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tv   CNN International  CNN  April 14, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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congress gets its way. the u.s. president looks set to make a major concession over the iran deal. and inside, an exclusive report on the challenges of getting into the war-torn city. another brutal encounter with police, reaction after a cop slams his car into a suspect. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. thank you so much for being with us. >> good to have you with us. this is cnn newsroom. and we begin this hour with another potential hurdle for any nuclear agreement with iran.
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the white house says president obama would sign a bill which gives congress a say in that deal. >> democrat and republicans both raised objections to the agreement which has yet to be finalized. chief u.s. security correspondent jim schudo has more. >> after months of the white house fighting to keep lawmakers out of the iran negotiations, today, congress forcing its way in. >> more fully than ever, i believe congress should play a role in ensuring that all the details that need to be in place are there. >> republicans and democrats united behind a compromised bill giving lawmakers oversight of any final agreement. >> i think it is congressional prerogative and we are the ones who impose sanctions, we're the ones who are going to have to take it up under permanent changes. >> under chairman bob corker and ranking democrat ben cardin, the original 60-day review period cut to 30 days and a provision requiring the president to
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certify every 90 days that iran is no longer backing terrorism against americans watered down to periodic reports on iran's terror and missile-related activities. faced with what looks increasingly like a veto proof majority in the senate, today the white house said the changes appear to be enough to merit the president's signature. >> republican chairman working closely with the democratic ranking member, ben cardin, have agreed to address a large number of the concerns that we've raised and provide the kind of clarity that we need to give our negotiators time and space to try to reach an agreement. >> for iran, however, congressional action injects new downs into already difficult nuclear talks and highlights a key sticking point, sanctions. >> as long as this instrument of coercion and pressure is kept there, i think people will never have a -- the peace of mind that is needed in order to implement a good agreement. >> the iran deal is already an
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issue in the 2016 presidential race. today, republican candidate marco rubio agreed to remove his amendment. it would have required iran to recognize the state of israel. the senate foreign relations committee passed the compromised bill unanimously. it will now go to a full senate where it is expected to get the approval of a veto-proof majority. i spoke to a senior irany diplomate who said, quote, we expect to deal only with the administration. cnn, walk. iraq's prime minister continues his first official visit to washington with a meeting with congressional leaders. he met with president barack obama on tuesday. hamadi was expected to ask for more weapons. iraqi officials say he only asked for increased air strikes on isis positions. mr. obama pledge dollars $2 million in humanitarian aid. he emphasized u.s. forces are
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not returning to iraq. >> i've made clear from the outset that isil is an enemy and we will make sure that they do not threaten the united states and we will go after them, wherever they are. but when we are working with strong ally and partner like iraq, it is very important for us to coordinate our activities so that the impressions is not that the united states is somehow moving back into iraq, but rather, the united states is doing what's ultimately best for the iraqi people, even as we join in fighting a common enemy. >> in the meantime, isis released a video that purportedly shows its fighters inside the beiji oil refinery. pa paramilitary force says hundreds of forces are headed into the refinery to defend it. the u.n. security council is
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trying to pressure rebels in yemen where saudi-led coalition air strikes have not been enough to force them back to the dip low the maic table. the council voted tuesday to hit them with sanctions and demand they pull back and stop their violence. >> this video you can see here, trucks and tanks heading south. rebel res now controlling much of yemen and that includes, by the way, the capital. the fighting has left millions of people in yemen in desperate need pap rare cease-fire loud unicef to deliver aid on tuesday. nick has this exclusive report. >> well, this plane has landed in a scene of devastation, frankly, here. the areas around the runway which are still intact pock marked, hangars destroyed, a lot of devastation clearly in the last few days alone. now, this is badly needed medical urgent supplies for a country where food is scarce, water is scarce, but there are
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many injured that simply aren't getting the medicine they want. and over here, as well, what seems to be one of the last if not the last according to an ambassador we spoke to, plane taking civilians out of here now. now, the cargo planes continue to land. they have very tight windows negotiated with the saudi and authorities here, but the key question is quite how calm the situation is for this kind of work to continue and also quite whether this delivers enough of the aid that people need. a country of millions here on the brink and this just frankly a drop in the ocean. badly needed from unicef, but so much more has to come. havanna is praising u.s. president barack obama's recommendation to remove cuba from its list of countries that support terrorism. >> the white house has written a letter to congress saying cuba hasn't supported any terrorist
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activity for the past six months and havana has promised it won't do so in the future. this follows months of warming relations between the united states and cuba. in the mean time, italy is seeing a surge in migrants who are risking their lives to reach europe from africa. on tuesday, the aide group said the children sat and spoke to survivors of a boat that capsized off the coast of libya. they say 400 people are still missing, but the italian coast guard says it can't confirm the incident. reuters are reporting nearly 250 migrants arrived tuesday night. italy's coast guard says nearly 8,000 migrants have been rescued at sea over the past four days. police in arizona have released video of a controversial takedown. we must warn you this video you're about to see is extremely graphic. this was the scene. take a look here. this past february. you can see the man walking down the street there, mario
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valencia. he was spotted after allegedly stealing a rifle from a store. >> the suspect fired a shot in the air as he was walking down the side of the road. that's when a patrol car slammed into him. here it comes. valencia survived. he spent two days in hospital before police took him into custody. the local police chief says the takedown was necessary. the lawyer's suspect, though, disagrees. >> the situation is exacerbated by the fact that he then gets very close to some businesses that are occupied by several hundred people. at some point, we have to take an action and if we don't take an action, we certainly don't know what the individual is going to do, but we can't allow him to get to the point where he entered the office complex. we can't allow him the opportunity to take somebody who is in the parking lot hostage to do a car jacking or something of that nature.jacking or somethin
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that nature. >> he was not threatening anybody. he had put the gun to his head multiple times. and then when we see the video, he has the gun straight up in the air and shoots it off one time. we also then don't hear any officers giving commands to my client to put down the gun, any effort whatsoever to try and de-escalate the conversation, to have a conversation with him. i find it ludicrous to say that we're saving this man's life who is suicidal by almost killing him. i mean, he could have died. it's miraculous that he didn't die, given how hard he was hit. >> later this hour, more details about another controversy of police. a shooting death by an unarmed policeman in the state of california. and we are following another shooting, this time by a volunteer sheriff's deputy in oklahoma. as cnn's ed lavendara reports,
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the accidental shooting has ruined lives and raised questions about police training and staffing. >> i shot him. i'm sorry. >> that's the apology from a volunteer sheriff's deputy who fatally shot a man he says he meant to tase instead. while robert bates is a volunteer reserve deputy, some might even call the position unofficial, he's now facing a very real charge of man slaughter. >> mr. bates, do you want to say anything. >> no, let us get our job done. >> the 73-year-old insurance company ceo turned himself into the sheriff authorities this morning. the same office he's been generously financing and volunteering with for years. >> in light of the charges, he's not going the make a statement. we -- we will defend this in a court of law and that's what we're going to do. robert bates' attorney says his actions were excusable homicide. >> make me nervous, man. >> here is what happened. april 2nd, tulsa cameras seem to show harris selling the gun to
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an undercover officer, then running to escape. >> stop, stop, stop right here. >> and eventually being taken down by deputies. bates arrives to assist and shouts that he is going to tase the suspect, but shoots his gun into harris's back instead. >> oh, i shot him. i'm sorry. >> the fatal mistake is now raising questions about whether bates should have been on the scene that day. >> should he actually have been serving in something like that? >> an audio released by harris' attorney, the victim's brother questions police after they notify him of the event, calling it an accident. >> accident. freak accident. >> you've got wealthy individuals with little to no training allowed to participate in a highly dangerous situation. it's dangerous not only to the citizens on the streets, but it's dangerous to fellow officers. >> with the taser being yellow and on his chest, for him to shoot my brother with a .357
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makes no sense to me and i think it was -- it was overkill. >> bates' attorney says their client has had hundreds of hours of police training and was qualified to be on the scene. the sheriff's office says mistaking this large, brightly colored taser for this small, black pistol was a tragic, human error. >> they've taken the fact that this man has been good to the community, has been ben negative lent to the community and has be a great citizen for our town and made it something bad or sinister. that's the unfortunate thing. >> cnn, tulsa, oklahoma. and all these case ves sparked a national day of action across the united states. hundreds of demonstrators marched through traffic on the brooklyn bridge in new york. they carried signs saying stop murder by police and stop killer cops. dozens of people were reportedly arrested. >> and it's not just in new york. protesters in san francisco, as well, they disrupted a meeting at city hall. they were chanting no justice,
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no peace, no racist police. still to come here on cnn newsroom, a new report says anyone could take control of a commercial plane. all they would need is a laptop and wi-fi. plus, cnn goes inside a plane's cargo withhold to see what it was like for an airport worker who got trapped right here inside this cargo hold screaming and banging for help. i take these out... put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. you've been staring at that for awhile, huh? listen, td ameritrade has former floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn.
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urinary tract infection, and headache. take charge by talking to your doctor about your oab symptoms and myrbetriq. find out if you can get your first prescription at no cost by visiting a look now at the stock markets in the asia pacific region at this hour. nikkei down 0.3%. hong kong slightly in positive territory. that's a quick turn around in the last few moments. shanghai deposit, way down 1.25%. similar story in sydney with the asx 200 down by 0.6%. >> those markets you see there have been absorbing news out of china. you've got a weak property sector, lower demand across the world and government debt are just some of the reasons the country is slowing down. 7% gdp growth. >> the chinese economy grew 7% for the first quarter this year, well below the 7.3% expansion at
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the end of last year. the important part is, this is the slowest growth there since 2009, just after the financial crisis. a u.s. government agency warns it may be possible to take over a commercial plane with nothing other than a laptop. >> this new report says computers on hundreds of newer planes are vulnerable to hacking, either by someone on board or even on the ground. that's because the cockpits use the same wi-fi at passengers. >> the report says it's possible somewhere could actually commandeer the aircraft, put a virus into the flight control computers and even take over the warning or navigation systems. cnn aviation analyst mary sciavo says cyber security should be a top priority. >> this is the second in a series of reports they did the first one in january. in january, they found that the faa had failed to take this into consideration in building their
10:19 pm
new air traffic control system, which is wonderful. but it relies on satellites and computer interfacing literally to fly around the world seamlessly. so now, the second part says, and not only did the faa not take into consideration cyber security and developing this system and putting up good fire walls in air traffic control, they looked at the aircraft and made sure that the aircraft can with stand cyber attacks. and so the alarm now is for the government to go back and apply these standards and really develop a threat model so they can defend against it. at this point, sounding the alarm bell was very important because the faa and the nations of the world have to defend against this and come up with these fire walls, which is hugely important. they need to do it now before someone is able to actually carry out this kind of an attack. >> there was, however, a more immediate concern for passengers on an alaska airlines flight when they heard banging and screaming coming from the cargo hold. listen closely. you can hear it faintly on this cell phone video.
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>> unimaginable. those cries and bangs actually came from an airport worker who, get this, fell asleep in the cargo hold. this happened on monday. the jet then had to actually made an emergency landing all the way back in seattle. >> in the air for just 14 minutes, but many people there asking the question how could something like this actually happen? gary tuchman went inside a cargo hold to find out what it was like and how someone could survive. >> we've been told we can't reveal the airline of this plane, but we've been given access to this plane. it's a boeing 737. and we're going to show you how the cargo compartment works and what it looks like. usually three or four luggage workers who raise the door. they have a ramp here normally, but because we don't have a ramp, simulating what they do, put your bags on the plane, try to take good care of the bags so they don't break your valuables,
10:21 pm
which occasionally does happen, i suppose. now i'm going to go inside to give you a look at what it looks like inside the cargo hold. there are two cargo compartments in the boeing 737. there's another one in the aft at the back, it's a smaller one. this is where all your bags go. it's about 30 feet long, this bigger one, about eight feet wide. you can see if a luggage worker worked a long day, he's waiting for bags to arrive, he can sit right here. have a soft bag with a pillow and maybe just doze off. we wonder how likely it is to see someone would be heard by the passengers or air crew. dave is a mechanic here. when you heard this story, did it shock you? >> not really. being human, after a long day, we could find a cozy spot and fall asleep. >> so it's not stunning to you? >> no. it's not supposed to happen, but, you know, it does. >> it could happen.
10:22 pm
okay. these planes don't have fuel to operate the engines right now. so we want to replicate the noise. we're going to do it with this very loud tug. eric, lou doing? can you turn on the dug for us? so that's some noise to try and replicate the situation when the plane was flying. dave, i'm going to go back inside. will you -- to show you how dark it is because it is pitch dark. you close the door when i get inside. >> by all means. >> okay. give it a close. all right. so now you can see it is pitch dark inside here. i'll turn a flashlight on. there you go. now you can see me, but you can't see very much else. so amid the noise, we're putting dave in the cockpit to see if he can hear me. this is the flight deck. so here i am stuck, the plane is rolling down the runway. we're in the air. i want to get the heck out of here. can you guys hear me?
10:23 pm
hey, get me out of here! get me out of here! can you hear me? >> yeah, i can hear -- i can hear banging. >> so dave did, indeed, hear me from up top. but if it didn't and my life depended upon it, i could have kicked harder and yelled even louder. it is pressurized inside here, but it is very tight and very dark. if you're claustrophobic, this would be a very frightening place to be, particularly if you were in flight. >> gary tuchman there, returning to atlanta in the cargo hold of a plane. no, he's not. okay. now to denver where two airport security screeners have been fired and two others reassigned over an alleged scheme that allowed one of them to actually grope, touch up passengers. >> yes. police say this is how it worked. a male screener would signal over to an accomplice when he saw a man who he found attractive. they would then executive the scanner for female.
10:24 pm
they would detect an anomaly in the groin region allowing for a pat-down of the man's groin region. >> the accomplice told investigators this happened at least ten times, but there will be no charges filed because no victims have come forward. not very reassuring. >> yes. one of the top stories online right now, hidden cameras at one u.s. airport revealed what could happen to your luggage once you turn it over to baggage handlers assuming they're not asleep in the cargo hold. check it all out at "cnn headline news".com. american actress rita wilson says she's battling breast cancer. wilson told people magazine that she underwent a dug mastectomy last week following her diagnosis. >> wilson says she was first told she did not have cancer, but decided to see a second doctor. she says that second opinion may have saved her life. wilson is expected to make a full recovery. she plans to return to work on broadway next month.
10:25 pm
a german woman made headlines for giving birth to -- get this -- her 13th child at 55 years old. but she did not stop there. >> she's now 65, pregnant again, this time with her quadruplets. linda kincaid has the story. >> parenting at any age can be challenging, but imagine being pregnant at 65. and not with one child, but four. already a mother to 13 children, and a grandmother to seven, she wanted more. >> translator: i'm not really scared. so far, i'm very fit and i can't imagine why that would change. and you never know. you can be 20 or 40 and something might happen. >> now the german teacher is set to become the oldest woman ever to give birth to quad ruiquadru. >> i'm doing well and quantitily
10:26 pm
being monitored and checked. >> she had her first child at the tender age of 21. that child is now 44 years old. this time around, she used ivf with donated eggs that were fertilized. one doctor tried to encourage her to abort a fetus or two, but she would not consider it. >> translator: i think things would continue to go well. the doctors would intervene immediately if something was wrong and then i would have to go to the hospital. i know that. >> the teacher made the news ten years ago when at the age of 535, she gave birth to daughter layla. she decided to become pregnant again because that daughter want add younger sib lipg. >> i find life with children great. you constantly have to live up to new challenges and that probably also keeps you young. >> and although the single mother is breaking records, she's not the oldest woman to give birth. that record goes to rasher debbie lohan who at the age of 70 became the world's oldest
10:27 pm
first-time mom after three rounds of ivf. her daughter, navine, will turn 7 later this year. linda kincaid, cnn. >> one of the problems they're going to have is because of her age, the babies will probably be born prosecute mature, there would be a lot of caesarean section, there can be a lot of problems with those kids and there will be problems with breast-feeding, as well. many have said this is not a good thing to do. >> no. 2 world health organization says they have a warning for moms to be. the group says women in industrialized countries are choosing to give birth via c-section more frequently than recommended. >> experts say caesarean sections should only be performed when medically necessary. the w.h.o. says c-sections are done without medical need can put women and their babies at risk for health problems. >> the group says the ideal weight of c sections for a country is around 10% to 15%, but the rate in the u.s. was
10:28 pm
more than double in 2013. >> for comparison, recent data shows germany with a 32% rate. italy higher at 38%. brazil highest of all, 52%. we're going to take a quick break here on cnn. in when he come back with a white officer is facing murder charges for fatally shooting a man in the u.s. state of south carolina. the passenger who were in the car with walter scott before he was shot has come forward. also ahead, it got very heated inside an atlanta courtroom as former educators were sentence dollars in one of the country's biggest cheating scandals. >> there were thousands of children that were harmed in this thing. this is not a victimless crime that occurred in this city. bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business.
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welcome back, everybody. wherever you might be, anywhere in the united states or around the world, this is cnn newsroom. >> 30 minutes past the hour here. let's give you your headlines. the white house says president obama is willing to let congress approve any potential nuclear deal with iran. congress is expected to pass the measure, giving it up to 52 days to review any deal. during that time, mr. obama would not be allowed to wave congressional sanctions against iran. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula says a drone strike has killed one of its top leaders in yemen. militants say the former guantanamo bay detainee was a religious schooler and a combat commander. the u.n. security council has approved sanctions and an armed embargo on the rebels who now control much of yemen.
10:33 pm
iraq's prime minister is asking for more military support to battle isis. he met with president obama tuesday in his first official visit to the white house. an iraqi official says mr. abadi asked for more air strikes, but did not ask for more weapons as expected. he'll meet with congressional lead others wednesday. police in the u.s. state of arizona have released a video from this past february warning it is graphic. mario valencia responded after allegedly stealing a rifle from the store. police say he fired into the air, was walking towards an area where hundreds of people were working. >> oh! >> slammed into him, valencia, though, managed to survive. >> just horrific, that video. there is another controversial police incident we've been following. a white police officer in south carolina is facing murder charges for shooting a black man as he was running away. >> and we are now hearing from the passenger who were in the car with the suspect moments
10:34 pm
before it all happened. as brian todd reports, the case is bringing to light previous instances where officer michael slager's use of force was questioned. >> there is now a name with the shadow. a mysterious passenger inside walter scott's car in those critical moments before scott was gunned down is 31-year-old pierre fulton. now fulton has come forward with a statement to cnn about scott. i'll never know where he ran, but i know he didn't deserve to die. even with that claim, fulton may be able to fill in some critical gaps in this story. a former nypd detective takes us us inside the investigation room and the questions he had for fulton. >> did he mention to you why the police may be after him specifically? what did you see after mr. scott ran? did you see the tussle? did you see some sort of physicalitiercation? >> fulton has been interviewed by south carolina's law enforcement division. but so far, all he said publicly is what's in his statement. walter was a dear friend and i
10:35 pm
miss him he day. now, the state prosecutor leading the investigation says officer michael slager who fired the fatal shots likely won't face the death penalty because, quote, there are no statutory aggravating circumstances present. veteran criminal defense attorney keith waters says slager could face eventually one of three specific charges. >> probably murder in the second degree, man slaughter, maybe even first degree murder on a plea with a cap on the number of years he's going to do in jail. >> but slager has other legal challenges, two raut lawsuits over his use of force. after wilsons pulled out of his vehicle at a traffic stop, wilson tasers him. >> turn over! turn over or you're going to get it again. . >> wilson's lawyer says his client was tased after he was
10:36 pm
put in a submissive position. and another tasing incident from 2013. mario gibbons says slager pulled him out of his house and tased him even though witnesses said he wasn't the burglary suspect he was looking for. others may follow. >> chances are, there are other people out there who say oh, i remember that police officer. let me call a lawyer right now or let me go file a complaint right now because it happened to me, also. >> but these aren't slam dunks against slager. he was exonerated in the gibbons tasing case. >> keith says a judge probably wouldn't allow those lawsuits to be mentioned at slager's criminal trial. and in civil and criminal cases, he says, juries often give more weight to a police officer's testimony because of the authority they have and the stresses they face on the beat. brian todd, cnn, washington. chicago is proposing a multi
10:37 pm
million dollar reparation fund for the victims of one of its notorious police officer. from the 1970s through the early 1990s, john birch led torturing. police officer used electric shocks, burning and mock executions to ring confessions out of suspects, many of whom were african-american. >> i was one of the first ones tortured by burrs in 1973. he came to my house, kicked the doors in. throwed me on the floor, put the shotgun to my head. >> you do not expect the people that have a badge to treat you in that manner. they play the game called russian roulette on me. and the way that they played it, they didn't play it with a revolver. they played it with a shotgun. >> burge was convicted in 2010 for perjury, for lying about the torture and served less than four years in prison.
10:38 pm
he still gets a pension. >> in the meantime, here in atlanta, this is a day the city would probably like to forget. after a five-month trial, ten former educators learned their punishment tuesday for taking part in one of the nation's biggest school cheating scandals ever. >> they were found guilty of racketeering and other crimes earlier this month to inflating test scores to hang on to their jobs. it includes up to seven years in prison, fines, community service. the judge made et clear how he felt. >> i'm giving my sentence based on your client and both similarly situated miss sharon davis williams and mr. pitts were at the very top of this scandal, at the very top. and everybody in the education system at aps knew that cheating was going on and your client
10:39 pm
promoted it. there were thousands of children that were harmed in this thing. this is not a victimless crime that occurred in this city. from 2001, there was whole scale cheating going on in the atlanta public schools and these kids were passed on and passed on and have no chance to begin with because of where they live, who their parents were, who their -- you know, just their situation and the only chance that they had was the school. >> jumg, i -- >> to get an education. >> cheating is believed to date back to 2001. in 2013, a jury indicted 35 educators. more than 20 took a plea deal. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, new video from north korea that shows a very rare glimpse of kim jong un's wife.
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♪ ♪ if you're in north korea right now, you are not watching cnn because they don't get us. you are watching kctv which is north korean state controlled media. this is what they've been watching all day long, the celebrations, these little kids singing and dancing and it's all part of the very big special celebration for the founder of the country, kim il sung. he will turn 103 on this day. ats major holiday there in north korea and this is the kind of
10:44 pm
stuff which they do. >> two days of celebration. also that international marathon they had on sunday. i want to bring in our correspondent, paula hancock. she's been following the event. paula, you know, as i was talking about, you have this two-day national holiday, this international marathon on sunday. but then we also got to see a very, very rare appearance from kim jong un's wife. this is her first time appearing in public in 2015, krecorrect? >> that's right. to be fair, of the past couple of years, we have seen a bit of her. she has been absent from public view, at least, for the last few months. the last time we saw her was december 17th, the anniversary of kim jong un's father. we saw her just a day before one of the most important dates on the north korean calendar of the
10:45 pm
birthday of the kim il sung. so it does appear she's coming out out for the very important days. in a country often cloaked in secret ski, north korea's first lady is a mystery woman. these are the first images of her since almost four months ago, reportedly cheering alongside husband kim jong un at a soccer match. in stark contrast, she has become a become a fashion icon. recently, a north korean defector talked about her. >> she is a beautiful woman. she's our generation. she wanted to somehow through her fashion style, she wanted to bring -- >> so she's changed things? >> she's changed fashion a lot. >> public appearances are rare. during a disappearance, some speculated she was being punished. her transgression, according to
10:46 pm
media, not wearing the north korean pen. reports of a possible pregnancy surfaced. a year later, basketball star dennis rodman returned from a visit with kim jong un. >> he's my friend first. he's my [ bleep ] friend. >> rodman let slipped that he had held their previously unannounced baby, a girl, something still not officially confirmed. ri is thought to be 25 to 30 years old. she reportedly studied singing in china and visited south korea in 2005 as part of a cheerleading squad. and speaking of quads quarterback there's no word on her reaction to reports from a south korean newspaper that her husband has reinstituted the pleasure squad, teams of beautiful young women available to service a supreme leader's every whim. >> now there's really no other country in the world where the disappearance of the first lady or for the leader for a number of weeks would merit such
10:47 pm
coverage around the world. but the fact is, it does show just how isolated this nation is and observers watching to see public appearances to get an indication of the health of the leader and, of course, if any members of the ee lead abdomen to have disappeared, appear to have been percentaged. zain. >> two days of celebration there, it is known as the day of the sun. the founder of north korea, the grandfather of the current leader turning 103. it would have been his 103rd birthday. we appreciate it there. thank you. >> i think they call him the brave comrade. powerful storms in the u.s. state of oregon spawned an unusual tornado while hurricane-force winds in utah forced the interstate to shut down. this was on the i-80. it was deadly, in fact. we are joined now with more on those eight big rig trucks. >> if you've ever been to the state of utah, and i know you have, john, you know the canyons
10:48 pm
that cut through some of these highways. it's a beautiful land scape, but it enhances the wind speeds. i want to zoom into the second largest city in the state of oregon, the city of eugene. a report of a tornado over the past couple of hours. cell spotting potential tornado in the region. look at the footage. because this touching down right over lane community college, which is here in the city of eugene, a pretty impressive sight when you consider the rarity of the event. when you see cars flipped of, you would typically look at wind speeds over 1000, 102 miles per hour. officials will go out there and survey the damage, but pretty impressive to see a tornado that was capable of doing such things in the pacific northwest. since the year 1950, only 104 tornados have touched down in the state of oregon. no fatalities and 4 injuries to go along with that. calculate the days, that's
10:49 pm
23,000 calendar days and only 104 tornados. the state of texas, in that 23,000 day period, they would have seen over 10,000 tornados. again, a pretty unusual site. no fatalities there. the powerful winds that john was talking about, coming out of areas of utah, northern utah. look at the footage because 80 to 90-mile-per-hour winds, the video showing you impressive damage when it comes to what occurred there with about half a dozen semis rolled over. you see the damage with the accidents across this region. the winds caused, the delays or cancellations of over 150 flights. and as you said there, john, a fatality is associated with thaul of this, as well. so from the utah/nevada border, for about a hundred mile stretch, the highway was shut down. >> so there's this flood warning in nine states. so april has turned out to be crazy. >> it has been a little wild, yeah. >> april showers. >> may flowers. >> thanks. see you tomorrow. take a short break here on cnn newsroom. much more when we come back. hey buddy, you're squashing me!
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astronaut has taken some amazing images of what to him is another day at the office. >> he put on a gopro before taking a space walk. he got some really impressive views of the earth from up there in zero gravity doing some repairs. surface skiers may have to up their game if they want to compete with this sort of amazing video high above the earth there. just stunning. >> pretty hard to beat there. >> yes. a toddler in the united states has an adorable meltdown after presidential candidate hillary clinton steals his thunder. >> that's right. jenny moos has this story >> his mom had just shown him hillary's announcement video. >> i'm running for president. >> when suddenly what went running down squeak's cheeks were tears. >> you want to do what? >> i wanted to run for president. >> take your nook out and tell us. >> i wanted to run for president.
10:55 pm
>> whew! it's official. he just threw his pacifier into the ripping. squeak for president. >> do you think you're ready to be president? >> yes. >> squeak's parents used to be in wisconsin politics. they're long-time fans of the clintons. but -- >> has he ever expressed interest in running for president before? >> never. and, you know, it's not one of those things that we've talked to him about. you know, he's only three, so -- >> what would you do if you were president? >> play. with toys. >> now that's an agenda that could unite the country. >> do you think maybe you could do that when you're a little older? >> no. >> that sounds familiar. >> i've heard some suggest that i should step aside and wait my turn. >> no. >> squeak is not eligible to run for president for another 32 years. >> can you imagine if he actually ended up running for something? >> oh, my goodness. you know, the personality on this kid, i wouldn't doubt it. he will grow up and talk to
10:56 pm
anyone. >> sure, you have to loose the pacifier on the campaign trail. there were biting comments about that. this kid is too old for a pacifier. pacifiers cause overbites. but hey, if it's good enough for vice president biden -- the last time we had a similar toddler meltdown was back in 2012. >> i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> but squeak isn't sick of the candidates. he wants to be one of them. vote for squeak. pacify america. >> i wanted to run for president. >> jeanie moos, cnn. new york. >> i wonder if mitt romney had a similar reaction this time around since he wasn't running. >> just not ambitious enough. thank you so much for watching cnn newsroom. >> stay with us here. we'll have the latest news up
10:57 pm
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