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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 5, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> reporter: what kind of great event did you think could happen? >> i'm not completely sure yet. i hope that i will be able to tell the world how an ordinary college student entered illegally but, however, with generous agreement that i will be able to return home safely. >> joo has his own room and says he's being well fed and well taken care of but with no access to a phone, television or the internet he's very much cut off from his family and the outside world. the next hour of "newsroom" starts now. happening in the "newsroom," was isis behind the shooting at a muhammad cartoon contest. they threaten more attacks in the future. also -- >> we have a situation in which too many communities don't have a relationship of trust with the
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police. >> president obama speaking out about police tensions and despite calls for him to go to baltimore, he's sending his attorney general. is that enough? and then there were six. mike huckabee ready to run and his attack includes a familiar target. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we begin with breaking news. an acclaim sure to startle many americans. isis says it carried out its first attack on u.s. soil. the terror group claiming responsibility for the attack in garland, texas, on sunday. isis is calling the men its soldiers. they were outfitted with assault weapons and body armor and had traveled more than 1,000 miles from their home in phoenix.
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we have new details this morning on those gunmen and the investigation. >> carol, what investigators are now focusing on is combing through the evidence that they have collected out of the apartment that these two men shared. they were roommates in phoenix. the apartment in this complex behind me. investigators want to figure out if if there was a link. simpson grew up here in phoenix. we have these images of him from high school and from the looks of it he had a very typical upbringing. he was captain of his high school basketball team. we've been to his neighborhood. it's a very typical suburban neighborhood. but in high school he did convert to islam. his family did not convert.
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and recently on social media he will become increaselyingly more vocal. his last tweet he references his loyalty to the leader of isis. the other gunman he spent formative years in pakistan. when his parents divorced he followed his father there. he went to a prestigious private school in islamabad but in phoenix he was a pizza shop owner and had a son. one of our local affiliates in texas spoke with his grandmother who says she doesn't think that her grandson was the instigator of this. here's what she told kprc. >> did he have a problem with how things were going in the united states? did he feel like muslim people were persecuted? >> i don't think so. he wasn't persecuted. whoever he was with talked him into it. >> that's how you feel about it? >> no other way it would have
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happened. >> reporter: we spoke with the mosque president where the two attended and he says through the years he spent with these two men, he didn't see any outward signs of radicalization. carol? >> all right. kyung lah reporting live from phoenix. the gunmen didn't come close to entering the building in garland, texas. they were taken down by a lone police officer. ed lavandera has that side of the story. good morning, ed. >> reporter: fbi investigators finished up their investigation on the street. this is where everything unfolded yesterday. this is where you saw all of the evidence and fbi investigators working. you see where those orange cones are. that's where the two gunmen were trying to drive in to the civic center here in garland. as you can tell it's close to to 200 yards away from the entrance. didn't even make it close. there was a set up where two
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officers one wounded in the leg, and the other officer whose identity has not been released was the one that fired shots that quickly took out both gunmen. both gunmen bringing high powered assault rifles and we're told the officer that took them both out did it with a .45 glock handgun. everything unfolded very quickly. definitely overpowered but somehow this police officer was able to get off quick deadly shoots that ended the event in about 15 seconds we're told. obviously this could have been much more serious had these gunmen been able to get inside the civic center but the quick actions here prevented that from happening. that was part of what we're told the deliberate plan leading up to this event given the controversial nature of it that there were layers of security that were put in place including a s.w.a.t. team that was in the back of the building. carol? >> they did a terrific job. ed lavandera reporting live from garland, texas. thanks so much. joining me now, a man who
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thinks isis may be just seizing an opportunity to claim this attack. paul cruickshank is the co-author of "agent storm." he joins me now from london. good morning, paul. >> hi carol. >> so i know that elton simpson tweeted support of isis. is there any evidence that he ever contacted isis or vice versa? >> well just before the attack he pledged allegiance to isis' leader abu bakr al baghdadi. he certainly wanted to facilitate isis taking credit taking responsibility for this. he also urged his followers on twitter and he had about 1,000 followers on twitter, to follow a british isis propaganda in syria just before the attack and that same british isis propagandist in the hours after the attack started taking credit for the attack tweeting congratulations. very excited that this attack had taken place. so what we've seen here is an
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american isis inspired attack facilitating isis taking credit but neither of these gunmen are believed to have traveled to syria or met someone in isis face to face. all contacts appear to have been online. it's possible that this british isis propagandist in syria may have encouraged these americans to launch this attack. the fbi will be looking at this and looking at the social media contacts between these people. my understanding is that british isis propagandist is a guy who traveled to syria a couple years ago and he is also suspected of being involved in that so-called hack against the united states central command twitter feed back in january. he may have had some kind of role in this attack as well. so that all needs to be investigated in the hours ahead,
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carol. >> so they were rather inept, weren't they? they weren't train in any way on how to use a firearm, right? >> i mean, they had assault rifles and body armor. you have to think if they attacked a soft target a shopping mall in the united states heavily protected event. they could have launched absolute carnage in the united states. fortunate they decided to launch an attack against a very hard target. we know isis has been encouraging followers in the west to launch attacks against soft targets as well. any way to create carnage in the united states. they tell people in the united states that it is their religious duty to do this. they promised more attacks in the united states and more isis inspired attacks and through social media and through the internet they are able to reach out to americans and to encourage them to do this. >> so i'm not into being afraid. just put this into perspective
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for us. should we be freaked out by this? how should we feel about this isis attack that more attacks will come on american soil? >> there's no doubt there's significant concern right now. we've seen more than 30 americans charged for material support for isis in the last several months we've seen five isis inspired plots in the united states. some of them more aspirational than others. we saw that hatch attack on the nypd back in october. there were guys in brooklyn arrested talking about attacking the president of the united states and law enforcement and then just in march this plot quite aspirational but a plot nonetheless to attack a national guard base in illinois. so there's quite a lot of energy in this sort of jihadi system right now. also isis itself you have western and european recruits in syria and iraq and appear to be pivoting toward wanting to launch attacks against the west.
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i think we're in a period of higher threat right now in the united states but also in europe as well and just in the last few hours, british isis fighters have called for attacks on the u.k. election here as well so concern from u.k. officials, too. >> paul cruickshank, thank you for your insight as usual. thanks for being here. i appreciate it. still to come president obama weighs in on the death of freddie gray. >> it's important that now that charges have been brought in baltimore that we let due process play itself out. >> while the president is not visiting baltimore, his new attorney general is. could a civil rights case be next? we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos!
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after days of request for the president to visit baltimore, the administration is sending loretta lynch. it comes one day after false reports of another officer-involved shooting caused chaos in the streets. spect dropped the gun and the gun discharged. no one was injured in this incident. and no one was placed under arrest. right now the justice department is considering whether to file civil rights charges in the death of freddie gray. cnn justice reporter evan perez joins me now with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we have loretta lynch coming here today later today for a few
7:15 am
hours. she's going to meet with the police commissioner, with the mayor, with community leaders and members of congress and really the incident you were talking about just now highlights how volatile the situation here in baltimore remains. she has her job cut out for her as she tries to calm the situation while at the same time she's investigating both the incident of the arrest of freddie gray and arrest of freddie gray and working with the police department to institute reforms so things like that don't keep happening, carol. >> so what about the possibility of civil rights charges? how likely are they to come? >> reporter: you know as we've talked about a lot on this show those types of charges are often a very high bar to meet and so one of the first things that will be happening is they'll be reviewing what the state investigation has found as well as the separate police
7:16 am
investigation. we do believe that there is a lot of fbi work already done. they've been getting some access to witness interviews that police and state attorney's office did so they are well on their way. it's going to be tough to see whether or not they're going to bring those charges, however. >> all right. evan perez reporting live from baltimore. thank you. president obama paying a visit to david letterman for a conversation that covered everything from the first lady to problems in baltimore, ferguson and other parts of the country. the president opening up about racism in the united states and some of its causes. >> i think a residual factor but also a buildup of our history. we can't ignore that. look if you have slavery, jim crowe discrimination that built up over time even if our society has made extraordinary strides and i'm a testament to
7:17 am
that and my children are -- [ applause ] my kids and your kids are growing up in america where the attitudes of the next generation make you hopeful because i think they generaluinely try to judge people much more on the basis of character. it's built up over time. >> i want to bring in jeff johnson how, communication specialist and chief of strategy of a baltimore based branding firm. jeff good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> you interviewed the president exclusively in december about race. did he sound bolder this time? >> i think it's a different situation. during that time we were still in a great deal of unrest in ferguson. we're not in the same place in baltimore. i think yesterday was also about what the white house is looking to do with my brother's keeper and so his address yesterday to the nation if you will, was
7:18 am
really talking about how my brother's keeper is expanding. if we heard him properly he really said that this wasn't just something he was doing as part of his administration but something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. >> that has to be a good thing, right? >> well i think it remains to be seen. i think every single person that we can have engaged in addressing the plight of men of color is a great thing and who better than a former president to utilize his resources. let's get through his administration first and then talk about how great it will be for him to be engaged in this moving forward. coming from baltimore, you know i live in baltimore. there's a lot of work on the ground there as much as there is in my home city of cleveland and as much as there is in ferguson new york south carolina and all over the country. we don't need to put so much attention on the president that we take attention off of the local people on a daily basis that have to do this work in lieu of the kind of support that i think the president can lend. >> you know there's been so
7:19 am
much talk about president obama and why he didn't go to baltimore. why didn't he launch his initiative in baltimore, right? there's been talk on the other side of the aisle that president obama is inflaming racial tensions. other people say he's not doing enough. in your mind give us some perspective here from your point of view. >> number one, when you're president of the united states there's no way that you can win. so no matter where you put your attention or focus, there will be somebody that says that you are not doing what you need to be doing. the fact that we are blaming president obama for flaming racial tensions however, is absurd. this is a president that in many cases attempted to avoid the issue of race for a long time and was still chided by republicans for his citizenship. was disrespected in many cases in ways that other presidents had not been disrespected and then when he did do a race speech it was very careful and focused. so i think president obama -- if we're talking about could he
7:20 am
have done more to talk specifically about the plight of african-american men early in his presidency sure he could have. but at the cost of what? i think being a monday morning quarterback related to how he's navigated race is less important than how do people in communities and educators in schools, communication specialists like myself and journalists like yourself use these airwaves to create safe spaces to talk about race which is a conversation as eric holder said is something we as a nation were cowards in. >> we do need safe places to talk about these issues because they are so very important. we're all in this together whether we like it or not, correct? >> absolutely. >> one more question about president obama. you know he's not campaigning anymore. he's going to start his initiative in earnest in another two years. so what should he do in these last two years of his presidency to help things along? >> i think, number one,
7:21 am
utilizing the department of justice is going to be clear in dealing with issues of police misconduct profiling that still takes place in local communities, and so my hope is that loretta lynch has not only the full support of the president but the full support of washington and the congress in pushing forward to analyze what's happening on the ground and make sure that there's federal policy that supports the reforms that need to take place. i think he's also addressing issues through executive authority and executive power and he's laid a lot of that out in the state of union. we've seen that happen. that's where he has the greatest room to grow. the other piece is continuing to have relationships with this republican congress and hope that as many of them want to get reelected that work with this president to push forward policy that's not just about their agenda but about the american agenda. >> jeff johnssononjohnson, thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom,"
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the race for 2016 heats up next hour when mike huckabee announces he's running for president. you're looking at live pictures of the big rally where huckabee will throw his hat back into the ring. just one day after ben carson and carly fiorina launched their campaigns. joining me now is sara murray.
7:26 am
good morning, sara. >> good morning, carol. arkansas governor mike huckabee is just minutes away from announcing he's going to give it another go and throw his hat in the ring for the 2016 republican presidential nomination. in this speech he's going to try to cast himself as a small town guy that understands what average americans are going through and can relate to them in terms of economic struggles and security concerns. of course it is no coincidence that we are here in hope arkansas shared birth place of bill clinton and of mike huckabee. he really wants to set that contrast up early with the clinton family and democratic front runner hillary clinton. take a look at this video clip. >> on his first day in office governor huckabee was in bill clinton's arkansas. he had huge democratic majorities in the house and senate. you had all of the apparatus of the democratic party aligned
7:27 am
against mike huckabee and all of a sudden this republican comes out of nowhere and wins. >> reporter: that gives you an idea of the contract that he's looking to set up. a long shot candidate. i think that's what he's facing this time around too. it will be a tough slog to the nomination for mike huckabee. >> sara murray thanks so much. sara reporting live from hope arkansas. don't forget you can catch mike huckabee's live announcement from hope at 11:00 eastern here on cnn. as for democratic front runner hillary clinton, she's headlining campaign fund-raiser in las vegas today. but you probably need hoob ato be a high roller to get in. the event cost 2,700 bucks per person and the former secretary of state agreed to testify once but not twice before the special house committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. that is expected to take place two weeks from now.
7:28 am
still to come in the "newsroom," spreading hatred and fear mongering. why one rabbi says the controversial contest that led to the texas shooting was not about free speech. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more
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this morning federal
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investigators are looking at isis who claimed responsibility for the attack in garland, texas, on sunday. the gunmen never got close despite having assault weapons and body armor. they were shot and killed by a traffic cop working the event. on its official radio channel, isis vows to strike again saying "we say to the defenders of the cross, the u.s. that future attacks are going to be harsher and worse. the islamic state soldiers will inflict harm on you with the grace of god. the future is just around the corner." now, the keynote speaker at that controversial cartoon contest was a man on the al qaeda hit list and is a known supporter of those beliefs and holds many events that are found offensive. >> i don't think what they did was offensive. i think it was a robust
7:33 am
demonstration of freedom of speech and we have to do that. if the speech is not offensive, it doesn't need to be protected by our first amendment constitution. he spoke in washington, d.c. at four events i planned for him just a week before and in each one of those events as i recall he spoke about how glad he is we have the first amendment and how much he wishes they did in western europe. we need to understand that he's helping the world to understand what's coming at us. >> well, no one not even jeh johnson, denies the organizers of the exhibit and contest have the right to exercise their right to free speech but critics say it's important to understand this event was about more than free speech. rabbi rick jacobs says the event was about hatemongering and condemning all muslims. "during the holocaust the nazis
7:34 am
went beyond making a social outcast. they slaughtered our people with unspeakable cruelty. because we know so well what it's like to be the outcast, we must never through our deeds or words make others into modern day lepers." the rabbi represents 900 synagogues across the united states and canada. thank you for being here. pam geller says seas not condemning all muslims but the extremists and that's why she held this event to prove there were extremists in this country who were out to destroy our freedom of speech in america. >> the event she organized was protected by free speech and by the first amendment. it was not an event in favor and in support of free speech. she is free to speak her mind. it is offensive and hatemongering and it pollutes
7:35 am
our world and what we don't need more of. >> you think they have the right to hold the event? >> they have a right to hold the event and we have the right as a civilized faith community to say it's hurtful and it's wrong but it's protected and it's legal. >> what do you suppose her real goal was? >> i don't know the goal. i have seen the impact by putting hate ads in trains and subways. she's basically painting all muslims as extremists and there are 1.6 muslims in the world. they are a fraction that are religious extremists. when she paints a quarter of the world's population she does harm not just to islam but religion and every we believe in. >> she says she's not doing that. she doesn't mean to do that at all. she wants to paint extremists as they are.
7:36 am
>> she can say whatever she wants. we know the impact of what she does. we know how to build bridges of understanding. there are constructive ways to engage in the world and particularly with the muslim community. we just gave an award to a congressgation congregation. we know how to build bridges of understanding in this world. we also know that frankly we're not naive. i'm a rabbi. i was a rabbi in new york right during the world trade center attacks. i spent time in israel during the war with hamas. i'm not naive about religious
7:37 am
extremism. we must be smart as we fight extremism and not lose our values. >> i want to go to what you said about posters. if we could put that up again that would be awesome. the mta, which is in charge of buses, doesn't want to put up these posters on buses because it says that they could provoke violence. why do you object because you put up your own posters and now what may happen? >> first of all, these posters are incendiary. they are protected. they are legally allowed but they are wrong. we see the impact. i stood in front of one of these posters with a very close friend of mine who is a muslim that lives in my community and he said rick these posters are so
7:38 am
denigrating to me to my kids to everything i believe. how is it first of all, to put these posters up which somehow equate anti-muslims with pro-israel. that's not what it means. we're not hateful to muslims. we're trying to build a world of reason and compassion. put something on a bus, put a message like not even in your heart do we hate. that's a message from our tradition. that would be a message to put out there but not these hateful, really denigrated messages. >> we did invite pamela geller to the set for her side of the story. she canceled on us late last night. so rabbi, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," this picture seen by millions but the photographer is getting a much different response than she expected. you see this picture as touching or tragic? we'll talk about that next.
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president obama speaking on "late night with david letterman." >> families across the country every day wonder if their loved one is going to come home. they have a tough job. what we also know though is that for far too long for decades, you have a situation in which too many communities don't have a relationship of trust with the police. and if you just have a handful of police who are not doing the right thing, that makes the job tougher for all of the other police officers out there. >> earlier in the day the president also acknowledged the danger police face paying tribute to officer brian moore who died after being shot by a
7:43 am
suspect in queens on saturday. the outrage and unrest and aftermath in baltimore playing out in images going viral from freddie gray being dragged by police and a cvs on fire in the riots to baltimore mom disciplineing her son. another photo of a little boy handing out water to police in riot gear. "time" magazine covering its recent issue with a stark black and white photograph of a young man with a row of cops behind him and this one of a little girl playing near a national guardsman who has his assault rifle draped across his body. the woman who took that photo is a writer and blogger and joins me from baltimore. her name is amanda moore. thank you for being with me. >> thank you for having me carol. >> that photograph was seen by millions of people and it sparked a reaction you didn't expect. tell us about that.
7:44 am
>> when i took the picture and posted it on my blog i kind of expected a small reaction from people that i know. i didn't expect it to be so viral. when i took it there was a lot of celebration going on. they had just announced the officer that killed freddie gray would be charged. it is all a celebration. a little girl playing with a glow stick with the officer. it struck me as so sad. i took the picture to try to capture that but i got everybody saw it as a positive image of change in baltimore, which i didn't agree with. >> why don't you agree with it? >> i think that if we really wanted to have an image of hope in baltimore we could take an image of maybe a child playing with members of the 300 man march and learning from them and not an image that shows that we need to treat our own american cities like we treat afghanistan. >> i looked at that picture. my first reaction was that's just lovely that little girl and
7:45 am
the national guardsman had a great smile on his face. then you think about it in a deeper way, it's tragic that there's a need a, for the national guard to be in the city of baltimore, and b, that you have to explain to this little girl about why this man is guarding her city. >> right. i think it's time that we start connecting the dots and not just looking at the national guard is here or there was a riot with some people on monday night but why is the national guard here and why do people feel the need to riot and what's going on in cities and places like west baltimore. >> thank you for sharing. i appreciate it. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," cnn's dr. sanjay gupta spent nearly a week in quake ravaged nepal. next the challenges he saw aid workers are facing and an inspiring moment of hope.
7:46 am
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raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. the debtath toll in nepal has topped more than 7,500. dr. sanjay gupta joins me now from atlanta. good morning. >> good morning. good to be home. >> we're glad to have you back. first of all, tell me about that 5-month-old survivor. that's an amazing story. >> it really is a remarkable
7:50 am
story. i got all of these details. this mom has two children. one is a 5-month-old boy and another 10-year-old girl who was out shopping the morning of the earthquake. she's coming home. it's 11:56 in the morning there in kathmandu and she watches the building in which her two children are in basically come tumbling to the ground. she watched this. the mom did. she started screaming and digging and they could hear this baby this 5-month-old baby crying underneath the rubble. they searched all night but despite crying could not find the baby that first night. as you mention, 22 hours, a little more than that later, they finally find this baby and the 5-month-old baby is pulled out. look at him. really he hardly had a scratch on him, carol. he must have landed in this perfect void and had access to oxygen and water obviously. it was remarkable. >> he's such a cutie. look at him smiling. that's amazing.
7:51 am
>> he's destined for special things. >> i think so. most definitely. we have to get serious now because there's still so much needed in nepal. tell us about that. >> when you see the aftermath of these natural disasters, the surprising problems emerge. you can define those problems. initially it's very hard to prepare for something of this magnitude so basics of just basic resources, water and food more personnel in there were a big issue. because this is so remote having enough helicopters and enough air transport to get to places that have been the most affected. nepal is a country of 30 million people almost. only a million live in kathmandu. the vast majority are spread out across the country. you have to get to them. one of the interesting challenges i heard is you can't bring everyone back to kathmandu so you have to set up shelters and medical clinics and all that in these remote areas. that's one of the big challenges. it's ongoing right now. i mean they want to take
7:52 am
shelters, buildable structures and put them in remote areas and staff them so people can be cared for where they live. it's a different way of thinking about the aftermath of a big natural disaster like this. >> we're glad you're home safe and sound and hopefully enough aid is going into nepal. i should ask you that. is enough aid going into nepal? >> here's how i would answer that. i think right now there is. there's been sort of this venting of compassion for many countries around the world to give aid. the concern is that a month from now, two months from now, there will still be a lot of issues. it won't feel as acute as right after the earthquake. i guess the message is that there's enough aid going in now. don't forget nepal. a month or two longer they will still need aid. >> dr. sanjay gupta, thank you so much. still to come in the "newsroom," we waited and we agonized and then finally it was the name for the royal baby. wait until you see how some
7:53 am
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what's in a baby name? for the newborn baby princess
7:57 am
everything. jeanne moos has more. >> what says it's a girl better than artillery. guns and landmarks lit up in pink celebrated the baby formerly known as princess what's her name. >> we have a name. >> everybody together. charlotte elizabeth diana. that's perfect. that makes me cry. wow. >> her name is charlotte elizabeth diana windsor johnson. i just through the johnson in there. >> will and kate honored three royals with one baby's name. charlotte is the feminine of charles as in prince charles. elizabeth is queen elizabeth and diana is princess diana. as for charlotte, that's what chelsea clinton and her husband named their first baby so this is probably the most famous charlotte these days. >> charlotte, i think you are
7:58 am
the sexiest woman i ever met. >> not to be confused with this harry. charlotte's older brother managed to wave to the press as he came to meet his little sister. his mom looked so good that a russian paper quoted women questioning kate's pregnancy theerizeoryizeing she must have had a surrogate. this is made out of 1,000 onesies. there was a corgi race to predict the winner. we found out her name and people are trying to guess what her nickname will be. >> i wonder if they'll call her karl charlie? >> it's good enough for the house of windsor. >> the world belongs to charlie.
7:59 am
>> jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> checking top stories for you at 58 minutes past. panera is cleaning up its menu. the company is promising to remove artificial ingredients from its food. the change is supposed to take place by next year. a complete list of ingredients can be found on the restaurant's website. john kerry making an historic stop in somalia this morning becoming the first u.s. secretary of state to ever visit that country. during the four-hour stopover they discussed the battle with al shabab militants. president obama says he's heartbroken over the sudden death of dave goldberg. he offered his condolences. goldberg died last week of an apparent head injury after falling off a treadmill. all right. let's send you back to hope arkansas where minutes from now, republican mike huckabee
8:00 am
will join the 2016 race for the white house. we'll have that when it happens here on cnn. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts now. for the first time isis claims responsibility for an attack on u.s. soil and warns of more to come. were the texas gunmen under orders from abroad? president obama speaks candidly about race as the white house sends the new attorney general, loretta lynch, to baltimore. the big tasks she faces as that city struggles to heal following the death of freddie gray and charges against six officers. >> he has won the iowa caucuses and says he defeated the clinton machine once so could mike huckabee be the next president? you're looking at live pictures from hope arkansas as the former governor jumps into the


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