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tv   CNN International  CNN  April 22, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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it lets me take my recorded shows anywhere i go. see? [program: "not on my watch..."] see? [program: "not on my watch..."] [laughing] [laughing] where do they come up with this stuff?! a call for urgent action on europe's migrant crisis as yet another boat load of migrants due to arrive in italy at any time. >> defiance and anger, saudi arabia announces an end to its bombing campaign in yemen. but houthi rebels vow to fight on. >> also ahead growing outrage protesters in another u.s. city
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demand answer and accountability after a black suspect dies from his injuries after he was arrested by police. >> hello, welcome to viewers in the united states and around the world. great to have you with us. i'm john vause. >> i'm rosemary church. this is "cnn newsroom." >> hundred of migrants rescued off the coast of southern italy due to arrive at the sicilian port of augusta. they are being brought in by the italian coast guard. the scene there right now after 9:00 in the morning. the un, hcr tells cnn there are 400 refugees on board. mainly of syrian descent. >> meanwhile, the tunisian captain is in jail along with a syrian crew member. both accused of manslaughter and human trafficking.
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among the 28 known survivors of the disaster. more than 800 others are believed to have drowned. >> well for more let's get to cnn international correspondent ben wederman live from augusta. so, ben as we are waiting for this -- this ship to come in with more than 400 people who were rescued talk to us about what the situation was for them. what boat they were on. what the circumstances were surrounding this? >> the precise details of their rescue aren't clear at this point, rosemary. but it is clearly another, yet another case of, of rickety boats often times, small fishing boats at best out along the libyan coast that have been, sent out distress signals, rescued in this case by the italian coast guard. we understand from the u.n.-hcr,
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446 migrants expected in augusta within the next half-hour. they'll be on board the italian navy vessel "the bettegat" and they're, most of them are syrian. but clearly this is something, even though we are here and we are going live from this port. this happens basically every day. we expect as the weather gets better, with spring and summer, that ever-more numbers will arrive. now, as far the case of the ship that went down on, early sunday morning, with as many as 950 people on board, yes, these two individuals, the tunisian captain and syrian crew mate are currently in custody. they were interrogated yet again yesterday by the prosecutor in catania. there are reports in italian media. according to one of the people that was -- questioned by the
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italian police, the captain, it is said was drinking and smoking hashish when this incident took place in the ear morning hours of sunday. it is not al together clear why that ship went down. we have heard variety of versions. one spokeswoman for the u.n.-hcr telling us that they believe the ship went down when it collided with a portuguese merchant vessel that went to its rescue. italian authorities believe the ship capsized when people people on the upper decks rushed to one side to try to, wave down this approaching portuguese vessel. what is clear, however, is that yet again hundreds of people migrants hatch died in the mediterranean. >> indeed. of course, as more and more of these migrants arrive there in italy it is creating a crisis on the ground there. that is the other part to this story. ben wedeman reporting there live from augusta. many thanks to you.
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john. >> well italy's prime minlster is expected to address the parliament on the migrant crisis any moment now. let's go to our cnn contributor, joining us live, what is mr. renzi expected to say? >> well, renzi is expected to basically ask for more and more support for the european union. tomorrow the european union meeting. he really has to answer to italians overwhelmed by the crisis. feel very alone with the sea of people coming over and over again. there is a lot of opposition in the italian government. within the italian government about what to do and about helping save the migrants especially from some of the far right parties. they would prefer migrant ships are sunk full of people. there is a lot of very acrid
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conversations going on within the media. and renzi's coalition isn't so strong that he can't try to balance that. he has to appease a lot of people. he is there to explain from a professional point of view what the european union is going to be able to help the italians. and he has got to calm the fears within the government. this is not going to be expensive for italy. there is a lot of people talking about whether, the very expensive 9 million-year-old, program, search-and-rescue program italians did for the good part of last year, will have to be reinstated. a lot of people here do not want to spend the money that way. they want the european union to have their own version. we are expecting prime minister renzi to address the overcrowding in the refugee centerers in italy. unbelievable how many people are crowded into small space. given so very little in terms of food, shelter, and, and, clothing and accommodation.
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a real mess here. renzi has to make sure that everybody understand they're doing everything they can to not make this the only problem. >> bobbi, this its feeding into a lot of disvision in italy. in europe. especially, anti-immigration parties. the right-wing parties. is there at least agreement when renzi says 90% of the problem here is because of the chaos in libya. and stug need to be done about that. and something need to be done about that. >> there is some comfort, i suppose, in the fact there is some finger pointing to be done and some one to blame. italians have never been on the same page about their involvement in libya either. italy feels very, very close to libya, for a lot of, reasons. a lot of financial reasons. italy deviled up the oil industry there. complicateder to all around with libya as well. >> we will continue to monument, the parliament there in rome.
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we are waiting for the comments. blaming r the europeans for turning their back on the crisis. let's go to the port of augusta, we can see the boat coming in with 400 rescued migrants arriving right now. we can steep whatee what appeary forces in the foreground. the boat in the distance. we have been waiting for boat to box any moment. keep an eye on the situation. not just in rome. at sicily. oppression. extreme poverty. the reason they make their journey from africa to europe. you can read more at >> turn our attention to yemen. operation decisive storm is giving way to operation renewal of hope. saudi arabia says nearly a month of air strikes to drive out houthi rebels is coming to an end. in its place, renewed focus on
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diplomacy meant to reap store yemen's president to power. >> thanking the coalition for standing up to the houthi rebels. the president will return to yemen to rebuild the country when the time is right. >> translator: i say with all honesty, we never mentioned the scale of hatred and pursuit of revenge from them. evil took over their mind and conscious which allowed them to bring the country off to the brink. the conspiracy accelerated after all yemenese agreed on the foundation for a new federal yemen. >> let's go back to rome. the prime minister on his feet. addressing parliament. let's listen to what he has to say about the migrant crisis. >> translator: police forces and all of the forces working and honoring italy welcoming and helping those people at sea. saving human lives.
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according to the moral principles. that no matter your religious persuasion or culture or background that we had to save lives, no matter who they are. so we are grateful. i would look to say, thank you not just to the men and women who are committed saving mu hand lives, but also to those who are receiving them. and the local -- areas. also the measures and -- and -- those that are giving a hand. i would look to thank also the volunteers. of the centers.
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those in charge -- although some people are having critical -- have been critical, we have to continue giving them an example and say thank you again to all those people. this is not the point. and we are here to debate and talk about to. day we are called to -- come up with a totally, total political approach. it is policy and the choice of the european union to have a -- a summit tomorrow. we have to give announcer, which is not just a reaction, out of emotion. after a disaster of these. we have to give -- a proper answer otherwise we are not
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going to get anywhere. and so -- we can say that -- in our time communication is the on silt -- och spposite of politics. let me go back, to two facts, which were found out on sunday. one was the dramatic shipwreck. we have been talking about. and the second fact which has been ignored is 28 christians who were beheaded. they probably were to be eventually some of those setting out. they were from ethiopia. these were people trying to flee from the places they were. but the media has paid attention only to the shipwreck.
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>> we listen to the italian prime minister addressing parliament in rome. we are showing live aimages from augusta, in sicily. italian coast guard bringing in the 400 or so, rescued migra migranted. they will be arriving. and i will be getting off that boat soon.politicians and these situations. but, the coast guards and the navy, and the italian forces. had not been dealing with what was happening at this time. and this dramatic trying incident has led finally to a wide awareness of the international community. this is when politics come night. and politics, does not mean--to
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do less in relation to communication. politics means that to realize that things have to explain in asome pua so simple way. must not be tackled in a simpled way. simple to say. you're welcoming. it is simple to say, here, that the solution is easy. i think -- and i hope that -- that the parliament of itly has the awareness that in the face of what we are going through. we need wider strategy in relation to the immediate reaction to the incident. and to come up with idea to deal with this. with courage. and to find an immediate solution. the issue is far greater -- and
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so it requires that we think about africa, otherwise, there is nothing -- wise we are going to come up with. they're not just libyans. those brothers and sisters died at sea. they come from, other countries. where there is starvation, war and deviation. and so -- the main point is to try to understand what africa is the key element in the self. eu, politics or not. we have started this. we went to the tunishia. we were the first to talk about this. y have debated on this. we have debated on this. these, these are crucial to
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understand that the future of italy lies there. we also think about the past. and in the past 20 years, 25 years, we have gone through difficult times. we have been talking for the past few months. but it is not enough to just hive light and single out the problem. we have to have all the representations of foreign pom seep. and this is the, the direction that the european union has to take it on board. >> as we are listening to the italian prime minister speak in parliament on the migrant crisis. we are watching on the left. you seep the pictures of the
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rescue boat coming in with more than 400 if grants who were rescued at sea. they have come from syria. we will keep watching this. this draws attention even more to the crisis that are occurring. the waves of migrants landing there in italy. let's go become to what he is saying. we have had an unexpected result in the program. we have been talking about it. the yad that italians -- the idea that italians are going to volt on the basis of this. italians are rational people. they're able to make decisions. it is not a matter of voting.
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this is an issue that goes beyond elections. it is about the dignity of man. we have to have courage to stay -- it is to have of a political role. obviously, we have drafted a document. with four points of study. the european operation. operation that is, that, agrees, is also a -- taking part in. >> okay, we have been listening to prime minister renzi, and nothing could be more illustrative of how big this
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problem is. he is addressing parliament, about this immigration making their way across the mediterranean. from libya trying to get to italy. and the italian coast guard bringing in more than 400 migrants who were rescued. of course this is this crisis. not a new problem. it is a growing problem. that the country has been dealing with. mateo renzi spelling out in parm they've been talking about it. he is also saying is not just an italian issue. indeed all of europe and the world. he says, an international issue. mult be aware of. has to deal with. he made the point. two essentially prongs to this. immediate problem of rescuing the boats at sea which keep coming, coming, and coming. and the scaled back search-and-rescue effort just simply ineffective.
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but he also said they must address the issue. in africa as well. where aurm the immigrants are coming from. seeking a better life in no matter who they are, it is above the the big ni team of men, women and children. he said we need wider strategy to find ape solutions. as john mentioned. need to think about what is happening in africa. the circumstances in which a lot of people are fleeing from the various nation as cross africa. no specifics in what he is saying. just looking for stralt jeez. >> there will be the very important meeting tomorrow in luxembourg. with the e come. . where they will address the crisis. >> hopefully come up with a detailed plan on what nay can do. itch there was an easy solution. they would already have it. it isn't one. a complex problem. it involves organized crime.
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involves dwris is. we heard the prime minister, eluding to ethiopian christians murdered. 28 were taken out. beheaded the so all of this is intertwined. it is complex. it is deaf cult. it is emotional. and all the while people continue to die. the mediterranean, turning into a mass grave. doctors without borders. a waltery grave right now who are so desperate to get out. >> the situation inch ariff ka. libyan asia. basically a safe life. >> there is the problem at sea. just giving, making this voyage. two, in italy where there were so many people it is creating a humanitarian crisis. >> just the number if you look at it. 170,000 people, illegal immigrants. whatever you call them. there is only 66,000 beds in the ref jef center.
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a problem overwhelming the italians and need to be addressed. >> we'll keep a close eye on the situation. waiting for migrants off the boat. more details on what happened to them at sea. in the meantime take a short break on cnn. much more when we come back.
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california is looking at a pretty dry earth day to start. going through the worst drought in 1200 years affecting the estimated 3 million people who live there. california's agriculture industry is the state's biggest water user. the drought has caused crops to die and thousand of acres of land to go unused. >> earlier this month, the governor imposed mandatory water restrictions on residents. businesses and farms. scientists say 11 trillions of gallons of ran water are needed to pull the state out of the crisis. >> as california deals with water worries the state says there are three income desert communities, consuming more than their fair share. >> we are told how that is stirring up a lot of controversy. >> reporter: in the middle of
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california's desert, springs an artificial oasis. >> this is our duck pond. >> one pond for the ducks. another for the swans. and the pontoon boats. there are canals, fountains showcasing miniwaterfalls andat rancho mirage this looks like a mirage as the rest of the state suffers through a punishing drought. >> it seems so ridiculous to have something so green and filled with water in the desert. >> well are one of a number of places that are like this. people do look to come to the desert for the greenness of it. uniqueness of it. >> reporter: unique describes everywhere you look in the cochella valley home to the world famous palm springs. >> the playground of the stars. >> reporter: the desert community bills itself in the film as a beckoning oasis and it worked.
12:28 am
celebrities, the rich, average tourists, flocked. from 1960 to 2015, the population exploded by roughly 1,500%. by 2020, estimates show the population will grow by another 20%. but all the growth comes with a very steep price for the entire state. a price paid in water. california says per capita, three desert communities are among the top ten begge ebigges water hogs in the state. local water authorities dispute the figures because residents live here part time. this is what california's desert is supposed to look like, barren, nothing growing, nothing green. but, look right across the street at this gated subdivision and you see lush, manicured lawns and golf courses. critics say this defies mother nature and not sustainable. >> it is insane how much water is booing used. >> a local blogger, 15 year
12:29 am
resident of the desert says resorts like the one where we met are gated and secured from general public scrutiny. and need how to shut off the spigots and look beyond the gates. >> there should at least be a discussion, "hey if there is not much water left should nine pools and a pond and everything else, should that beware we give our water." probably not. >> reporter: much of the water is shared by the state and it is running dry. palm springs city manager argues change is happening. the city is pulling water hungry flowers from the media and yanking grass at city hall. unthinkable years ago. >> the history of palm springs and desert oasis. that is changing. >> reporter: why do we see the gated communities with the pools, with their boats and swans on their pools? why does that continue? >> you are going to see that changing as well. >> reporter: back at the racket
12:30 am
club, roy says they're trying, balancing what residents want with what the state requires. the community planted drought tolerant plants. emphasis on "some." scientists predict we will increase the odds of natural disasters if the planet's climate rises more than 2 degrees celsius. cnn is launching a long term project looking into this. learn more about it at >> coming up -- we will go back to ben wedeman at port of augusta in italy where another boat load of hundreds of migrants were plucked from the sea. we will talk to him in just a moment.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states all around the world you are watching cnn newsroom. i'm john vause. i'm rosemary church. time to check the headlines for you. he will return to yemen to rebuild the country when the time is right. saudi arabia announced tuesday it is ending air strikes against rebel targets in yemen. >> u.s. department of justice opened a civil rights investigation into the case of a plaq black man who died from injuries he suffered in custody. that did not stop protesters taking to the streets in maryland tuesday. they say they aren't getting any answers which explained how 25-year-old freddie gray ended up with fatal spinal cord injuries after being arrested earlier this month.
12:35 am
>> right now the italian coast guard is bringing more than 400 rescued migrants to shore at sicilian port of augusta, cnn international correspondent ben wedeman joins us again from there. now, ben, of course, we are waiting for this bet to arrive with the, the 400 or so rescued migrants. talk to us though about that. and the situation that has been caused as a result of these waves of immigrants who have come. and the problems that they have experienced out at sea there. we also heard from the italian prime minister, a lot to cover there. >> yeah, well you know, prime minister renzi did say yesterday this crisis, this tragedy that happened early sunday morning with the death of as many as 950 migrants has focused europe for the first time he said on this problem. and italy is desperate to get the european union on board and in some sort of comprehensive
12:36 am
action to, to somehow deal with this problem. but this problem is so deep and so broad and goes back to sort of, so many areas, you have war in syria. you have war in somalia. you have chaos in libya. you have economic deprivation in nigeria, gambia, erritrea. and there has been a lot of talk about the human smugglers, but in a sense they, they are just meeting a demand, a need, of these millions of people who were trying to to find a better life. and so, we have had a lot of talk in the, italian parliament, and italian politics, in the media, about somehow cracking down on the human smugglers. but in the end that doesn't
12:37 am
really resolve the problem. the problem goes much deeper. it is war. it is unrest. it is poverty. it's corruption. it's injustice. those are issues that certainly the european union would have a difficult time addressing in any effective manner. so, that really gives you an idea just the scale of this problem. of course, then when these people arrive here, the question is how do you integrate them into society if society even wants them. many europeans italians included feel that given the state of the economy here, where you have 12% unemployment, 40% youth unemployment. there is simply, there isn't the opportunity the space to integrate these people in. then of course there is the journey. we don't know specific details of what we are told by u.n./hcr, 446 migrants on board this ship. but we do have a very good idea about the difficulties of the
12:38 am
journey. yesterday we spoke to a syrian migrant who was here in cataniy, what he described was a hellish journey in which very poor people end up spending the very few resources they have off to get here. one syrian refugee told us yesterday, for instance, right after he had paid 1,000 euros, $1,100 for the journey over here. masked men showed up and stole his remaining 700 euros. people arrive destitute, desperate for some sort of improvement in their lives. >> it is just overwhelming, ben, when you hear all of the circumstances surrounding these migrants coming in. of course the situation on the ground there in italy. when weep h listen to the itali prime minister. no specifics there. very much broad strokes. where do you begin? what are some things discussed
12:39 am
here, as starting points, perhaps, to do something about this massive problem? >> well one of the sort of first things they're talking about is trying to avoid this growing massive death toll in the mediterranean. that would of course involve increasing the number of ships and aircraft involved in the operation, sea operation. giving it better funding. now you had this program run by the italians from october 2013 through november of last year. that cost about $10 million a month. it was basically a burden for the italians. then it was switched over to the european migration, border agency. they had this so-called tritan program. that only had a budget of $3 million. a it was restricted to an area of basically 30 miles around the
12:40 am
italian coast. the idea at the moment is to increase the resource as valleyabvalley ab -- resources available to ghost guard. so they will be able to do to prevent deaths at sea. beyond that there isn't a clear idea how to address the problem at its root. you are talking about problems, that people have been talking about for years now. without a solution. the war in syria. nobody has been able to, change that situation in any way. corruption in nigeria. a gargantuan problem beyond the purview of the european union. these are issues i think, have really stumped world leaders, european leaders, trying to change this situation. it seems almost unresolvable at this point. rosemary. >> so many challenges ahead there. ben wedeman talking to us from
12:41 am
augusta, sicily. you are looking at live pictures there of the 400 plus rescued migrants arriving in sisly. thenn -- arriving in sicily taking them on land. not enough resources on the ground. european need to tackle along with its european partners. we'll keep an eye on this story. >> people arrive in italy. they don't want to sta in italy, the welfare system is not very good. they want to got to germany, france, or britain. >> not just italy's problem. >> much better welfare system. get more assistance. so -- it is everyone's problem. okay. we'll take a short break. when we come back, saudi arabia announced an end to the bombing campaign in yemen. did it really acome policomplis goals? we'll talk about that after the break.
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as you come back to us, we
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are looking at live pictures from augusta in sicily. see this rescue ship has just arrived. there is 400-plus migrants from syria for the most part. they have arrived here. you can see them there on the top of this boat. and they are preparing to disembark from that boat. and arrive there, and add to these many waves of people. we don't know too much about their story. while at sea they were rescued from a migrant boat there. more details will come to play in the days ahead. but for these people, they are 400-plus of so many thousand and thousand of people arriving there in italy. this is a problem for the italian government. but it is also for the wider european audience, for the governments there, they're getting together. they're going to try to come up with some sort of solution to deal with this. but as we heard from prime minister renzi speaking in
12:46 am
parliament. the problem comes back. the circumstances for a lot of people and country of origin. a very difficult overwhelming challenge to, to, overcome. but of course the problem too is once these people are arriving and they're in the thousand in italy. italy is finding it a problem to come to terms with making sure these people are fed, and housed. so we will continue to keep an eye on this as we wait for these, these migrants to disembark. 400-plus people waiting on the rescue ship. >> okay, rosemary. return now to the middle east. 36 people are dead in what may be the last air strikes in yemen. local officials say, two dozen civilians killed in a strike on this bridge. the united nations says more than 731 people have been killed in the fighting in yemen. at least 150,000 have been forced from their homes. senior international correspondent nic robertson was just in saudi arabia covering the military operation. he joins us live from london.
12:47 am
the saudis announced an end to air strikes have they been true to their word. >> they announced the end of the air strikes based on the fact that the houthis had been agreed to the terms laid out. spelled out. they should put down their weapons and control of cities, like the capital centre they had taken over. by force. it does seem this morning. we are getting early reports from the town of taiz, the hoout yehoout -- houthis may have taken control, the only one they didn't control, as a consequence, the sawed kre air strike. there are pockets of the houthis that haven't gone along with what the leadership appears and saudis believed late yesterday. and the president of yemen, had believed even this morning that the houthis had gone along with.
12:48 am
whether or not this will amount to a much greater breakdown in the cessation of air strikes or, or this is just in keeping with what the saudis warned, the houthis need to stick to what they agreed at the table. if they don't. there will be air strikes. this is going to be a very, something to watch closely in the coming hours, john. >> nic, talk about the cease-fire agreement. essentially the deal to get back to the table for the peace talks. a lot of rumors, circulatincirc talks were under way. communication between back channels, houthis and saudis. how did that progress? do we know what the terms of that are? >> we know some of the terms. the term thousands, whether the houthis would lay down weapons and get out of the cities they have taken by force. there was also an understanding of the agreements that, that the president, the former president,
12:49 am
who had army units, yemeni army units still loyal to him principally of family connections of more than three decade in power, he would also end the fighting as well, end his support for the houthis and leave the country not to return. what we have seen in recent days, perhaps, perhaps, about a week ago was this sort of key diplomatic breakthrough if you will was the appointment of the -- of vice president baha, he is significant, he has more support in the north of the country than president hadi has, and certainly since he was appointed vice president there seems to have been growing rapprochement if you will, growing connections, communications between the saudi military and the yemeni military supporting the ousted president sali, to the point that there was an offer to the units that gave up support for the ousted
12:50 am
president, sali, that they would then, therefore, not be hit in air strikes. so this seems to be the agreement at least last night, by the saudis to end the air strikes seem to have been based on the progress going on behind the scenes, john. >> okay, we will see where the latest air strike, if it is a hiccup along the way or sign of something serious. nic robertson live in london. we'll take a short break. when we come back much more on the arrivals of immigrants rescued in the mediterranean, arriving right now in sicily. stay with us, you are watching cnn. [ male announcer ] you wouldn't leave your car unprotected. but a lot of us leave our identities unprotected. nearly half a million cars were stolen in 2012.
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you are back with us with live pictures of the italian coast guard bringing 400-plus migrants rescued from the mediterranean. we understand mostly from syria. their circumstance stan s are u, waiting to be unloaded from the boat. >> become to ben wedeman on the scene. ben, you said pretty much a routine event it happens so often. what is the process? what will happen to the migrants in the next couple hours as they
12:55 am
get them off the rescue ship? then what? >> let me first give you more details we just received about this 446 migrants on this boat. we understand that they were rescued by italian coast guard in greek waters. rather near greece. the majority are syrian. the rest ten other nationalities. and we understand that, that the smugglers, the basically the crew of the boats are also on board. as far as what happens next. they'll get off the ship. they will be given water immediately. if they don't have shoes they will be given shoes. then they will have a quick very cursory medical checkup. then they will be processed by the italian authorities and eventually bused to one of the migrant centers here in sicily. and often times they will be moved elsewhere in italy. of course, the problem is that this has become something of a political hot potato in italy. two northern provinces have
12:56 am
declared they will accept no more migrants. it is immediately a problem just to find them a police lace to s. back to you. >> thank you, ben wedeman live on the scene in augusta, sicily. 446 migrants. the latest to arrive in what has been a flood of immigrants heading to italy. 170,000 last year. thousand this year. >> interesting, noted there, smugglers are on board as well. they will be dealt with accordingly. thank you for your company. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm john vause. stay with us. for our viewers in the united states "early start." for viewers everywhere else, "cnn newsroom." >> have a great day. ♪
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♪ growing frustration and a new investigation into the death of a man mysteriously injured during his arrest. new witnesses coming forward as protesters demand to know how freddie gray died. any awe silence over yemen. saudi arabia stops swapping bombs but the fight between the iranian-backed rebels in the country, saudi-backed paul far from over. we have live team coverage. plus, how will the u.s. now be involved. good morning, everyone, welcome to "early start." i'm john rm


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