh my gosh. that's going right through. >> coming to fruition. >> over a dozen tornadoes touching down across missouri illinois and iowa according to the national weather service. >> guys we can't stop. >> illinois the hardest-hit. one tornado pummelling the
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northern city of rochelle leaving a path of destruction more than 25 miles long. >> we quickly went down to the basement. and could feel the tornado right over our house. >> rochelle's hospital in disaster mode throughout the night. >> emergency crews quickly clearing debris. rescuing a dozen people trapped in the storm cellar of this local restaurant. >> the back wall fell right on top of it when the tornado hit. and we were trapped. and we were about an hour hour and a half in there at least. >> i'm in shock. i've got no job and no car, so it's -- it's scary. so but i'm glad i'm alive. >> just north in the cities of fairdale and kirkland illinois the local fire department says a tornado pretty much wiped out the town. and in iowa the storms breaking out so quickly -- that this camera crew planning on covering
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a baseball game -- >> holy [ bleep ], dude it's spinning. >> captured this footage of a possible tornado. >> it took us most of the night to go around this area because the police had blocked off so much of it. so a lot of flashing lights. what they worry about is the downed power lines, to make sure no one else got hurt. we stopped at a gas station, people had their own stories. seeing the storm and hearing it something they say they will never forget. >> ryan so incredible to see the video of the storm chasers driving towards the tornado. most of the tornadoes were concentrated in northern illinois. but now the system is headed east. meteorologist jennifer gray tracking the powerful storm system for us. jennifer what are you seeing? >> it's clear that people had a safe spot they were prepared because the video is bone-chilling. we're lucky that the news wasn't worse. here are the tornados that touched down 14 in all. the storms are on the move moving east. out of the midwest. we will continue to track them for today. a lot of cloud-to-ground
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lightning. as we speak, we have a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 a.m. eastern time that includes charleston west virginia. as the storms continue to push east the front behind it the ingredients are in place again today for another possible severe weather day. we have very warm temperatures ahead of the front. temperatures are in the 70s and 80s along the east coast and the south. and that will be the area to watch today. we are going to see possible severe weather anywhere from new orleans through atlanta, charlotte, raleigh, even including the d.c. area could see very gusty winds, large hail even the possibility of an isolated tornado. chris in. >> all right, jennifer we know it's moving we'll check back with you in a little bit. let's get the situation on the ground now. joining us by phone is ogle county sheriff, brian van vickle he's protector and a victim in this situation. do we have you, sheriff? okay. sheriff, can you hear us? >> good morning. >> good to have you. >> can you tell us what is it
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like in your community right now, what are you dealing with? >> well right now we just have widespread destruction through a fairly significant area of the county that we're trying to just secure until daylight comes up. >> okay. and in terms of numbers, what can you tell us? how many homes are you dealing with? what do people need right now? what are the urgencies? >> well right now we've got an estimate of probably between 20 and 30 homes that are either completely destroyed or uninhabitable. so that's a significant concern right now. is just taking care of the displaced people. the nice part is we live in the midwest and everybody takes care of their own. so we have not had any requests for shelter. i think everybody went to a friend or family's house at this point. >> we see it proved time and again. are other storms on the way? what do you know? >> we're not calling for any significant severe weather for today. we have some pretty windy conditions at the national weather service has been
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advising us on. the potential of 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts, that's going to make some power line repairs pretty difficult today for us. >> you say a heads up made all the difference. tell me why. >> i definitely think that's what saved a number of lives. we had it looks like we had about 27 minutes between the time that we set the sirens off, and when the first funnel cloud was sighted. so we had, we had a really nice lead time on the siren notification. >> you know i've spent too much time in communities who were so seasoned with tornadoes and even then it is so difficult, so frightening, so random. you say one of the hardest parts here was this has never happened in your community before. and you know you're a lifer, right? >> i've been here all my life. fifth generation of the county. my folks you know don't recall anything like this. so it's been a long time since we've had an event like this in ogle county. >> you said five generations.
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now, you are numb from the jog that you're doing and also you're not just a protector, you're a victim. you're standing in front of your own home right now. how are you balancing doing your job with what you're going through with your own family and please tell us everybody's okay. >> yeah everybody's good. you know the nice part and the scary part is i have my sister-in-law and brother-in-law live across the street from us and their house is completely gone as well. and my wife's first cousin is building a new house next door and everybody is safe and everybody is everybody is going to build a new house and work hard and we'll get back to normal. so that's all that's important. things can be replaced and the family is all safe. everybody in the neighborhood is safe and all our neighbors are safe. >> you said your family wasn't there at the time. so they weren't your concern. how much of your stuff is gone? what will you be able to reclaim, you think? >> pretty much looks like
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everything is gone. there's not much left of the house. >> the dog was in the basement and she's okay. tell us about that. >> yeah actually the first report i got was she was in the basement. but my mother-in-law called me a little bit ago and said she was out in the yard on one of the beds, we don't know if she rode the bed out into the yard or if that's where she went because she felt safe. >> one of the only times you don't yell at the dog for being on the bed is after she survived a tornado. you seem to have very good perspective on all of this. what is giving you that perspective? >> you know the family is safe. that's all that matters. buy god's grace, nobody was home and everybody is taken care of. >> when you look at everything that happened in that house, what goes through your mind when you're looking at it? we're looking at pictures of your own house right now. and it's got to be tough. >> it's definitely tough, but you know what? it can all be replaced.
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the family is safe and again, that's all that matters to me. >> well and i guess that's all that should matter. it's easy to say, it's difficult to deal with and that's what you're doing right now. let us know if we can help in that community. we're happy to get the word out. thank god your family is okay and the dog as well. let us know if anything changes on the ground that needs to be addressed. and thanks for talking with us this morning. hope you get on your feet real quick. make sure to send us pictures when you get the house back up so we can show how a community recovered. >> the hard work begins today. >> appreciate it sheriff, best of luck to you there. >> thank you. want to turn now to south carolina police are releasing the dash cam video that captures the traffic stop leading up to the deadly shooting of walter scott. the video is raising more questions than answers. cnn's martin savidge joins us live from north charleston south carolina with the latest. >> good morning, michaela. you know the attorneys that represent walter scott's family
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say this new dash cam video does nothing to change the case against police officer, former police officer michael slager. but it does tell us how this horrible day began. dash cam video now released capturing the moment police officer michael slager pulls over walter scott last saturday morning. slager's patrol car follows scott. as he pulls into the parking lot of an auto parts store. moments later, slager approaches the car and asks scott for his driver's license. >> the reason i stopped you is your brake light is out. >> in less than a minute the talk turns to paperwork. questions over scott's purchase of the car. >> you're saying you bout it and you're changing everything about monday. moments later scott starts to get out of the vehicle. and in fewer than 30 seconds, scott gets out of his car again and runs. possible reason the 50-year-old tried to flee? a bench warrant was out for his
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arrest since january 2013. after failing to pay over $18,000 in back child support for two children. what happens next is out of view of the camera. but partially picked up on the officer's microphone. he sounds like he's running. and can be heard yelling. >> taser, taser, taser. >> one eye witness says a tussle ensue ensues. >> it wasn't on the ground rolling. it was like a tussle type of thing like you know what do you want or what did i do type of thing. >> the man who took this disturbing cell phone video says they were on the ground before he started recording. >> i went to the scene. and mr. scott was already on the ground. the cop was on top of him. he was -- just tazing him, tazing mr. scott. >> slager joined the police department five years ago. in 2013 police records show he was exonerated following a complaint of improper use with a taser involving this man -- mario givens. he says that slager burst
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through his front door in a case of mistaken identity. meaning to arrest his brother for robbery. >> he pulled out his tazer and told me if you don't come out, i'm going to taze you. i put my hand up. i moved out of the way, but he still shot me with the taser. >> slager's mother told abc she hasn't seen the video and can't imagine her son shootsing and killing a black man while he ran away. >> i have to let it be and hope god takes care of everybody involved. not only my family, but scott's family. >> want do go back to the dash cam video. and talk about something else it shows us. especially at the beginning. looking as you follow scott's car going into the parking lot there, if you look in the passenger side of his vehicle, there is somebody there. he's got a passenger with him. and the question is who is that? the family says they don't know. they think it could be a friend
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from work. but beyond that they have no idea. police apparently at one point did talk to that person. in fact you can see in another video, that he's being actually patted down and he was detained for a bit. but the authorities never identify him and never say what happened. here's what's key, the fact that this person is in the car with scott, might give you insight into what scott is thinking why he is fearful and why he appears obviously concerned. alisyn? >> that part is puzzling. it would be nice to know who that person is. martin thanks so much for that. breaking news to tell you about right now, the taliban taking credit for a deadly attack on a nato convoy containing u.s. soldiers this morning. in eastern afghanistan, a suicide bomber attacked an army checkpoint killing four afghan civilians, woupding several others but no americans were hurt. it happened near jalalabad airport. breaking overnight, a guard at the census bureau in maryland
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has died after being shot by a kidnapping suspect. this is what happened -- last night lawrence buckner saw two people arguing in a car and was gunned down as he walked over to investigate. the gunman sped off shooting at police leading them on a chase into washington, d.c. where cops cornered him and exchanged gunfire. both the suspect and another officer were injured. both were sent to the hospital. police say the suspect was trying to kidnap the woman in his car during the domestic dispute. overnight, u.s. and cuba holding the highest-level meeting between the two nations in more than a decade. secretary of state john kerry met with cuba's foreign minnesota minnesotaminimumster in panama. president obama and raoul castro are expected to meet too tonight at the summit of americas for the first time since the two nations agreed to restore diplomatic ties. president obama signaled he'll soon remove cuba from the u.s.
3:14 am
list of states that sponsor terrorism. five decades, incredible. >> john kerry's frequent flyer account is really racking up. >> he's passed the million miles. >> i think he has at this point. >> cuba is one of the trickiest situations for the united states. not because of the threat they pose not any more. but that every time you approach them there's a segment of the american population that hates you for it. and for good reason. when he shook raoul's hand president obama, at mandala's funeral, we were there covering it. it like stole the entire event obviously we still cared more about mandala. but just the handshake was everything. we'll have to see. >> it didn't work for the past 50 years. so we'll have to change something. >> the approach is get them out. that's all your policy should be with cuba get them out and then the other side as well. we're keeping a close eye on the threat of tornadoes are
3:15 am
more twisters on the way to your area? and when you think about what happened in north charleston south carolina boy if we only knew what happened before the horrible end. now we do have clues as to what started this what motivated the officer. what motivated the victim. we'll take you through it. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. most of the products we all buy are transported on container ships. before a truck delivers it to your store, a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big
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new dash cam video released by the south carolina law enforcement division is raising more questions. let's dissect it all with our guests david mack is a democratic south carolina state representative he is also hosted the "david mack radio show." and tom fuentes is a cnn law enforcement analyst and a former fbi assistant director. gentlemen, thanks so much for being here to help us walk through this new dash cam video. it does raise questions. tom, basically it starts with mr. scott being pulled over by a police officer for a broken taillight. and in fact he does have a broken taillight awe we now see in the video. and the police officer walks up to the side of the car. i mean i think we can all relate to this next moment. license and registration.
3:20 am
how many of us have been there. then at that point, the driver says i do have my license. but i don't have the registration. or the insurance card for the car. because i'm in the process of buying it. and there's some confusion during this conversation about whether mr. scott has already bought the car or whether he hasn't bought the car. what's remarkable tom, when i watch this is how unremarkable this whole exchange is. and the police officer doesn't seem to be particularly agitated or aggressive. what do you see as a law enforcement officer when you watch this? >> that's exactly what i see, alisyn. i think what's important here is don't forget there's two investigations ongoing. one is the murder investigation. and it's pretty clear after this fact the encounter further down in the park that you know we can see at this time new york city justification for the use of deadly force. that's pretty much universally agreed at this point. given what we now know. but at the beginning of this thing, because of the civil
3:21 am
rights investigation is he showing some type of attitude because he's dealing with a black motorist? is he does he call him names. does he show disrespect? is he done descending. is he aggressive. you see none of that. you see a textbook professional demeanor traffic stop up to that point. >> you know what's so interesting, i have a friend friends, who are police officers and what they always remind us is there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop in their head. to passengers you think something is a routine traffic stop. but to officers they're always thinking. one thing we're thinking is why doesn't the gentleman have his insurance card or registration. mr. mack i want to bring you in. the next thing that happens is the door open. mr. scott for some reason opens the door and gets out of the car. you hear the police officer yell get back in the car. at some point after that, this situation escalates. what do you think happened here
3:22 am
mr. mack? >> well i think one of the things you have to look at is two wrongs don't make a right. no one can justify mr. scott getting out of the car and running. after that happens, the part that really traumatizes the whole community and the whole country is the way he was shot and killed. so i think that regardless of what happens in that first video, and again, we acknowledge that of course he should not have run. but that does not warrant him being shot and killed the way he was. >> yes, agreed. tom, when mr. scott opens the door and runs out of the car, at that point you know the officer already had his license, did the officer have to chase him? >> yes. the officer has to chase him. you don't know what he might have just done. you don't know if he's just committed a crime, an armed robbery somewhere, a murder
3:23 am
somewhere. child, pedophilia somewhere. is there a body in the trunk? did he steal the car? that's a mercedes after all he didn't have any of the paperwork. he had what seems like a pretty weak explanation about the car. but even then, the officer doesn't challenge him. because he hands the officer a piece of paper, is it really his license? the officer needs to know are there warrants out for that person? is the license valid. all of that has to go on. and when a person takes off like that in that situation, which they're not supposed to do he's really you know under the control of the police officer, of explaining the traffic stop explaining the car. he's not supposed to get out and run. that immediately is going to trigger a foot chase by the officer. and i agree, it doesn't justify the shooting later on. but it does justify the officer chasing scott down the street to find out what's the story at this point. >> mr. mack there's a pivotal piece of this entire encounter that we're missing. and that is the eye witnesses say there was a struggle. the two men fell to the ground.
3:24 am
they were tussling. there is we know that somehow the taser was involved because you hear the audio of the officer saying taser, taser, taser. but we don't know what happened. is there anything in your perspective from working with police officers and being involved in training that might have happened that could have made the police officer fear for his life and then that next deadly encounter be justified? >> well i think the thing we have to look at what has made north charleston international news. why, why is cnn all the other major news entities here in north charleston. and that is because we witnessed on video, mr. scott being shot five times in the back. then the question that's being raised by a lot of folks and rightfully so -- what would have happened if this video had not been taken? so emotions are raw. we're very wounded here in the city. and we have a lot of repair we
3:25 am
have to do. not only in north charleston but in this country. i'm really concerned about how divided we are at this point. >> i mean it's so interesting, even with the video, that you would think is so helpful to answer the questions, it just sort of raises more questions and i think you both had hit on it really well. david mack tom fuentes, thanks so much for your perspective. let's get over to michaela. back to the top story, huge tornadoes barrelling down on parts of illinois and eastern iowa. winds so violent they topple a tractor-trailer, rip off roofs. when will this round of twisters end?
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we are following breaking news more than a dozen twisters touching down across the midwest. mostly in illinois. one person dead so far. after storms carved a path of destruction 25 miles long lots of reports of people still may be trapped. and obviously there are people who have their lives and little else let's get to cnn's ryan young in rochelle illinois. ryan what's the latest on the
3:30 am
ground? >> well good morning chris, you can hear the wind still whipping through the area. you can see the destruction left behind here the semi trailer knocked over by the powerful winds here. this has been the focus for a lot of people. that building there used to be a restaurant and actually people were inside when the powerful tornado came this direction, some folks were trapped, they were rescued. police have asked us to stand back this far, because there are power lines that are down throughout this entire area. in fact if we didn't have our light on you could see nothing for miles. because the way the lights are not on in this area. someone had to be saved out of that building everyone is okay from the structure. you can see the damage left behind. and of course when first light comes up. i'm sure there will be more assessments of the damage. michaela? >> ryan incredible to think nobody was hurt when you look at the devastation that's left behind. we'll be tuning in back in with you shortly. we turn to california law enforcement embroiled in another controversy in san bernardino california video appearing to show man with his hands behind
3:31 am
his back being pummeled by deputies following a bizarre horseback pursuit. the man fell from the horse after being stunned with a laser. we're told the attack went on for two minutes, involving 1 deputies the incident allegedly stemmed from an identity theft investigation. an internal probe has been launched. iran is demanding saudi arabia stop its air strikes against houthi rebels in iran s ins in yemen. the ayatollah calling the strikes against the houthis criminal genocide. despite that there was another round of airstrikes just this morning, the u.n. security council could vote as early as today on a resolution to blacklist a houthi leader and the son of the yemen's former president, who is fighting alongside them. a scary story, oscar winner sandra bullock's desperate cry for help was played out in court. she made a panicked call to police last june after coming face to face with an alleged
3:32 am
stalker inside her home. >> in my bedroom. and i'm locked in the closet right now. >> joshua corbett was ordered to stand trial on stalking burglary and weapons charges. he has plead not guilty. bullock and her son, lewis, who was not in the home at the time were not harmed. of all the disturbing aspects of what happened in south carolina what we see in the video now, the one stand-out is when the moment that officer slaying certificate seen dropping something near scott's body something that looks like a taser. and it leads to the obvious question of whether or not the officer was trying to set up the situation. for explanation afterwards. let's bring in miller scheele, a professor at the charleston school of law, former assistant united states attorney for the department of justice. professor thank you for joining us this morning. let's go through the big points of what we see from the video that the young man took and the dash cam video. the stop itself -- anything unusual about it?
3:33 am
other than when walter scott flees? >> no. actually that looks like a petty standard traffic stop. and i saw nothing unusual about it. in fact as you watch the film of the dash cam on the police car, you don't see anything really unusual until suddenly mr. scott seems to bolt from the car for some reason. >> now he bolts, the warrant was for child support. but still, judging that situation, was the officer right to pursue? >> i think under those circumstances, when you have a car stopped, lawfully stopped, i think the officers can pursue it's very odd during a traffic stop like this when there's certainly no evidence the officer thought anything else was happening other than routine traffic stop for the driver especially with a passenger in the car. to suddenly exit the car and run away for apparently no reason. that's a good reason to at least -- >> he catches up to him at some point and there's an altercation. now there's a very important
3:34 am
fact that's being neglected that we still don't really understand. the officer says he grabbed for my taser. i was afraid i had to shoot a shot. now that would mean that he was afraid of the taser. he had a reasonable fear. that would mean that it had to happen that the taser was grabbed before he used it on mr. scott. isn't that true? >> yes. unfortunately we don't have that on film. scarily, that seems to occur. but obviously at the time that mr. scott exits the vehicle and flees, and before the shooting and i understand that the individual that took this terrible video, has said has indicated to law enforcement and others there was a fight, there was a scuffle. so you know it often happens, we don't know whether they were fighting over his gun, his taser or just fighting and the officer was trying to subdue him. we really don't know that. >> he is saying on the tape taser, taser.
3:35 am
when an officer is saying taser, taser. is that an indication that he's using the taser? is that something you would say in the line of using one? >> you might, yes. but that's something we don't really know in terms of exactly what was going on. was the officer trying to taze him? or was he shouting out, trying to get other officers to come and help because he was losing control of the taser or thought he might. >> one thing is for sure once the officer slager used the taser on walter scott, it would not be reasonable for him to fear the taser being used on him any more. because it had already been discharged and that's why the timing is important. that takes us to what happened after the shooting. the shooting is horrible. it needs no expert analysis. however, if he does drop that taser, near the body afterwards can it be anything else than an attempt to set up the situation to his own advantage? >> it's really hard to explain it in a way that's good for the
3:36 am
officer, i'll put it like that. it's tampering with the scene of the crime. it's hard to imagine why an officer would do something like that. it's hard to imagine a good reason. >> do you believe the other officers should be coming under scrutiny? the first one who runs in apparently an african-american officer runs in first, puts on gloves he doesn't do cpr. did he see the shooting? did he see what was dropped there? the other officers who come subsequently whose reports don't line up with what they may have said afterwards should all of that still be investigated thoroughly even though the obvious is what slager did? >> >> i think so and i think it will be. i think a lot of people state and local are going to be looking -- excuse me state and federal are going to be looking into this and asking what happened and who saw what and why they reported things the way that they did. so i don't see any evidence that other officers committed a crime thus far. but certainly there's a question
3:37 am
perhaps, about why certain things were reported the way they were or not reported in the manner that occurred. >> absolutely. professor, that raises the question of who should be doing these investigations in the first place. that's a conversation for another day. appreciate very much miller shealy being with us this morning. alisyn? the game of will she, won't she, chris, may soon be over hillary clinton may finally make her 2016 presidential run official. but when and how she plans to announce is unusual. we'll examine it. new flonase allergy relief nasal spray outperforms a leading allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. so go ahead, inhale life. new flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more
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hillary clinton may finally be ready to throw her hat into the 2016 presidential ring. reports say her big campaign announcement could come as early as this weekend. you know we want to discuss it. all with jeff zeleny cnn washington correspondent. and also with us peter hanby, national political reporter. gentlemen, start your engines. i think we may have something to talk about. so when you hear mr. zeleny about the who, what when what are insiders saying about the big announcement?
3:42 am
>> we know she's running. it is a matter of when. and i am told a week from now she will already have been long in the race and will have already traveled to iowa new hampshire, perhaps other early primary states. so she is definitely getting in the announcement video is has already been shot, we're told. she is going to announce perhaps over the weekend or perhaps early next week. via social media. and then she's going to start traveling and meeting those voters one-on-one that she has to win over. >> peter, there are some reports that she will put this out as jeff just said via twitter, and it will happen this sunday. though we've not confirmed that. if that were to happen why sunday why twit centre. >> well look i mean if you look at the republican contenders they're all having these announcement events there's a reason for that they need to build name i.d. need 0 get people to know them and they need to force media to come cover them. that's not the case with hillary clinton. she has universal name i.d.
3:43 am
everybody knows her. she has sort of learned over the last couple of years, she can put out a tweet and the media will run head-long in that direction and write about it. so she doesn't have to go through the risk potential of having a roll-out event and a speech. let's be honest, hillary clinton, despite all the tools in her toolbox and the powers of her as a politician she isn't the greatest performer. so having an announcement a video on her own terms is probably a good thing. the media will cover it. and then as jeff said she'll head off to the early primary states. i talked to one activist in iowa who said she had already been contacted about having an event for secretary clinton. so remember she did this in 2007. she announced with that video, i'm in and i'm in to win. so this isn't necessarily something new in politics. >> i heard, jeff that they're wrestling with a little something of the same thing they did last time. which is that then and now,
3:44 am
hillary felt their team felt like we don't know what the upside is to our announcement that everybody knows we're going to run, we're the biggest person in the race we don't want to match moment wum the lesser players, ha do we get out of this? how do we limit it from just a bad thing to what it is opposed to everybody else, which is like a boon to the candidacy? >> no question about it. the biggest boon of an announcement is just finally getting in the reality is we've seen in polls this week she needs to get in and she needs to start reintroducing herself to voters. the email controversy and everything else has take an toll on her in battleground states. her soon-to-be advisers have taken focus groups in iowa and new hampshire, and perhaps elsewhere, and they know that she has some work to do with voters. not every democrat is ready for hillary. that's the biggest reason to get in to start this conversation start going on offense a little bit. >> peter, the historic nature of a hillary run, the potential first, first you know first woman to be president, i mean do
3:45 am
you think they'll go with that? try to avoid it because you can only control that narrative so much. >> i think, we've gotten signals from clinton and her allies that is very much the direction she intends to go. and remember again, when she announced in 2008 and 2007 rather she said i'm in and i'm in to win. she sort of projected this air of inevitability. that this was just about winning rather than you know connecting with democratic voters on the issues they care about. in appearance after appearance over the last two years, whether it was on a book tour paid speech or political stop she would talk about equal pay and women's health. they realize that the path to victory for a democratic president in 2016 very much depends on the party's built-in demographic advantages among hispanics, among african-americans, among young people and among unmarried women specifically who have drifted very strongly into the democratic camp. so i would expect her to talk
3:46 am
about that as owe mostpposed to the air of inevitability that troubled her in 2008. >> we know on the gop side marco rubio expected to announce next week. so many things for us to keep an eye on peter hanby and jeff zeleny our thanks to you, you can send us a tweet at "new day," go to our page. cnn money, now, chief business correspondent christine romans is here. the apple watch, can i try it on my caveman wrist? >> can you in about two hours. can you preorder the apple watch this morning. you can try one on in an apple store in a couple of hours. the company's first new product in five years, around the world, they have opened up to try it on we're seeing short lines, if lines at all. nothing like with the iphone. early reviews find it really hard to get used to. a steep learning curve, but worth it if it helps you unshackle you from your phone and checking your phone all the
3:47 am
time. google is consistently rated the best place to work. how do you get a job there? the head of people operations told me it doesn't matter where you went to college, it doesn't matter what your grades were or if you can answer those famous brain-tease brain-teasers, he says those are dumb questions in a job interview. what's important? leadership cognitive ability and googliness. >> i don't know what that means. >> i think we have that. >> having an interesting name is good too, laszlo that's strong i like that. nba hall of famer, kareem abdul-jabbar speaking out about what he calls the assassination of walter scott. he says that what happened in south carolina shows racism and police ranks is still very real. is there a way to fix the system? we'll ask him all about it.
3:48 am
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3:52 am
the horrible end to the situation. we know how it began. the see the officer's interaction with walter scott, the 50-year-old whose life was taken by officer slager. we hear things that lead to the confrontation between them. so we're putting the pieces together and people are forming their theories off of it. kareem abdul-jabbar you know him, nba legend. he believes that it is proof of an assassination of walter scott and he joins us now. thank you for being on the show. tell us why do you believe that such a strong word applies in this case? >> i believe that word is justified. because there was no attempt to deal with mr. scott in a, in a reasonable way. and his fears really are what led to him bolting. and running away and the police officer seemed to make an assumption that it was okay to shoot this man and he killed him. it's very callous -- and it's
3:53 am
hard to find the correct words to define what he did. but it's certainly seemed like there was no consideration made for this man's life or the fact that he might just be scared. and running because of his fears. >> everything that happens at the end certainly defies any explanation other than the worst ones. but when you say, that there was nothing all along. when we look at the beginning of the tape kareem we don't know why walter scott ran. i guess it was because he had a warrant out for him. but do you believe he was in fear of his life when he volted from the traffic stop? >> no i don't think really he was in fear of his life i think he was in frayed of going to the jail again. because he had warrants out due to his lack of paying his child support. and he had been arrested before for lack of payment. so i think that that really weighed heavily on his mind and he didn't want to go through it
3:54 am
again and he just bolted from his car. he had had a -- a pretty nice car. he just left it there and ran away, because he was facing another trip to jail i think. >> and you know that's only my speculation. but it does seem that that's what it was all about. >> right, i want to get to the point of where you say now it's racism. the guy bolts from the traffic stop. you're going to get chased by cops in that situation most of the time. the cop chases him. they get into an altercation, he tazes him and then walter scott winds up getting out of the altercation, leaving again and that's when he gets shot from behind which doesn't just feel wrong, it greatly disputes what the officer had said happened. which is probably the best use of the video. where do you see the racism kick in in this? >> i think the racism kicks in when the cop becomes, i don't know i can't say exactly what he felt. but it seems to me that he became enraged. that this man was giving him a
3:55 am
difficult time. and he understood at that point that killing a black person you can get away with that if you're a white cop. it's not that difficult. it happens too often that black americans and hispanic americans get killed. and people want to believe that what the cop's version of things is the druth. and i think that the cop was relying on that. and that's only my speculation. but it sure seems that that was the case. he seemed very confident. he didn't seem like he was worried about anything. in his report he gave a scenario that usually -- >> right. >> is accepted and people just move on and without the video, it would have been just another dead black american who ran afoul of the law. >> i'm choosing to hope that that last part isn't true. that the officer's story had so
3:56 am
many holes in it that the forensics of walter scott's body would have showed such a different scenario that he would have still been in trouble. but we won't know that now, because there is the video. but how do we know he wouldn't have shot this man if he were white? you just feel that history shows us that? i mean when we look at the data kareem as you know you wind up having more whites shot than african-americans by police officers. but you believe that there's an easier standard? >> it is certainly an easier standard. and they're certainly in the justice system an assumption that black americans and minority americans are a problem and need to be policed in a different way. usually a more physical and usually involves violence. and that that's that's very unfortunate, and we have to change that that dynamic. and have everybody's life be of equal value.
3:57 am
>> what do you say to the push-back of don't run from the cops. and if you run and get caught don't fight the cops? and this is not the type of scenario that will befall you. what do you say to that? >> that would have to make sense. you'd have to give yourself over to the criminal justice system. and hope that you will be believed and that you will be seen as credible. but too many officers when someone disputes them they feel that their authority is being challenged and they become enraged. and that's not a good way to police people. >> i think few could disagree with that last point, that's for sure. kareem abdul-jabbar, thank you, we want to direct people to your op-ed, you put a lot of thought into it about how he sees this shooting and what it represents. it's in "time" mag zeeb. he has a new book called "stealing the game." a good read especially for
3:58 am
young readers. >> we're following a lot of news let's get to it. there goes cars. >> we quickly went down to the basement and could feel the tornado right over our house. >> big portions of the roof have been ripped off our building. >> go go go! >> he loved being a police officer, i can't imagine him doing something that is just not like him, that's not his character. >> i don't know how this would have turned out without the video. an historic encounter between president obama and raoul castro. >> the overall process of establishing diplomatic relations with cuba is going to take some time. is elizabeth warren preparing for a bid for the white house? >> i grew up in america that was investing in our future. i believe in that america. >> announcer: this is "new day," with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira.
3:59 am
>> good morning, everyone welcome back to your "new day," we do begin with breaking news for you, a violent outbreak of tornadoes leaving a trail of destruction across the midwest, more than a dozen tornadoes touching down across three states the hardest hit in illinois. the force of the storm knocking this tractor-trailer you're about to see over on to its side. >> we know of one death already. there are reports that many are still trapped. the situation is developing and so many pictures this morning of twisters doing what they do. as people literally look through the utter devastation of what was once their lives. let's get to cnn's ryan young on the phone. one of the hardest-hit areas is where he is rochelle illinois. ryan? >> tough feel for these people especially at this restaurant you know 12 people were hunkering down as the building was being peeled apart and the building was being blown to pieces they awe survived. but today they're probably thanking good to be alive.
4:00 am
>> my god this is violent. >> it was the tornado outbreak. >> there goes cars. >> i saw head lights go flying. >> that residents in the heartland feared. >> he's over he's over. [ bleep ]. >> go go go! >> tornado watches stretching across the midwest. >> that's going right through. >> coming to fruition. >> over a dozen tornadoes touching down across missouri illinois and iowa according to the national weather service. >> guys we can't stop illinois the hardest hit. one tornado pummelling the northern city of rochelle. leaving a path of destruction more than 25 miles long. >> we quickly went down to the basement and could feel the tornado right over our house. >> rochelle's hospital in disaster mode throughout the night. emergency crews quickly clearing debris rescuing a dozen people
4:01 am
trapped in the storm cellar of the local restaurant. >> the back wall fell right on top of it when the tornado hit and we were trapped. and we were about an hour hour and a half in there. at least. >> i'm in shock. i've got no job and no car, so it's it's -- it's scary. so -- but i'm glad i'm alive. >> just north in the cities of fairdale and kirkland illinois the local fire department says a tornado pretty much wiped out the town. and in iowa, the storms breaking out so quickly that this camera crew planning on covering a baseball game -- >> holy [ bleep ], dude it's spinning. >> instead captured this footage of a possible tornado. so our chicago affiliate actually has a helicopter up right now getting a survey some of the damage that's first light comes up. some amazing video of what the
4:02 am
wind did to this area. you can see behind me the semi truck that was tossed around by the wind. you can hear the wind pushing through this area but obviously so many people happy they were able to survive through this. chris? >> ryan we can see the winds still whipping through there. hopefully the worst is over. we'll check back with you. the big difference for so many people in terms of lives being saved is knowing it's coming. so this storm is centered in northern illinois but the system spans hundreds of miles, where's it going next, let's bring in our meteorologist jennifer gray. >> having the plan and knowing what to do when severe weather is approaching is key. there's some very lucky people in illinois as of this morning. we're going to see more storms firing up. in fact already seeing severe weather, watches and warnings this morning, you can see severe thunderstorm watch that's in effect until about 10:00 eastern time that includes charleston knoxville as the storms continue
4:03 am
to push we're already seeing lightning this morning and even severe thunderstorm warnings out there. the ingredients are in place again today, we have warm moist air coming in from the south. we have dry air approaching from the west. behind the front and so with the warm temperatures the very dry air, the clashing of the two air masses we are going to be able to get severe storms again today. in the 80s across the east coast, in the 60s on the other side so quite a temperature difference we're looking at the possibility of severe storms from new orleans, montgomery augusta, i think the severe storms will hold off until after the golfers play today. but we could see storms later today there. raleigh, charlotte, large hail damaging winds, the possibility of isolated tornadoes again today. so folks need to be on the lookout again today, have the plan know where to go if severe weather strikes your area. >> jennifer good warning, thanks for keeping an eye on that. joining us now is ogle county sheriff, brian van
4:04 am
vickle his home was destroyed by a tornado. thanks for being here this morning, we're so sorry for the loss of your home. can you tell us where you are this morning and what you're standing in front of? >> well i'm out in a subdivision in front of my my where my home used to be. and -- everybody is safe that's the only thing that we can say today, that everybody is safe and things can be replaced. >> that is a blessing is that -- are we seeing the debris of what was your home directly behind you? >> you're seeing the debris of what was my home and what was my neighbor's home scattered about through my yard as well. >> oh sheriff. where was your family when the tornado hit? >> my family my wife and children were out of town you know fortunately my sister-in-law and brother-in-law also live right across the street from us and they were just a few miles away but they
4:05 am
weren't home either. so all of our immediate family was safe and sound and all of our neighbors are, are unhearturt. so it's truly a blessing this morning. >> where were you when the tornado touched down? >> i was actually at a law enforcement meeting in another jurisdiction when i got the initial phone call that the tornado warning was issued. >> and so what happened when you came home? when you came home to see the scene of what's happened to your town and your relatives' home and your home? >> well you know when i got here we immediately started an incident command post at the local fire department and i truly never made it to my house until about an hour ago, that's the first time i had been here all night. i knew it was gone. there wasn't anything i could do. so it was time to help the community and help all the citizens of this great area. >> so an hour ago, you saw that scene behind you of what was your home. is there anything retrievable?
4:06 am
can you sift through and get some belongings. >> well my mother found our dog out in the yard. so that was a blessing too. so i'm sure there's stuff we're going to find. and like i said things can be replaced and the family is safe. that's all i'm worried about. >> so your dog was home but somehow survived? >> yeah we don't know how she did it she was out on my daughter's mattress out in the yard laying down. she didn't really care anybody to come up and touch her, but she was just fine. so oh my gosh if only your dog could talk, we could hear how she made it through. >> that would be a story to tell. >> that would be a story. so but sheriff, it sounds as though you live in a community with many of your representatives, your in-laws, your siblings, so what's the state of their houses? >> everybody else's house is fine.
4:07 am
my mom and dad, my in-laws, everybody else's house is fine. it's a typical rural midwest community where everybody will pitch in and rebuild. today will start the hard work. >> so where will you stay during this? >> we've got family around and we'll be at family's houses undoubtedly. >> sheriff, you have a great attitude how do you explain why you're able to go through an ordeal like this and still be positive? >> it's simple nobody got hurt. we didn't have a single fatality in the county. we had three people transported to the hospital by ambulance for what i've been told are minor cuts and bruises. and you know what you count your blessings, even though you see what's behind me thank god that everybody is safe and everybody is going to go to a hotel or a family member's house for the next few weeks. and that's what you have to focus on. >> sheriff it does seem
4:08 am
miraculous that when we look at the scene behind you, that there were no fatalities in your county and we're so happy that you and your family are safe this morning. sheriff brian van vickle thanks so much and we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. >> it's incredible. it's incredible to see that he saw that an hour ago and he's able to sort of speak so clearly. our thoughts and prayers are with those families they're going to have a lot to do to rebuild. to south carolina we're able it see the moments leading up to walter scott's fatal shooting. newly released dash cam footage from officer michael slager's patrol car shows the traffic stop that started it all. cnn's martin savidge joins us live from north charleston south carolina with the latest. >> the attorneys for the scott family say that this new dash cam video does nothing to change the case against former police officer michael slager. but it does give us some insight as to how the terrible day
4:09 am
began. dash cam video released capturing the moment police officer michael slager pulls over walter scott last saturday morning. slager's patrol car follows scott as he pulls into the parking lot of an auto parts store. moments later, slager approaches the car and asks scott for his driver's office. >> the reason for the stop is for your brake light out. >> in less than a minute the talk turns to paperwork. questions over scott's purchase of the car. >> you're saying you bought it and you're changing everything over on monday. >> i'm sorry about that. >> moments later scott starts get out of his vehicle and in fewer than 30 seconds, scott gets out of his car again. and runs. the possible reason? the 50-year-old trying to flee? a bench warrant out for his arrest since january of 2013 after failing to pay over $18,000 in back child support for two children. what happens next is out of view of the camera. but partially picked up on the officer's microphone.
4:10 am
he sounds like he's running. and can be heard yelling. >> taser, taser, taser. >> one eye witness says a tussle ensues. >> so he wasn't on the ground rolling. it was like a tussle type thing. like what do you want or what did i do type thing. >> the man who took this disturbing cell phone video says they were on the ground before he started recording. >> i went to the scene. and mr. scott was already on the ground. the cop was on top of him. he was -- tazing him, tazing mr. scott. >> slager joined the police department five years ago, in 2013 police records show he was exonerated following a complaint of improper use of force with a taser. involving this man. mario givens he says that slager burst through his front door in a case of mistaken identity. meaning to arrest his brother for robbery. >> he pulled out his taser and told me if you don't come out i'm going to taze you. i put my hand up moved out of
4:11 am
the way. but he still shot me with the taser. >> slager's mother told abc she hasn't seen the video and can't imagine her son shooting and killing an unarmed black man while he ran away. >> i have to let it be. and hope god takes care of everybody. involved. >> not only my family but the scott's family. >> in other news there's a big meeting supposedly between president obama and raoul castro. going to take place in panama so let's get to rosa flores there in panama city what do we know? >> all eyes are on the united states and cuba and in the symbolic handshake between both countries, now let me tell you something. there is no bilateral meeting set for president obama and president castro. however, they are expected to mingle during this event. and here's the other big thing. hear this -- so secretary kerry
4:12 am
and his counterpart, cuban foreign minister bruno rodriguez meeting late last night for a bilateral meeting, and let me tell you something, birat ral meeting of this level had not happened since 1958. so it's a very big deal the state department also set to recommend to president obama that cuba be removed from the state sponsorship terrorist list so a lot of different meetings going on chris. we're going to be watching all of it. >> rosa thank you very much. we'll check back with you. in maryland a census beauregard is dead after being shot by a kidnapping suspect. the guard, lawrence buckner observed a couple fighting in a car. when he approached to help he was shot. the driver sped off, leading officers on a high-speed chase through washington, d.c. buckner and another officer were shot. the alleged kidnapping victim is safe. a wisconsin man is in federal custody this morning, accused of trying to join isis. the fbi arrested joshua van
4:13 am
hafton this week at chicago's o'hare airport after he was flown back from istanbul turkey. the 34-year-old nearly pulled it off, was not able to find help crossing the boarder to join the islamic state in syria. fbi agents say they know that because he posted several times about it on facebook. well much more on the tornado outbreak in the midwest. now with the sun about to rise we will get our first daylight look at the devastation. is we have a live report ahead. we know how it ended in south carolina. how did it begin? we now have the dash cam video. what does it tell us about what went wrong in this situation and what needs to change, coming up.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
we know how it ended, how did it begin? the dash cam video is key to what happened to walter scott. why he wound up being dead at the hands of officer slager. how did things go so wrong? let's take a look with an expert charles ramsey commissioner of the philadelphia police department and the co-chair of president obama's task force on 21st century policing. chief, thank you for being with us let's take a look here all right? so the beginning of this it does appear to be just an ordinary traffic stop right? does anything stand out for you as a reason for us to take time on what you see early on? >> no there's nothing unusual just a traffic stop. >> so he goes back to the car, obviously he's got the guy's
4:18 am
license, he wants to check for warrants there will be one there. it's going to be for unpaid child support. about 18 grand, he had been brought in for it before. and that's when the door opens and walter scott is trying to talk to him. he says get back in the car. that's going to be strong language but is that unusual? >> no that's not unusual. you don't a suspect moving around. you've not had a chance to search him, the car or anything like that. so having him remain at the car at that point in time was standard. >> standard you get out of the car when i've told you to stay in it you're going to hear it from the cop. so then the unusual part of a traffic stop he gets out and runs. now what is the officer's directive at this point? the guy's running away. let's assume he knows, that the officer knows the warrant was for child support. is he supposed to give chase? >> there's nothing wrong with giving chase, obviously you with want to get on the radio and give your location to the dispatcher to get some assist
4:19 am
units in. if you have time to do that. but the warrant may be for missing child payments. fwlu could also be something else that you're unaware of that causes an individual to flee. >> he chases him, he catches him. we hear him saying taser, taser, the officer is saying that. are you supposed to announce into the radio, if you can, that you're using a taser? what do you think that indicates? >> i don't know what it indicates, to be honest with you. every department is ditch in terms -- different in terms of their policies and procedures if you're going to use a taser, it's not uncommon to announce your intention to that individual it depends on the policy of the department. >> here's what i'm stuck on, that makes me think slager was in big trouble. if he had used the taser on walter scott, we know he used it at some point. could he have had a reasonable fear that the taser could be used on him? no right? >> well i mean he didn't have possession of the taser.
4:20 am
and when we look at things like this whenever we have an incident of deadly force, at the moment the shots are fired, what's the threat? and the individual is running away. it doesn't appear he has a firearm or anything like that in his hands, he's not an immediate threat to the officer or another citizen. so the use of deadly force in that case would be inappropriate. >> there's no question that happens on the video game videotape at the end, no lawyer smaking a defense that's going to stick with anybody. it was clearly not a function of any reasonable fear. but i'm saying even before that when he said i had to shoot a warning shot because i was affraya afraid he had used my taser. had he used the taser on walter scott, he didn't have a reasonable fear of walter scott with the taser, because it could only be used with the prongs in it isn't that true? >> both prongs have to strike the individual before the taser is effective. >> i'm not saying whether it would have hurt walter scott. i'm saying it couldn't have been used again against the officer, that's what i'm saying.
4:21 am
>> right, yeah. i mean it has to be rearmed before it can be used. >> see, that's why am i harping on this when we already know what happens at the end? because authorities at the beginning went with the officer's story. that there was an altercation over the taser and he had to shoot a warning shot. if they knew he had tuesdayed the taser already, they knew it was woeg us story, it couldn't be right. even before they hopefully heard from an officer if they saw it that the guy dropped the taser near the victim's body. it makes me wonder into reality that cops should not investigate cops in excessive force cases what do you say? >> there's a couple of issues there. first of all in any situation, whether it's police shooting or another crime, the first story is never, never turns out to be 100% accurate. that's why you have an investigation, and that's why you have to look at forensic evidence and all of these kinds of things that's not really unusual. i do believe there is an issue
4:22 am
when it comes to police departments investigating themselves with serious uses of force, particularly fatal shootings, i tink think it should be done independent by another agency not by that agency. not that they aren't capable of doing it but certainly the credibility we have at this point in time across the country is such that having that outside look at what took place is something that i think is really needed in our business. >> chief ramsey thank you very much and thank you for the work you're doing with the commission on this issue. appreciate it. chris we have a key race alert right now. we do have breaking news about when hillary clinton will officially launch her 2016 campaign. let's get to cnn senior washington correspondent, jeff zeleny. when have you learned? >> we've learned that former secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to announce her candidacy on sunday. about midday on sunday through a video message that she has already recorded. this has been widely expected
4:23 am
widely anticipated by democrats. but she is in i'm told she has shot the video, it's being edited right now. it's expected to be sent out. to reporters in the social media world on sunday. right after that more importantly she's going to begin campaigning aggressively. starting in iowa then i'm told going to new hampshire and perhaps other early voting states across the country. one week from now she'll be firmly in this race she'll have talked to voters in all of these early states she's making officials what we have widely known, widely been anticipating for so long. that video message will be coming out around noon on sunday. >> cnn can also confirm that jeff zeleny you're going to have a busy weekend ahead. all right. >> on awards day, announcing. controversial. >> they like sunday you said? >> weekends are great for announcements, you get to extend the news cycle. you get the whole week. >> you get the jump on monday morning news. we're back to the top story, destruction across the midwest. a large twister flattening
4:24 am
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4:28 am
devastation in the midwest following an outbreak of tornadoes, northern illinois the hardest hit, with nearly a dozen twisters touching down. not issuing homes and businesses. some people managed to escape after hiding in basements for hours. some still in need of rescue at this hour. let's bring in cnn's ryan young, live for us from rochelle illinois. it's light now, ryan what are you seeing? >> you can see the devastation here. if you look behind me. it looks like a scene out of a movie, all this destroyed. the wind moving through so very quickly. here we're inside this restaurant when the storm hit. they had to shelter in place to save their own lives. in fact someone was trapped in a bathroom on the inside here. you can look at the power lines that are down, they had to come through here this morning to tie the lines up. they're worried about us being out here with the lines down.
4:29 am
you can see from the aerial view the destruction through this area. the storm moved through quickly. you will talk about the size of the storm. you look for a long time they have never seen a storm of this size. in fact a man was telling us his family has lived here for five generations, they never remember a tornado of this size. if you look across the street you can see the damage that the wind did here. now one person did die, eight others were injured. so many people talked about the idea that they were happy that their family survived through this powerful storm. michaela? >> sobering to see that where you see where houses once stood, the families' lives changed. we want to turn to south carolina now. dash cam video showing walter scott's traffic stop moments before he was shot dead has offered few answers and only more questions. the community of north charleston has been left to grapple with the visuals while
4:30 am
officer slaying certificate charged with murder. joining us sheriff al cannon of charleston south carolina once the former police chief of north charleston. jim biermann joins us the president of the police foundation foundation the former redlands california police chief. thank you so much for joining us gentlemen. jim i'll start with you, based on the dash cam video and on your expertise, does it appear at first blush to be a normal traffic stop? >> it does. there's nothing abnormal about the traffic stop until mr. scott runs from the car. >> when we see him run away. i'm going to ask this to you both jim, we'll start with you, what is the prote cal of an officer if the suspect flees? >> it depends if the car is being occupied by someone else and there was someone else there. there's two schools of thought. you stay with the car, because it's occupied. in this case the officer knew who mr. scott was, he has his i.d. the other train of thought su pursue the individual who ran
4:31 am
from the car and that's what the officer did. >> sheriff, we'll bring you in, the school of thought of staying with the vehicle, this was a misdemeanor at best was it not? could they have just issued a citation mailed it to his house. called in that the suspect had fled and carried on with his day? >> i would say one of the things that comes into play here is that the officer had the license, went back and was running it for wants and warrants that may have been a factor both in terms of mr. scott running. think his family has said that. and why the officer might be more interested in just than the broken taillight. but i would add to what jim said one of the things we focus on here is try to avoid foot pursuit to the extent possible. and set up a perimeter. we have tracking dogs that are available. we have other assets coming into play. >> why do you think that wasn't done here. >> we try to discourage -- well
4:32 am
it's hard to say. i think a quick reaction a quick decision sometimes. that's up to the officer's discretion. if he thinks he can catch the person at this point, i don't think there was necessarily anything to indicate any danger in terms of a weapon or anything like that. or a serious charges. so he may have thought to pursue the person. and if he thinks that he can catch the person that would certainly lend lend it to to him pursuing him. otherwise what we've tried to impress upon the officers is rather than pursuing them on foot call out the other resources, you've got other officers in the area, to set up a perimeter. and call in the tracking dogs if it's necessary. chances are with this case. now, you had to the broken taillight, you had the potential
4:33 am
for a family court bench warrant, but you also have now, maybe resisting arrest kind of thing. >> but certainly nothing to justify anything major. >> and it ended up with him dead. and that's a point in a none of us can argue. because we saw it play out. >> no question. >> there's a question about judgment we know that officers no situation is exactly the same. we know there is protocol. but we also know that the officer has their judgment to rely upon. it relies on their training about how to deal with the situation. do you think the training failed here? that this this man ended up dead? absolutely did. there's no justification for what the office der, based on what the video shows. i'm not familiar with south carolina police training. but i guarantee you that they do not teach thaw shoot a fleeing unarmed man in the back. >> what do we need to do then
4:34 am
jim, something is broken. what is it? where do we start? >> you started with this discussion and dialogue. we've got to take a long hard look and law enforcement has to look in the mirror. take a long hard look at the culture of the policing training hiring standards. this is something that the department should be going through right now. >> sheriff, i've got 30 seconds left? is there an issue you were the former police chief in that area. is there an issue between the residents and the police? is there a lack of trust? >> i don't think there's more of a problem here than there is anywhere else. we have good relationships in many respects. the rally i was here the night before last. the prayer that was offered up included a prayer for the officer for his family. i think that's a strong statement of you know just how this perhaps differs. but i would amplify what jim says and say that law enforcement across the nation
4:35 am
particularly since ferguson has really been struggling with how do we change our strategies our training our approach the whole thing in the culture as jim pointed out. so it's not just something that's limited here. >> we've all been doing it i've been to a number of forums where that's been discussed. and we're really trying to work through that. that balance. >> we know it's a tough proposition. sheriff al cannon i'm sorry to cut you off. we have to leave it there, jim biermann thank you very much. it is the beginning, we hope this is a conversation we can continue with the two of you as well. prison for life or sentenced to death? what punishment should boston bomber dzokhar tsarnaev get. we talked with boston senator and potential presidential candidate, elizabeth warren, about that and so much more.
4:36 am
♪ ♪ ♪ denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal generating electricity on-site and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment.
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she's the firebrand freshman senator shaking up wall street with her crusade for financial reform. senator elizabeth warren describes her path to the senate
4:40 am
in her book "a fighting chance" now in paper back we sat down with her to talk about a range of issues. including her thoughts on 2016. >> it's clearly a police officer at least as the video shows who is out of control. and this is one of those cases where you don't have to rely on the he said/she said. there's clear video evidence of what has happened. and that's going to give that police officer a real problem obviously and that police department something to examine itself on and talk about change. but i think it's another example of how we have to look all across this country at what kinds of policing methods are used and particularly when in african-american communities and when african-americans are put at special risk. >> what can congress do about that? i mean if this is in fact not an isolated incident. if this is an illustration of something larger happening in this country and something going wrong with police departments,
4:41 am
what's the fix? >> i think at the federal level, we have two opportunities. one is to just gather more evidence about what happens. that's what happened in ferguson, it's not only about the shooting in particular. but what else was going on in ferguson? that's when it becomes clear about the conversations that go back and forth. how it is they're raising money for, in order to support the police. >> that's a pretty ugly situation, that happened partly because we collected evidence at the federal level. the second is, it's possible from the federal level to support much better training of police officers. >> can police departments be tasked with investigating their own and investigating themselves? or should there be some sort of agency set up whereby when something like this happens, immediately an outside body goes into investigate? >> i think there has to be an outside look. and you can set those up
4:42 am
structurally in advance. but there's got to be an outside look because the public has got to have confidence. in what happened all the public all of the community that's being served. and i don't think that happens, if it's no one but the police looking at the police. i think you need an outside set of eyes on it. >> as you know dzokhar tsarnaev has been found guilty of 30 counts connected to the boston bombing attack at the marathon. the jury now has to decide whether or not he gets life in prison or death what do you think is the right punishment for him? >> well you know, nothing is going to make whole the families who have lost loved ones those who have been injured. but this is an appropriate step we move to the next phase, the penalty phase. i would like to see tsarnaev spend the rest of his life in prison. >> why not the death penalty? >> i don't support the death penalty. i think we've got a lot of problems with how the death penalty sim plemted across this country. but i want to be clear -- i want him out of the picture. where he pose those threat to
4:43 am
anyone and where he attracts no more attention. he can spend the rest of his life in jail. that's a real punishment. >> let's talk about the 2016 presidential race. how many times do you estimate you've been asked if you will be running for president? many. >> hundreds, right? >> a lot. >> and you have consistently said no. can you describe your dream presidential candidate? >> i've spent my whole life studying what's happening to america's middle class and watching year by year by year just take one blow after another. we've, we live in an anywhere now where the game is rigged. where washington works really great for those who hire armies of lobbyists, armies of lawyers, it's just not working so well for the rest of america. i believe what our election should be about, including our 2016 presidential election is about how we're going to change that how we're going to pull
4:44 am
back and make washington work for families again. >> so it sounds like what you're saying is your dream candidate would be someone who champions the middle class. >> you bet. >> who stands up for student loans and students and social security do you know anyone like that? >> you know i really want to give everybody who gets in the race a chance to get out there and put their agenda in front of us. now you're right, we do have some information, we have two republicans who have officially gotten into the race so far and i've watched them vote. they voted against the social security benefits increase. they voted against reducing the interest rate on student loans. so maybe i can put it this way, of those who have declared i've already seen two of them in my view take themselves out of the running for really working for middle class families. >> if you didn't hear a democrat come forward who said those things you just said then would you get in? >> i want to see who else gets in this race and i want to see what the issues are that they
4:45 am
push. because this is really key. what issues are people going to talk about? when i talk about the playing field being tilted and i talk about this a lot in my book the book is a very personal book about how encountered this how i saw it a piece at a time. but i also saw a big part of this during the financial crisis. when it was really about how can we protect the tender fannies of the giant banks and not really do much. to help the american people who got slammed so hard. i think that's another core issue that should be part of the next election. >> one of the stories that you talk about is about your dad losing his job. >> yeah. >> he lost his job selling carpets. and then your house became in jeopardy. i mean he couldn't pay, he could no longer pay the bills. >> right. >> your mom put on her best dress and she -- >> remember she was 50 years old. had never worked outside the home. we're about to lose our house, daddy had had a heart attack. she's xi zips up that dress. she's crying she blows her
4:46 am
nose puts on her high heels, and walks to the sears to get a minimum-wage job. >> and the story of that i mean not only your mother's sort of mettle and moxy but it's that that alone back then saved your house. >> because i grew up in an america where the minimum wage was enough to keep a family of three afloat. and the way i see it that minimum wage job not only saved our house, it saved our family. and yet, today government policies have shifted. a family a woman working full-time cannot support herself and a baby. on today's minimum wage jobs. so the way i see this is my daddy ended up as a janitor. my mom kept working that minimum wage job. i ended up going to a public a commuter college that cost $50 a semester. i got to be a teacher, i got to
4:47 am
be a professor, i got to be a united states senator. america is truly a great country. but i never forget i grew up in an america that was investing in its kids. it was investing in our future. i believe in that america. and that's why i wrote this book. >> you sound like a presidential candidate. >> i believe all the way down in when we need to do as a country. i believe that we can rebuild our middle class that we can create opportunities for those that are trapped in poverty. i believe that when we work together and build those opportunities, when we invest in education, in roads, in bridges and power grids it basic research medical research and scientific research i believe we are truly the greatest nation on earth. >> if you don't hear anybody
4:48 am
else say those things with that passion, you would be willing to throw your hat in? >> no. i want to hear people talk about this. this is the most important issue in the race this is what we've got to talk about. >> senator warren so great to have you on new day. >> thank you. great conversation there. you pressed her alisyn. ahead, a pregnant north carolina mother with six boys at home finds out she's finally going to have a girl. her reaction is priceless. you'll see it next. normally people wear pants. yeah that's why i'm hiding captain obvious. not very well. i found you immediately. you know what else is easy to find? a new hotel with the app. i don't need a new hotel room, i just need to get back into this one. gary? it's wednesday gary! i know that janet! is more helpful than janet.
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♪ ♪
4:52 am
justin bieber? >> yes. >> six boys in a row. imagine that. so when this mother got pregnant again, what do you think she was hoping for when she cut the cake at her gender reveal party. here's cnn's jeane moose reporting. >> reporter: with half a dozen boys cher really wants a girl. no wonder her reaction takes the cake. >> ohhh! >> reporter: this is one of those gender reveal parties expecting parents cut into a cake that's been dyed pink or blue or pop out of a pink or blue wrapped car or release blue or pink balloons. but when you already have six boys you deserve to have your cake and a little girl to help you bake it too. >> baby three and four i'm thinking well, come on there will be a girl at some point. they can't all be boys. after four five six, you're
4:53 am
thinking yeah they can. >> reporter: so the first cut was the deepest. >> shoot, how do i get in? >> reporter: in this case a doctor wrote down the gender, a friend picked up the envelope another friend made the proper cake and when cher saw that pink she fell into her mother's arms a reaction that went viral, even got her an invitation to the ellen show. but these gender reveal parties can also be a bust. take the time there was a discrepancy between what the cake said -- >> it's a girl! >> reporter: and what was in the official envelope. >> a boy. >> reporter: or when a boy who already had two sisters cut the cake. >> it's a girl. i hate girls. all we've got is girls, girls, girls. >> reporter: but after boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, cher's
4:54 am
9-year-old was happy. >> i like my brothers but i'm tired of all -- i'm tired of all the truck piles. >> reporter: not her 5-year-old. >> i'm sick of girls. >> reporter: take it from stevie soon you'll look and wonder at your little sis. ♪ isn't she lovely ♪ >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> look at the mother. oh get up. you're going to hurt yourself and the baby. >> when that little girl brings home her first boyfriend, all those big brothers are going to be like -- >> that's true. >> i'm sure the therapy bill for the boys who saw their mother scream with joy like that won't be too high. >> boy, i'll tell you, did you have to deal with any of that the whole gender surprise? >> i had an nflenvelope. i carried it around for months. i opened it on christmas day. i was so excited with twin girls. >> i was the last in my family a blessing and my brother came to the hospital when my mother didn't know. you know back in the day, a
4:55 am
million years ago, he said if you're having another girl i'm moving out. he had some little bag with him. i was born. he's like -- now he says i don't know what i was so hepped up about. >> congratulations, seven children. >> healthy kids. healthy kids that's all you want. back to our breaking news to tell you about because the damage from those deadly tornadoes in the midwest, here's a live shot for you. it's becoming apparent now that the sun is up. you can see live pictures from our affiliate there. we're going to take you to illinois for the very latest.
4:56 am
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what happened here five years ago changed us. i'm proud of the progress we've made both in the gulf and inside bp.
4:59 am
look there goes cars. i saw headlights go flying. >> the back wall fell right on top of him. we were trapped. >> pretty much looks like everything is gone. >> dash cam video now released. >> hands on the car. >> did you hear the shots? >> yes. i started to cry. >> cracks starting to appear in the framework for the nuclear deal with iran. >> tomorrow the bombardment. >> jury is still out. it's not over yet. >> life behind the scenes in the white house. explosive arguments inside its
5:00 am
halls. >> there was blood all over the president and first lady's bed. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. good morning, welcome to your "new day." friday april 10th. 8:00 in the east. breaking news this morning. the midwest waking up to what you're about to see. tornadoes just tore through homes and lives in through states. this is rochelle illinois. you're looking at live pictures now. thank you affiliate wls. daylight always a new layer of shock as residents get their first view of the extent of the damage. here you can see what it did. >> oh, my gosh. more than a dozen tornadoes touching down. most in illinois. the wind gusts were so strong that they did knock over that tractor trailer as you just saw. the power full storms leveling homes. as chris said now that the sun is up the clean up and the rebuilding comes into view. let's begin our coverage with cnn's ryan young. he's live in rochelle illinois.
5:01 am
tell us what you're seeing around you, ryan. >> reporter: alisyn powerful winds. you can hear them pushing through. you can see the damage pushing through. the semi tossed by the powerful winds. the restaurant you can see what people went through. you can see what people went through as the winds pushed through. >> [ bleep ]. oh my god. this is violent. >> reporter: it was the tornado outbreak. >> look at there goes cars. i saw headlights go flying. >> reporter: that residents in the hartland feared. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> he's over! he's over! >> oh -- >> call 911. >> go. go. go. >> reporter: tornado watches crossing the midwest. >> oh, my gosh that's going right through. >> coming to fruition. >> reporter: over a dozen tornadoes crossing down over missouri illinois and iowa according to the national weather service. >> guys we can't stop. >> reporter: illinois the hardest hit.
5:02 am
one tornado pummelling the city of rochelle leaving a path of destruction 25 miles long. >> we went down to the basement and could feel the tornado right over our house. >> reporter: rochelle's hospital in disaster mode throughout the night. emergency crews quickly clearing debris rescuing dozens of people trapped in the storm cellar of this local restaurant. >> the back wall fell right on top of him when the tornado hit and we were trapped and we were about an hour hour and a half in there at least. >> i'm in shock. i've got no job and no car so it's -- it's scary. so -- but i'm glad i'm alive. >> reporter: just north in the cities of fairdale and kirkland illinois the local fire department says a tornado pretty much wiped out the town. >> right there. >> reporter: and in iowa the storms breaking out so quickly -- this camera crew planning on covering a baseball
5:03 am
game -- >> holy [ bleep ], dude. >> reporter: instead captured this footage of a possible tornado. >> god [ bleep ] moving. >> reporter: chris, really an eerie sound when you look at this restaurant. you can hear the shingles on top of the building shaking in the wind here. we think we crisscrossed this area more than 100 miles. we drove all overnight trying to see where the damage was. you can understand how people we were bumping into were talking about the fact they were happy to survive especially when they look at the size of the cloud that was moving through here. chris. >> some of those areas aren't used to this. it's amazing how vibrant communities turn into ghost towns. thank you very much. we'll check back to you. big concern now, what's next. the system that caused all of this is heading east. we have meteorologist jennifer gray tracking the situation. jennifer what do you see? >> it's not over yet, chris. we're watching the storms move east. we have severe thunderstorm watches in effect across portions of west virginia. that extends all the way down
5:04 am
into kentucky tennessee. until 10:00 eastern time. none of these storms are severe though. looks like it is starting to die down though. it is going to ramp up once again as we go through the next couple of hours because we have very warm moist air in place. dry air on the other side of that front. that's going to push east and it is going to spark off some showers and storms as we go through the latter part of the day. there's your slight risk area. you can see the storms bubbling up at any moment through the afternoon. they could turn severe. need to be weather savvy throughout the afternoon. places like new orleans, montgomery augusta, charlotte. raleigh. a lot of people there for the masters. we expect large hail damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes. michaela knowing what to do in the event of severe weather of course can save your life. stay up to date know what to do be ready in casey veer weather strikes. >> being weather savvy, that sounds like that's what's worked
5:05 am
here in the midwest. i want to turn now to ray cramer. he was one of the people trapped in an illinois restaurant that was destroyed by one of those tornadoes. he and the others managed to make it out live. ray joins us on the phone right now. mr. cramer how are you this morning? >> i am blessed. i am blessed. my wife and i were down there together with other people and by the grace of god none of us got injured. we got a good dusting, but when the tornado hit the building it really got a lot of dust in that storm cellar. we accepted that because we weren't getting nothing else. but it was a trying two hours down in that basement. >> i'm sure. it probably was the longest 90 minutes of your life. i understand that you were out with your wife driving when the hail storm hit and she insisted that you pull over and that's what got you into grub stakers,
5:06 am
the restaurant that was hit. >> that's true. that's true. i'm a bull head. i was going to try to beat the hail storm. it got so big the hail storms were hitting me so hard i decided, okay i'll turn into a parking lot, we'll go inside and be safe not knowing i was going to be in the basement for two hours. >> boy, i'll bet you're glad you listened to your wife and i'm sure she'll hold that over you for a while, mr. kramer. let's talk about that. i understand you heard when the tornado hit the building. >> yes. yes. it was about two minutes after we got down in the basement down in the storm cellar. no more than two minutes and it hit the building. and the building shook. it sounded like a rushing train traveling overhead. and we got -- the dust just came out of the ceiling down there and everything all over all of us. and it was -- it was boom boom and it was gone. >> tell us about those moments.
5:07 am
was everybody -- i can imagine you'd be shaken. most of you probably used to tornadoes but not necessarily being in the eye of one like this. >> i had never -- well my wife and i experienced one 25 years ago in canton illinois. we were rushed into a walk-in cooler in a restaurant. the whole -- everybody in the restaurant was put into the cooler when the tornado hit in canton illinois many many -- 25 years ago. >> my goodness. >> when we come out there was cars piled on top of cars. >> well the devastation looks horrifying here. back to those moments in the cellar. i want you to tell us a little bit about what the conversation was like. i imagine all of you were trying to just keep yourselves calm. >> well i'm a -- i'm a joyful man and i don't let things really shake me because i've got the lord jesus christ in my life and that's all my protection but
5:08 am
anyway my wife and i had to pray for a couple of people down there that started to panic real bad, and we feel that the lord had us there at that time for that purpose. and once it hit and quieted down then we just went into conversations and everything. everybody was talking and seemed pretty calm. >> so was it -- there was no light obviously. it was dark. could you see anything? could you tell that help was coming? nkts >> the first responders on the scene passed us down a heavy duty spotlight. >> okay. >> so we had light down there then. and that's when it all settled down to where we just got to chatting and everything. i'm joking around because i'm a jokester. i don't let things worry me. if you think about something long enough you're going to get sick. >> that's true. look if there's any situation you would have been allowed to worry, mr. kramer i think being
5:09 am
trapped in a cellar in the restaurant you're in that would be the one. we're looking at the restaurant now. i want to know what your reaction was like when you came outside, when first responders after pulling debris away from the restaurant finally got you guys outside. what was your reaction when you saw the building you were in? >> okay. you've got a picture of that white trailer and laying on its side? >> yup. >> that was the first thing i saw, and that shook me. and when i got around the fire engine and saw the cab laying on its side that really got to me. that kind of disturbed me a little bit. i looked at it. the driver showed me a picture of his new rig on order. i said thank you, lord. my wife was one of the first ones getting out and she was crying because she didn't know where i was. and i walked over and threw my
5:10 am
arms around her and just embraced her like i hadn't embraced her in a long time. >> mr. kramer i'm sure you haven't been through this much excitement in your 81 years although you did tell us you were in another one 25 years in your life. hang on to that lady. she's a good one. >> coming up to 48 years. >> 48 years of marriage and two tornadoes in your history together. my goodness. >> yes. >> your home is okay correct? >> we live in ashton illinois. >> okay. >> where the first tornado touched down and it touched down west of town and that's -- we're actually 17 miles from the grub staker restaurant. 5 miles south and 12 miles west of the restaurant. >> but your house is okay? >> we were on our way back home. >> well i'm sure you were very happy to get home and see it in one piece and we are so glad that you're able to get out there safe and sound with the other people that were trapped in the cellar. thanks so much for joining us
5:11 am
and giving us your firsthand account, mr. cramer. take care. >> thank you for calling. >> bye now. what a sweetheart. key race alert now. news out this morning about when hillary clinton will launch her 2016 campaign. let's get right to cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zelanie. what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. we knew she was going to run. now we know when. we were told former secretary of state hillary clinton will release a message on sunday. she'll outline her themes of the candidacy and travel to the early voting states like iowa and new hampshire. her aids say she wants to begin having a conversation with these voters. one iowa democrat i talked to this morning said finally. they are really eager for this race to be on. ter' eeg they're eager. she has competition in the race already. she's stepping a little bit on the announcement of marco rubio of course on the republican side who is planning to announce that
5:12 am
he is jumping in on monday. but the clinton campaign says they're not concerned about republicans. she'll be traveling to iowa new hampshire, perhaps other early voting states next week and to begin to frame her candidacy. she's going to have a series of one-on-one meetings with voters not do big rallies, not do soaring speeches. she wants to introduce herself again to voters but the big question is whether she be able to introduce herself again? she's been in the public spotlight for so long. that is her big challenge, chris. >> jeff they're saying interestingly that they're hoping she has a robust primary. i'm wondering what they think will happen when she gets in the race. thanks for the reporting. we'll check back with you. police dash cam video of the moments leading up to the south carolina video now released. the footage from fired officer michael slager's patrol car shows the traffic stop before slager opened fire. meanwhile, walter scott, the victim the family is promising
5:13 am
legal action. they say they'll file a wrongful death and civil rights suit against the city of north charles ton, south carolina. its police as well and against officer slager. a new study out this morning says there are major gaps in airport security nationwide. the associated press investigation finds that there have been 268 perimeter breaches since 2004 at some of america's busiest airports and that may be an understatement since boston's logan airport refused to release security information. they say it's neither financially or physically feasible to keep all intruders out. >> all right. you remember all that ho ha ha about what color is the dress? we have the perfect follow-up. >> i spent a lot of time on this yesterday. >> giving people paws. is the cat going upstairs or downstairs? the debate goes viral. one youtube user claims to have
5:14 am
the answer. arguing the cat is going down because steps can't have an edge when you look at them from above. untrue. >> i'm a down -- i spend a lot of time. i have this image on my phone when i was on a plane yesterday and i spent a lot of time. >> and? >> down. >> i don't think it's a question. i think it's obvious -- >> you reject the question. >> i think it's obviously down. i'm joking. if there were an edge on the top of the stair you would necessarily almost trip every time you put your foot on it. it's got to be the under side of the stair. the cat's going down the stairs. >> i think it's flat. >> you think there's no stairs at all. >> the infinite search for balance in the news continues. >> let us know what you think. we want to tell but this. this morning cnn's erin burnett is in soul. she sat down with ashton carter. they spoke extensively about the latest developments in seoul.
5:15 am
tell us more erin. >> reporter: it was amazing. what he said is there is still a possibility that north korea and iran are working together on their nuclear programs. an admission from the defense secretary. i asked him about the ayatollah's statements. the supreme leader came out on iranian state tv and he said there will be no access to iranian military sites as part of this nuclear deal. obviously the framework that was put out explicitly included such access. so that would have been a very significant development. i asked the defense secretary in this interview whether he would accept that and here's what he said. >> any successful agreement has to have adequate provision. it can't be based on trust. it has to have adequate provision. >> reporter: just to be clear, adequate would include? >> inspection. >> reporter: military site inspection? >> it depends what you mean by military sites but, yes, absolutely. >> reporter: so the defense secretary saying absolutely you have to have access to military sites, which of course makes
5:16 am
obvious sense. you have the ayatollah saying no way. the question is now is this posturing. i can tell you there was no fear from the defense secretary in coming right back and slapping at the ayatollah today. >> erin did the secretary give you any sense if the u.s. would ever be willing to strike iran militarily if need be? >> reporter: so obviously there are hawks who say that they aren't being serious about that. they say there's a military option on the table but they don't really mean it. they actually alisyn have a bomb that they've been testing for years that is capable of taking out iran's deepest and most secret nuclear site. last week they said that bomb is further along than it was, but it wasn't ready. the defense secretary today was categorical that it was ready. if it was used tomorrow it could take out ford aisle that was the secret nuclear site 260 feet below the ground. he said they could do that tomorrow if they needed to. that was significant. the bottom line is this any strikes against iran's nuclear program, con be temporary ri to
5:17 am
what some people think, would only set it back about a year. he said they would rebuild. that's why he believes that a negotiated deal makes sense. if he thought that these strikes could set these programs back three years, five years, he might support a strike over a deal. but the bottom line is he doesn't think these strikes would set them back more than a year. >> sounds like you got a lot of good information out of him. you can catch erin's full interview with ashton carter at 7:00 p.m. eastern right on ""erin burnett outfront." violent tornadoes destroying their livelihoods and homes. we'll take you back to one of the hardest hit areas. it's time to get back to what's driving the situation in south carolina. when everyone sees the video, they're horrified. but would this not have happened if walter scott simply did the right thing? some will be outraged by that notion but many are not. we're going to test it with a professor who says challenge a cop, you lose.
5:18 am
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5:22 am
let's get right into it. there is a controversy at the center of every situation that happens like what just befell walter scott. which is if you don't obey a police officer, are you asking to be hurt? all right. now that may seem preposterous to some but not everybody. i want to bring in sanil duta. a former police sergeant. he wrote a controversial article. any time you challenge a cop you're asking for trouble. defend the position. the push back is you're supposed to be a pro. you're not supposed to act like an angry thug when someone defies you. what is your point, sir? >> well actually i want to completely clarify. one officer dead cannot be
5:23 am
defended. he engaged in a krim gnat bad shooting so i'm not here to defend the officer. >> good. what are you here to defend? >> i'm here to defend that cops need to be held accountable, especially in a situation like this especially when you have a subject stopped simply for a broken taillight. that's an infraction. to escalate that traffic stop in an unjustified shooting and kill the subject, that's travesty. that's -- that is tragedy for the family of the victim but that's a travesty because it gives a black name to all the professional police officers who put their life on the line every day. >> right. >> every possible moment and then it gives us bad reputation. >> we agree. >> as everybody else. >> we agree. but you wrote in a washington post piece. i'm a cop. if you don't want to get hurt, don't challenge me.
5:24 am
was that you? were those your words? >> those were my words. >> what do they mean? >> what that means is whenever any individual is detained or stopped by a police officer, they should comply with the lawful directions of the officer. >> if they don't? >> if they don't and if the officer is trying to make an arrest or trying to put handcuffs on them if they fight with the officer, that have will escalate the situation and that is not going to help the subject. my point was and it's the same as the aclu if you go to the aclu website, if you talk to a judge and defense attorney they're all going to tell you, even if a corrupt cop stops you, just let the stop pass. do not challenge. they by definition are doing the wrong thing, hence corrupt.
5:25 am
what are you supposed to do? >> i'll talk to you. arts? because it seems like they go to the gun too fast these days. >> that is a misperception that is totally wrong because if you look at the actual data every 100 arrests, the number of use of force is less than 1% so 99
5:26 am
times a cop arrests someone the force occurs in less than 1% and i'm talking about force as grabbing taking down the people shootings occur even less. so if you make a claim, anyone makes a claim, the cop goes straight for the gun, that's not correct. >> that's why you're saying if you just go along with what you're being told to do you're always best served as long as the police officer is acting in good faith as well. sunil dutta, thank you for making that point. appreciate you on "new day." >> mich. >> chris, back to the top story. devastating storms overnight in the midwest. more than a dozen tornadoes spanning three states. at least one person has been killed in illinois. going to take you live to the community where it happened next.
5:27 am
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5:30 am
we have dramatic pictures to show you following an outbreak of tornadoes in the midwest. more than a dozen twisters touching down most in illinois where a dozen people are dead.
5:31 am
businesses homes reduced to rubble. this morning rescuers looking through the rubble to see if anyone remains trapped. let's go to ryan young. he's live from rochelle illinois. ryan tell us what the scene is around you. >> reporter: this had to be so scary for the people around here. this is a restaurant that had to go on the inside. 12 people on the inside of this restaurant when this storm started. they had to shelter in there. someone was trapped in a bathroom for half an hour. one person died. it tossed this tractor trailer like nothing. when we stopped at a gas station we talked to a man who saw the large cloud moving through the area. it scared him. his neighbor's cows were moved to another yard. now that light is up we will obviously drive around and see the other damage that's around this area. so far so many people surprised that only one person was killed.
5:32 am
you can understand for the families here they're really trying to deal with all the pain and damage that's been left behind. michaela. >> ryan they'll need a lot of support getting back on their feet but, again, stuff can be replaced, people can't be. thanks for that report. time forty-five things to know for your "new day." number one, obviously the deadly tornadoes hitting the midwest. most notably illinois. the system moving east posing concerns about flights in and out of the northeast today. newly released police dash cam video shows the moments leading up to walter scott's death. the footage does not show slager opening fire. hillary clinton set to officially roll out her presidential campaign sunday. cnn has declared she'll declare with a video on social media. president obama will meet with raul castro. the first interaction between the two since the countries agreed to renew diplomatic
5:33 am
relations. at 3:00 a.m. apple began taking preorders for the smart watch. online interest already points to a sellout. the apple watch officially hits store shelves on the 24th. price range 349 to $17,000. ouch. for more on the five things to know visit new daze day cnn-- it's time for cnn money now, your money, christine romans is here. >> you have five days left to file your taxes. the average refund received so far, just over 2800 bucks. 67% of taxpayers have filed. if you haven't, don't panic and file right away for a six-month extension. if you're rushing to get it done avoid the three common mistakes. number one, don't forget to sign your return. an unsigned return is like an unsigned check, not valid. number two, get the social security numbers right. taxpayers usually know their own
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5:35 am
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exploring the juiciest white house secrets to exposing some of the most private moments. the enormous. bing watching do you town abby.
5:39 am
>> a lot of them told me what goes on inside the white house stays in the white house. it took me a year and a half to report this book. i go to people's houses. they were kind enough to invite me to have lunch in some cases in their homes. then i would get close to one staffer who needed to trust me who would put in a good word for me with their friends. it took time but, yes, they're incredibly discrete. in fact some of them will say that they work at 160000 pennsylvania avenue. a lot of people don't know where that is. they don't brag about their jobs. >> you were able to get them to share with you some really ewesy details, including one moment at the height of the monica lewinsky scandal. the staff shared with you that they came to believe that in the bedroom there had been a moment where hillary clinton had somehow clocked bill clinton because there was evidence of some sort of fight? >> right. and one staffer told me that they were called up to their
5:40 am
bedroom and they found this blood on the bed and the president said he had ran into the door in the middle of the night, but they all thought -- the rumor was, back stairs she clocked him with a book. a lot of the housekeepers, especially the women that worked at the white house, thought he deserved it. hillary clinton had him sleeping on the sofa in the sitting room attached to their bedroom and the women on staff were really cheering for her. there were also really heartwarming stories in the book, too, about hillary clinton during particularly stressful times during the monica lewinsky scandal asking for a piece of her favorite mocha cake and calling the pastry chef. asking for time alone by the pool that are very relatable human moments. it's important to see these people as human beings too. >> your job was to get them to dish because the rest of us want to hear most of us anyway yet at the same time did it confirm to you that wow, you can't trust anybody and no wonder people in positions of power are so paranoid about who's around
5:41 am
them? >> well most of the stories in the book are positive and even the negative stories were told -- painted in a very positive light. and most of this is on the record. but, yes, i mean there really are in a sense the clintons felt under siege in the white house. one usher told me they were the most paranoid first family he ever worked with. in some cases i guess they really don't have any privacy because this is their inner sanctum, the second and third floors of the white house. another story that's really great is about michelle obama. she had asked the florists to label all the flowers in the arrangements so that she and her daughters could learn the different names and i just think that that's really fascinating. she asked one of the but the letters -- butlers to speak french to her daughters so they can learn. >> very real people and children have been raised in 1600 pennsylvania and it's interesting to look through the book and hear stories and see
5:42 am
some of the pictures that are really compelling. seeing some of the staff with these kids. as you mention, this is a really intimate relationship they're having with the children and the first lady and the president and the staff members. >> amy carter in particular had a really funny relationship with the pastry chef where she would ask him to help make her cookies because she had promised to bring cookies into her friends at school the next day. and so she always wanted to do it herself. he would start the oven for her up in the residence. she would be out roller skating, she'd forget all about it. she was very young. smoke would be billowing out of the kitchen. she in the elevator wrote her name in the elevator shaft. >> graffiti. federal crime. which family did they say was the best? when you look at all the different things who seemed the most beloved? >> hands down president george
5:43 am
h.w. bush and barbara bush. they would play horse shoes with the staff in the spring and 1u78 summer. the president was so beloved. the staffers aren't partisan in any way. one funny story is he asked for some bug spray one weekend afternoon when he was playing horseshoe with other staffers. he was sprayed with industrial pesticide. he had to be decontaminated in the shower. because he was, they say, so nice he brushed it off. >> also a federal crime. >> right. but he didn't tell anybody. >> there are so many great stories and great photographs. you did a great job in this book. i'm sure people want to pick it up and read them for themselves. kate anderson brouwer. i called you amy because i was talking about amy carter. those of you at home, i'm sure you're curious. tweet us or go on to our facebook page. ten years ago even when a wide eyed teenager backpacked into war torn rural nepal, she
5:44 am
made a remarkable decision. trading in her life in new jersey for one in the shadows of the himalayas. her name is maggie dorn. she built a home and school. she's 28 years old. she's a full-time mom for nearly 50 and educates hundreds more. that's why she's this week's cnn hero. >> most 28-year-old girls my age have a very different reality. after high school i decided to travel around the world with my backpack. in nepal for the first time i really saw the effects of civil war and children and women suffering, and it changed me. that was the beginning. i called up my parents and asked them to wire me over my $5,000 of baby-sitting money. >> time to get up. good morning. >> good morning. >> we started the home and then
5:45 am
we built a school. we select children who without us would not be able to go to school. a lot of them are begging on the streets. we have created the top performance schools in the region for 350 children. 50 of those kids live in our home. when you walk in the front gates of kopola valley you don't see suffering, you see healthy, laughing thriving kids. >> 28 years of age, gave up her normal life to do something extraordinary. there are heroes all around us and you can nominate someone deserving by going to do it right now. >> that's a great story. climate change remains a divisive issue. cnn's bill weir is on a mission
5:46 am
to the florida everglades to see the evidence himself. what he found shocked him. stay tuned for bill weir to talk about "the wonder list." >> shore birds, a place known as snake bite. "cnn heroes", everyday people changing the world is brought to you by -- on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. >>sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ laughing ] want to play hide and seek? yeah! 1... 2... 6... 10! [ female announcer ] piña colada yoplait. it is so good when
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5:50 am
behold the exuberance of a glacier climbing rookie. >> amazing. >> but gore-tex is the key. thee alps are the water tower of europe. >> that's bill weir in the two-part series "the wonder list." >> that was you yodling? >> yes. >> it was incredible. incredible. >> what did you see there? >> i spent a little time growing up in the rocky mountains. i thought those were the most beautiful mountains. the alps. now i get it. now i get the fuss. i went there to try to understand disappearing glaciers through the eyes of people who know their ice, long time ski guys rugged guys best mountaineers in the world. they wonder if they're the last
5:51 am
generation to climb that balsam glacier. it's going away at an alarming rate and i wanted to understand also the mindset of folks who don't think that's a big deal. >> i've got to tell you, i may be biased because we've known each other for a long time and i've benefitted from your stories. but it seems to me you've taken things you've known from here -- >> sandbagging, holding back? >> no. the experience that you went to in seeing and feeling has enhanced your story telling in a way where it's really coming through -- >> i appreciate that. >> -- the urgency and relevance of this. >> that's what happens when you hang out with field biologists or glaciologists and their work goes on in humble anonymity. you realize how passionate they are. a lot of decisions of 7 billion people can add up to changes
5:52 am
that may make these places go away. >> and the fact that you connect the dots right? that was the part that i found really profound. did you get a sense from talking to the people in each of these places that not only is there the concern, but there's something that can be done? >> yes. there's hope. >> that gives me hope. >> there's hope in every one of these hours, but we did tigers going away in india. saving tigers is going to be a trivial, naive diversion if sea levels rise a foot in the next 50 years. so this is the -- that's why we kind of finished with the big bang. climate change is the massive global problem that everybody needs to buy into and start rowing in the same direction to address, but then we finish up in the everglades which is the site of the biggest wildlife restoration project in history. if you create a swamp, you're going to create a price sometime. we need that swamp to survive. the drinking waters under the everglades. it sustains all the life in
5:53 am
florida bay, in the keys billion dollar fishing industries. that was the sort of totem, the everglades when we do realize the error of our ways. the same army corps of engineers that ripped it apart is putting it back together. it's expensive. it's cheaper to develop these places and develop and maintain them at the same time. >> obviously climate change continues to be a divisive issue. you talked to skeptics and did they open your mind to what their perspective is. >> what opened my mind i went to this hartland institute, big libertarian think tank. they dismissed it that they're in the pockets of big oil, big cole. coal. some of the skeptics don't get a dime. >> they are liberals. >> or that no great harm will come. we can burn every bit of coal every drop of oil on the planet
5:54 am
and it wouldn't matter. >> sway you? >> no. because you have nasa noaa the academies of science in every country that knows how to fire a rocket and google apple, coke pepsi, pentagon the pope all agree that this is happening and we need to be talking about it. it's the small group of real hard line deniers that their voice seems to be amplified because half of the u.s. senate is taking their talking points. >> last but not least, we also get to see you climbing. was this the most physically testing that you've done? >> it was, it was. >> that was for real. >> i got in way over my skis. i met this french man named sebastian. what's your experience? >> i've climbed some ice. then when we get up there you realize how weak your left arm is compared to your right as you're facing a wall of ice, you can't feel your feet i dropped my ice screw. i can't say that because i was on camera. >> taking a snow nap there where we saw you? >> that was me passing out. >> that's great. it's great stuff. >> you're a wonder. >> you can watch the two-part
5:55 am
season finale of "the wonder list" this sunday starting at 9:00 p.m. on cnn. >> you should frame that photo right there. >> that is great. >> oh, man. >> you don't realize the ground is a foot below. still counts. more please. more please. great to have you. >> appreciate it. >> what bill is doing is the good stuff. we have more this morning for you. there are thousands of cops out there right now doing things every day to make lives better for someone else. wait until you hear what one of them did and why it is "the good stuff."
5:56 am
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5:59 am
magic dragons. >> time for "the good stuff." sharnay merit has a son with cancer. they come to new york city and come to the ronald mcdonald house. they check in and sharnay fell prey to a city snafu. her car got towed. she parked in the wrong place. officer p.j. conley takes the call and he hears her situation. he's so moved. he said you know what let me call the impound. i don't know if you've ever called the impound. all they say is forget about it it's our car. they wouldn't give it to him. he paid the 185 bucks impound fee out of his pocket paid for the cab to the impound, too. >> especially in lieu of things
6:00 am
we've seen recently there are still good police officers out here that are serving the community. we just thank god for people like him. >> so do we. we love that officer. >> really do. >> that's great, chris. >> thanks for showing us that. with that we wrap up "new day" and hand it over to carol costello in "newsroom." >> a nice happy end to your show. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," destruction and devastation. the midwest waking up bruised and battered after a string of storms ripped through towns and lives. homes pummeled. families starting over. plus breaking news in the race for 2016. hillary making it official on sunday. the best political team on tv tracking the story for us. and tale of the dash cam tape. why did walter scott run. and new this morning, breaking developments on the cop charged with his


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