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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 24, 2015 7:00am-7:29am PDT

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it is very encouraging to see ministerial representation from spain, jordan and malaysia today but we would like to see ministers of all here working on a political solution for syria as a matter of urgency. in the last few months we've seen intensive diplomacy at work elsewhere in the region. let us see what is possible for the people of syria. while these debates are important, i urge the security council to visit syrian refugees to see firsthand their suffering and impact it is having on the region. those refugees cannot come to the council so please will you
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go to them? second i echo what is being said about the support from syria's neighbors who are making an extraordinary contribution. it is sickening to see thousands of refugees drowning on the doorstep of the world's wealthiest continent. no one risks the lives of their children in this way except out of utter desperation. if we cannot end the conflict we have an inescapable moral duty to help refugees and provide legal avenues to safety. third, the barbarism of those inflicting systematic sexual violence demands a much greater response from the international community. we need to send a signal that we're serious about accountability for these crimes and that the only hope and that is the only hope for establishing any deterrence so i call on member states to begin
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preparations now so that syrian women are fully represented in future peace negotiations in accordance with multiple resolutions in the security council. if i may make a wider final point to conclude my remarks, the crisis in syria illustrates that our inability to find diplomatic solutions causes mass displacement traps millions of people in exile, statelessness and displacement. 52 million people are forcibly displaced. a sea of excluded humanity. and while our priority must be ending the syrian conflict we must also broaden out the discussion to this much wider problem. our times will be defined not by the crisis themselves but by the way we pull together as an international community to address them. thank you.
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>> all right. angelina jolie there before the united nations security council about the syrian refugee crisis and of course the u.n. is calling on european nations and the united states to take in some of these refugees because there are just so many. as you heard angelina jolie say, so many of dying. you know about that boat that capsized off the coast of italy. hundreds of people drown. should the united states accept some of these refugees into our own country? that matter will certainly be up to debate in the future. we'll talk about that and much more on cnn in the days to come. i'm going to take a break. we'll be back with much more in the "newsroom."
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let's return to growing anger in baltimore over the death of a man in police custody. his name is freddie gray. i want to bring in joey jackson and jill carter. welcome to both of you. >> good morning, carol. >> thank you. >> joey i want to start with you. the autopsy report will be coming out soon. people are very curious to know obviously how freddie gray came to have a broken vertebrae and a crushed larynx. we know his hands and feet were shackled inside of that police van. we now know there was a previous case in which a man died after being transported in such a way in the back of a police van because police do this rough ride thing, right? to kind of shake up the
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prisoners in the back. will the autopsy report give us any hints as to if that occurred? >> i think it will be very significant, carol, for the following reason. there's a medical explanation, right, as to exactly what occurred. what an autopsy will show is the severity of the injuries the extent of the injuries the extent of the break, there would be no speculation on that. certain things happen in certain ways. people can say anything. police can say anything. obviously we would hope and pray that the truth is out there. what you say has to match the physical evidence that's out there. i think the autopsy report will confirm the injuries and then we'll find out how the injuries generally occur in the common course. is it something that requires real pressure. is it something that requires just absolute intentional action or is it something that could be sustained if someone were otherwise negligent or careless like a rough ride. very critical information. >> i should mention there was no seat belt involved either so he supposedly rolled around inside
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that police van. delegate carter the mayor is going to hold a news conference later today. i don't know if the autopsy report will be made public then. when it is made public should people get to know all of the details? >> i think it's important that people know the details. one of the things that is going on why people are so outraged and coming out and protesting is because of their fundamental belief that something is amiss and the history and lack of nontransparency in the baltimore police department. >> delegate carter you say the problems between the baltimore police department and the community notably worsened during martin o'malley's tenure as mayor. this is the same martin o'malley who is thinking of running for president. during o'malley's time as mayor, he had zero tolerance policy. that means people were arrested for minor infractions. according to the baltimore sun in 2005 there were 100,000
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arrests in a city of 640,000 people. that's one arrest for every six people. tell me how that zero tolerance policy affected the community. >> well it's actually much worse than that. between the period of 1999 and 2006 there were 750,000 arrests total and data has indicated that between one-third and one half of all of those arrests were unwarranted and many of them lacking probable cause similar to what appears to be the case with freddie gray. that hyper policing and arresting people without charges a lot of times resulted in a horrible disconnect and distrust between many people many communities, and the law enforcement and police. there's a culture of policing that has been very aggressive for many years in certain communities and has resulted in people very often being in as
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much fear as the police as they are of criminals. i think that's what you saw when the freddie gray when police say freddie gray ran when he saw police. it's a reasonable response based on the climate in these communities in baltimore city. >> and i was just looking at joey jackson's city when you told us the numbers, madame delegate delegate carter and you were shocked. >> certainly if people are engaging in wrongful acts they deserve to be arrested. one in six people and then for delegate carter to say it was worse than that. you can see where there's some systemic distrust with the police in the event that police are arresting people for minor infractions. where is the confidence? does it bridge the gap and the divide even further? what you need at a time like this is certainly for that trust to be restored. if people are engaging in criminality, it's one thing. if there's no probable cause as delegate carter was suggesting it becomes problematic and very difficult to solve a deep seeded
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marco rubio's bid for president appears to be gaining
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traction among republican voters. new polls out show the freshman senator topping their wish list for the primary. jeb bush coming in second with scott walker rounding out the top three. jeb bush does lead in another poll but probably not one the potential presidential candidate will be excited about. when voters asked which candidate they could definitely not support for the republican nomination bush ranked number one with 17%. weird weird, right? he's followed by chris christie and rand paul. let's talk about this and more. joining me now washington republican strategist and cnn political commentator an navarro. what do you make of this? >> you know i think a lot of people are reacting to his last
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name frankly. there's an entire faction in the republican party who wants anybody but jeb because of where he is on immigration and because of his last name and education and because he's too tall. you name it. i think jeb bush is very aware of that. so the carb lovers are offended. i think jeb bush is very aware of that. i was in new hampshire last week. heard him speak several times. and he knows he has to show his heart. he knows he has to show who he is and introduce himself to the country so that folks don't just know his last name but know his record. they know what's in his heart. i think he's approaching this with a great deal of patience. a great deal of humanility and it will require perseverance and as a republican it's a good thing. i'm happy on our side we don't
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have a coronation. there's only one establishment candidate running in 2016. her name is hillary clinton. we are going to have a vigorous debate and a very tough competition on our side. >> i'm sure it will. i'll go back to that quinnipiac poll. a book will be planned about jeb bush's finances. he asked about the clinton book and this is what he had to say about that. >> a question about clinton cash a book that's coming out in may. you heard of it and do you have any response to the allegations that secretary clinton used the state department to benefit the foundation? >> i haven't -- i heard of the book. i haven't seen any of the contents of the book. i really can't comment. look she's going to have to be held accountable like all of us about dealings. that's part of the process,
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right? >> it sounds like he's going to have to answer questions, too, as another publication is put out about jeb bush's finances. >> i've got good news. there's probably going to be 10 to 15 republicans running in the primary so he can write a book a month between now and the election and keep it going. i think jeb bush answered it just correctly. it is part of the process. being scrutinized every part of your life is going to be scrutinize scrutinized. you are running in the major leagues now. this is very different than running for the senate or running for governor or running for mayor. this is a completely different ball of wax and with today's 24/7 media cycle and the amount of media cycles out there, everybody out there putting their hat in the race should expect that records will be scrutinized including financial dealings. with clintons it's a problem because you see so many conflicts of interest. there are all of these blurred
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lines between politics business and philanthropy and it all ends up in money making. there will be a lot that she has to answer but certainly every single person that decides to run better know that they're going to look into everything and everyone. >> all right. ana, many thanks to you. i appreciate it. as i told you earlier, some of the most popular soft drinks in the country are about to undergo a major change. by the end of the summer some of your favorite diet pepsi drinks will no longer contain the artificial sweetener aspartame. you're asking that question and so am i. dr. sanjay gupta joins us by phone. is aspartame dangerous? >> it's been around a long time and there's been studies on this and impact on human health the big question people ask is does it cause cancer. there's no evidence that it causes cancer. there's been a concern recently about artificial sweeteners in general. two things.
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one, they may not actually help you lose weight as much as people think and in fact there are a couple studies that show that people who drink diet drinks regularly versus other drinks actually had no benefit in terms of weight loss. and the other thing is more of the impact on the body. people who drink a lot of these type of diet artificially sweetening drinks tend to still crave sugar. there's a possibility they need sugar because they're not getting it from diet sodas. in terms of overall health impact there really hasn't been evidence that shows that aspartame causes an impact on human health. >> it's replacing aspartame with another artificial sweetener. do you know what that is? >> it's a combination of chemicals. it's another artificial sweetener, carol, which i think was sort of the in some ways the big take away from me. they're not going to a natural
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sweetener. coca-cola has a natural low calorie sweetener they are starting to use. they're doing that. they're replacing with another artificial sweetener. more of a perception issue. >> thank you for your insight. i appreciate it as always. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" straight ahead. his family tried to free him but the deal fell through. new details this morning on the american hostage killed by mistake in a u.s. drone strike. terror raids in italy right now. men who guarded osama bin laden suspects targeting the vatican. has an active cell been neutralized? and a school stage filled with students collapses. new details about what happened next and new questions about what went so wrong.


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