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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  April 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> we won't stop. protests in baltimore gaining momentum. still unexplained death of freddie gray. the community demanding to know what happened while he was in police custody. how he ended up in a coma and later died. a new terror plot foiled. authorities release a 24-year-old student in france. wait until you hear what he had in his apartment. you'll hear what they say he was planning to target and why they already had their eye on him. a trip to paradise turns into a wavy nightmare when a cruise ship gets caught in a massive storm off the coast of australia stranding thousands at sea. we'll show you the incredible pictures. hello, everybody. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. this morning on the streets of baltimore there's an abundance of frustration, abundance of grief but a stark shortage of answers.
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how did freddie gray end up with a severe spinal injury while in police custody? the 25 year old died one week later. and now after protests and investigations under way, there's no answers to that basic question. >> a federal civil rights investigation has also been launched. six officers are now suspended with pay while the police department there investigates what really happened. suzanne malveaux is on the ground in baltimore with the latest. any word yet on when folks there are going to likely start getting answers to some pretty simple questions? >> reporter: we hope they'll get some answers today. the mayor's office we've been told by an aide that they are least organizing a potential press conference this afternoon sometime between 2:00 and 5:00. another thing that's happening today is the law enforcement officers bill of rights, that provision that says a supervisor cannot question those police officers who have been accused of misconduct within ten days. those ten days have now expired so there is that opening and that window, if you will, for
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them to start questioning those six individuals who were suspended with pay who were directly involved in his arrest. those are some of the developments that we expect today. we also expect as well more protests outside of that western police district by protesters in the neighborhood. we don't expect the family to attend. we saw last night the incredible amount of emotion and frustration and outpouring when those family members did attend. the mother of freddie gray, the brother of freddie gray, both of them, the mother screaming and just emotional and crying full of grief. that unfolded. there are a lot of unanswered questions and frustration, one of them they have is clearly getting freddie gray's body to the family still at the state coroner's office. the other thing, i talked to the attorney, they say they're not satisfied. they have no idea why it is that he was stopped in the first place. he does have a record of drug activity in the past, but they say, look, if you believe what the police say, they describe a
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scenario where there were three officers on a bike who made eye contact with freddie gray. he took off and then they pursued and that's how the whole thing began. i want you to listen to william murphy explain why it is that this family needs answers and needs them right away. >> in other words everybody is a suspected drug dealer in that environment. is that what they're saying? what difference does it make whether you run in a hot spot or not a hot spot. running is not enough. running gives you nothing. he didn't run fast enough. that's the truth, isn't it? >> reporter: kate and john, we expect another protest to happen here at city hall tomorrow where the family will be in attendance again because they are trying to push as hard as they can for more answers. they're not satisfied with the pace of this and we'll get some more details this afternoon. kate, john? >> hopefully they will get some answers today as that police
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officer bill of rights, that ten-day period expires today as you mentioned. thanks so much. happening now, new emotional testimony in the sentencing phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. the jurors there will determine whether dzhokhar tsarnaev will receive the death penalty or life without parole. the first to take the stand this morning, family members of slain m.i.t. officer sean collier. >> his stepfather and brother spoke about his desire to be a police officer and he said he was the one always fighting for what was right. alexandra field is there. what else are you hearing from the victims in the courtroom? families in the courtroom today? it's very emotional. very powerful in how you described it so far. >> reporter: enormously emotional. very difficult to listen to bringing a lot of tears out in the courtroom. prosecutors have said that death is the only just sentence for dzhokhar tsarnaev. they are trying to make the jury
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feel in some small way the pain caused on that day on boylston street on the m.i.t. campus and agony that so many have endured for the two years since those attacks. in order to bring jurors right into the heart of the hell that was breaking loose, they played a video in the courtroom. i have to warn you, it's incredibly graphic. it's deeply disturbing. i do want to pause so that everyone is able to hear what this jury heard. >> are you okay? >> reporter: those are the screams, desperate cries for help in the immediate aftermath of the bomb that exploded near the finish line. a woman was in the middle of that crowd. she was 18 at the time of the attack. she took the stand speaking with
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tears in her eyes. she's one of the few survivors called by the prosecution during this penalty phase and we're hearing from family members of the victims who died. sean collier's father who talked about what it was like to go to the hospital and identify his son with a bullet hole in his head. we heard from crystal campbell's father who held onto hope for hours believing that his daughter survived the marathon attack only to learn that it was a case of mistaken identity. john and kate in is. >> that video is very difficult to see no matter how many years it's been since the marathon bombing. thanks so much. we'll talk more about it later this hour. will he be put to death? will he be given life in prison? that's the question in this penalty phase of the boston bombing trial. much more into that later this hour. right now, saudi arabia is bombarding yemen from the skies hours after it announced an end
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to the air campaign against the rebel group that has overthrown g the government. the bombing picked up after the houthies attacked a military brigade. >> it's a country filled with chaos right now. two u.s. drone strikes killed six suspected al qaeda militants in yemen. we want to bring in jim sciutto. we're also just learning that there's this convoy off the coast of yemen that the u.s. has had its eyes on. an iranian convoy. we're getting new information about the nature of the ships in that convoy. >> reporter: that's right. it was described initially as a cargo convoy which is serious enough because the worry from the u.s. is that among the containers on the cargo ships might be more weapons, significant weapons for houthi rebels there which the u.s. doesn't want to get into yemen. in that convoy are also small iranian warships so that raises
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the tension here. you have now nine u.s. warships off the coast there watching. flying reconnaissance flights off the "uss theodore roosevelt" sending a physical message do not put those weapons ashore. doesn't mean that u.s. will board those ships when you have iranian warships in the convoy. that would be an extraordinary step. they are watching and that's meant to send a message to iran, don't put those weapons ashore. >> all right. jim sciutto for us. there's so much else going on there right now with the saudis also engaging in a new round of bombing after they said they halted the bombing. we'll talk about this coming up. also "at this hour," a court hearing is happening right now on whether to give more freedom to the man who attempted to assassinate president ronald reagan. a recent judge ruling allowed john hinckley, jr., to spend 17 days a month at his mother's home away from the mental hospital where he's been undergoing treatment since he
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shot president reagan and his press secretary back in 1981. today his attorneys are asking that the 59 year old be able to spend more time at the virginia home with his mother. this comes more than 20 years after hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the shooting of the president and three others. deputy u.s. marshal caught on tape in an incident sunday in california. the tape shows an officer snatching a phone from a woman who was recording law enforcement operations in progress. the video you're looking at now was recorded by another onlooker. it shows the marshal slamming the phone to the ground and kicking it. the woman spoke to cnn about the experience. >> i saw that the officers had around eight people, men and women, on the lawn and they were pointing automatic weapons to the heads of these people. the officers noted that i was filming them and they changed
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their behavior. >> so the agency released this statement. the u.s. marshal service is aware of the video footage of the incident that took place sunday in los angeles county involving a deputy u.s. marshal. the agency is currently reviewing the incident. a revealing statement. some of the worst storms in a century are battering sydney, australia. a 100 people trapped in their homes. other homes just swept away. look at this video. the body of a woman was found this morning after she was swept from her car. hundreds of people had to evacuate because of the flooding. a cruise ship trapped at sea because sydney's dock was shutdown has finally reached the shore. passengers so sea sick they couldn't leave their cabin. you almost get sea sick watching the video. ahead for us "at this hour," nobody puts dr. oz in the corner. wait until you see how he's firing back at a group of
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physicians calling on him to resign from columbia university. a diplomatic chess match in the middle east with lives at stake. a common denominator, iran. developments complicating the complex relationship there. what's the next move? that is next.
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this morning the crisis in yemen is boiling over. saudi arabia is bombing the rebel houthi group in yemen. houthies are trying to take over more portions of the country after overthrowing the government there.
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last night president obama outlined the message he says he's trying to send the iranians in an interview with msnbc. take a listen. >> what we've said to them is if there are weapons delivered to factions within yemen that could threaten navigation, that's a problem. and we're not sending them obscure messages. we send them very direct messages about it. >> as this is all happening, the u.s. and allies are sitting down with iran today in vienna for a fresh round of talks on the nuclear deal and on top of all of that, u.s. drones targeted al qaeda militants in yemen overnight. that's a complicated mess here. let's bring in our global affairs analyst. it's good you're here to help break this down into small digestible parts. kate wants to talk about iran. i want to talk about the big here. the range of things going on now
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is staggering. you have saudis bombing when they said they wouldn't and houthies attacking when they said they wouldn't. u.s. warships watching iranian ships, nuclear negotiations and now drone strikes on al qaeda. if you're in the white house right now, how do you juggle this mess? >> that's the question they're going to have to answer and not just this week or not just today. going forward. this is the new reality of the middle east. a very complicated process. a place that just got a magnitude more complicated in part because of the more aggressive role that iran is playing. this is how every white house going forward will have to deal with this crisis. you have a situation of a country in chaos and everybody including us wants to take advantage of the chaos to suit our own security understanding and need. the drone strikes against al qaeda is part of that. there's chaos in the country and
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the u.s. saw the opportunity to take out al qaeda people and took the opportunity. the iranians are trying to do the same thing. they are seeing an opportunity to mess with the saudis. traditional rivals. they are trying to take that opportunity. a lot of opportunities have been going on in a place -- the one thing few people are thinking about is about the poor yemenis. nobody cares about the damage being done to one of the most desperately poor countries in the world. >> with all of this opportunism playing out, change the focus to vienna where talks over iran's nuclear program is happening. the white house says they can walk and chew gum at the same time. they can have nuclear talks and continue those talks while not rubber stamping the other actions of iran on this end. how can what's going on in yemen and the role that iran is
8:18 am
playing there, how can it not impact what's going on in vienna? they say it isn't. do you believe it? >> it can't not be part of their thinking. at least the negotiators -- never mind the official positions. the human beings who are sitting on either side of that table, it's got to be in their consciousness when they look at each other and talk. so far this is not the first time iran has projected power in the middle east throughout the period of these talks iran has been doing stuff in iraq and supported bashar al assad and so we've seen that throughout these talks they have managed to isolate themselves from the rest of the world and by the way, that's how iran wants it. in switzerland, all they want to talk about is the nukes because they don't want this other stuff getting into the conversation. that would get in their way. what do they want from these talks? they want sanctions to end.
8:19 am
if these other conversations enter the picture, it complicates things and the end of sanctions get delayed. they don't want us talking about all of these other things. now, the obama administration and the other western powers have made a conscious decision that that's okay. they have agreed to not bring up all other iran's misbehavior into that conversation. once that decision was made years ago, then we kind of set ourselves on a particular course with these talks. we painted ourselves into a corner here. we won't be able now at this late stage to say let's put aside the nukes for a moment and talk about what you're doing in yemen. we agreed you won't do that. >> interesting. elephant in the room. civil war in the room. doesn't talk on "the washington post" bureau chief in prison with no relief in sight. thank you for being with us to high to help understand parts of it. >> there's a lot of criticism coming understandably from
8:20 am
republicans at this foreign policy position by the obama administration. up next for us, french authorities bust a 24 year old plotting they say a terror attack. we have remarkable details on how he was caught. remarkable details about what this guy was planning and the arsenal he amassed. [ male announcer ] we know they're out there. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing. a safer, cleaner, brighter future. at boeing, that's what building something better is all about. ♪
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all right. just in a short time ago, a terror plot thwarted in france. french authorities arrested a 24-year-old man who they say was plotting to attack churches there. they found heavy weapons, ammunition and bulletproof vests
8:24 am
in his car and in his home. >> the officials there have not released the suspect's name but they say he's a computer science student who had plans to go to syria and had been in communication with al qaeda and isis. they also say that the student was involved in the killing, they believe, of a 32-year-old woman whose body was found sunday. let's bring in cnn's senior international correspondent nic robertson with more on this. prosecutors were trying to lay out more details they have. first off, how did they end up apprehending this guy in the first place? >> well, i guess that's kind of the most shocking thing about it. it also makes you realize how lucky the french authorities were and french people were. he was picked up because believe it or not, he shot himself and called an ambulance. when the police arrived there, because he had been under investigation in 2014 and earlier this year, they realized that he was a person of interest. then they searched his vehicle and then they found all the
8:25 am
weapons, the three cell phones, computer, flak jackets and more weapons when they went to his house. one of the key things emerging from this is he hadn't just been in communication with people inside syria. according to the french prosecutor, a man in syria had directed him to attack a french church and that french church was in the car when he was arrested. you have to worry what might have happened if he hadn't shot himself. >> the idea of just who the french are following and not following hugely significant after the attacks at "charlie hebdo" in january. people slipped off the radar that shouldn't have. the fact they had their eye on this guy and knew to follow up quickly here perhaps significant here. the fact there was direct contact from syria as you say shows a level of coordination
8:26 am
here perhaps not seen before and the fact there were gps coordinates programmed into his car very alarming. >> all of this is a concern. we heard from the french president and the french prime minister today who both said france is under a high threat like so many other countries. we're extra vigilant. this man had been observed by the police and talked to him before and were aware of details about him but as early as a few months ago they judged him not to be an immediate threat and that's where you have to ask, okay, what is the lapse in intelligence here? here's a man who we know has four guns a lot of ammunition and clear plan and intent but a few months ago he was not deemed to be a specific threat. the president of france praising the police who realize quickly not only do you have a guy that shot himself but actually we recognize that he is somebody that we're interested in and that's why the police say he wasn't allowed to get off and
8:27 am
just get a ride to a hospital and get treatment for the gunshot wound. >> seems like he was close to doing whatever -- putting his plan into play. >> they have to pull on that thread to see if there is anyone else who may be a cause for concern as well. nic robertson, thank you so much. ahead for us "at this hour," anger boiling over in baltimore. protesters demanding to know what happened while freddie gray was in police custody that ultimately led to his death. congressman elijah cummings has lived there for decades. what he's calling on police and city officials to do.
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by visiting outrage, grief on the streets of baltimore. four investigations now launched into the death of freddie gray including a federal civil rights investigation. the 25 year old died a week after he was arrested on what they believe was the only described as a weapons charge for carrying a switch blade. one witness there describes gray's body as being bent like a pretzel as he was being taken into custody and eventually placed in a police van. >> the autopsy shows he had a severe spinal injury. he fell into a coma. his family said he had to have surgery for three fractured vertebrae in his neck. the family is hopeful they'll get the body back from the state today. six police officers have been
8:32 am
suspended with pay while the department investigates. i want to bring in a son of baltimore. congressman elijah cummings whose district includes baltimore joins us now. as i said, you don't just have a congressional interest in this. you have a personal interest in this. this is home for you. as you look at what's happened over the last few days, why has it taken a few days? have you gotten any answers to the questions of what's taking so long to find out what happened to freddie gray? >> i have not gotten the answers and they could not come fast enough for me. i've lived in this neighborhood and it's not very far from where this incident happened where i lived for 33 years. we have a situation here where a young man who the police say was in a drug infested area and they made eye contact with him and he ran. let me tell you something -- and
8:33 am
then the next thing we know, he's dead a week later. spinal cord, 80% severed. and they say that this incident happened without incident or force. it just is so upsetting. when we see the result that is freddie gray dying and suffering and then hear the police say that it was done -- he was arrested without incident or force, it goes against -- it is ridiculous actually. it's insulting to the intelligence of anybody who hears it. so what i've asked the police to do is to do what they have asked me to do. whenever we have an incident in
8:34 am
the city where we can't get witnesses to come forward, i worked with police and said to neighbors and people who may have seen it, i say you don't have the right to remain silent. you must come forward and tell what happened. i'm saying to the police somebody knows what happened here. they do not have the right to remain silent. we've got to restore trust in this city between the police and the community. we've got to do even more than that. we've got to have total tra transparen transparency. >> you talk about you need to restore trust in the community and trust between the police department and community, you also have a mayor here who says she can't get answers of why this has happened. do you think that the mayor and the police commissioner are equipped to handle this? it seems pretty simple. everyone seems to be saying we need to get answers. we need transparency. those in charge aren't doing
8:35 am
that. >> i think they are trying to do that. part of the problem is that there are certain rules and laws and regulations that protect the police officers. we have in maryland what's called a policeman's bill of rights where certain questions can't even be asked of a policeman until several days have gone by. so they have their own restrictions. one of the things that's good is that we have brought in now the doj and that's important. months ago the mayor and police commissioner invited the doj to come in and look at our overall police system to see if there are any problems. and there are. and so i think they are moving in the right direction. they've already suspended the six officers involved. they have now instituted as of yesterday training with regard to how to make these arrests
8:36 am
particularly if somebody is complaining of illness. again, there's a lot to this. that's why i'm glad the department of justice is now involved in this. so that we can get an independent look. >> they've been involved with this department from before this incident as you correctly said. what's wrong with the baltimore police force then? 102 lawsuits for excessive force since 2011 for $5.7 million. so what's the issue within this police force keeping them from coming forward with answers, if the mayor wants it and the police chief wants it? >> again, keep in mind that i practice law, criminal law, for many years. these police officers are now in a defensive mode. i'm sure by now they all have lawyers. they know that it's quite possible that they may be
8:37 am
charged criminally. so it's hard to get answers from them. there are probably systemwide problems that have been going on for many years and hopefully with doj involved, we'll be able to find out what they are and do a ferguson type study to come up with exactly how the policemen operated and what the systemic problems have been and are and try to address them. one of the things that you all need to know is that we have a young african-american woman who has just been elected our state's attorney. very impressive young lady. she will be getting the results of the investigation -- she's jointly investigating with the police, baltimore city police this incident, and she'll be making decisions with regard to whether to prosecute these officers. and they have set a deadline of
8:38 am
may 1st to have this investigation completed. so we're going to get the answers and we're going to address this. again, i've said to the public, i believe that we'll have transparency. we have a great state's attorney who will look at it very carefully and fairly. at the same time, we got to keep in mind the police officers are entitled to due process but the question is who will speak for freddie gray. that's what's concerning me. i want to make sure that his family get the answers that they deserve and that they are treated fairly. >> you're speaking up and being part of that voice for them. >> congressman, thank you for being with us. appreciate it, sir. up next, could the boston marathon bomber's middle finger be a deciding factor on whether he gets the death penalty. prosecutors painting dzhokhar
8:39 am
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happening now. emotional testimony inside the courtroom in the sentencing phase for the now convicted boston marathon bomber. family and friends of m.i.t. officer sean collier. remember, he was the officer shot and killed by the tsarnaev brothers days after the marathon attack. those friends and family on the stand this morning. >> this testimony coming a day after prosecutors showed a
8:43 am
picture of tsarnaev during arraignment holding up his middle finger to a camera in his holding cell. let's go to sunny hostin to discuss these developments. we knew this was the important phase. this is the important phase because his guilty verdict was a foregone conclusion. >> i think so. we knew that because judy clark, his defense attorney who is one of the best in the country, started out by saying he did this. this was about whether or not she could save his life. that's what we're seeing play out. >> the big question i have is the impact you believe that the victim's family speaking out on the stand and what the impact is then on the jury. you can see what the prosecution is arguing for the death penalty. what's the impact of these stories being told once again to the jury? >> i think in terms of the cruelty of this crime and heinous nature of this crime,
8:44 am
that's what these people will be speaking to. they're going to be speaking to how this has affected their lives and especially hearing from the families of the little boy, martin richards, that was killed. that in and of itself is enough to establish heinous and cruel nature of this crime. that's why we're hearing from them again. i don't think that the jury is going to hear what they would like the sentence to be. the supreme court has been pretty clear on that. the jury can't hear what they would like the sentence to be, whether or not they think -- >> this is crucial. can they be asked directly? this matters because there are a significant number of victims' families here who do not want to see the death penalty including the family of martin richards. they don't want the appeals process to go dragged out and never want to see tsarnaev again. >> i think the short answer is
8:45 am
the jurors won't hear that. the longer answer is prosecutors always take that into consideration. they obviously have met with the family. they are still pressing forward with the death penalty. but this jury will definitely hear the argument from judy clark that putting him to death is giving him what he wants and how can she make that argument? because on the side of the boat which the prosecution has already referenced, he wrote about martyrdom and resented that his brother was able to become a martyr. >> she can't put the victims' families on the stand and say do you want them to get the death penalty and have them say no? >> the supreme court has made it clear that will not happen. >> he hired one of the best death penalty attorneys in the country in this woman. >> you know, that's --
8:46 am
>> it's one theory i heard. >> you make a good point. i think the prosecution is going to say, listen, death is appropriate here. he's trying to save his life. that's why he's putting on this defense. i think that when you talk about massachusetts, a state that isn't necessarily heavily in favor of the death penalty, i think that it will perhaps ring true for some of those jurors if judy clark makes the argument that putting him to death gives him what he wants. a fate worse than death would be putting him in prison for the rest of his life. we'll hear that argument. >> and the defense is definitely going to spend more time than we'll hear the prosecution making their case. >> we heard the prosecution case. we haven't heard yet the defense case and that's coming up. >> that will start up. thank you so much. ahead for us "at this hour," she told her family she was going on a trip. instead, she went to turkey to join isis. how a woman described as quiet
8:47 am
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...for capturing your world. and now they can transform it, with the new angie's list app you can you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project or just tell us what you need done... ...and angie's list will find a top-rated provider to do the job. start your project for free today. new developments about isis recruiting efforts targeting young people in the united states. a young woman lured into the terror group's clutches running away from home to join them in jihad. >> u.s. officials say she is trying to draw other americans in to the deadly sphere of
8:51 am
influence from isis right now and perhaps inspiring lone wolf attacks here in the united states. cnn's pamela brown has the troubling story. >> reporter: intelligence officials say this 20-year-old university of alabama dropout once considered quiet and shy by her classmates is a potential national security threat. a family spokesperson says hoda muthana fled to syria in november after communicating with members of isis on-line. >> she had withdrawn from the muslim community over a year before she left to join isis because she knew that the community was not sympathic to those extremist groups. >> reporter: according to buzzfeed she posted on social media this picture of four western passports with the caption "bond fire soon no need for these anymore." in march she tweeted under the name go on drive-byes and spill their blood or rent a big truck
8:52 am
and drive all over them parades in the u.s. she tweeted about the need for more american isis recruits saying, so many aussies and brits here, but where are the americans? wake up you cowards. a law enforcement official says women like her play a powerful role influencing others. >> they're very good at both drawing in other women and also egging men on basically saying i'm over here in syria, why are you still waiting at home? >> reporter: in an interview from syria she told buzzfeed, quote, i felt like my life was so bland, life has so much more meaning when you know why you're here. her family believes she may have been speaking under duress. the spokesperson says her messages to her family have been conflicting. in one she asks for $2500 to escape isis. and complained the group was pressuring her to marry against her will. but when the family offered to help, she went dark. and later messaged she was happily married to an isis fighter. >> she will have to answer to
8:53 am
god for the pain and suffering she is putting her patients through. -- parents through. >> pamela brown reporting. really interesting perspective. >> amazing when she told her family she was leaving, going to atlanta, for a field trip and calls them when she's in turkey. >> that's not atlanta. she's on a field trip. >> ahead for us "at this hour" have you ever seen dr. oz angry? well you will. why he is now lashing out and why other doctors are saying look away. the switch to t-mobile is on. even verizon customers are seeing the light. t-mobile has america's fastest 4g lte network from the bay area to the big apple. and more data capacity per customer. need one more reason? get two lines of unlimited 4g lte data for a hundred bucks save without settling on america's fastest 4g lte network
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hell hath no furry like dr. oz scorned during sweeps. there is a furious battle being waged on the fields of daytime tv. millions of people watch dr. oz and seem to like what he says but others say that is the problem. some of his ideas, they say, have little or no scientific backing. >> most recently, dr. oz's take on genetically modified foods are prompting a call in part for his removal from the faculty at columbia university. ten doctors sent a letter to the school that read this in part. members of the public are being misled and endangered which makes dr. oz's presence on the faculty of a prestigious medical institution unacceptable. dr. oz will be taking this on in
8:58 am
his show tomorrow. the show released a preview clip. loo look. >> this month we celebrate my 100th show. i know i irritated some potential allieses in our quest to make america healthy. no matter our disagreements, freedom of speech is the most fundment aal right we have as americans. and these ten doctors are trying to silence that right. so i vow to you right here, right now, we will not be silenced, we will not give in. >> joining us now cnn senior media correspondent brian stelter. what do you make of all this? >> this is a really interesting case to see dr. oz coming out and being so aggressive because he's been criticized before, we saw him on capitol hill get secured last year. >> read the riot act. >> not much he could say. in this case he thinks he has a strong case, thinks these ten doctors are out to get him, intim date him because they are supportive of gmos, he believes gmos should be labelled and they're going after him for that reason. he thinks he has a case here.
8:59 am
it is a reminder as you are saying about some of the sketchy material we've seen on dr. oz's show in the past. he does 180 shows a year and stuff on that show that we should not always take very seriously and i think it reminds me of the first lesson of journalism school, trust but verify. you can't watch the show without then checking with your doctor and finding out if what he's saying is legit. >> it needs to be said tomorrow when this will air, when he's taking the fight big and public, it's sweeps. >> the beginning of the sweeps month when ratings are monitored more closely for all the local tv stations that dr. oz is on. he's taking some bad press trying to turn it into a ratings promotion moment for him. we should know that and viewers should know that when they go into it. it does show he is trying to be proactive here and knows his credibility is on the line, vulnerable on some of these issues and i have a feeling what we'll continue to see on dr. oz's show is less of the far out there ideas for magic weight loss and some of the basics because we know there is no magic answer. >> has his credibility, when it
9:00 am
has been called into question, hurt his viewership? >> we haven't seen big impacts. this is about thinking towards the tu fou tour, big empire, magazines and books. >> 4 million viewers a day. >> almost. >> appreciate it. >> good luck, dr. oz. thanks, brian. thanks for joining us. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." if you're counting the number of official investigations into the unexplained death of freddie gray stands at four. the latest being a federal probe into potential civil rights violations arising from gray's arrest a week ago sunday in a baltimore housing project. the arresting officers say gray was taken in, quote, without force or incident. but


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