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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 14, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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and go on an oil rig and work two weeks on an oil rig. it's coming back. there's no doubt about it. the question is are there going to be long-term repercussions on species? will there be a long-term psychological effect on these fishing communities? many fishermen wrapped it up. they've had enough. they've had enough hurricanes. the oil spill. the questions about the future. it was time to hang up the boat and they turned it in. >> drew griffin, thanks for stopping by. appreciate it. you can check out the special report that airs tonight 9:00 eastern only on cnn. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now, a man shot and killed by a reserve deputy and now the victim's family asking why was he there? >> you've got wealthy individuals with little to no training allowed to participate in a highly dangerous situation. >> out with the old, in with the
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new. can republican presidential candidate marco rubio sell that message to the next generation of voters? plus two kids walking home alone picked up by police again. their parents say it's free range parenting. there's a question if it's too much freedom. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom" newsroom". good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for being with me. a volunteer deputy officer accused in the shooting death of an unarmed suspect and now charged with manslaughter. 73-year-old robert bates is expected to turn himself into authorities today. the video you're about to see shows the final moments of that fatal sting operation after the victim eric harris allegedly tried to sell officers an illegal handgun. chilling words from bates. the moment he realizes he's
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mistakenly pulled the trigger. >> roll on your stomach. now. [ gunshot ] >> i shot him. i >> he shot him. he shot him. >> stop fighting. >> he shot me! >> bates' attorney calls the shooting an excusable homicide but the victim's family says bates paid to play a cop and did not have enough experience. >> there was enough experience on top of my brother, knees in his head to not even have to use a taser. for it to be that many people around him and him go to use a taser really didn't make any sense. and then with the taser being yellow and on his chest, for him to shatt my brother with a .357
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makes no sense to me and i think it was overkill. >> major questions about bates' training and what it means for reserve forces across the country. cnn's ed lavandera has more for you from tulsa. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we are here in tulsa waiting for robert bates to turn himself in. we were told earlier this morning by his attorney that he would be turning himself in at some point here to the sheriff's officials he spent the last seven years volunteering for. as we await this news to happen many people still wondering just how a reserve deputy could confuse a bright yellow taser strapped to his chest during this operation for a small black .357 revolver in his hand. a lot of questions still swirling around that. we obtained a statement that robert bates gave to investigators four days after the shooting where he said he was shocked and from the recoil
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of the weapon once it discharged that he was in a state of shock and disbelief to find out that he had pulled a firearm and not the taser after that shooting incident. his attorney and sheriff's official, leadership here at the sheriff's department fully supports robert bates. they say this was an incident of excusable homicide that given the capacity he was working in that prosecutors should not have charged him with second-degree manslaughter carol. >> tell us about the relationship between this reserve deputy and the sheriff. >> reporter: that's one of those things that's been really kind of under fire here given the situation. robert bates, 73 years old, works as a reserve deputy. this is basically a volunteer position. he's not a full-fledged deputy. you do have to undergo training to get to this point but many people say that it's just not enough especially compared to undercover deputies that have
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extensive field experience and that sort of thing. robert bates is someone who by his own attorney's admission has given thousands of dollars of video equipment and other materials to the sheriff's department. he's been described as a benefactor of the sheriff's department and intimate friend of the sheriff here and the family says he paid his way into being a cop and many people questioning whether even if he was an experienced reserve deputy if he had any business being on an undercover operation like the one he was involved in with eric harris. >> we'll get back to you when mr. bates appears to turn himself in. ed lavandera reporting live from tulsa this morning. we'll talk more about this with harry houck and criminal defense attorney page paid. harry, let's start with you. i want to put the picture up of the taser and handgun. both have handles.
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you'll see the picture. is it an easy mistake to make? >> hard for me to believe he made this mistake but you have to look back. the gentleman was 73 years old. you have to look at his mental capacity now. first of all, this guy should not have been on the scene of a professional operation like this going on. this guy is an auxiliary officer. undercover sting operation going. this guy shouldn't be within a mile of this place. a big mistake made by the police department having that man on the scene. >> going back to the weapons for just a second. a handgun would feel different from a taser in weight right? >> look at the color. couldn't you even with your peripheral vision you have a bright yellow weapon in your hand instead of your handgun. now most of the time officers are supposed to have it in the opposite -- if i keep my gun on the right side you keep the taser on the left side. this way you don't pull one by mistake. especially when you really need your handgun. all right. so had this man made this
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mistake, i have no clue. i really don't. >> so authorities say this was an excusable homicide. i suppose this man could argue that in the heat of the moment he made an honest tragic mistake and he's sorry about it. >> he probably will make that argument but that does not excuse the death in this case. excusable homicide is like self-defense or some sort of justified killing. in this case i don't think there's a question that the incident was an accident. he didn't mean to pull his gun and shoot eric harris. but he did. under oklahoma law an accident if negligent can constitute manslaughter and that's why they charged him the way they have. >> so going back to this idea of auxiliary officers harry, you said this man shouldn't have been in this particular situation. what are the duties of reserve officers normally? >> they usually -- like here in new york traffic, parking, that type of thing. if there's a parade or something
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like that they'll handle that. >> are they armed? >> not in new york city. a lot of cities and states do have armed auxiliary officers and some are even on patrol. but they got to have expense-tensive training for that. i don't know how much training this gentleman had. in 2009 was the last time he was trained -- >> he had over 300 hours of police training. he apparently followed all of the rules according to the sheriff. >> except the big mistake on the department's part here is putting him in a professional situation where you need professional police officers and not volunteers. >> page is it possible that it is more the sheriff's office fault than this 73-year-old man for putting him in that place where he shouldn't have been? >> carol, i think that's exactly correct if you look at civil liability. there's no question mr. harris' family is going to pursue a civil lawsuit here. they will likely sue the officer as well as the department.
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i think the department is at fault for not having good policies and procedures to make sure that someone with this individual's lack of training is not in the position where he's required to make that judgment call of should i use my taser? should i use my firearm. i think the department has some exposure here. >> harry houck, page pate thank you very much. i appreciate you being with me. still to come the iraqi prime minister minutes away from his first white house meeting with president obama. he's coming with a very specific request in the fight against isis. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great... ...if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog-walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. and you don't even have to be a member to start shopping today. angie's list is revolutionizing local
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iraq's prime minister is scheduled to meet with president obama in just a few minutes. he's expected to ask for billions of dollars. billions more in military aid to fight isis. u.s. officials say the prime minister is making progress in enlisting tribal fighters to join iraqi forces as they prepare to battle isis in anbar province. the iraqi government says it's battling 70 firefighters who attacked the world's largest oil refinery. despite the desperate situation in parts of iraq u.s. officials say dealing with isis will require more than military aid. >> we're in unchartered territory here. we have to work together as an international coalition. that's why we built this coalition of 62 nations and there is an aggressive
7:14 am
comprehensive global campaign strategy to degrade and ultimately defeat this threat. >> michelle kosinski joins us live from the white house with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: carol, this meeting is about to happen any minute. you can see the gentlemen standing at attention behind us a awaiting the arrival of the iraqi prime minister for an hour-long meeting with the president. he'll meet with others here looking for a couple specific things. the iraqis haven't been too shy about talking about what they say they need from the u.s. in battling isis and rebuilding that country. first of all, yes, you named it. large sums of u.s. dollars. billions of dollars here for their budget and the fight. also things like drones attack helicopters, more ammunition more air strikes from the u.s. the white house hasn't really gotten into those specifics ahead of the meeting. they want to see how this meeting plays out and we'll wait to see if there are any
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announcements following it. the white house has said they are working very closely obviously with the iraqis on this. nearly daily conversations about how that fight is going, what more is needed. we know the white house asked congress for more than $5 billion additionally to fight isis. not just in iraq but of course now in syria. you look at the numbers already, this war against isis in both of these countries is costing -- guess how much an hour? guess how much fighting isis costs per hour to the u.s.? >> it's got to be in the millions right? >> reporter: that's what i might say. it costs according to the pentagon about $300,000 an hour. the u.s. has already spent more than $1 billion. these are small numbers when you compare it to the amount spent obviously by the u.s. over years in iraq and afghanistan combined. it's not like this is breaking the bank necessarily. these are big numbers and we know that the fight against isis is going to be a long one and very very ebbs pensive.
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what the white house likes to emphasize is that the solution is not going to be only military. it has to be political. it has to include all groups within iraq. this reconciliation and that's what the u.s. wants from iraq carol. >> all right. michelle kosinski reporting live from the white house this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," a maryland mother lets her 10 year old and 6 year old go to the park alone. the so-called free-range mom in trouble again. we'll talk about that next.
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a maryland mother and self-proclaimed free-range parent may be changing her controversial ways. on sunday danielle's children were held for over two hours by child protective services for the second time in recent months. what's a free-range parent any way? cnn's suzanne malveaux has more for you. >> cps has succeeded in making me terrified to let my kids out unsupervised. >> reporter: her children ages 10 and 6 were playing in this park 2 1/2 blocks away from where they live. when they started walking home on this busy commercial street in the evening, a concerned resident called police. >> they put the kids in the police car and kept them there for 2 1/2 hours. >> reporter: police took the kids to child protective services or cps investigating the family over a similar incident in december. at the time she explained to
7:21 am
"the washington post" they were raising free-range kids. >> we give our kids the childhood we had. they are trusted to go to the park and walk home from school. >> reporter: they found them guilty of ubnsubstantiated child neglect. they were in the process of appealing the decision when they were picked up on sunday. >> kids shouldn't be left wandering around. >> reporter: a child psychologist says giving kids freedom doesn't mean no limits. >> if they are old enough to walk to the neighbor's house, that's fine. they shouldn't be wandering around in a park by themselves unsupervised until they're much older. >> reporter: these children getting caught in the national debate over boundaries of free-range parenting and neglect. >> i don't think it's wrong per
7:22 am
se. >> reporter: the scariest thing about letting her children walk alone may be the government agency hovering nearby. >> i never was scared of strangers. the people who say it's dangerous and world is different have frankly been watching too much tv. >> reporter: suzanne malveaux cnn, silver spring maryland. >> still to come in the "newsroom" -- >> just yesterday a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. >> marco rubio says hillary clinton is a leader of the past. is he too new to win?
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happening soon hillary clinton getting ready for her first campaign event of the 2016 race with a thousand miles already behind her, clinton's road trip began sunday in new york is pulling into monticello iowa as part of her vow to have smaller small group gatherings she'll sit town with students and educators at kirkwood community college. yesterday is over and we're never going back. it's time for a new generation to take over. those words from marco rubio now officially running for president. >> i believe this is a country
7:27 am
always defined by upward mobility and quality of opportunity and i feel we're losing it now because we're not capitalizing on the opportunities or confronting the challenges of this new era and we won't be able to do that if we're trapped by people in the 20th century. >> we have people from yesterday, leaders still grounded in the 20th century, who think we pour more money into our existing higher education system and we'll get a 21st century result. senators can help lead us into the 21st centuries but only presidents can lead us into the 21st century and that's what i'm prepared to do. >> rubio's words kind of ironic because they echo what bill clinton and his wife hillary clinton said back in '92. slogan was don't stop thinking about tomorrow. it's time for a new generation. as you well know hillary clinton is trying to rebrand herself into something fresh. cnn politics executive editor mark preston is here to talk about that and more. good morning, mark.
7:28 am
>> good morning, carol. back to the early '90s, you had that fleetwood mac song in your head don't stop thinking about tomorrow. the clinton idea it's time for move on from 12 years of republican presidency. we saw two terms of course by ronald reagan and then his vice president george h.w. bush followed him in office. bill clinton defeated him in '92. it was that forward looking theme that clintons put forth and we saw that last night from marco rubio. >> i thought his speech was really powerful. he's a great speaker. he has a beautiful family. the crowd seemed receptive. a good start for him? >> great start for him. marco rubio is very polished. he's a fighter. wasn't supposed to be in the united states senate. overcame the odds. he ends up winning in 2010. that's why it's no surprise now, carol, that he's running for the
7:29 am
presidency. a lot of people thought he would take a pass because his good friend and mentor jeb bush is running but marco rubio has never stepped down from a challenge and i think that last night he had a very good rollout and good speech and very interesting slogan certainly in these troubled times that we're in. >> mark preston, thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. this note for you, too. you can hear more from marco rubio this afternoon. tune in at 4:00 eastern. mr. rubio will sit down with mr. tapper. the political season now under way. that means it's time for billionaires to put their money behind the man or the woman they want to become president. a man that made his money in dealerships is ready to fork over $10 million to marco rubio. here he is on fox news. >> i just think it's time for this country to really move ahead. it's 2016. it's not the 1990s. i don't believe in dynasties. i really think it's time for
7:30 am
this country to move beyond the bushes and the clintons and we need new, fresh leadership. i honestly believe that senator marco rubio can provide that leadership. >> speaking of jeb bush he's pushing his mentee aside. hillary clinton is busy. her fund-raising goal $2.5 billion. she has no serious contender in the democratic primary at least not yet. let's talk about the money. a republican strategist and cnn political commentator is here and so is david gergen former adviser to four presidents and a cnn senior political analyst. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> so $2.5 billion. remember back in the day when they only had to raise 1 billion. >> what happened to the good old days? that's more money than mitt romney and obama's campaigns in
7:31 am
2012 combined. that's an exorbitant amount of money. that's an interesting position considering that hillary's mantra this go around is she wants to be champion of the middle class. yet we're talking about billions of dollars and for her to put that money out there, that's a lot of money. on the flip side of it we talk about the money in politics and billionaires with a b, there's no strangers in the democratic party. the billionaires. nine of "forbes" top billionaires donated to obama's main pac. if you went down hillary clinton's call list you would see there's quite a few number of billionaires and spouses where she's getting money from. the idea -- i hope we have a balanced discussion at least about where the money is coming from on both sides. believe me the champion of the middle class has no problem getting problem from billionaires too. >> i did get a comment from her chief fund-raiser. i'll find it. does hillary clinton really need 2.5 billion? so far there's no serious
7:32 am
contender in the democratic primary. there may be right? why $2.5 billion? >> on the face of things no. the last time around barack obama in running for re-election when he did not have an opponent for the nomination he spent $1.1 billion. so this is a big escalation. on the other hand we're in an arms race a military arms race. one side escalates and the other side feels it has to escalate. the koch brothers made it clear they'll put a billion dollars into the republican side. she has to match that and she has her own array and other people like walton family or you can go down the list of people she has. >> is this the time candidates lobby billionaires for money? is that an added part of their job? >> they're always lobbying billionaires for money. >> don't you think when hillary was in that car going across a strange trip across pennsylvania when she wasn't talking to voters she was probably calling donors don't you think?
7:33 am
>> we all worked on campaigns. that's exactly what happens. particularly i'm sure that was one of the selling points with whoever came up with the idea to drive her across the country. at least i can spend plenty of time fund-raising. this is the reality -- >> not such a bad idea. >> depends on how you look at it. the optics are horrible and laughable. people are making fun of it. we're laughing at this. come on. hillary clinton, the one that gets $250,000 per speech and writers on her contracts and has to be in a private jet paid for by corporate donors or big-time billionaires and champion of the middle class driving across country in a skoobcooby-doo van stopping at chipotle. >> there's only about $100 million difference. wasn't much difference. it will be the same.
7:34 am
who wins in this situation are special interests. the candidates become you have to pay attention to who these people are and what their interests are on both sides. >> it's not good for the country. >> that's what voters complain about. it's in the hands of special interest. >> as long as there's full disclosure it goes to david's point that we know who is giving this money so when you see -- you look at the billionaire that gave $100 million and strong leftist environmentalist who basically told the obamas and democrats, listen this is the agenda i want which is partially responsible for why keystone pipeline was killed and why obama as stubborn on this. it affects policy. >> the other thing that billionaire's money does is keep candidates in the race longer than they should be in the race
7:35 am
like rick santorum is a good example of that. >> especially newt gingrich last time around. it would have been helpful for romney had newt dropped aside but he had all that money coming in from one particular donor. it kept him alive a lot longer and extended this. we're already into -- this is going to be an extraordinarily long campaign. it will feel like a long campaign. 573 days until election day. 573. can you believe it? >> with every medium possible for us to see every aspect of what candidates are doing including their menus. money isn't the only thing here. we can go back to '96 where phil graham was the most well financed candidate. in '96, he didn't win the nomination. back to 1980 ronald reagan was not the highest financed candidate either but he won. messaging is very important. no matter how much money hillary clinton has or spends on consultants to try to change her image and make her likable, she's got to have messaging and people need authenticity. >> she stays on message.
7:36 am
thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," who was in walter scott's car? huge mystery now revealed after that deadly shooting in south carolina. we'll talk about that next. t-mobile is breaking the rules of wireless. and the samsung galaxy s6 edge is breaking the rules of design. can't get your hands on it because you're locked down by a carrier? break free t-mobile will pay every penny of your switching fees. get ahead of the curve and get your hands on the galaxy s6 edge for $0 down at t-mobile today. ( music throughout) ♪ ♪ one time ♪ one coat coverage, one coat guaranteed.
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he didn't deserve to die. words from the man who was in the car with walter scott moments before a cop shot and killed scott after a traffic stop in south carolina. in a statement to the newspaper,
7:40 am
pierre fulton called scott a dear friend but admits he didn't know what made him run. cnn's nick valencia is in north charleston with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. for the first time publicly as you mentioned, we're hearing from that mystery passenger in the car with walter scott the day he was shot and killed. pierre fulton talks about his friend saying he was a dear friend and i miss him every day. over the past five years he helped me become a better man and showed me the value of hard work. i'll never know why he ran but i know he didn't deserve to die. those i have spoken to say they are healing and grieving and earlier i spoke with a prominent civil rights professor from the college of charleston and asked him how the community is getting by. >> the community would certainly -- the community certainly appreciates that officer slager was charged with murder within hours of the release of the video.
7:41 am
however, at the same time you see anger over this because it took a video in order to prompt the murder charge. and without that video, you see this pattern repeating itself of one of blaming the victim dehumanizing the victim and only seeing the official police version as the story that is reported in the press. >> reporter: we've seen demonstrations continuing here calling it a culture of i difference between the african-american community and police department saying there is discrepancies in the makeup of the north charleston police department which contributed to that incident that many have seen across the united states. the investigation ongoing. the south carolina law enforcement division continuing its investigation. also weighing in on this the state solicitor general who said right now based on the evidence there's not enough for the death penalty. officer slager remains behind bars. carol? >> nick valencia reporting live
7:42 am
from north charleston this morning. another police shooting in oklahoma. robert bates is set to turn himself into authorities today. bates says it was an accident. he intended to taze the victim eric harris but mistakenly drew his gun. that's little consolation to harris' family. his brother and the family's attorney spoke with cnn's "new day." >> i was very pleased that the d.a. pressed charges against this individual and i'm hoping to see more justice in this case. >> as the attorney for the family, i know that you have questioned why this reserve deputy was involved in this sting operation to begin with. dan, you have lots of questions about why he was on scene. >> absolutely. i mean i think the country now has seen a system where you've
7:43 am
got wealthy individuals with little to no training allowed to participate in a highly dangerous situation. it's dangerous not only to citizens on the streets but dangerous to fellow officers. >> his attorney maintains he was certified by security officers and peace officers. this is not the same standard that police officers are trained with. >> well the certification is different than field training which is what a standard deputy is going to have. hundreds of hours and then thousands of hours field training. i've not seen any field training records for mr. bates. they produced some summary training records. again, completely different than the training records that are
7:44 am
being referenced by the tulsa county sheriff's office. >> andre, i want to read the official statement from the reserve deputy. i don't know if you had a chance to see it. "my intention was to deploy a taser and end struggle by harris and remove the threat posed by harris possibly being armed with a deadly weapon. i never intended to use deadly force. i believe i was acting appropriately and in a reasonable manner." does it feel appropriate to you or do you feel he was intentionally shot? >> yes. it was a situation where i didn't necessarily think that a taser should even be used. as you see the footage, there was three or four or five people on him. we haven't seen the whole tape. not exactly sure how many people were on him. but there was enough people on top of my brother, knees in his head to not even have to use a
7:45 am
taser. for it to be that many people around him and him go to use a taser, really didn't make any sense and then with the taser being yellow and on his chest, for him to shoot my brother with a .357 makes no sense to me and i think it was overkill. >> i'll be right back. (music throughout) one coat coverage, one coat guaranteed, one happy couple. marquee, behr's most advanced paint and primer, only at the home depot.
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one year ago today, boko haram militants kidnapped 300 girls from a school. after promises from nigeria's president-elect to fight boko haram, many girls are still missing and fates unknown. we're joined now from nigeria with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. they have gone every day for one year since the girls went missing. they are protesting bring back our girls. there is anger but also determination. also shock really amongst the campaigners that this has been going on so long. we spoke to a former education minister and one of the head
7:50 am
campaigners. here's what she had to say, carol. >> there's no closure. there's no closure. 219 young women that went to be educated cannot simply vanish into the atmosphere and then the whole world just moves on when as a matter of fact terrorists did show that they are with our girls. there's no closure. >> reporter: we heard rumors that some of the girls have been married off as sex slaves to terrorist group boko haram fighters. some may have been killed in the military offensive against that group. to be honest carol, nobody has any idea where these girls are and what's happened. the campaigners we spoke to say they are determined to sit this one out and they'll come back every day until those girls are brought back alive.
7:51 am
carol? >> some of these young girls managed to escape their captors. how are they coping? >> reporter: yes. very shortly after they were captured, 50 or so girls managed to get off the truck when it broke down and flee. they were then sort of reintegrated back into society. some of them are at an american school in the area in that northeastern area of nigeria. some of them are even in america. it's the trauma that these girls have to deal with for the rest of their life. as much as it's a personal journey they've been through, it's also a group journey. they may have got away. they may be alive. they don't know what's happened to their friends, sisters, that were still out there kidnapped by boko haram, carol. >> christian purefoy, many things to you. we'll go back to oklahoma --
7:52 am
we'll check our top stories. it's 51 minutes past the hour. the suspect at a deadly shooting at a north carolina community college is now in custody. police say that he was found sleeping on a florida beach overnight more than 500 miles away from where yesterday's shooting took place. one person was killed in the incident. police say a motive is unknown. at least eight people are dead in somalia after terrorists stormed a government building. al shabab is claiming responsibility for that attack. militants debttonated car bombs outside of the education ministry and forced their way inside where they opened fire. a police captain said the attackers were dead. and u.s. marine corps captain always dreamed of flying with the blue angels. now she's done that the first ever female to sit in the cockpit during a blue angel show. she first earned her wings in 2011 and has flown almost 400 hours in combat.
7:53 am
all right. are we going to head out to tulsa, oklahoma right now? mr. bates has now turned himself into authorities. i think he's charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of a suspect. you saw that terrible video. there was a sting going down. police moved in to arrest a suspect. they wrestled him to the ground. this 73-year-old reserve deputy pulled what he thought was his taser ready to taser this suspect and then he inadvertently reached for his gun instead and shot the suspect and the suspect later died. ed lavandera is on the scene in tulsa, oklahoma with more on this. tell us more ed. >> good morning, carol. robert bates as you see this video just arrived here at the sheriff's department in tulsa to turn himself in. he arrived with his attorneys. we asked him if he wanted to
7:54 am
make any comments. his attorneys asked us to wait a little bit. they said they wanted to go inside and take care of what they needed to take care of. so it remains to be seen whether or not mr. bates will make any sort of public comment after he has been booked into the sheriff's department. the very department where he spent the last seven years volunteering as a reserve deputy and volunteering more than 1,000 hours. as he walked in first time i ever had seen him face to face he appeared rather subdued as he walked in quietly inside the sheriff's department here. we anticipate not exactly sure how long this proscess will take for him getting booked in on charges of second-degree manslaughter carol. it appears there may be some sort of statement either his attorneys or mr. bates himself might make after they wrap up their business inside the sheriff's department here carol. >> ed lavandera reporting live from tulsa oklahoma, this morning. i'll be right back.
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picking up other people's trash may sound like a thankless job but in the newest episode of "somebody's got to do" michael rowe has someone flocking to help with that effort. >> they wouldn't be here if chad weren't so inspirational. >> does that make you feel good? >> what's that? >> just looking at a bunch of people. >> it's great. it's the best. i think of cops and judges and stuff. i feel like they see some of america's worst and i feel like i see a lot of america's best you know? all right. we can get this now.
7:59 am
>> all right. >> nice. >> so far the jolliest garbage men on earth have gathered what humans have dumped into this river. >> this is the fun part. >> not sure how i assumed this particular position. >> however, we're still being held hostage by a bloody do-gooder. >> are we going to meet our quota today? >> no. >> what's the quota?
8:00 am
s gotta to do it" here on cnn. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me today. "at this hour" starts now. all right. so whatever happened to this guy? new jersey governor chris christie. once the republican front runner for president and now with a new plan to claw his way back into the race. his first big move just minutes away. his attorney calls it an accident. a 73-year-old volunteer deputy in oklahoma you see there is now charged with manslaughter after shooting and killing a man during an undercover operation. how did it and why did it happen? he just turned himself in. >> is the iran nuclear deal in jeopardy because of congressional bipartisanship. members of both parties n


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