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tv   New Day  CNN  April 20, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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as the fbi nabs six men in an isis terror plot. we have senior international correspondent nic robertson live in london. >> reporter: this is a multilayered message from layerred group. one group they behead right next to the mediterranean in the north of libya. the other group, they shoot, killed that way on the southern borders of the libya, hundreds of miles. that part of the message to create the impression that isis was grown and has its reach all across libya. >> that is not the case. to make this video, they used the same media group that isis and iraq an syria uses. >> that effort. >> that part of the message to create the impression that isis is spread out, connected all across the middle east. this video much talks about how christians can live or be killed under isis control if they don't
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give up or pay a non-muslim tax, then they will be brutally exkulted and murdered as we see in this video, alisyn. >> thank you very much. we will continue watching this situation. appreciate it. now, we want to talk to you more about these migrants here. it is a massive operation. we have ben wedeman on the phone from italy. what do we know now? >> reporter: what we know is this ship -- >> ben, can you hear us? the connection dropped off. >> reporter: on board that ship is 28 of the survivors. now, the ship halls has picked up 24 hour bodies from the sea. they were left at malta. as far as the rescue effort goes at this point it appears it is winding down. we spoke to the cap tan of one fishing boat that took part in that initial effort. he says they were able to
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rescue fought rescue but pull four bodies from the sea and since then they have been called back. at this point it's only the italian coast guard and the maltese navy that are conducting this rescue or search operation. meanwhile, we know that a european officials are going to be meeting later today in lafayette to discuss the crisis. there is also talk of a crisis summit involving the 28 foreign and interior ministers of the european union to discuss some way to address this mounting crisis. >> ben, do we still have you? >> reporter: you've got me. >> the numbers are all over on this. we keep hearing it characterized as the largest disaster of its kind. survivors coming on are giving estimates that go anywhere from
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about 500 to close to a thousand people that were said to be on this board. many of them as we heard from nick robertson lost perhaps from on below deck holding facilities. have you heard of any numbers you feel comfortable reporting or not yet? >> reporter: the numbers as you sid are all over the place, you have to keep in mind that these are human traffickers. these are people who don't make passenger lists. so we have no idea. but certainly,er with hearing in anywhere between 650 and according to bun bangladeshi survivor we questioned by the italian authorities, as many as 950 on board. >> that includes as many as 200 women and up to 50 children as well and many of them were apparently according to this bangladeshi survivor were on the lower d.c.s locked by the traffickers. >> all right. den, thank you. again, this wasn't just about
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people looking for work. this was an escape for what they feared at the hands of isis. john. well, the drama unfomds, multiple drama, more arrests of isis sympathizers here in the united states. the fbi nabbed at least six people in indianapolis and san diego for theiraled roles if an isis-inspired terror plot. cnn has that story live in washington. >> reporter: good morning, these six men are due in court to answer charges by a year-long investigation by the fbi. andrew luger is going to provide details of these rates this mo. law enforcement officials have been tracking what they believe is a recruitment effort to send fitters to join isis in syria and iraq. fbi officials are worried about young recruits from parts of the somali community with in indianapolis. in february a 19-year-old from that area, hammond ahmed was
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with three other young men stopped by the fbi allegedly as they tried to fly from new york's jfk airport to turkey with plans to travel to syria. in the past we have seen the somali group al shabab find recruits in minnesota. i should add the officials there say there was no immediate threat to the public. alisyn. >> okay. thanks so much for that. here to bring perspective on how all of these crises are affected we will bring in attorney general james reese, gentleman, great to have you with us. let's talk about the migrant and refugee crisis that appears to be kripg i gripping europe and the middle east. let's talk about everything reported on what happened this weekend. there was a group, a boat leaving libya of migrants heading to italy. there were maybe 00 people who
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were killed when the boat capsized. maybe even more. humanitarian groups say this year alone 900 people have been killed making that same journey. bobby, what we are seeing here these levels unprecedented? >> the numbers are off the charts. just the 00 is more than ten times of more than the same number of people killed trying to make that crossings, the same period last year. this is just off the chart. eighth consequence of complete chaos in libya and not just libyans, but people using, take advantage, these people smuggler taking advantage of the chaos and bringing people through libya and make landfall to the closest landparks they can get to. that's usually the bought of italy. >> not just this area, in yemen, obviously, this is torn by unrest. there are an estimate of 250,000, 250,000. these african refugees in yemen.
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when you are in a war torn situation, what normally happens to these people? >> alisyn they become displaced personnel. what happens, they have to keep moving away from the fighting. it becomes reasonable camp after refugee camp and becomes a complete disaster. because the u.n. has the higher commission for refugees. they can't get in to help. these four people are stuck between right now three factions. you have the saudi, the hootie actually four and the yemeni army and al qaeda in the east. they're kind of like a pinball bouncing all over the place. >> just yesterday the pope spoke about the refugee and themigrants. here's what they said. they were looking for a better life. they're looking for happiness. bobby, not everyone shares the pope's compassionate view of this even italian politicians
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were saying that the boat they were suggesting that the, some of them saying that the italian navy should sink the ships because italy can't consume the amounts of people. >> you have people if italy also talking about creating a naval blockade of italy aling yemen to prevent people from going across. italy for a long time shouldered this burden by themselves. they had an operation, their navy was picking up people from these migrant boats. earlier this year that was constantly held to the large effort european union, but it's a much smaller operation now. clearly for the european this is a real problem. there is a little dpamd you do or dpamd you don't. if they launch a bigger operation, if they put more ships out there to try to rescue more boats, there will just be more boats. >> that will signal if you can get on a boat if you can somehow get on a boat the europeans will come save you.
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they are taking this line many in europe to say it would be irresponsible for to us do it. our rescue mission would create an even greater crisis. that sounds self serving, but there is a little logic to that. you don't want to encourage people to first of all get into libya anyway and once they get there, you don't want them to try and make this very dangerous crossing in what are usually very slap dated fishing troughs. >> absolutely. eu leaders are meeting today. what is the solution? >> the whole displaced personnel is epidemic right now. this is definitely where the u.s. has to get involved. nato probably has to get involved here. look at jordan. jordan alone has 2ple displaced person fell. 20% of the population are refugees in syria and iraq. as you bring these pieces around in libya it's a mess. i'm not sure we have the right answer right now. like been by said sinking people trying to get south not
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the answer. >> it will be interesting to see what solutions if any the eu can come up with. been by lt. col. reese, good to see you guys. over to chris. all right. some big political news hillary clinton has taken the granite state by storm. that's new hampshire. that's not the big news. there the democrat has two days to stop to talk small business. her ears may be ringing or bleeding when she gets there after the summit over the weekend. the candidates were attacking clinton with gusto. here's the news we want to know what this early play. we have it with this cnn-orc poll t. big headline clinton got a big bounce and ha has a commanding lead since declaring. we are live in new hampshire. big numbers coming out. >> good morning, chris, they are big footballs. she commands the democratic field and out muscles republicans. she is here at this family-owned
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business which has been in business for more than a decade for more than a century, but republicans spent the weekend distinguishing themselves by piling on her. our poll shows they still so much work to do. >> i am so delighted to be here. >> reporter: a week after finally jumping in hillary clinton is dominating the presidential race. she's the first choice of nearly seven if ten democrats. >> hillary clinton will race $2.5 billion. >> reporter: for republican our poll shows a wide opened race. florida gaffe jeb bush sits on top, far from comfortably. a quarter of all republicans say bush has the best chance to win. but florida senator marco rubio is closing in. as clinton heads to new hampshire for week two of her re-introduction tour 58%of democratss say they're enthusiastic about her candidacy, up from 41% last june. >> she lacks the candor and
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transparency so needed for leadership. >> reporter: that momentum hasn't stopped republicans who spent the weekend piling on hillary clinton. >> i could have sworn i saw hillary clinton's scooby doo train out front. >> reporter: hillary knows early polls can sour. which is why she is coming to new hampshire. where her most vivid moments of her campaign played out. >> i see what's happening. we have to reverse it. >> reporter: it was a rare sign of raw emotion. >> this really kind woman said to me how are you doing? >> reporter: the woman that asked that question is marianne pernol. >> i think she's more friendly looking, smiling more. >> she obviously picked obama back then a decision she doesn't regret. now she's running for hillary.
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>> i don't think she has anything to prove anymore. i truly wish her luck. >> reporter: now, it was so interesting to talk to marianne again seven years later. she says she looix what she sees from clinton the second time around. when we pressed if she planned to vote for her for sure she gave that classic new hampshire answer she said i'm not sure yet, the campaign is just starting. >> she better hurry up. there's only like eight months left. four unicef members are dead after an attack on their car in somalia. they were taking staff members from their guest house to the office in the northeastern part of the country. four others are injured. a spokesman for al shabab claimed responsibility for this attack. a powerful 6.6 magnitude strikes off the coast of taiwan. city officials say the quake triggered a former fire in taipei that killed an 84-year-old man and sent an
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84-year-old man to the hospital. a tsunami warning was issued but withdrawn after a short time. it damaged water pipes, flooding streets as can you see and disrupting traffic. an ohio police officer is being praised for holding his fire as a double homicide suspect rushed him. the confrantation caught on the body camera. >> that itself the man running at him. challenging, some say begging officer jesse kidder to shoot him. >> get your hands up. get your hands up right now. >> shoot me. >> stop stop right there. i don't want to shoot you, man. i don't want to shoot you. stop. don't do it man. that's enough. don't do it man. i'll bleep shoot you. i'll shoot you. >> do what you want. shoot me. >> get your hand out of your pocket now. no man, i'm not going to do it.
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>> i'll tell you, what a situation to be in. the officer said he wanted to be absolutely sure but remember this man is suspected of a double homicide killing his girlfriend and a brother. they don't know he's armed. they suspect he could be and he's running at the officer. >> by the way, he has his hands in the officer the officer showing restraint is saying get your hands out of your pockets, get your hands out of your pockets. later when he was asked, he said he has his eyes trained on the pocket was waiting to see -- >> he had a tip this guy was going to try to commit suicide by cop. he had a death wish maybe not a murder wish, a death wish. maybe that caused him to have restraint. >> also he was suspected of a double homicide. we will talk to the chief of this officer coming up. you have two things hail him as a hero for the restravenlt our officers could be having a chilling effect on them in situations like there, maybe even worried about what happens if i pull the trigger. so we'll be watching.
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also another police story we have been closely following is that of robert bates, of course the reserved deputy out of arizona that mistakenly shot and killed a suspect when he says he was trying to tais him. we will speak with his attorney. scottwood. this has become a lot about document was he properly trained or pushed on? there is a big paper coming after him in the tulsa area. the attorney says he can beat the case. we'll test it for you. remember the good weekend we had in the northeast? forget it. we're getting a whole lot of rain big time rain around now. let's go to meteorologist jennifer grey with the forecast. >> you are right about that. at least it was over the weekend, you have to enjoy a nice weekend. you have a lot of rain moving into the northeast. a part of that system that spawned ten tornadoes across the south over the weekend. 14 tornadoes reported over the weekend in all. we are seeing strong storms still trying to push through
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south. so atlanta could get rocked in the next hour or so. if those hold together. we have a severe threat for today across the mid-atlantic. north of d.c. we are going to expect damaging winds, large hail the possibly of an isolated tornado. a slice risk for today. we are going to see quite a bit of rain today all the way through wednesday into the most. so a soggy week. we could see one to two inches. in new york city boston included. >> that will push out by mid-week. we should have better weather by then. the severe weather moves to the south by tuesday and wednesday, quickly, i want to tell you, it is going to be a little wet moving into the afternoon. temperatures are going to stay in the mid-40s. alisyn. >> okay. thanks so much for that preview, jennifer. meanwhile, with hillary clinton gearing up for a spring swing in new hampshire. what are voters thinking? we have the results of a brand-new cnn poll just released 17 minutes ago and they might
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surprise you. >> i'll tell you what everybody is pushing early to make a name for themselves. also a 27-year-old man arrested by baltimore police. a week later, he's dead. it is spurring a protest you are watching on your screen right now. but what happened to freddie grey? are the protests justified? we'll take it apart for ut. for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes you. t proposal! let'stalk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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>> hillary kwlnt is going to
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raise $2.5 billion. that's a lot of chipotle my friend. >> we will win. it is absolutely critical that we beat hillary clinton. >> i'm starting to worry that when hillary clinton travels there is going to need to be two planes one for her and her entour annual one for her baggage. >> some good lines there. it is clear that the big gop theme so far is vote for me i'm not hillary. but what to the numbers show? this is big. we got brand-new cnc-orc poll numbers for you, data knowledge. first here's what they show. right in front of your eyes. she has an almost insurmountable lead 69%. the next is at 11% and remember that's the vice president right there that you are looking at. so let's bring in cnn editor of the daily beast mr. john avalon
3:23 am
and cnn commentator and sirius xm host i said it with a pause also because i know it masses. so look if you will push this story early, everybody wants to get in. everybody wants to start di finding themself, the number is important. this is a stack of only in. what do you see in the numbers that jumps out on you? this is the vice president. >> look it's a reality check hillary's lead here. there is nothing like it in recorded political history that's not associated with an incumbent president. >> it is what it is. >> it's like an incumbent presidency's numbers except without all the damage done in the first-year mistakes and wounds from the act. it's unprecedented. it's kind of stunning. >> why didn't every other democrat mount a challenge? she has a wlok on it? >> you never 93 it. laura o'malley you over in know
3:24 am
what will happen. >> you know what he's elevating his national profile. you get a lot of things for running for president than losing to hillary clinton. hillary i don't think is taking it for granted either. >> he triples his role which isn't bad. a guy like martin o'malley can make a name for himself how he runs four years from now, eight years from now, who knows? >> sometimes they protect them. we saw that in 1988. the democrats were building for a future. let's look at the republican side. there are also big headlines here as well. you got to give it to marco rubio. he jumped. he doubles his numbers. put them up. they are going to loom large here. this is hillary vs. the republicans. now, she's over 50% ahead of all of them. rubio does best i would say to step sideway, market. not only does he have the
3:25 am
highest number she is pretty much the lowest against him as well. 55-41. >> a margin of error. which mean, essentially, the republican field is still defining. marco rubio is relatively unknown outside of washington and florida. his number doubled from a very good announcement. aside from the guys who, jeb bush hasn't announced. he has his name. everybody knows his name. everybody else that is being well defined is usually already running for president with the one exception of huckabee. what stuck out to me on this poll is that ted cruz is trailing mike huckabee in almost every single category. ted cruz is trying to take on huckabee with his white evangelical protestants. that's not good for ted cruz. >> why is that for name recognition? >> huckabee has a devoted following, he's run for
3:26 am
president twice before inside a tv show that a lot of devoters watched. i think you are starting to see the top tier candidates emerge. rubio is there in that circle recall. jeb bush scott walker marco rubio, rand palm in part because rand paul has a base that doesn't overlap with anybody else. the people that do worst against hillary in the general are the device it folks like cruz who haven't caught fire like lub u rubio has in the last month. >> the down down low was chris christie the governor of new jersey. he has been out there trying to make a name for himself. he has flip-flopped with other people. >> he had a really good week last week in new hampshire. but he doesn't declared yet. a lot is he hasn't declared. he needs this scandal, the bridgegate scandal and indictment to come down. once that gets behind him, i think he will see the same bumpy route as rubio. he won't be trailing.
3:27 am
>> how big a role is it to declare? we had dr. ben carson on the show i was somewhat surprised of the strength of support we got to experience in the wake of those interview, but he's sagged in the polls. is that because he hasn't announced and you will get a boost like rubio? >> carson resonates with the base whom he has been speaking circuit the last four years. when push comes to shove for president of the united states it's probably someone who held elected office not the guy that played the base fantasy. >> in that poll market i want to show you, they ask, who shares your you values? republicans only answered this. who shared your values bush 19%. huckabee 11%, rubio 10%, cruz 10%, walker 9%. are they dividing up the same pie? >> actually they're going after different segments. huckabee and cruz are going over the same chunk.
3:28 am
and cruz is trailing huckabee who hasn't announced. that's interesting. bush is leading. rubio, too. you have different factions of the pie they're all competer for. >> so for all the funner with having with the number today it actually matters. i know it's 16,000 and 90 days to the state of election. you want to know the state of play early on. knowing the data now you do twice us. you can use the #newday? that's good enough. >> use the #new day. >> we'll take a poll. >> all right. a 27-year-old baltimore man ends up dead a week after being arrested by police. freddie grey's family is demanding answers, while police there guilty of a cover-up. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great.
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baltimore's mayor and police chief promising to be thorough and trance parent in investigating the death of freddie grey. grey was grievously injured during his arrest yesterday he died. protests flooded the streets of baltimore as people wait for
3:33 am
answers. grey's family claims there is a coverup. what's the situation this morning, suzanne? >> reporter: alisyn the attorney for freddie grey say he was in perfect health before he was taken into police custody. he was tackled and chase. there is a 30-minute window for when he was in police custody. then he was in distress and they called an ambulance, called 911. >> look at that. >> that boy leg is broke. >> reporter: that is freddie grey detained a week ago by baltimore police. the question now, how did the 27-year-old go from this to this? lapsing into a coma less than an hour later and dying yesterday? >> the questions that many of have you are the same questions that we're asking. >> reporter: the attorney for grey's family alleges the police are covering up what really
3:34 am
happened. baltimore police say they spot grey and begin to approach him at 8:39 in the morning on april 12th for reasons not yet disclosed. they say grey immediately runs away just a minute later police they gray into custody. 14 minutes later at 8:54 in the morning, this is the 1st video we see of the event. officers load gray into the police sand. police say video evidence indicates gray is conscious and speaking at the time. a half hour later, police request paramedics bring gray to a hospital. gray's family says he lapsed into a coma and underwent extensive surgery. his spinal chord was severely injured and a week later, he died at 7:00 in the morning. so two looming questions, why did police pursue gray and what happened to him while he was in their custody that resulted in his death? >> the officers believed that
3:35 am
mr. gray was either immediately involved or had been recently involved in criminal activity and they decided to make contact with mr. gray. now, that is still a bit vague. >> reporter: this most recent mystery into a police encounter sparking more outrage in a nation already embroiled in debate over police tactics and use of force. though in this most recent encounter, baltimore's mayor promises answers. >> i want citizens to know exactly how it happened and, if necessary, we will i will insure that we will hold the right people accountable. >> reporter: the deputy police commissioner says they suspected he was involved in a drug deal. gray's attorney says there is no evidence he committed a crime. there will be a news conference by the police department to try to explain, get some answers. they will be pressing him on all of these things chris.
3:36 am
obviously the protesters will be out as well. chris. >> suzanne, keep us in the loop. this is one of two big cases making headlines involving the police. they have very different outcomes. said rick alexander is with us he's president of the black law enforcement initiative and president of the task force on 20th century policing. good morning. let's look at these two case the first one that we saw down in baltimore. the big issue seems to be what did the officers know about the condition of this man and when you know, his lawyer is saying he is dragging his leg because his spine was broken it was 80% through. that's why he was screaming in pain he was ignored and slipped into a coma and wound up ultimately losing his life. what do you see? >> what will be significantly important about this case chris, this they will have to go back from the beginning, not just from the time they were called to this particular location but what may or may not have happened to this victim
3:37 am
prior to police being there. this is going to have to be an investigative nature and i think to at this point no not consider it a fact that we have a lot of broken intervals here where we had video. we did not have video. they're going to have to go back interview some witnesses, do some forensic work look at medical records, of course and i am more than confident that the mayor there along with the commissioner as well too who both have become pretty acquainted with over the last several months through the task force, they are very very honest and very community oriented people. >> will you get answers here? >> you will get answers, absolutely no question. >> let's look at the time line as we know it right here for the audience at home. relatively quick early assessment. they say they come up on him. they're on bicycles. he runs so you know his spine wasn't broken when they begin.
3:38 am
they get him very quickly. then you have your 12 minutes there. officers arrest gray and call for a transport van. those 12 minutes will be very important. when you see him, it picks it up the video, he is already dragging his legs. you want to know why. >> absolutely. those 12 minutes will be critical to this investigation. we have to make sure all these piece, chris, fit right together because there could have been something that went awry there or it would have been something else. i don't think we will know that until there is some conclusion of this investigation. here again i have more confidence. i have a great deal of confident, quite frankly, in both the mayor and the commissioner there to get to the root of this because they are very, very honest people and here again what's critically important, they have always been very connected to that community there in baltimore. >> they've also had a lot of issues. >> absolutely. but that has been historic in baltimore, we know for years.
3:39 am
but i believe under this mayor's leadership and this commissioner's leadership they will get to the root of it. but we got to wait for a complete investigation to be conducted. >> with freddie gray you have the unknown. now this other case in ohio it's the known that's driving it. this is officer jessie keir. you will hear a lot about this case today where this officer is confronting a guy who is suspected of a double homicide. he gets the call. the guy may be looking for suicide by cop. which as we have become too familiar is a person that has a death wish and intent on making it happen. take a look at the body camera here. this was bought by jessie kidder's family. the guy coming at him. he's screaming at him. you hear him. i don't want to shoot you, i don't want to shoot you. ultimately he ends up falk down from the guy rushing at him. never fires. he is hailed as a hero. here's my question. it's easy to take that look at
3:40 am
it. are you concerned at all that officers are worried about doing actions that may well be justified because of all the pressure on them about force? >> oh absolutely considering the whole climate in this country today around policing and here again you got a very good officer that uses a great deal of restraint. he did everything that he could not to use deadly force and it worked well in this particular instance. >> what could have happened? >> what could have happened going forward, i certainly hope officers across this country are reminds of that was under that particular circumstance. you got to judge your own circumstance in that moment in that space and time because it could turn out the same way or you may have to go fatal. but that becomes, that responsibility and the judgment and the call of that officer at that moment at that time. here you had a gentleman who was allegedly involved in a double homicide that the officer engaged, coming at the officer,
3:41 am
coming at him, we seen him. >> coming at him hard. >> he was closing only very hard very fast. the officer was able to use restraint and in this particular case it turned out to have a geending. no one was hurt. it does not mean that in each and every case. this is where officer versus to use their judgment a. half a second could make all the difference in the world for his or her own life. >> cedric. good to have you on the set. >> absolutely. >> tanks, chris. thousands of runners, maybe a millions of fans from hopkins to boyleston street for the 100 account running of the boston marathon. it comes a day before the sentencing phase begins for the man the convicted marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev we'll have a live report from boston next. we all eat foods that are acidic... most of the time people are shocked when we show them where they're getting the acid and what those acids can do to the enamel. there's only so much enamel on a tooth, and everybody needs to do something about it now
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an unprecedented rescue severt under way. crews scrambling to save migrants in a capsized vote. officials are calling it
3:46 am
genocide blaming smugglers for maybe even locking them below deck. the ship sent out a distress call saturday after days at sea a. survivor says as many as 950 people were on board, including women and children. again, many trapped behind locked doors. >> new ain't rhetoric from the ayatollatoll ayatollah comb choomeni. the pilot, doug hughes now speaking out, saying he is frustrated about money in politics. >> the police that took me into custody were very professional all the way through, even early on when their adrenaline was
3:47 am
running and i respect them for that. they treated me professionally all the way through. >> hughes is facing federal charges for vieting national defence airspace and operating an unregistered aircraft. all right. it is a special day. runners are lining up in the city's historic marathon in boston. many will be thinking of the attack two years ago the convicted bomber is awaiting sentencing. let's go live to boston. security is tight. they are expecting a rainy and chilly yet still huge race. >> reporter: that's right, chris. even as we mortals complain about the weather the super humans are lacing up getting ready to run this race. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come out to cheer them on. a lot of security measures have been implemented before the race starts to try to make this the safest day hobble. of course this is the second marathon since the bombing.
3:48 am
it comes as the morethon bomber is going on trial. in the past week, a number of the survivors of the attacks have come forward, led by the richard family who lost their 8-year-old son. they had asked for a life sentence saying that a death sentence would mean years of appeals, it would be mean reliving a painful day of their lives for time still to come. today, however, about the marathon tomorrow all eyes back on court, alisyn. >> boston strong what a great representation of that today, alexandra, thank you so much. isis looking to gain ground in iraq. claiming responsible for a deadly explosion outside the u.s. consulate in irbil. is there anything u.s. and iraqi forces can do now to stop them? ♪ ♪ ♪
3:49 am
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see where the night takes you. that sounds real nice. new developments this morning in the fight against isis. iraqi and u.s.-led coalition forces wrestling control of iraq's largest oil refinery back from isis just this weekend, but isis is still charging right now
3:53 am
with another key iraqi city. it is claiming responsibility for a blast near the u.s. consulate in irbil in the northern part of that country. let's bring in u.s. delta force commander and global affairs analyst, colonel james reese him great to have you here. standing on the map of the six going on in iraq right now. the first thing i want to talk about is this key oil refinery this facility in an area well north of baghdad. the iraqi forces had it. isis took it. iraq won it back. isis took it back. now the iraqi troops have control of beijing again. why the back and forth and back and forth and back and forth? >> number one baiji is critical and sits on the major highway between baghdad of what we call route tampa, which during the war, highway 1 up through baghdad, through tikrit. we fought the battle there, up to mosul. if they can't get that secure they're never going to be able to get tear path up to po sul. it's critical.
3:54 am
>> it's economy and geography. they want to hold that land. they want to get to mosul. that's where they're headed. they're thinking north. north of baghdad, there is a whole situation going on i want to look at ramadi it's 70 miles west of backed it's in the anbar province 12 years in iraq. now again isis is trying to invade ramadi holds maybe 20% of that city right now. why is ramadi key? >> ramadi is key, one you see on the map, limited to the east fallujah okay is really the headquarters right now of isis in anbar. the whole anbar province is huge because it is primarily sunni and the iraqi government has got to keep anbar and the sunnis out there part of the whole you know iraqi as spec which is huge. the other aspect here right now is we also got u.s. forces at the al-assad airbase to the
3:55 am
west training. so we got some folks trapped on an island where, you know, there is bad guys sitting between baghdad and us. >> i'm old enough to remember when ramadi and fallujah basically longed to the uprising in iraq. there were more than 100,000 u.s. troops there and the u.s. could not control ramadi and fallujah. how do the iraqis have hope of taking control there? >> the iraqis have to do the same modem up in tikrit. they got to get everyone involved. right now we saw with that last month in tikrit was both sunni and shia as iraqis have a common enemy and we as the u.s. can't go in there. i believe, and say, we're not going to help you if you bring these folks in. we got to help them let them physical out this problem on themselves. >> let's look at one more hot spot in irbil. there is in the kurdish region irbil, there was a bomb a car bomb there on the road that houses the u.s. consulate. when i look at this when i see the skirmishes in baiji and ra
3:56 am
mode ma /* -- ramadi. we're sill here we can attack ate and place of our choosing. >> absolutely. the peshmurga the kurdish fighters have done a good job. you look at mosul into irbil and kirkuk. they call it the green line. they have established that security zone in the green line. right now what the iraqi and kurds have done is isolated isis in mosul. isolated them. because what i believe now is the next main effort moves up to anbar, once anbar, ramadi all the way out west are taken, then we turn our attention to irbil. >> can i ask a question have you this map fought inside iraq with isis and iraq is the home the birthplace of isis what about what is going on with isis beheading these christians there in libya, how is what is
3:57 am
happening in iraq affect what is going on wellioened the borders? >> what libya becomes is that safe haven for isis other terrorist groups. i see libya right now is what afghanistan looked like pre9-11. it's just lawlessness, whoever the most power player can get in there and brings the money. there is a lot of well trained military age men in libya that are broke and looking for someone to come in and pay them. so it's a mess now. >> a whole set of problemsch appreciate it. following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> the worst migrant disaster ever. >> migrants trapped inside the sinking shim. because smugglers locked the doors. >> there may have been as many as 950 people on board. >> at least six u.s. citizens arrested in an isis inspired plot. >> most of the people that we're seeing now are trying to join isis. >> what i'm going to say is from buff who in upstate new york.
3:58 am
we saw that. >> a 27-year-old baltimore man died sunday one week after being taken into custody by police. >> police are engaged in a cover-up cover-up. >> shoot me! >> i'm not going to do it. >> i want to be sure before i use deadly force. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerata and mikaela pereira. >> mick what is off today. john berman happy to have you. we are following two stories in the migrant crisis in the med strainian this hour. first hundreds are feared dead in what could be the worst migrant disaster off the libyan coast. off the greek coast, at least three people dead dozens missing there. >> there are ongoing situations there. we have to look at the
3:59 am
motivation. these aren't people fleeing for a better life. they are trying to escape isis and a fate like this we have new video showing two groups of ethiopian christians a masked man, christians must convert to islam or pay with their lives. we got all angles of these stories covered. let's begin with correspondent ben wedeman. what's the latest? ? >> reporter: hi chris, we are in the port of katanya. this disaster scene mulligan saturday night. earlier today that same ship dropped off 24 bodies in malta. but it's unclear at this point what how the number of victims of this disaster were. initially, italian authorities were talking about 650 people on board that ship but last night the italian authorities released
4:00 am
a statement which included apparently they had questioned if bangladeshi survivor from thisster who said as many as 950 people were on board this ship which went down off the libyan coast. >> that survivor also spoke about the fact that many of the people on board, including as many as 200 women and up to 50 children had been locked be i the traffickers in the lower decks of that ship. now, italians or rather european officials are scrambling to deal with this mounting crisis. we understand they will be holding an mortgages meeting this afternoon in latvia and there is talk of an mortgages summit including 28 interior and foreign ministers to try to address this problem. alisyn. >> okay ben, thank you so much for that. well the migrants were in part trying to escape the horror of isis. terrorists showing the mass
4:01 am
execution of ethiopian christians. for the latest let's go to senior national correspondent nick robertson, he is live in london. what do you we know at this hour? >> reporter: this is isis doing what we seen them do in iraq which is take advantage of a volatile situation, where the government collapsed and instill their own brand of vicious radical islam. this flooin 39-minute video they put out now is all about telling christians how they can live or die under isis. what they're saying is you can convert to iislam. you can pay a non-islam tax or be killed like these ethiopian christians. isis claims they are. there are multiple layers to this isis message. they behead a group of 15 of these christians on the beach in the north of libya, on the mediterranean sea. the other group of 15 are
4:02 am
executed by gunshot, right on the southern borders of libya, hundreds of miles away. isis is trying to do here is create the impression that they are spread out across the whole of the libya that they have control there, they've used the same media organization that isis in iraq and syria uses to imply they are spread on getting stronger all across the middle east. john. >> all right. nic robertson, thanks, so much. we have new developments in the crisis in yemen where any americans left in the country are trying to escape. the leader of the iranian backed houthi rebels is talking tough after nearly a month of saudi-led airstrikes failed to drive his rebels away. we will bring in cnn correspondent who has covered this crisis inside and outside that country. good morning. >> well the situation as you described it really does feel like it is descending further into chaos. john but most countries at this stage in this situation in yemen have evacuated their national
4:03 am
most notably india with 5,000 people. we were able to bring out 60 refugees one of the few ships to dock at that port. 15 of them were american and they told us that they had felt abandoned by their country. take a look e listen from a woman in upstate new york. >> i called the u.s. embassy. i asked them to help us that there is about 75 families that are waitth at the marina. my family is here for two weeks. we ran out of.. we ran out of food. we ran out of shelter. >> reporter: just a horrifying situation. she told us she feels like her country treats her like third class citizen even though her son is an iraq war vet. there is no definitive number on the number of americans still in yemen. we know there are still many more. back to you, chris. >> thank you so much for giving
4:04 am
us an inside look at what is going on in so many places around the world. all right. so let's get back to these two main stories that we're following, though about these migrant ships, one off the coast of italy, the other one now off the coast of greece. there is new information coming in about that. three believed dead already. again, a population of migrants off the coast of rhodes there near greece. they are still looking for dozens and dozens of people. what is going on here? let's bring in ambassador nicholas burns, the former ambassador to nato now a harvard kennedy school professor. it's the perfect morning to have you. let's deal with first of all these two big ongoing rescue efforts. have you ever heard of having so many lives at risk of this kind mike grants trying to escape by water at the same time? >> no it's unprecedented, chris. we have never seen a situation like this with these huge
4:05 am
numbers of people. it's so tragic drowning at sea, trying to flee the chaos and instability and violence all over the middle east from iraq to yemen and over to north africa and libya. >> look. we know as many as 20% of the population in jordan and places now are swelling up with people from syria and surrounding areas, trying to escape. we just saw what nem ha has for us in yemen. on land it is dangerous enough. but by water you are having tons of people overload ships capacities and what do you think is driving it and what do you think should be done? >> what's driving it is mass unemployment in north africa and the middle east. instability produced by the wars of the last four years since the arab spring started and hopelessness the fact that in libya, that country has fallen apart. it's if free fall because the governing structures haveco lansd. the same thing happens in syria and iraq and yemen.
4:06 am
so you have four states that are in the process of disintegration where the governing authority has collapsed, vicious wars have broken out. in syria alone, chris, 11 million people homeless out of a population of 22.4 million and half the country. 250,000 people dead and so when you don't have any hope that your government can take care of you and when you are the victims of these brutal terrorist groups like the islamic state, people flee for their lives and that's what we are seeing over the last several months. the refugee numbers are way up. of course these terrible drownings at sea. >> now, all of these multiple situations in this compressed time period makes you start thinking about some type of unifying catalyst here. is there a failure of world strategy involved here? is there a failure of u.s. strategy evidenced in what we are seeing here. >> i wouldn't blame this on the united states. what we are seeing in the middle east is i think a decade or more
4:07 am
of violence and instability and revolution. that's a decade into the future. after four years since the arab spring can you perhaps say tunisia is better off. but most of the other countries, if not all are if worse shape. so the united states the european countries the arab nations themselves have to focus on a few priorities. i think you have seen president obama just in the last several months with a back to the future policy of trying to support our traditional friends, egypt, jordan iraq and, of course israel. we can't be all things to all people. we don't have enough people. we don't have enough funds to rescue the entire arab world, but those are the places where the united states traditionally has had interest. you have seen a lot of support for what the saudis and ma riyadh dis and kuwaitis are doing as well chris. i think it's because the united states has vital interests, protection of israeli, protection of these arab friends, free flow of energy out to europe and asia. those are the essentials of america policy really going back
4:08 am
40 years and you have seen president obama come back to that after having supported some of these democratic movements i think quite rightly four years ago. >> so one more macro question and one that guess to the immediate question we are dealing with. on the greater level, the macro level, you encourage people to fight for democracy. the united states does that all over the world. but this is the price of revolution and should there be a little more discretion in what you tell people is best for them? >> well i think, you know the united states put its weight behind the young people in egypt and in january, 2011 the arab spring no one thought the entire region would break down in a process of severe and fundamental accidentgration, economic social and political. that's what you are seeing now. >> that's the risk. it will encourage people the fight the system. you know maybe, you know the type of democracy you have in the u.s. isn't for everyone. >> well i think, you know this
4:09 am
is a region that's never known hasn't known in many many decades a democratic state and an arab country. so i think it was right for the united states to put its weight behind those young people. they weren't voting for this as you see today. they were voting for freedom. they were voting for jobs. they were voting for an end of corruption. i think the president was right to do that. but four first half years later when you are undergoing a tsunami in the middle east you got to go back to the essentials. that's protect your traditional friends. i think that's what the u.s. has been doing. >> and a reminder of how hard fought freedom often is. so we will be obviously covering this situation well that the future. but we have this immediate situation. italy was doing very well we are told by recent estimates in the last year of handling what was going on off their coast. they turned it over to european authorities. there doesn't seem to be the will there. this may be random at the same time going over but do we have the set-up the systems in place as an international community to deal with this exodus by water?
4:10 am
>> i don't think so. and the european ministers foreign affairs are meeting this morning. there is a lot of second guessing going on t. italians as you say, chris, had a major program in place. the europeans scaled that back. the europeans are talking about major investments in coast guard enabled facilities to interdict these boats at sea and save the people before they suffer the fate that these hundreds of people appear to have suffered in the last few days. >> smugglers are everywhere. hardship by land is enough. something bad happens at sea the fate is almost decided immediately. ambassador thank you so much for giving us perspective on these issues. the conversation we will be having for some time to come alisyn. >> chris, back to politics here at home. hillary clinton stumping in new hampshire after enduring blistering attacks from republicans. brand-new polling from cnn shows that those attacks may not make a dent in hillary's momentum.
4:11 am
cnn already? correspondent live at clinton's first stop in keen new hampshire, what are we expecting, jeff? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. she will be visiting this venically old business for why she is the best candidate to keep the economy going. she's out muscleing all those republicans. she is the first or sec choice of 83% of democrats. but she knows all too well that early polls can sour. that's why she's coming here. >> i am so delighted to be here. >> reporter: a week after finally jumping in hillary clinton is dominating the presidential race. she's the first choice of nearly seven in ten democrats. >> hillary clinton will raise $3.5 billion? >> reporter: former florida jeb bush sits on top but far from comfortably. a quarter of all republicans say bush has the best chance to win. but florida's senator marco rubio is closing in.
4:12 am
>> hi how are you all? >> reporter: as clinton heads to new hampshire for week two of her re-introduction tour vacate% of democrats say they're enthusiastic from her candidacy umm 41% from last june. >> she lacks the candor and transparency necessary for leadership. >> reporter: that momentum hasn't stopped republicans who spent the weekend breaking out of pack piling on clinton. >> i could have sworn i saw hillary's scooby doo van outside. >> when hillary clinton travels, there will need to be two planes one for her entourage, one for her baggage. >> reporter: clinton also knows how early polls can sour. which is why she is coming to new hampshire, where one of her most vivid moments of her presidential campaign plays out. >> i see what's hang. we have to reverse it. >> reporter: it was a rare sign of raw emotion. >> this really kind woman said to me well how are you doing? >> reporter: the woman that asked that question was marianne pernol.
4:13 am
we went back to ask what she thinks of clinton now. >> i think he's a lot more friendlier looking. she is mileing more. >> reporter: she obviously picked barak obama back then a decision she doesn't regret. now she's looking for hillary. >> she doesn't look stressed out. she doesn't have anything to prove. i truly wish her luck. >> reporter: now, it was so interesting to talk to marianne again seven years later. she says she likes what she sees. when he asked her if she would definitely vote for her, she said look it's far too early to pin me down. she's like a classic new hampshire voter. >> that is why hillary clinton is starting to work over those voters one by one. >> only 600 daudas left. thanks so much for being there in new hampshire for us. city officials in ball more are promising a thorough investigation into the death of freddie gray. the 27-year-old died on sunday one week after he was severely injured while being taken into
4:14 am
police custody. the video shows gray being dragged into a van by officers with his hands behind his backs and legs appearing to along limp. his family claims police are now involved from a cover-up. the unknown driving that story and another story and there may be a twist in tulsa. the attorney for reserve deputy robert bates releasing documents now that he says proved his client was properly trained as a law enforcement officer. the documents indicate bates had one tazer training class in a six-and-a-half year period. you will remember bates shot and killed an unarmed man earlier this month he says by accident. he pulled his gun instead of his tazer. cnn has not confirmed the authenticity of the documents. but we will test the case with the attorney for mr. bates coming up. while the senate likely to approve lorretta lynch as the nation's next attorney general in the next two or three day, we are told. that's the word from republican senator bob corker of tennessee. he told cnn's state of the union
4:15 am
he expects the deal to come together this week to finish that human trafficking deal the democrats have brought because of an abortion-related prediction. republicans said lynch would be considered once that issue is resolved. j.b. was telling you about the situation going on in baltimore. there is a very big key here about what happened to mr. freddie gray. there is a 12-minute blank from our understanding of the time line right now. the attorney for mr. gray's family is joining us next with what he thinks happened. .
4:16 am
4:17 am
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4:18 am
>> i want citizens to know
4:19 am
exactly how it happened and, if necessary, we will i will insure that we will hold the right people accountable. >> big questions this morning for the baltimore police department. how did 27-year-old freddie gray become so severely injured in custody he died yesterday. police did not explain why gray was arrested or how he sustained those injuries. let's bring in the attorney william murphy jr., le represents the family of mr. gray. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. good morning. >> what have the baltimore police department shared with you and the family about the arrest? >> absolutely nothing. the only thing we know from the police are the things that they've said on television and that hasn't been much at all. there is a video under surveillance camera right above where freddie gray was arrested and that camera should tell at least the first part of the
4:20 am
story about what happened to him from the beginning of the time the police first touched him to the time that he was put into the vehicle to be taken to the police station. >> so the police have not communicated with you or the family at all. have they mentioned why they confronted freddie gray to begin with? >>. and the officers evidentally have taken the fifth amendment rather than cooperate with the police investigation. >> well the mayor, as you just heard, of baltimore, is promising a thorough investigation. here's what she said yesterday. >> we have to move forward in a responsible way to determine all of the facts of this incident. so that we can provide the community with the answers, the real answers, that they deserve. >> now the city's chief prosecutor is investigating this says there is an investigation under way. are you satisfied that the prosecutor will be able come up with some real answers?
4:21 am
>> well we are enthusiastic about the new prosecutor. she is newly elected and she comes to the office with a belief in the integrity of these kind of investigations. we have much more confidence in her than we have in the police. because there has never been any level of confidence nor should there be in the police investigating themselves. so we await the outcome of that investigation, of course we are doing our own investigation simultaneously as far as we can. we have already interviewed about a dozen witnesses at the scene and we've seen the police or the citizen videos that have come out concerning what happened. >> so from your investigation, what do you believe happened? >> well what we do know for sure is that he was in good health when the police first contacted him and he died of an
4:22 am
80% severed spinal chord and three broken vertebrae in his neck. >> is that what doctors have told you? where are you getting that information, mr. murphy? >> we have our own sources at this point. we're not at liberty to expose those sources, but i am confident that that information is reliable. >> something, obviously, grievous happened to him. even in that video we are watching you can see at one point the police dragging him. it appears that mr. gray's legs are limp. so something happened that we can't see on the video. what are witnesses telling you? >> well the witnesses stories at this point on matters as critical as a videoly show everything. now, of course the video has no sound and we think it won't have. the witnesses will be important to fill in that part of what happened. but you could see him screaming in pain as he has been dragging or as he is being dragged to the
4:23 am
police vehicle and that's problematic. you also see his legs are appear will be limp and not moving. that also suggests the injury may have already happened at that point. until we see the autopsy report and await the outcome of the police investigation and what i understand is the simultaneous investigation by the chief prosecutor of baltimore. we will know more about this. bear in mind baltimore has a sorry history of police brutality and a sorrier history of governmental response to police brutality. typically the police deny deny deny no matter what facts are. it is not unusual for them to promote the police officer even after he has been found guilty of brutality. we had one case i handled this where we got a $44 million verdict against the police officer who rammed my client into the brick wall at the back
4:24 am
of his holding cell and paralyzed him from the neck down. >> oh my goodness. >> that police officer was promoted to sergeant after the verdict against him and the city refused to pay and made us appeal at every level. so we had to go to the court of special appeals the court of appeals, we won at all of the courts still they wouldn't pay the verdict. it's a sorry, sorry, six. >> mr. murphy can you tell us how the family of freddie grey is processing all of this? >> oh they're broken up completely. they barely are able absorb these tragic events. these things happen so quickly and it's a real tragedy. >> well we certainly hope that the mayor and if there is an independent review and the prosecutor's office can get to the bottom of what actually happened here. mr. billy murphy thank you so much for being on "new day." >> thank you for having me. >> let's go over to john. >> thank you, alisyn.
4:25 am
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>> we have news going on right now. we have never seen anything going on right now. two boats capsizeing and carrying hundreds an hundreds of people. one off the coast of greece where we are getting reports of fatalities, dozens an dozens of people said to be in the water. are you looking at these are the first pictures we have gotten here. we are told these are migrants escaping obviously, from what they fear at home and it is an ongoing effort right now. now you are looking at the second one this is an unprecedented rescue effort to save migrants trapped off the coast of italy. officials are calling this gen side. they blame smugglers for overpacking people into flimsy boats like the one that just went down t. ship santa auto distress call off the coast of libya saturday. it had been at sea for days. some say that as many as 50 may
4:30 am
have been on board. some we are told may have been trapped behind locked doors. we are moner to'ing this situation for you. >> let's show you how flimsy. >> also a stunning admission from the justice department. officials say an elite fbi forensic unit gave flawed testimony in hundreds of trials from the late '70s to 1999. examiners overstated analysis to favor prosecutors in 95% of hundreds of trials reviewed by the innocence project and the national association of criminal defense lawyers. those cases involved 32 defendants sentenced to death. >> it may not be long before biopsys invoke a blood test for cancer detection. more and more are returning to liquid tan cutting out a piece of the tumor. a recent study involved 126 patients of lymphoma found the liquid biopsy recurred cancer
4:31 am
much earlier than traditional bupss. >> good news. got some more for you also. a surprise homecoming in north carolina. so 8-year-old joshua vasquez 3rd grade school picture, one going on in my house t. photographer says hey, look who photo bombed you? who? he turns around it's his dad, corporeal james bass. he has been in kuwait the past year. so look. >> oh my gosh. >> he has no idea. for a year. he's been gone. and you see what it is when you see someone you love so much after so long. >> why do you do these without tissues at the ready? >> i think they're amazing. >> i do too. it's so beautiful. >> you can't see those enough. >> all right. well on to politics now. the democrats, if you are headed for a cornation or collapse. if you believe -- >> you are still crying about the cnn poll. >> the new polling out, our
4:32 am
cnn-orc poll shows hillary clinton has support from almost 70% of democrats. so republicans already taking dead aim at kwlnt, is her nomination inevitable? who can give her a run for her money? how different will these numbers look when the count down clock hits zero. get ready. >> how good will we look? >> a time lapse for us as well. we want to bring if contributing editor for the new york magazine and cnn's newest political reporter. sarah murray. welcome to the team, sarah. >> great to be here. >> jason, when you look at those numbers, the question would be why would any democrat take on hillary? however, you have a different take on it. you think that any other democrat would be doing the party a favor to take her on. >> yeah i think there is sort of the theory in the party now that hillary clinton really needs to have someone to go up against in the primary for a couple of reasons, one she needs the practice. she has not debated anyone in
4:33 am
almost eight years now. she needs to have someone to go up against. she is running against herself right now. which is not a good place to be in. she has the press who is her opponent so i think there are people in the democratic party who want someone to challenge ler. not channel her too hard but to give her someone to go up against, that's why you have martin o'malley jim webb people like that who look like they will get in to live hillary a sparing partner. >> test her, to boat her as you see a lot of establishments asking for. sarah, it's interesting. you dig deeper into hillary clinton here she has other reasons to be satisfied beyond just her staggering margin over other democratic candidates. you look at her personal characteristics. 88% of cads say she's a strong leader. 88% say she's a candidate for the future. the most interesting one is down there honest and trustworthy. given all the scandals a tornadoes questions we have seen about e-mails and donations to
4:34 am
the clinton fund who couldn't go initiative. the numbers are 75% which is essentially exactly where it was eight years ago. >> it's pretty amaze to see how high these numbers are for hillary clinton t. one note of caution, it is still early. we just saw these republicans in new hampshire start to test out their attack lines against hillary. this is yu the beginning. you are grand jury to see so many ads that talk about foreign donations that talk about the private e-mail. this is what republicans look at. they say, look 75% is really high. but we can definitely get it lower within we start ournetictive attacks. you will see so much of that. you will be so sick of hearing about it. >> you have to file it under sad but true t. negatives work in politics for two reasons. i want to put up the republican side of the field now. >> that itself the most use i think in these early numbers. they're trying to establish the pecking order. we see it changing now. all right. we see what john avalon was talking about this morning as a new top tier. so these are probably your
4:35 am
primaries. right. so you have those top four there. then we are seeing there is a little bit of a shift. i think the head lean out of this one is run, rubio double and two christie at 4%. mr. zingerly. 4% he's been out there in new hampshire. do you think it's just because he hasn't declared? >> i think it's because he hasn't declared. he has been only been in new hampshire. it's not like the rest of the country is paying attention to that. i think what christie is counting on once he declares and people pay attention, at the debate. he'll go up. he can't go anywhere but up. he's a good politician. i don't know if he's good enough to climb out of the hole he is in. he can get further up in the polls than he is right now. he is a good political performer. he's going to have a great moment at some point. i think that's what he's counting on. he's waiting for this to start in ernest. he can show his chops.
4:36 am
he'll go up some. >> sarah, let's look at what chris touched on. >> that is the republican field how they are doing today versus one month ago. the poll just out this morning. it shows where the numbers are. you see bush basically the same. walker basically the same. paul basically the same. rubio chris said moved the needle. he's doubled his number from 5% last month to 11% now. what was it about rubio's rollout that was better than rand paul's? >> i think a couple things going for marco rubio, one is he is so different from jeb bush in a lot of ways. they're both from florida. but marco rubio is young fresh face. he has policy ideas. he is showing up. he kind of excites nyeem a way that jeb bush does and in a way rand paul doesn't. in a way, it was a good tale at his rollout. he is talking in florida about how his family calm over. people really connected with.
4:37 am
that if you are in marco rubio's camp they are saying that is as well as that event could have gone for him. by the way, this is basically the high point of your campaign. you get to practice your speech. this is as good as you are ever going to look on the stage of american politics. >> you know jason, the number of rubio people love is the head-to-head matchup with hillary clinton. yes, he's still losing crushed by hillary clinton. but he's doing better than any other republican candidate right new against hillary. he's down 13. there are others who are down 20. i expect that that will be a part of the message from the rubio team going forward. >> that's a big argument that they're going to be making. you know especially in contrast to jeb bush. i think one thing that you know if jeb bush is the republican nominee, one thing he takes off the table for republicans is clinton fatigue. they want to be able to run against hillary clinton as a candidate of the past someone who you are tired of. if jeb bush is their nominee. that's a much more harder
4:38 am
argument to make. marco rubio can make that argument. he's a young fresh face. he doesn't have the association. i think that's something that party elites are looking at as well. jeb bush marco rubio, they are similar in terms of issue, where they're from. but the age factor and the freshness factor is really something that plays to rubio's advantage. >> alisyn rubio is taking a risk early on coming out with his statement he believes sexual preference is not a choice of dr. ben carson on the other side. >> absolutely. >> he's trying to show he's not the traditional faced guy. >> thanks, for that. we want to know what your take s. what do you think of all these candidates and where we are in the race. can you tweet us using the #cnn. you only have 365 days to get that tweet. meanwhile, this stunning new body cam video to show you of this police confrontation with a murder suspect in ohio. he rushes the officer who holds his fire. we have the dramatic pictures on this story to show you.
4:39 am
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zblmpbls /*. >> it is time for cnn money now, christina lesci in our money center. why are they doubling up? why do i care? >> you may not want to pay for channels fios customers can get a core pack annual and choose two other kind of specialized programing but it doesn't have to be espn which was previously a part of the basic bundle espn shot back saying the few deal violates an agreement with verizon, no word yet from verizon but stay tuned. and two other cable companies, cable providers, have problems of their own, time warner cable and comcast are trying to merge but the justice department is getting in the way. the agency is worried the companies together will have too much power. in their defense the companies say, hey, this combination is necessary to compete with the likes of net flicks and apple.
4:44 am
and a big day for fans of mcdonald's breakfast. all day breakfast is being rolled out today in a trial basis if san diego. nine items are being tested egg mcmuffin, hash browns and hot cakes. by the way, no mcgridles or biscuit sandwiches on the all day breakfast menu. yep, that's a bummer. here's something you don't see every day at target, a shopping frenzy. it happened yesterday when the retailer launched it's a cooler line of clothing. demand for the items left shelves empty and overwhelmed the store's website. handbags have been popping up on ebay sometimes at double the retail price. it's out of control, chris, maybe target's got its target back. >> pollsters want weekend prepty stuff, right? >> i didn't think there was that
4:45 am
much of a demand for lime green items. >> why do you know? >> i did a story on the resurgence of the prepty in the story. >> go in the closet. how about the mcgridle not being involved. have you had a mcgridle? >> yeah it's too sweet for me. how about egg mcmuffins needing more testing. haven't they proven themselves? >> i have tested them well outside. >> do you loo tick mcgridle? >> it has pancakes as they owe owe i ate through my own index finger once. i rate it right off. it still tasted good. >> wow. >> it was my ring finger. grew back. cuomo power. >> thank goodness. >> all right. so we have been talking to you about these police cases of excessive force, an officer in ohio has a man running at him, who is accused of a double homicide saying kill me shoot me shoot me. he's showing restraint. he even falls down. what happens and why. coming up.
4:46 am
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. there have been so many
4:50 am
headlines about alleged excessive force by police several of these incidents caught on camera. but in just the last few days we've seen dash cam and body cam video showing the best of what police have to offer. these images from ohio and new jersey are simply astonishing. the fire blazing from this crushed overturned vehicle on a new jersey road almost claimed the life of the 45-year-old woman unconscious inside. >> try to unbuckle her, i'm going to pull her out. >> still strapped in her seat belt officers use a knife to cut her loose. it is a close call officers pulling her limp body to safety. moments later the flames consume the vehicle. with several shooting deaths of unarmed civilians raising questions about officers' use of deadly force, life saving stories like this show a different picture. >> excuse me. >> get your hands out of your pocket now. >> shoot me. >> no man, not gonna do it. >> shoot me.
4:51 am
shoot me. >> in this hostile encounter with a double homicide suspect ohio police officer jesse kidder is being praised for not pulling the trigger. >> stop! stop right there. i don't want to shoot you man. i don't want to shoot you. >> shoot me. >> don't do it, man. [ bleep ] don't do it. [ bleep ] >> watch as the suspect, 27-year-old michael wilcox charges forward. he is unarmed but shouting. officer kidder holds his fire. >> shoot me. shoot me. >> get down now. back up. [ bleep ] back up. seconds later, wilcox surrenders. >> law enforcement officers all across the nation deal with split-second decisions that mean life or death. i wanted to be absolutely sure before i used deadly force. >> going to take a closer look at this encounter with the police chief of the new richland
4:52 am
police department randy harvey. chief thanks so much for being with us. let me ask you right off the bat when you first saw that video, what was your reaction? >> well my first reaction was praise for officer kidder for using such great restraint. the fact that he was able to stay calm in this situation. the fact that he kept focused on the suspect, and his observations and was processing that to make the correct decision. was what impressed me most about officer kidder in this situation. >> you call it the correct decision. just to be clear, would officer kidder have been justified had he pulled the trigger? >> i believe officer kidder would have been justified in this situation to pull the trigger. any variable that may have been changed in this situation, reprobably most definitely would have had a different result and we may have been investigating a
4:53 am
shooting. >> i think everyone at this point is grateful that everyone emerged from this alive. the suspect and officer kidder as well. let me ask you this would you show this video in training? is this the way you want your officers to behave in situations like this? >> well that's a kind of a difficult question to answer. there is some value in this video, training value. i guess what i look at is all the verbal commands that the officer was giving this individual is certainly worthwhile in training. we're taught that. this individual just kept ignoring the verbal commands the fact that officer kidder continued to create distance between him and the subject is something that they teach even in the basic academy. to create distance between you and the threat. officer kidder had done that.
4:54 am
but really and truly, like i said in any little thing different that could have occurred in this situation, may have ended up in a different result. so for this to actually be claimed as a model, i don't think i can say that. officers out there, they just have to go on their gut instinct and they have to make these split second decisions without warning. and, so you know i really don't care how many procedures that you have in place when it comes to it officers in the field just have to be wise in their decision making. >> and it's great when we can trust the instincts, and when police officers can trust the instincts? are you concerned? you said you would not make this a model, are you concerned with all the stories around the country right now of instances of perhaps excessive force that it is causing a moment of pause among officers that it's causing them to think too much at a time when they really don't
4:55 am
have the time to think too much. >> and that's what we're seeing in law enforcement nowadays. officers are coming across these situations more and more where people are not yielding to the verbal commands of officers. they are without provocation and without warning willing to attack police officers. and so officers just do not have the time to really think and process what use of force that they may use. and i think we're seeing this more and more where there's just this violent behavior towards the police and the officers are caught off guard, and simply are acting on gut instinct. so i think in those kinds of situations that i think 99% of the officers act properly but
4:56 am
on occasion i guess there are these incidences where the wrong judgment can be made. >> chief harvey thank you so much for being with us. again, thank you for coming in here. we're very happy that the officer is okay and the suspect in this case, as well. so thanks. >> john we have two developing stories to tell you about. there are two search efforts under way at this hour after two different disasters in the mediterranean. both involved boats filled with migrants. hundreds are feared dead. fareed zakaria will be here to explain the scope, next.
4:57 am
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migrants were trapped inside the sinking ship because smugglers locked the doors. >> as many as 950 people were on board. >> now another boat has gone down off the greek coast. at least six u.s. citizens arrested in an isis inspired plot. >> the online recruiting is part of it. >> chilling new video shows isis purportedly beheading ethiopian christians. >> this is a multilayered message from isis. >> hillary clinton surging in the polls, as republican rivals take aim. >> when hillary clinton travels
5:01 am
there's going to need to be two planes. one for her and her entourage and one for her baggage. >> you're dragging him -- >> the 27-year-old baltimore man died sunday one week after being taken into custody by police. >> i want the truth. the people in baltimore want the truth. >> this is a new day with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> welcome to a new day. john is joining us. we have some significant news to tell you about, not one but two shipwrecks in the mediterranean. the first could be the worst migrant disaster ever. it started off the coast of libya moving toward italy. hundreds of people are missing. many of them are believed dead trapped on the boat and then reports that are just coming in of another boat going down off the greek coast, at least three dead there and again, dozens missing. >> and these people boarded boats looking in part to escape isis' reign of terror as new video appears to show the
5:02 am
execution of two groups of ethiopian christians. a masked man threatening christians must convert to lives. we have all of the angles of these stories covered the way with senior international correspondent ben wedeman live for us in italy. what's the latest, ben? >> yes, alisyn yes, sort of mounting disasters here. of course there was the case of this ship that may have as many as 950 people on board that sent out distress signals on saturday evening. at this point we understand that the rescue mission for that ship is beginning to wind down italian and maltese naval vessels are still searching for survivors. but we're expecting in this port 28 survivors to arrive sometime this afternoon. in addition to that another ship went down off the coast of rhodes that greek island. three dead there as you
5:03 am
mentioned, several dozen missing from that. and we've just heard from the international organization forgration that already today they have received distress ships off the libyan coast. certainly seems this problemorse almost by the hour. in addition to that we know that the italian prosecutor's office is launching an investigation into human trafficking. they've arrested 24 individuals including men from ethiopia and eritrea for involvement in this deadly traffic. according to the italian prosecutor's office these individuals were making as much as $80,000 per shipment of migrants to the italian coast. >> all right, ben, thank you very much. we're going to be staying on this situation. the details, especially coming off that greek ship still very new. the pope was moved to remark on what happened off the coast of italy there saying that these
5:04 am
migrants they're just like the rest of us yearning for a good life. but this is about something more. something darker. many of these people were fleeing the terror of isis. there's a new video showing a slaughter of christians 30 ethiopians killed just because of their faith. senior international correspondent nic robertson has that story live in london. >> chris, isis is doing in libya what we've seen it do in iraq and syria. what they are doing is profiting in their own way out of the chaos, the lack of government and inside libya at the moment. what they have done with this video is try to send multiple message s messages not just that christians that don't convert to islam will be killed but that they're spreading their influence across libya. how have they done that with this video? they've done it this way. they executed by beheading 15 of those ethiopian christians on the mediterranean coast. right in the north of libya. the other 15 they executed by shooting at an entirely
5:05 am
different location hundreds of miles away close to the southern border. they're trying to portray themselves as spread all across libya. what they're also doing here is using the same media group that isis uses in iraq and syria. to put to the this video to create the impression here they're not just spreading across libya, but that they are spreading across the middle east. it's a multiple message, convert to islam or die. we're spreading. that's isis' message here. alisyn? >> so troubling. thank you for all of that background. let's tackle of this with fareed zakaria, the author of "in defense of a liberal education" and host of fareed zakaria gps. great to see you. this is heartbreaking this morning. there are these two unfolding stories as we speak at this hour there are rescue attempts in the mediterranean, possibly futile rescue attempts trying to find there are estimates that at least 700 people went down in this capsized boat trying to get from libya to italy.
5:06 am
but, maybe as many as 950, and then now, breaking news there's another boat of migrants from greece -- trying to get somewhere either to get to greece or from greece. so are is this something new that we're seeing with these migrant boats? what's happening? >> the migrant problem has existed for a long time. look you have -- whenever you have borders between very poor countries, and very rich countries, there's always this transfer. think of mexico and the united states. where when you think of libya and spain or morocco and italy you have something very similar. a country, you know that is at i don't know $5,000 per capita and then italy or spain, which have much much richer. the new twist here though is that the state has collapsed in so many of these countries. libya no longer has, you know what happened was when we got rid of gadhafi the dictator for so many years people thought oh, good we're rid of a dictator. but it wasn't just that you're rid of the dictator. turned out there was no state
5:07 am
underneath it. it may be that there was no country underneath it at all, because libya has descended into a siege of warring tribes. and in the midst of that isis with its utter barbarism is being able to take some advantage. it's not clear how much territory it rules, and people are fleeing, so i think it's the migrant story on steroids, because of the collapse of the state. >> and how much of what we're seeing, the exodus from libya, is connected to the isis persecution, religious persecution of namely christians? >> i think that like often happens with isis this is more -- more bluster than reality. by which i mean it's not clear that isis controls vast swaths of territory in libya. it's not clear that this is happening, you know en masse. but they want to portray it that way. and of course if you portray it that way and people get scared and they start fleeing, it becomes true. this is one of isis' key strategies is forget events on the ground. think about events on air.
5:08 am
they are always able to portray on air a much more brutal horrifying and effective reality than they might actually have on the ground. >> people are calling the scope of this crisis unprecedented. is this unprecedented in terms of the exodus? >> i have never seen anything quite like this. and i think that because of the fact that this is you know there are lots of countries that are facing these kinds of challenges the collapse of the state, i think we may be in for -- in for this for a long time. look you know most people in libya, wherever in syria, they're just ordinary people. they're trying to get away. we already have out of syria the largest humanitarian crisis you know sinces second world war. this is now turning into in libya it's turning into something that is in danger of spiraling out of control. >> the pope talked about this very thing that you're touching on yesterday. let me read to you what he said. he said they are men and women like us our brothers seeking a better life starving persecuted wounded, exploited,
5:09 am
victims of war. they were looking for a better life. they were looking for happiness. you can hear the pope's compassion here but practically speaking italy can't absorb all of these people can they? >> oh, yes, europe could actually absorb many many more migrants than it takes in. you know we take in many more immigrants than europe does. europe's biggest problem is they have a shortfall of young workers. and so from an economic point of view they could do it. from a cultural point of view they find it very difficult to assimilate people. and this one of europe's key challenges economically they need young migrants. culturally unlike in america, where we have a tradition of assimilating immigrants very well they don't. and so it really is a huge challenge, and i wonder whether the pope was sort of hinting at that. we're hinting that perhaps people should be more compassionate in europe and take these people in. >> that's interesting. eu leaders are having an emergency meeting about this. what you do think will come out of this? will they change their policy?
5:10 am
if you're saying that they can actually accommodate more people and they need more people that seems like a solution right there. >> but look at the last few elections in europe. in every european country, the parties that have won have tended to be populist right-wing parties that are actually arguing for even less immigration than the low levels the europeans take in. this is you know this is not about economics. the economics might be as i suggest. this is about culture. it's very hard in european societies that are defined by a kind of blood and soil nationalism for them to take in. you know you come to the united states it doesn't matter where you come from you can become an american very quickly. just as long as you believe in the american creed. you can't become french if you're from algeria. there's just this -- or morocco or tunisia. it's very hard. there's always a barrier. >> because are people confusing in europe the victims of these war-torn countries with the ideology of some of these war-torn countries? are they afraid that if they let
5:11 am
migrants in that some of the ideology will take root here that they're trying to stamp out? >> certainly anti-muslim feelings and sentiments are on the rise in europe. but it's a broader problem than that. europe has never been able to assimilate that well. it's just, you know, it's partly what we admire about europe. these old countries with this deep sense of culture and place. well you know that's all great, but what about the new guy. the new guy who comes in who says you know i don't have any of that. i haven't lived in the same little french village for 3,000 years. my family comes from algeria. it's just a -- it's much harder for that person to make his way or her way, and that's at the heart of europe's problem. but it doesn't stop people from desperately trying to come there, because they are in search of a better life as the pope said. these are just ordinary people. >> so what is the solution? >> the solution is to let more people in. there is really no other way to do it. you're not going to be able to stop people from you know the
5:12 am
human urge to go and find a better life to make a better living for your family is so -- is so powerful think of how many walls we put up between mexico and the united states. think of the sea between these countries and europe and people still manage to do it. >> you're right. think of the risks that they're taking right now to try to make a better life. >> so that they can go there and work as a dishwashers and maids and cleaning ladies. >> far he'd always great to see you. thanks so much. let's get over to john. >> thanks alisyn. it is new new hampshire's turn for hillary clinton. the democratic frontrunner weathering blistering attacks from republicans. new polling shows those attacks haven't really made a dent in their standing. cnn's senior washington correspondent is in keen i believe, the site of hillary clinton's first event today. >> good morning, john. you're right. hillary clinton is the first or second choice of some 83% of democrats. but her advisers tell me this morning that they are basically
5:13 am
ignoring these polls and they're going to campaign one voter at a time. that's starting here in keen new hampshire. at this decades old business here behind me. >> i am so delighted to be here. >> reporter: a week after finally jumping in, hillary clinton is dominating the presidential race. she's the first choice of nearly seven in ten democrats. >> hillary clinton will raise $2.5le billion? >> reporter: for republicans our new poll shows a wide-open race. >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush sits on top, but far from comfortably. a quarter of all republicans say bush has the best chance to win. but florida's senator marco rubio is closing in. >> hi, how are you all? >> reporter: as clinton heads to new hampshire for week two of her re-introduction tour, 58% of democrats say they're enthusiastic about her candidacy. up from 41% last june. >> she lacks the candor and transparency that are necessary to leadership. >> reporter: that momentum hasn't stopped republicans who
5:14 am
spent the weekend here trying to break out of the pack by piling on clinton. >> i could have sworn i saw hillary's scooby doo van outside. >> when hillary clinton travels, there will need to be two planes, one for her entourage, one for her baggage. >> reporter: but clinton also knows how early polls can sour. which is why she is coming to new hampshire, where one of her most vivid moments of her first presidential campaign played out. >> i see what's happening. we have to reverse it. >> reporter: it was a rare sign of raw emotion. >> this really kind woman said to me, well, how are you doing? >> reporter: the woman who asked that question was marianne pernall. we went back to cafe espresso in portssmith to ask what she thinks of clinton now? >> i think she's a lot friendlier looking. she's smiling more. she ultimately picked barack obama back then. a decision she doesn't regret. but now she said she's stressed for hillary. >> she's not as stressed out looking. i don't think she has anything to prove anymore.
5:15 am
i truly wish her luck. >> well she may have at least one more thing to prove and that's to win this democratic nomination. and it is so early. these early polls are just a glimpse into how she's starting here. but she is starting to campaign voter by voter. she's going to have small meetings across new hampshire over the next couple days. but this is just the beginning phase of her rollout. she is not going to release bigger policy proposals, and answer all those questions until the end of may when she finally gives her big official rollout. chris? >> all right, jeff no question the numbers matter. we have this new cnn poll that will give us the state of the race. but let's deal with the issues that will matter first. a big part of the presidential race will be dealing with the terror threat at home. and we have more proof of how real it is. six men arrested in minnesota and california in an isis inspired plot. we're told the men were nabbed sunday in an undercover fbi sting. now that said sources are telling us there were no direct threats to the public. at this point authorities are not releasing that much detail
5:16 am
on the mens' plan. we are expected to learn more in a press conference later today and cnn will cover that. investigators say the highway fire that has charred more than 1,000 acres in the drought-stricken california was caused by an unatended cooking fire. more than 650 firefighters are on the front lines according to the latest advisory it's just 35% contained. no one has been arrested. and no property damage or injuries have yet been reported. the man who shot president reagan is moving closer to a life of complete freedom. at a hearing wednesday officials from saint elizabeth's hospital in washington are expected to recommend expanding john hinckley's freedom. he's already spending a lot of time living with his 89-year-old mother in williamsburg, virginia. prosecutors oppose freeing hinckley claiming he has a recent history of deceptive behavior. he gets 17 days a month now already living essentially unsupervised with his mother in williamsburg virginia. and this would allow him almost complete free rein. >> people have a lot of opinions
5:17 am
about this situation. let us know, you know how to get us. >> please do. all right we are getting a fresh look this morning at which presidential favorites are picking up momentum and which are not. which republicans fare best in the likely match-up with hillary clinton. we'll tell you. >> and there is a twist in that story in tulsa about police use of force. the lawyer for deputy bates who says he mistook his gun for a taser and killed a man claims to have proof the deputy was fully trained. reports say he was not, and that he was even using a gun he wasn't supposed to be. so there's a lot of back and forth. we're going to have the lawyer on to test the case. you decide. bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business. we're in the problem-solving business. 400,000 people - ready to help you solve problems while they're still called opportunities.
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poll clock. we're about to reach a very important moment. put up the clock. it shows when the presidential election comes. now everyone knows, even john berman that exactly at 567 days 15 hours, 38 minutes, and 35 seconds is when you should have your first poll to understand the state of play in the presidential election. this goes back to the times of lincoln. and we have the cnn orc poll and we have a huge head line. and you know what it is? that if you're a democrat stay out of hillary's way. because she is whooping even the vice president by 58 points right now. and it's just a bunch of anonymous also-rans. and there's some significant names in there. o'malley webb that people
5:22 am
thought may make a showing. what does this poll mean for the state of play in the election moving forward? and which republicans have made a name for themselves? paul begala democratic strategist cnn political commentator, provider for u.s. action and kevin madden cnn political commentator and republican strategist. kevin, we're coming to you in just a second. begala i'll give you a little breath on this one. you got the big head line out of there on the democrat side. are you that happy that your candidate has to run against herself from jump? would you not like a little sparring partner in there for her to kind of test her wiles? >> you know me well mr. cuomo. i love hillary. my super pac i advise supports her and yet you're right you do want a test. you want a challenge. the hillary/barack death match in 2007-2008 produced a smarter, tougher barack obama. what am i going to do? you want me to run against her? >> yes, i do. >> what i do see is this the rollout worked.
5:23 am
there were a few elite columnists who pooh-poohed it hillary was already very well known and well loved and she moved up. as jeff zellny reported a moment ago she moved up seven or eight points in the enthusiasm democrats have for her. i will say this is as good as it gets though. whatever the cyber version of clippings are, they should clip these, paste them in a scrapbook and give them to her grand baby charlotte when she grows up. she'll never be in a stronger position than she is today. >> it's a much different view kevin on your side. we look at the polls and there is some new information. jeb bush still ahead of the group, but there's really two packs right now. this is now the lead pack with jeb bush scott walker rand paul and marco rubio. marco rubio's name is news today. this is the first time we've seen him run with the big dogs. he has doubled his numbers since he announced last week. what do you make of the numbers on your side? >> that was one thing i noticed, too. there seemed to be a little bit of a rubio boomlet in the
5:24 am
numbers. i think rubio does have an opportunity heretofore a lot of those voters that are worried about seeming to genuflect towards the bush dynasty, rubio does represent a candidate who can make the case that he has a general election viability while at the same time offer inging an alternative to many folks who don't want to go with the bush name again. the other thing that's going to work to the advantage of the top tier is some of the folks on the right are where the race is actually the most crowded. cruz huckabee santorum perry if he decides to get in. a lot of them are going to be competing for the anti-establishment vote and i think it may give one of these candidates an opportunity to really post up against that part of the party and make a case to republican primary voters. >> kevin i want to stick with you for one second because paul begala just said that they would welcome a test to hillary's dominance. and that test may come in the
5:25 am
form of this new book that's coming out may 5th, it's called clinton cash and it touts itself as 186-page investigation into the foreign donations made to the clinton foundation even ted cruz made a crack about that topic this weekend. listen to this. >> all right. >> i could have sworn i saw hillary's scooby-doo van outside. and then i realized it couldn't possibly be that. because i'm pretty sure y'all don't have any foreign nations paying speakers right? >> kevin all of the foreign donations that the clinton foundation has taken, will this be a problem? >> it's absolutely going to be a problem. i think one of the big challenges for hillary clinton is look the numbers show she has solidified a lot of democrat support. but absent a very viable challenger and a sparring partner inside a primary, the number one opponent she's going to be facing is the media, and a whole bunch of republican opposition research. a whole lot of history about the
5:26 am
clintons and their foundations and some of the problems that they may have with that. so every single day where she's not fighting some of the republican candidates or fighting against another candidate one-on-one she's going to be fighting against a lot of this. >> right. >> and that does it could pose a very challenging distraction for hillary clinton as she goes through the next year and a half. >> hillary bashing is certainly the unifying theme among the republicans right now. but paul let's look at the numbers of hillary versus the entire field, and it kind of shows that saying hillary stinks isn't enough. they're going to have to offer someone else. she's beating everyone. they tout rubio, but the -- he is like four guys within the marge rn of error in the roll right on his heels in terms of how they do against hillary. do you think those match-ups are relevant this early on? >> i do think it's too early. our poll this morning shows hillary beating jeb bush by 17 points. that's great if the election were held today. but if it were held today i'd be very surprised. this is a very closely divided
5:27 am
country. the election is going to be close. what i'm trying to do is make sure people know when it tightens up and it will let's not freak out. let's not get our panties in a wad. this is going to be a close race. it's a closely divided country. but the advice to republicans is right to the point you just made. i listened to part of that hate fest they had in new hampshire. i get it. the republican base hates hillary. fine. each one trying to outdo the other in terms of hillary hate and bashing doesn't actually get you anything. what people want to hear is what are you going to do for me buddy? and i switched over there and listened to the tape of hillary when she was in iowa in monticello iowa and she was talking about education, she was talking about community colleges she was talking to a young woman who had a little sister with special needs. that's what people want to hear. maybe hillary's doing well because she's talking about ideas people care about. >> she just got in so it's hard to know exactly if the message is registering or the excitement of the actual picture of the race that's registering. one poll that is interesting, it's not the cnn orc poll
5:28 am
there's a new mason dixon poll out of florida which shes a head-to-head match-up of hillary clinton versus either jeb bush the former governor of florida or marco rubio the current senator of florida and as well as she's doing nationally against any republican on earth she's losing to both of these people and i understand from past elections i heard florida, kevin, is a key race in the general election? >> florida, ohio. look i think if you look at some of these other early some of these other really big battleground states even folks like rand paul are running even with her in places like colorado or some of these other battleground states. i think that's -- that is -- that still remains a challenge for hillary clinton. i think the national polls right now i think it's too early to really look at them as a pure horse race from a pure horse race perspective. but the national polls i think are more of a reflection of the certainty that many democrats have and that hillary clinton is going to be their nominee and the uncertainty of republicans and who our nominee is even going to be. so i think i'll start paying attention to polls around
5:29 am
probably around november and the only polls i'll be carrying about then will be about ones in iowa and new hampshire. >> paul and kevin thank you very much. there's been a lot of energy trying to define themselves early. it's good to have a poll to see what's working and what isn't. we'll be talking to you again i suspect. >> the pull is areserve deputy involved in a fatal shooting making his training records public. but do these papers contain other incriminating details? the attorney for robert bates joins us here on "new day" live. if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti.
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5:33 am
all right. so we just got word that the tulsa county sheriff is getting ready for his first news conference since reserve deputy robert bates shot and killed eric harris. now this comes after training records were released for bates following a report from the newspaper tulsa world. and they claim that his training was falsified. they say they have numerous sources. the newspaper's now reporting that part of their information is that the gun that bates used should not have been in his holster. his attorney is scott wood. and he says that he has proof
5:34 am
that shows that there is training. you sent us some 64 pages. we can't authenticate them but we certainly got them and we went through them. bottom line let's test the case. was your client trained adequately as he was supposed to be, for the work he was doing? >> without a doubt, chris, he was. in the records, as you can see, are very extensive, cover a wide range of popics in law enforcement, and has the firearms training included. >> so the tulsa world reporting, again it's not my reporting, but i can't authenticate what you sent either. this is what they said, that he did not have the training for the weapon that he used that day, and that the guidelines were that he shouldn't even be carrying that weapon and they say, unlike you, that he did not have the 450 requisite hours, and even adding up yours i don't know that it adds to 450. so what are those allegations? did he train on this weapon? should he have had it?
5:35 am
and how do you prove the 450 hours? >> he was absolutely authorized to carry that weapon. first of all under oklahoma law, if you look at 210-s 1289.6 i think it's a-4 it says that a police officer can carry his own personal weapon any time they're engaged in -- >> even a reserve deputy no different rule? >> no different rule. that is correct. and in this case reserve deputy bates had taken that gun and usually when you qualify with a backup gun it's at the end of qualification day. and in the case of a snub-nose gun like this you shoot a different course of fire from about 15 yards in. and he recalls that happening with who we now believe is a secret service agent was the range master that day. so there's no doubt that he was legally carrying that gun at the time of this incident.
5:36 am
>> all right. and the other requirement is that you can only carry a weapon assuming you're allowed to carry that weapon as listed if you've been trained on it and the allegation is that your client was not trained in the weapon that he was carrying that day. is that fair? >> no it's not fair. i mean all these unnamed sources, i mean it's just an allegation. they don't have anything to back that up. >> that's sheriff's office policy. can you prove he was trained on the weapon he had that day. >> i think we can. >> you think you can or you can? do you have the documents? >> well we do not have the documents -- >> who does? >> in our possession. if anyone does it would be the sheriff's office. or some range masters keep all of their records for every qualification. if we can find the secret service agent. >> so how do you know that he had the training on this specific weapon because mr. bates told you that he did? he remembers doing it? >> he remembers doing it. that's correct. >> tell me that again, sir. >> he does.
5:37 am
he distinctly recalls shooting with this female firearms instructor who is now with the secret service. that is correct. >> so this will all have to be vetted, either the documents exist or they don't. we do understand that these types of documents aren't on the main discovery menu that people can usually make to police. but that said they should have them. the second part of the allegation is whether or not they were forged. that will be something that obviously the burden will be on the reporters to prove that and any state investigation that comes as a result. that's one aspect. now there's an entirely different part of this case. which is, should your client have been there in the first place? now the last time you were on the show and mr. bates himself as we saw on television you both tried to make the case that you know what? he's usually nowhere near the action he's all the way in the back. he was a third of a mile away and he says i usually just carry the equipment. it seems like you're trying to paint him as a guy who's not supposed to be in the action. is that true? >> he is not regularly included
5:38 am
in the action. he does have containment duties. and sometimes containment officers have to act. he has acted in the past -- >> how so? how has he acted? >> he's apprehended people by shooting them with his pepper ball launcher. he has used his taser before on people. i don't think, though that he's ever been in an incident that -- where the threat level of the suspect was as high as this. he believed that he had to in that moment. he had a short time where he thought he could neutralize the suspect with his taser. and they could get him in to custody. contrary to what's been said, eric harris was resisting the entire time even after he was shot. fire department records, the ambulance records, he was still combative ten minutes later -- >> i think that -- >> when they arrived. >> i think that you would have a hard time making that case that he was combative when that man's knee was on his head and all he
5:39 am
was doing was screaming about being shot. but that's neither here nor there. you have the legal concerns about whether or not this will be an excusable homicide under the law and i know that you have to worry about that case because that's the biggest thing. but there's this biggest this other issue about the court of public opinion. do you believe that a senior citizen who hasn't been involved with policework since the '60s as an occupation should be involved in these types of operations? >> well chris, you make it sound like this was the first day that he came out. he'd been doing this for the last 5 1/2 or 6 years. he has been on hundreds of operations -- >> i know. i know i think you could argue -- >> -- as a task force. >> you argue that as a point that makes it better. i would argue that it's a point that makes it worse that you had someone like this around such sensitive situations. >> this task force works with the fbi occasionally the dea occasionally the district attorney's office has gone with him. and every time mr. bates has been on the scene and doing his role no one has lodged a
5:40 am
complaint in the past. none of these people -- >> that's because -- >> from any outside agency. he's performed as he was supposed to. >> -- supposed to do is nothing. and that in this case he went up and did what you'd have to do if you were in the thick of it and he made a mistake that caused a man his life. whether or not he's criminally responsible for that is one issue. whether or not it's good policy to have it all is the other one. and that's going to be something we'll have to debate going forward. but i appreciate you coming on very much to continue this conversation and give us the latest round of offering. we'll see you again, too, ayn sure. >> great, thank you, chris. >> thank you, sir. >> alisyn? >> okay chris. thousands of runners ready to hit the pavement in boston vowing not to cower in the face of terror. we take you live to the ultimate boston strong moment.
5:41 am
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5:45 am
libyan coast leaving hundreds dead and many missing. this morning another boat going down off the greek coast with dozens missing. three more boats are said now to be in distress. the ethiopian government confirming in a statement to reuters that 30 of its citizens were executed by isis in libya. the terror group had released a new video showing this atrocity. a masked terrorist is heard threatening christians must convert to islam or pay with their lives. six people arrested in minneapolis and san diego in an anti-terror sweep. they reportedly traveled to syria or tried to in order to join isis or other terror groups. officials in baltimore promising a thorough investigation into the death of freddy gray who died a week after his arrest. this family alleges a cover-up. and so far e-mail issues in republican attacks not hurting hillary clinton's numbers. a new cnn orc poll shows her leading among democrats with a klanding 69% of the vote.
5:46 am
for more on the five things to know go to new day for the latest. thousands of runners are boston strong and ready to race. this year's boston marathon two years after the horrific bombing and a day before the penalty phase begins for convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. cnn's alexandra field is live for us where security is tight. >> we know there are a lot of uniformed officers ununiformed officers detectives on rooftops to keep can eye on the race bomb sniffing dogs cameras all along the course. of course these are measures people in boston have grown used to and measures many people here now welcome. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come on out and cheer on the runners who have trained so hard worked so long for this moment. among the racers today you'll have more than two dozen survivors of the 2013 attacks participating in this race. it is bound, of course to be an emotional day, and it happens against the backdrop of the
5:47 am
continuing trial for the boston marathon bomber. that trial resumes tomorrow with the death penalty phase. that's when jurors will determine whether or not to sentence dzhokhar tsarnaev to death. today this city the people in it they are focused on the runners who are about to get on this course. this is a beloved tradition in the city of boston. there is tremendous resolve to maintain it. chris? >> and of course, such focus on wanting that race to be what it's supposed to be about. not about what it was on that one occasion. alexandra, we'll check back with you. thank you very much. big story in the news marijuana and money. becoming more and more of a pair these days. more states legalizing weed. we're digging deeper to find out why. are americans warming up to this idea?
5:48 am
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5:51 am
so it's green, it gets you high and some people love the smell. yes, that's marijuana. but it is also money, and the two are going hand in hand as more states legalize marijuana. here to talk about pot, business profits and how both are really changing the way the country thinks about marijuana is mack mctanden the senior editor of fast company dotcom. thanks for being with us. you have an issue coming out this week about the business of pot and the lead article in the magazine is about rebranding which to me is an interesting choice of words. i don't know that pot needs rebranding help here. it seems to be on a trend line that is nothing but up. >> right. well you're absolutely right it
5:52 am
is trending in that direction. you know more and more states are interested in not only legalizing medical use of it but recreational use. we're calling it the series on fast company's rebranding pot because as we move into the mainstream with the product and just vast amounts of money some people peg it at a $10 billion business. others up to $120 billion business. we're just going to see an explosion of innovation and entrepreneurs rushing in to this space, and they have to figure out how to talk about this product that for a lot of americans people all over the world still associated with an illegal substance. >> it is. we talk about moving into the mainstream. in some ways it is the mainstream. the pew research center has a poll which shows between 2010 and 2015 attitudes shifted completely where now you know people say should marijuana be legal or illegal? you see 53% -- or 52% say it should be legal now.
5:53 am
just utter reversal. how did that happen so fast? >> i think there's a few things happening. it's a complicated issue of course. but i think you know you start with the medical establishment and community endorsing it. and the medical benefits and health benefits and ability to even fight a range of illnesses and diseases from cancer to alzheimer's to nerve degenerater diseases. so you start there. you know it's also a huge social issue. more people are arrested for possession of marijuana in this country than all violent crimes collectively. i think it's something like one every 48 seconds an arrest for marijuana possession. so it is a massive social issue. it's a huge financial implications. and finally, you know what does this country do best but innovate, and explore market opportunities. all those forces are coming to the. >> you guys are a "money" magazine essentially. who's going to make the money off of this? >> who isn't? i mean there are opportunities across the board from you know, private equity firms to you
5:54 am
know the bob marley estate is very active in this space. they have a line of products called marley natural coming out at the end of the year. so really everyone from you know former yale mbas who are starting these private equity firms to anyone who has a great idea who can come to market with it. >> what's the risk here? what's the financial risk? why should someone hesitate before getting into the marijuana business if as you say, it's only going to go up from here? >> right, i mean in any new industry there's going to be risk. here while the trends are heading toward legalization across the country it's still only legal recreationally in four states and d.c. so you know i think next year is huge. there will be a ballot initiative likely in california to legalize recreational use. so you know next year is a big moment for this issue. and if california goes legal, then who knows.
5:55 am
>> so goes california so goes the nation. mac, great to have you here with us. >> thank you very much. >> the good stuff is next. do you suffer from . . . the debilitating condition of jetlag? ♪ ♪ not in this room you don't. ♪ you got it booking right. booking.yeah. nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it.
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5:58 am
time for the good stuff. mackenzie mortar this one you got to listen to minnesota, all right, the kid sufrs minor brain
5:59 am
damage as just a little baby and it makes her a little different, okay. so it comes time for her tenth birthday and guess what everyone she invited no one comes. >> oh. >> i want so much for mackenzie to belong. i want her to -- to have friends, and people that accept her for who she is and -- >> you know mom admits it is a little harder for mackenzie to make friends but her mom took to facebook just to find a few girls mackenzie's age. you know what she got? 500 people. they wound up having a party so big the town had to lend out a park to hold everybody. the mayor declared it mackenzie day and even did a police fly-by. now if this story sounds familiar i can't believe this but the exact same thing happened to glen from florida. we told you his story back in february about how he's a little bit different and the kids in his class no one came. and i thought i'd never hear a
6:00 am
story like this again. can you believe this? >> well this is the upside of social media. it works. and it makes her have this great party. it's wonderful. >> we all have young kids. the idea that nobody shows up to the party for this kid. >> heartbreaking. >> i just. i mean you got to search yourselves. that school in minnesota you got to search yourselves about what decisions you made there. thank god the right thing was done by both of these kids. good for you mackenzie. >> let us know what you think about this. it is time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> i have a mcgriddle for you. >> they're on the all-day breakfast menu at mcdonald's now. >> oh, fantastic. i'll be up after the show. >> no i'll bring it to you. i'll be there in about 18 seconds. >> thanks, chris. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in


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